God Revealing Himself To His People

Date: 50-0813E | Duration: 1 hour and 25 minutes
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Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
E-1 Very happy to be back again tonight to pray for the sick and the needy, those who have need of--of healing.
This afternoon we had a glorious time talking about the Word, and about how our God will care for us. And I love to read His Word and--and speak about Him.
And now, we've gathered tonight to pray for the needy, the sick and the afflicted, those who are in need of prayer. And I trust that God will heal many tonight. Now, He's here, and the only thing we--you have to do is to believe Him and to accept Him. And now, as I pray for the sick, I told the brethren that I'd start the prayer line right away.

E-2 And I want to read some Scripture first before we have prayer. In the 3rd chapter of--of Exodus... Exodus is the calling out of the--of the church. Israel was the people of God until they came out of Egypt, and then they were the church of God. The word "church" means "called out," the exodus, bringing out. And this is God dealing with His servant, bringing--to bring the children out of Egypt.
Now Moses kept the flock of Jethro his father in law, the priest of Midian: and he led the flock to the backside of the desert, and came to the mount of God, even to Horeb.
And the Angel of the LORD appeared to him in a flame of fire.

E-3 Let's bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, we believe tonight that You're still the same great Jehovah God that You seen the need of the people in the days of Moses. And how that in that day, to fulfill Your promise to the people that You made to Abraham, their father, You had Moses to come on the scene. A little boy borned in a home, that was a very odd birth, something peculiar taken place. They seen he was a proper child, and he was hid in the bulrushes. You guided him, nourished him, brought him up to the age of the time that's about forty years old. Then he... The people misunderstood that he was to be their leader. They did not recognize the leader.
And today it--it's likewise, Father. We can't seem to realize that It's the Holy Spirit is our Leader, come to us to lead us, to lead us... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... appeared to him in a flame of fire, an Angel that went before him. That was the One that was upon the rod that smote the land, that opened the Red Sea, that hung over them like a Pillar of Fire, that guided them. And where the Fire went, they went. The Cloud by day and the Fire by night...

E-4 Father, today we believe that You're with us. We know Thou art. You have Your... revealed Yourself in a way... in a mysterious way, telling us that You was with us, showing signs and wonders, and then have come down and permitted to the unbeliever a sign that cannot be lightly spoke of among their own people of scientists has proven that truly it's the same Jehovah.
And we love You, Father, tonight, and we know that You're with us. And we pray that Your Spirit will reveal tonight the great things of God, that all the audience might, with one accord... Now, we know that it's not impossible to have a repeat of Pentecost tonight. We're all here in one place. May we become in one accord, under one expectation: that is, that God will move into our midst and heal all the sick and the needy. Grant it, Lord. Bless us now in the farther part of these services, in the Name of Thy beloved Child, Jesus, we ask it. Amen.

E-5 All right. Now, we wish to speak to you just for a few moments, just a very few moments about "God Revealing Himself To His People."
Now, God cannot make anyone believe. God can only reveal Himself in different forms. He has revealed Hisself in wind, and in--and mysterious--mysterious movements and so forth. And in the form of Angels has He revealed Hisself. And He's revealed Hisself in man, by preaching the Gospel. He's revealed Hisself in--in times of trouble to people, like... And sometimes He has to take a loved one, sometimes, to bring the heart of the person to the acknowledgment of God. You believe that? He does. He reveals Hisself in the sunset, in the sunrise. He reveals Hisself in meetings with great blessings, to stretch out His hand before the people and bless them. You believe that?
And now, He is trying to reveal Himself today to the sick and the needy in a form of an Angelic Being, coming down, like He did on the pool of Bethesda, but upon mankind, to reveal Himself by showing signs and wonders. Also by...

