The Resurrection Of Lazarus

Date: 50-0813A | Duration: 49 minutes
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Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
E-1 Good evening, audience, and Brother...?... I'm very happy to be here this afternoon. I got just a little tired last night, but I feel fine today. And I had the same sort of a convention, religious convention and they said...?... I feel fine, 'cause the Lord has...?... prepared for today's services...?... very...?...
And then, this type of service coming along this afternoon, speak of His--speak from the Word and--and talk to you friends face to face...?... thoughts of salvation of your soul. I--I love to do that. I'm...?... preacher, but I am... I love the Word of God. And I like to talk about It.
But my--my calling is--is to get into a--a gift that came from God for an inspiration for the people. And as Brother Ramsey had rightly said, "It is not just something another that..." Well, as God has just done to one individual person or something, I'm just for a--a little bitty part of it. But it was given to me in order that it be demonstrated before the church, that everybody might catch the vision of the supernatural part that God lives and reigns in His church today. And He's here to bless us all.

E-2 And the blessings, I trust that... One of the finest groups of ministers I've met, I believe that these brothers here, that... I've just got to shake their hands about once. But they're certainly fine brothers. And I'm so glad to know that when we leave here, we leave these converts, and so forth, in hands of men like that, that love God. May God richly bless.
And may there be a old fashion revival start from this, that'll just sweep out through the country, ready for the coming of the Lord, for I truly believe it's drawing close at hand.
I do not wish you'd say that I was a fanatic, and said when Jesus was coming right now. I--I do not know that. No one knows when Jesus is coming, not even the Angels; just the Father is all Who knows. But He said when we see these signs begin to come to pass, then get ready, for the time was at hand. And we know we're right there at the time.

E-3 Now, in the--a day like this... The brethren give it to me. And--and usually on Saturday nights, or something like that, I try to put in as much time as possible. The gift has such an effect, for it just pulls the life out of me. And sometimes I get till I don't know where I'm standing at. It's just such a anointing. You just get to a place... And many times, there's other reasons why they take me. I--I...
We're just all God's children (Aren't we?), just home folks. And I believe you'll love me. I love you with all my heart.
And many times that way, I hold myself on the gift. Now, it's not around me now, 'cause I haven't been praying. I got up, had just a little bite of breakfast, and I won't eat any more, probably, till after the services, and so forth. I have to keep empty.

E-4 If you're--if you keep stomach empty, the blood is at your brain, and you must be ready. And if you're all full when you're... That's the power of fasting. When you're--when you're full, the blood goes into your stomach to digest your food. You see? And then when you're empty, it's in your--in your brain. So you can be just... 'Cause them two spirits is so close it could deceive the very elect, if possible.
And many pe--many times you hear It cry. I've heard people shout. Now, as I told you, I hope I--God that has let me find favor with you that you believe me. I've heard people shout when it wasn't God. I've heard people cry when it wasn't God. See? And their sympathy sometimes, the devil wants to be petted. And it--it takes a real sheep raiser to know the difference between the bleat of a goat and a lamb; they're so close together. You see?
And so therefore, on this platform, you must be very careful. Can be just one thing is all that Satan wants to--wants to throw out before the public. So therefore, I have to be fasting, prayerful, every minute on the guard, watching for something.

E-5 And now, on a service like this it just feels like you just... We call it a street expression, just let down your collar, and come in and talk, just... And you don't have to be looking at that; you're just going to talk on the Word.
And then sometimes when it gets in that subconscious position on the platform, goes to calling the people... Critics and things in the meeting, sets in the meeting, and that causes a disturbance. Sometimes they get angry and huff around about it. And I just try to hold it just exactly to one thing: that's on healing, is what I'm representing here on Divine healing, and so forth.
Now, if the patient's up here, and something in the patient, why, it's called out. But sometimes out in the audience, it just pulls right out, the critics and so forth setting there, hurt feelings. A discerning Spirit's an awful... It sometimes you have to speak very sharply. And you don't speak yourself; It speaks. You see?

E-6 And so it's a great day that we're coming into. Not long ago, I was talking to someone. Said, "Oh, the days of evangelism will be after this church is done gone, and there'll be another age raised up." Don't you believe that. Now is the day. You get ready now. You're probably living in one of the best days that you'll ever see. That's right. You must take heed today to the Word of God. The Holy Spirit's been in the world for evangelism for nineteen hundred years and better. This is the day of evangelism, to move out and get the church in order. God's showing these signs and wonders... []
Supernatural... Now, I'm... As I told you awhile ago, I'm just a long ways from being a preacher. I--I usually a little... I don't believe in joking at the platform. This is no place for jokes. This is sacred. This is the platform. See? And we mustn't do that. This is God's house, God's place. So we must be real sincere.
Now, as a minister, I remember when I first got my papers, ordination papers at the Missionary Baptist church, and I thought I was a--a preacher. Oh, my. I just loved to tell everybody I was a preacher.

E-7 And it kind of reminds me, one time I was... My father was... My mother is from Oklahoma and Texas. And she was born in the state of Kentucky. And my grandfather went west. My mother's mother come off the Oklahoma reservation. She's full blooded Cherokee Indian. And my father's Irish. And my mother, on the other side, by her father, was Irish.
And so there's forgiveness for that. I--I'll tell you that so. We--we know that God, no matter what we are, who we are, God will forgive us (That's right.) of our sins and trespasses.
My father was a rider. And he went west breaking horses. And he met my mother; they were married. I was born when my mother was sixteen years old, and my father was eighteen: just children. And so I used to want to be like my dad.

