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Israel had its ups-and-downs. It was a very type of the church today. Sometime they were on the housetops; the next time they were down in the valley. That's what takes to make us appreciate the good things.
There's what they call the law of contrasts. The black man of Africa never knowed that he was black, his skin, until he seen David Livingston. And he said... Then he realized his skin was black, because Livingston's was white. It's a contrast. You would never how to appreciate a day if you didn't have a night. You'd never know how to appreciate the sunshine if you didn't have a cloudy day. You would never know how to appreciate righteousness unless you had had some unrighteousness. You'd never know how to appreciate good health unless you've had some foul health, some bad health. It's only those... And that's the reason I think that we'll appreciate heaven so much, because we've lived on earth once.
And I think the law of contrast. The reason that we appreciate the Holy Spirit so much tonight, is because we lived so long in a church that told us there was no such a thing. The reason we appreciate It tonight because we have had the other side. And that's the way God has intended it to be, because His people has had their ups-and-downs. You never know how to appreciate a mountain top unless you've been in the valley. And so you never know how to appreciate good water unless you drink some bad some time. And then you--you... All the way through it's a law of contrasts.

William Branham, Sermon "A Blushing Prophet"