E-6 Now, as they told you a few moments ago, as Brother Baxter was speaking concerning the picture that was taken. To some people, that might just be a picture. But to me, that's a sacred sign.
As soon as the picture was taken in that debate that night, when I was setting...
Three or four times... We have many, many, many times. This little group here wouldn't fill a corner of that big stadium there. The place was walled in with people.
And I was setting way up high. I said, "I will not say a thing tonight. I'll listen to Doctor Bosworth and them holding the Scripture discussion."
And the Baptist minister had hired, as they told you (you've heard it read), hired some photographers, said, "Come over; take a half a dozen pictures of me while I skin the old man."

E-7 But don't never argue with people. You just stand still and let God do the arguing. I wouldn't argue, wouldn't debate with no one. I don't believe in it in the first place. I can only state what's truth. If you want to believe it, all right. If you do not, there'll be others who will believe it. Isn't that right? See? And don't ever argue. Don't debate. God's Word is not to be fussed over like that. Every person has a right idea. And those who believe, all right; those who do not believe, why, just the same then. That's right.
So I refused to have anything to say into it, because when you get to arguing with people, you get all steamed up... Presence of the Lord then. So I know God's not in it. So I just... Those who want to debate, that's their business.

E-8 But setting up there, listening to the discussion going on. And all of a sudden, I felt when he said... the man said, "Let this miracle worker come forth and perform." Miracle worker... And he said, "Let him come forth. I'd like to see him."
And Brother Bosworth said, "Brother Branham is in the building." Said, "I won't say where. But if he wants to come down here and speak to the people before they're dismissed, all right."
And just then, Something just picked me up like that. And when he picked me up, I knew I was to go forward. And I come down out of the balcony, walked to the platform. Just as I walked to the platform, I said, "It's too bad that people have to argue over the Word of God." I said, "Don't no one feel sorry, or--or feel bad at Mister Best, because that's all right. But," I said, "that's not the Baptist belief, because I was rocked in a Baptist cradle myself. And I know the Baptist believe in Divine healing and praying for the sick." And I said, "that's not a Baptist belief. That's Mister Best's belief alone."
And I see they're sending letters all the way across the country. But that won't stop God's work. It'll just keep moving on. That's right. It's people... Religious, Holy Ghost filled people don't pay no attention to stuff like that. So then they... All the devil moves, that just makes a--a stepping stone for Christ, always.

E-9 So I said, "Well, I... The only thing that I can do," I said, "I've spoke, I guess, three or four million people, direct or indirect. I have never, at any time, ever claimed to be a Divine healer." I said, "Never. I can heal no one. But," I said, "the things that I say, if they are of God, then God will speak back to vindicate His Word. (See?) And if it isn't of God, then God will not--have nothing to do with it, for God will not put His hands on things that's wrong." You know that. I said, "My word is just a man's. But when God speaks, then that's God." See? And I said, "If I testify of something, and God comes around and says that's true, then that's God's Word. You believe Him." And I said, "If I'm truthful, God will testify."
And about that time, here He come, coming down from heaven like a whirl, and just enshrouded me. And--and the man run up and shot the picture.

E-10 Many people seen it. Even some people that belong to different churches, like Roman Catholic, and so forth, was converted and believed with all their heart.
And they shot the picture. And when the man that taken the picture... Very critical, said I was a hypnotizer... Made an awful write-up in the paper, just scandaled it every way. And said, "Why, he's a hypnotizer. He gets those people hypnotized, and they just go away like that."
And when he begin to develop those pictures, he pulled out the six of Mister Best. And every one of them was blank, perfectly blank. And when he taken this one out, that halo appeared on there. He almost went into a heart attack. He didn't know what had happened. He tried to get me out of the Rice Hotel. 'Course, you realize why, they had to... They couldn't do that.

E-11 And the next morning, he become a believer. He was a... He was an Orthodox Jew, but become a firm believer in Jesus Christ, the Son of God. And they got the picture. They asked me what to do about it first, before the... I said...
Now, as soon as I looked at it, I said, "That's It." See? 'Fore I seen It... My mother was the first one to see It come in the room when I was a baby, about a half hour after I was born, maybe not so long.
The next time I seen It, It's a whirlwind in a bush, going... [Brother Branham blows--Ed.] And It spoke to me. I was seven years old. Said, "Never smoke, chew, drink, or defile your body in any way. There'll be a work for you to do when you get older."

