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You know, the walk that we make makes an example for others. It really is.
An old story of some years ago in England... There was a man; he thought he would go out and have a little friendly drink at Christmas time just for fellowship. And he went out among his neighbors, and he was exchanging presents. And everybody would say to him, "Now, John, just take a drink of this." And a little sip here, and a little sip there, and he got really intoxicated. And on his road home, there'd come a snow of about six inches. And--and his little boy was following him. He couldn't pack him; he was too drunk. And he was on his road home, and he happened to turn around and noticed his little boy just almost wallowing in the snow. And he said, "Son, why are you wallowing in the snow?"
He said, "Daddy, I'm trying to follow your footsteps."
And he picked the little lad up in his arms and said, "God, from this day on, I'll never take another drink."
Somebody's going to follow your footsteps. Let's walk that straight line from the cradle to Calvary. That's the footsteps let's have them to walk in.

William Branham, Sermon "What Does Thou Here?"
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