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The greatest pleasure that the believer has is knowing that he's living or doing something that's pleasing the Lord.
Why, if we was looking for the coming of the Lord like we should be looking, why, my, there would be no friction no where. Everybody'd be in love and there'd be harmony. Wouldn't that be wonderful? And you know, He may come today? I don't know what's left. That's right. It's just time for Him to come.
But what if we all have that in our hearts this morning, that today was the last day, and we ought to live every day like it was the last day: "This is the last day." And all in love...

Sometimes I get away from home. I love my wife and I want to do something for her. And I--I'll buy her a box of candy, or--or something another (You know?), that I--I just know that she wants me to do it. You know? Or--or something another she wants me to do, I love to do it. And now, brethren, this may seem a little funny. It's not a very good place to say it, but I--I like to help her wash the dishes, 'cause I know it's just hard on her to do it all the time. And I just get out there and wash the dishes for her. She don't say very much, but I know she appreciates it. See?
Why am I... What--what am I trying to make a point here? I'm trying to say this: that I--I want to do that, though somebody say... Why... I guess the neighbors thinks I was a sissy, out there shaking the rugs and sweeping the floor and doing things like that, the woman's job. But I like to do it because I love my wife. See? I love her. And anything that I can do to make her know that I love her, I--I--I just like to do that.
Well, the same is it with every believer. Here it is. Now, let this soak down deep. Just open up the cup big now. If you are a believer and in love with Jesus, just everything that you can do to make Him love you more, you just love to do it. If standing here testifying to this man will make Him love me more, I love to do it. If shunning these things of evil, no matter if I'm tempted, if shunning them makes me love Him, and I know that He'll love... Or I think it'd make Him love me a little more, if I just didn't do this or do that, I just love to do that, don't you? Because we're in love with Him.

William Branham, Sermon "Redemption By Judgment"