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God, cleanse our sinful hearts. I cry for myself and this church. We are weak, Lord. We’re not worthy. We are a church that profess, and we haven’t exercised the things that we have claimed. We haven’t let the Holy Spirit take us over, in full. We are sinful. By that, we mean, Lord, we’re doubting. We’re afraid. Oh, make us ashamed of our sinful fears, and fill us with the witness of the Holy Ghost.

That we can have the Spirit of God so dealing among us here till hundreds will sit under the power of God, trembling, with all their mind and affections off the things of the world, and what we own, what we possess. Lord, the disciples thought nothing of that. They lay…They sold all they had and laid them at the feet of the apostles, to feed the poor. God, send the Holy Ghost in that manner, that we’ll not think of the things that we own, the comforts that You have give us. We’re afraid to be a little afflicted, or afraid we’re going to be put out, or we’re going to miss a little sleep, or—or we’re going to miss a meal somewhere. God, I’m confessing my sins and the sins of my church, as I stand here, rocking by the power of the Holy Spirit.

Let Him move upon us, Lord. And I believe He is moving upon us. Let us not rend our clothes. Let us not rend our thoughts, but rend our heart, tear ourselves apart, and lay it open there and say, “God, I’m guilty. Mold me and make me, Lord. Here I am, at the Potter’s house. Tear me to pieces, God. Shape me. Mold me. Fashion me. Like a real pentecostal wit-…”
Grant it, O Lord. Then the vision will come to the foreign fields and to wherever we shall go. The sick will be healed. The dead will be raised.
And there’ll not be a fallout shelter that we’ll need. There’ll be a hand of God.

William Branham, Sermon "The Testimony Of A True Witness"