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Let's go over to the Revelation. Jesus said Himself, "He that overcometh, I will give him the morning star." The Bible said that. What is it? A overcomer, one that's overcome the world, overcome self, overcome pride. "I'll make him the morning star." What does it do? "I'll shine him up and set him up there that I can... by My oncoming power will reflect My own Presence (Hallelujah.) in the darkness. He that overcomes, will I give the morning star." What's the morning star set there for? To reflect the sun coming. What is the morning star? Is the sun shining against it, reflecting the presence of the coming of the sun. It's the brightest thing in heaven. The brightest thing in heaven ought to be today, and is today, the minister, or the Christian, or the Spirit filled man that's so filled with the Holy Spirit till he's forsaken the world and everything. And God is reflecting His light, coming through him, warning the world that the approaching S-o-n is at hand. Oh, what time...

Closing, I might say this: "Watchman, what of the night?" The morning star will reflect it. The morning star will reflect the sun. Now, I'm calling to you morning stars, every one of you. Don't turn your lights off; don't turn your alarm off. If you're getting smuttied up and your eyes dimmed out with the things of the world, polish yourself, morning stars. Take the sin out of your life. Get the unbelief away from you that the Son of God, Him coming will--you can reflect His Presence. Reflect Jesus in your neighborhood, all you morning stars.
As one of His watchman, that He has put me in the tower, one of them, I say this tonight, the oncoming Son is approaching. Reflecting His coming...

William Branham, Sermon «Former And Latter Rain»