E-8 Next Sunday afternoon, the Lord willing, if we get to stay over for next Sunday, I wish to tell my life story next Sunday afternoon from the platform here.
And how I loved my daddy, how I wanted to do things like dad did. And he used to like to ride, so I said, "I wanted to be a rider, also when I got to be a man."
I used to take our old plow horse and of the afternoon when the work was over, and I'd put some cockleburs under the saddle and pull it down, you know, real good and tight, get down behind the barn where the watering trough was, and get on the old horse. And the poor old thing was so tired, he couldn't... He couldn't buck, so he just stand and bawl, you know, and just cut his feet up and down. And I'd take off my straw hat and hit him, like that. And I was--thought I was a real rider.

E-9 So one day I got to be about eighteen years old; I went out west. I landed in Arizona. And I thought I wanted to be a rider. I went out to their corrals to find out if I could get a job riding in the rodeo. And I climbed up with a pair of Levis on, on the corral fence where they brought the horse out. And they had to come out through the stalls and catching pens.
And I seen a fellow jump on the horse there. And my, my, sure didn't act like my old plow horse. And he throwed that fellow. My, he had a handful of mane in his hand.
And the fellow coming by, caller came by, said, "I'll give any man fifty dollars who'll stay on him a half a minute." He kept coming on by all those riders there setting, come right straight to me. He said, "Are you a rider?"
I said, "No, sir." I was--I was very scared, because I wasn't a rider.

E-10 That just reminded me when I was first got ordained as a Baptist preacher. I'd carry my Bible under my arm, you know, and go down the street. And I... Everybody would say, "Are you a preacher?"
"Yes, sir." See?
And one day, I was at St. Louis, Missouri... [] I went into a tent meeting. There was a minister there by the name of Reverend Daugherty. He's a Pentecostal preacher. And he got to preaching. My, he would preach till his breath would leave him; he'd turn red in the face, and his knees would go together; and he'd go plumb down to the floor and come back, catch his breath; you could hear him for about two squares, still preaching.
Some of them said, "Are you a preacher?"
I said, "No, sir." I wasn't no preacher. I was a preacher all right, till I met him. So when I come around where these Pentecost preachers, I say, "I'm no preacher." And my old slow Baptist ways don't think of it that fast. And so--so I just have to do the best I can. But I do love the Word of God, for It is really good. And It's good to our hearts.

E-11 And this afternoon, my brother is fixing to go away to the Army. And they sent him... They called him last night. And he has to leave right away to return into the active service.
And here not long ago, I preached a little subject on "The Resurrection Of Lazarus." I don't know whether anybody here heard anything preached on it or not in other places. If you have, raise your hand, of "the Resurrection of Lazarus"? Three or four. And I'm... He asked me... That was one of his favorite subjects, and he asked me if I'd hit on it some ways here this afternoon. And I promised him I would.
You'll bear with me just a little bit, we'll have prayer.

E-12 Our heavenly Father, now we've come together this afternoon for one purpose: to speak of Thee, and to love Thee. And we all love You. And we've come facing this, that fully knowing that today may be the--someone may seal their eternal destination from the service today, the attitude towards the Word. We realize that no one can come in a service, and return, and be the same person. We go out... If we reject, we go out worse than we were when we come in. And if we accept, we go out better than we was; for the Word shall not return void; It'll accomplish that which It was purposed for.
And now, Father, realizing that maybe many unsaved are here today, and I'm to speak before them for this Word. And I pray, God, that You'll take the Word and by the Holy Spirit, and may It give out to each one. May every one be blessed, Father. Keep us humble. We realize that--that we're nothing in this earth, and we may not live to see the sun set this afternoon. We may go out to meet God before that time.
And now, Father, bless Thy servant this afternoon. And help me as I minister of the Word of grace to the people, for I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.

E-13 What could we do without Jesus? We wouldn't be here if it wasn't for Jesus.
Now, friends, I'm just a little funny about standing up and speaking before people, because I haven't got any education. So now, don't judge me by my--my education, but--but what I mean, what's on my heart, if you will.
I wish to read this portion of Scripture found in Saint John the 11th chapter, if you would like to read just a little with me, and will pray with me, if you will, for just a short time. And I'll try to close and not keep you too long, so you can be here for the evening service. The 11th chapter of Saint John, let's begin about the 20th verse of the 11th chapter.
Then Martha, as soon as she heard that Jesus was coming, went and met him: but Mary set still in the house.
Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou had been here, my brother had not died.
I love that, don't you? Just listen at this reading of the Word. Let me read that 21st verse again. Listen.
Then said Martha unto Jesus, Lord, if thou hadst been here, my brother had not died.
But I know, that even now, whatsoever thou will ask God, God will give it to you.
Jesus said unto her, Thy brother shall rise again. (There's the attitude of approach.)
Martha said unto him, I know that he shall rise again in the resurrection at the last day. (See, those Jews believed in the general resurrection. Listen at the 25th verse. Notice.)
Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life; he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live:
And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believeth thou this?
She said unto him, Yea, Lord: I believe that thou art the Christ, the Son of God, which should come into the world.
May God add His blessings to His Word.

E-14 Now, let everyone just forget about the work you have to do tomorrow, what you've done last week, and let's think of Jesus just now, and get this story kinda in our minds of--of Him, and scene at this time.
This was during the time of His--beginning of His ministry. His ministry had gotten great. They called Him so much till He couldn't go to different... He had to go to different parts of the country, I mean, to minister to those who were in need. And it had a very hard time.
Isn't it strange that God takes those things of low estate and brings them up. When He was borned, He was born with a black name to begin with, black mark on His Name. He was supposing to--to have been a legitimate Child, or--or illegitimate Child; borned by Joseph, being His father, before he and Mary was married.

