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Sin is so--so enticing. Oh, it's glamor. And it's got a very appetizing appeal, sin has. It's so innocent. Why, it looks so... it looks so innocent. Don't you listen to it.
After while, when Joshua took the land, God told him, "Utterly destroy everything there is there. Don't leave nothing." Why, could you imagine some of them Israelite women picking up a little baby? "Oh, isn't it cute? Look at its--it ain't even got teeth yet."
Joshua said, "Kill it."
The mother said, "Oh, I'm a mother. I can't kill that baby."
"You must. Hand it here."
Why? It might look cute now, but it'll grow up and be just like its daddy. You can't baby sin. It's got to be handled with--not with gloves on, but bare-handed. We want to be nice. Everybody does. We want... But what is nice? We want to be humble. What is humility? We want to be full of compassion. What is compassion?
Jesus, a man full of compassion, passed through two or three thousand people, water-head babies, crippled, blind, halt, withered. He had compassion. What did He do? Walked over where the Father showed Him, a man that had maybe prostate trouble, or something, and healed him and walked away, and left the rest of them: a Man full of compassion.

Our English words turn the people around. See? That's human sympathy; that's not compassion. There's a lot of difference between sympathy and compassion. They're two different words altogether. And we use them the same.
Now, the Word doesn't use any compassion; it's got to be obeyed. Stay with that Word, no matter how bad it cuts. How would you think it'd destroy babies, and innocent women, and things like that, so-called? One little leaven leavens the whole lump. That's the same thing started back there with Eve. It looked awful cunning.
"Why, you'll be wise. Surely you'll not die. He's too good. He wouldn't kill you. But surely you'll not die." But God said you would die. That started the whole thing, right there. See? You've got to stay with that Word, regardless.

Don't presume; believe. Don't reason. Knowledge has reasonings. Faith has no reason. Faith just holds onto it.

William Branham, Sermon "Presuming"