God In His People

Date: 50-0227 | Duration: 47 minutes
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Little Rock, Arkansas, U.S.A.
E-1 If I can get favor with... which I feel that God has granted me favor with Him. If I can find your confidence, I'm sure there'll be something that'll happen during the meeting that you'll understand, that God is with us.
Now, many has made great statements, and you see it in your newspapers and magazine and so forth, saying, "Brother Branham, the Divine healer." Well, there is no such a thing as that. There's no man that is a Divine healer. There's only one Healer, that's Christ, the Son of God. He's the Healer, God.
Men only represent healing. They represent Christ; they represent healing. Every person that represents Christ, should represent healing, for it's in Him that we're healed.

E-2 And then many of them, of course, can't fathom the--the thought of a gift. The Bible said, "He ascended on high and give gifts to men." And everything that we do must purely be of the Scripture. If it isn't Scripture background, then it isn't right. But anything that's based upon the Scripture is--you can listen to it. And if it's God, God will testify of it. If it isn't God, then God will not testify. Just the men will testify and God will not. But if it be God, God will testify for Himself.
We're having services each afternoon, just to give you a little from the platform here, before the crowds gather in tonight. I thought it usually takes just the first night to kind of explain some of the things that the people might know, and each one of you, I want you to help me. For I realize that this meeting will--we'll have to every one answer at the day of Judgment, for this meeting, each one. I've got to answer for it. I've got to answer for what I say. I've got to answer for what I do.

E-3 And then, as I bring Christ to you, He will be on your hand. And you'll have to answer for what attitude you took towards it: if you turned it down, or if you accepted it. God will have you to answer for your attitude of this meeting, so you must realize it's a very sacred thing.
Brother Lindsay and Brother Moore is representing the... They are the managers of the meeting. They represent two denominations of the holiness people. Myself, I don't belong to any denomination. I once was a Baptist. And by their desire, I'm not anymore, because that I teach Divine healing, and gifts of healing, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost. And I know it's the truth.
So when they turned me out of there, the holiness people accepted me, and said they had been praying for that gift to come to their church for forty years or more, so I... God just put me where I belong.

E-4 Not that I have anything against any denomination, because that I see that God's no respect of person. He heals the Methodist, Baptist, Catholic, Pentecost and all. God don't respect your church affiliation; He expects your faith, respects your faith in Him. He doesn't even... and healing, you don't even have to be a Christian to be healed. But in order to stay healed, you have to become a Christian. "Go ye and sin no more, or worse thing than this will come upon you." So you...
I see many times the callused saints come through the prayer line, men and women who's lived godly, and fail to be healed, when prostitutes on the street would come through the buil--the line and be healed. It depends on your faith.
In the days when the Master was here, the priests who were holy men, they had to be holy. They could not be a priest without being holy. They had to be a scholar of the Word. There was no man could point a finger of scorn towards them, because they were holy, righteous men. And they failed to receive the blessings that sometimes the Gentiles and unbelievers, who seen Jesus and seen His works, believed that He healed them, when priests and so forth couldn't be healed.

E-5 Many of them understood Him. The common people heard Him gladly. And it's a great deal that way today. But I've noticed the peoples; all denominations almost attend the meetings. We even have the Orthodox, the Jews, Greek, Catholic, and all types. But God never respects any different denomination; He just respects the faith that's in the individual. "I can, if ye believe," He said.
And then He said, "Go and sin no more, or a worse thing come upon you." So therefore, in order to obtain your healing, you'll have to become a Christian after you're healed. And I believe, I would say this, talking of the dual atonement, when you are healed, your sins are forgiven you. I didn't hear very many amens on that, but it's the truth. "Confess your faults one to another, and pray ye one for another, that you may be healed."

E-6 "Go ye and sin no more, or a worse thing come upon you." Jesus said, "Which is easier to do? Say thy sins be forgiven thee, or take up thy bed and walk"? It's all on the same.
And so I believe in James 5:14, said, "If any among you are sick, let them call the elders of the church; let them anoint them in oil and pray over them. The prayer of faith shall save the sick, if they've done any sin, it shall be forgiven them. Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another, that you may be healed."
That's the duty of every Christian minister. Every minister of the Gospel has a right to pray for his congregation, and they have a right to believe God and be healed. Divine healing doesn't belong to one man or one group. It belongs to all the people. The gift of healing was not given, to be sent out to have different healing campaigns across the country. It's all right for them to be, but that isn't the purpose. There ought to be a healing campaign in every church, all the time, going on everywhere.