E-15 Someone not long ago told me; he said, "Brother Branham, don't you believe that that was just a little bit of a slip-up, like we have in all days now?"
And I said, "No, sir. I believe that He was truly the Son of God. He was God's Son."
And he said, "It's against all scientific research, Brother Branham." He was a scientist. He said, "It's against all scientific research for anything like that to happen." And he said, "First place, your thought of God is just psychology." He said, "There is no such a thing." Said, "It's...?... that people believed in that."
I said, "No. I--I different with you, my friend. No." I said, "I know there is."

E-16 He said, "Now, don't you think that if Joseph was really the father... He was just a--a good man, a good teacher, and a smart man. And they just made a religion around Him?"
I said, "No, sir. I believe that He was the virgin born Son of God." And I said, "I believe it with all my heart."
He said, "Well, It could not have been born without He had a earthly father." Said, "Now, corn--it has to have a pollen. All things has to be polled between natural, between male and female. An it's utterly impossible for any child to be born without a direct sexual affair of a male and female." And he said, "He has to have a earthly father and mother."
I said, "Brother, I... or, friend..." I couldn't call him my brother. But I said, "Friend, look, that's... I different with you." I said, "Now, you were just telling me awhile ago that according to some of the Darwin's ethics, or something, that the first man, when he came here, was a germ-- or come on the earth was moon and star, begin as just a tadpole, and so forth." I said, "I want to ask you something. If you will credit Him of having an earthly mother, but you can't believe He come here without having an earthly father..."
He said, "That's exactly right. It's against all scientific research."
I said, "Then if you will credit Him of having a earthly mother, and can't believe that God was His father, and you say they had to have a both earthly father and mother or He could not have been here..."
Said, "That's right."
I said, "How did the first man get here without father or mother then?" Let it be what he wants to be. See? Let him be... If he was a monkey or a tadpole, whatever he was, who was his father and mother? There you are.

E-17 You have to bring it back till He... God's the Creator. And God the Creator, created a blood cell in the womb of Mary. Come from the Father, which is God, by virgin birth, and that is the Son of God Who we love and cherish today, Who died and gave His Blood at Calvary, that we might have remission of our sins and healing of our body. That's my faith in the Gospel of Christ. Now, I believe it with all my heart.
Now, if today, if we should have an altar call, and--and--in this city today, and ten thousand people would come to Christ, and all ten thousand would die tomorrow; in fifty years from today I would return back, and they would come back, and I would be laying here dying; and they'd say, "Oh, that's fake, that's fake. Jesus isn't the Christ. No, sir. We done been there and come back. And we know that it isn't the Christ," and I was dying, I'd say, "Let me go in Jesus, for I believe Him." No matter what, that's... If I prayed for ten thousand people, and every one of them died in an hour after I prayed for them, I'd still, dying, I'd say, "I believe in Divine healing, for it's the Word of God, and I know it's the Truth." See? That's right.

E-18 Them theories don't change God's Word. No, sir. God's Word is eternally true, and It's right, and It... our faith is based on there. And by...
I'm not saved today because I got down at the altar and cried. [] I'm saved because the Word of God tells me I'm saved. Satan can whip me around anywhere on how you feel. But I believe it, because God said so, and I accept Him upon the basis of His Word. That's how I was saved. I believed it, and confessed it, and then it works the results.
But the first thing, I'm saved because God's Word teaches I'm saved. That's how you're saved, if you're saved.
Satan can whip you on your ideas and things, but he can't go around the Word of God. Jesus said, "It is written," and that settled it with all. It is written in the Scriptures.

E-19 Now, when He was there, He was borned (and as I said) in the world, come in here with a black mark on His Name. How that God so marvelously brought Him here. Just before His coming, the age had got just about like it has come to recently: into a backslidden condition. Israel had been brought into captivity by the Romans, and there they had been taken away. And the priests had got to a place, and got away from the supernatural part of God, been teaching just upon a doctrine of their own theories of what they taught. As Jesus said, "You teach for commandments, the word of men, making the Word of God of non effect." And that's about the kind of a time that He was born. But God has always had a witness here on earth for Him.
Now, notice, then during this time, just before His--His birth...

E-20 Before God does anything here on earth... I want you to catch this close. Before God does anything on earth, He always sends a witness from heaven to declare it.
Now, before Jesus was born, why, God sent a witness of this. Signs and wonders begin to appear of His coming, just as it's appearing today by witnesses of His second coming again. See? Signs and wonders... This is a day that... There's never been an age through all the church ages that's ever produced what this age is producing right now, for it's the coming of the Lord's drawing near. Don't you believe it? Drawing nigh, rather... And we're nearing the time of the close of this world's history when Jesus shall come.

E-21 Notice, signs begin to appear. There was a man by the name of Zacharias and his wife Elisabeth: righteous, holy people, keeping the commandments of God and walking in all the statutes and ordinances of God, blameless.
That's the kind of a home we need today. Don't you believe it? In the stead of that in the church today, we have everything else but holiness and righteousness.
But they were righteous people, godly people, walking in the commandments of the Lord, keeping all the ordinances, blameless. Zacharias was a priest at the temple. And his office was to burn incense while prayer was being made.
And one day, while he was in the temple burning incense, Gabriel, an Angel from God, came down and stood by the altar of incense, and said, "Zacharias, fear not. Your prayers is heard." Oh, I love that.
They... His wife was barren. She hadn't had any children. She was past the age of bearing. But he lived right before God and believed on God. And all of his great, dark, long hours of worry finally the Angel come and said, "God has heard your prayer."
Now, if you want God to hear your prayer, send an Angel to your home, live right, do right, treat everybody right, be right before God, and God will grant that to you.

