Possessing The Gate Of The Enemy After Trial

Date: 64-0322 | Duration: 1 hour and 10 minutes
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Denham Springs High School in Denham Springs, Loui
E-1 Wonder that... You know, I have a little idea, like, to see people stand when we read the Word. Don't you like that? We stand to pledge allegiance, we stand for our nation, why not stand for the Word now?

E-2 While we are standing just a minute. I was reading an article, not long ago, and I was thinking last night of those people who stood for Christ. If you haven't done it, won't you do it today?

E-3 There was a great evangelist, about seventy-five years ago, I just can't think of his name. I think it was Arthur McCoy, and he had crossed the land. And one night he had a dream that he had went on to Glory. And said he went up to the Gate, and he said they wouldn't let him in. And said he said, "I'm Arthur McCoy from the United States. I'm an evangelist."

E-4 So the gatekeeper went in, (now this was a dream), and he went in, said, "I can't find your name at all."
He said, "Well, I was an evangelist."
He said, "Sir, I..."

E-5 He said, "Well, is there a chance that... There is something wrong."

E-6 He said, "No, sir. I have the Book here. I can't find your name at all."
And he said, "Well, can I do anything about it?"

E-7 He said, "You might appeal your case to the White Throne Judgment." God, help. I don't want to be there.

E-8 He said, "Well, if that's my only hope, I guess I'll just appeal my case then."

E-9 And said then he thought he went way away, and just... And as he begin, said it was darkness, and got lighter and lighter, and said it seemed like there was no certain place this Light stopped, but he was right in the center of It. And said He said, "Who approaches My Throne of Judgment?"

E-10 He said, "I'm Arthur McCoy. I'm an evangelist, sent many souls to the Kingdom."
He said, "Was your name not found upon the Book?"
Said, "Then you've appealed to My Court?"
"Yes, sir."

E-11 "You shall receive justice. I judge you by My laws. Arthur McCoy, did you ever tell a lie?"

E-12 He said, "I thought I was a pretty good man till I stood in that Light." He said, "But in the Presence of that Light, I was a sinner." We'll all be that. You might feel secure now, but wait till you come There. How do you think it feels here when He's anointing? How little you can feel! What will it be at that White Throne Judgment?
He said, "Did you ever tell a lie?"

E-13 He said, "I thought I had been truthful, but some little things that I thought was little white lies, they become big and dark There."
He said, "Yes, sir, I've told a lie."
He said, "Did you ever steal?"

E-14 He said, "I thought I had been honest about it, and never stole, but said, in the Presence of that Light, I--I realized there was some deals that I pulled, that wasn't just right."
He said, "Yes, sir, I've stole."
He said, "My judgment..."

E-15 And he just about ready to hear his sentence, "Depart into everlasting fire which was prepared for the devil and his angels," said every bone was coming apart.

E-16 Said, "I heard the sweetest voice I ever heard in my life." He said, "When I turned to look, I saw the sweetest face I ever saw; sweeter than a mother's face, sweeter voice than my mother ever called me." Said, "I looked around. I heard a voice, said, 'Father, that is true, he did tell lies and he wasn't just honest. But, down on earth he stood for Me,' said, 'now I'll stand in his place.'"

E-17 That's what I want to happen There. I want to stand for Him now, that, when that time comes, He stood in my place.

E-18 Let's read from Genesis 22; 15th, 16th, 17th, and 18th verses.
And the angel of the LORD called unto Abraham out of heaven the second time.
And said, By myself have I sworn, saith the LORD, for because thou hast done this thing, and hast not withheld thy son, thy only son:
That in blessing I will bless thee,... multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which are by the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemy;
And in thy seed shall all the nations of the earth be blessed; because thou hast obeyed my voice.
Let us pray.

E-19 Heavenly Father, take the text now, Lord, and minister to us. May the Holy Spirit carry the Words, Lord, right out to every heart. That would meet our expectations this afternoon, for they are great, Lord. And You told us to ask abundance, that our joy might be full. We ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
You may be seated.

E-20 If I should call this a text, for a few moments. My voice is weak, so that's the reason I have to stand by the microphone. I know there is a rebound, but we suffer it a little. I want to call it: Possessing The Gate Of The Enemy After Trial.

E-21 Our scene opens at one of the most marvelous scenes in Abraham. You know that Abraham is the father of the faithful. And the promise was made to Abraham. And only being heirs with him, through Christ, is the only way we receive the promise, is through Abraham. Now, Abraham was just an ordinary man, but he was called of God and he was faithful to that call. When God spoke to him, Abraham never one time doubted that voice. He stayed right with it. No matter what the difficult was, he stayed right with it.

E-22 And then he was promised a son. And he waited twenty-five years to receive that son, calling anything contrary to it as though it wasn't so. And then, and in this son, all the families of the earth was to be blessed. And the patriarch was faithful to his call and the promised Word.

E-23 He was an example to what we should be. Now we, being dead in Christ, we are Abraham's Seed.

E-24 Now, there was two seed of Abraham. One of them was natural seed; the other one was a spiritual Seed. One of them was natural, by his flesh; the other one was the Seed of his faith, the faith, that we also might be Abraham's Seed by the promised Word.

E-25 And now after he had been tried for twenty-five long years, and, instead of growing weaker, he grew stronger. See, if it didn't happen the first year, the next year it would be a greater miracle, because it was two years old. And he piled those years up, as he got older, and his body died out. The wombs of Sarah, the womb, or it (got) was unfertile. And therefore his strength was gone, and there was... It's totally impossible.

E-26 Did you ever think what God did there? See, He never so much as just made her womb fertile. For, remember, if He did that, then remember if He did that... they didn't have these health and hygiene bottles, them days, to give the baby, milk from the cow. See? He also had to... Her milk veins was dried up. So He--He couldn't have... There had to be something happen.

