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Wherever God is, supernatural is; because He is a supernatural God, working supernatural things. You believe that?
Now, in the Old Testament they had a way of finding out whether a message was right or not. Now, after the Levitical priesthood they had what they called the "Urim Thummim." And that was the breastplate that Aaron had here. He had the twelve tribal stones in the breastplate. And they hung that on the corner or the post in the temple. And then, when the prophet prophesied or the dreamer told his dream, and when he was telling it, if that lights become a conglomeration of lights, like a rainbow reflecting off of that Urim Thummim, was showing that the supernatural was there, then that prophet was telling the truth or that dreamer's dream was right.
However, no matter how real it sounded (Now, keep this in mind.), no matter how real it sounded, if that Urim Thummim didn't make the supernatural light, they could not receive it, because it wasn't God. So when you see anyone preaching the Gospel that God doesn't come down and confirm that to be right, you leave it alone, 'cause it's not right.

William Branham, Sermon "Expectations"