As The Eagle Stirreth

Date: 60-0403 | Duration: 1 hour and 47 minutes
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Municipal Auditorium in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
E-1 Let us remain standing just a moment for prayer.
E-2 All these last meetings, always just gets next to me. Somehow, when we find one another and learn to get acquainted, why, and just begin to fellowship, then it’s time to go somewhere else. It always gives me a little sad feeling. But looking on ahead, I’m looking for the day that when we’ll all meet again, and we’ll be in a place, perhaps, if Jesus comes before we meet on earth again, where we’ll never, never part no more.
E-3 I wonder how many would like to be remembered to God, this afternoon, as we raise our hands in prayer? The Lord bless you.
Shall we bow our heads just a moment.
E-4 Almighty God, the Creator of heavens and earth, and the Author of everlasting Life, and the Giver of every good gift, we come in the shadows of Thy mercy, by prayer, through the Name of Jesus, Thy Son, to offer to Thee our thanksgiving for this great Tulsa meeting, for what it has meant to us, a place in our heart that we shall never forget of these fine people. Though, Thy Holy Spirit in them, what fellowship it has been: a little touch of Heaven in our lives, an experience that we never shall forget. We pray, Father, that Your Spirit will always remain in these people. May, from the essence of this little gathering, cause a revival to break out in every church throughout the country. May great signs and wonders be accomplished. We pray, Lord, that You’ll grant these things.
E-5 Laying here on this desk, this afternoon, is handkerchiefs and little pieces of goods that’s going to the sick and the afflicted. Almighty God, I pray Thee, in Jesus’ Name, that whoever these touches, that’s sick, may they be healed; not only is my own prayer, Father, but the prayer of this great auditorium full of Christians, this afternoon. We offer it with one accord, for those who are needy.
E-6 Lord, we pray that You’ll bless us in the further exercises of this day. We pray for the churches, tonight. May there just be glory and joy unspeakable in every church. Give us a great outpouring of Thy Presence, this afternoon. May the Holy Spirit come into the Word, and may the Word become in our flesh and dwell here with us this afternoon. For we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
You may be seated.
E-7 To each and every minister, to all of the workers, the custodian, and to the ushers, and all; for myself and my crew: Brother David, Brother Roy, Billy Paul, Loyce, Brother Fred Sothmann, Brother Jim Maguire, Brother Gene, and Leo, we all want to thank you all for your kindness, and what you have meant to us in this meeting. You’ve certainly been so nice. Such a respects and love that we have gathered in our hearts, for you, it’ll never be rubbed out. It’s indelible. And we are trusting that God will give you the exceeding, abundantly above all that you could even think or ask for. May God give it to you in the richest of His Son’s grace, Jesus Christ.
E-8 Brother Tommy Osborn, he’s here in the meeting. The Lord God be with Brother Tommy. Brother Oral started this afternoon, and I think sprung a ligament or something, loose, in his leg; and as soon as the service is over, I’m on my road to pray for him. And now to all Brother Roberts’ staff and Brother Tommy’s staff, and to the churches and all: God be with you, is my prayer. You’ll—you’ll always be in my heart, for this time. And long may Tulsa stand, long may the work of God remain in it, is our prayer. And we hope to be back again sometime with you.
E-9 And if we can ever be a favor to you, in any way! I used to make this statement: the night never gets too dark, or the rain never falls too hard, but what we would do anything that lays in our power to make life a little more comfortable and blessed to you. If we can be any help to you, just let us know. Just call us at Jeffersonville, Indiana, BUtler 2-1519, or just call me at Jeffersonville. [Telephone number has been changed.—Ed.] We can send you a prayer cloth, pray for you, just anything that we can do. We are your servants in the Lord.
E-10 So it’s kind of bad to come to the end of a service like this, when you were having such a wonderful time, but sometime we have to go, anyhow.
E-11 Knowing this, that just across the River, some day when life is all over, and I sit at that great table, it’ll be spread through the skies, the Wedding Supper, and we look across the table from one another, we’ll remember these times at Oakland. No doubt, a little tear might trickle down our cheek, for joy, and the King, in all of His beauty, will come out, in His lovely white robe, wipe all tears from our eyes, and say, “Don’t cry no more. It’s all over now. Enter into the joys of the Lord which has been prepared for you since the foundation of the world.” That’s the hour I live for.
E-12 I look down across my cooperating ministers here, and see many of them older than I. Probably out here on the street, with a guitar and a tambourine, a paving the way, putting down the cobblestones and smoothing out the rough places, that this ministry that the Lord has given me, might ride smooth down the road.
E-13 My precious brethren, I feel little, to stand up here and you down there. That is right. There’s any honor to be given, it goes to you. May God ever richly bless you. That day when the reward’s given out, I hope to be standing present when I see you crowned in His Glory.
E-14 A few moments ago, I was talking to a minister back there. His name is Brother Nathan, he said. He works among the Jews. And he said, “Brother Branham, the first night, when you were here…” Him and his wife. She was sick. And said, “You called out, in the meeting, and told me who I was, and about my wife and her sickness.” Said, “She’s been getting well, ever since, just doing fine.” And so many fine letters and testimonies!
E-15 Now, maybe you didn’t get your handkerchief in here. If we can help you, in any way, send you a little cloth, now, there’ll be a little form. We got a prayer list that goes around the world. People get up, at all hours through the night, and keep this prayer list. Ever on the Eastern Standard time, we pray at nine o’clock at morning, at twelve o’clock, and at three o’clock. That’s the sacrifice hours of the old Jewish Testament. And we pray that. And people around the world gets up at different times, in a great prayer chain, that we all pray together, one for the other. So I’m sure God will hear prayer. Such marvelous things come in, that He has done. And we want to put you on our prayer list, to pray with us at those hours.
E-16 And now, no doubt, but pretty shortly, I’ll be overseas again, the Lord willing.
E-17 We accumulate a little finance here. And by the way, the Lord let me say that so I could remember. They have taken two love offerings, I believe, for me. You know how I appreciate that. Now, not one cent will go personally to me. It goes into the church foundation for overseas missions. See? And we’ll do the very best that we can, to see that that money goes to people who can’t hear the Gospel, not able to come. And we’ll do our very best. God ever richly bless you, is my sincere prayer.
E-18 And now, if you want one of these prayer cloths, just write to me. And just Post Office Box 325, or just Jeffersonville, Indiana, it’ll come to me. And if you want to keep it in your Bible, put it in Acts 19. And so many people has told me.
E-19 One lady said, I believe, her son had got run over by an automobile, and he was bleeding to death, from an injury from glass, and so she run real quick and got this ribbon. She was in…lived in the country. And put the little ribbon on the boy, and the blood stopped immediately. And many things like that.
E-20 A woman in Germany, paralyzed. It tells you what to do; gather in your Christian neighbors, when these cloths are put upon you, over your heart. And she said, after everything had been done just the way it was…She been paralyzed for several years. And said, when she got that fulfilled, she said, “Satan, now you have no more room for anything else. Get out of me.” Got up out of the chair and walked away.
E-21 That’s just that simple. See? So if you would wish one, it’s without cost, without price. Just send, and we’ll send it right straight to you, in the mail. Now, you’ll get a—a mimeographed sheet on how to do it. But, remember, I have prayed, myself, personally, over the—over the cloth will be sent you. If my baby was sick, my wife, or my father and mother, and I had confidence in somebody’s prayer, I wouldn’t want it to be the secretary’s prayer. I’d want them to pray over it. “And do unto others as you’d have others do unto you,” the golden rule. So, we, we’ll certainly be glad to help you in any way that we can. God ever bless you now.
E-22 And everything that’s been done has been done so sweetly and lovely, and we just appreciate it so much.
E-23 Now, when I’m overseas, it’s always hard. Because, witches and wizards, they’re not afraid to attack you. Here just recently, in a certain place, there was about fifteen witches on each side, throwing a spell across, and said they’d call a storm and it’d blow me away. And, believe it or not, the storm came. About thirty-thousand people, and the place shaking just as hard as it could.
E-24 Brother Arganbright, of the Christian Business Men, you brethren know him. He was sitting behind me. He said, “Brother Branham.”
E-25 I said, “Just sit still. The Holy Spirit sent me here.” That’s the reason I don’t go no place ’less He sends me first, then I know I can come in the Name of the Lord. See? I said, “He sent me here.”
E-26 They had a great big place built, just where they’re just like two-by-four’s, and canvas tacked over it. And that place was just raising up and down. Right in the…about two o’clock in the afternoon. Just as clear as it could be, and that storm came up in thirty minutes. And I just stopped. I said, “You don’t have to interpret this.” Feel that evil power from either side. And them sitting there, turning their hands with a cut feather, with the scissors. You know how they do.
E-27 I said, “Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, You was the One sent me here. You’re responsible for the ministry that I carry for You. I rebuke that storm, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.”
E-28 And just parted right back. The thunders roared away, and the sun was shining, less than two minutes, right down. And thousands rushed to the altar, and of communistic thinkers and everything. And how…
E-29 I can’t stand here and tell you testimonies, ’cause in my own meeting. It would be better if the others do it. But, library, I’d say there’d be an encyclopedia, there could be so many books written, that I have seen the Lord Jesus do in my own little ministry. What do you think it would be in such men as Brother Tommy Osborn, Brother Oral Roberts? It’s great. Our Lord is great. Certainly is.
E-30 Now I want to read some Scripture, this afternoon. And I’ve got few places written down here, if I get to it. And then we’re…I believe my son told me that he gave out some prayer cards, and we’re going to pray for the sick.
E-31 If I never lay eyes on any of you all again, if I never see you in this life; when I meet you at that Gate, before we go in to stand before Christ, the visions from God are true and real. The Angel of the Lord, and that Pillar of Fire and Light, so help me, the Almighty God, my Judge, It’s there. It’s true. Yeah. So that you’ll know that It’s—It’s true. God is true. He cannot be false and be God. He is fal-…He cannot be false, ’cause He has to be real. If anything is false, it’s Satan. But that Light, I have seen It, looked at It. And to me…Please forgive me if I’m acting sacrilegious, but, to me, it’s the same Pillar of Fire that followed the children of Israel.
E-32 Because, It was dwelt in a Man called Jesus, which was the Son of God, and the life that He lived is produced again today by the same thing. He said, “I come from God. I go to God.” We all know that. “I came from God, and I go to God.” He said, “I AM the I AM.” That was the Pillar of Fire. That was the Angel that was in the bush. It was made flesh and dwelt among us; returned back. And It’s in the same form today. Did you know that?
E-33 Well, you say, “Jesus was…” Well, I’m—I’m talking about God, that was in Jesus.
E-34 When Paul was on his road to Damascus, a Light struck him down, a Pillar of Fire. None of the rest of them saw It, but Paul saw It. It was so much till It blinded him. And he said, “Who are You, Lord?”
