Believest Thou This?

Date: 50-0716 | Duration: 1 hour and 26 minutes
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Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S.A.
E-1 Thank you, Brother Lindsay. Good evening audience. Very happy to be here this afternoon to speak about the greatest person that ever lived on the earth, or ever will be on the earth, our Lord Jesus Christ. That's why I've...
One day I was talking, and wife... One of the first meetings we was ever in, she says, "All those people come?"
I said, "The Gospel is the greatest drawing card the world has ever had." I say...
"If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me."

E-2 And now, it falls my lot this afternoon to speak. A little warm under the tent. And I--not a preacher to begin with, but I--I like to talk on the Word. Faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word. That's what gives us faith. Before we can have faith, we must have a basis for faith. Isn't that right? The...
If you was going to get married, you'd have... Your wife would have to tell you she loved you and how she'd be true to you. And you have a--you have her word then. And then, your faith, it just depends on how you feel about, if her word is all right or not.
And that's the way we have to do by any way. By faith we have to have the--a background, a foundation.

E-3 And now, we're going to just not keep you no longer than possible in speaking. As I said, I wasn't a preacher; I just love to talk on the Word. I once... When I was first ordained as a--a Baptist preacher, my, that was one of the greatest hours of my life. I...
When I was a little boy, I thought it took a sissy to pack a Bible. But when I was saved and got ordained, I'd go down the street with my Bible under my arm. And my, when they would call me "brother" or something, I just all swelled out. I thought I was a real preacher. And they just had a local exhorter license, just for the state of Indiana that I could preach, and marry, or bury, or baptize.
So I thought I was a real preacher until one day I heard a real preacher. And then I realized I wasn't any preacher.

E-4 It reminds me of when I was at home. My father used to break bronco horses. He was borned in the state of Kentucky. My mother's from Oklahoma, and moved down into Texas, just above Paris. And my dad went west to breaking horses. And he was a quite a rider, and a very fine shot, and--with a gun. And he went west breaking horses, and that's how he met my mother.
So I always thought that I wanted to be a rider. I'd hear my dad talk about how he would break the horses, and skin the... you know, and the team and so forth.
And we lived on a farm, and I thought, "Oh, my, when I get just a little bigger, I'm going to be a real rider." I'd been to the picture show a few times and seen some of the movies, you know, of some of that--on them dude ranches. And I thought, "Oh, I will just be a real hero."

E-5 So when I used to get the old horse after we'd plow with him all day, you know, and get him out behind the barn to the watering trough... How many country boys is there in here? Let's see your hands. Now, don't be backwards. I thought so. All right.
And we'd get out there by the old watering trough, and I'd get me a handful of cockleburs, and put it under the saddle, and pull down the cinches on it. I'd climb up in the middle of the old horse, you know. And my, the poor old thing so tired, he--he's just worked to death. And here I would set there, and he couldn't get his feet off the ground. He'd just bawl and turn around. I'd take my old straw hat, and have my little brothers lined up down there. And I'd say, "Look at me as a cowboy," just a beating that old horse with my hat. And the poor old thing, why he--he couldn't have throwed an egg off his back hardly. So I was up there in this saddle, you know, just a bucking away. I thought I was.

E-6 And one day I thought I was a real rider. So I left home and went out west to be a cowboy; I landed in Arizona. And so I was at Phoenix. I was having a rodeo. And I thought, "Well, now, here I'm broke, so I will get some money."
It happened to be a little later, we's checking the time, Brother Lindsay was just a little away from there the same time, preaching the Gospel. And we didn't know that till recently when we checked our times when we were there.
And they had a rodeo up there, after the round-up. And they was talking about, oh, how you could go out and ride, and there'd be prizes for riders.
Well, I thought, "I will have to get me a pair of chaps, you know, before I go out there." I went down to one of the outfitting departments, and I got a pretty pair, you know, had a great big A-R-I-Z-O-N-A on it, and steer heads, you know. And I put them around me, and there's about that much leather laying out on the floor. I looked like one of these little banty roosters with that--all that feathers hanging down.
Well, people wasn't going to... I knowed that wasn't nothing. So I finally come to find out the price of them; I didn't have the money. So I got me a pair of Levis, and went on out to the pen.

E-7 They were... I climbed up on there with the rest of those old disfigured cowboys, you know, and the bow-legs, and setting up there. And they went through, and called that they was going to have a certain rider to ride a certain horse. I thought, "Oh, my, I will watch him." And I said, "If he can't ride it, I will." So I--I never seen a rodeo before.
And after while when they come out, I seen this fellow climb up in the chute, stand like this, and catch as catch can when he come out. And my, when he dropped on that horse, he made about two bawls and looked like he'd... One of those outlaws, you know. And he could put both feet in a wash pan and throw a saddle over the corral fence.
So just as soon as that fellow hit on him like that, he made about three lunges like this, and sunfished. And when he did, that fellow went up in the air twisting around, fell down. The pick-ups got the horse.
The fellow come back through calling, said, "I will give any man fifty dollars who'll stay on him one minute--fifty dollars." And he been look all down along that fence. "Fifty dollars, who will take it?" He come right straight to me; he said, "Are you a rider?"
I said, "No sir." Well, that... I wasn't a ride... I thought I was then till that time.

E-8 Well, then when I thought I was a preacher one time. I packed a Bible around, had a little paper in my pocket. And I thought I was preacher.
And one day I was in St. Louis, Missouri, and I run into a Pentecostal camp meeting. And there was a Pentecostal preacher there by the name of Daugherty. And my goodness, that man started preaching. He would just turn blue in the face, and buckling his knees and go plumb to the floor. When he come up, he'd catch his breath, you could hear him two squares and still preaching. Fellow walked up and said, "You a preacher?"
I said, "No, sir, no, no."
My old slow Baptist ways don't think of it that fast. That's all. So I just have to come take my time. So around where there's real preachers, I never say I'm a preacher. So I kinda keep covered up for that. So...

E-9 But I do like to get out when you're not under that anointing for the sick, you know. And you can just be at liberty, you feel free to preach, or to speak of the Word, or anything. And that's what it is. They give me a little time once in a while so I can kinda rejoice.
Now, when the anointing for healing is on, I just keep praying, fasting. And it gets to a place you feel a real sacred calm feeling, not like rejoicing; you just feel a real sacred feeling. But when you're speaking of the Holy Spirit, then it comes with joy, and happiness, and gladness, and the refreshening from the Presence of the Lord. And I'm very happy to--to have that this afternoon.
Just before we go into service, I read a text as, if we should call it a text. I thought I'd make myself clear first that I wasn't a preacher. 'cause, you people are hearing these good preachers around here, well then, you'll know different in a few minutes.

E-10 But what I wanted to tell you was a little bit upon Divine healing, just before we read the Word.
So many people think that Divine healing is just a hocus-pocus affair. That isn't it. It's plain simple and the Gospel of Christ.
Now, what would you think if I told you this afternoon that every sick person in this building was healed? That's right though. That's true. As far as God's concerned, you're healed.
See, many times people want to debate. Here not long ago, this minister where this picture was taken, wanted to debate the subject of whether Christ... Said, "Christ didn't atone for our sickness when He atoned for our sins."
Now, here's what it is, friends. And sometimes it's just so simple, if you'll just try to understand it. How many sick people's here this afternoon? Let's see your hands. I know there's a group of you. All right.

E-11 Now, I want you to do this. I want you to get just what I'm saying now, and then hold to it while I'm speaking. Will you do it?
You'd never live any higher than you confess that you are. It's your confession that saves you. He that confess Me before men, him will I confess before My Father and the holy Angels. When you say you're sick, you're sick. Now, that... I'm not preaching Christian Science now. I'm preaching the power of God, and the Holy Spirit bears record of it. See?
But here's what it is. You accept Him because that you feel that He saved you. And you go telling people, testifying of it, and believing your testimony, and it works righteousness. It'll do the same thing for healing.