E-22 Now, he said... Now, notice, sometimes in that day, like it is now when our prayers are a little bit lingered, we become dull, sense-bound. So Zacharias doubted that that could be so. He didn't believe it. And notice, after he had plenty of examples...
Now, Sarah and Abraham, how old they were when Isaac was born... Hannah came to the temple past the age of bearing, went to the temple that day to serve God. Probably the women all went up to Shiloh, maybe to see what kind of hats one another wore, but not Hannah. She went up with something in her heart. She wanted to talk to God. And she prayed in such deep sincerity, till the priest misunderstood her.
Like today, sometimes we're called fanatics because we pray and cry out to God. We're just... We're not fanatics: misunderstood; that's all.

E-23 But then when... He thought she was drunk. (They did the same thing on Pentecost. They do the same thing today.) She said she was not drunk, but she was praying God take away her reproach. He blessed her. And as soon as she received the blessing from the priest... Notice, didn't wait now. God could've put the baby in her arms right then. But she went home happy, knowing that in due season God would bring it to pass. That's the kind of people we need today, taking God at His Word. You see?
Then he had that example, and many others. But being a priest, studied the Word, and still doubted how his wife, as old as she was, could have a baby after that age by him.

E-24 Notice that the Angel of God will perform His Word. He'll bring His Word to pass regardless. When the season comes, harvesters are ripe, God is going to send His Word and perform His things.
Today... Listen. I believe that God is going to call a people out of the Gentiles for His Name in this great latter movement here of a revival sweeping the nation. And if the holiness people don't want it, He will raise it up out of something else. That's right. It's got to be. It's got to come. He's able of these stones to rise children unto Abraham.
What's the matter? We've let down the bars, compromising. An old minister used to sing:
We let down the bars,
We compromised with sin;
We let down the bars,
The sheep got out;
How did the goats get in?
You let down the bars (That's what it is.), let down on the Word. We're getting stiff and starchy, afraid to come back to the old fashion Gospel (That's right), the old salvation that makes you clean up, fix up (That's right), make right and come before God.

E-25 That's what's the matter with the church today. We need a revival. We don't need a new seminary. We don't need new preachers. We don't need new church buildings. We need a revival in what we got. That's what it is. Stirring up... Amen.
All right. I'm not amening myself, but "Amen" means "so be it." And I believe it with all my heart. That's what the world needs today is an old fashion, God sent, sky blue, sin killing religion, old Saint Paul's revival, and the Bible Holy Ghost back into the church again. That might be pretty strong for a Baptist, but that's right. True. I'm a Pentecostal Baptist. I got the Holy Ghost since I've been a Baptist. That's right.
Notice, He's not...?... aside. Makes a different person, new creature in Christ Jesus. All right. Here's what we need.

E-26 Then he doubted it to be so. But God's going to confirm His Word. Don't you worry. "God's able of these stones to rise children to Abraham," said John.
Watch. Then in all of that, what taken place? God was sure to bring it to pass, 'cause it was at the season, at the time. His Words, every cog must fit the same place; when them prophetic wheels begin to roll together, it's got to happen.
And there's coming a time when there's... Right now, in the near future, that when great judgment's going to be upon these nations that forget God. When you put up with what I've seen the last few days, and see around in this country under the name of religion, and living the way people's living, no wonder communistic things break out, and things the way they are. []...?... that the Bible teaches. That's right.
We're letting down, compromising. But God's going to have a remnant of people, a Blood washed church without spot or wrinkle. Amen. I believe it with all my heart.

E-27 Notice, then God was going to bring it to pass. And He said, "Because that..." Gabriel the Angel said, "Because you have doubted My Word... I'm Gabriel..." []... stands in the Presence of God... [] "...?... you doubted the Word, You'll be dumb till the day the baby's born." Hallelujah. I believe God. God send the line. []
See, God's determined. When He speaks, He's sovereign. He can't lie. God, the hour is come for something to... []
Many times, I go into a place, and the people say, "Oh, I don't believe in that. I believe it's hypnotism. I..." Don't make no difference what... []
God can show forth His power, His hand, by stretching forth the hand of His Son Christ Jesus to heal the sick, and to bring the nine spiritual gifts back to the church, get a church ready to be raptured at some of these hours... []

E-28 "'Cause there's doubt in me now. You'll be dumb, but the thing's going to... []...?... or something." He went home to his wife, and she conceived. []
There's anything... No matter how impossible it looks, it's going to happen. That's right. And she conceived and hid herself for six months. Six months later... [] Things are happening around Bethlehem and Judaea, and around in Palestine now.

E-29 Notice, what's happening again now too. []... Behold the Lamb of God. Get ready. Wake up, get your conscience back out here. Get your soul out here with God. Get away from that sense-bound existence, thinking what you just look like...?... that for another day. Lift up your heads; redemption is drawing nigh. Get ready. Signs and wonders appearing... Critics, infidels wax worse and worse. We've got to put up with them. But we're not looking to them; we're looking to God.
This Gabriel come down from heaven. Let's give just a little drama here. I imagine it'd be like on Monday, a wash day or something in the city of Nazareth. A little woman by the name of Mary, she starts out to the pump, you know, the old fashion. They had great big jars had handles on them. Packed the water on her shoulder and on her head. I can see her coming from the spring, or the pump out there, the well, packing water on her shoulder, her head, and walking along, a little virgin.

E-30 With all of the aristocrats, all the fine dressed people through the country, the educated, God came down to Nazareth, the meanest city in the world to pick out of the woman that He found who was virtuous to bring His Son to the earth. My, a little virgin, she's walking home, packing the water. Persecuted and made fun of, probably the way they lived. Then it'd be something like it is now. She didn't get out and rowdy around with the rest of the crowd. She was a fanatic. But she knowed where she was standing with God.
Walking along with her head down, all of a sudden I can just notice a big Light like, swing around her. She looked, standing in that Light stood the great Angel, Gabriel. It excited the little virgin. It would excite you. It'll excite me; It did when He was here, the Angel, whatever He was.
I can hear her say--hear Him say, "Hail, Mary, blessed art thou among women." And the little virgin stopped and was startled at the salutation of the Angel. And she looked at Him. And He said, "I'm..." told He was sent from the Presence of God, told her about her--her cousin, her... Elisabeth was Mary's first cousin. And then told about that, and said that she was going to bring a child knowing no man.