E-35 He said, “I’m Jesus.” He had returned back to God, where He came from.
E-36 To me, It’s Him again today, finishing out His works in we, the Church, in the last days.
E-37 Let’s turn to Deuteronomy 32:11, for a little background of a text. And we’ll try to have the prayer line, and out within an hour, if possible. [A sister gives a prophecy—Ed.]
E-38 O Father God, how humbly in my heart I accept that. Guide my feet, hold my hand, Lord. May I never become a stumbling block to any one, but may I be a stepping stone to every wayfaring traveler. Grant it, Lord. May I never do nothing in my life that would put a shadow on Your Name, or on Your cause. And I’ll do all that I can to serve You. I thank You for this, in the Name of Your Son, Jesus Christ, my Lord. Amen.
E-39 How that humbles my heart! Deuteronomy 32:11, “As an…” [A sister gives a prophecy—Ed.] Amen. [Another sister gives a prophecy.] Amen. Blessed be the Name of the Lord. [Another sister gives a prophecy.] How we thank the Lord, to have His Spirit working among us, in the midst of us!
As an eagle stirreth up her nest, fluttereth over her young, spreadeth abroad her wings, taketh them, beareth them on her wings:
E-40 That’s not very much of a Scripture reading, but It’s the Word of the Lord. It’s enough there that, maybe, God will give us the context from this, in the next twenty or thirty minutes, that’ll cause people to wake up and to think of the Lord Jesus.
E-41 You know, sometime, I read a story, a few years ago, in The Life Of Abraham Lincoln. There was a man in prison, and he was under a federal charge, and he was going to be shot. And a good friend of his went to the President, Abraham Lincoln, a wonderful Christian man. And he said, “Mr. Lincoln, I know that you are a good man, that you are a Christian. And under this federal indictment, that this man has trespassed a law of the regulation of the army. He is my friend. He didn’t mean to do that. He’s guilty of doing it. He didn’t mean to do it. Won’t you please…You’re the only man who can spare his life. Won’t you spare his life?” And the courtesy of Mr. Lincoln picked up his quill and wrote across a piece of paper, because he wasn’t at his desk at that time, to make an official stamp. And so he wrote across it, “I pardon this man,” and signed his name, “Abraham Lincoln.”
E-42 The precious friend of this man run just as hard as he could, to the prison, and said, “Oh, my friend, you are free. You are free. Here is the President’s name on this piece of paper. You are pardoned.”
E-43 And the man said, “Do not mock me, for I’m ready now to die, because I am sentenced to death. And here you come to mock me with a piece of paper. If that piece of paper was Abraham Lincoln’s pardon, it would be all decorated up with seals and so forth.”
E-44 He said, “Sir, this is the President’s name. You are pardoned.” And the man turned his back on it and would not listen to it.
E-45 The next morning, at daylight, the man was shot before a firing squad. Now, here is a pardon from the President, that says, “Do not kill the man,” signed on one day. The next day, the man was shot.
E-46 Then the case was tried in federal courts. And when the court, the Federal Court of the United States of America tried the case, and here was the decision of the court. “A pardon is not a pardon unless it be received as a pardon.”
E-47 And that’s the way that the Word of God is. It’s healing to you, if you receive It as healing. It’s a pardon to you, if you receive It as a pardon. Every blessing in Here is yours if you receive It in the way that God has wrote It.
As the eagle stirreth…her nest, fluttereth over her young,… taketh them on her wings, and beareth them.
E-48 How many times have I thought what God likened His heritage, to eagles! And I find, in the Bible, that God calls Himself an eagle. He is Jehovah eagle. And how would He do that?
E-49 So, I am a naturalist. So I…My first Bible was nature. If you’ll just watch the way nature works, you can find God. Anywhere you look, you’ll see God, if you get God in the heart and watch it. Now, when they talk of reincarnation and stuff, that’s foolish; it cannot be.
E-50 We find out that a plant dies, goes into the ground; the seed rots, it lives again. It’s resurrection. And all Christianity is based upon resurrection. And we can see that that’s true; death, burial, resurrection; the summers, the winters. All nature blends right in.
E-51 My first Bible, was watching how those trees died, how the sprouts come up again; how the wind would blow it over, it would come back again; how the little flower died, lived again. And all those different things, it made me know that there was a power of resurrection somewhere.
E-52 Now, the tree has perpetual life. We have immortal Life. The tree will come to its final end. We never can; we have immortal Life.
E-53 Now, I begin to study the eagle when I read this. What about the eagle? I find out that the eagle is a very odd bird. He can fly higher than any other bird that there is. He’s a special built bird. He builds his nest in the rocks, way up high. He’s a very odd bird. And another thing, his feathers are so tight you can’t, hardly, you can’t pull them out with a pair of pliers. He’s a huge, mammoth bird, one of the biggest there is. And he’s a very odd bird. But he’s built special because he has a special work to do.
E-54 The word eagle means “ripper with the beak.” And he feeds with the beak. A very beautiful thing of the Word of God, feeds from mouth to mouth, God feeding His children.
E-55 And then he builds his nest high, and he has that for a purpose, and everything. Now, if…The eagle had a great powerful wings. That’s for deliverance.
E-56 And another thing the eagle does, that’s strange, he renews his youth. The eagle, after so long a time, just rotates and comes right back to a young eagle again, brings himself right back. He renews his youth.
E-57 That’s another type of the Church, of God’s people. We’ll get all down and kind of stale, then, all at once, the Holy Spirit comes and renews us again. God, renewing the experience and the youth of His Church, giving them a new experience. That is the type of the eagle.
E-58 Some years ago, I used to do a lot of riding, ranch, and we was up on Troublesome River in Colorado. The Hereford Association grazes that Arapaho pastures there, and so forth, and up around on the mountains. And we used to take the cattle up there. And then, fall of the year, we’d have to hunt them out again, put them on the National Forest. Then we’d raise our hay down in the bottoms, to feed out, through the winter.
E-59 And I’d go out there each year, to hunt. I do, yet. And a friend of mine, we’d go back, after all the people from the cities got down there and shot around, the does, and fawns, and young cows, and old straggling bulls of the elks that’s down low. Why, we always go way back, high, where you can’t get in, and camp out back there. He takes the east, east or west fork, one, and I’ll take the other. We’ll be several days before we meet one another.
E-60 And I’ll never forget, one year, it hadn’t snowed, it was along in October when the season come in.
E-61 And if it snows up in the mountains…Why, maybe, in October, it’ll come a—a real pretty afternoon, maybe in another hour it’ll be snowing. Then it will rain it off, and then the sun will come out, just change in weather. But then, when the snow comes, it runs the elk and the deer, those big ones that stay high, away from the noise of the civilization, it runs them down into the valleys. That’s where you usually get the trophy.
E-62 This year, the snows hadn’t come yet, and I was way up high. And I had left my horse several miles behind, and tied him up, so he’d have plenty of room; some hay, so he could eat. And I had went all the way around timberline, up in there, looking.
E-63 That afternoon there come a storm sweeping across the mountains, and the—and the roaring of thunder, and lightning a flashing. And I had got behind a tree. And I stood back behind the tree till the storm was over, dropped down into the timber. There had been a blow-down there. And I was standing behind the timber, waiting till the storm passed; standing there, thinking. And I had my rifle sitting just against the—the tree. And then when the—the storm was over…I was thinking about God, how wonderful He was.
E-64 And while the storm was going on, the cold wind set in, and it froze much of the water on the evergreens, like icicles a hanging. Then when the sun came out, way back over, in the west, I could see the sun just peeping through the crevice of the mountain, and look like the eye of God.
E-65 You know, God is everywhere. You can just see Him, anywhere, if you’ll just look for Him. He’s there. You have to see Him. He’ll be here. He’s here right now. If you’ll just look around, you’ll see Him.
E-66 And then when I was standing there, I looked at that—that sunset. And I raised up my hands, and I said, “O great Jehovah God, Your eyes run to and fro, through the earth.”
E-67 Just then I heard the bugle from a—a bull elk. He got scattered away from the herd, in the storm, and he was making that real sharp squeal of a sound like that. I heard the herd answer him, over here in another place. And way up on the side of the mountain, the old gray wolf begin to howl; the mate answered, down in the bottom. I looked around, across the valley, from one mountain, across the divide, there was a rainbow. Well, just everywhere I looked, there was God.
E-68 My mother is a half Indian. She come off the reservations, and the Cherokee Indian. And her mother drawed a pension. My conversion never took that out of me. There is something about the woods and outdoors that I love.
E-69 When I heard that old wolf howling, and the mate answering it, tears begin to run down my cheeks. I heard that old bull elk screaming up there, for his herd. It answered. I looked at the rainbow. I said, “Yeah. There is God, again.” He’s Alpha and Omega. He’s the colors, the covenant, in the rainbow. God is everywhere, if you’ll just look around for Him.
E-70 I got so happy! I just raised up my hands, and the tears running down my cheeks. I run around, and around and around that tree. I was just having me a big time, and nobody in thirty miles of me; just jumping up and down, and screaming to the top of my voice. Honestly, if there had been somebody watching me, they’d thought somebody out of the insane institution was out there. But I wasn’t caring. I was having a good time. I was worshipping the Lord, my God. Didn’t make any difference to me what anybody else thought. And I was just having a good time, just around, and around and around that tree. And I’d stop, listen to that wolf, and listen that. And scream again, around, around the tree I’d go again.
E-71 And I—I excited something. And there was a little pine squirrel. I don’t know whether you know what they are here in Oklahoma, or not. Just a little bitty noisy thing about that long. He’s the blue-coat policeman of the woods. He just…He makes so much noise, and there’s nothing to him. And he jumped up on a stump, and he begin to chatter, chatter, chatter, just as hard as he could. And I thought, “There’s no need of you getting excited. I’m worshipping the Lord. You don’t like that? Watch this.” And around, and around, and around, and around again, I went, just as hard as I could. And I said, “Isn’t that wonderful? Your Creator; my God!” Here we go again, around, and around, and around like that.
E-72 And I noticed the little fellow cocking his little head sideways, and looking down in that blow-down. It didn’t seem like that I had excited him. There’s something else excited him. Well, I thought, “Don’t think I’m acting funny. Because, I’m not acting funny, to myself. And I know He’s a blessing me, so you might as well join right in with me.”
E-73 And so I happened to look. And the storm had forced a big eagle down. And it forced him down in. He had been down low, probably eating. He couldn’t get his gain, his above, to get above the storm, so it forced him down into the bushes. And there he was, down under these—these bushes here.
