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He never made you to be something else besides a son and daughter of God. If you have missed that, of being son and daughter of God, you've missed the mark.

The word "s-i-n" means "to miss the mark, miss the mark." Then, if I'm shooting at a target, driving a tack at fifty yards, and I shoot, take my gun down and shoot, and I miss it four or five inches, what's happened? My gun needs tuning up. There's something wrong. And if I miss faith in God, if I miss being a Christian... God put you here to be a Christian, and if you run off to one side, come back and get tuned up. And there's only one thing can tune you up, that's the Scripture: the Holy Spirit in the Scripture tune you, bring you directly on to the target again. That's right.

William Branham, Sermon «The Stature Of A Perfect Man»