E-12 Now, here's what happens. Sin is what brought sickness in the world. Sickness is a result of sin. Now, before we had any sickness, we had no sin. And when sin came, sickness was a results of sin. So Jesus came to rid us of sin, and to rid... There's not a Gospel preacher in the world but what would believe that Jesus Christ died for our sins.
Well, they--that's where it's at here, up this place here. Now, watch close. Here's where He paid the price. And when He died for our sin, as a result of His death, sickness fell right in with it. See?
In other words, if my foot was what was you wanted to kill, kill the head and you got the foot. See? The foot goes in with it.
That's when He atoned for sins, He atoned for the sins' results. Sickness is an attribute of sin. And Jesus died for our sins. And sickness, iniquity, and all was included in His death for our sins. You see it? Then when He died for the sins of the world, there at Calvary He healed you, you, you, you, every one of you. And you're already healed. You're already forgiven of your sins if you'll just accept it.

E-13 Now, you don't go to hell because you're a sinner; you go to hell because you refused to accept the way away from hell. There's a bypass; that's Christ. There's a bypass from your sickness, quick death, premature grave; that's through Christ. But now, you're--you're--you sinned in the beginning, and Christ died for your sins. Therefore, He saved you when He died. He saved you, and He healed you when He died, for He took your place.
But now, all you have to do is to accept it by faith, and you'll receive it. See what I mean? Now, there's nothing more to be done, because your healing's already paid for. You can have it right this afternoon. You can have it right now, this very minute when you believe it. When your faith meets God's requirement, to believe that Christ died for your sickness, when He died for your sins (and He died for your sins at Calvary), and accept it upon that basis; at that moment, you are healed in the sight of God. See? Then you go on testifying of it, believing it.
You don't... We... You testify of the things you do not see. Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things you do not see. And we look at the unseen.

E-14 Abraham, twenty-five years before Isaac was born, testified, and believed God when he's a hundred years old. Paul, before the storm ever ceased, knew what was going to happen, because he had God's Word for it.
Now, you've got God's Word for it this afternoon. And I wished you would do this. If you'll do this... Here's a challenge that I will make as a minister of the Gospel. If you'll believe this afternoon, and the Holy Spirit will come down into our midst, and you can actually, while you're praying, feel the Holy Spirit in your heart, that He's accepted your prayer, if you'll stand on that right there, and believe it... Don't fool with any more prayer line; you don't need it. If you'll believe it right there where you are, then that settles the sickness for the rest of the way out. That'll do it. Then rise with a stern faith, walk boldly. Say, "How do you know you're well?"
"Because God said I was, and I believe His Word. That's why."

E-15 Now, you're not saved because you feel like that you're saved. If I... If somebody'd say, "I know I'm saved, because I had a chill run through me, and so forth." That's not why I'm saved. Satan could whip me around a stump anywhere, and he can you too upon your feelings. That's right. But when I walk back and say, THUS SAITH THE LORD, my faith is built on the Word of God. And he can't whip that away.
Remember. Jesus had all the qualities of the Father in Him. Do you believe that? Sure He did. All the fine gifts of God was in Christ, His Son; for He was the offspring of God. But notice, when He met Satan, for your example, He never used one gift on him. When Satan came to Him, He said, "It is written (Deuteronomy 7:14, I believe, or it's 8:14, and also in the Psalms): Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word proceedeth out of the mouth of God." Satan caught Him again up on the pinnacle of the temple: Jesus said, "It is written." And he took Him up to the top of the mountain. Jesus said, "It is written. (See?) It is written."

E-16 Now, notice. Here it is! I want you to see it and get it now. The Word of God, written Word of God will defeat Satan anywhere, any place, any time. It's written. There it is.
Everybody wouldn't have gifts. Jesus brought it down to a place where those who do not have gifts, that do not have very much faith, could just say, "It is written." There it is; and then just stand right on that.
Corn will bring forth corn. Is that right? Barley will bring forth barley. Wheat will bring forth wheat. Jesus said that the Word of God is a Seed that a sower sowed. And every Word will... Every Word of God, every promise of God will bring forth of its kind. Do you believe that? See?

E-17 Now, what does the farmer do? He sows the wheat. Well, look for the harvest. The next morning, what if he goes out there and uncovers it, say, "Why, it ain't sprouted. There's nothing to it. So I--I ain't going to have no wheat." Well, if he isn't going to have any wheat... If he keeps digging it up, looking at it, he will never have wheat. You just sow it and let it alone. Amen.
There it is. It's up to God to bring it forth. It's up to God to send the rain. And it's you to accept God on His Word. Hallelujah. And it's up to God to bring His Word to pass. No man's worth any more than his word, and God's not worth a bit more than what His Word is.
And I say this with a challenge in faith, that every promise of God will be brought to pass if you take the right mental attitude towards it. That's right. Look at it. Believe it.

E-18 John Sproule, many of you has heard of John, the Glory Barn, years ago. In Alsace Lorraine, France, said him and his wife walking out one afternoon looking at a statue of Christ. And he stand out criticizing; he said, "Why, I don't see no suffering. Don't see nothing that look like anything would be so great about that monument there."
The guide said, "Well, you're looking at it wrong, sir." Said, "You get down here at the altar." Said, "There's a altar built here." And said, "Now, look up."
He looked up and said, "Oh, my." His heart like to broke.
See, it's just the way you look at it. If you look at the Word was way back there, and Christ lived years ago, and He's not today, and He's not the same yesterday, today, and forever, that's just what you'll get out of it. But it's not to be looked off as history, it's to be get down and look up to It and believe It. The way you look at the Word of God...

E-19 Now, accept it right now, and say to God right now in prayer, "Lord, this afternoon I'm setting here sick. I've seen all these ministers preach the Word; I've seen Christians; I've seen prostitutes made ladies and saints; I've seen drunkards on the street come in and become gentlemen and upright men, saints of God become Gospel preachers by preaching the Word. I believe You sent those men." Say, "Now, Father, I--I seen someone come in claiming the gift of Divine healing, to know the hearts of the people. I see that. And I know that You're dwelling in Your people. All over the world, You're moving ov... through Your people. And this afternoon, I'm going to accept You as my Divine Healer and my Divine Saviour. And I'm going to believe it, and confess it, and stay with it; if You'll just bless me this afternoon, and make it so in my heart that I can believe it."
Will you make God that promise? Will you do it? You that's sick, say, "I promise that, Lord. If You'll just touch me with a little faith this afternoon, then I'm going to believe it, and walk out of here and be a healed person the rest of my life. I will refuse to see anything else but the promise of God."
Now, you do that. That's the only way you can be healed, is by faith. So accept it, believe it, and God shall bring it to pass.
All right. Let's bow our head.

E-20 Our heavenly Father, we've gathered here now for a few moments of the Word, speaking the Word. And faith cometh by hearing, and hearing of the Word. And now, as we're just about to open up the Bible and read It, we realize that no man can open the Book. John said, "No man in heaven or on earth could open the Book, or beneath the earth. But the Lamb, which had been slain from the foundation of the world, was worthy to come take the Book out of the hand of Him that sat upon the throne, and to open the Book, and to loose the seals thereof.
And now, may the Lamb of God, by the Holy Spirit, come right into this meeting this afternoon, take the Word of God, and just open it up into every heart. And may, as they receive the Word, may Thy servant's lips be circumcised to speak, and may their hearts be circumcised to receive; and may the fruits be a hundred fold. For we ask it in the lovely Name of Thy Son Jesus. Amen.

E-21 In the Book of Saint Matthew--or Saint John, rather, the 11th chapter. I wish to read just a few verses. You that wants to mark it down, just of an old familiar text that many times your pastor's talked on it, and--the resurrection of Lazarus, beginning at the 20th verse and down to the 27th inclusive. Listen closely to the Word.
I know it's awfully hot in here this afternoon. But oh, friends, we're here trying to bypass the place that'll be much hotter than this. There'll be no fans down there. And--and we want to bypass that great place, don't we, called hell.
All right. Now, 11th chapter of Saint John, and the 20th verse beginning.

E-22 I tell you, I like you people here, bringing your Bibles and reading the Word. I like that. You're very nice. Crowds hasn't been what we--what I thought they would be here, because it's way out of town, and we've had difficult. But what's been coming has been a lovely, lovely group of people, seemingly, with a great faith, very obedient, just as nice a groups as you could speak to anywhere in the world, as I have. Now, listen closely to the Word.
Then Martha, as soon as she heard Jesus was coming, went and met him: but Mary set still in the house.
Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou had been here, my brother had not died.
But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou will ask... God, God will give it thee. (I like that, don't you?)
Jesus said unto her, Thy brother shall rise again. (See what that kind of faith brings?)
Martha said unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day.
Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection, and... life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?
She said unto him... (Listen to this closely.)... Yea, Lord... (Oh, I love that.)... I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world.