E-74 And that’s what was exciting the little squirrel. And he was watching it real close, like that, going chatter, chatter, chatter, chat, like he was going to tear that eagle to pieces. Well, he wasn’t big enough to tear nothing to pieces. So he was standing on that stump, his little tail curled up like that, just chatter, chatter, chatter; chatter, chatter, chatter. I thought, “Well, don’t get excited. He ain’t going to hurt you.”
E-75 And that big eagle jumped out on a limb, like that. And I thought, “O God, there You are, in that wolf call. There You are, over here, in the call of the wild. There You are, in the sunset. There You are, in the rainbow. Why did You put that eagle before me? What, what’s that eagle doing there? I can’t see You in that eagle.”
E-76 I watched that eagle. I said…Looked at him, his great big gray-looking eyes. He wasn’t noticing that pine squirrel, so much. He was watching me. I could see those great big eyes watching me. And I thought, “Well, yeah, I can see God in that eagle, because that he’s not afraid. There is something about him, that he’s not afraid.” I said, “I’ll try, and see if he’s afraid.”
E-77 I said, “Say, fellow, you know I could shoot you?” I said, “This is my rifle. I could shoot you.”
E-78 He just looked up at me, like that. I kept noticing him feeling his wings. I said, “I see now. That’s the reason. You’re not afraid, because that God gave you two wings. And you know, good and well, you could be in that timber there before I could even get that rifle in my hand.” I thought, “If you could trust your God-given wings, to get out of danger, how much more ought the Church, with a God-given Spirit, of the Holy Ghost among us, to get away from things, get out of it, like that.” I watched him, how he felt them wings. As long…
E-79 Someone said to me one time, “Brother Branham, aren’t you afraid you’ll make a mistake?” No, sir, not as long as I can feel that Something around me. That’s all right. That’s okay. As long as He’s there, it’s Him a doing it.
E-80 And I watched the eagle for a length of time. And he seen that I loved him too much, I wasn’t going to hurt him. And so he wasn’t afraid of me, but he just got nauseated with that chatter, chatter, chatter; chatter, chatter, chatter. And he got tired of it, so he just made one great big jump, flopped his wings about twice. And then I see why he broke in on me shouting. That big eagle never flopped his wings any more. He just seemed to know how to set his wings. And every time the wind would come in, he would ride up higher. And the wind would come in, he’d ride higher. And I stood there and watched him till he become just a little bitty speck. And I said, “O God, that’s it.” He got tired of that chatter, chatter, chatter.
E-81 It isn’t, “Run from church to church. Join this one and join that one.” It’s just knowing how to set your wings in the power of His Holy Spirit. When He comes riding in, just ride on, ride on, on and on and on. Get out away from this chatter, chatter, “Days of miracles is passed. No such a thing as the Holy Ghost. You’re all wrong, in This. There ain’t no such a thing as Divine healing.” Just ride on, above it. Just let the Holy Ghost ride in, and ride on away. Just carry on, way up and above, plumb out of hearing distance. My!
E-82 God made the eagle. Now, if he didn’t have…If the hawk tried to follow the eagle, he’d disintegrate in the air. A crow try to follow him, the feathers would fall out of him. He’s a special-made bird.
E-83 God likened His eagles unto His prophets. A prophet rides high into the spheres where he can look way away.
E-84 Now, if the eagle has got a great, powerful wings that can take him up there. And, his eyes isn’t compared with his wings, he would be blind when he got up there. That’s the reason the hawk, try and become a eagle, when he got so high, he couldn’t see, anyhow, so it wouldn’t do him no good to climb up. See? He’s a special-made bird.
E-85 And a Christian is a special-made person. That’s exactly right. There’s no need of going to church, ’less you got Something that tells you that it’s all there. See? It’s something special that God does for you.
E-86 That eagle can go so high till you can’t see him, and he can see anything moving on the ground, the least little object; his eye is so great.
E-87 Some time ago, three or four years ago, my little girl and I were walking up at the zoo at Cincinnati. I had them up there one Saturday afternoon, showing them the different things. And little Sarah and I walked down, she was a little bitty girl then, just about three years old. And we were walking around. And there was a big eagle in the cage.
E-88 And I always hated to see animals caged up. I don’t know, I just hate to see a canary bird…Now, I’m not throwing off, on your parakeets and things, but I don’t like to see anything in a cage. I know how it is to be caged up in a religion where you ain’t got no freedom. Now, I—I—I want to…I like to be free.
E-89 Then, just like giving your canary bird all the vitamins you can, to make good feathers and good wings, and then keeping him in a cage. What good does it do him?
E-90 What good does it do to send preachers away to seminaries and so forth, and educate them, everything like that, and then cage them up, by saying, “The days of miracles is past. There is no such a thing”? What good does it do to educate them? The…
E-91 Brother, I like something free, where you can fly and exercise yourself, a religion that lets you get free.
E-92 I noticed this big eagle. They had just caught him, put him in the cage. I thought that was the most saddest sight I ever seen. That great big fellow, he was laying there on the floor, when I got up, his great big wings laying out. The feathers was all beat off his head, and around his neck and over the ends of his wings. I looked at him.
E-93 He crawled across the cage. He looked back across the cage, like that. Here he come, and he hit that cage with his head and wings, just flopping. The feathers would fly. He’d fall back. He’d get up again. He got back this way. He would look up. And he would fly just as hard as he could, and hit his wings and head against it, and fall back. He laid there, and his big eyes rolling around, looking up.
E-94 “Oh,” I thought, “that’s one of the saddest sights a man could look at.” He’s a heavenly bird. He was born to soar the heavens. And here, by the trickery and devices of man, he is caged up. He can’t… He’s a heavenly bird. He knows nothing about the ground, hardly. He has got to live in the heaven. Laying there, looking up where he really ought to be, where his heart longs to be, but there is bars between him and that.
E-95 I thought that was a sad sight, until one time I saw mankind, that God created in His image, caged into denominations and things that didn’t believe in Divine healing, caged into places where they couldn’t be free. They’re Heaven-born. God-sent Spirit is in them, like that, but caging them up so they can’t get out. See men and women walking on the streets, immorally dressed, in saloons, caged down. Where, they should be free, sons and daughters of God. And beat their brains out, nearly, against something, trying to get free.
E-96 O God, if I had had the power, I’d a…or the authority, I’d have bought that old eagle and him go, let him go free where he wants to. That’s a horrible thing, to cage him up.
E-97 But how horrible it is, to take the sons of God and to cage them into a place to where they’re…Really, their spirit wants to get out there and do something. Then somebody says, “There is no such a thing as Divine healing. There is no such a thing as the power of the Holy Ghost. There is no such a thing as This.” Puts them in a cage. Brother, let me tell you, there is a freedom.
E-98 One time a man caught an old crow and tied him up, ’cause he was in the cornfield. And he…And the birds begin to fly over, and saying, “Come on, Johnny Crow, let’s go South. Let’s go South. The winter time is coming.”
E-99 He got so poor, he couldn’t hardly walk. There was a good man came by, one day, and said, “That poor old crow!” And just cut him loose.
E-100 And when he did, the other crows come over, said, “Come on, Johnny Crow, let’s go South.”
E-101 But he—he had been tied so long, until, he just walked around, said, “I can’t do it. I can’t do it.” He didn’t know he was free.
E-102 That’s the way man is today. You don’t know that Jesus Christ made you free, brother. Let’s get out of it. Let’s get somewhere. God made us free. Don’t starve to death. God has got pentecostal blessings all through the skies, and—and untapped resources of His goodness. Let’s get to it. “Whosoever will, let him come. Let him come, drink from the Waters of Life, freely.”
E-103 The eagle, he builds his nest high in the rock. He’s like—he’s like the Church. The Church of Jesus Christ is the Church that’s set on a hill, that gives Light. It’s high. It’s got high ambitions. It’s ought to have high inspectations, expectations, rather. It should have high expectations, because we’ve been expecting God to do something.
E-104 If you come here this afternoon, saying, “Well, I’ll go up. If I get in the prayer line, all right. Well, if He will tell me that I’m well, if the Lord will let me know.” Oh, don’t have expectations like that. “But if He don’t do it, then I won’t get nothing.” Your expectations is not much.
E-105 Come to the church, this afternoon, if you’re sick, say, “I’m expecting to go home well. I’m not going to leave till it happens.” If you haven’t got the Holy Ghost, say, “I’ll stay here and rot in this place, or I’ll get the Holy Ghost. I come here amongst Holy Ghost people. I come here where the Spirit is at. I’ll stay right here till I get It.”
E-106 Be like old Buddy Robinson was, when he got down in the cornfield. He said, “Lord, if You don’t give me the Holy Ghost, when You come back to earth You’ll find a pile of bones of Buddy Robinson laying right here.” That’s the way to do it. That’s exactly.
We take it too haphazardly.
E-107 A man, one time, was trying to seek God. And every time he’d say, “I’m saved,” the devil say, “No, you’re not.” One day he drove down a stake. He said, “Satan, from this on, I’ll point to this stake. This is the place where I met God’s requirements, right here.”
E-108 You drive your stake down, right beside of your seat, this afternoon, saying, “Satan, right here is where every doubt is going to lay. And I’m going to fly away with Him, this afternoon. I’m going to accept exactly what He told me I could do.” If you’ll believe it.
E-109 This old eagle, when she gets ready to build her nest, she goes way high in the rocks. And she builds her nest high. Because she’s got…She wants to protect her little ones.
E-110 That’s the way God does. He lifts His Church into a place, if you’ll just let Him, and He’ll put you into a place where you’ll be away from the vultures of the earth. Certainly, He will.
E-111 How much different is it from the chicken! The chicken is a bird, too, but he builds his nest out in the barnyard somewhere, down on the ground where weasels and snakes, and everything else, can get his young. He don’t know nothing about the heavenly. Yet, he’s a bird; maybe, a denominational brother, but he’s—but he’s—he’s on the ground. He don’t know nothing about the heavenlies, flying high, somewhere way up there where it’s blue and pretty.
E-112 The old mother eagle, when she makes her nest. How I’ve watched them many times, go out and get the big sticks, and put them down into them rocks. And pull it over here with their big beak, and tie it down, and take briar vines and tie it around. And the inside of the nest is made of briars, mostly, to tie the big kind of a poles like, together, that she packs up there. But she anchors that nest so there’s no storm can blow it away.
E-113 I’m glad, “Upon this rock I’ll build My Church, and the gates of hell can’t prevail against It.” What kind of rock? A spiritual revelation.
“Who does men say I the Son of man am?”
“Some say ‘Elias,’ some say ‘Moses.’”
“But what about you?”
Peter said, “Thou art the Christ, the Son of God.”
E-114 “Blessed art thou, Simon, the son of Jonas. Flesh and blood didn’t reveal this to you. You never learned this in a seminary. You never learned this by somebody telling you, but My Father which is in Heaven has revealed this to you. Upon this rock I’ll build My Church, and the gates of hell can’t prevail against It. The storms of life will never shake It.” That’s the reason He said He was an Eagle. He built the nest.