E-12 And immediately after that, I was packing water, coming home from a little old barn back behind the place, crying. I wanted to go fishing. And all the boys had went fishing. I had... My hair was hanging down in my face, and I was packing water, two little syrup buckets. And as I went along down the lane, It was just a quiet September, late. And I stopped under a big old silver poplar tree. The leaves begin to turn brown. We had a slight frost. And I was setting there crying. I thought, "Oh, my. Isn't it horrible. All those boys out there fishing. Here I have to stay home pack water." And I was setting there, and I... crying. And the dirty streaks down my face where the tears was rolling... And I was sitting under the tree. Just as still as it this, in this tent this...?...

E-13 All at once, I heard Something going, whew [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] I said, "Where is It?" I looked up. No leaves blowing. I said, "Well, where's that wind coming from?" Now, I cried a few more tears, and picked up my buckets, and started away. It kept getting louder and louder. Well, I stopped.
And just about as high as those lights are, in the tree, there was a place like a whirlwind (we call them in Indiana. And I guess you call them a little cyclone like, you know.) blowing, was right in the bush, going, whew, whew [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.]
And I looked at It. And not another leaf moving but right there, and from there came an audible Voice, just like you hear mine. Said, "Don't never smoke, chew, drink, or defile your body in any way. There'll be a work for you to do when you get older."

E-14 Here's mother setting here tonight. I ran as hard as I could. She thought a snake had bit me or something. But I wouldn't tell her.
And my little brother and I, a few days later from that was setting out under the tree. We'd been playing marbles. And I felt a peculiar feeling, like a... Something was standing near me. And all at once, something happened. I set down. And I looked, and I seen coming up out of the river a big bridge, spanned across the river, and sixteen people fell off of it.
I went and told them. They said, "Why, you dreamed that."
Said, "No, I looked at it. I seen it."
Twenty-two years from that time, the big Municipal bridge spanned across the Ohio River, and sixteen men lost their life on it.
And it just started like that, and begin... That was before I was ever even a Christian. My people wasn't Christian. Gifts and callings are without repentance. It's a foreordination of God. Then It kept telling things on down.

E-15 I remember the next time, when my father offered me a drink of whiskey, and told me I was a sissy, because that he didn't take it. I took the bottle and started to take it. And while I was standing there, I started to drink it. I heard Something going, whew [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] If it would've been me, I would've drink it. But It was God protecting His gift that had been born. None of my righteousness, His.
Then, you know how all boys are; they get a little sweetheart when they get about sixteen, seventeen years old. I, like all little boys, I--I had a little girlfriend. I thought she was prettiest thing I ever seen, teeth like pearls, you know, eyes like a dove.
And we went riding, she and I and some more--another boy and his girlfriend. And we stopped at a little place to get some sandwiches and some cokes. And when I stopped, I went in and got the sandwiches and coke and came back out, I was... I drink my coke, ate the sandwich. And I taken the bottles back. And to my surprise, coming out, my little sweetheart was smoking a cigarette.

E-16 I've always had my opinion of a woman who'd smoke a cigarette, and I haven't changed it yet: The lowest immoralest thing that any woman ever done. That's right. That's exactly right. That's right. [Audience applauds--Ed.] Thank you. Thank you, friends. Thank you. I'm glad to hear that you believe that.
Now, ladies, don't be angry with me. Just correct yourself. That's right.
Listen. You talk about a fifth columnist, a cigarette smoking mother is the greatest fifth columnist America's got. Doctors claim that they can't even raise their babies like normal. It's nicotine poisoning will kill the baby 'fore it's eighteen months old. Eighty percent of them die. That's government statistics.
Now, listen. Don't be afraid of some other nation coming in and whipping us. It is no other nation. We're whipping ourself. It ain't the robin that pecks the apple that hurts it, it's the worm at the core that kills the apple. That's--that's all our own rottenness among us is what it is, what's killing us, the--the moral de--degrade--decline that we have.

