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If you're working for the popularity of the world, you might try to impersonate. You'll get nowhere in the Kingdom of God. I'd rather be a doormat at the house of God. Stay with what you are, what God made you. Oh, how we could say...
The reason they do that, is because they're not conscious that God's a-watching. See? You lose the very thought of--of God being there listening at you. God's putting down everything you're thinking about. And He knows it in His recording book. Your thoughts are louder in heaven than your voice is on the earth. Think the right thing.

As I said to little Joseph, I said, "A little boy's born in this world, he stands right in the middle of the road. And he's pointed to Calvary, to Christ. There's a tree on either side of the road. The one on the left side, which I'll call the wrong... If he just starts smacking little boys in the face because they smacked him, and if they start doing these things, it pulls that little boy with the influence and it makes him crooked. "But if he takes this other side of the road, which is the Holy Spirit, He points him straight to Calvary, and keeps him that way. It makes you grow straight. Your thoughts... It's just as easy to think good thoughts as it is to think bad. Just as easy to think good of those who speak evil of you as it is to vice versa, and a lot better. And it'll make you grow straight." See? Can't... Stay straight with God.

William Branham, Sermon "Influence"