E-115 Then the old mother eagle, making ready for her little ones to be born, she goes out and she gets everything that she can, soft leaves. She takes her big beak and puts them back in the corners, and fixes up all the stickers, around, so they won’t stick the little ones. She goes out and gets her a lamb, or either a rabbit, or something, eats the meat of it; then takes the—the hair, the fur off of it, and dabs the nest up. Oh, she makes it really pretty, for her little ones to come.
E-116 That’s the way Jehovah Eagle does, too. He just fixes it all up. Oh, my! When the new baby is born, why, in the Kingdom of God, he just…He thinks he can walk, but he’s always bumping up and down, and running around. But he’s having a good time. He’s in the nest, where it’s all feathered, you know. The—the falls don’t hurt. And so that’s the way mother Jehovah Eagle does. She fixes Her nest real fluffy and nice, for Her little ones that’s going to be born.
E-117 After while, the eggs come, along comes the little eagle. And she goes down, her and papa eagle, and they feed all their little ones, till they get pretty good size. Then when they get to a certain size…
E-118 Now, mama eagle is going to be positive that them eagles ain’t going to be anything like chickens. That’s right. She don’t want them earth bound. They’re eagles, and she knows they’re eagles.
E-119 That’s the way Jehovah Eagle does. He don’t want us chicken, barnyard chickens. He wants us to be eagles, up in the blue, the nature of us to be up there where we’re free. “He who the Son has made free is free indeed.” There, wants them up there. So, few days…
E-120 How I’ve watched them, so many times! A few days before the nest-stirring time comes, the old mother eagle would get up there on the side of that nest. I’ve laid, a many day, in the warm sunshine, watch them, and just cry like a baby. See, that big mother eagle, they’re large. The mother eagle is bigger than the father eagle. Some of their wings spread fourteen feet, from tip to tip.
E-121 And she’ll get up there. She’ll strut around, over that nest, like that. And she’ll go up to these little ones. She’ll spread her great big wings and scream. And when she does, sometimes the little eagles will fall on their back. She wants them to. That’s what she wants them to do. Then they’ll get up. And she’ll scream. Why? She’s training them to her voice.
“My sheep know My voice.”
E-122 She wants them to know what it is when screaming-time come. And she is screaming. Oh, my! “I want you to catch every note of my voice,” she says, “because there’s a lot of scavengers. I want you to know you are eagles. I want you to know eagle voice.” Amen. Hallelujah! “I want to you to know what an eagle sound is.”
E-123 Then she spreads her great wings, says, “Looky here. I’m fixing to give you your first solo flight. But, first, I want you to look how big I am.”
E-124 Oh, how sweet it is! Maybe, sometime, sickness knocks us on our back, maybe something else, when we can look up and take them two big wings of Jehovah, the Old and New Testament, and say, “How great Thou art! How great Thou art, Lord!”
E-125 Oh, she likes to show them. “Looky here how strong I am.” She screams, “This is my voice.”
E-126 And how could a preacher say, then, that that Eagle don’t scream the same in every day, every time It screamed? Sure. “He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
E-127 The Old Testament said, “I am Jehovah. I opened up the Red Sea. I brought the Hebrew children out of the fiery furnace. I’m the One that raised up the Son of God.” Hallelujah! “I’m the One that sent the Holy Ghost, on the Day of Pentecost.” Looking through Her great wings, don’t you like to see That? Doesn’t It thrill your heart?
E-128 Them little eagles say, “Oh, Mama, we sure trust You. You’re powerful and big.”
E-129 Go out some night and look up at the solar system. Here some time ago, I was taken up to Mount Palomar. And there, through a glass, you could see a hundred and twenty million years of light space. Figure it up, how many miles it is, how many. How fast does light travel? And a hundred and twenty million years of light space, and beyond that was still moons, and stars, and worlds. “How great Thou art! How great Thou art!” His little eagles begin to look around. “How great Thou art!”
E-130 Here is a flower. It died. It went into the ground, but here it comes back again. “How great Thou art!”
E-131 Here is a poor old cancer-ridden man that’s a shadow, and a prayer is made over him. Next thing, you see him, a great big red-faced man. “How great Thou art! How great Thou art!”
E-132 See a little old woman out on the street out there, not fit for the dogs to look at. Let the power of God catch her attention one time, she’ll scream, “How great Thou art!” She’ll lay aside every weight and the sin does so easily beset her. The first thing you know, she’s a sainted-looking person. She’s out with a Gospel tract under her arm, doing something.
E-133 Let that bootlegger, down on the corner, that foul man, let him one time look up and see. “How great Thou art!” Watch him quit selling his whiskey, quit drinking and smoking, his cigarettes and cigars, quit telling his lies, and so forth. And out on the street, with a Bible in his hand, testifying to the glory of God, “How great Thou art!”
E-134 Let God spread forth that New and Old Testament over you, one time. Look through Its pages and see what It is. You’ll hear a Voice screaming from There, saying, “The same yesterday, today, and forever. What I did for them, I’ll do for you. And I am the same. I’m Jehovah. I change not.” I feel real religious right now. Oh, my! How well I know It. It’s the Truth.
E-135 Now, the mother is determined, them little eagles are not going to be chicken. But she is determined that they not be. You know what she does then? After she struts up and down on the nest, and spreads her…Say, “Looky here, honey, how great I am. See here. You’ve got to trust me. I’m going to take you somewhere where you’ll have to trust me.”
E-136 How do I know that God hasn’t sent some sick people in here this afternoon, the same way? Put you to a place where the doctor…You say, “I’m a Christian, Brother Branham.” I know it. “And I’ve got the Holy Ghost, and here I am, suffering.”
E-137 How do you know that Jehovah is just not trying to get you to look through the wings and see how great He is? “How great I am! I’m going to do something for you, that you’ll have to trust Me.” There you are. “And I want you to know what you’re trusting in, first. See My great wings?”
E-138 Then, after a few days, you know what that mother does? As long as that bed is made soft, them little old eagles don’t want to leave it. Right. You know what she does? Then she gets right in there, and takes her bill and rips every bit of that fur out of there, and throws it out of the nest. She is determined that they’ll not get customized to the world. That’s right.
E-139 That’s what God does, sometime. Oh, you think about everything big and everything swanky, and everything. Don’t look for that. Why, you’re a million miles from pentecost. The pentecostal people didn’t look for easy things. They sold what they had and give to the poor, and went out with Christ, alone. And, today, we have to own a fleet of Cadillacs before we are spiritual. What’s happened? Something wrong, somewhere.
E-140 Me, let me take the way with the Lord’s despised few. I’ve started in with Jesus. Lord, take me through, under any circumstance.
E-141 The people are afraid of the new Birth. That’s what’s the matter. They’re afraid to be born again.
E-142 Anybody knows that any birth, I don’t care where it is, it’s a mess. If it’s in a pig pen, or if it’s in a straw stack, or if it’s in a pink decorated hospital room, a birth is a mess. And people don’t want to get messy.
E-143 But, I’m telling you, I don’t want to meet God on my part. I want to meet the new Birth on God’s level. I don’t care if I have to cry, squall, speak in tongues, whatever I have to do. I don’t care how many neighbors talk about me. Let me be born again.
E-144 I don’t care what kind of a condition might, if I have to spoil all the reputation. I don’t have any, anyhow. That’s one thing I didn’t have to leave. I had no prestige or reputation. I was just a hillbilly, to start with, so I had nothing. But I—I—I don’t care what it is, I’m ready to lose anything and become a fool for the Kingdom of God’s sake. You want to call me, “A holy-roller, or a spiritualist, or a devil, or a mind-reader.” I don’t care what they say.
E-145 I want Jesus. That’s our main object. On what level it is, I don’t care. I want to meet Him on His level; not on the, what I think is right, or what somebody says right. I want on what God says is right. That’s what. If He said, “He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever,” I want to see Him on that level. If I have to preach to a bunch of posts, and eat soda crackers, and drink branch water, I still want the Gospel. I want Christ on the level that Christ would come.
E-146 She gets in there and throws all that softness out. Every time them little eagles start to set down, they’re on a briar. It’s kind of sticky. She…
E-147 That’s what. Let the devil, as long as they’re about… “Oh, did you get saved last night?”
“Yes. Uh-huh. Yes. I did.”
“That’s…Oh, I’m so happy for that.”
E-148 But, you start living the life, directly they say, “Holy-roller! So-and-so! Oh, I see what group you’re with.” See?
E-149 He lets you stick, once in a while. He don’t want you to get accustomed to this world, you see. He wants you to get…
E-150 That mother don’t want them chickens to…them eagles to ever become chickens. She wants them to get out of that nest. No matter if they’re in the rock, or where they are, she’s got something better for them.
E-151 God has got something better for the Church. Don’t just settle down, “I’m a Pentecostal.”
E-152 Somebody said, one time, said, “Brother Branham…”An old man down in Arkansas, he had been healed. He was walking around the next day with his crutches. He had been selling pencils on the street, for years and years. Walking around, big sign, “I don’t need them anymore, since Jesus came to me,” going around. And that night, he was standing up in the audience, and about like this, at the Robinson Memorial Auditorium in Little Rock. And he said, “Just a minute, Brother Branham,” (when I was preaching). He said, “Just a minute.” Said, “You know, when you preach…” He was a Nazarene. He said, “You know, you preach just like a Nazarene. And then I noticed most of the people here are Pentecostal. And now somebody tells me you’re a Baptist. I don’t understand it.”
E-153 “Oh,” I said, “that’s easy. I’m a Pentecostal Nazarene Baptist.” That’s just exactly it. Yes, sir. Oh, brother, them brands!
E-154 I used to sit there, when we drive the cattle up in the mountains, with my knee across an old saddle horn there, watch that ranger watching those cattle coming through. Ours was the Tripod. Grimes’, up there, was a Diamond T-Bar. Many of them different bars and different brands went through. The ranger didn’t pay much attention to the brand. He watched the blood tag.
E-155 Amen. That’s what God is going to watch. He’s watching the Blood tag. He don’t care what brand you got on you. Why? (Nothing could go in that pasture but a thoroughbred Hereford.) And nothing can enter the gates of Heaven but a born-again, through the Blood of Jesus Christ. I don’t care what you do, how intellectual you are, or how good a preacher you are, or how good a church member you are. Except you’re born through the Blood of Jesus Christ, with a Blood tag on you, you’ll never go in. That’s just all there is to it. “When I see the Blood, I’ll pass over you.” That’s all. He’ll let you in when the Blood tag is right. God will watch the Blood of His Own Son on the Church.
E-156 This old mother eagle, she watches them little eagles, oh, every time. They can’t sit down. It’s just everywhere. It’s just thorns, thorns, thorns.
