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This Christian religion is the right religion: death, burial, and resurrection. All nature, heavens itself and earth, testifies of it. It is God's witness to His people, every day, that there is a death, burial, and resurrection. Each season passes over our heads; we see death, burial, and resurrection. So, we know that this is truth. Christianity, basically, is the truth. It gives its testimony.
37 And it goes to show that it was made by a great supreme intelligence to serve a purpose. It's here for a purpose. God did not have to make trees like that. He made them like that?€”though they differ one from another, and so forth?€”He made all of that for His purpose, to give witness and to give testimony. He could have made trees like something that would've been something else, like rocks. He could have made trees any way He wanted to. He could have made flowers any way He wanted to. But He made them to bear witness for they are God's witnesses. They are a true witness, that all other religions is false and Jesus Christ is right. Death, burial, and resurrection gives witness that we are not dead eternally, but we live again. Shows a supreme intelligence.

William Branham, Sermon "The Testimony Of A True Witness"