Obey The Voice Of The Angel

Date: 50-0713 | Duration: 56 minutes
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.
E-1 Good evening, audience. A privilege to be here tonight, to begin our first night in the prayer line, to pray for the needy, those who are suffering and afflicted. I trust to God that it'll prove to be a great blessing through this week.
There's many of you that's in need. I'm here to try to do all that I can for you in the way of praying for you. There's no one that can heal you except God. He's the only One that can help you. And all that we can do is pray. And through the ministry that He has given me, He has blessed it. I've tried to be humble and tried to minister, just the best of my knowledge to the people.

E-2 And I'm very happy tonight to start the prayer line here in--in Minneapolis. And I desire all of you to pray for me while I'm praying for others, and have faith and believe that what I tell you is the truth. Most all of you, oh, I guess, in here, and the manager has been explained the way, they... it came to me and was ministered by an Angel, Who one night walked into the room. When I was a little boy, it started. It would talk to me down through life.
One time when I was about seven years old, it came out of a bush. A whirlwind was whirling in the bush, and it said for me never to drink, or to smoke, or defile my body; there was something for me to do.
Now, my people were formerly Catholic and there was not very much that--that they knew about it, and they just kept those things down.
And about four days after that, it appeared to me and a strange feeling came upon me, as it always does, and I seen the municipal bridge, at Jeffersonville, cross, come up out of the wilderness on the hill where I was standing, and crossed the river. I seen sixteen men fall off of it. They put that down and twenty-two years from that day, the municipal bridge spanned the river at the same place and sixteen men lost their life on it. And just things like that.
It's nothing I can do in myself. It's just what He shows me, is all I can speak. Only thing that any true man of God could ever say, but what God would put in his mouth to say. Outside of that, it would totally be a failure. And when It met me, many times, and told many things which I probably get a chance after while, to tell you in one of the meetings.

E-3 But the last time it appeared just before going out... I always worked. I become the pastor of the little Baptist church at Jeffersonville, which still stands today. I never would take up an offering. I never took an offering, in my life. And I didn't believe... And I was able to work, and why couldn't I work. And I was the Indiana state game warden.
And one day I just come from patrol, and I walked into the... my place, and I was praying that night about one o'clock, between one and three. And I noticed in my room, a Light begin to spread across the floor. And I wondered where It come from. I looked up, and that same Light that appears in the meeting, It...
I've perhaps have already showed you the picture of It. Now they've took It with cameras, and so forth, while It was in the meeting. [Brother Branham coughs--Ed.] Pardon me.

E-4 It was spreading out across the floor, and come walking to my right... It always comes from my right side. That's the reason I start the prayer line from that side. And It always comes from the right. Frankly, It's here right now. And then when a... Just when I was saying that, I--I knew it come near. Then--then It come to me, I seen a Man come, walking. He was barefooted. He had on a white garment like a robe, and He had dark hair, to His shoulders. He had dark eyes. He was smooth faced, and kind of a dark complected. He walked up to me, had His arms folded in this manner. He looked down at me. And I was biting my fingers, and I was real nervous. And He said, "Do not fear."
And just as He said, "Do not fear," I knew it was the same voice that had always spoke to me, but that was the first time I'd ever seen Him. I knew that had been what had talked to me since I was a little boy.
And He said, "I'm sent from the Presence of God, to tell you that you're to take a gift of Divine healing to the people of the nations."
I said, "Sir, people won't believe me. I'm uneducated. I can't go."
He said, "I will be with you."
And I said, "They won't believe me."
He said, "There'll be two signs given to you, to have the people to believe you, as it was to the prophet, Moses." Said, "First, you'll be able to detect diseases by contacting the--the person by their hand." Said, "If you be reverent and sincere, it'll come to pass that you'll tell them the things that they've done in their heart, and the secret sins that they had, the diseases, and everything." Said, "By this they will know then that your work is true," what has been said.