E-157 Now, there is something else has to be done with that Pentecostal Church in that nest, so they won’t be nest bound. That’s all right. Now, I’m not kicking against organizations. Now don’t get that in your mind. But, I’m trying to say, just don’t let that be the stopping place. You’re fine. I like the organizations. I belong to every one of them. See? Sure, I do. Yes, sir. I was born into it. Every one is in the church; I was born in there. But just don’t stop at that, just don’t stop at that organization. Go right on with God, till you—till you get out there to solo flighting.
E-158 Now, the first thing you know, when the old mother has decided she’s going to give her children a little experience. Now, they’ll join the church and everything is fine, but begins to sticky. There is something wrong. Then the old mother comes up there before the nest, one day. She looks them little fellows over, and there’s a lot of loose feathers on them. She knows if she takes them little fellows up in that air, with them loose feathers, they’ll break their neck.
E-159 And I tell you, if the Pentecostal church don’t get a good cleaning up, they’re going to break their neck, too. You just remember that. There’s too many loose feathers. That’s what’s the matter.
E-160 You know what she does? She gets up on the nest, and she takes her big wings and begins to fan them like that. Oh, you never stood behind a plane before, till, you find out, loose feathers fly every way when that rushing mighty wind begins to sweep through them little fellows’ feathers.
E-161 I tell you, the church needs a nest-shaking today, with a mighty rushing Wind, to take all the world out of the Pentecostal church, where they can solo. We need another old-time Gospel, Holy Ghost, God-born, sent revival. That’s exactly right. We don’t need a new president; we got one, a dandy. We don’t new, need new mayors of the city, whatever. That’s not…That’s their business. But what we need, as ministers, is to preach the Gospel and bring the church back to pentecost again, bring it back to the eagle experience again. That’s what the church needs. That’s, oh, just…You don’t want to be chickens. You’re eagles. You have to take eagle Food.
E-162 And here she was, sitting there, knocking all those little old feathers out. Cause, if she don’t, they…If they’re not, they ain’t got enough feathers left to take the flight. She won’t take them until all them little old baby feathers blow out of them.
E-163 Then she comes up there, and she screams. She is ready to give them some experience then. She throws her great big fourteen-foot wings out like that. Those little eagles reach over, climb up. She is talking to them then, because they have heard her voice. They know to trust her, how to fly. She say—say, “Now, children, I’m going to take you on a solo flight.” Each one goes over, and gets his little foot, and catches into the wing, puts his little bill against one of them feathers. Why, it can’t pull out. It’ll hold fifty eagles, for the power of that feather in his wing. And he holds across the feather like that, and the old mother lifts her wings like that, flies off the rock.
E-164 Here she goes, sailing up, up, up, up, till she gets way up into the blue, way high. Them little fellows had never been there before. Oh, they’re just having them a wonderful time.
E-165 The first thing, you know, you know what she does? Turns right over and shakes them, every one, off. They’re eagles. They ought to know how to fly. That’s exactly right. She shakes them right off, to their self. Well, some of them little fellows…She hollers, “All right, children, you’re eagles. Fly.”
E-166 As long as you say, “Well, I belong to this church. I tell you. I don’t know about That.” You’ll never fly. Uh-huh. Uh-huh. All right. You need to get shook off one time, up in the air.
E-167 Them little eagles begin to fly. She holler, “Flop your wings, children. Just keep flopping your little faith, up and down. You’re high enough now that you won’t hit the earth.” You know what? Then what she does, she darts out to one side, to watch them. She sails right around. And here they are, just—just exactly like a Pentecostal revival, just topsy, turvy, one over one, the other, just a flopping, to all they can act. They don’t care. They got supreme confidence in their mammy that’s out there watching them.
E-168 How ought the church ought to do? If one of them little, the eagles get out of balance, she sweeps right down with them big wings and picks him up, and bears him up into grace again. Now, that’s not Baptist teaching. That’s the Bible. So, it brings him right back up. Shakes him off again; let him start anew. Amen.
E-169 Them eagles has got confidence in their mother, supreme confidence, that that mother will help them and bear them up again. Bear up on the wings of an eagle, and take them up there and shake them off again. Let him start again. If you…
E-170 “If I fall or if I fail, let me rise and try again, O Lord.” Go again. God will lift you right back up, take you up there and shake you off again. Try to balance yourself, and just keep going. Just keep flopping till you learn to fly. Oh, my! Poor old chicken don’t know nothing about that. He don’t know a thing about that, because he’s never been up there; none of his ancestors up there. All he knows is join church and set down, see, in the barnyard. He don’t know much about it.
E-171 One time a man was setting a hen, and he couldn’t find enough eggs. So he found an eagle’s nest, and climbed up and got the eagle’s egg and put it under the hen. And when that bunch of brood hatched, that eagle was a funny-looking little fellow, to the rest of them chickens.
E-172 That’s just about the way It comes, one out of every setting. Just about the way it happens. That’s true. And here he was, a funny-looking little fellow.
E-173 He couldn’t understand the clucking of the hen, the old hen out there in the—in the manure piles in the yard, “We’re going to have a social supper tonight. We’re going to do all this, like that. Cluck, cluck, cluck. The days of miracles is passed. There is no such a thing as Divine healing. Cluck, cluck, cluck, cluck.” Eating that dirty stuff of old bunco parties, and games, and stripped-off clothes, and everything like that, televisions and all that kind of nonsense.
E-174 That little fellow was an eagle. That didn’t set with him. It made him vomit, to smell it. He’d, “My, I’ll never make that.” Walking around, my, he was a funny-looking little guy.
E-175 They said, “Oh, come on, honey. We’re going to have a great big party, tonight. We’re going to serve.”
E-176 He didn’t want none of that stuff. He walked around and saw. “What? I’m an odd-looking duck here.”
E-177 And I tell you one thing, brother, when a man is born to be a child of God, old creeds and denominations will never satisfy him. No, sir. The things of the world, basketball games, and parties, and—and bunco games, and all these kind of entertainments that the modern churches do today in our day. No wonder, they agree, “Where is God?” They’ve grieved God away from them. That’s exactly the right. Yes, sir. Chickens like that kind of stuff, but eagles don’t. That’s not eagle food.
E-178 Here he walked, around there. And, my, all the…all of them looked around. They had all run over to this place. Just…She would scratch out some of the dirtiest-looking stuff, and they’d run over and eat it. Uh! “Oh, come on, come on, join with us.”
E-179 But he’s a separated person. Yes, sir. He didn’t want none of that stuff. Didn’t look right to him. Didn’t smell right. Didn’t have the right kind of an atmosphere around there. He didn’t like that, at all. He said, “No, no.”
E-180 And one day, the old mother eagle come hunting him. (I’m so glad that He come for me.) He flew over the barnyard, looked down there, and he seen his little one. And he screamed. He said, “Honey, you’re not a chicken. You’re mine.” When he heard that voice, he looked up. That sounded good. His nature was an eagle. His nature.
“Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever.”
“Amen,” he hollered back.
E-181 “Love not the world or the things of the world; if you do, the love of God is not in you.”
“Amen,” he said. “That sounds good.”
E-182 “When I come back over, honey, you can jump. Only thing you got to do is flop your little wings of faith. It’ll pack you.”
“How am I going to get out of it, mammy?”
E-183 “Just flop your wings. That’s all. You’ll come right on out. Just take your faith and step right out on it. Go to popping, because you are an eagle, to begin with. Sure. You’re a eagle, to start with. Flop your wings.” She was sailing around, above. “You look like one of mine down there, where you’re at.”
E-184 And the little fellow jumped on his feet, bounced up and down, four or five times, you know, like he clap his little hands, or wings, together, like that. And the first thing you know, he got his feet off the ground.
E-185 But you know what he did? This little eagle, she set right down on top of a post in the barnyard, right in the middle of a big Pentecostal denomination. You know what? Mother eagle flew around again. She looked at her, slacks on, bobbed hair, painted face. Said, “Honey, you look more like a pentecostal buzzard than you do a pentecostal eagle. You’ll have to wash yourself a little more than that, or I can’t even get you.” Right.
E-186 I don’t mean to hurt your feelings, but I want to shear something off of you. Let me tell you, brother. Why, the Pentecostal church needs a cleaning, from the pulpit to the pew, that’s exactly right, laying aside the weights. No wonder we can’t have revival, eating the vulture things, staying home at night to watch some favorite television instead of going to your prayer meeting service. Wearing these old…Women wearing these clothes, and men take a little, sociable drink, and telling dirty jokes and things among one another. What do you mean, men? God can’t never reach down in a mess of stuff like that.
E-187 You may have the biggest churches there is in the country. You may have more money than you’ve ever got. That ain’t got one thing to do with it. You might associate with what you call a better intellectual crowd. You might wear a better suit of clothes, but, brother, God wants a clean heart and clean hands. He wants a cleaned-up church, then He can show Himself.
E-188 When God spreads forth His great wings and shows His power, that He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever, the eagle saying, “Yes, Lord. That’s what I want. I’m fighting for it. I’m coming to it.” Sure. He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever.
E-189 My, where did our time go? I—I just feel like preaching now. I just…But—but we…Where?
E-190 Oh! What the Pentecostal church needs is a cleaning-up. It needs a washing-out. It needs a scouring-out, a sanctifying. People, you are not of the world. You don’t pattern yourself like other people. Don’t try to pattern like some movie star. You’re a daughter of God. You’re a son of God. Don’t try to be a Matt Dillion or somebody. Don’t try to be a Peabody Ernie, or ever what his name is, or some of those men. You’re not…[Blank spot on tape—Ed.] “Love not the things of the world. If you love the world, or the things of the world, the love of God is not even in you.” I know, brother, that’s sickening. That makes you sick.
E-191 My little old southern mammy used to tell me that. All of us little kids would come on Saturday night, and big old cedar tub, and she would pour water in it, and—and get the little one the bath. And I was the last of ten. And I got the last bath in the same tub of water, just warm it up a little bit. And then mama would take the…We had so poor, we…
E-192 She’d take old meat skins and render them out, to get the—the grease out of them. We couldn’t afford to buy lard, and so she would get the grease out of it, to put in the corn bread. And we had black-eyed peas, turnip greens, and corn bread. And—and we got our…
E-193 We had an allergies and things, and mama, every Saturday night, would give us a dose of castor oil. I—I can’t even stand the stuff yet, to smell it. And I’d come to her, holding my nose. I’d say, “Mama, don’t, don’t, don’t. I just can’t stand it.”
E-194 She give me a good word. Said, “Son, if it don’t make you sick, it don’t do you no good.”
