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Although if I'm trying and I fail, God won't leave me. I don't have much confidence in anybody that's too afraid to do anything. I'd rather be found a failure than too lazy to try.

One time it was said that the Ballard and Ballard Flour Company hired a man, and he was going to sign his name, and the man had no eraser on the end of his pencil. And Mr. Ballard said to him, said, "Why haven't you got an eraser?"
He said, "I don't make mistakes."
He said, "Then I can't use you. Because if you don't make mistakes, you won't do nothing."

God don't hold you responsible for your mistakes. He holds you responsible for your will--willful sin. "He that sins willfully, after he has received the knowledge of the truth..." But a man that's going to do something is going to blunder; he's going to fall. He's going to make mistakes. But if he's really Divinely called, and God in his heart, he'll rise again.

William Branham, Sermon «As I Was With Moses, So Will I Be With Thee»