E-5 But for about a year, that went on that way; and then about two years, it was. And then the other part of the gift was manifested, some ten, twelve, about ten months ago, I guess.
And I said to Him; I said, "Well, I will go."
And He said, "I will be with you." And He disappeared out of the room.
And I started out. Those things have been happening. And, 'course, many times, newspapers say, "Divine healer." That isn't so, friends. I can't help because papers and people say that. No one can help what anyone says about you, unless you're guilty. But I've never been guilty of calling myself a Divine healer. I only pray for the sick. And Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is the Healer. He's the One that heals.
Now, I only pray, and these signs and wonders are done. It's not me that does them. It's your Saviour that does it. And what I want every man and woman, boy and girl, to believe during this meeting, that these signs and wonders are not done by man. They are done by Jesus Christ to vindicates His Presence here with you people. And He's here to help every one of you. As people have lost their faith, kind of, in God; and he comes down to do these things to--to manifest Hisself to the people.

E-6 I wish you'd be reverent while I'm praying. It's not a excitable matter. It's reverent, and we must approach God with a true sincere heart, and just as reverent as you can be. And obey--when I ask you to bow your head, I want you to do it, now that is while I'm praying. I respect that anywhere. And then when I... when... if the Lord performs some miracle, you'll be able to see it, for I will ask you then to raise your head. And if you'll obey and--and do as I ask you to do, I will assure you that God will bless you.
And then I don't... I'm a stranger to you people, and you don't know me. I don't know you. I don't know one person in here, as I know of, except my manager, those who that's here, that I know is on the platform is with me. I know no one.
But--but I cannot be responsible for other men's testimony. I can only be responsible for what I know is truth. Then when the services is finished, this next week, Sunday week, if the Lord permits us to stay... If these things that I have said come to pass, then you believe God. If they do not come to pass, then I--I am a false prophet then. And now, that's fair to any congregation, isn't it? And you just let God... You judge according... Don't be prejudice or try to... just be reverent, and just come sit down and look at it in the way that you should as Christian men and woman, and then you can pass your opinion. And I will pray that God will bless us and give us of His Presence.

E-7 I think that no service is complete without reading the Scripture. And then if this is tonight, I want to read just a--a portion of God's Word. My word will fail, it will pass away as all mortal's words do, but God's Word will never pass away. It--It's true.
And I want you to turn with me to Exodus in the 23rd--23rd chapter, and begin with the 20th verse, to read some of God's Word. I'm so glad to see you turning in your Bible, for that is God's Word. And then if we read out of the Word, God will bless His Word. It will not return void, but It'll accomplish that which It was purposed for.
Now, I shall read as you read with me.
Behold, I send an Angel before thee, to keep thee in the way, and to bring thee into the place which I have prepared.
Beware of him, obey his voice, provoke him not; for he will not pardon your transgressions: for my name is in him.
But if thou will indeed obey his voice, and do all that I speak; then will I be an enemy unto thine enemies, and an adversary unto thine adversaries.
For, mine Angel shall go before thee...

E-8 Shall we bow our heads just a moment for prayer. Our heavenly Father, we're grateful to Thee tonight to have the privilege of living, being among those who are left here on the earth. Oh, we want every moment to count for Thee, for Thy Son. And now, help us tonight, Lord, as we gather here as Christian believers, coming not in the way of curiosity, but just merely humbly approaching the Throne of God to find mercy for the needy. And, Father, as You speak tonight, I pray that many unbelievers, and sinners, backsliders, will look and behold Your glory, then come humbly and sweetly up to the altar, say, "Now it's finished in my heart, for I accept Him now as my Saviour. I know He still lives and reigns in His Church and among His people." For we ask it in the Name of Thy Holy Son, Jesus. Amen.