E-27 Then, look at a woman, a hundred years old, to go into labor. Her heart wouldn't have stood it. It's hard now for a woman, forty years old, to do it. Her heart couldn't have stood it. So you know what He did? If you'll notice...

E-28 Now I know many might disagree. If this is all right to make this statement? See, I... It would be just my own thinking.

E-29 See, the Bible is a supernatural Book. It's written so that it's hid from the schools, theologian. How many knows that? Jesus thanked God. He said, "I thank Thee, Father, Thou hast hid It from the wise and prudent, and revealed It to babes such as would learn." It's a Book of love. When the love of God comes into the heart, then you fall in love with God, then He reveals Hisself, the Bible meaning. The interpretation of the Bible is God Himself interpreting His promises. But, the Bible, It's written between the line.

E-30 Now, like my wife, oh, she is the most wonderful woman in all the world, and I really love her. She loves me. So when I'm away from home, she'll write me a letter, say, "Dear Bill, tonight I just put the children to sleep. I've washed today, and what all she done, and so forth." Now she is saying that on the letter. But, you see, I love her so much, and we're so much of being one, till I--I can read between the lines. I know what she wants to say, see, whether she tells me that or not, see. I--I know what she means, because it's my love for her, and my understanding.

E-31 Well, that's the way the Bible is wrote. See? The--the scholarship will go right over the top of it; they'll never get it. See, you've got to be in love with the Word, Him, "to know Him." See?

E-32 Now, now in here, watch what He did. Now Abraham and Sarah was both old, "welE-stricken," the Bible said. Now it wasn't just because they were just people lived longer there. The Bible said that, "They were welE-stricken in age."

E-33 Now notice, immediately after this angel appeared, we been talking about; which was Elohim, God. And He said, told Abraham, "I'm going to visit you according to the time of life." Now watch all down through, they were a type of the Church, all the way through.

E-34 Now look. Here is what happened. Now, He didn't just patch Sarah up, and patch Abraham up. He turned them back to a young man and woman. Now that may seem strange, but now watch the rest the Word, and put it together. The Word is inspired, and you have to be inspired with the Word. Now, remember, immediately after that, immediately after the appearing of this Angel...

E-35 I can just see that, that gray hair of Sarah, little grandma with a shawl over her shoulder, and a little dust cap, holding a stick, going around. "Me, having pleasure with my lord, and him old, too?" See? And here was Abraham, this long beard, holding on a stick, as he was, welE-stricken in age.

E-36 And I see, the next morning, his shoulders begin to straighten up, the hump come out of his back. Her hair begin to turn. They went back to a young man and woman. Just showing what He is going to do to the Royal Seed of Abraham, see, when we're "changed in a moment, in a twinkling of an eye, and be caught up together."

E-37 Watch what happened. Now let me prove this to you. Now they taken a trip from that place they were at, there at Gomorrah; and went all the way to Gerar, down in the Philistine land. Did you notice? Mark it on the map, how far it is. Quite a journey for an old couple of that age.

E-38 And then, besides that, in--in the Philistine land there, there was a young king by the name of Amalek, and he was looking for a wife. And he had all those beautiful Philistine girls, but when he seen grandma, he said, "She is fair to look upon," and he fell in love with her and wanted to marry her. That's right. Uh-huh. See, she was beautiful. See?

E-39 She had turned back to a young woman. Notice, she had to, to bring that child. God made her a new creature. And she had to, to raise this child. And remember, Abraham, "his body as good as dead," and Sarah died when Abraham was... Isaac was forty-five years old, I believe, when Sarah died. And Abraham married another woman and had seven sons besides the daughters, after that. Ha-ha! Amen.

E-40 See, read between the lines. It's a type. It shows there what He is going to do to all the Children of Abraham. Just we're nearing it right now, so our stooped shoulders and everything don't make any difference, friends. And our gray hairs and whatever it is, it doesn't matter now. We don't look back. Let's look forward to what we're coming to.

E-41 And remember, this sign that we're seeing, was the last sign that Abraham and his Sarah saw, before the promised son come into existence. We believe we're at that hour.

E-42 The patriarch, after this boy being born. Could you imagine Isaac, about twelve years old; lovely little, curly-haired boy, little brown-eyes? I'd imagine how that mother felt; beautiful young woman, and so, and his father. And one day, God said, now, for an example; we're way off, the hour it's to come. "I've made you a father of nations, through this boy, but I want you to take this boy up on the top of the mountain that I'll show you, and I want you to kill him up there, for a sacrifice." Could you imagine that?

E-43 Now you've never been asked to go to a test like that. He doesn't do that now. That was examples, shadows.

E-44 Did Abraham fear? No, sir. Abraham said this, "I am fully persuaded that He is able to raise him up from the dead, for I received him as one from the dead. And if that commandment of God told me to do this, and I've stayed true to it, and it paid off, to have given me the son; God is able to raise him from the dead; from which I received him, as a figure."

E-45 Oh, my, friend! If God give you Pentecostals the Holy Ghost, speaking in tongues, how much more ought you to believe His healing power, and His goodness and mercy! If He did that, against all the theologians in the country! They said it couldn't be done, but God did it because He promised it. Then stand by your Gun, your Word, your Sword, believe the Word of God. God said so, and that settles it!

E-46 Notice, now, he took him a three-days journey from there, with the mules. Now I can walk, when I was on patrol, I walked thirty miles every day, through the wilderness; and we got gasoline feet, so to speak. But them man, only way their transportation, was either ride a donkey or--or walk. And he went three-days journey from where he was, and then lifted up his eyes, out in the wilderness, and saw the mountain far off.

E-47 He took Isaac and bound his hands. Which, we all know, in Genesis 22 here, is a type of Christ. Led him up the mountain, bound, like Jesus was led up the mountain, Mount Calvary; a type of God giving His Son, of course.