E-31 Look. Oh, my. I--I just feel good. Notice, right when those callused clergymen... Zacharias failed to believe the Angel's message. Many times there's many clergymen today, brethren, that don't believe it either. []... resurrection power, trying to resurrect a church now, bringing it back to God again. But the social Gospel, denying the Blood, denying the power, denying the Holy Ghost and all... But thank God, there is some who does believe It.

E-32 Notice, but this little woman... Zacharias back there, he had much Scriptures behind him to believe where miracles had happened on the same order. But Mary, there had never been a baby born like that. But notice, instead of fussing at the Angel like Zacharias did, she said, "Behold the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to Your Word." Oh, I love that.
There it is. Take Him at His Word. Don't try to figure it out, how it's going to be, just take Him at His Word.
And notice, as soon as she got His Word, and heard His Word that she was going to have the baby, she didn't wait till she was positive. She didn't wait till she felt life. She started right out testifying about it.
God, give us some more Marys down here in Cleveland, that'll take God at His Word and testify about It before anything happens, just so the Word of God says so. Amen.
Now, maybe I'm deafening you out there. That thing's got an awful voice. Look, I don't aim to yell at you. But sometimes I get to speaking when you feel the response of the Holy Spirit coming back, knowing that It's anchoring somewhere. It's hard to hold quiet. That's right.

E-33 Notice, she took Him at His Word. God said she's going to have the baby, told it by an Angel. That was good enough for her. Away she went, testifying, telling the people she was going to have the baby before there was any sign of anything. She had the Word of God; that's good enough.
That's good enough for me this afternoon. If He's Jehovah-rapha, the Healer, if He promised to heal me, I'll take Him at His Word. If He promised me the Holy Ghost was to me, I'll stay there till It comes; that's all. That's right. He promised It; stay with it. Just take Him at His Word and stay right there. That's the only way to do it.
All right. I can see her. She was so happy she wanted to tell somebody else about it. Trouble of it is, the people get saved today, they think, "Well, maybe I'd better keep still. My neighbor don't believe in this." Huh-uh. You never really got saved; I don't believe. No, sir. You can't hold it. That's right. Say, "So well, I--I--I'm afraid to testify of healing, afraid the--the--the doctor won't like it." Brother, if you got healed, you'll testify about it. Don't hold it. Tell it. That's right. Coming out by somebody else...
You overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and your testimony. That's how you overcome.

E-34 Notice closely. Now, let's follow a little farther. Let's watch Mary. The Angel told her that. She said, "Behold the handsmaid of the Lord. Be it unto me according to Thy Word." Went around, begin happy and rejoicing, she said she's going to have a baby; she knowed no man. Impossible with men, but not impossible with God; for all things are possible to them that believe. She believed God took Him at His Word.
When the Angel met me in the room that night, and told me to go do this, someone said, "Aren't you afraid that you'll make a mistake?" No, sir. I can't make a mistake. Certainly not. I could, but as long as He's here, I can't make a mistake. That's right.

E-35 I remember here not long ago, standing up in the mountains... I love to hunt. I was way in the mountains hunting elk, late. Now, all my life, that's how I learned of God was by hunting, being out. I never went to shows, dances, never smoked, drink. I was a black sheep, sure enough. And all of them laughed at me.
But I'd go hunting. And out there in the woods, I'd see a sunset, and I'd cry. I'd hear the winds blowing through the leaves of the trees, and I'd wonder, "Oh, my. What brought them trees here?" Flowers would die in the wintertime, come back to life in the summer; how the little flowers would go away and come up again; how the winds would...?... that little seed up and bury it in the ground, and tears from the fall would bury the seed. Is that all of it? No. The ground would freeze, and the seed would burst; the pulp would run out. Is that all? No. In there there's a germ of life. Just as sure as that warm spring sun begin to shine, yet all soft petals fall off, seed, pulp, everything else gone from the flower. But God's made a way for that flower to live again. Just as soon as that sun goes to shining, there's a germ of life in there somewhere that's stayed through the freeze. And I'll tell you, it'll live again.

E-36 And if God made a way for a flower to live again, what about a man that's made in His image? The freeze might come, but when a man's borned again of the Spirit of God, there's Life in there, Eternal Life that'll stand the freeze. And when the Son of Righteousness rises with healing in His wings, there'll be a church to go up to meet Him in the air. Amen.
You're going to call me a holy-roller anyhow, and I might as well have a good time anyhow. So there you are.
Notice. Yes, sir. There's a Life comes from God that only God alone can give. The freeze might come. It might break me this way or that way. But when that germ of Life in there, it'll stay. That's right. And God will bring it forth again in a resurrection. Oh, my.

E-37 Standing up there in the mountains I was telling you, one fall, I remember, about four years ago, I was way up in Colorado. I'd go seventy miles back by horseback to a little ranch out there where nobody goes, way up in the top of the Corral Peak, just to be alone. An old rancher and I, and he sleeps by my side at night, only soul there. That old camp bag in--in night time. We live there and look at the stars.
First time with him... I was talking to him about the Lord; he was unconverted. I felt a hand reach over under my...?... bag, about one o'clock in the morning, said, "Preacher."
I said, "Yes."
He said, "Looks like Him up there, don't it?"
I said, "Oh, God bless you, brother. Let's settle it right here." That's right. The deep calling to the Deep. There's got to be a Deep to respond to it.