E-23 Can we pray now?
Father, bless Thy Word as It's been read. May It go forth now, and sink into the hearts as I speak on It. And may the Holy Spirit bring a hundredfold for healing of the body and for the soul also. And may there be an old fashion revival start here, Father. We're longing, praying, knowing it's the only hope left in the world now, for all kingdoms and powers will be shook and moved. But we receive a Kingdom which cannot be moved. Help us today, God, to introduce this Kingdom. And may men press their way into It. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-24 Now, this was in the early part of the ministry of our Lord. He was borned in the world, had a bad start, just to began.
You know, I like to think of Him as how... If you would ever know Who Jesus really is, then you can appreciate His great sacrifice so much more. You have to know Who He is, first.
He wasn't just a righteous man, or a good man. He was the Son of God. No one, no Angel, no nothing else could have ever took the place but He. And He was willing to come down for us.
And when He was born, He born on the earth here, and come by the way of a stable, and went out the way of capital punishment. And yet, we complain sometimes because we have a few trials and troubles. Well, look what He--what happened to Him.

E-25 You know why He was borned in a stable? Because He was a Lamb. Lambs are not born in houses; they're born in barns. And He was... Did you notice to the Calvary, they led Him away to the slaughter. That's the way they do Lambs. They lead them away. He was God's Lamb... provided Lamb, provided for us, that we sinners might have access to God through Him.
Now, when He was born, His reputation... He was supposed to have been an illegitimate child. They said that Joseph was His father, and Mary was His mother. But Joseph actually wasn't His father.

E-26 Not long ago up in the mountains, I met a man, an old trapper. And he told me, he said... He was supposed to have a real education. He was a scientist, had been. And he come up there in the winter and went to trapping, and just liked it much better; so he stayed because it was peaceful.
And he said to me; he said, "You believe that story about the virgin birth?"
I said, "Every Word of it."
Said, "You don't really believe that, Billy."
And I said, "Yes, I do, every Word of it."
He said, "Why, it's impossible." Said, "He couldn't have born like that." Said, "That's against all scientific research."
I said, "I don't know what scientific research it's against, but it's not against God's Word." And I said, "God said that He was His Son, and I believe it."
He said, "Well, depends on who you think God was. If you want to say Joseph was God, it's all right."
I said, "Joseph was a man like you and I. But God is Jehovah, the Spirit of God, the Spirit that brood over the earth."
He said, "Oh, that's impossible." He said, "Billy," he said, "corn can't even make... or nothing." Said, "No baby could be born without actual contact between male and female."
I said, "Grampy, I hate to dispute your word as an old man, but," I said, "you're wrong there."
He said, "You don't really believe that that baby was born."
I said, "I believe that Jehovah God overshadowed a little virgin called Mary, and created in her womb a blood cell without knowing any man at all, and from there came the son of God."

E-27 And we're not born into that by His righteous, Holy Blood, without sexual desire. He died at Calvary, giving His blood that we could be free from sin. Brother, you believe that? If you don't, you're lost. That's all. Because it's in the Blood.
We're saved by the Blood of God. The... We're the blood of our father. Jesus was the Blood of His Father, which was holy, unadulterated Blood, not by sexual desire, but by Holy Ghost was He born, conceived in the womb of Mary, and was born. I believe it with all my heart.
He said, "I just can't see that that could be so." Said, "Because it could not produce without actual contact." And he said, "And no, they had to be..."
I said, "Look, Grampy. Will you admit to me then..." After a few days of argument. He met down there in a--in a little old cabin where there's a bunch of men. He started again. I said, "Will you admit to me that He had an earthly mother, but it's impossible for anything to be borned on this earth without having a literal father and mother."
He said, "That's exactly right."
I said, "Well, I want to ask you something then. If you say it's impossible for Him to be here by Jehovah God, the Creator, without a hea--earthly father, yet you give Him credit for having a earthly mother, then how did the first man get here without father or mother?" He had to have a pappy and mammy somewhere, let him be a tadpole, monkey, whatever you want to call it; he had to have a papa and a mama according to him. He's never answered me yet today. He... That's right. And he can't. God's the Creator made man in His own image. That's the way I believe it.
He said, "Well, Darwin said so-and-so."
I haven't got faith enough to believe that. I just believe what God said about it. My faith is what the Lord said.

E-28 And He came into this world under a critics, and went out the way of capital punishment at Calvary, a sin Offering. But His birth was glorious. The Angels of God came down and sing about it.
Back from the beginning of time, I believe that He was the woman's Seed that was to bruise the serpent's head. I believe that. And He was to come through the woman, a Saviour.
And notice. Then when He was... Before He was born, great things were taking place. There was a remnant of people who were believing, having faith that God was going to send the Messiah. It had got down to just a very few. But God always has had a remnant of people. (Am I hollering too loud?) Always a remnant of people who believe His Word. You believe it? And He's got today, somebody somewhere, who will believe Him. I trust that we're all in that group this afternoon.

E-29 Notice. Then when He spoke to the prophets, and told them all about Him coming... Every one down through the age told about His birth. John the Baptist told about it.
When John was a very peculiar child... When his father, Zacharias, his mother, Elisabeth, when they were old and past the age of bearing... Zacharias was a righteous man, God fearing man. God, give us some more Zacharias today, God fearing men and women. Offered prayer in their home, supplications before God.
Zacharias was at the temple one day making his offering, burning incense as it was his lot. And God sent an Angel by the name of Gabriel, came down from heaven and stood by the altar.

E-30 Notice what kind of a man He came to now: a man that was a righteous. A righteous man's not a sinless man, but a man that depends on His righteousness by confessing his wrongs to God.
Notice. Then the Angel said to--to the priest, Zacharias; He said when the days of his ministration was over, he was to go home, and his wife was going to conceive and bring forth a child. And they call his name John.
Now, Zacharias, yet a priest, a minister of the Word, failed to believe the Angel. Notice. Then the Angel said...
When God has spoke anything, He will perform it. Amen. You believe that? He's going to have a Church. I don't know who's in It, but He's going to have a Church without spot or wrinkle. It's somebody. I don't know who it is, but It'll be there. You say, "Where will they get it?" I don't know. But It's going to be there, for God has said so, and God can't lie.

E-31 Notice. Now, when anything's going to happen on the earth, first, God sends a messenger. And that messenger is anointed by an Angel. Now, sometimes minor Angels comes. There's minor Angels and major Angels. Now, this Angel that came was Gabriel, Who stands in the Presence of God. That was something major. And He came down. And when Gabriel comes from heaven, remember, something's going to happen. Gabriel announced the first coming of Jesus, Gabriel will announce the second coming of Jesus. The trump of God shall sound first--an Angel.
Notice. Then He came and He announced that John was to be borned. And Zacharias, priest, righteous man, yet without the appropriated faith... You get what I mean? Many people come in the line, say, "I been a Christian for thirty years." That's good. But what about your faith now? God don't heal you on them merits of your salvation; He heals you on the merits of your faith. If ye believe... Hallelujah.
Notice. If ye believe... He never said to the Gentile woman anything, but said, "If ye believe..." All right. That's the question. Can you believe God and take Him at His Word? Oh, my, if we'd do that, there'd be a hallelujah sweep the country. Healings would come from everywhere. You'd see men out on the street holding with one hand...?... the other, claiming God healed him. Stay with it. God will bring it to pass. That's right. 'Cause He's under obligation. He swore that He would do it.

E-32 In them days, when they made a covenant, they would take a lamb or a beast. They'd write a covenant out, two men between them. They would write it out what it was. And then they would kill a beast. And over this beast, they would tear this thing in two. One man would take one part and one the other. And then, in order to confirm this covenant, that man had to take this same piece of paper and bring it back, and it had to perfectly... Now, here it is. It had to perfectly dovetail with the piece that was tore off from.
Now, God made a Covenant with the Church. And He wrote It out--the Bible. And on the day of the atonement, God killed His Son. You believe it? Tore Him apart, and He took His body up to the right hand of His Majesty, and sent His Spirit back as a Covenant to us. And at that day, unless we have that same Holy Spirit in us, we can't go in the Body.
That's just old sassafras preaching, but it'll save you. That's right. We have to have the Spirit of Christ in us, the same Spirit that come out of that Body, to make up His Body, to go back again with Him. Oh, my. That's right. God made a Covenant with us.