E-48 But when they got up there, and he was obedient, Isaac begin to get kind of suspicious. He said, "Father, here is the wood, here is the altar, here is the fire, but where is the sacrifice?"

E-49 And Abraham, that knowing in his mind, yet the Word of God standing out there, he said, "My son, God is able to provide for Himself a sacrifice." He called the place, "Jehovah-Jireh."

E-50 And when he bound his son, he was obedient to death; laid him upon the altar, pulled the knife out of the sheath, and started to take the life of his own son. And, when he did, Something caught his hand, and said, "Abraham, stay your hand."

E-51 And at that time, a ram blated, behind him, with his horns hooked in the wilderness.

E-52 Did you ever think, where did that ram come from? Remember, the country is full of lions and wolves and jackals, and that sheep-devouring beasts. And how far back from civilization was he? And, then, up on top of the mountain, where there is no water. And he had picked up the stones, all around, to make the altar. Where did that ram come from? See?

E-53 But it wasn't a vision. He killed the ram; it had blood. What did he say? "God is able to provide for Himself a sacrifice."

E-54 How you going to come out of that chair? How is that spastic child going to get well, or you from that chair, you from there, you with a heart trouble? Whatever is the matter, "God is able to provide for Himself."

E-55 Abraham believed it. The patriarch stayed true to the promise. And He give the promise, that, "Your seed! Because you've believed My Word, and regardless of what the circumstance, your seed shall possess the gate of its enemy."

E-56 Why? Every enemy that come up, as a figure, against Abraham, Abra-... The enemy of, "She is too old. I'm too old. All this, and everything else." He still stayed right true to that promise.

E-57 Now, man that possesses that faith, still will take God's Word regardless of circumstances. Now, if you can't do that, then you're not Abraham's Seed. That's the faith that Abraham had, his Seed.

E-58 The promise of Abraham was that his "Seed," now his royal Seed, also, as I told you a while ago. And this seal that He give Abraham, was a seal of promise. And the royal Seed, according to Ephesians 4:30, is "sealed by the Holy Ghost," after they have stood the test. Try to think of it.

E-59 Many think they got the Holy Ghost. Many claim to have the Holy Ghost. Many can show many evidences and signs of it. But, still, if it can't stay with this Word, it's not the Holy Ghost. See?

E-60 You believe every Word, then you are sealed after the test. When we believe every promise in the Word, then we are sealed by the Spirit, to confirm the promise. That's what, it's what Abraham, the way he did it. Then, and then only, have we the right to possess the gate of our enemy. You cannot do it until first you become that Seed. Remember, in the Bible...

E-61 I spoke on it, at Houston or somewhere, the other... or, I mean Dallas. The Token.

E-62 See, a--a Jew could show, down in Israel, that he was a Jew by circumcision. But God said, "When I see the blood! And the blood shall be unto you a token."

E-63 The life that was in the blood could not come on the worshiper, because, well, it was the animal's life, it was only a shadow coming up to the real Life. Then, the chemistry, the blood itself, had to be red upon the door and the posts of the door.

E-64 Applied by hyssop, which is just a common weed, showing that you don't have to have some super faith. You just have to have the same, the faith you got, like you have to start your car, come to church. See? A lot of people thinks they got to be something... But, no, no, that's wrong. Just common faith is all you have to apply the Blood by. Hear the Word, and believe the Word, apply It, that's all. Just pick up weeds anywhere there in Palestine, was hyssop, just a little weed growed out of the cracks of the walls, and around, dipped in their blood and put it on the lintel and the doorposts.

E-65 And, remember, I don't care how much they were in the covenant, how much the Jew could show he was circumcised, how good a person he was, all the covenant was annulled unless the--the token was there. "When I see the blood," alone.

E-66 Now, the Blood now, the Token, is not the chemistry, chemistry of the Blood of Christ, 'cause It was shed thousands of years ago.

E-67 But, you see, where the... had to be the chemistry there, the life in the animal couldn't come upon the human, because the life of the animal doesn't have a soul. Animal doesn't know right from wrong. It's the human being that has the soul.

E-68 Now, but when Jesus, the Son of God, virgin-born, shed His Blood, the Life that was in that Blood was God Itself. The Bible said, "We are saved by the Life, the Blood of God." Not the blood of a Jew, not the blood of a Gentile; but the Life of God. God created this Blood cell, virgin born. She never knew no man, neither did she... neither did the egg come from her.

E-69 I know many of you people want to believe the egg did. The egg can't be there without a sensation, what would God do then? See?

E-70 He created both egg and Blood cell, and that was the tabernacle of God, holy. "I will not suffer My Holy One to see corruption." See where the egg come? "Neither will I leave His soul in hell." His body was holy! Oh, my! You don't, you can't believe that, how can you call yourself a Christian?

E-71 "We are saved by the Blood of God." That's where my faith is. Not walk out there in the blood of a prophet, not walk out there in the blood of an ordinary man, or a teacher, or a theologian. We walk there in the Blood of God. God said so. He become human being. He changed His strand. He stretched His tent here, with us, and become one of us. He is our Kinsman Redeemer. He had to become kinfolks to us, 'cause that was the law. God became man and dwelled among us.

E-72 Notice how that, in doing this, He coming from Him, was God, the Spirit, and that Spirit becomes upon the believer. Therefore, the Life that was in our Sacrifice, we are identified by that same Life.

E-73 Then how can they see the Life of God moving amongst the people, and call It an unclean thing, when That's our identification of our Sacrifice? "He that believeth on Me, the works that I do shall he also." His Life returning upon the sacri-... from the Sacrifice, as we lay our hands upon It and identifying ourself dead to our own thoughts. Then how can we let denominations push us into creeds and things, and say we believe It? We are dead to those things.

