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A bird has a law. Now, its body's material; it's earthbound, sets on the earth here; but it has a law within it, that the way it spreads its wings, it can fly plumb out of sight. That's against science. They claim it's--it's earthbound; gravitation has to hold it there. But it can defy gravitation, lift itself right off of it, and go right on out; because it has to put that law that's in it to work; and it's built to possess that law. Now, I'm begin to feel religious.

Now, we have a law, the law of the Life in us. We don't... Only thing you have to do... You're made, and borned, and placed here in the Body of Christ as sons and daughters of God. You don't have to "knuck" down to the devil. We've got a law; that's the law of the Holy Spirit. The only thing you know--have to do, is know how to let go and let God. You keep fighting at it (See?), and it won't never work. When you let go and let God, that's all... See?

If the fish said, "Wait, I'll catch my breath real good; I'll breathe up a little oxygen in me, and I'll see if I can go down." No, he does that, he will burst open. See?
The bird says, "I'll see how fast I can run down here, and maybe I'll take off." No, he won't do it; he will fall down. See? He's got to know how to control--how that law can control him.

And the same way it is with us, it isn't what we fight, and pull, and--and hurry, and, "Oh, if I don't get this; if I don't get that"; that's not it; it's to know that the law of Life is in you. And you just let go and let God. Then He takes you to your healing, takes you to the baptism of the Spirit, or anything that He's promised. Any claim that He's given is yours, and by letting go and letting God...

William Branham, Sermon "The Restoration Of The Bride Tree"