E-9 This Word that we have just read, was God sending Moses. Moses was born an odd, peculiar birth. It was just time for the prophetic wheel of God, to cause then it to move up and to have something to come to pass that He'd promised Abraham to take His people out, and He did. God always moves just in time. You believe that?
Now, we're at the day; we're in the last days. Just how close to the end, I do not know: no one knows, not even the Angels or the Son of God; the Father, only, knows. But we're in the last days, and He promised that these signs and wonders would be done in the last day.
So if God raised up a man by the name of Moses, bor--had him born into this world for that specific purpose, to deliver the people that were in bondage, that couldn't help themselves... And He brought them out, through His... Not Moses, Moses never performed one miracle. It was the Angel of God that went before Moses. It was a Pillar of Fire at night, a cloud by day. And when you see the picture that we're going to show you, shortly, if we haven't. I believe you'll feel that it's the same Pillar of Fire that's leading the people today, the Angel of God. Which we know the Angel that led Moses was the Angel of the covenant, which was Christ, the Son of God. And now... Or, the Logos that came out of God, was the Son of God. Then when...
God delivered the children of Israel when they were in bondage and couldn't help themself. Today, God's people are not in bondage, spiritually, for they're--they're delivered by the power of the Holy Spirit. No man has to stay in bondage of sin any longer, because the Holy Spirit brings him from the bondage of sin.
But the people, His children, are sick and needy and some of them are cancer-ridden, and tubercular, heart trouble, that our beloved doctors of this earth can find no remedy for. And it's multiplying, getting greater and greater all the time. Sickness is heaping greater and greater. And some of the things that--that the doctors know not how to control and the people have cried, sincerely for years and years, for God to restore to the Church again, His gifts, signs and wonders. I guess there's hundreds in here, tonight, that's prayed that prayer.
Well, when the children of God begin to cry down in Egypt, God sent them down a deliverer and vindicated this deliverer by signs and wonders. Don't you think God could do that tonight, just the same? Isn't He the same Father tonight. And if you're sick and can't get well, the doctor can't help you, then don't you think your Father is here for you? And can't He send His gifts? Now, He--He did then, and I believe He's just the same today. He always makes a way provided.

E-10 Now, many people has said, because that I testify of this gift... Now remember, I am not the gift. The one that you'll see in performance here tonight, which is here visibly--invisibly now, He's the gift. He's the One that God sent down. I just speak when He speaks through me. I can say nothing unless He says to me first. But He promised me that I would be able to do this, to--for the faith of the people, to get them to believe that He sent me to pray for the sick; not to heal the sick, to pray for the sick. "And the prayer of faith shall save the sick." Now, He's the Gift.
Someone said, not long ago, to me, said, "Brother Branham, Angels was ministering spirits in the Old Testament, but since the Holy Spirit has come, we don't have ministering Angels anymore." Now, dear friends, this is not a worship of Angels, understand; we do not believe in worshipping Angels. There's only One to be worshipped; that's God, and His Son, our Holy Spirit. No Angel, no, not no man or no Angel to be worshipped. And now, the Angel of God... A true Angel of God would not stand still to be worshipped.
But that you might know that Angels still minister to the church, after the Holy Spirit has come, how about...

E-11 Well, think of Mary, when the Gabriel came down and spoke to her about the virgin birth of the Saviour, or Zechariah in the temple. Or, well, after the Holy Ghost come. How many believes that Philip had the Holy Ghost? We all believe that, don't we? Well, when he was down at Samaria, preaching, having a revival, was it the Holy Ghost that came to him, or did the Angel of the Lord touch him and say, "Go to the desert Gaza."? The Angel of the Lord came to him. Is that true? It was the Angel of the Lord that came to him.
Well, everyone would believe that the great Saint Peter, the apostle, had the Holy Spirit. He had the keys to the Kingdom. And he had the Holy Spirit, didn't he? But when he was in jail one night, and in prison; and down at John Mark's house they were having a prayer meeting. It was the Angel of the Lord Who came in and touched him, and led... Not the Holy Spirit, the Angel of the Lord came in.