E-38 There one day I was up in the mountain, going along. It was early in October, and the freezes was coming, the storms a blowing. The wind would blow against the evergreens in storm. I got behind a tree, and I was standing like this, the wind blowing. I was waiting. The storm passed over, and the sun came out. I walked out from behind the tree. There was an old blow-down near, and I looked.
And oh, the... It'd been cold while the rain was blowing, froze all over the--the evergreens, and the sun was setting. Down through the crevices of the rocks over there, flickering against there made a rainbow come down through the valley. Oh, my. I looked at it, and I laid my gun down; I said, "O Jehovah God." Seventy miles from civilization, I stood down there.

E-39 And a old gray wolf got to hollering up on the rim; the mate answered down at the bottom. The elk herd had been lost; I heard them bugling one to another. Then the deep begin to call to the deep. And here's where there's something in nature that pulls out. I love that.
God's in His nature. Look at the sunset. Get saved once and watch how different things look when you get saved and look at God in His nature out there. That's right.
Standing and looking at that, I thought, "Oh, my. How wonderful, how that I have to go down here." And I'd run around and around and around the tree, and shake my hands. If somebody would've come by, they'd have thought I was out of the insane institution. And I scream to the top of my voice. I said, "O God, O God, how great You are. Why would it be that I'd ever have to go down in the valley."
I remember Peter and them said, "It's good to be here; let's build three tabernacles."

E-40 Looked at that... [] Thought I heard something moving. I looked over where there was a big old eagle that had been forced...?... [] He was under the brush. [] "You wouldn't have put an eagle before me unless You wanted me to see You..." []... wait till I see it about him. []

E-41 May be your darkest hour. Don't worry, Jesus will be along. It may be your darkest hour, sister; may be yours, sister; may be yours, brother, but don't worry, Jesus will come along. He's always there just in the darkest of hours.
There they was setting there... [] Them people. And he said, "There they goes out, and she's going out to the meet Him now." She just pressed right on by them. She knowed in her heart if she could ever get to Jesus, she'd get the desire of her heart. That's right. There you are. She probably read the Bible where the Shunammite woman... When her baby was dead, and she knowed if she could ever get to Elijah, that she would know why that baby died, or get the will of God.

E-42 Now, he--she knew, Shunammite woman knew, that God was in Elisha. There's where the Spirit was in the prophet, and there's where she must get to--that earthly vessel that had the Spirit of God in it. If she'd ever get to Elisha, she'll--she'd get her heart's desire. So she just stayed there. She said, "I'll not leave you." Oh, my. I like that, don't you? "I'll stay with it." Yes, sir.
And went right... She said... He said, "Well, I'll send my handkerchief," in other words. "I'll send this stick to lay on him."
She said, "As the Lord God lives and your soul never dies, I'm not going to leave you." And he stayed right there until Elisha went to the house and laid his body on that dead baby: never prayed. Laid his head and hands over, like that, put his lips out against it, like that, and the Spirit of God that was in Elisha come upon the child and brought it back to life again.

E-43 Why, she knowed if God was in Elijah, surely He was in His Son. Hallelujah. That's right. There, she said, "If I can only get to Him, I'll find out the reason my brother died. So she pressed right on through that crowd of unbelievers. When she got down there to where He was...
Now, look, seem like... (Closely now. I'm going to close just in a minute.) Seem like that she had a right to upbraid Him, doesn't it? Say, "Why didn't You come to my brother?" Scold Him. "Why didn't You come to my brother?"
If she would've approached in that attitude, she'd have... That miracle would've never happened. It's your attitude of approach, how you approach anything. If you come... Like on the gift here, you've got to approach the gift in the right way. You've got to approach God in the right... You can't come, say, "Now, Lord, looky here. I've been a pretty good fellow. I've... Get some hand-me-downs. But I'll tell You; I want You to take me tonight and say..." No, no. God don't take it like that. You come God's provided way, or you don't come at all. That's right. That's true.

E-44 That's the way she come to Jesus. She came to Him, and she run and fell down at His feet. Look at her now; let's look at the scene. I can hear her say, "Lord (Giving Him His right title. That's what He was.), Lord, if Thou would've been here, my brother would not have died."
Oh, her heart was broke. She knowed her brother was gone. She was turned out of her church now. What did she have left, just her and Mary, to struggle together.
She said, "Lord, if Thou would've been here, my brother would not have died. But even now, Lord (Oh, my.), whatever You ask God, God will give it to Thee." Oh, isn't that wonderful? "My brother's dead. He stinketh. He's in the grave four days. The skin worms are crawling through him. But even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will give it to You."

E-45 Oh, look, sister, it may be a dark hour to you. "But even now, Lord, whatever You ask God." He's setting at the right hand of the Father to intercede for you. "Even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will do it."
Say, "Well, I got a cancer, Brother Branham. The doctor says I'm going to die. I can't make it. But even now, Lord, whatever You ask..."
"Oh, Brother Branham, I've had prayer cards, but I just couldn't..." But even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will do it. Oh, right now, even now, this minute, God can take every cancer away from the people here. He can heal every crippled person. He can make the lame walk. What... "Even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will do it." God can make the eyes of this blind man break forth. He can heal the cross-eyes of that--cross-eyed girl setting there. He can make this woman here bound, raised to health and strength. Why? "Even now, Lord."
Friends, "Even now, Lord, whatever You ask God, God will give it to You." []

E-46 That went through the heart of Christ. I can hear Him raise--or, see Him raise and say, "Thy brother shall rise again."
She said, "Yea, Lord. He'll raise again at the last day, for he was a good boy." See, they believed in a general resurrection at the last day. He said... She said, "Yea, Lord. He--he'll raise at the last day."
Look at Him. The Bible said there's no beauty we should desire Him, little old skinny looking Fellow, probably was skinny and bony. But I can see Him pull His little Self together, said, "I am the Resurrection and Life." Oh, my. I still believe He's the Resurrection and Life. "I am the Resurrection and Life. He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die. Believest thou this?"
She said, "Yea, Lord."