E-7 Many people gets the wrong impression on these meetings. They think because the evangelist is there, or the someone praying for the sick when he's gone, all the healing virtue is gone. God covers the earth. Your pastor, these... Your pastor, like...?... "What's the matter with my pastor that he can't do that?"
Well, friends, that's the wrong impression to have. Your pastor, if he's a godly man, he--his prayers will be answered just the same as any evangelist, or anybody claiming any gift, or anything else. He's a man of God. And you should respect him that way and believe in him. And God will answer your--answer his prayer. He said, "Confess your faults one to another, and pray one for another that ye might be healed." Not only every person, in a measure that's got the Holy Spirit has the gift of healing, in a measure.
Every apple that's in the tree, is in the tree when it's a sprig no more than that. When it's a little bitty branch set in the ground, every bloom that'll ever be in the trees is in it right then.

E-8 The blooms don't come down out of the air. The bloom don't come up through the ground. The bloom's already in the tree. The apple's already in it. The tree's planted in the ground, and the only thing it has to do is drink. And when it goes to drinking, and has to drink more than its portion, and it spreads out, pushes out. And that's the way we're planted in Christ Jesus, through the inexhaustible Fountain of Life, and we start drinking; and the more we drink, we just push out. That's right. It brings out these elements.
And the gift that God has called you to, well, just... The trouble of it is, you don't drink. That's right. You don't drink. He's... Don't you believe He's the inexhaustible Fountain of Life? "Come to Me, all ye ends of the world and drink?"
The Devil don't care how much you come, as long as you don't drink. See? You come and drink. That's what this meeting is for now, for you to drink.

E-9 There's a fountain open, flowing freely everywhere. Just drink till you just can't drink no more. The tree, if it just drink to what it was allotment, why, it would just always still in the drought. That's what's the matter with the Christians. They don't drink enough. You want to drink till just you spread out and let somebody else see it. See? Push out. Get a testimony. Commit it to God. Believe it. Step out on it. Claim God's promise. Just commit it to God. Believe it. "Commit thy ways unto the Lord." He will bring it to pass whatever you want.
But He can't do it until... as long as you're holding it. Now, I will see if I'm any better, and see if this will work. You commit it to Him; forget about the rest of it. Go testifying of things you don't even see. You believe it. It's not what you see; it's what you believe. It's not what you feel. He never did say, "Did you feel it?" He said, "Did you believe it?"
That's how you're saved is by faith. That's how you're healed is by faith. And faith is the substance of the things hoped for, the evidence of things you don't see, taste, feel, smell, or hear. You just believe it. Act upon it as though it was. Amen.

E-10 I get started on that, we'd probably would have a prayer line up-and-down the aisle somewhere, wouldn't we? But that's what we must do in this meeting.
Now, concerning the way the meeting is carried on. The meeting is... We conduct it to the best of our knowledge. They... I spend most of my time in prayer. I have to. And the last time I was here, when I was having services here with Brother Brown, down here at the Pentecostal church, just below the capitol, we would pray till way in the morning.
By the way, there was something happened there in that church, one night, that I testified about it across the country, was the most pathetic sight I ever seen. I will refer to it later on. Probably the person will be here. It was a woman on her back, down on the floor, down in the basement. I will never forget the night. I just wonder, if that woman's in the building, would you just raise your hand? I just wonder if she's here anywhere. I hope she gets to come to the meeting.

E-11 I didn't see her hand just at--now. But she was on her back crawling. I've been in insane institutions when I'd see young women use a bed pan wash their face, and everything else, but I--I never seen anything so pathetic as that.
And I've always thought since that time... 'Course, I... My ministry is just a few months old. And I've always thought since then that beings the people here and around Little Rock was so, responded to the meeting, that I've always wanted to come back to Little Rock again.
Now, great things has happened to the gift since then. And I will explain it in a moment. It's way greater than it was. And now God is testifying everywhere of it.