E-12 We know that Paul had the Holy Spirit. Do you believe that? Well, when he was fourteen days and nights upon the sea, without any moon or stars, and it was all dark. And he went down in the gallery to pray. He came back and told the men, "Be of a good courage; for the Angel of God, Whose servant I am, came to me last night and said, 'Fear not, Paul.'" Is that right? Not the Holy Spirit; the Angel of God (See?), an Angel of God, sent from God.
And then John the revelator. The whole Book of Revelation, when It was wrote, he said, "I have sent My angel," Jesus did. And John fell down to worship the angel, but the Angel said, "Stand up. Worship God." See, a true angel of God won't stand to be worshipped. And he said that he was of the prophets, and was his fellow men that had been sent to signify these things. Therefore, angelic beings is ordained ministers of God, to come to the earth to bear record of God. And they work through mortal beings, just as they did through Daniel and back through the ages there. And I believe it with all my heart.

E-13 And so therefore, friends, as a--as your brother, that's all I am. But God's gift is the Spirit of God that came down in the form of an Angel. Now, he didn't have wings. He looked like a man. I heard him when he walked [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.], just as that, and walked on the floor. Walked right over, just as normal as any man, and talks just like any man. He comes, time after time, through the room and different places when I'm fasting and praying.
Now, tomorrow night about this time, or a little before, I will probably break my fast. And now, I'm praying. And now, I have nothing... When I... If it gets away from me, I go out. I like fishing, hunting, talking, like anyone else. But when He comes, I... It's different then. And now, He's here tonight to minister to you people, and I'm only His mouthpiece. And everyone be assure of that, and worship God and give Him praise, and be humble.
Now, being the first night in the service, it may be just a little bit before we can get the Presence of Him but--to come close, to go to ministering to the people.

E-14 And I want all you dear people, setting out in the audience there, I want you to believe me with all your heart. Now remember, that's the only way I can help you. How many believes God? Let's see your hands. How many believes the Son of God? Believes the Holy Spirit? That's fine. That's good.
But now, friends, you can believe that, which you have to, to be a Christian. You have to believe in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost in order to be a Christian. But believing that still won't help you in this gift. You've got to believe that I've told you the truth, not believe me as Them, but believe that They have sent me for this purpose.
Now, you could be a renowned Christian, and fail to believe what I've told you to be the truth, and you'd never be able to reap a bit of benefit from it. Now, I'm sorry to have to say that, but it's the truth.

E-15 When Jesus was on earth, the people that killed him, believed in God the Father, and were great worshippers of God. Is that right? But He could not help them, because they did not believe in Him. Is that right? And He said with His Own mouth, "As you have believed in God, believe also in Me." Is that right?
Now, if you have believed in God the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, I want you to believe that He sent me here to pray for you, and He will testify whether He has or not. And if He testifies, then you believe it. And that's what makes the meeting in the category that it's in. For the people believe, if they believe with one heart and accord, you'll see the glory of God be manifested among His people. I have testified to you the truth.
Now, it's time for our Father to talk and to speak. And let us talk to Him again just before we form the prayer line, if you will.

E-16 Now, Dear heavenly Father, Your Word lays here on the pulpit, and I know that It is the Divine Word of Truth, every Word is the Truth. I believe It, and I realize that every prophet that went forth in the days of old, had a time to try to bring the people to a recognition of Jehovah. The apostles who've paved the way with blood, gone on before us. They was disbelieved in cities, and cast out. And Your own beloved Son, when He was here on earth, and He went to the city, and many places they did not believe Him. "And many mighty works He could not do because of their unbelief."
Now, we know that He's here with us tonight. He's sent His Spirit to vindicate that His Presence is with His Church. And help us tonight, Father, and Your poor, humble, unworthy servant who's standing here making these statements. I ask that You'll let the Angel of God, Who has guided me down through life, has kept me, fed me, brought me this far. I pray that He will be here, and there will not be one disease or one thing that can be able to pass by His Presence without being perfectly delivered. May many of them in the audience, Lord, just now set down and say, "I'm going to study... Lord, I'm going to think of You, and Your Spirit being here. I want to know Your nature, that I might know how to love You and serve You."
Bless all, Father, who is here tonight. May all the sick and afflicted be healed, and all the unsaved be saved. For we ask it in the Name of Thy holy Son, Jesus. Amen.
My brother, I'm looking for him. What? How many cards you give out? Where'd you start from? A-1. Our custom of giving cards, we--we tried everything in the world, nearly.

