Картинка цитаты

Now, if you want to do right, I'm so glad tonight to tell you that there is a City of refuge; that's Jesus Christ. If you don't want to do wrong, the enemy's after you, then there's a way of escape; and that escape is Jesus Christ. There's a place where you can come and let off the steam. But if you're--love to sin and you don't want God, then the enemy's going to overtake you somewhere. You have no... You can't come to Christ, because you don't want to.
And when this man comes to Christ, this place of Refuge... When a man come in in the Old Testament, the first thing, he had to come upon his own free will. And that's the way you have to come to Christ.

Another thing, you must be satisfied while you're there. You don't... You can't hang around every day crying, "I'd like to get out of here; I'd like to get out of here." They put you out. You must willfully want to stay. It must be that you must want to stay in that city.
And when you come to Christ, you can't look back to the world. The Bible said, "He that puts his hand on the plow and turns to look back's not worthy of plowing." Now, there's where so many so-called Christians make their mistake. See, they act like they're going to plow, but the first little thing comes along, they blow up about it.

The other day I had an experience of that, as you all know. And I thank you for your prayers. As I hunt, and fish, and shoot targets, and things, I've always wanted a Weatherby magnum rifle. Well, some of my friends would've bought it for me; I know people, if I'd just have mentioned it, they'd gladly done it. Frankly, two or three wanted to do it. But I couldn't see them put that much money in a rifle when I know missionaries ain't got shoes on their feet. I couldn't do that. And Brother Wilson give Billy Paul a little .257 Roberts. And a brother friend of mine said, "Brother Branham, Weatherby can bore that gun, I can have it done for a cheap price if you'll let me do it for you." Well, I let him do it.
Come back, put a shell in the gun, and went to shoot it, and the thing blowed up in my hands. And the barrel went almost to the fifty yard line, the bolt way back behind me. And it's a wonder it just didn't cut me half in two. There was about five or six tons of pressure that close to me.
One of the doctors said, "The only thing I know, that the good Lord was setting there to protect His servant."

Now, the thing that I'm thinking of, here's where it comes. If that would've been a Weatherby magnum to start with... What was the matter? There was a flaw in the rifle. The headspace was bored too loose. That's what's the matter with a lot of us in our conversion: our headspace is bored to loose. And--and...
Now, if that had been a Weatherby from the very beginning, from the very steel that was poured to make the barrel, it would been bored out and made a Weatherby magnum. It would not have blowed up. But because it was tried to be converted to something that it really wasn't, then it blowed up. And so will every man find the same thing that professes to be a Christian, that doesn't get the right start from the new birth. He'll blow up somewhere. There's too much pressure on it. It won't stand it. He'll find hisself blowed up somewhere.

People trying to take--impersonate somebody's ministry that hasn't been called to it, finally it's going to blow up. You've got to be ordained of God. It's got to be God, not some handshake, some sentimental story; but it's coming upon the basis of the shed Blood of Christ and your faith in what God did for you through Jesus Christ. If not, you're going to blow up somewhere. Somebody will step on your toes, and away you go. See? See, it's a pressure building up all the time, and soon it'll blow up.

The man must want to stay in the refuge. He can't go in there complaining. He must want to stay, no complainings about it. Outside he dies; inside he's safe.
Well, I want to say something to the people here if you're not a Christian. I come to this City of Refuge about thirty-one years ago. And, brother, I've never wanted to go out. Oh, I come into Christ. Everything that I longed for was in here. I don't want to go out. I pray daily, "Oh, God, I'm so happy here. Just let me stay." I never want to leave, and I know He'll never leave me. I know He'll never leave you. And the pressure gets great; if it does, then He is our Outlet. So we don't have to--to worry about it.
If you're all pressured up, and don't know where you're going, what's going to happen to you after death (and you know you're going to die sometime, you've got it to do), then the thing to come is come to Christ the Refuge and let off the pressure. Settle it once for all.

No matter what takes place, Christ is our Refuge.

William Branham, Sermon "Letting Off The Pressure"