E-12 Now, we come down to the service in the afternoon in order to--to get... I would that every person that could, if you're not--if you're not so in work that you can't, well, you come down to the service in the--in the afternoon and attend the afternoon services for the men, Mr. Lindsay, and the managers; they speak of how to approach healing. And it's good for you, that you do that, and get ready for the service.
And then, another thing I want you to remember, that we used to be, we have what we called the fast line. How many remember the old fast lines we used to have? Oh, my. I... not a stranger here by a long ways. So we used to have those fast lines that never did prove out right. And when I... When God added the other part to the gift, I promised Him that I would--wouldn't have no more fast lines. And we don't have nothing but just the line, the real prayer line of healing.

E-13 And many times we try to show the people, we will, before It's left, if the Lord blesses us the way I trust that He will, that I want to get all your God-saved pastors together for one of the meetings, so that you people will see that your pastor is a man of God, and see that he has the same authority to lay hands upon the sick, if you believe it.
Now, here's the way we do. We come down... My brother, brother in flesh, he's just back out of the Navy, spent four years in the World War II and was laid up to be a perfect total disable the rest of his life, never to move from a chair. Setting out, and from New York there on one of the Long Island Hospital, one of the best doctors in the United States Navy had said, "You're finished for life. You'll lay there. You can't never get away from there."

E-14 Three valves in his heart was closed with rheumatic fever. He was shell shocked from: went into Casablanca and two-thirds of the convoy was tore up. And he was laying there screaming at the top of his voice, when he couldn't scream, and crying for mother and me. And mother had to sign a release to get him--get them to send him home. And she would be responsible if he died on the road home.
And when he got home, he said, "All I want to see is my brother to pass by me." Here he is: perfect health. Instead of returning to the Lord like he should've done, he become an acrobat, went out doing acrobatical work. Then the Lord dealt with him for that and sent him back. So now he's helping me here in the services.

E-15 Here's the way we try to do it. We used to, we tried sending cards in to ministers, let them give them to their congregations. Well, the... That caused an argument among the ministers. One's congregation... The first minister got his congregation started, that finished the service, while we were there, 'cause we'd take time to be sure that every person was healed before we leave them on the platform. No matter what's wrong with them, we stay at the platform till that person's healed. No matter how bad they're crippled, twisted, deaf, dumb, blind or whatever they are, we stay right there till God heals that person. And we seen that didn't work.

E-16 We had a fast line. They would... It wasn't right there. And we found this to be the best we've ever had, 'cause it was revealed to me by the Holy Spirit.
We go down to the congregation; I send my brother, and he has fifty prayer cards every day. And he gives out those prayer cards. Then they got to finding, if you give me number 1, number 2, number 3, if it could ever would past 15 or 20, well, they didn't want the prayer cards anymore. And they would rally for that prayer cards, and would almost run him wild, if they didn't get that prayer card, especially in big meetings where many, many thousands are attending.

E-17 So then, the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and had me to do it this way. We just give out fifty prayer cards, and no one knows just where the line will start. I come in and have some little kid or count so many in a row or something like that, divide it by so many and start at a certain number. And he doesn't know; I don't know; no one knows. And it's for... whether it's local people...
Used to, we'd just give the local people. Why, the people that coming from a distance didn't have a chance. Maybe they sold their cow, or--or their canned goods to get to the meeting. Didn't do no good then, just the local people. So we make it fair to all. Just give out the cards and ever who gets them, that's all right.

E-18 One man might have number one and think he'd be the first in line; it might start at forty. We don't know till we come to the platform, and let God decide it. Then we choose so many out of there, and the ones that the Lord has ordained to call, comes into the line for that night.
The next night, next evening they give out more cards. In doing so, that way, then we keep it equal, everybody coming in. They say, "Well, this person come in, if they don't get a card today, they are going to die tomorrow." Well, that gives every fellow a chance. Just wherever the Lord would call.
And now, since the new thing has been added to the gift, then It speaks it out in the audiences, and everywhere and calls the people.

E-19 Now, I want to read just a text of Scripture here. So you come every afternoon now to receive your prayer card. Be prayerful. How many will pray about the meeting now? Let's see your hands. Now, it's your meeting, friends, and we're here to try to help you all we can. And I realize that this anointing, I have nothing to do with It. It comes Itself. If It doesn't come, I will walk off the platform. I wouldn't stay here at all, because the statements and the claims that I make, there has to be a supernatural Being there to perform that. Man cannot do that.
And many of you, in the other meeting, when I was here, It would pick up diseases by holding the peoples hand. How many remembers that? And how many remembers that I said that the Angel that met me told me that it would come to pass if I'd be reverent, that way, that He would give me another sign like He did Moses, the true signs to prove to the people that It would tell the secrets of their hearts.