E-17 We used to send the cards to the ministers. We give the card, let the ministers give the cards out. The first minister got his group; that's about all that ever got prayed for, was his group. Then the other ministers felt hard about that.
Then we come to the meeting; I'd give them to some of my managers. They were ministers, and their minister friends would say, "Won't you give me a card for so-and-so?" That made it bad. We had to stop that.
Then, the only way that we've ever found successfully to do, I brought my brother, let him pass out the cards. He's not a minister, knows no one, so he just passes out the cards. When he gets pretty well known, I will get someone else to pass them out. Then to get someone to pass them out, so you... There's no respect of persons: If anybody comes, can have a card.

E-18 We could give you a thousand cards, but we can't minister that many in a night, so we just give out about fifty. And then they got so, that when the fifty was give out, who was going to be first? So the way that we did then, they come and shuffle up the cards together, putting them all together, pass them out, and then you choose a number after we get to the platform to begin with. Somebody might have 1 and we might start at 15. We might start at 50 and come back. So just where usually we have some little boys, or something, let... or someone to count a number, and, or... someone to start from or usually they just tell me and I just take a number. Maybe sometimes I count how many in this row, and how many is in this row, and divide them and get a number to start from, or do something like that. Or count how many people is on a cot and then divide that by how many is on wheelchairs or something like that, and start some numbers: something another, so it'll be fair to everyone. That I know, myself, that it's fair to everyone. That gives everyone a chance to be...
Now, that's the prayer card, doesn't heal you. If you dear people, setting here, will just look this way and believe with all your heart, the Holy Spirit will turn right around and call you and tell you what's the matter with you, and heal you right where you're at. Now, that is the truth, friend. You'll notice it. And God bless you.

E-19 Now, did you say A-1, we start at, A-1? They got 1 to 50. Well, being that this is our first night, let's just begin with the--with 1, tonight, and start. Those holding prayer cards from A-1 to... Don't have too many stand at once. Let's start, A-1 to 8, about 8 or 10 , or A-1 to A-15. Take A-1 to A-15, and let them line here while the rest of us will sing "Only Believe." And I'm going to pray just for a few moments. And you be praying with me, will you, audience, if you will. May God bless you.
[Brother Branham steps aside to privately pray.--Ed.]
[A brother says, "Those with prayer cards from A-1 to A-15 stand in line, according to your number, at my right, and your left of the platform. Everyone else remain seated, please."--Ed.]
[A brother leads the congregation in singing "Only Believe" several times.--Ed.]
[A brother exhorts the people to believe. Congregation sings "Only Believe" a few more times.--Ed.]
[A brother leads the service while Brother Branham prays--Ed.]
Again, slowly with the organ, if you will. That's fine...?... Could we just pray once more, friends. I... Just if you'll bow your heads.

E-20 Father, will You just draw near just now, so that we'll feel Your great Presence...?... all over the audience. And I have made a great statement that makes in the meeting. And I know, without You I'd be a total failure. I can't do this in myself, Lord. And I must have You. Will You just send Him now? He will be able to help these poor people. Look upon them tonight, Lord. Have mercy upon them. Give them great faith to believe, know Your Divine will and...?... Help us now. May every demon power be subject to Thy Spirit tonight. Give us faith, predominating faith to challenge this enemy in this duel.
Now, I know not what's the matter with these people, Lord, but Thou dost know. You just help me to know, Lord, then it'll build their faith to love You, to know more about You.
As I go forward now to--to challenge the enemy, will You go with me, Lord, and help me? In the Name of Thy Son Jesus, I ask it. Amen.
Everyone be just as reverent as you can. Pray, everyone. All right now, Howard, I want you to bring them to me just one at a time. Yes, bring them to me.
I want you to notice the expression on the face of people, just a few moments when the anointing gets up a little more, when they start coming. Usually they start crying or something change the expression when they get near here. Now, His Presence is here now at the platform right now. That's right.

