Moses led two million people through the wilderness. And he led them for the space of forty years, and when he come out on the other side, there wasn't a feeble one among them.
Wouldn't you doctors here tonight, or some of you, like to know what Doctor Moses had, prescription? What did he give those people? How many babies was born each night? How many old people and so forth? How many lame and cripple? And how many colics, and everything else, did he get through the night? And Doctor Moses took care of every bit of it.
Would you like to look at his medicine bag and find out what kind of prescription he give? Would you like to know what it is? Let's see what it was. Here it is: "I'm the Lord that healeth all thy diseases." Amen. That's the only remedy he had, and it worked for two million people.
As long as they were obedient, as long as they wasn't grumbling and fussing, as long as they were obedient and walked humbly before God, God went before them and led them by the hand, and packed them on eagles wings. But the minute they got out of order, God separated Hisself from them. That's right. Well, the journey was only about forty miles, they could made it in a couple, three days. And they were forty years wondering around out there trying to get ready to go over. And that's just like the church tonight. We get all mixed up.
William Branham, Sermons Where I Think Pentecost Failed


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