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You know what I believe? I believe that the people is not convinced that Jesus is coming soon. I don't believe that they're convinced that He's coming in this age. And I believe that's the reason that they're not concerned, because they're not fully convinced. Right. They're not convinced that He's with them. If they were, they would come back to the Word. That's right. And now many people might misunderstand it.

Love, love is discipline. You must dicipline people, if you love them. If your little girl was sitting out in the road, as I said this morning, making mud cakes; if you really love her, you'd get her off that road.

What if your wife said… John somebody, whatever your name is, you know, you just let her run out with some other man, because you said, "Bless her little heart! She wants to do it. And I just love her so much, I'm going to let her do it." You would be a poor excuse of a husband. She ought to get rid of you, and get somebody that loves her, that will take care of her. I didn't mean it that way, 'cause you can't do that.

But what am I trying to get at? Is this, that, what if God would said to Eve, "Poor little Eve. You know, you're My child. You didn't mean to do that"? Course, she didn't mean to do it. Certainly, she didn't. But she did it. And we know she did it. We see the results of it yet. But, you see, He loved her, and He had to keep His Word to her.

And God has got to keep His Word to us, so we must obey His Word. And when we obey His Word, and see Him then vindicate what He said He would do, then we're convinced, right, that the Word is right.

William Branham, Sermon "Concerned And Convinced"