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You can't judge by speaking in tongues, neither can you judge by the fruit of the Spirit. But it's a manifestation of the Word of God, brought to Light. It's the Light that does it.
The man that walks in that Light! Jesus Christ was not founding upon speaking in tongues, though He did it. He was not the fruit of the Spirit, though He did. You couldn't judge it. But He believed and punctuated It, and God lived every Word of the promise of that day through Him. That's the Light of the hour. That's the evidence.
When a man tells me that the Holy Ghost falling in them will deny the Word of God being so, there is something wrong with it. There is something wrong with our seminaries, and so forth, when they teach man all this here brain-washed theology and stuff of today. Them man would done the same against the Word of God, and lead them right into that ecumenical slaughter down there, why, certainly, it's wrong.
I speak that in the Name of the Lord! You watch and see if It isn't true, the Light, the Light of the hour!
Those cold creeds can never bring a harvest. We've got to have a Church that's washed in the Blood of the Lamb, and become one with the Word, be the Church.
Church glares of this day, Jesus said, are very deceiving, "almost the Elected if it were possible." Just the Elected! "But as it was in the days of Noah, when eight souls were saved, so shall it be in the Coming of the Son of man." Very, very few will be saved at that time. [I Peter 3:20]

William Branham, Sermon "Turn On The Light"
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