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There God was in the sunset. There He was in the rainbow. There He was in the elk call. There He is in the wolf call. He's in nature all around, everywhere.
And to my amazement, just across from me on a stump set a little pine squirrel. He's just like the Irishman's owl: all fuss and feathers and no owl, you know, and just little bitty fellow, setting all humped up. But he's the blue-coat policeman of the woods. When he hollers all game will run. And here he was setting there chattering at me, just like he was going to tear me to pieces and he wasn't that big, but he just jumped up and down. And I thought, "Don't get so excited, little fellow." And what had got him excited... I--I'd got a little excited myself, when I begin to see all those things, "God," I said, "Oh, what a wonderful place to be." I felt like Peter did up on Mount Transfiguration, 'Let's build three tabernacles and stay here.'" And I got so full of the glory of God in my soul, I--I set my gun against the tree. And I was exploding, I guess. I run around and around the tree, hollering "Praise God, praise God." I had to give vent to something. It was the only pop-off valve I had, I guess. So I just... I don't know whether you ever felt that good or not. But you can do it, 'cause I've had the experience of it. I know it's right.
When you can look out and see God all around you... You don't smell no cigarette smoke up there. And there's no beer and stuff up there, and no half-dressed women. They're--they're down in the devil's dumps. But this is up there where God lives. And so then, up there, running around and around saying, "Thank You, Lord, I've seen that rainbow." And I thought, "He's to look upon..." In the 1st chapter of Revelation, John saw Him as a rainbow, as Alpha and Omega, oh, the Beginning and the End, with a covenant that He would destroy the world no more. And then we got a--in this... The New Testament is a covenant of His Blood.
And how I begin, get it carry on. I wasn't just playing the hypocrite; I felt good, and I wanted to give vent to myself, and I was hollering, "Praise God," and around and around the tree. I guess they thought they had a maniac in the woods, if somebody would've come up. But I didn't care who was there. I was feeling good, and I wanted to rejoice in the Lord. And I think I excited that little squirrel, and he--I guess he'd never seen anything like that. Not only squirrels, but a lot of other people never seen anything like that, or even human beings. And here I was, going around. I guess it was a funny looking sight, but I was feeling all right. And then, he was setting there all humped up and was a-chattering at me, his little eyes bugged out on his cheek almost. I said, "Don't get excited. I was just worshipping our Creator. Set down. Do the same thing. You'll feel better." And then the little guy set down. I thought, "Don't you see? Looky, here He is. Put your hands up and praise the Lord." I said...
And I happened to notice, he wasn't looking at me. He was holding his head down, looking like that. And I thought, "Well, what's the little fellow looking at?" And the storm had blowed and forced a big eagle down in this blow-down. And that's what he was excited about, that eagle crawling around in that brush down there.

William Branham, Sermon "Show Us The Father "