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We must serve God every minute. We don't know what time... And we don't know what time that those things could happen. Maybe we think it won't be us, but, you know, it can be, you know. So I believe Jesus said, "Be prepared, for we don't know what minute or hour that we may be called on." And then we'll go to a place where they don't have accidents and no troubles. We're so glad there's a place like that in promise.
You know, the very thought tonight, of--of seeing that we would long for a place like that, that shows there is a place like that. See? And we know that all negatives, all shadows, there has to be something to make a shadow. A shadow is a reflection. So if there's a life like this, it proves that it's a shadow, then there's a real life somewhere it's reflecting of. See? You notice a tree, how beautiful a tree is. And you know what that is? It's the negative type of the shadow of the Tree of Life in heaven.

William Branham, Sermon "The Evening Messenger"