BranhamSermonSearch (BSS) 2.5

It includes Russian and English sermons, Bible in both languages.

June, 2017


Mac OS X 10.11 · 10.12
June, 2017


Windows 7 · 8 · 10
BranhamSermonSearch (BSS) 2.5 · 122 MB BranhamSermonSearch (BSS) 2.5 · 90.1 MB

Features and functions of the program:

1. Search by texts of sermons and Bible.
2. Playback of existing synchronous audio translations without or with downloading to a computer.
3. Downloading and opening on your computer.pdf print version.
4. Search by original translations or for all the translations.
5. Search by single sermon or by several sermons.
6. Advanced search (search by any part of the word, exact phrase, exact words).
7. Display of two parallel translations or translation with original. (For synchronization click on the title of the paragraph in the sermon).
8. Display of sermons and search results in tabs.
9. Automatic update of sermons base via the Internet.

Corrections and additions to the current version:

1. Completely reworked search logic
2. Increasing of the search speed many times over. Standard search looks for a query with a different extension.
3. Ability to play audio sermons without downloading to your computer directly from the server.
4. Correction of a mismatch of the sermons and its texts when hiding duplicate translations.
5. Reworked automatic update (in fact, it did not exist). 6. General correction of errors.

Note: No Russian letters and spaces in the path to the program. We recommend placing the program in the root of the drive.