E-17 Notice. Then I seen that wo--that girl smoking a cigarette. That got me. And to beat it all, she said, "Have a smoke, Billy."
I said, "No, ma'am. I don't smoke."
She said, "Now, you said you didn't go to dances, and you didn't... Now, you don't smoke." Said, "You didn't drink. What do you do?"
I said, "I like to go fishing, hunting." 'Course, that didn't interest her. She said--she said, "Why you big sissy."
Oh, my. The woman called me a sissy. I--I said, "Hand me that cigarette."
And she gave me one. She said, "That's like a man."
I wanted to be a man, so I took a cigarette and struck the match like that, and I started up to my mouth. Heard something go, whew [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] And I seen... I was determined. I believe if I had got that cigarette in my mouth, I'd have fainted. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Out of the car. And they turned the lights on me. And I went up the road and they... crying. And them behind me, teasing me... And I went up in the field and laid down there in a bunch of hay, and set there and cried and cried, and asked to die and everything else. I didn't want to be a big sissy. But It was God protecting His gift. See? That's right.
Then on down through life, the things, friend, would take hours to go into it. I'll try to get to it next Sunday, the Lord willing.

E-18 But It appeared down there on the Ohio River before nearly ten thousand people while I was baptizing in August. I was baptizing some five hundred, I guess, that afternoon. Hundreds of them were standing, and the choir singing, On Jordan's Stormy Banks I Stand. Was about two o'clock. We hadn't had rain for about two weeks.
I had my seventeenth candidate I was taking out in the water. And I raised up, and I asked him if he believed. He had. He would been repented at the meeting? Yes. I raised up my hand, I said, "Father, as I baptize this boy with water, may You baptize him with the Holy Spirit."
And as I started, Something went, whew [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] I looked up. I heard a Voice. Said, "Look up." Thousands standing all over the bank on Ohio River facing Louisville. Paper carried a big article of it.

E-19 And I looked, coming right down out of the heavens, out of a place about as big as this platform, where the blue skies churning like waters... Coming right down out of there came a big thing, like a star, whirling around, going, whew [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.], coming right down visibly before the eyes. Moved right down, looked like a star at a distance. When it got close, It looked like a milling fire of Light, moving right down and set over where I was. Then went right back up into the heavens again. The waters let up.
I've often wondered if that wasn't the Angel that was on the waters (See?)... Bethesda, you know. Went away...
And papers carried a big article, "Mysterious Star Appears Over Minister While Baptizing." And on down, It kept coming.

E-20 One night in Camden, Arkansas, I was trying to explain, the people setting very skeptic. I'd just been called into this ministry. I was telling them; I said, "Now, dear friends, I'm just a man. I'm trying to explain something, that God sent His Angel that's been with me." All along.
A few weeks before that, when It come to make Itself known, I--I'll explain that first.
And while I was standing there explaining it to the people, It's right down through an auditorium like this. I looked. Coming in the front door, and here It comes, moving around, around. People begin screaming, fainting. There was a Baptist preacher setting there, setting in a chair, been bound for years, like this as a deacon in the Baptist church. Why, in a moment's time, he was out of there pushing the chair down the streets, screaming top of his voice.
And It--It moved right up where I was, and come right over where I was, and whirled around, and around, and around.
There was a newspaper man standing there, shot the picture, a photographer, rather, shot the picture of it. There it come out in the picture that time. And he was converted, next day gave his heart to Christ. Come into my room, crying and was converted.

E-21 The hotel where I was staying, the keeper there of the Washaw Hotel, come in and said, "Brother Branham, I belong to the Baptist church for years. But I want that Holy Spirit that you're talking about." See? And there...
Then It--It appeared many times, and in different forms. I've seen It many times. I've seen It come into my room and speak to me.
And the last time It appeared to me, just before I was called on this, I was in my room. I was praying. It gets me up sometimes at night. I'm up all night at a time, many times, praying. I can feel It near me. It'll come real near, then It'll go away. I can feel It now. It's near.
Then when I go to praying for the sick, It'll come down like this, and go like go, whew [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] Then It'll leave. Then when It--It's down, that's when I see; that's what detects.