E-74 Paul said, "None of these things bother me," for he was tied to an absolute, Christ. And every true achievement is tied to an absolute, and my absolute is the Word. And everybody else is, that's--that's really born of the Spirit, their absolute is God's Word. I'm tied to It. I laid my hands upon It. And It took my place, and I've identified myself with Him. We knew that He promised to identify Himself with us. That brings genuine faith; not your own faith, but His faith; something that you don't control. He does it. Now notice. Then, and then only, when the... is the promise made to you.

E-75 No matter how many churches you joined, how many times you've been baptized; face forward, backwards, any way you want to. Until that Seal is placed upon you, then you have no right to call yourself a connected with your Sacrifice.

E-76 And what is the Seal of God? Ephesians 4:30, says, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you are sealed until the Day of your redemption." Not from one revival to another, but Eternally sealed until the Day that you're redeemed back.

E-77 And, remember, if you never was in God's thoughts, you'll never be with God. How many knows that He was a redeemer? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Well, then, anything redeemed has to come back to where it fell from. So if He come to redeem us, how could we, was one time didn't have to be redeemed, and we were all "born in sin, shaped in iniquity, come to the world speaking lies"? It shows that the real Christian is an attribute of God's thinking, before there was a world, or a star, or a air, or anything else. It's Eternal, and He come to redeem us back. It's God's thought, spoke into a word, made manifest and re-... brought back to His thought.

E-78 Kinsman Redeemer! That's the reason God Himself had to become one of us, to redeem. Nothing else could do it. An Angel couldn't do it, nothing else. He had to come down, be tempted like we are, to redeem us.

E-79 Notice now the natural seed of Abraham. Let's check some of those natural seed, and see if God kept His Word with the natural seed, which was Isaac. Let's check some of the natural seed that believed the full promise of God and had no question. Now remember, there were tens of thousands times thousands times multiplied thousands that was circumcised and everything else, and still was not Abraham's Seed. Sure, "That which is Jew outward is not Jew; that which is Jew inward." They, many of them, failed, bitterly failed.

E-80 Look, in the wilderness, they said, "We..." The day of the Passover, or at the drinking at the fountain, Saint John 6. They was all rejoicing.

E-81 Jesus said, "I'm that Rock that was in the wilderness. I'm the Bread that come from God, out of Heaven, if a man may eat thereof and not die."

E-82 They said, "Our fathers eat manna in the wilderness, for forty years."
He said, "And they are, every one, dead."

E-83 Dead, take that word and run it, see what it means, "Eternally separated." Yet, they were Abraham's seed. Death means "separation, annihilation, completely destroyed, annihilation." Jesus said they were dead, every one of them, yet they were circumcised Jews.

E-84 See, poor folks, just because we're Methodist, Baptist, Presbyterian, got a little confession, and things like that; the devil believes just as much as we do.

E-85 But you've got to be identified with It. God has got to witness It to it, by a sealing with the Holy Spirit. No question of the Word!

E-86 If you say, "Well, now, that was for the other day," there is something wrong.

E-87 What if a man come running, and you told him the light was shining, and he run down to the basement, said, "I just refuse it. I just refuse it. There is no such a thing as light. I don't believe it"? There would be something wrong with that man. He would be mentally upset. If he refuses its warm rays and its life-giving resource, there is something wrong with him, mentally.

E-88 And when a man sees the Word of God, made plain before him, and identified, and then shuts and pulls down his denominational curtains, there is something wrong with that man, spiritually. Something is wrong with him. There is something spiritually wrong. He just can't receive It. "Blind, and don't know it," going on to the Judgment, and God will be the judge.

E-89 Notice when they--they did this, and these seeds now that did believe It, watch what happened. Let's check some of them now, Abraham's seed.

E-90 Let's take the Hebrew children, 'cause they stood true and wouldn't a tolerate with image-worship. They refused to bow down to an image that the king of the nation had made. It was made after a holy man, too, the image of Daniel.

E-91 Showed that the Gentile race was brought in under the false side, of worshiping an image of a holy man. It goes out the same way, when people will be forced to worship images of people. It come in by revelation, of Daniel being able to interpret the Word, that was wrote on the handwriting on the wall. That's the way it come in, and that's the way it goes out, the same way, of the image of the Gentile.

E-92 Notice, they refused to do it. And what did they do? They were Abraham's seed standing true to the Word, and they possessed the gate of the enemy, of fire. They did it. Well, God's Word is true.

E-93 Daniel, tested for the worship of one true God. He was tested for that. And in the time of test, he stood the test. And what did God do, after it looked like the chips down for him, as we would say? And they didn't know what to do. They was going to feed him to the lion. But Daniel stayed true to the test, that there is one true God, and he possessed the gate of his enemy. God had closed the mouth of the lion.

E-94 Moses stayed true to the promised word, before the false impersonators, Jambres and Jannes, in the test. Look, God had met him, with supernatural, told him to go do these things, show these signs, and each sign would have a voice. Moses went right down, just as true as he knowed. He throwed down the sticks, and it turned into a serpent. You know what happened? Here come the impersonators and done the same thing.

E-95 Now, Moses didn't throw up his hands, say, "Well, I guess it's all wrong." He stayed there and waited on God. He stayed true. No matter how many impersonators there was, he stayed true. And when he stayed true to his commission, to bring those people out of that place. When the water gate got in his way, God let him possess it, and He opened the gate by the Pillar of Fire that was leading him. He took the people on to the promised land.

E-96 Joshua, another great leader. Only two out of... went to the promised land, Joshua and Caleb. They came to a place called Kadesh, which was the center of the world at that time, insomuch that that was the judgment seat. And, oh, they sent out twelve spies to look at the land, and twelve of them come back.

E-97 Ten of them said, "Oh, it's too much of a job. We just couldn't do it. Well, them people, we look like grasshoppers by the side of them."

E-98 But what did Joshua do? He stilled the people. He said, "Wait a minute. We are more than able to take it, no matter how little we are, or how much in the minority." What was he doing? He was standing true to that promise, "I give you this land," but you fight every inch of it.