E-20 How many remembers that I said that would come to pass? See? In the meeting. That's right. Well now, that has come to pass. This is about the fifth meeting since it happened. It come all at once. And then, in the third meeting where it was being manifested, the great Angel of God, Who's been seen by thousands that come to the platform. He permitted me, the other night, to stand by His side and have His picture taken with me. It was the first time in all human history that anything like that ever happened.
I'm very happy tonight to know that He did that. And I'm going to work for Him and do all I can, just while I'm here, to serve Him and to serve His people.
Now, before I read the Scriptures, your attitude... You help me to tell others. I won't speak after tonight, but your attitude towards the gift will determine your healing.

E-21 Now, it's scientifically proven that God is with us people. His picture is here to prove. How many has seen the picture? I guess this was showed here tonight. You can have one. I guess they're here.
Now, that's... It used to be that they'd say, "God can't be proved scientifically." The old skeptic that said that, can't get by with it no more now, 'cause it's scientifically proved that there is a supernatural Being. And that supernatural Being is Jesus Christ the Son of God: His Spirit.
And now, those things... If someone might wonder why those things were said, the Spirit of Jesus Christ is in our midst. That's right. You remember, He told Nathanael, when Philip brought him to the prayer line, He said, "Thou art an Israelite in who there is no guile."
He said, "Whence knowest thou me, Rabbi?"
He said, "When you was under the tree, before Philip called you."
He said, "O Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel." He told him the secret of his heart. Is that right?
When the woman at the well at Samaria, the Samaritan woman, He was holding a conversation with her, said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I have none."
He said, "You say, well, for you have had five. And the one that you have now is not your husband."
She said, "I perceive that You're a prophet."

E-22 Quickly the disciples came, and she went into the city, saying, "Come see a Man that told me all the things I ever done. Isn't this the Christ?"
Now, if I told you I was John Dillinger, or the spirit of John Dillinger was on me, you'd look for me to have guns, act like John Dillinger.
If I told you I was an artist, the spirit of a great artist was on me, you'd expect me to paint the pictures of an artist. Is that right?
If I told you I was an expert mechanic, and the mechanic's spirit was on me, you'd expect me to know what was wrong with your car.
If I said to you that I was borned of the Spirit of God and the Spirit of Jesus Christ was on me, you'd expect me to do what He did, act like He did. That's His Spirit working through a human being. Do you believe that? His Spirit worked on a brass serpent one time. Do you believe that?
And on the pool of Bethesda, a water chopped up, troubled water, ever who stepped in there believing, they received their healing. Is that right? Could the water say, "Look what a great water I am?" No, it was the Angel on the water that done the healing, not the water, the Angel. When the Angel went away, it was just water. Men are just men, but it's God's agency.

E-23 God doesn't fall upon denominations. God doesn't fall upon mechanical devices. God, the Holy Spirit, fell upon men. Man is God's agent, and the hardest thing that God has ever had to do was to get one mortal to believe another. Do you believe that?
They couldn't believe Moses, and God give him two signs to prove to the people that he was sent from God for their deliverance. You believe that? Well, isn't He the same yesterday, today and forever?
Do you believe the Angel had talked to him in the burning bush is the Angel of the Covenant? Was that right? All right. He's the same yesterday, today and forever. He's here now. And He does the same things today that He did then. And He still performs wonders and signs. He's a miraculous God. And He always works in a miraculous way with signs and wonders. And He promised them in these last days. And we're living in the last days. We got a right to expect them now (That's right.) to bring His people together.

E-24 Then when Jesus came, no mortal can say that--that He's a healer. Jesus Christ never said He was a healer, did He? He said, "It's not Me that doeth the works; it's My Father that dwelleth in Me. He doeth the works." Is that right?
Then God, in Christ, was the One that was reconciling the world to Himself by signs and wonders. He had the signs, the--the credentials of a Messiah--of the Messiah, and that proved His Messiahship. And if I speak to you tonight upon this, if I tell you that God has did a certain thing through a gift, I will not speak of the gift; it'll speak for itself. And if I speak to you of Christ, you believe what I say, if it's according to the Bible. And if Christ speaks back for me, then you believe Christ.