E-33 And then, our priest, he didn't believe God, didn't believe the Angel. And the Angel said, "Because you haven't believed my Word, I'm Gabriel that stands before God, you'll be dumb till the day your baby's born."
Zacharias come out and beckoned to the people. They perceived that he'd seen an Angel. Went up into Judaea in the hilly country where they lived. And then, his wife, past the age of bearing, conceived, and hid herself months away, for she was going to be a mother.
Then six months later, God sent Gabriel again. Oh, my. I just love Him. I--I get pretty happy once in a while. You may think I'm a little noisy for a Baptist. But I'm one Baptist that's got the Holy Ghost. So I...?... It gets one, gets noisy. So don't think I'm a fanatic, 'cause I'm not. If you felt the same way I do, you'd probably be doing the same thing.

E-34 Notice. He sent Gabriel again to the meanest city on the earth (Minneapolis has a chance then, don't they? All right.) meanest place on the earth, Nazareth, to a little virgin who lived right before God.
Poor. Not the rich and haughty. God don't look at your money, or the way you dress. He looks at your heart. Hallelujah! I'm glad that this old time salvation will make a pair of overalls, a tuxedo suit hug one another, and call them brother. Will make a calico dress and silk set together, and call each other sister. Takes away pride...
That's what's the matter with the Church today: got too starchy, too much pride. Let down, you're in six foot of dirt anyhow. That's right. Got a soul's got to meet God some day. That's what's the matter with our Pentecost church, and other Holiness churches. They get up too pride. They get a good church and a nice place, and think we want to pattern after the world.
That's where God's people always got in trouble, when they patterned after the rest of them. He's our pattern. Hallelujah. The matching time.

E-35 You paint your steps red, and see if the neighbor don't paint his steps red. That's right. Buy a Mercury and see if the neighbor don't want a Mercury. They want to match. I don't care whether my pants match my coat, or my shirt matches my suit; I want my experience to match God's Bible. That's the kind of a match that Christians ought to have. Not whether Jones has got a big church and I got a little one. I want Christ. Hallelujah! That's right. Yes. There's where it comes, friends.

E-36 Mary, a little innocent virgin, down in Nazareth. And maybe we will call it, wash day. I don't know.
Mondays usually at my house when my wife washes. It's always a hard day. We used to have to pack the water and boil it in an old tub behind the house, and... You know what I mean, and wash. And I'd help wash too. Old cedar tub, how... Good times, though.
As long as you love the Lord, what difference does it make? Happiness does not consist of how much of this world's goods you own, it's how contented you are with the portion's allotted to you. That's what happiness means. Find Christ and you got happiness. You have. That's true.

E-37 Then here... Look at Gabriel. Comes down from the heaven by the command of God. All those many girls around through there, probably with manicured hair, what you call it, and all that kind of stuff, around like they have. I said the wrong word, but... I don't know about how they do it. But you know...
But He came to a simple, plain, humble believer. Hallelujah! That's the way He does today, too. You don't entice God by the way you dress. You entice God by the way you live, and think, and act. God help us to get back to the old fashioned Holy Ghost Gospel. I believe in it, don't you? Old time, backwoods, sky blue, sin killing religion. That's right. It'll help you. It'll save you.

E-38 All right. Here she was going down, probably, to get some water. Let's dramatize it just a minute so the little fellows can pick it up. Maybe she's going down to get some water.
In the Oriental type, they packed it on their head, big old pitcher with the wings out on the side here, handles.
And I can see little Mary, about seventeen years old, engaged to a man about forty-five, some children. Here she come up along. But she was righteous in her heart, because Joseph was a just man before God.
Feel a lot better if women--young ladies today picked something like that today, instead of some little boy with a pack of cigarettes in his pocket.

E-39 And not long ago, there was a little girl back there at the Tabernacle, my church. She's a sweet little old girl, a little Christian girl. She was running around with some little old boy who packed a flask in his pocket and smoked cigarettes. I couldn't see nothing in the boy myself. Tried for two or three years to get him to be a Christian, but he wouldn't do it. And I asked her, I said, "Sis, what do you see in that boy?"
You know what kind of answer she give me, like some of these bobby sock kids today? She said, "Brother Branham," said, "he just got this cute little feet, and he smells so good."
I thought, "What a way to pick a husband." I said, "I'd rather marry a man that was a Christian, that had feet like a box car, and smelled like a pole cat, if he was a Christian." That's right. A piece of...?... That's right.
By the Blood of Christ, we're saved. Hallelujah! He will make a living for you and be a gentleman, if he's saved. All right. Not by the outwardly appearance, but by the heart God judges. It's true.

E-40 Years ago, we had a good old fashion church, they tell me. I didn't--wasn't in them in them days. Where the people got together, they sang praises to God, they shouted and praised Him, glorified Him. And today? My! All that's faded away. It's time to get back (That's right.) to the days when God will bless us.
Notice. then Mary, on her road up, as we go with our drama. She was walking along, probably singing some hymn, and chanting some Psalm.
All of a sudden, a big Light, let's say, swarmed before her. And standing in this Light stood a great Angel. Oh, my, it frightened the little virgin. It would frighten you. I know how I felt myself when one appeared. And the Angel said, "Hail Mary..." In other words, "Stop. Blessed art thou among women, for you have found favor with God." And He said... Now, He begin to tell her about Elisabeth, her cousin. John and Jesus were second cousins. And Mary and--and Elisabeth were first cousins.
And said that she'd found favor before God, and she was going to conceive and bring forth a Child without knowing any man.

E-41 Now, I want you to notice something closely. Look when the Angel came to the priest, Zacharias, and told him that Sarah... or Elisabeth was going to have a child by him, he had plenty of examples before that. Hannah had had a child past age of bearing. Sarah, near a hundred years old or better, had brought a child after the age of bearing: plenty examples. But that callused priest failed to believe God.
But Mary never; she never questioned. She said, "Behold the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to Thy Word."
Notice. She didn't wait till she was positive. She didn't wait till she felt something, felt life. She started right then praising God for it, for she had His promise.
Brother, sister, give us some more Marys here in Minneapolis, who'll take God at His Word, not wait till you feel something, or something happens, take His Word and start rejoicing about it. Hallelujah! God said He's the Healer; I believe it. He said He created me. I believe it. Take His Word and start rejoicing about it. Hallelujah! That's the kind of people we need.

E-42 She went right around telling everybody she was going to have the baby, and wasn't no sign or nothing of it. She didn't have to have any signs. Only thing she had to have was God's Word. That's all we have to have. God said so; that settles it with me. What about you? Believe it. Take Him at His Word and say it's so, and just go ahead. That's all you have to have, is His Word. Bound to bring it forth. You believe it, brother? Stay with it. Hallelujah. That's right. Stay with it. It'll bring the results every time. I've never seen it fail.
When a true heart come before God and meant business, and took God at His Word, and started testifying of it, and looking to the unseen; then God's promises always produces what is asked for. That's right.

E-43 All right. Mary went around telling the folks that she was going to have a child, knowing no man. Right quick, she... The Angel had told her about her cousin, and up into Judaea she went to see her. Oh, my.
There's something about the Gospel, when we hear the good news, we like to tell others, don't we. Everybody gets saved wants to tell somebody else. Everybody gets healed wants to tell somebody else.
Away she went to bring her cousin the good news, that she was going to have the child, and how that her cousin was going to have a child. All right. I can see her going up to the house.

E-44 And let's do a little drama here again. I can see Elisabeth setting on the porch, maybe doing her--her work, knitting, or ever what she might be doing, and Mary comes up. Real quick, as soon as Mary comes, she sees Elisabeth. My, both Christian women, as we would call it today, ran out, threw their arms around one another, hugged one another, kissed one another, saluting each other.
Oh, I like that. I like a good, warm feeling, don't you? I hate that old, cold, formal way we got. People today, they're so far away from one another, you don't care for one another. That's what's the matter. Even church members get the same way. They don't care for one another. Why, if anybody does anything wrong, trying to shove him down. Don't shove him down; pick him up; help him. That's right. Don't try to criticize him, tell somebody else; go to him with your arms around him. And today, they got so afraid, they don't even want to shake hands anymore.
I like a good, old Methodist, pump handle hand shake. You know, one of them kind. Get right down and shake.