E-99 Do you believe that, mother? God has give you your healing, but you'll fight every inch of it. "Everywhere the soles of your feet sets, that I give you for possession." Footprints means "possession." It's all yours, every promise belongs to you, but you'll fight every inch of the way in now.

E-100 Now, Joshua knew what God said. He was a seed of Abraham. See? He said, "I believe that, that God give us the land, and we're more than able to take it." And because he stood the test, against the whole group of Israelites, all the tribes and all the people moaned and cried. Joshua said, "Keep still! God made the promise."

E-101 No matter how big you are, and what the opposition is, and what the doctor said, God give the promise. It's up to God to do it.

E-102 What did he do? When he come down to the river of Jordan, he possessed the gate. That's what he--he did.

E-103 Jericho, closed up like a turtle in a shell. What did he do? He possessed the gate.

E-104 Even one day when his enemy was trying to take him, he possessed the gate of his enemy so much that he commanded the sun to stand still. And the sun obeyed him, and never turned for twenty-four hours.

E-105 God is true to His promise, no matter what He has to do; bankrupt the Heavens before He would let His Word go defeated. He never made a promise that He can't keep. "I'm the Lord heals all thy diseases. If they lay hands on the sick, they shall recover." Amen. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."

E-106 Joshua believed it, though God had to stop the earth from turning. Held it there by some other Power, His Own power; that the world never turned for twenty-four hours, till Joshua avenged himself upon his enemy. He took the gates. Certainly, he did. God is ever true.

E-107 Now I wish we had time to get to more heroes, but I got about ten minutes now. Look, all these precious heroes, as they were, and great warriors of faith, they all died at the gate of death. They all perished, right at the gate of death.

E-108 Then come along the Royal Seed of Abraham. They were all the natural seed, from Isaac. But here come the Royal Seed of Abraham, which was Christ, Abraham's Seed of faith; what we're supposed to be, just see how whether we are or not. The natural seed only was a type. All others was born of natural birth, but He come a virgin birth. See, that wasn't of the seed of Abraham, then, a Jew. He come by the seed of faith of the promise. And, then, we're supposed to be His children, through this Man.

E-109 Watch what He did. When He was on earth, He conquered and possessed every gate the enemy had; the Royal Seed. He promised it by the Word. He conquered it. He conquered the gate of sickness, for us. That's what He come to do. He, remember, sick people, He conquered that gate. You don't have to conquer it; He conquered it. The other men had to conquer their own gate. But you don't have to conquer; it's already conquered. He conquered the gates of sickness. And what did He do when He conquered the gates of sickness, saying that He would? "Whatever you ask on earth, and whatever you've bound on earth, He would bind it in Heaven," give us the keys to the gate.

E-110 He conquered the gate of temptation, by the Word. And the keys was, "Resist the enemy, and he'll flee from you." He conquered it all; conquered every sickness.

E-111 He conquered death, and He conquered hell. He conquered death and hell. He conquered what the others couldn't conquer, because they're of the natural seed. This is the spiritual Seed. He conquered the gate of the grave, and rose up on the third day, for our justification.

E-112 "And now we are more than conquers." We're just walk right into it, as an inheritance, "More than conquers." Now we are dealing with a defeated enemy. Sickness is defeated. Death is defeated. Hell is defeated. Everything is defeated. Oh, my! Wish I was twice my size, now maybe I feel twice as good. We are disputing with a conquered enemy.

E-113 No wonder Paul could say, when they was building a block, to chop his head off, he said, "O death, where is your sting? Show me where you can make me squirmer and scream. Grave, where is your victory, and you think you'll mold me out there? I'll point you to an empty one over there; and I am in Him, He'll raise me up at the last day." A defeated enemy!

E-114 The Royal Seed of Abraham! Now, the natural seed could not point to That. But the Royal Seed can conquer, already conquered, for He has gone before us and conquered every gate for us. He is now, after two thousand years, He stands in the midst of us, the mighty Conqueror. Not only did He conquer sickness... He conquered sickness. He conquered temptation. He conquered every enemy. He conquered death. He conquered hell. He conquered the grave, and rose up again. And two thousand years later, here He stands among us, this afternoon, identifying Himself, the mighty Conqueror! Amen. He is still here, alive, vindicating His promise, Royal Seed of Abraham! Oh, my! And the enemy shall...

E-115 "He will conquer the gates of his enemy." To those, Seed, He stands here alive to vindicate Himself to who? Those predestinated Seeds that can see it. He conquered that. Who, after his test, of the promise of the Word, they were sealed by the Holy Ghost, into the Body of Christ, to them confirmed (what?) Hebrews 13:8 to be so. They are sealed in there by the Holy Ghost, that Holy Ghost which was by... Abraham foresaw it; by faith he believed it. And now we receive It, looking back to the promise of what He said. And John 14:12 is made confirmed in this last days, by the risen Conqueror, Himself.

E-116 Not some system; but a Person, Christ, the Conqueror. Not my church, not my Baptist church, or your Presbyterian, Methodist, or the Pentecostals, not by that; but by Jesus Christ. He lives today. He rose over that, for our justification.

E-117 And because He lives, He said we live also. "Man don't live by bread alone, but by every Word," not part of the Word, "every Word that proceeds out of the mouth of God." "I am the Resurrection and Life. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Believest thou this?" Take the gate of every enemy!

E-118 How could he conquer Bosworth, when God... Bosworth was in the Conqueror. And that's the reason he said, "The happiest hour of my life is right now." Uh-huh. He knowed that Mighty Conqueror. His assurance rested with Him. Oh, my! Now we can sing:
Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away;
Rising, He justified freely forever;
Someday He's coming, O glorious day!