E-22 Then if I use my own voice, my own opinion, It--It won't say. But when I just let myself alone, It does the talking Itself. That's what tells the diseases.
Then and when It come down... And that night, I was setting there, and I was reading. And I'd pray, and I'd read, and I'd pray. And it was getting along towards, around three o'clock in the morning. That's usually a wonderful time to come. It come to me, oh, dozens and dozens of times in life. And I was setting there reading.
And when He comes, It'll show me things. My brother in here is witness of that. There maybe be weeks before It comes. It'll show me, like, you're going down the street, say, this way. I'll just give you a little drama. Going down the street this a way. And I'd see a white fence, a gate. I open the gate, there lays an old hoe laying in the yard. And I'd go up, see a doctor leaving. He's packing a satchel. I knock at the door. A lady comes to the door crying, her baby's dying. All right. I go in. I'll take my hat, lay it down here on the radio. And I...?... house. And then I'll feel a real strange feeling. I'll go and...
Now, before I do that, I will see somebody pick up my hat and lay it on the corner of the bed. Well, I'll go and--and--and pray for the baby. I will see it healed, come on out.
Well, maybe it'll be... I'll tell the people that's what's going to happen. And I--I say, "Now, there's..."

E-23 It's just like awhile ago in my room; I seen a vision. I can tell you something's going to happen tonight, right here now. It just come into my room awhile ago while I was alone. And so It tell... Just like that...
And then when... I'll be going down. Maybe I'll have a sick call, or going somewhere, be walking. I'll say, "Oh, here's that gate. This is it right here." I'll walk up right to that place. Somebody with me, I say, "Watch and see what happens." Go into the room, I lay my hat down there.
Now, everything's in the room but the a... there is no woman there with a red sweater on. I can't say a word. That woman has to be setting there with a red sweater. Well, maybe when she comes in, the other lady goes out. Isn't time yet. I just keep on talking. Then I wait. Then here they all are in the room, but my hat hasn't been moved from the radio to the bed. Everything has to be perfectly the way He showed me. Then when the way He shows me that, and everything comes in perfect, I stand by the baby and say, THUS SAITH THE LORD.
It can't fail. I've never seen it to. It's perfect. That's the first way It works. The second way is here on the platform. And--and so they... That--that's the way, or--or that--that takes place, the way it--it works and happens.

E-24 Now, the night when it taken place, when He called me to this ministry, I was setting in the room, been in prayer. My, I'd been praying all night, burdened looked like. And I got up, walk around the room, and I'd pray again.
And I was pretty successful Baptist preacher. I had audiences, sometimes three thousand, and had revivals; thousands were saved at that time.
And I was setting there, and I seen a Light flicker in the room. And I looked to see where It was at. I thought, "Well, here." Where I was going to pray, and way in them hills, I knowed that nobody was coming in there with a car. I thought, "Well, where was that."
And I looked, and here It was, right up here above me. Was that same thing that you see in the picture. It was spread out on the floor, getting larger and larger, spreading out across the floor. Well, I thought, "Oh, God."

E-25 Just imagine now how you would feel. Now, friends, these things are just not something that you just imagine in your mind. I speak just as direct, and He speaks to me just as I'm talking to you now, not just imagination. See?
And I heard Something going, walking. I heard Something walking. And I looked. And when I--I seen the feet of a Man, barefooted, coming walking in through that Light, coming to my right.
Always comes from my right. That's the reason I have the prayer line coming this a way. It always comes from my right.
And--and I looked, and I seen His feet. And when He got to me, He was a tall man. He was heavy set, weighed about two hundred pounds, looked like, just as natural as I'm standing here. He had His arms folded like this. First time I'd ever seen in that form. He walked right up to where I was. He looked down. He had a smooth face, dark hair. Hair was down to--around kinda--kinda like His shoulder. He didn't have beard on His face. He had a smooth face.