E-25 If I tell you anything, and Christ doesn't say that's so, then don't you believe it. But if I tell you something that He's done and He testifies behind, that He has done that, then you believe Him. Is that fair enough? That's...
Now, the gift doesn't heal no one. The gift is not for healing, no more than a Gospel preacher is sent for saving. He can't save anyone. He can preach under power to bring people to a knowledge of the Word of God, and come do their confessing, and God does the saving. Is that right? That's the same thing it is. He's--He's got a sign. He's preaching under power that brings conviction to the human heart, and they come to the altar, and by faith, they accept Jesus Christ and then find the results. Is that right? When they make a committal to God, committed to Him and believe Him, and then it brings forth the results...
Now, a heal--healing is the same way. Ministers has preached it through the years, but this the day when God is doing something different.

E-26 Now, the gift declares all diseases. Now, this is the claim. The gift declares all diseases, rebukes sins, calls the secrets of the people's hearts. And remember, that any persons come into the prayer line, if you come with unconfessed sin, remember, it'll be told from this platform. No matter how vulgar and bad it is, it'll be told from the platform.
Now, that's a great statement to make. And remember, I stand before thousands of people, but It's never failed one time. It's always been perfect, even telling here a few nights ago... 'Course, when I'd go under the anointing I hardly know what I'm speaking of.
They tell me a young lady come to the platform at Beaumont, I believe it was, and was told, when I see the person standing there, it looked like they just started getting little. They go down to a certain little age, and I just begin to tell what I see happening. And it comes right on. And it's always perfect.

E-27 This girl was told here a few nights ago, they tell me, at the age of about fourteen years old, or fifteen of giving birth to a baby without being married. And also, that she was enticed by some religious people, I believe, to marry a man that was--that was not... And she wasn't in love with, caused a lot of trouble and so forth like that. And about... And a whole lot of things that she had done and about, 'fore she come to the platform at a very certain place. And the way it was, she was praying, standing praying, asking God if He would heal her and... Was anybody there? Is that true? Is that... Oh, well, yes, that's fine. Here's people that... And not only that, but just... you people that has been in other meetings, it's--it's exactly, every time, is that...? If it is, raise your hand, if that's true. You all know when it--when it said... That's right. Now, to witness to the other people...

E-28 I have nothing to do with that. I--I don't even know what I'm going to say. And God knows that I don't know one of these people that'll be in the prayer line tonight. I don't know a one, but I have never seen It fail, but what God healed every person, regardless of how bad they were sick, afflicted, or whatever it was; He healed them.
And not only that, but It calls out into the audiences, the different things of the people, out in the balconies and things. That's right. That's the truth. Now, that's the claims that I say. That does not have one thing to do with your healing. Only when the person comes to the platform... You notice the people coming tonight and every night, that is if the Holy Spirit comes. You'll see them come to the platform, and when they get eight or ten feet away, you'll see a change come over their face. Watch the patients.

E-29 Many of them even stagger, faint. I seen them become so unconscious that they'd have to rub their face, like that and start crying. Practically every case, real strange feeling... How many knows that's the truth, in the other meetings?
Now, they realize there's a Presence of an Angel of God there. Then when I try to tell it to them, you see the picture of It here, that was taken, scientific proven that it's right. Now, when they're standing there, they know they're in the Presence of a supernatural Being. No, it's not me. I'm just a no more than the least of any of you, but it's just a channel who He--that It's working through. Somebody has to declare it. And He just... It just happened to be that it was... He called me from my birth. I don't believe gifts are just handed out to you.

E-30 The Bible said, "Gifts and callings are without repentance." You're born with these things. You believe in foreordination? For everybody? But things are foreordained of God. Jesus Christ was foreordained to be the Son of God at the garden of Eden. You believe that? "Thy seed shall bruise the serpents head."
Moses was ordained of God, foreordained. When he was born, he was found a proper child. Is that right? True. And notice, I believe John the Baptist, seven hundred and twelve years before he was born, he was the voice of one crying in the wilderness. Is that right?
Jeremiah, I believe it was, God said, "Before you was even born, or 'fore you was formed in your mother's wombs, I knew you, and sanctified you, and ordained you a prophet over the nations, before you were ever born." Is that right?