E-119 To those who are seemed to be defeated. Eddy Perronet, I believe it was, he couldn't sell his Christian songs. Nobody wanted them. They had nothing to do with it. Oh, defeated, and a believer! One day, the Holy Spirit come upon him. The gate of his enemy, that wouldn't receive his literature! The Spirit struck him, and he grabbed a pen, God let him write the inauguration song.
All hail the power of Jesus' Name!
Let Angels prostrate fall;
Bring forth the royal diadem,
And crown Him Lord of all.

E-120 Blind Fanny Crosby, one time. Said, "What does it means to you?" Some... She didn't sell her birthrights like the Pentecostal Elvis Presley did, or like the church-of-Christ Boone did, or like the Red Folley did, selling their talents to the world; they got a fleets of Cadillacs, and million-dollar, gold records. But Fanny Crosby stayed true to her place. She screamed out:
Pass me not, O gentle Saviour,
Hear my humble cry;
While on others Thou art calling,
Do not pass me by.
Thou the Stream of all my comfort,
More than life to me,
Whom have I on earth beside Thee?
Or whom in Heaven but Thee?

E-121 They said, "What if you are blind when you get to Heaven?"
She said, "I'll know Him, anyhow."
Said, "How will you know Him?"
Said, "I'll know Him."
Said, "Mrs. Crosby, you could make a million dollars."
She said, "I don't want the million dollars."

E-122 "How will you know Him?" She said:
I shall know Him, I shall know Him,
And redeemed by His side I shall stand;
I shall know Him, I shall know Him.

E-123 "If I can't see Him, I'll feel for the nail prints in His hands." She conquered the gate of her enemy. Yes.

E-124 If you are in Christ! He said, "If ye abide in Me, and My Words abide in you; ask what key you want, ask what gate you want to take; ask what you will, and it shall be given to you. If ye abide in Me, and My Word abides in you, you can take any enemy's gate that comes before you." You're the royal Seed of Abraham.

E-125 What kind of a gate stands before you? If it's sickness, you are more than a conqueror for it. Then we can say, sing this gracious old song:
Every promise in the Book is mine,
Every chapter, every verse's... and so Divine,
I'm trusting in His love Divine,
For every promise in the Book is mine.

E-126 We are more than a conqueror, and the Seed of Abraham shall possess the gate of the enemy! When they say these Things cannot happen, when they want to call It a devil, or Beelzebub, or something else, God is sure to conqueror every gate and take the enemy.
Let us pray.

E-127 Lord, may the Seed of Abraham... I know they'll see It, Lord. How can that Word fall without hitting that real Ground? I pray that they'll understand now. May every person that comes in the prayer line be healed.

E-128 Lord, if there be some in here yet, that has not as yet made their confession, not stood publicly and stood for Christ, ready to deny all the creeds and the cold, formal, dead things that's taken them away from You. And may they stand now, and say, "I will accept Him as my Saviour." Then You'll stand for them on that Day.

E-129 While we have our heads bowed, if there are those who would like to stand just a moment, for prayer, say, "I want to stand for Him now, that He will stand for me at that Day, in His Divine Presence." I ask you, and give you the opportunity that your name be placed on the Book of Life, if you will stand. I'm not asking you to join any church. I'm asking you to come to Christ, if you're here and do not know Him.

E-130 God bless you, son. Is there another, say, "I--I want to stand now." God bless you, lady. God bless you, my sister. "I want..." God bless you. God bless you. "I take my stand, this afternoon." These fine people, men and women, standing up, "I'll take my stand, this afternoon."

E-131 And that day when the doctor says, "Well, the wreck; his blood is shedding, death is upon him, or upon her." Or, some morning, you'll remember your stand. You stand for Him now.

E-132 "If you're ashamed of Me before man, I'll be ashamed of you before My Father and the holy Angels. But if you will confess Me before man, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels."

E-133 God bless you, my sister. Would there be some in the balcony somewhere? Right now, while we're waiting. Some of them, more on the main floor? All right. I take you at your word, friend.

E-134 If the Word falls on fertile Ground, like the little woman at the well, she--she understood. She was represented in Heaven, from the found-... before the foundation of the world. When that Light struck It, she recognized It.

E-135 God bless you, my brother. That's a gallant... God bless you, my brother. You might have done great things in your life; you're doing the greatest thing you ever did do, now, stand for Christ.

E-136 Our Heavenly Father, the seed has dropped on some ground, this afternoon. We see Life springing up. Men and women stand to their feet, and the alE-seeing eye of God, Who is omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent, sees them. They are Yours, Father. I present them to You now, as trophies.

E-137 May this experience of them standing there now, knowing what they have done, knowing what this means, that they stand to take their stand with the Lord's despised few. May they ever remain true until that Day they stand in Your Presence, then that lovely Voice will say, "Yes, one day in Baton Rouge, or a little place called Denham Springs, he stood for Me, Father, now I'll stand for him, or her." Grant it, Lord. They are Yours, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, for your stand. God ever...

E-138 Now do this one thing for me. Find, if you're around where these pastors are, see a few, talk to them. If you haven't been baptized yet, in Christian baptism, do so. Get yourself amongst believers now, real believers, not make-believers; real believers.
While we're praying, let's pray for these handkerchiefs.

E-139 Heavenly Father, these handkerchiefs goes out now; where, I don't know. Maybe some old blind daddy sitting out here in a little swamp somewhere, waiting for this handkerchief to come; a little baby laying there on the hospital bed; a mother standing, frantically, waiting for the return of the handkerchief. Heavenly Father, I pray that You will go with them. And for a token of Your Presence today, and our faith in You as we have preached Thy Word, may the faith that was in Abraham, and the faith that was produced and given to us by Jesus Christ, may it go with these handkerchiefs and heal every one that it's laid upon. We send them, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-140 Now just a moment, before we call the prayer line. The omnipotent and mighty God, the great One, the alE-sufficient One... Please, friends, I--I'm going to start praying for the sick, and I... Probably, when we come down, I--I might not get to say nothing to you; some of you may go before that time. Whatever you are, if you didn't even stand, a while ago, and you're not sure...

