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How many wants to receive the Holy Spirit, would you come up here and kneel just at this time, wants to receive God, the Holy Spirit into your heart to pass from death unto Life, all things will become new? You know He's speaking to you. Look in the crowd. I'm even surprised in a church here. You know people's got so cold hearted they can't even shed a tear no more. They're just--they just become so indifferent. It's a spirit of the age. We're at the end time where men's hearts failing, perplexed of time, natural affections gone from people. The love of God seems to pull away. But to see you here tonight with a breaking up, and tears rolling down your cheeks, and mothers and daughters and fathers and sons a weeping, wonderful.
Earnestly, tenderly, Jesus is calling,
Calling, O sinner, come...

William Branham, Sermon "Spiritual Inspiration"