E-45 Here not long ago, I was in a meeting. There was some kind of a princess, or something or other, I don't know, from... She come to the meeting. She had on about enough clothes to wad a musket shotgun. And if I'd of seen her before the meeting, I'd have went and put my coat on her while I was preaching. I'd have done that.
And she come up after the meeting, holding a pair of glasses on a stick, you know, out like this. I don't know... A funny looking thing. No clothes hardly on at all. Come walking up like this. And she said, "I want to meet Doctor Branham." Doctor Branham. The very idea. No doctor, I'm your brother.

E-46 And she come up. And one of the managers brought her over to me, you know, like that, to introduce, said, "this is So-and-so," some kind of a big long name. Said, "Well, Doctor Branham," she said, "I'm charmed." She had her hand up like this, going...
I gazed at the hand going down. I said, "Bring it down here so I will know you when I see you again...?..." Oh, I don't like that old put on, starchy. What are you anyhow? You got to stand in the Presence of God someday to give an account for that sinful soul, and answer before God. There she was, standing there all like that.

E-47 Used to be, a long time ago, when the neighbor got sick or something, we went over and cut his corn, cut him some wood if it was wintertime. And today the neighbor can die, and you don't know it till you read it in the paper. That's right. No friendship among one another anymore. That's awful.
Love... "Because the iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold," said Jesus in Matthew's the 24th chapter. That's true.

E-48 Now, and she begin to talk to Elisabeth, and Elisabeth begin to talk to her. And I can hear Elis... Mary say to Elisabeth... Let's listen to their conversation. I can hear Elisabeth say--or Mary say to Elisabeth, "Oh, I am so happy, because that I've been told that you were going to be a mother in your old age." And of course, she could see that and know that.
And I can hear Elisabeth say, "Yes, I--I am. Oh, I'm so happy about it. But Mary, I--I'm just a little afraid. See, it--it's six months with me as mother. And as far as we now, the baby had no life." She was a little weary yet about it, you know. Little John was there. And that's altogether subnatural. You see, it's--it's not right. And so about two or three months, life. And here she was all this time and no life yet.

E-49 And Mary said, "The Angel Gabriel met me and told me that I was going to bring forth a Son also. And I was to call His Name Jesus." Well, just the time that she spoke Jesus, little John begin to leap and jump in his mother's womb.
Brother, the first time the Name of Jesus Christ was ever spoke, it brought life to a dead baby. What ought it to bring to a Holy Ghost Church when the Name of Jesus...?... power of sickness and sin. Hallelujah! Yes, it's... That Name, Jesus Christ, when it was spoke first by mortal lips, it brought life to a baby that was dead in his mother's womb. The Bible said, he received the Holy Ghost, and was borned from his mother's womb full of the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! Oh, my.
What's the matter with Christians? Wishy-washy, half jellyfish. Get a backbone in you and stand up for God and what's right. And today, stand for what the Bible says, and believe it with all your heart.

E-50 Little John begin to leap in his mother's womb for joy, and the Holy Spirit came upon Elisabeth. She said, "Whence cometh the mother of my Lord? For as soon as your salutation came into my ears, my baby leaped in the womb for joy." Oh, my.
Think what it done. When Jesus' Name was spoke, brought life to that dead baby. What ought It to bring to your limbs, sir? What ought It to bring to your sickness, to you men setting here, and you over there.
Take the name of Jesus with you, everywhere you go; breathe it everywhere in prayer. Be loyal; be holy. Live for God, and God will confirm His Word. Yes, sir. He swore that He would do it. There you are. The Word come into her ears and her baby begin to leap for joy. They was hugging one another.

E-51 After while, after they left, after a few days up there, then they wondered whether this little John, what kind of a boy he would be. When John was borned... We're kindly believe that he was about eight years old or nine; he was taken into the wilderness, not to the theological cemeteries, or seminary. It's all about the same thing. That's about right. Even if I did see one. That's true.
You know what a seminary preacher always reminds me of? I'm not hurting your feelings, brother, I hope. But look, it does get some men once in a while. But a seminary preacher reminds me of a incubator chicken, just chirp, chirp, chirp. It ain't got no mammy. That's right. Got a great big...?... yonder.

E-52 I'd rather have a man that didn't know split beans from coffee, and knowed God in His heart to deal with my people, than I would some man with enough education to choke a mule, and know nothing about God. That's right. God bless your heart, brother. An old fashion sassafras experience, what we need today.
We don't want to know "genealogy," you need a little "kneeanology." That's what man needs today. Back to God; back to the prayer life where...?... speaking out. Pray, hold on to God till it comes to pass. God will do it. Hallelujah!
Now, don't get scared with that "Hallelujah," means "praise our God," and He's worthy of all of it. Amen. I believe it. "Amen" means "so be it." You won't scare me when you say it.

E-53 All right. Notice. Here we are now. And little John, when he was born, taking out into the wilderness and stayed with God. When he was...
Then Jesus was born, we know all about His birth six months later. When little... When Jesus... John came out of the wilderness, look at him how he come. My, oh, my. He came...
And I've often wondered what John was preaching. What a man. People didn't go out to see how he was dressed. He had an old pair of hairy trousers on, a piece of... strip around him out of a camel skin to tie on this old piece of goods he had around him, an old hairy animal skin around him.
And he came out, stood on the banks of Jordan; was no seats to set in. Them may be hard, but they didn't have any at all. They stirred all the regions around about Jordan. Think of it: no seminary experience, not how to stand up and say, "aaaaamen," like a dying calf.
But he--he had a Message from God. That's right. He didn't preach vain human philosophy; he preached Christ, and it stirred the nation.

E-54 God bless your heart, give us some more Baptists like that, and I will believe them. Amen. That's right. I said to a bishop not long ago, "Produce me some more Johns. He preached the Holy Ghost, and he had the Holy Ghost." Yes, sir. He didn't draw any punches either. He put it right out the way they belong. And he preached, and he stirred all the regions. Why? He preached Christ. That's right.
Christ preached the way of simplicity will stir the people. It's the power of God. "If I be lifted up, I will draw all men unto Me." That's true. Notice closely. After Jesus...
Then we have to hurry, 'cause I get caught; my time's already gone, about ten minutes left. Oh, my. We just never get through talking about Him.

E-55 And how Jesus, when He was baptized, I can see... Let's take a little drama again and... I can see Jesus and Lazarus were friends and played together. They knew not each other. And Lazarus, we're taught, was, kind of was a scribe at the temple, and maybe the-- his daughter--his sisters made tapestries and so forth, and done some needle work.
Just in a--a drama picture now, I can see Jesus and Lazarus playing together. And after while, Lazarus comes back and tells Jesus, "My, there's a mighty prophet standing down on Jordan. He speaks of One greater than he a coming, Who'll baptize with the Holy Ghost and fire. You ought to go down and see him." And little did he know he was talking right then to the Man.

E-56 You don't know who's setting right next to you today. And in church, and that fellow's made a mistake. That's one of God's sons or God's daughters. Don't turn him down, help him. That's right. Put a arm around him. You don't know what God could do with him if you just help him a little. That's right.
And then, after while, I can see Jesus go with John--or go with Lazarus down, and was baptized of him in the Jordan. And Jesus went into the wilderness. And when the Father had spoken, had--had testified of His Son, vindicated Him to be His beloved Son in Who He was well pleased... And out into the wilderness He went to be tempted of the Spirit.

E-57 That's just the way it happens. When you get the Holy Ghost, the first thing the devil comes right along for temptations. When you claim your healing, watch the devil come right along to back her and say it's wrong. That's the time to stand, because you don't testify of what you see or feel. You testify of what you believe. That's right. Stay with it.
Out into the wilderness and was tempted of the devil, returned back, His ministry at time of our text (Now, we will get just as quick as we can.) had got to a place where crowds was coming from everywhere and being healed, and listening to His precious Words as they fell from His lips. His ministry got so great until it was pushing out. Oh, my, the people were coming, just tasting of that honey that fell out of His mouth.