E-141 If you're a member of a church, that's a good thing, but that's not good enough. See, the rich young ruler was a member of the church. See? He asked Jesus what could he do to have Eternal Life. He never accepted It. He walked away. What a foolish thing for that young man to do. Don't take his place. You remember the last time he was identified? A little later, he prospered. He got richer. He got to a place till even his barns bursted. But then we find his last identification, in hell, flames tormenting. Don't, don't let that happen to you. Accept Christ.

E-142 You young people, you young girls, young boys, just at the turning of life, please do that. Hear me, as--as your brother, one who loves you. I'm here because I love you. I love God, and I love you, and I cannot love God if I don't love you.

E-143 I would a lot rather, if you had a comment to pass, pass it on my son out there, or one of my children. Let me just... I, I'll go without it. Any parent will do that; so will God. See? Love His people. Love one another.

E-144 You say, "What do you scold them for?" Genuine love is corrective.

E-145 If your child is sitting out on the street; you say, "Well, there sits Junior. He oughtn't to do that, but I don't want to hurt his little feelings." You don't love him. He'll get killed there. If you love him, you'll bring him in and give him a spanking. You'll make him obey.

E-146 That's the way God does. Love is corrective, and that's genuine love.

E-147 When a preacher stand and lets you women bob your hair, and wear paint and stuff, and don't correct you, there is no genuine love there; and won't call it out. And let you man marry three or four times, and all of these other things, and get by with it, there is no genuine love there. Let you join a church, and pat you on the back, and smother you with some creed, then, "That's all you have to do, is join the holy church," there is no love there. Or, either, the man is so totally lost, himself, he don't see.

E-148 Genuine love is corrective, and brings you back to the Word of God.

E-149 Look at Jesus, how, what He said, 'cause He loved them, so much that He died in their place, when they was even calling for His Blood.

E-150 Now may the great Holy Spirit... I want to wait just a minute. I'm waiting till the anointing of the Holy Spirit gets upon me, before we get started. I have been preaching. Thank you, for your cooperation.

E-151 Now, each one in here, wherever you are, anywhere in the building, pray just for a minute, say, "Lord Jesus, help me! Help me! Let me touch Your garment." Jesus said, you know, when the woman touched His garment, He didn't feel it, physically, but He turned around and knowed who she was and what she did. He is the same Jesus this afternoon, a High Priest can be touched by the feeling of our infirmity.

E-152 Do you believe, each one of you now, that it's true, that the God that made this promise, once more (and may He show it) that we're living in the days of Sodom? How many believe that, in the building, just raise up your hand.

E-153 We're living, as it was, in Sodom. The whole system has become polluted, the world system, everything, the church system, political system. There is nothing. Politics is so corrupted. The systems, everywhere, our dictators, it's all corruption. The church has become the same way. Families have become the same way. It's just corruption, Sodom!

E-154 Then, remember, God has got that before you, then remember He said that He would represent Himself in human flesh, and would do like He did before Sodom, before the promised Son came on the scene. He promised to send one that would forerun that promised Son, as He did at the first place, that would introduce; and He said, "When the Son of man is being revealed."

E-155 I don't know you. Well, Miss. Thompson, that female trouble and complications, you believe that God will make you well? Can you believe it? You will? Miss., Miss. Thomas, you believe He'll make you well? Raise up your hands, then.

E-156 There is a lady sitting right behind you. She is praying. She's got arthritis.

E-157 One sitting right next to her, is stomach trouble, praying also. You're going to miss it, you don't watch. You're not from here. You're from Mississippi. You're Mr. and Mrs. Kramer. If you believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ will make you well. If you can believe it. Do you? Then you can receive it. Okay. Raise up your hands so that the people will see it's you.

E-158 I don't know them people. I've never seen them, in my life. You've got to believe, friend. He is identifying Himself. Do you believe that, with all your heart? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]

E-159 Why did you shake your head, sir, and look at me like that? Yes, sir. Because you've done that, I'm going to talk to you a minute. You're kind of an aged gentleman sitting right here, looking at me. He looked at me, with such sincerity. He believed it. You're praying for somebody who had a stroke. But--but your main thing you're praying, you need, you're seeking the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's right. Uh-huh. That is right. If you believe it! The lady, you're seeking employment. Besides that, that you might know that I be God's prophet, or servant, you've had two operations. It's left you kind of weak. All kinds of conditions, spiritual trouble. I want to tell you it's all settled. Your faith makes you well.

E-160 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... sitting right next to you there. She is praying. Look here. He heard you, and you've touched Him. Don't know you, but He does. I'll tell you what you was praying about. You believe with all your heart? You got a gall bladder trouble, you're praying. Do you believe that God will heal you and make you well? You are Mrs. Smith. That's right. Raise your hand.

E-161 See, He is identifying Himself. What is it? It's the Seed of Abraham, the faith that Abraham had, the Lord Jesus Christ among us, confirming His Word, with signs following.

E-162 Who, how many cards are to be prayed for, raise your hands, got your card? Oh, we better start the prayer line.

E-163 You see, you understand don't you? Now that spirit not only... That doesn't heal. That only identifies Him being here. Your pastors have just the same authority to pray for the sick. They don't do that; no, certainly not. But they--but they have just the same authority, "These signs shall follow the believers."

E-164 Now I want my pastor friends here. [Brother Branham asks someone, "Is it all right to call from the audience, ministers?"--Ed.]

E-165 How many pastors here that believe with all your heart, ministers in here, believe? Oh, thank you. I wonder if you'll stand? Come here, stand with me just a minute, right down here, pray for the sick. Come right down here. Now you watch the healing take place, watch what happens.

