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Many of you remember the Welsh revival, great revival broke out amongst the—the Welsh people in Wales. So these man, these great big ministers, and so forth, went from the United States, they doctors of divinity. They wanted to go over and see what great thing they had done, you know. So they was walking down the street, and they said… met a little old policeman standing on the corner, whirling his club around, you know, and whistling a—a hymn, like that. They said, "Well, he is just whistling a hymn. We might go up, and see him, see what he's going to do. Why, ask him a question."
So they went up to him, and said, "Sir, where is the Welsh revival at?"

He tipped off his hat; he said, "Sirs, the Welsh revival is held in here," in his heart. Oh, that's it, he was the Welsh revival.
O God, if we can only—only understand that we are the reflection of Jesus Christ, His Word made manifest. You are the reflection of His Word. See?
"Where is the Welsh revival held? What building is it in?"
He said, "Sir, it's in my heart." He was the Welsh revival. That's right.

And today the Church ought to be Jesus Christ in action upon the earth. "Because I live, you live also; and My Life will be in you. The works that I do, you'll do also." See? The Church has got to get to that place, too. And He promised it would do it, and it will. It's got to come that way. So, you see, that's what takes place. We, we got to be that way.
He is the Light.

William Branham, Sermon “There Is A Man Here That Can Turn On The Light”
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