E-47 Look. Oh, there's the gift of God before her. There's everything that she had need of. She's approaching it right. The wheels are coming together. She regarded Him as Lord in title. That's what He was, called Him the Son of God. "Even now, Lord, I believe whatever You ask God, God will do it. (See?) And I believe that Thou art the Son of God which is come into the world." Oh, my.
Something has to happen. When faith like that is met at the right spot, something has to happen. I know that by experience. [] Oh, brother, sister...?...
If you approach with faith, that has met at the right time, it has to happen. It's got to.
She said, "I believe what You said is the truth. I believe that You're the Son of God that was to come into the world."
"Where have you buried him?" Oh, my. "Where have you buried him?" Here they go.

E-48 A woman said to me here not long ago, said, "Brother Branham," said, "He was a good man, but He wasn't Divine. He was just like an ordinary man."
I said, "Oh, yes He was Divine. He was Divine."
Said, "He was a good man, but he wasn't Divine."
I said, "Yes He was."
"I'll tell you what." She said, "Here's the reason He wasn't." Said, "When he went down to the grave of Lazarus, it proved that he wasn't Divine because he went to crying. And that showed that he was a man. The Bible said, 'Jesus wept.'"
I said, "Look, lady. He might've been a man when He was weeping, but when He said, 'Lazarus, come forth,' and a man that had... []... returned back that had been dead four days... [] and Christ reconciling the world to Himself.
He was more than a man; He was a God-man. He was God in that man. He was personifying Himself here in His Son: God was, Himself, in Him. It's God, dwelling.
Look at Him. He was a man truly when he was crying, He was a man. But when He raised the dead, He was God.

E-49 When He come down off the mountain that night when He was hungry... []...?... But when He took five biscuits and fed five thousand, He was God speaking out of His Son. God was in His Son. Don't you believe that? Yes, sir.
Oh, He was a Man when He was in that prayer meeting, and all the virtue had gone out of Him. He was laying on the back of that little ship that night, when it was floating around like a bottle stopper on a mighty sea, ten thousand devils of the world... []...?...
Said, "Peace, be still," and the waves stopped. That wasn't a man; that was God speaking. Oh, my. That was God speaking out of His Son.
He was a God--He cried for mercy like a man at the cross. He did that. But when He rose up on Easter morning, He proved (Hallelujah.) what He was. Yes, indeed. He proved what He was.
When He stood at the grave as a mere man and He called a man that had been dead four days, stinking in the grave... Look at Him. He said, "Take ye away the stone."
I believe if He'd have spoke to the stone, it would've vanished. Don't you believe so? Looked like if He'd have been a man talking to them two little old women, that He'd took the stone Hisself away, but you've got something to do yourself. That's right. "Take ye away the stone." He was a man.

E-50 They went over there and pulled the stone away. Then I can see Him, not much to look at with your eyes. The Bible said, "No beauty you should desire Him." I see Him stand there, raised back His head, said, "Father, I thank Thee Thou hearest Me always; but for these that stand by, I said it. Lazarus, come forth."
My. And a man that had been dead and in the grave, his body mortified, "rotten" in plain words, laying in the grave, and his soul was four day's journey somewhere out in space... I don't know where it was, neither do you. But he returned back, that soul of that man rushed into its master. The soul returned back into a man that had been dead for four days, and he stood on his feet and lived again. Believest thou this?

E-51 I believe the Bible said He's the same yesterday, today, and for ever. Believest thou this? I believe He's the One that stopped the mouth of lions for Daniel. Believest thou this? I believe He's the One that's coming some of these days in great power. Believest thou this? I believe His power is here this afternoon to heal every sick person in this building. Believest thou this? I believe He'll give every person the Holy Ghost that wants It, right now. Hallelujah. Believest thou this? I believe He's here wanting to heal this woman, that baby, this woman, all of you. Believest thou this? I believe if we stand to our...?... thou this? Let's stand and accept Him there, all in this audience.
Lord, we believe that You're here. Lord, send the Holy Ghost in power upon these people. Heal every sick person in the building just now, Father. Grant, Lord, that Your goodness and blessings be manifested unto this people, in Jesus Christ's... []

E-52 [The following was on the August 20, evening service tape: It is included here because it is an afternoon service--Ed.]
... in this meeting here. I realize that our part is down here. We will may never meet again until we meet up there to face all of the deeds that's done in our lives. Then, Father, what will be there? Help us to meet each other there, won't You, Lord? Those hands went up this afternoon, wanting Your appointment that we can meet together someday in a better land, where we won't cross the deserts and plains and around the country to pray for the sick no more. It'll all be over then. There'll be no sickness or sorrows. Bless, will You, Lord, today. Bless all those who are here. Bless those who are in need of Christ just at this moment. Won't You grant it, Father, through Jesus' Name?
While you have your heads bowed in prayer, if you will, how many in here would like to say, "Brother Branham, I'm going to put up my hand. I want you to pray for me right now, that I'll be a Christian."? Put up your hand. Yes. God bless you, you, you, and you, oh, my. Outside, way out there, is there some... God bless you out there. I see your hands. Oh, my, hundreds of hands up.
What a marvelous time the Holy Spirit gives us. I look upon you, I know awhile ago a little offering was taken up for me to help me to live. You put your substance in there, part of your living, you're sharing it with me.
Oh, it's... I want to tell you it's... Won't you, please, accept Jesus, so we can live together for ever? I want to... At every turn, I want to invite you to Jesus, to know that you can live forever. Will you come?

