Look, today. We take, like I said awhile ago, about the little lady, a little old girl with a rose. For instance, the rose, it's pretty; it's there to be looked at. That's true. And that's just like the church; it's there to be looked at. Like a pretty little woman, she's there to be looked at. That's right. But if she... She's fine, that... She's to her husband, she--she is all right. But if she hasn't got the moral sword sticking out there to protect her, she becomes a indebtiment to society and human being: get so low and scandalous and rotten till the dogs wouldn't look at her. That's right. And the same thing to the church of the living God. They get out here and try to glamortize and fix themselves up, and act like... They strip their women. Here, right... And people don't realize that these devils are invading your homes.
Right in my neighborhood the other day, a young lady which I think is a nice woman... And she's a married woman, got a child. And the little woman come out there. Men come down the road to do some work, and this little lady got out there with them little bitty old clothes on, was horrible. This is an awful Mother Day speech. But, my brother, let me tell you something. Mother, get back to be mother again. Even to a little bitty boy was visiting our neighborhood, come in and told us about it, "Look out there." I said, "Well, that's nothing." The woman's a nice woman. I don't say she is demoralized. But the thing of it is, there's an ornery, filthy spirit on her, making her do that, and she don't know it.

William Branham, Sermons The Invasion Of The United States

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