E-21 How do you do, sir? Are you from here in the city? [The brother says, "No, I'm from Zion."--Ed.] Your from Zion, a great city. You're a stranger to me. I don't know you. Just maybe I've never seen you. You're from Zion. I've probably seen you, but didn't know you. Now, you're suffering with some cause somewhere. And I will be able to tell you, maybe, if I can...?...
Yes, my brother, you're a sick man. You have many troubles wrong with you. One of them is a heart trouble, that's been bothering you for some time. You have a stomach trouble also. Isn't that right?
You've consulted a doctor about this too, and they don't give you much hope. But that...?... You believe with all your heart? Look, I want you to look at me when I'm talking to you.
Your whole trouble has been, is your make-up. You're more of a--kind of a deep thinker. You're nervous to begin with, an inward nervous, a type of nervousness that...?... causes you trouble. Really, your heart trouble is a nervous heart, is what it is. I believe you were told that. And your stomach is caused... it's a peptic ulcer in your stomach that causes you this trouble, stress. And sometimes, when laying down, your heart hurts you worst then your peptic ulcer did. Now usually, in that case, it causes fluttering itself, makes the heart flutter and jump.

E-22 But now do you believe with all your heart? You may be healed. Is that the truth what I've told you? Then there's some way that I have of knowing that, isn't it, sir? Do you believe It's the Spirit of God? You have a strange feeling, knowing that you are standing near. There's a supernatural Being. Now, believe. Feeling kind of like a awe, it's because of His Presence...?... God's presence. Now, you've come to Jesus Christ. Your faith is has met them here. You bow your head. The audience bow their head too.
Our heavenly Father, You're here in... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... to come to You for the very mercy. And now here he is at the platform. Help me, dear God, to have faith for him.
Thou demon that's bound this man, and caused this trouble, I adjure thee by the Son of God, leave the man, come out of him.
Now, just a moment. Everyone just remain with your head bowed. It's still hitting my hand. See that color there, sir, that turns my hand?...?...

E-23 Now, look this a way, sir. You're a sick man. You're a Christian. But you've been prayed for before, been in a prayer line somewhere before, been prayed for. And it's a--it's kind of... you're just not getting the...?... like, you know. Now, you have to have a real genuine faith. I don't want you to look until...?... I can't tell you that. Now, I wouldn't tell you that 'less I knew what I was speaking of. I want to be able to pronounce you well. And I only do it, when God brings it down and heals you.
Now, you just, right now, settle the question now, for all time? You're going to believe it right now? You believe that I have told you the truth as God gives it? You... Father, be merciful to my brother. He wants to eat again, feel good, and wants to be able to walk and not have those feelings. And, Lord, You're the only One Who can help him. So I pray, God, if it's my faith, that we--forgive me. And if it's his faith, Lord, bring him up now to the place to believe. Seemingly, that his faith isn't--that's holding back, that he believes and help me to have faith then over this enemy that's bound the man.
Thou demon, in the Name of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, come out of the man.

E-24 All right, you may raise your head, friend. The man is healed...?... You felt that, of course, when it left. Oh, my! Go home, and eat what you want to.

E-25 [A brother says, "Now, you understand, Brother Branham discerned this disease, affliction, entirely by the Spirit of God. He never seen the card. Now, on the card, are the words, 'Heart and stomach trouble.'"--Ed.]
Our brother, he felt that. He just... It--it left him. Now, the man can go right out now and eat anything he wants to, without any misery. He--He will be testifying of it. He's well. He will be well.