E-53 While the sister goes to the piano, I'm going to ask how many in here would like to receive Christ and be filled with the Holy Spirit right today? Come and say, "Brother Branham, by grace of God, I'm accepting Christ now as my Saviour. And I'm coming right forward, give you my hand, stand here at this platform. You pray with me. I want to go to heaven too when I go." Will you come while they're playing "Almost Persuaded, now to believe." Will you do it while we all stand up all over the building, everywhere, in the tent.
Now, every man and every people, keep your places. Christians, pray like not before. This may be the last time that we meet on this earth. Will you come right down here now, around the platform while we pray? God bless you, sister. Someone else now while we all sing. God bless you, sister. God bless you. God bless you, sister. God bless you.
Will you come now, all you that would like to get a blessing from God, it's a saving of your soul, or salvation? Mother coming with her two little girls, God bless you both.

E-54 A little girl standing here, her little dark eyes looking up full of tears. The Bible said a little child shall lead them. The grandmother... And God bless you, mother. Good old mother with a scarf around her head a coming. Won't you come?
All of us together now, just sing.
"Almost persuaded" now to believe;
(God bless you, brother and sister. That's the way to start life. Come, sister.)
"Almost persuaded" oh, Christ to receive;
Seems now some soul to say, "Go..." (God bless you, sister. God bless...)
Won't you come? Won't you come? Let every sinners come forward, will you now? Come forward for this confession of Jesus Christ. No matter what church you belong to, if you haven't been borned again, won't you come forward now?

E-55 Your name on a church book doesn't save you, friends. This might be the last time that there's ever an altar call that you'll set by. Remember a crowd this size, six months in the day there'll be a group of you won't be on earth. Think of it. Remember, there's at least two dozen people in here that won't be here a year from today. About three or four thousand people gathered, or more, here this afternoon, There won't... There'll be as many as maybe a fifty of you in a year from today will be gone. This may be your last opportunity.
All the experience you had, just putting your name on the books... Don't believe that. Come forward. If you believe me to be God's servant, accept my word. If you're not born again, will you come just now while we sing that verse again? Come on, now, every body.
"Almost persuaded" now to believe;
"Almost persuaded" (God bless you, sister.) to receive;
Oh, seems now some soul to say, "Oh, go, Spirit, go Thy way;
Some more convenient day, on Thee I'll..."

E-56 All right, audience. What if that day comes for your convenience, but it isn't convenient for Him then?
I stood not long ago by the side of a man that was dying, who refused Christ. He was screaming and pull, "Get those demons away from me. They're wrapped in chains. Don't let them get me."
I stood by an old woman's side who had abortion cases, killing little children. She said, "Oh, cold baby's hands are running through my hair." She said, "Let that stork away from the window there with those great big heads on it."
Brother, I seen a man who'd shot another one, calling of his blood on his hands. He was...?... But he was standing before God then.
And I stood by a Christian not long ago, old daddy Hayes. His white flowing beard, he said, "Raise my hands." Said, "Happy days since Jesus washed my sins away."
I seen them go in all kinds of conditions. And you're going to go in some condition. And there'll be many, many of you will have to meet that before a year from today. Maybe all of you, for all I know. But you know you've got to. Won't... []

E-57 Christians over to my right, in here? Wonderful. Outside, anybody hasn't been borned again? How many in here's borned again and raise your hand. That's it. Wonderful.
Why then, looky here, friends. Here is the cream. There's not one sinner left in the building. Here's the sinners are standing here at this day, praying for mercy.
Ministers of the Gospel, you come here. Come right around where these people are, stand right along them. Now, look, I want you to be... Just stand where you are for a few moments.
Come, sister. God bless you. God grant it. God bless you.
You all want to believe now and accept Him just now. Ministers of the Gospel, mingle right among the people here. Let some good Christians from this side drop right in here, if you will.
God bless you, dad. Many of you weary days is passed by. Now, I'm coming home. God bless you, dad. Grant to you... Dear old father, standing here, shaking my hand, and another one.
Let's bow our heads everywhere. Accept Him now. Though your sins be as scarlet, they'll be as white as snow. They are see Him dying yonder for You. All Christians praying everywhere, heads bowed, very sacred moment. Come right on up, young man. That's right. Join right in with them. Bow your head.

E-58 See Him mid rendering rocks and darkening skies, my Saviour bowed His head and died. Accept Him now as your Saviour. He promised that, "He that comes to Me, I will in no wise cast out." Young people, life is before you.
All right, every one's bowed. Heavenly Father, today these dear people has gathered up here to the altar, an old, old sawdust trailed tent, gathered up here by the wooden bench to give their lives to Thee... O God, in the mercies of Christ, and by His merits they come, not in themselves, but in the grace of Christ they come, trusting only in Him, knowing that someday death's going to come into the room.
One morning the doctor will probably leave the room saying there's nothing else can be done. Loved ones will be standing and wringing their hands, crying. The cold vapors of death floating over the bedside, cold chilly winds of death sweeping, their pulse coming up their sleeve. Then breaking through the mist will come the old Ship of Zion. The morning star will come down in the valley of death to light up the road. They'll see two glossy wings of the Holy Spirit reach across Jordan, say, "Come, you blessed of My Father. I seen you that day in the little old tent meeting down there in Cleveland when you come accepted Me, now I'm accepting you." Grant it, Father, just now.
May Your Spirit woo each one of them, knowing nothing they can do, but just accept Him now, to believe on the Lord with all thy heart, with all thy soul, and with all thy strength; he shall be saved. Grant it, Father.

E-59 With your heads bowed, just in prayer, every one of you. Accept Him now.
Ministers, while you're in there moving... Every Christian praying. Let's keep a praying.
Father, bless this people now. May Your Spirit move upon them just now. May they accept You as their Saviour.
God bless you, Brother...?...