E-26 And He walked, and He looked up to me with kind... He looked pathetic to look at Him. And He looked like He was a man of... Well, I just could not picture His characteristics of His--of His character in His face. He looked like a Man that was sympathetic, kind-hearted. But yet He looked like a Man, if He'd speak, it would be that way.
So I looked at Him, and He looked at me. I was so scared that I--I was biting my thumbnail till it was almost bleeding. Listen, friend. You'd be too. Don't think you wouldn't. And I was right and...?... like that.
He said, "Fear not."

E-27 I knew that was the same Voice that spoke to me all along. That was the first time I'd ever seen It like that, but I knowed that Voice. He said, "Fear not. I am sent from the Presence of the Almighty God to tell you that your peculiar birth and peculiar life, been always misunderstood with men." Said, "You peculiar life and peculiar birth has been to indicate that you're take a gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world."
And I said, "Sir, I am uneducated. I could not go."
He said, "I'll be with you."
And I said, "Sir, I--I--I'm uneducated." I said, "I--I could not go. The people wouldn't believe me."
He said, "As the prophet Moses was given two signs, so will you be given two signs." Said, "First will be that you'll be able to detect diseases by your hand, taking the patient by the right hand to--in your left. And if you'll be sincere when you pray, get them to believe you and be sincere when you pray, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even cancer." See, He spoke cancer. That's the only disease He said. And He said, "Then if you'll be sincere with that, it will come to pass that you will tell them the secrets of their heart." Said, "Them will be the two signs." And He said, "I'll..."
And I said, "I will go."
He said, "I will be with you."

E-28 And just then, the Light begin to gather up. And It gathered up to the Angel, and It got into the Angel. The Angel went up into that little Light, Pillar of Fire that you seen tonight. And It went out of the room. I didn't know what to do.
The first patient come to me, and I touched them with a cancer. I didn't know what was the matter with them. That's... I just let myself alone, and then begin to pray, and away went the cancer.
And the woman weighed a hundred fifty-five pounds now, in perfect health. She's one the twenty-one years graduate nurse with cancer just through and through her.

E-29 Now, that's the way it goes. When I seen the picture, I knew that It was the same thing that I'd seen since a child. I knew It was the same One.
Now, what I think It is... I would not wish to take any remuneration off of it, because it's too sacred for that. And I put a--made them put a price, so that all poor people could get it. It was mine, and whatever it costs to print it, that's what it would be. But it isn't mine. It belongs to them.
But dear friends, what I think it is, is God, to the skeptic and unbeliever that wouldn't believe the signs that you believe, he has to believe also. And God has given us signs to the world today.

E-30 He always sends signs. Don't you believe it? "This'll be a sign to you. You'll find the child wrapped in swaddling clothes." Is that right? The wisemen followed a Star that brought them. Always, God gives signs and wonders. And I think it's a sign to let us know that we're in the last day. And even the unbeliever is without excuse now.
And when they told me, and brought me, it was before the picture, and so forth, It said, "You'll die like all mortals, Reverend Branham. But your picture will live as long as there's a Christian civilization." And as long as...
The picture doesn't look like me. Everybody says, "That's not you." But you can imagine that that close to you, It'd kinda change your features too. It does.
I like to fish, hunt, like anyone else. And I work. But when it comes time for these things, then God takes a hold.

E-31 Now, believe, friends. That it's nothing that I can do in myself. It's God that does it. May the Lord Jesus bless you. I want to pray.
Heavenly Father, bless tonight. Maybe we... The meeting's a little late, but we're going to believe You for everything tonight. Grant, Father. You know what I'm looking for now. And I believe that You'll grant it to Your servant, Father. You've never showed nothing but what it should come to pass. God bless... Give great strength and power, and may the Angel that I've been speaking about, Father, move down upon Your humble servant at this hour, that signs and wonders might be wrought by the hands of Thy holy Son, Jesus; by stretching forth His hands to heal the sick, give sight to the blind, to make the cripples to walk, the deaf to hear, the dumb to speak, and all manners of diseases cured; that people might know before this great world is shook out of its orbit by these great powers of the world, hydrogen and oxygen bombs--hydrogen bombs, and atomic powers, that we believe that soon is to rock the earth from its orbit. God have mercy upon us. O Father, may men and women here in this building tonight, boys and girls realize the seriousness of this...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] And may unbelievers and unconverted people believe and be saved. For we ask this in...?...