E-26 All right, sir, come forward. Everyone be real reverent, just reverent as you can be.
Just since that one man was healed, just feels like a throb coming in now, as people begin to believe. I can tell it from the outside there, just--just a moving.
Good evening, sir. Now, I want you to look right at me. And this is not reading your mind...?... It just that... Now, you're a human, and you have a spirit. And this anointing is by another Spirit that contacts you.
And I would like to have your hand just a moment, please. Now there's a... There's not too much wrong. Now, just a moment. It's some way, without a germ disease. I will have to see. Now, you just look to me, and you just answer me as I talk to you. See, I got to see it by vision, sir, to see their...
The--the trouble that's wrong with you, isn't a germ. You have a little symptoms of a prostate trouble, which causes you to be nervous, but not enough to cause you to get a prayer card or something.
Now, you just look right this a way. Just be sincere. Believe with all your heart. And now, how long have you been a Christian? About five years. You love the Lord, do you? Serve Him with all your heart? He's wonderful, isn't He? You're just a little nervous. I'm trying to get quietened so that you... Just don't be nervous. Just look right this way and believe now. 'Course, you have a very strange feeling because of standing in that Presence.
Yes, sir, I see what's wrong with you. You have epilepsy. Isn't that right? I see you having those spells there. Something's here to say that, isn't it? You believe the Son of God? Believe, if I'd ask Him, that it'd leave you and wouldn't come back no more? Shall we bow our heads.
Someone take the little boy there, ever who owns the little boy. Sometimes this goes from one to another. And now, someone with the little boy, keep him close to the mother somewhere. Get him there. Come close, sir.

E-27 Our heavenly Father, our brother stands here, afflicted. I just ask You with all my heart, to be merciful, knowing there's nothing can help him except You. And the great, strong, fine-looking man like this to be afflicted with such a power that doctors can do nothing with. But, Lord, one morning a man brought a boy to You. They took him to Your disciples and they could do nothing for him. He was having epileptic fits. And when the demon saw You, the boy fell on the ground and frothed at the mouth. But You said, 'Take him up. It'd be all right.'" And that's probably the last spell he ever had, for You cast it out of him. The father said, "Can You help my boy."
You said, "I can if you believe, for all things are possible to them that believe."

E-28 O dear God, if You were standing on this platform tonight, physically in body, You'd stretch forth Your hands; this man would look upon You, and he would know You was here. He would believe You.
But now You're here in another form, working in Your church. You said, "A little while the world seeth me no more, yet I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the age." Now, it's the representative of Your Blood.
I come in a challenge of faith. So help me, dear God, to drive from the man the evil power.
Thou demon, called epilepsy, hold your peace. But in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who died at Calvary and gave His Blood freely, I charge thee, through Him, come out of the man, and leave him.
It went from you. Some cool feeling sweep over you. All right, you may raise your head. The brother standing here, he said a cool feeling swept over him just then. Everything left him. It's gone from him. Now, go in peace...?...
[A brother says, "On the brothers card is the word 'Epilepsy.'" --Ed.]
All right, bring your next patient.

E-29 Now, everybody be just as reverent as you can, and God will bless and will heal you. How many loves Him, say amen. [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] He's wonderful. All right, everybody...?... Let's see your hand just a minute. Oh, it's the...?... I could feel that hitting of that...?... what's happened. In your... You believe now with all your heart? If I will ask Him, and He will... If you believe that I will ask Him, you'll be able to hear? Will you serve Him all your life, give Him praise? You believe that He sent me to do this? You have other troubles too, don't you? You have other troubles, physical troubles. Seem to get weak, your back, between your shoulders. All right, have faith in God, as I ask Him to heal you? Shall we bow our heads, everyone.