E-195 That’s the way with the preaching, this Word. If It don’t sicken you up, right good, so it’ll make your spiritual gastronomics go to working, it won’t do you any good. That’s right. The Word makes you free, and free indeed, cuts loose the shackles. Do you believe it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-196 The church needs a Holy Ghost revival. It needs a house-cleaning. These are eagles. Don’t feed them on chicken food. They are eagles. Get them out there where they have to fly or die. That’s all. And God will watch over His heritage. He is never too far away. He’s always near, to lift you up. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
Let us bow our heads then for a word of prayer.
E-197 How many would like to be remembered now? And say, “Lord, be merciful to me. Give me eagle thoughts. Give me eagle desires. Give me eagle life. Let me fly in Your blue yonder, Lord, where all things are possible to them that believe. Make a faith in me. Let my wings grow. Let my muscles, around my wings, grow till I can really see Jesus.” Oh, God bless you.
E-198 Heavenly Father, oh, the—the Message might have sound critical, Lord, but it wasn’t meant that way. It was just in a little, only way I have to let the people know, Lord, what, that I believe, that You are trying to get to them, to shake the church. This great heritage of Yours, this great Pentecostal church, great church, as it is; You’ve shaken all kinds of gifts around them, all kinds of signs and wonders, and they sit back, like chickens, sometimes. O God, let them see they’re eagles. They can fly, just take their faith and fly away from it, get away from this old saying, “It can’t happen. There’s nothing to it.” O God, I pray that You’ll bless every one here this afternoon, and may each one of them hover closely under Jehovah’s wings. Grant it, Father. I present them to You, in Jesus’ Name, Thy Son. Amen.
E-199 It’s up to the Lord God, what He does. Now we’re going to have the prayer line, so we can get out here. I want you to go to church, tonight. God bless you. You love the Lord? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Amen.
E-200 Let’s just sing one more time, so I can hear it in Tulsa, this great big group.
I love Him, I love Him
Because He first loved me,
Purchased my salvation
On Calvary.
E-201 All right. “I…” Let’s make it ring out now, to Him. The message is over. Let’s just worship Him.
I love Him,
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary.
E-202 Now let’s just kind of bow our heads, and raise our hands, while the crowd is getting quiet now.
I love Him, I love Him
Draw nigh, Lord.
Because He first loved me
And purchased my salvation
On Calvary’s tree.
[Brother Branham begins to hum I Love Him—Ed.]
E-203 What was that, a hundred or fifty? Fifty? You who have prayer card number one, raise up your hand. Stand up to your feet if you can. Prayer card number one, H. H, number one, raise up your hand. Prayer card number one, raise up. Are you the…Are you the person, lady? H, number one, come right over here. H, number two?
E-204 [Blank spot on tape—Ed.] “…lost sheep of Israel.” Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”]
E-205 Now, how many tribes of people are there on the earth? Three tribes: Ham, Shem, and Japheth’s people. Now, that was the Jew, Gentile, and Samaritan, which is half Jew and Gentile. Did you notice?
E-206 How many knows that Jesus gave Peter the keys at Pentecost, before? That’s right. He opened, the keys to the Kingdom, at Jerusalem, to the Jews. Is that right?
E-207 Philip went down and baptized them, down at Samaria. For yet the Holy Ghost had not come upon them, because, Peter had the keys; come down and laid his hands upon them, and they received the Holy Ghost, the Samaritans. That right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-208 Up at the house of Cornelius, who was called up there? Peter.
E-209 Since then, there’s nothing else said about it. Yeah. All generations had the…All tribes had the Gospel opened: Ham, Shem, and Japheth’s people.
E-210 Now, if you notice, I want you to watch. Now, there was two classes of people, two of the tribes, looking for a Messiah. Who was it? And who was it? Was Jew and Samaritan. But, Gentiles, we, we were the Anglo-Saxon. We had a club on our back, worshipping an idol. We wasn’t looking for no Messiah.
E-211 Now, I’m just holding your attention, if I can, till the—the prayer line gets ready, so they can all be ready to come into their line.
E-212 Now, we wasn’t looking for no Messiah, so we didn’t receive any. So then, but, now, to those that were looking for Him, He appeared to them. Now, how many believes that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-213 Well, now—now, after they rejected their Messiah, then, remember, He went to the Jews. What kind of a sign did He show? He knowed the secret of their heart. Now what did the Orthodox church say about Him? “He is Beelzebub, a fortuneteller.”
E-214 Jesus said, “I forgive you for that. But some day the Holy Ghost will come to do the same thing, and, to speak against It, will never be forgiven in this world, neither in the world that is to come.” Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-215 Now watch. He performed that sign before the Jews; He performed it to the Samaritans; but never to the Gentiles. You can’t find one case of it. No, sir. But before He left…Now, He said to the woman… Now watch this woman, that prostitute, we call her.
E-216 She knowed more about God than half the preachers in the United States. That’s right. They’re so intellectual. They—they don’t have no room for supernatural experience. Many of them are fine Christian, supernatural brothers, but some of them are still chicken.
E-217 Then, she come around. And that little woman…He went out, sent His disciples away, set down here. Cause, the Samaritan people were look-…How many knows the Samaritans were looking for this, the Messiah? You believe that? Well, let me quote you, Saint John 4, now. “A woman come out to the well, a woman of Samaria. He said…”
E-218 Now, while I’m at it, from forty to fifty, in H. Forty to fifty, take your place. All right. H, forty to fifty, that’s all the prayer cards, take their place.
E-219 Now notice, when He went out to the well that day and set down, and the disciples went in town to buy some vittles. While they were gone, a lovely-looking woman come walking out, with a pot on her head. And she let the windle down, to get some water. And she heard Somebody say, “Bring Me a drink.” Then she looked over, she seen a Jew.
E-220 He wasn’t but thirty, but the Scripture said He looked fifty. How many knows that? “You’re a Man not over fifty years old, and say that You seen Abraham?”
He said, “Before Abraham was, I AM.” That’s right.
So said, “You’re not over fifty years old.”
E-221 And there she was, setting there at the well. There was Jesus, setting in a panoramic something like this. And He said, “Bring Me a drink.” They had a segregation then, like they used to have down South, the colored and white. He said…
E-222 “It’s not customary for You, being a Jew, ask me, a woman, Samaria,” said.
E-223 He said, “Woman…” Listen now, what I’m telling you. You’ll miss it. “Woman, if you knew Who you were talking to, if you knew, You would ask Me for a drink. And I’d give you waters you don’t come here to draw.”
She said, “The well is deep. You have nothing to draw with.”
E-224 And then the conversation went on. What was He doing? Contacting her spirit. That’s the same thing I’m doing right now to you, trying to hold your attention.
He said, “Bring Me a drink.”
E-225 The conversation went on till He found what her trouble was. How many knows what it was? She was living in adultery. So He said, “Woman, go get your husband and come here.”
She said, “I don’t have any husband.”
E-226 Said, “That’s right. You’ve had five, and the one you’re living with is not your husband.”
E-227 Now, did that woman…under her condition, being as we think. Her, a prostitute, woman of ill-fame, listen what she knowed about the Scripture. She never called Him like the preachers did, “Beelzebub, a fortuneteller, a devil.”
E-228 And anybody knows that fortune-telling is of the devil. So what is a fortuneteller? Is a perverted subject.
E-229 The devil can’t create nothing. He’s, if he’s a creator, he could make him a world. But he can pervert what God has created. Do you get that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Here, here, it sounds flat, in a mixed audience. A man can marry a wife and live with her as a wife, and the bed is undefiled. The same act with another woman, he’s gone, see, it’s perverting the thing that’s right. You understand what I mean? Satan perverts.
E-230 A fortuneteller is a perverted seer of God, perverted into the devil’s realms.
E-231 And then, notice, she didn’t call Him that. She said, “Sir, I perceive that Thou art a Prophet.” How many knows she said that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Whole lot different from what them preachers said. Said, “I perceive—perceive that You’re a Prophet.”
E-232 Now watch. Listen. “We know. We Samaritans, we are taught. We know, when the Messiah cometh, He’ll do these things.” Was that the sign of the Messiah? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Was it? [“Amen.”] “We know, that when the Messiah cometh, He’ll do these things. But Who are You?”
Jesus said, “I am He that speaks to you.”
E-233 She run into the city, and told the men, “Come, see a Man Who has told me the things that I done. Isn’t this the very Messiah?”
E-234 But never did He do it to the Gentiles. But did He promise to the Gentiles? Why, we’ve got two thousands years of training, just like the Jews and Samaritans had, of training, looking for a Messiah.
E-235 Now, Jesus said, “As it was in the days of Lot, in Sodom, so shall it be at the Coming of the Son of man.”
E-236 Now watch. In the days of Sodom, they had a revival with the intellectuals, with Lot. A modern Billy Graham went down there and preached the Gospel, blinded them. But watch what…
E-237 Abraham was the Church, elected, pentecostal, called-out, separated from the things of the world.
E-238 Now, there’s pentecostal in the Methodist church. There is pentecostals in the Baptist church. Pentecostals is not a denomination. It’s an experience that anybody can have, that wants it. The denominational Pentecostal has no option on none of the pentecostal Blessing, if the Catholic can have it. You’re pentecostal because you got a pentecostal Blessing in your heart.
E-239 So, Abraham was the called-out, and this Angel had set up there with Abraham. And after the Angel left…He called Him, “Lord.” Elohim. How many knows that Elohim was the great Jehovah God? Sure. The Lord God, and He set with His back turned to the tent. Watch what He said to Abraham. Now, He’s a stranger, never been there before. He said, “Abraham, where is your wife, Sarah?”
E-240 How did He know that he had a wife? And how did He know her name was Sarah? Now, the Bible said that Abraham told Him that she was in the tent, behind Him; in the tent, behind Him.
E-241 He said, “Abraham, I’m going to visit you according to the time of life, that I promised you this child. I’m going to give it to you.” And Sarah, not out loud, but laughed within herself.
E-242 And the Angel, with His back to the tent, said, “Why did Sarah laugh?” See that? Jesus said that would take place amongst the Gentiles, just before the end time, the Messiah would drop down in the form of the Holy Ghost.
E-243 What was the first thing the Messiah started doing when He was baptized at Jordan, with the Holy Ghost, what did He do? Started healing the sick.
E-244 What was His last sign, and His sign before He turned from them? That sign right there.
E-245 What did the pentecostal revival bring? Healing the sick, miracles and signs.
E-246 What is the last thing? Here it is. How many out there is sick and doesn’t have a prayer card? Raise up your hand. Have faith and believe. Somebody says, “What about it, Brother Branham?” That Spirit of God, that One Who makes the promise, cannot fail with the promise. You without prayer cards, I turn my back to you. You pray. And if God be God, if His answer is true, and I’ve told you the Truth through these weeks, that this is the sign of His close appearing.