E-31 Gifts and callings are without repentance. The Angel appeared to Mary and told her, Zechariah and so forth. Those things are real.
Now, for instance, to straighten up one thing, just for a moment, going to start the prayer line within the next five or six minutes. Some people say after the Holy Ghost is come, He leads the Church. There is no such a thing as Angels appearing after the church, so I know I'm talking to a bunch of holiness people.
Someone told me here a few months ago, said, "Brother Branham, I admire you as a man, but your teaching concerning an Angel coming to you, that's an error." Said, "For we do not need angels now." Said, "The Holy Ghost is here." Said, "The Holy Ghost, after He come, the Angels went away."
That's wrong. How many believes that--that Philip had the Holy Ghost, let's see your hands. Well, who was it when he was having a revival at Samaria, that touched him and told him to go to the desert Gaza? The Angel of the Lord. Is that right?

E-32 How many believes Peter had the Holy Ghost? Preached the sermon at Pentecost. Well, while he was in prison, not the Holy Ghost, but the Angel of the Lord came in and touched him and led him outside the... Is that right? The Angel of the Lord.
How many believes that Paul had the Holy Ghost? When he was out on the ship, just about to go down, fourteen days and nights without stars, moon, or anything, or light. He went down in the gallery somewhere, and prayed, and come back out, and said, "Be of good courage, for the Angel of the Lord, Whose servant I am, has appeared to me." Is that right--that right? You believe he had the Holy Ghost?
How many believes John the Revelator had the Holy Ghost? The entire Book of the Revelations was revealed to him by an Angel. "I have sent My Angel to testify." And John fell down and tried to worship the Angel. Is that right?
He said, "See that you do it not; I'm of thy fellow servants of the prophet." Worship God. Is that right?

E-33 The Holy Ghost dispensation come in, and continued on, and will continue on, by the administration of Angels to the Church. Truly. But they're ordained Spirits of God, sent from God, to--to carry the--the things out. Every man was a special calling, back all through the ages, Angels has visit men. Not a worship of Angels (That's wrong.), like Brigham Young and so forth. But an Angel of God will testify to the truth of God. (That's right.), and it'll declare God. It won't have some kind of mythical something and no one understands. It'll speak of Jesus Christ, and testify of Jesus Christ, and produce Jesus Christ to the people. Amen.
I like that amen. That means, "so be it." I like that.

E-34 All right. Now this is The Angel of God sent from Jesus Christ to testify to the Church that the last days are here. It doesn't heal anybody, but it will help bring your faith up to a place... And when you see a person standing here on the platform... Now, to all you there, it might... How many here is to be prayed for, 'fore the meeting closes, let's see your hands. Well, I know that's a lot over fifty. I see prayer cards all around holding their cards up.
Notice, when God is doing something here on the platform, that's His attitude towards you out there also, do you believe that? And while it's being done here on the platform, remember, if you'll believe with all your heart, and not doubt in your heart, I will assure you that God will pull right out, and call who you are, and raise you up out of the building (That's right.), out of your cot, stretcher, or wherever you are.
Here, the other night, a little girl sitting there after a minister seen Him coming down, I--I seen a man coming, a minister preaching, God told him to do something. He failed to do it. And after that, started troubled. His troubles was told him, laying there with a bone graft, happened to look to the side, I seen a man all twisted up. I seen him climbing up on... he is a rigger, seen him tying a double sheeps-shank knot. I just begin to tell just what I was seeing, certain things. And then, first thing you know, there it was, and he was healed.

E-35 A little woman sitting over like this with her arms all stretched out. I seen a mother carrying a blanket, and a child, which was a spastic child. I seen the child a little later, fall from the table. Just begin to tell... I seen this girl standing there; she had never walked; she was sitting there in a wheelchair. And then I looked, and I seen the girl going down the street just waving to everybody, praising the Lord.
I was telling this, saying just exactly what I was seeing. The girl was standing there, "Stand on your feet; Jesus Christ heals you." Up she got and down through the building she went. It never fails. It has got to be. Oh, hallelujah.
When I think of it, friends, don't think I'm...