E-58 Last night when I was reading that text of Saint Luke the 5th chapter, how that they come to hear His Word, pressed upon Him to hear the Word of God, how glorious... The Church today ought to be pressing everywhere to hear the Word of God, staying with the Word.
We're the church natural--or the Church spiritual, just like Israel was the church natural. We were brought out of bondage, human bondage, just like Israel was brought out of Egyptian bondage. You believe that? We come across...
We had a sacrifice to come out by. The blood on the lintel, the door, and on the post, just a cross, perfectly. No one was to go under the blood after once coming in until the call come to go out. They crossed Jordan--or crossed the Red Sea, type of the Blood, sanctifying power of God killing all sin nature, sin behind you, the taskmasters, the cigarettes, the whiskey, the road houses, the picture shows. Everything that bothers you back there and hinders your Christian experience died in the Blood of Christ. Yes, sir, brother.

E-59 If you've ever once been purged by the Blood of Christ, them things are dead. If it isn't... If you love the world, the things of the world, the love of the Father's not in you. That may be a little hard to be taught here, but it's the truth; let me tell you. I don't have measuring sticks in church. No, not a bit. No, sir.
Old, old oak tree you have around here holds its leaves all winter long. Spring of the year comes, you don't have to go pick old leaves off, just let the new life comes in, the old leaf drops off. That's the way it is. Let Christ come into the heart; the rest of it will take care of itself. That's right. Just get Christ in the heart; it'll take care of the rest.

E-60 And as they marched over, how beautiful; that types our churches today, how that they crossed through the Red Sea. And then, Moses began to sing in the Spirit. Miriam picked up a tambourine, begin to dance just like an old fashioned Holy Ghost meeting: dancing and singing, and praising the Lord. Why? They had the victory. They got the victory. All the tas... []... the next morning. And when they went out, Manna laid all over the ground. []... From God out of heaven. They tasted it, and it taste like honey. Oh, my. There's something about honey that's sweet.

E-61 David, a shepherd, used to... The old shepherds of the days gone by used to carry a script bag on them. And they put honey in that script bag. And when their sheep would get sick, they'd take that honey and pour it on a rock and let the sick sheep go to licking on that rock. When they licked off the honey, they got some of the limestone out of the rock and it healed the sheep.
Now, look brothers. I got a whole script bag full of honey. Now, I'm going to put it on a Rock called Jesus; you sick sheep get to licking right quick and see if you don't get well. Yes, sir. Lick with all you can. Hallelujah! And brother, I will put it on Christ Jesus, not on the Baptist, Methodist, or Presbyterian church, or whatever it may be. It belongs on Christ. Don't lick on your church, lick on God. Hallelujah! That's where the promise is. Not what Doctor So-and-so said about it, but what God said about it. That's the One to believe. Yes, sir.

E-62 Something about that stone, hold to it. In the old days when they used to... A person get mad dog bit, they'd take the--the person that was mad dog bit, and take them to the mad stone. If they stuck to the stone, they got well. If they didn't stick, they died.
Oh, the worst devil--or worse mad dog I know is the devil. He's bit all of us in--in the way. That's right. And I tell you there's a Rock, Christ Jesus. Get to It. Stick to It. Hold on to It. Hallelujah! It'll bring you through. Just stick right to the Rock of Ages, cleft for me; let me hide myself in Thee. Hold on for dear life if you're sick. Watch and see if you don't get well. Just stick to the Rock; It'll bring you through. That's right. Yes, sir.

E-63 Friends, let's look at the honey just a little bit longer. "The wafer, it tastes like honey," He said, "in the rock." Now, that was a type of the Holy Spirit.
God told Moses--had Aaron, go get a omer full of it and take it in the place where it would be kept, in the holiest of holies. Let every generation passing down through from then on, when their sons' sons would ask them, "What was it for?," and every priest that was in lineage of the priesthood, knowed as soon as he stepped in behind, into the priesthood, he had a right to take a bite of the original manna that fell in the beginning. Yes, sir. He could have a bite. As soon as he was ordained in the priesthood, he could taste of the original manna.

E-64 How beautiful that is of the Holy Spirit, our sustaining strength to carry the Church on. If they failed to eat manna, they died. And if we fail to eat on the Holy Ghost, we die. If we fail to pray through daily, all the time, keep under the Blood, you'll wither up and die in your Christian experience.
And now, friends, as it was on the day of Pentecost when our Manna was poured out... While they were all gathered in one place in one accord, and they wasn't arguing whether they was Methodist, Baptist, or Lutheran. They were in one place in one accord, expecting God to keep His Word. For in Luke 24:49, He said, "Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until you're endued with power from on high." Acts 1 says, "When the Holy Ghost is come upon you, then you'll be witnesses of Me in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, and to uttermost parts of the world.

E-65 And a hundred and twenty people had gathered together in the upper room, waiting for their sustaining strength to take down among the people. And all of a sudden, there came a sound from heaven like a rushing mighty wind, and It filled all the house where they were setting, cloven tongues appeared upon all...?... Out into the streets...
And let me tell you something right now. Virgin Mary and them was right among them. That's right. And if God wouldn't respect the holy virgin Mary to get to heaven any other way besides receive the Holy Ghost, woman, what about you? That's right. You'll have to pay the same price, get the same experience, have the same thing that they had back there at the beginning.

E-66 For I tell you, when the power of God begin to fall, they lost all dignity and everything else. Out into the streets, staggering like drunk men, filled with the Holy Ghost...?... Peter said, "The promise is unto you, and to your children, and to them that's far off," even Minneapolis, Minnesota, or "as many as the Lord our God shall call."
Brother, I'm telling you all, every man that'll pay the price, will step out for Christ has the right to receive the baptism, not something you make-up, but original, like fell in the beginning, like they had on the day of Pentecost. Hallelujah! Going to call me a holy-roller anyhow, so you might as well get used to it. That's right. Amen.

E-67 Let me tell you something more. The Holy Ghost is a real product. You don't have to receive some duplicate or some...?... You get a taste of the original Manna that fell on the day of Pentecost. Hallelujah! Yes, sir. There they was, received the Holy Ghost. That's...
You know what's the matter with the church today? It needs a good, old time, Saint Paul revival and the Bible Holy Ghost taught in It again. That's right. Takes fire coming down from heaven...

E-68 Remember when I was a little boy, I was walking along the creek one time; I seen an old turtle. That was the funniest looking thing I ever seen, an old terrapin. He throwed his legs like that. My little brother and I looked how he was walking. We got up to him, and he got up in his shell. Just some of these cold formal Christians, like when you go to talk to them about Divine healing, "Oh, Doctor So-and-so said that's wrong." Oh, my. Draw up in your shell. That's all right. All right.
I said, "Let's make him walk again." I got me a switch and like to beat him to death. He wouldn't walk. You can't beat it out of him. That's all. He will just draw up and puff and blow.
So I said, "I will tell you what I will do. I will make him go. I will take him down here at the water and I will fix him up." I took him down to the creek and I put him down. Just a few bubbles come up and that was all. Brother, you can baptize them this way, that way, sprinkle them, pour them face forward, backwards. He's goes down a--a dry sinner and comes up wet one. He's still a sinner. It ain't your baptism in water that saves you.

E-69 I will tell you what I did. I went and got me a piece of paper and made a little fire, and set the old boy on it. He walked then, I--I mean say. That's right.
And what the Church needs today is an old fashion Gospel of fire--fire of the Holy Ghost fall along the altar, and in every heart. It'll make a church, sure as the world. That's right. Yes, sir. Get the power of God back. Get the Holy Spirit back in the people's hearts again where you can have a living faith in God, when you say Divine healing, "Yes, I accept It." Hallelujah. That's right. Back to the Bible and back to the Holy Spirit. Sure, how wonderful...