E-247 Any civilized, normal mind knows that we’re at the end of something. Civilization can’t stand any longer. She’s just weaving and shaking. What’s it waiting for? It’s—it’s way past due. “As it was in the days of Noah,” longsuffering. It’s lapped overtime, for the Elect’s sake. It’s way past, but God is waiting to get His Church in order. He’s waiting on you and I.
May He grant the blessing. You pray.
E-248 When a woman touched the hem of His garment. Some of you women out there now, let this be like a Bible story. Some of you women that believes now, and believes that you got faith enough to believe God, believe that whatever God has said is true. And there was a little woman touched the border of His garment. And when she touched His garment, He turned around, said, “Who touched Me? Who touched Me?”
E-249 And they all denied it. Said, “Well, everybody is touching You.” Peter rebuked Him, said, “Everybody is touching You. Why did You say that like that?”
E-250 He said, “But I perceive that I have gotten weak.” That’s the right translate. “Virtue has gone out of Me.” And virtue is “strength.” How many knows that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] “Virtue is gone from Me.”
E-251 And He looked around, over the crowd, till He found the little woman. And He told her that her blood issue had stopped, because her faith had made her well. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-252 The Bible said, that, “He is right now a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities.” Do you, new—newcomers, believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-253 Now, remember, healing! If He was standing here with this suit on, that He gave me, He couldn’t heal you. If you come here at the platform, “Lord, will You heal me?” you know what He’d say to you? “I’ve already done that. I was wounded for your transgressions. With My stripes you were healed.” Salvation and healing is a finished product. It’s your faith to accept it.
E-254 Now, He would do something to prove that He was Messiah. Now, these things don’t prove that I’m any Messiah. I’m a sinner saved by grace. And no matter how much God would anoint me, He has got to anoint you, too. It won’t work just with me. It takes you, to make it work. No matter how much the Holy Spirit can get on me, It’s got to be on you, too. But if “He is a High Priest that can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities,” and the Bible said, “He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever,” then He’ll act the same. He’s here, in us. Do you believe it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
Now, everybody, keep your seat, be reverent, pray.
E-255 And may the Lord God grant that. Just, Lord, please. These lovely people…I’m…Lord, You know my purpose of being here. And I pray that You’ll let them see, if they never again, let them know that the Coming of the Lord is at hand. Let them know that these cruel Messages, seemingly, stirring them up, not to act smart, not to be my…in myself. But because You’ve anointed it, and said so. Prove it, Lord. I’ve spoke for You. Speak for me, Lord, that my words are true, because they come from You. I ask in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Receive your call. Don’t miss your day.
E-256 How many in this prayer line is strangers to me? Raise up your hand, all you that’s strangers. All you that’s out there, strangers, raise up your hands.
E-257 I don’t know a person but Gene Goad sitting here, Pat Tyler right there. That’s only ones that I see. My son standing back there, only one that I know.
E-258 That woman sitting there rubbing her eyes, with the red hat on, sitting right there. Do you believe Jesus heard you when you asked Him to heal them sinus headache? Do you believe He heard you? You was praying about it, wasn’t you? If that’s right, stand up on your feet. If that’s the Truth, put up your hand. If I don’t know you, and you don’t know me, put up the other hand, both hands. [The sister says, “I seen you before.”—Ed.] Ma’am? [“I been in revivals, before.”] You’ve been in my revivals, before. But, I mean, I don’t know you. [“No.”] No. All right. All right. Now they have ceased. You can go home and be well.
E-259 I want to ask you people something. What did that woman touch? Here is my hand, I never remember of…She’s been in meetings. Now you would say, “How about somebody up there in the balcony, down in here, maybe in a meeting sometime before?” I would never know who you were. Only thing I know, that you’re just…you was just here at the meeting. And there she is. She touched Something. And what did…
E-260 I said, a while ago, that Pillar of Fire. Don’t you see It? How many has got the picture of It now? They got it here at the meeting. Now, It looks like the Pillar of Fire. Doesn’t it? And now, the life of It, what does It produce? The same. Not me, now. It, what does It produce? The same works that It did when It was in the Son of God. Now It’s in adopted sons and daughters of God, by the grace of the true Son of God.
E-261 Right there, sir. You want to get over that heart trouble? Believe that God will make you well, setting right there? You were looking, wondering, and all at once a little funny feeling trinkled over you. That’s right. I don’t know you. Do I? You don’t know me and I don’t know you. If that’s right, raise up your hand. You believe your heart trouble is gone? Wave your hand. All right, then it’s gone. See?
You believe? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-262 Here is a lady sitting right out in here. Can’t you see that Light over that woman? She’s got gall bladder trouble. She is going to miss it. (God, help.) Miss Small, do you believe God will heal you of that gall bladder trouble? [The sister says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Then stand on your feet. You had more faith than you thought you had. I do not know the woman. That was God’s grace. If we are strangers, wave your hands like this, lady. There. I don’t know you. But what He told you, is it the Truth, (raise up your hand), what He said? All right. Then have faith, and go home and be well.
If you can believe!
E-263 This lady sitting right here, with abdominal trouble, in the abdominal. Yes, Effie, is the one I’m talking about. Stand up, Effie. Was that your trouble? [The sister says, “True.”—Ed.] I do not know you. If that’s true, raise up your hands. I never seen you in my life. God in Heaven knows that. Go home. It’s over. God bless you.
E-264 If you die in your sins, it won’t be God’s fault. You might be ever so loyal to a church, but a sinner is an unbeliever. Have faith in God. All right.
E-265 Now, these people here, this is a prayer line, to lay hands on the sick. Are you going to believe it, regardless? Now, that’s people without a prayer card, where the line of discernment is, out there without a prayer card. Now, the rest of you start believing.
E-266 Don’t move around. See? Each one of you is a spirit. See? Each one of you is a spirit. Did you know that? They wouldn’t, you’d be dead. So, it’s your spirit I’m talking about, not you. It’s your spirit.
E-267 Come here, lady. Do you believe me to be God’s servant? [The sister says, “Yes, sir.”—Ed.] We’re strangers to each other. [“Yes, sir.”] We don’t know one another. If that’s right, so the audience, up in the balcony, understand, just raise up your hand, if we are strangers, never met. Here is a panoramic. Being that the first one in the line was a woman, here is Saint John 4, a man and a woman, meets, the first time in life. If this is the Spirit of Christ here between us, then He’ll work the works of Christ.
E-268 Please don’t move. Now, you just ruin the—the…You—you hurt others. See? I have control of every one of you. I’m trying to help you. Be real quiet and reverent. All right.
E-269 If the Lord God will tell me something about you…If I come up here…Perhaps you’re sick. You might not be, but if—if you are, and I come here and just laid my hands on you, said, “You’re going to get well, lady,” you could believe that. Cause, that’s—that’s true. But if the Holy Spirit stood here and…
E-270 What if—if this was the Lord Jesus wearing this suit, standing here, and you’d say, “Heal me. Heal me, Lord”? He would say, “I’ve already done it.” But He would so something like He did when He was back here before, like He did the woman at the well, to let you know that that’s Who. How did He make her know? By telling her something that was in her life. Is that right, audience? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All you newcomer? He would tell something that was in her life.
E-271 Now if He’ll tell something that’s in your life, like He did to Simon Peter, or like He did to somebody in the Bible, the way He did, then that’d give you a lot of faith.
E-272 Would it give every one of you faith, to believe? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-273 Now, here it is, well, not in behind some black curtains, not some devil’s haunt, but right here on the platform with you, out of Words of the Bible. It may be a little upset in theology, but it’s the Scripture just the same. See?
E-274 If I could help you, and wouldn’t do it, I’d be an impostor. I wouldn’t be worthy to stand here beside this Bible, if I could help you and wouldn’t. I can’t help you. Only thing I can do is to make you realize something, that Christ is here to heal you, make you well if you’re sick.
E-275 You are sick. You’re bothered with a lady’s trouble. It’s a female trouble. [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] That’s right. If that’s right, raise up your hand.
E-276 So that you’ll not…you’ll know that I’m not guessing. Just a minute. Put something on your heart, and just pray to yourself, in your heart, for whatever you want God to do. Yeah. You got something on your heart right now? It’s your husband. [The sister says, “Amen.”—Ed.] It’s your husband. You believe God can tell me what’s wrong with him? [“Yes, sir.”] It’s something wrong in the brain. [“Yes, sir.”] It’s called, like a hardening of the artery in the brain. [“Yes, sir.”] That is true. [“That’s what it is.”] That’s right. If God will tell me who you are, will it make you have a lot of faith? You believe it, with all your heart? [“Yes, sir.”] Nancy Gillespie, go home, Jesus Christ healed you and your husband, and makes you well. [“Oh, Hallelujah!”] Take that handkerchief to him. That’s true. Isn’t it? [“Yes.”] All right. Go on your road.
E-277 Now do you believe God? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Just have faith. Don’t doubt.
E-278 Now I’m going to ask this great church here if you will pray with me for these people. That’s somebody’s mama, somebody’s papa, somebody’s sweetheart, somebody’s husband. Pray.
E-279 Don’t move around, please. You just…You’re just ruining the meeting. Hold real still and pray. We’ll be dismissed in ten minutes if you’ll just keep—just keep reverent.
E-280 Come, lady. If I don’t say one word, and just pray for you, you believe it?
Lord Jesus, I pray that You’ll heal her, in Jesus’ Name.
Come, my brother. Believe with all your heart.
E-281 Our Heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ make him well. Amen.
E-282 God bless you, my brother. [The brother says, “My wife is here, got some other…?…”—Ed.] All right, sir, you come. That don’t make a bit of difference, sir. No. It’s all right. I know what’s wrong with you, but there’s no need of telling you. You think, would it help you if I told you? [“No.”] Wouldn’t help you. All right. But, anyhow, your heart trouble left you when you left there. So just go on your road, rejoicing, saying, “Thank You, Father.”
Come, sir.
E-283 In the Name of the Lord Jesus, Father, I pray that You’ll heal him. Amen.
Believe now.
E-284 Have faith now, sister. Come, like all this…Look, there is nearly three thousand people here praying for you now.
In the Name of Jesus, may she be healed. Grant it, Father.
E-285 Come. Sir, the arthritis will get you, one day, if you don’t have faith now. You believe it now? Then go and be healed, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Come, sister.
E-286 Father God, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, heal our sister. Amen.
Come, believing now.
Everyone believe and pray.
E-287 Heavenly Father, I pray that You’ll heal her, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
E-288 Come. Now, brother, if we had visions for every one, it would just…you…They’d have to pack me off the platform; see, I’d go down. But that you might know, go ahead and eat your supper tonight. It’ll taste real good. The stomach trouble has left you. You see? Go and eat. All right.
Come, sister.
E-289 I do that for a purpose, throw myself off, friends. Cause, visions…How many knows that Jesus said, “Virtue has gone from Me”? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] I’m, right now, I just real, real weak.