E-36 [The remaining portion of this tape may not belong with this particular sermon--Ed.]...?... He was crying like a man. That's true. He stood there. My, the Bible said there's no beauty we should desire Him. See Him standing there in His...?... little body standing there, tears streaking down His cheeks. But all of a sudden God came upon Him. He pulled His little body erect. There's a man, laying there dead, rotten in the grave four days: skin worms crawling in and out of his body. He stood there and screamed with a loud voice, "Lazarus, come forth." What was it? God looking through them tears, God speaking through them mortal lips. That's right. "Lazarus, come forth." Lazarus had been dead; his soul was out in eternity for four days. Where I...?... so we won't argue about that. But that man laying there rotten in the grave and his soul four days journey, corruption knew it's Creator. His soul through the life was a...?... and that man had been dead four days, now he's a living. Hallelujah. God in His Son, reconciling the world to Himself. Do you believe He was in His Son? That's right. God lived in Him. When He died... Christ had to die as a man, for He was a man, to redeem us back to the Father. Exactly right.

E-37 Oh, if we just had time to lean on that just a little bit now, but our time's getting away. God in His Son, God in His Universe. God is in His--in His Word. God in His Son, now God in His people for a few moments. Notice, friend, was God in His people. Do you believe that God is in His people? He certainly is. Oh, my. Notice, there was a hundred and twenty, those cowardly people, that dared go up to Jerusalem to take God at His Word, to stay there a little while. And all of a sudden, while they were up there, God came down to dwell among His people. And when He did, they went through windows, doors, and everything else, and out into the streets; they wasn't scared anymore. Our God came down, that third person yonder into the flesh again and lives tonight in His people. Hallelujah. God Himself, God the Holy Ghost, living in His people.

E-38 Here a few nights ago, standing yonder, when a minister challenged me when he said, "Divine healing..." said, "Brother Branham is a faker. There's nothing to him. He's a religious racketeer. There's nothing to him. Divine healing is a fake and Brother's Branham's the chief of all of them: a faker." I never said a word. I walked to the platform; I said, "No, I'm not a faker." God, Who is my Witness, and about that time coming from the heavens come a whirl of Fire. Hallelujah. God come down and permitted the mechanical lens to take a picture of the Holy Ghost standing over me. God is in His people. Hallelujah. The people can be secure right there when we all believe that God's in His people. Yes, sir. He stirred the hearts of the poets. Oh, it's more than a imaginary thing. It's men who trusted God, who believed God.

E-39 One time there was a man...?... He was writing one day, and he was write--trying to write a song; he couldn't do it. And he didn't know what to do. And all at once there was a song came to another man by the name of Eddie Perronett, and he...?... setting in a room. And suddenly there came a Spirit of God upon him. He grabbed his pen and he wrote: All hail the power of Jesus' name!
Let angels prostrate fall; Bring forth the royal diadem, And crown Him Lord of all. Old blind Fanny Crosby who'd never seen daylight, sitting in a room one day God came upon His blind poet. And when He did she wrote, Pass me not, O gentle Saviour, Hear my humble cry; While on others Thou art calling, Do not pass me by.
Thou the stream of all my comfort, More than life to me, Whom have I on earth beside Thee?
Whom in heaven but Thee? That's right. Another one wrote, Living, He loved me; dying He saved me; Buried, He carried my sins far away; Rising, He justified freely forever: Someday He's coming--oh, glorious day.

E-40 What is it? God in His people, God in His Word, God in His servants, God in His prophets, God in His Healing. Oh, God's here in this building tonight? Do you believe it right now? That's right. Is God in His creation? You believe it. Is that right? Is God in His Word? Do you believe it? Was God in His Son? Do you believe it? Was God in His people? Do you believe it? I can just prove that He's here now. I believe that it's God, the Holy Ghost flowing over this building right now, that it's the same, and heal every person in here. God is in His people. I believe that at nighttime when He calls, I... When He calls I take it. Hallelujah. I know you think I'm crazy. Maybe you do, but I don't think so. I couldn't lose my...?... mind of world I have the mind of Christ. I am He's more than life to me...?... You may call it whatever you want to. You can call the Holy Ghost tonight if...?... if you want to. But one day I was a sinner; now I'm a Christian. One day I was blind; now I see. One day I was...?... all kind...?... One day yonder another one said, "Mr. Branham, I'm sorry to leave this burden to you, but you are finished." Two years ago they told me, "You are finished." And tonight I'm in the best health I ever was. God is still in His people. Hallelujah...?... believe it...?... How can I prove to you? Is It the Truth? Say Amen.
Our Father God, we pray now, that You'll pour out Your self tonight upon this people. And may they every one be healed. Hear my prayer, Lord, they're sick. O God, may Your Spirit come upon Your poor humble servant, and may sins be called; may people be healed of all manner of diseases here tonight. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.