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There's probably many a man setting here tonight, that if he'd just done what God told him to a long time ago, he'd be preaching the Gospel somewhere. Do something. Don't just stand still. Get out...?... If you're not a preacher, testify, do something somewhere. Don't stand still. If you're washing the dishes, why, testify to the neighbor. Get out and pass tracts; do something. Don't stand still. What is in your hand? Get doing something. And whatever is at your hand, use it.

There's always been signs and wonders to vindicate His Presence, no matter what. They bypass this, and explain this away, and explain that away, still the Bible remains the same, just the same. God remains the same.

You say, "Well, Brother Branham, I can't even whistle, let alone testify."
Well, brother, you can do something. Whatever is in your hand, get going. We're at the end of the road, brother. Let's get out here tomorrow. Let's testify to somebody. Let's do something about something. Don't stand still.

William Branham, Sermon"God Commissioning Moses The Prophet