E-290 O Father, I pray that You’ll heal our sister. In Jesus’ Name, grant it.
E-291 Come, sister dear. Don’t doubt now. Come, believing with all your heart.
E-292 O Lord, in Christ’s Name, heal our sister. Give her her victory, Lord.
E-293 Come, my sister. The Bible said, “These signs shall follow them that believe.”
In Jesus’ Name, may she be healed. Amen. Grant it.
E-294 Come, sister. Your back trouble left you, so you can go on your road, rejoicing.
E-295 Do you believe? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] See? Why, why? Listen. I want to ask you. Listen, friends. When them people come by here…The Bible, It says, “They lay hands on the sick, and they shall recover,” is just as much as telling them. Don’t you believe That? [“Amen.”] Certainly, you believe.
E-296 Look here, sir. You believe me to be His servant? Now, there’s a woman I stopped a while ago; you’re a man. You believe that God can tell me your troubles? [The brother says, “Yes, sir.”—Ed.] And—and make you well? [“I have about four or five different things wrong here.”] Yes, sir. Well, you, your stomach trouble is one thing is bothering you, a bit. That’s right. Yes, sir. Yes, sir. And your prostate gland. [“That’s right.”] Yes, sir. Because, your prostate’s makes you nervous, and that’s what upset you. That’s exactly right. You think your wife could get well, too, if you’d believe? All right. If you’ll believe with all your heart, then your wife can be healed. [“She is sick.”] Yeah. Nervousness, and upset, and weakness, and things. You believe with all your heart now, she’ll be healed? Go on your road and say, “Thank You, dear Lord Jesus,” and she’ll get well, too.
E-297 Lord Jesus, I pray that You’ll help this, O Lord, and make it so that his…The glory of God will come upon him, and he shall be healed. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
E-298 [The brother begins speaking in another tongue—Ed.] Now go, believing, Mr. Dodd, and believe with all your heart, and get well. All right.
Come, sir.
E-299 Heavenly Father, I pray that You’ll heal our brother and make him well, in Jesus’ Name.
Come, sister, here. Believe Him with all your heart now.
E-300 O God, our Father, I pray that You’ll make her well, in Jesus’ Name.
E-301 Come, brother, bring the little one. Don’t doubt now. Just bring him right along, like you was coming right under the cross.
Lord, I bless them in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
Come, sister. Come, believing now with all your heart.
Father, in Jesus’ Name, I pray that You’ll heal her. Amen.
E-302 Believe now and be real reverent. Believe with all your heart.
E-303 In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may she be healed, Lord. Amen.
E-304 Come, sister, believing with all your heart. Believe that she’ll get well now and receive her sight and all.
E-305 O Lord, I pray that You’ll heal her, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
E-306 The other night, praying for a little boy, about fifteen, sixteen years old. He passed through, the little fellow; great faith. I looked at him. I said, “Course, you know, son.” And—and so he went on out, walked right down there. And the little boy, born blind, received his sight, and screamed back, “Oh, Brother Branham, I can see.”
E-307 Here lays, in here, a string from a baby, water-headed baby. Shrank over that much, in one night, just passing by. Things are happening. You must believe, though. See? You’re not chickens. You’re eagles.
E-308 In the Name of Jesus, Lord, may he be healed for the glory of God. Amen.
Come, believing, having faith.
E-309 You know, something another…You know what I’m thinking, friends? I, I’m not, I’m not scolding people, but I want you to know one thing. We got too much television in our lives. We want entertainment. We don’t…God is not showing these things to entertain you. He wants you to recognize His Presence. Them things can happen to everyone, but it would nearly kill; oh, I wouldn’t get through the line.
E-310 Here, come here, lady. You and I are strangers to one another. You think God can tell me what your trouble is? [The sister says, “Uh-huh.”—Ed.] Would—would it help you?
E-311 Would it help you all if—if God said something now to this woman?
E-312 It’s your ear. You believe that God will make it well? [The sister says, “Well, thank God! Yes.”—Ed.] You are scared it’s a cancer. And it’s in your left ear. Is that right. [“That’s right.”] Well, it was, but it isn’t now. Now, look. Do you believe God? [“I do.”] If God will tell me who you are, will it help you? All right, Ruby Thompson, go home and be made well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. See? Have faith.
E-313 Come now. Don’t doubt. God can tell me your trouble. Would you think it would help you? [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] Then, the diabetes. [“Yes.”] Heart trouble. Move on your road and be made well, and believe God. [“…?…”] Yes. [“…?…”] That’s just old age coming on you. Now, just go, believing.
E-314 O Lord, I pray that You’ll heal our brother and make him well. Amen. God, grant it.
Come, sister dear.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may she be healed. Amen.
Asking God’s blessings, how can it fail?
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may it be, Lord. Amen.
Come, my brother.
E-315 In the Name of Jesus Christ, may our brother be healed. Amen.
E-316 Come, brother dear. God bless you. Bring mother right up on. Come on, sister.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may our sister be healed now.
E-317 Yeah. Believe now. The same thing will happen down there, if you won’t doubt.
E-318 O God, bless this poor, dear brother. I pray, Heavenly Father, that You will heal him and make him well. And let it come to pass that he’ll receive his sight and be made well, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
E-319 Have faith now. Don’t doubt. I can’t heal. He’s just here. He’s the healer. Don’t doubt. Be like blind Bartimaeus, keep looking for your hands.
E-320 In the Name of Jesus Christ, may this sister be healed. All right.
Come, sister, dear.
Are you believing, everybody? Real…
E-321 Something happened. Just a minute. That fellow setting there, you got asthma, sir. That’s right. You was praying. You turned around, to say, “Isn’t that wonderful?” I’ll tell you another thing. They took about two-thirds of your stomach out, for stomach trouble. That’s right. Isn’t it? If that’s right, wave you hand. And we’re strangers to one another. Jesus Christ healed you. Your faith made you well. Go on your road, rejoicing.
Oh, don’t doubt. Believe.
E-322 All right, lady. You wait a minute. Now, you’re not here for yourself. [The sister says, “No.”—Ed.] You’re here for somebody else. [“Yes.”] That’s right. And your brother is not here. [“No.”] Your brother is not even in this state. [“No.”] He’s in St. Louis. [“That’s right.”] He’s in the hospital. [“Amen.”] He’s got heart trouble. [“That’s right.”] And he is, has been a minister. [“Amen.”] And you thought if I passed by and laid hands on you, [“Amen.”] that you…I “wouldn’t know” what I was talking about. [“I knew.”] But I knew. So, you go on your road, and he’s going to get well, I believe. All right. Have faith. Just go ahead.
E-323 There’s another woman in here, thinking the same thing right now, about a daughter that got killed. Mrs. Weatherman… Waterman, it is. Mrs. Waterman, believe with all your heart now. Your daughter was taken for a purpose. Don’t doubt. Believe God.
E-324 O God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may he be—be healed. Amen.
Come, believing now with all your heart.
E-325 O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, grant the healing of this woman, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Believe now.
E-326 Now look. There’s not a medical cure. [The sister says, “That’s right.”—Ed.] But there’s a Heavenly cure. [“That’s right.”] That’s right. You believe it? [“Sure.”] She’ll be normal and well. [“Yes. That’s right.”]
E-327 Curse, I curse this devil that’s done the evil to this child. And I take this curse off of it, in the Name of Jesus Christ. May it be a normal child. Amen.
It has to be. All right.
Go along, rejoicing. Get well and eat your supper and…All right.
Come, sir. Believe Him, with all your heart.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may he be healed. Amen.
E-328 That struck so many places in the audience! Just a minute. That, how many in here has nervous stomach, anyhow? Raise up your hand. It’s just so many, I can’t…See there? Every one of you, has got nervous stomach, stand up on your feet. Here is the way you get rid of it. Stand on your feet, just a minute.
Stand still, sir. Go, believing, my brother.
In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed.
E-329 Come now. Believe with all your heart. You believe, sister? In the Name of Jesus Christ, may you be healed.
E-330 Nervous, always been, all your life. [The brother says, “That’s right.”—Ed.]
E-331 Everybody that’s bothered with nervous trouble, and kidney, stand to your feet. Get up on your feet, everybody that’s got it.
E-332 Go, believing now. Have faith. See? Stand right down there.
E-333 O Lord God, I pray Thee to have mercy upon our brother, and to make him well, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
Have faith. You believe now, sister dear?
E-334 In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may she be healed, Father, for the glory of God.
Something is happening.
E-335 Is that all of it, Billy? [Brother Billy Paul Branham says, “Got one more.”—Ed.] Yeah. Yeah.
E-336 Come here, sir. We strangers to one another? [The brother says, “Sure.”—Ed.] God knows us both, doesn’t He? [“Sure.”]
E-337 Oh, it’s just happening everywhere. Remember, preachers, my brethren, my precious eagle brothers, when I’m gone from here, for weeks, you’ll find your congregation testifying of being healed. They’re healed, but they don’t know it. See? See? It’s just happening everywhere. Why couldn’t we have this kind of faith to begin with, friends? This is it.
E-338 You believe that God can help you? You believe God can tell me what’s your trouble? [The brother says, “Yes, sir.”—Ed.] You have severe headaches. You have dizzy spells. It’s caused by a growth in the neck. That’s right. You believe God knows who you are? [“I do.”] You’re a minister. [“Yes, sir.”] Your name is Rev. Jack Cole. [“Yes, sir.”] That’s exactly right. Go, believe, sir.
E-339 Every one of you, has dizzy spells or has headaches, stand to your feet. Every person, sick, stand to your feet.
E-340 Oh, God! What could happen if it just would! What could take place! Do you believe it? [Congregation rejoices and says, “Amen.”—Ed.] How many believers are here, are convinced that this thing is the Holy Ghost? Raise up your hand. I can’t do those things. Are you believers?
E-341 Lay your hands on one another and ask the devil to leave the person you got your hands on. Your prayer is as good as mine. Put your hands over, on one another. That’s right.
Lady, up there, tubercular left you then.
E-342 The prostate trouble left you, brother. You can put your hands down and shout the praises.
E-343 TB, with that little lady standing right there, it’s gone. Forget it. Jesus Christ makes you well.
This is it, friends. Let’s give God praise.
O Lord, You’re here.
E-344 I condemn the devil, in all of his works. I condemn every evil spirit. Satan, you are exposed. You are rebuked, in the Name of Jesus Christ. I charge you, by the living God, come out of this audience. You can’t make them doubt, any longer. The Holy Spirit has made Himself real before them. You can’t make them doubt, anymore. They got hands on one another. Jesus said, “These signs shall follow them that believe: if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover.” Satan, you are lost.
E-345 Jesus, You win. You are the God of Heaven. May the power of sickness and the power of the devil be broken, over these people, in the Name of Jesus Christ.