E-70 Now, Jesus, in His ministry, going forth hearing His precious Word. It come to a place where He had to leave the home. And when He went out, sorrow and troubles came in. And when He goes out of your home, sorrow and troubles come in. When He goes out of your church, confusion and backslidings is coming in. When you...?... have trouble's on its road, keep Him with you all the time.
Now, in this case, of course, He wasn't drove away, but His work pulled Him away. And as soon as He went away, Lazarus, a bosom friend, took sick to die. They sent for Jesus to come pray for him. And instead of Jesus coming, He just went on. And they sent again. And--and He just went on, seemingly to ignore it. Jesus knowed all things that the Father had showed Him.

E-71 That's the reason... (Friends, I'm out of time.) And now, if you'd send to your pastor, and he didn't come and pray for you when you were sick, well, you'd say, "The old hypocrite, I will go over and join Jones' church, or somebody." That's the reason your pastor can't do nothing for you. You've got to have faith in him, and confidence in him as a man of God, and know that all things work together for good to them that love God. That's right. Now, your pastor didn't tell me to say that either.
But I know this: you've got to have confidence in the man you're dealing with, or it won't do you any good to do any dealing. That's true. You've got to believe your pastor. He's a good God saved man, preaching the Gospel, stand behind him with everything you got. If He isn't, go somewhere were they do do it. That's right. Now, that clears it up for both sides. Now, remember this. If he preaches the Gospel, stay with him, help him, 'cause he's man sent from God, ordained of God to feed your soul.

E-72 And now, when they sent for Jesus, He went on. I believe that Jesus then knew what was going to happen, Why, if you'll take... When He passed by the pool of Bethesda... Looky there. There laid a great multitude of people.
When the Bible speaks a great multitude, probably mean ten thousand at the least, of lame, halt, blind, withered--withered, blind, halt, dumb, waiting for the moving of the waters, for God sent an Angel down certain seasons. Is that right?
Then healing came with the Angel, didn't it? Wasn't the water, but the Angel. What if the water said, "What a great water I am." No, it wasn't the water; it was the Angel. 'Cause when the Angel was gone, it was just water (Is that right?) just the water.

E-73 And Jesus passed by this pool and seen all that great multitude, and He healed one man. He wasn't crippled; he had an infirmity for thirty-eight years. And He healed him, and walked away, and left every one of those cripples laying there. Is that true? Saint John, the 5th chapter. Left them every one... Looked like that His compassionate heart would've went out and healed them all. He probably would.
But watch the 19th chapter--the 19th verse of the same chapter when the Jews was questioning. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son." Is that right? God had to show Him first. So He didn't say He was a Divine healer. He waited for God to show Him a vision of what was going to happen, then he went and done it.

E-74 Isn't that just the same way He's working today? What God says, then it's going to be that way. But you can't say nothing till God says it first. So if somebody thinks...
Somebody said the other day... I heard someone say, "Oh, it's hocus-pocus." If you think it's hocus-pocus, then what do you think about Jesus Christ? That's right. He said, "The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise." He had to wait for God to show Him, and then He went and done it. Well, He done nothing unless God showed Him first.

E-75 I believe He seen the resurrection of Lazarus. That's right. And when He went...?... then He went out. After while, said, "Our friend Lazarus sleepeth."
Disciples said, "He doeth well."
Then He told them in plain words, the way they'd understand it. "He's dead." He said, "But..." Listen, I love this. He said, "And I'm glad I wasn't there. But I go wake him." He knew what the Father had told Him to do, for He said, "I go wake him." And away He went, started back.
Now, when Lazarus got sicker and sicker, and then sent Him. Oh, how discouraging. Sent for the pastor to come pray for him. They'd left their church. They'd left everything to follow this Man, this Divine Healer, and no--no hopes of Him coming. He just went on, ignored their message. What a dark hour. Then the first thing you know, death struck, killed Lazarus. Took him out and buried him.

E-76 The first day passed, oh, my, how dark. Second day passed, dark. Third day, fourth day, all hopes was gone. He's already a rottening in the grave, and the skinworms was going through him. All hopes was gone everywhere. Discouraged, their Pastor had let them down, their loved One. The miracle Worker had let them down, didn't come to the rescue. And there was Mary and Martha left alone--mother and father gone, now just them two girls left alone in the world.
Someone come along to--to encourage them. They set in sackcloth, black veils, and weeping and mourning over their brother. And now, in the very darkest of hours, then Jesus came along. That's just the way He does it. Amen.
Brother, it may be your darkest of hour right now. But Jesus comes along just at the darkest of hour. When I think of it, it's the darkest hour the woman with the blood issue had ever seen; she spent all of her money. Then Jesus come along. It was the darkest of hour that Jairus had ever seen; his little daughter laid dead. Then Jesus came along. It was the darkest of hour that Peter and the apostles had ever seen on the sea; looked like they was going to drown. Then Jesus came along.

E-77 Oh brother, it was the darkest hour I ever seen two years ago at Mayo's clinic, when the best of the doctors walked in, said, "Reverend Branham, you're a hopeless. You'll never never get over it. You're finished for life." The darkest hour I ever seen, then Jesus came along. Oh, my. Oh, how I love Him. Yes, sir. How I think of Him, how He's done for me. I think of:
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now I'm found,
Was blind, but now I see.
So blind they had to lead me around by my arms, I knowed not where I was going. Now, my eyesight's twenty-twenty. Laying there a miserable wretched thing, dying, then Jesus came along. What a wonderful... How He comes just in the darkest of hours.

E-78 Then somebody said... I can hear them say, "Say, that there Divine Healer that wouldn't come when Lazarus was alive, He's sneaking back in town now. He's out there."
Now, look. Mary--or Martha, excuse me, read the story of how the Shunammite woman had a baby. And she, by... And when she--the baby died, she didn't know why it died. But she knowed if she could get to Elijah, the prophet, that God was in the prophet. And whatever... She could find out what God meant by it, when she could get to the prophet...
So she told them to saddle a horse and go forward, and stop not. So she commanded it. And she went to the prophet, and the prophet said, "Here, I'm going to send you an anointed cloth, in other words. I'm going to give you my staff. Go lay it on the baby."
She said, "As the Lord lives and your soul lives, I will not leave you." She knowed God was in the prophet. She stayed right with the prophet till she found out.

E-79 Elijah went with her to the death chamber, and there walked up-and-down the room, not praying for the baby. Walked up-and-down the room, then took and stretched his body out over the baby. Lord God worked in Elijah. Hallelujah!
Oh, Christians. You don't realize what I'm talking about I don't believe. See, looky here. God was in Elijah. And--and Elijah knew it. The woman knew it. And he laid... He knowed. That's the reason he sent that staff. He knowed that everything he touched was blessed, for God was in him. Oh, my. You see what I mean? God was in him. And if he touched anything, it was blessed. He didn't pray for the baby; he stretched his body over the baby. And the God that was in Elijah... The breath come into the baby, and he sneezed seven times, and rose up well.

E-80 And Mary knew surely--or Martha, rather, if God was in Elijah, surely He was in His Son. Oh, my. She knowed if she could get to Him, she could find why her brother died.
Right out of the city. I can hear some of them saying, "Now, look, where you going now." She pushed on by them old critics, went right on out. Jesus hadn't got in town yet, and she got to where He was.
Now, watch. Looked like she had a right to upbraid Him. Looked like she had a right to scold Him, and say, "Why didn't You come? Oh, I thought You could heal." If she would, the miracle would have never taken place.
It's your approach to a Divine gift what brings the results. It's the way you come to it. Isn't that right? The way you approach anything...

E-81 She come in the right approach. She came out; she fell down on her knees, and she said, "Lord..." Didn't disregard His title. "Lord, if Thou would've been here, my brother had not died." Oh, my. That touched Him. She knew if she could get right into His heart, she'd get what she wanted. Said, "Lord, if Thou would've been here, my brother would not have died. But even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will do it." I like that. "Even now, Lord. He's dead, been buried four days. Undertakers taken him out there and embalmed his body, and put him away. He's been dead four days, and he--he's just mortifying in the earth there. "But even now, whatever You ask God, God will do it."
Oh, brother, sister, you might've tried everything there is in the world. You might've tried to get well. You men setting here with cancer, you might've done everything; no doubt you have. "But even now, Lord, right now." When?
"I will wait until tonight's service."
No. "Even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, He will do it." When? Now. He's setting at the right hand of the Father, looking down right now, ready to make intercessions.
"But, Brother Branham, I've--I've been sick."
"But even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will do it." He's waiting for you to say, "Lord, I believe You. Lord, I believe You. Even now, whatever You ask God, God will do it."
"But Brother Branham, I--I'm deaf in one ear."
"But even now, Lord."
"Well, I've been prayed for before."
"But even now, Lord. Oh, my. Whatever You ask God."
"Brother Branham, I've been trying to get the Holy Ghost for a long time."
"But even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will do it." There you are. That's what it takes. That's what faith is.