E-166 I want you to come, form a--a double line right here. I'm coming down there in just a moment, to pray for the sick. I want the believing pastors who wants to identify themselves as believers. That, you believe, that your coming here, you're living a holy, clean life. Remember, looky here what's coming out, representing the Gospel of Christ!

E-167 Brother Blair, I know you there, you or Brother Pat. Would you form that double line the way you usually do it, if you will, you and Brother Pat.

E-168 Believing pastors that's going to believe! Now, look, if God so can identify Himself by His Word, with His Word, how many knows that the Bible, Jesus said this, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover"? Pastors, you've come here to identify yourself as believers. Are you? You are believers (aren't you?), you wouldn't be standing here. Now what did Jesus say? "These signs shall follow them that believe." I'm a believer with you.

E-169 I'm coming down. These are our people, and we are shepherds over these flocks. I'm coming down to stretch my net with you now, put my hands with yours. And when these people come by, if you've got anything that's just a little skeptic in your mind, get it out right now; so that when these people come by, then each one of them coming by, and we lay hands on them, they'll be healed. Will you believe with all your heart now, everyone? [The ministers say, "Amen."--Ed.]

E-170 How many in here is going to be praying for the others as they pass through, raise up your hand, "I'll be praying."

E-171 Remember, might be your father, your mother, your daughter or son, sister or brother. And if it isn't yours, it's somebody's, that's going to come through this line. And what if it was them, and they were dying with cancer, or some hideous disease, wouldn't you want man to be deeply sincere? Certainly, we would.

E-172 Now, I believe, how you going to... Now these in this row here, this aisle, stand over against that side, with the prayer card. Stand over against that side, all that's in the right section. Now, the way, hold the left section; we get all jammed up, you see, and you don't know how, what we're doing. All right, all that's in this section, stand up here. Now, all that's in the right-hand section, just come this way, 'cause you're going to come down, come around.

E-173 And how you going, how they going out, Brother Borders? Right out the side door, come right around and in the building again.

E-174 So, when this side will be called, in a few minutes, and they will stand up. And let's see now what... All right, those in this section, turn on this side over here. Hold to your prayer cards, get over on this side. And you in the balcony, walk right down to meet them at the end of the row up there. Now these in this left-hand section, go over to the left-hand side. And then, you see, you form your line and go back that way; turn back, turn that way. See? And you'll follow the line right around, then we won't have any mix up at all.

E-175 And then you up in the balcony, just make your places right at them aisles, and just drop right in as they come through.

E-176 Now, now just start walking on back, each one, walk right on back till you meet this line right around here. Just come right around, up in here, just start walking right around and come to this line right here.

E-177 Oh, what could happen right now! What could happen! This is going to be a time where something must take place. All right.

E-178 Now, that's right, go right back around that way, and get right in the line, like that. Go right around this aisle. That's the way now.

E-179 And now when you're standing, everybody on their feet, we're going to offer prayer. And this congregation is going to pray with me, that you're going to be made well. Just have faith now. And don't...

E-180 Come right on around, way back in the back, come right on around and join in with this line back here. Come right around, make one big line. Come right around that way, and make the one line. That's it.

E-181 Everybody be in prayer. Be really in faith now. Just don't notice the crowd now. Remember, we are--we are enshrouded by the Presence of Jesus Christ, depending on us to honor what He has done among us, by having faith in His Word.

E-182 That's fine. Now it'll just be fine. I think that line is getting in just wonderful.

E-183 Now while they're all standing, I want every person now, in the building, to bow your head.

E-184 Lord Jesus, it's soon to happen. The decision has to be made right now. Do we believe You're here? Do we love You? Have we faith, Lord, sufficient for what we're going to ask? These people are identifying themselves by standing in the line. Lord, may it not be in vain. May it be, Lord, that they pass through here, each one will just pass like they was passing under Christ, for we know He is here. And we pray that they'll receive their healing. I'm sure that even in weeks and weeks to come, these people will be going to their pastors, women that had female trouble, stomach trouble, man with prostrate, all kinds of troubles, will be made well, saying, "You know, the thing just left me," for they're in Your Presence. May they come through now and--and draw this what You have died for. They're the Seed of Abraham, and You've conquered for them. May they come and receive what You have given to them.

E-185 And, Satan, you have been so exposed this week, till you know that you are a defeated being. Jesus Christ defeated you at Calvary. He raised up on the third day, for our justification, and He stands among us now. And our faith looks to Him, and away from you or anything that you've done. Leave these people, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-186 All right, start the line. [Brother Branham and the ministers lay hands on the sick and pray for each one in the prayer line. Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-187 We have did just as the Master bid us to do. How many of you that went through that line, believed that you're going to be well, raise up your hand. I join mine with you.

E-188 What we were doing there, at last, as a group of ministers there; many of them were sick, I knew it, but they're trying to put forth their effort to get their congregation in, whether they get in or not. That's genuine shepherds. And the Holy Spirit said to me, "Cause them to join hands with each other." We laced our hearts and nets together, and our prayers, together.

E-189 Jesus, make them well, too. And make them strong shepherds, strong in the Word of the Lord.

E-190 May God, my brethren, may He give you all the desires of your heart. May you serve Him all the days, and have power of God in your lives, to minister to this fine bunch of people. May Jesus Christ, Who has been with us, and is with you all the time, may He make Hisself more prominent to you than He has ever before.

E-191 You people, some of you that were crippled, you might not see no difference for a while, you might not see no difference. Look what Abraham did. Don't make any difference what; that ain't what you're looking at. You don't look at your symptoms. Look at what He said. If you say, "I still feel the pain," that don't have nothing to do with it. You've done what God said do. See, don't look at that. Look at what He said. God said it was so! I believe it. Don't you? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] With all my heart, I believe it.

E-192 The Lord God bless you till I see you again. My prayers is for you; the night don't get too dark, the rain don't fall too hard. I'll be praying for you. You pray for me. Until we meet again, God bless you. Now the brother pastoring, see.