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People don't know what depressing times comes with this type of ministry. I got real depressed, and I said to the wife, "I wished I could just go on."
She said, "Why do you say that, Bill?"
I said, "I... Oh, here I have troubles and things."
And then seemed like the Holy Spirit said, "Are you trying to bypass them? Are you, are you trying to dodge them?" See?
"No," I said, "just let me stand right up in the face of all of it and face it out (See?), just..." See?
It's so much better. Honestly, truly, I say this by eyewitness, that just after this life is over, we enter a land that's beyond anything that anyone could think. And if there be any strangers here, I trust that you do not... I pray to God that you do not consider me a fanatic. I--I want, if anything, is to be honest and to tell the truth. And what good would it do me to tell something that was wrong, when there's so--there's so much that's here that's truth? We all... Why we have to tell anything wrong about it? See? It's just truth.

William Branham, Sermon "Position In Christ"