E-82 Notice. He said, "Thy brother shall rise again." Now, let's straighten Him up. "My, thy brother shall rise again." Watch the old prophetic powers now coming right together, the right place, the right person, the right time. "My brother's dead and in the grave. But You, if You'd have been here, he wouldn't have died. But even now, whatever You ask God, God will do it."
That struck Him. That touched Him. Faith... Never been done before, faith. "Thy brother shall rise again."
She said, "Yea, Lord. He will rise the last days." Them Jews believed in the general resurrection. "Oh, he will rise again. He's a good boy. He will raise in the last days; I know."
Look at Him. Oh, my. There wasn't... There's no beauty you should desire Him. He was probably a little frail looking Fellow. He said... Man of sorrow, acquainted with grief. But He straightened His little body up, said, "I am the Resurrection and Life."

E-83 Oh, my. That's it. "I am the Resurrection and Life. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Believest thou this?"
She said, "Yea, Lord. I believe..." Look here. "I believe that You are the Son of God, that You've been said to be that was to come into the world. I believe what You said You was. What God has done for You, that's the truth. I believe every Word of it."
"Where have you buried Him?" Oh, my.
Here's where a woman told me not long ago, when I was... She said, "Jesus wasn't the... divine." Said, "He was a good man, a good teacher, so forth, be good for people to live by that. Just like with Santa Claus, stories for the children. But," said, "he wasn't divine."
I said, "Oh, yes He was Divine."
Said, "No, he wasn't."
I said, "He was."
She said, "Look, I can prove it. When He went down to the grave of Lazarus, He cried like a man."
I said, "Yes. I believe He was more than a man. I believe He was a God-man. I believe that God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. I believe God lived in His son, dwelled in His Son, and reconciled the world to Himself by His Son." Do you believe that? I do with all my heart. And He was more than a man. He was God the... God the Son here on earth. Everything the Father had was in Him then. And I believe that He was more than a man, He was God-man. And when He went down to the--to the grave, He cried like a man. That's true. But when He stood there, held Himself and said, told them to take away the stone, said, 'Lazarus, come forth.' When He raised the dead, He was more than a man. He was God. He was a man when He was crying, but He was God when He raised the dead. That's right. Yes, sir, He was Divine.

E-84 And I tell you, when He come down off the mount that night, He was hungry like a man, when He was looking on the fig tree for something to eat, when He was hungry like a man. But when He took five biscuits and fed five thousand, He was God that was in His Son. He was a God-man. I know that He was.
He was a man that night when He was laying in that boat out there, all the waves dancing around. Ten thousand devils of the sea swore they would drown Him. He was a man when He was laying there on the back of that boat, tired and weary. But when He raised and put His foot on the brail, and looked up, said, "Peace, be still." It was God speaking through His Son. Hallelujah!
I believe He was a God-man. He was more than a man. He was the Divine One that God sent from out of heaven. Yes, sir. I know He cried like a man when He was dying at the cross, mid rendering rocks and darkening skies, my Saviour bowed His head and died. That's right. He was a man when He was dying. But when He rose on the third day, He proved He was God. That's right. God was in His Son. He raised Him up. He was Divine. I believe every word of It.

E-85 I can see Him walking down through that place there then, to the grave. Said, "Take ye away the stone." Look like if He'd have been a gentleman, He'd have took it away Himself. But He asked them women to. Why? You've got your part to do. Yes, sir. You've got to do your part. Said, "Take ye away the stone."
And they took away the stone and the stink was so bad. And they was about to have suffocated there on account of that, a dead human body.
Then I can see Him straighten His little self up again; said, "Father, I thank Thee that Thou hearest Me always. But for these that stand by..." is why I said He'd already seen the vision. He knew what was going to happen. Then He cried with a loud voice and screamed, said, "Lazarus, come forth."
I believe, brother, if He hadn't have called him specifically by the name of Lazarus, I believe the general resurrection would've took place then. That's what I think about Him. That's right. I believe the resurrection of every dead thing that had ever died would've come out of the grave if He had just said, "Come forth." Yes, sir. But He called, "Lazarus, come forth."
I'm glad today that my name's on His Book. "One day He will call too, and I will answer," said Job.

E-86 But there, He called on Lazarus, a man that had been dead four days, his body rotten, his soul four day's journey somewhere out in... I don't know where it was, neither do you, so we won't argue about that. But that man's soul had been gone four days, returned back. And a dead man stood on his feet and lived again. Believest thou this?
Yes, sir. I believe it. I believe He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Believest thou this?
I believe He was the One that spoke to the seas, and they stopped. Believest thou this?
I believe that He said in His Words, "These things that I do, greater shall you do." Believest thou this?
I believe that He said, "If you abide in Me, My Word abides in you, you can ask what you may, and it will be given to you." Believest thou this?
I believe that in the last days there'd come a falling away; men would be heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God. I believe we're living in that day. Believest thou this? He said, "In that day the branch of the Lord would be beautiful." He prophesied He'd have a Church that these signs would follow them that believe. In Mark 16, He said, "In My Name, they shall cast out devils; they'll speak with new tongues; take up serpents or drink deadly things; lay hands on the sick, they shall recover. I believe that we're living in that day right now. Believest thou this?

E-87 I believe His Spirit's right here this afternoon. I believe He said that whosoever will call upon the Name of the Lord will be saved. Believest thou this?"
I believe that every man or woman standing here right now under the unction of the Holy Ghost could accept Jesus right now and receive the Holy Ghost. Believest thou this?
I believe He'd heal every person in this building right now if you'd just only touch Him. You... Believest thou this?

E-88 Three years ago an Angel met me in the realms that are... in a room and said, "If you get the people to believe you and be sincere when you pray, nothing shall stand before your prayer." Believest thou this? I believe He's here now. Believest thou this?
I believe He wants to heal right now. Believest thou this? I believe He wants to heal these men of cancer. Believest thou this? I believe He wants to heal that little crippled boy. Believest thou this?
I believe He wants so fill this place with the Holy Ghost right now. Believest thou this?

E-89 Let us stand and give Him praise then. My, here He is...?... You want the Holy Ghost? You want Christ in your life? You want to be healed? Now, while He's here, accept Him right now upon the basis of the Word. Say, "Lord, at Thy Word. Here I am, Lord. I believe now that You're going to heal me. I believe that You're going to save me. Believe You're going to give me the Holy Ghost." Let every hand go up now. Let every heart look to God while we pray. Do you love Him? I'm going to ask Him... I asked Him this afternoon 'fore I come down here, to fill you with the Holy Ghost and heal you. I believe He's going to do it. Do you believe it? Believest thou this? Just ask Him now. Do you love Him?

E-90 Our Father, we've gathered here this afternoon for no other purpose but to glorify Your Son Jesus, and now, while He's moving through this building, O God, out there, we will never see this day again. It'll become in the days after while that we will have to meet You in judgment with what we've did with it. O God, I pray now, as the Holy Spirit has spoke to us through this afternoon that You, God, will fill the hearts just now, Lord. Send down the Holy Ghost. Heal every sick person in this building right now. May they receive the Word with gladness, and be filled with the Holy Ghost just now in the Name of Jesus Christ.
How many believes? How many believes they're...?... Say, "Praise the Lord." How many accept it, say, "Praise the Lord." Hallelujah!

E-91 Let every person that's standing in here, every person in here, lay your hands on somebody standing by you. Put your hand over on somebody standing by you. Lay hands on one another. Now, God's going to do this. I know He is. Oh, my. Look at there now, friends. Hands on one another. Old mother, laying her hand on a little baby. Old dad's laying hands on mother. Oh, there it is. That's what I'm talking about. Now, receive it, friends. There it is.
O God, precious Angel of the Lord, fill just now with the Holy Spirit, go with each and every one of them. I pray...?... Grant it, Lord. Believe Him...