E-30 Our heavenly Father, this dear woman has come up here. A deaf spirit has got on her, and she is deaf, only hearing by the aid of this trumpet. But Thou art her aid, Lord, You Who created her, can make her well. I pray Thee to be merciful to her. Grant her healing now, also of this trouble in her back, this rheumatic pains. Dear heavenly Father, heal her also there. See her eyes are getting weak also, and nerves.
Grant that she'll be a--a different person, heal her, go out to serve You all the days of her life, giving a testimony, causing others to be brought to this glorious Gospel of Christ. May her testimony be used in a great way for the glory of God. What days she's got left, may they be spent glorifying You. And we're taught that all things work together for good to them that love You. Maybe this come upon her to give her a testimony. You could heal her and let her go out and testify, to win others to You. Help her just now.
Thou demon of deafness, spirit of infirmity that's binding her body, I adjure thee by the Son of God, Jesus Christ, you turn her loose. Come out of her.

E-31 Now, everyone just remain with your head bowed just a moment. It did not let loose. Now, please do not raise your head till you hear my voice. Sometimes many people, sometimes you think you believe, you know, you just raise your head, throw it right back on her. See? Now, don't do that. And then you really...?... Now, you be real nice children of God. Believe with all your heart.
Father, be merciful now and heal our sister so that she may be Thy disciple and testimony of Divine healing.
Thou spirit of deafness, leave the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of her. Now, just remain here with your head bowed. It's left her. Just a moment now, for the...?...

E-32 You hear me? Can you hear me? Amen. Say "amen." Amen. [The sister says, "Amen."--Ed.] It's--it's... That's right. Hear me now? [Brother Branham snaps his fingers--Ed.] All right, you may raise your head. It's left you. All right. [Brother Branham snaps his finger once.--Ed.] Hear that? [Brother Branham snaps his finger again.] Hear me? [Brother Branham snaps his fingers and claps several times.] Hear me? Now, you haven't got your ear trumpet in now.
Now, the shrinkage of that, about an hour, maybe two hours, you'll be hearing right real well. And about day after tomorrow, you'll go all the way deaf again. Then about two days after that, you'll begin to get a running out of your ear. Then, come back, you'll be hearing normal and well then. There's a growth on the ear drum (You see?) is what was doing it. God bless you, sister. And your other troubles are gone too. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Lets just have faith and believe will all of your hearts, and God will grant it.
All right, bring the next man, if you will.

E-33 Now, there's things that happened... You see? Now, she had a growth on her ear drum. How many knows that when you, when anything dies, immediately after it dies, it shrinks. How many knows that? How many deer hunters is in here? Let's see your hands. All right. You kill the deer tonight, and tell the boys how much it weighs. Be careful in the morning; it'll weight a lot different. Isn't that right? Let a little animal get run over on the street here, it'll shrink. An undertaker knows that. They take the false teeth out of the patient, because, after it shrinks, that they would push out. But then after it swells... After it shrinks for awhile, then it'll start swelling. Then it starts... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... like a body of a little dog.
That's the reason I told her she'll go all the way deaf now, in about... After about seventy-two hours, it'll start shrunk, she'll be hearing good. She can hear now. Couldn't hear a thing, at first. She can hear now, normal, practically normally. 'Cause as--as soon as the life went out, it went down.
Now, if she gets among believers, and then if... After the corruption sets into it, I told her it would be running from the ears. Listen at her testimony in about four or five nights from now. Look what's happened. Just have faith now, and believe. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-34 You been trying to get a hold here to... You been asking God to speak to me. Isn't that right? Now, look this a way. I seen a vision move above you awhile ago. You're from--you're from away from here. Isn't that right? You're a stranger here in the city, and you've come from a place where there's a more of a level country. Lots of wind blows, something like Texas, Kansas, the Dakotas, or somewhere through there. It's a level country where you're at.
And you're suffering. Let me see. Look. Watch this. Oh, your trouble is in your mouth. You have cancer in the mouth, I believe. Isn't that right? That is right. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, makes you whole, sir. Go, and the Lord God...?...
Let us give Him praise. Oh, He is here. Don't you believe Him? How many believes Him right now while He's here? Let us stand and give Him praise. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Holy Spirit, move upon them and bless them, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I pray.