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And when a man ever comes in contact with Jesus Christ, He is different from man. You're never the same when you once see Him, if there's any spark of God about you.

So Rebekah had found this Jesus. And Jesus was, to her, exactly the fulfilling of the promise that the Jews had been looking for, for their day.

The news had got around that He was going to have a breakfast, or some kind of a dinner or something, down in Jericho, so that Rebekah had got busy to praying about her businessman husband.

We need more Rebekahs, everywhere. Prayer changes things. If you lay your husband, or your unsaved one, before God, and then pray, God will make a way somewhere, 'cause He promised to.

And I think that that reflects again, that if a person ever meets Jesus and finds Him really in your heart, you're interested not only in your own household, but the household of God, everywhere. You're interested, that they know Him. "And to know Him is Life." "Know Him," not know how to read the Word, or so. But, "Know Him, is Life."

So she had prayed hard. And the day drew close to when Jesus was supposed to enter the city. And no doubt but, the day before, she might have seen if his attitude had changed any. So she said, maybe, "Zacchaeus, are you going to that breakfast in the morning?"

William Branham, Sermon «He Was To Pass This Way»