E-32 Where do we start? How many did we get? [A brother answers, "Supposed to start one hundred."--Ed.] Then we'll start from the first...?...
There's a little boy somewhere in the audience, I seen awhile ago that was healed. I haven't been able to spot him somewhere. He's a little lad, and he isn't but about ten years old, eight or ten, wearing a yellow shirt, got... I watched a little baby with a waterhead there, but it isn't that baby. The baby--or boy has got something wrong in his knees, is crippled in his knees, got bad eyes, he's blind. He's going to be here in the building somewhere tonight, I believe, or maybe tomorrow night towards...?... But it's a little boy. He will be wearing a yellow shirt. Now, look for him.

E-33 Is that your affliction? Is that what's wrong with you? Jesus Christ makes you whole, my boy. You have no more to worry about. That's right. God bless you. Here, I didn't notice you, honey, setting down among those women.
Do you believe that, mother, with all your heart? Why, yes. You're suffering yourself, aren't you? You have a tumor, isn't it, lady? Isn't that right? Hold up your hand if that...
And you, lady, setting next to him there, you are extremely nervous, aren't you, sister? All right. You--you go on, believe Jesus. Is that right? You're healed. God bless you. All right. Let us...
Now, everybody be just as reverent. Now, Father, You know all things. This lays within Your strength and Your power alone. Bless these people, dear God, and heal them for Jesus' sake. Amen.
Everybody be real reverent. Don't have no fear or doubt. Just believe.
I just caught something in this vicinity. I can't tell. It's somebody setting right along there is bothered with... It's--it's... I believe... Yeah, I believe it's you, sister. You have a nervous condition, isn't it kind of like, or--or demon oppression, isn't that right? Is that... All right. It's left you now. You just got healed of that just a few minutes ago. It's all over. You have pains and things that bothers you and hurts you (Isn't that true?), pains in your body, Satan a tempting you, attacking you. All right, be of a good courage; Jesus knows all about that and made it well for you. God bless you.
What are you looking like that for, sir? That back trouble you had's left you also, right there. Yes, sir, it's--it's over now. God bless you.
Now, everybody be real reverent, if you will. Where was you prayer line being called? The anointing? Those with prayer... You get it, brother, while I... [The prayer line is called--Ed.]

E-34 Little boy, how is... Your eyes feel all right now? Can you see all right? Your leg all right? Now, you're going to be well, honey. You come from a distance, and Jesus Christ knows all about you; and He showed me you were coming; so you're going to be all right.
Let's see, I can't hardly... Raise up; let's see you stand up. There he is. My, he's quite a little boy. Well, that's fine. All right. He's--he's... God has been merciful to the little lad, and I...
Now, everybody be just as reverent as you can, while we pray for the sick...?... I appreciate your kindness, being reverent too...?... lady.
Now, they ought to have a place for the mothers of those little babies. It'll draw... See, it attracts the attention of the people, and that interferes with the healing. Now, if the ushers will find the mothers a place... Have they got a place in the prayer line? If they got their cards, you call them. When their little time comes, bring them right on on the platform. That's right. But if they just... 'Cause the people that watches...
Now, sister at the piano, I want you to play "Abide With Me" constantly all the time to kinda... [Portion of tape is inaudible--Ed.]

E-35 I want to...?... bound to know... God knows all about it, you know, somehow...?... has to know, has some way of knowing, or I couldn't tell you what was wrong with you just now and what you been doing. Only God knows what you been doing; then when He reveals it to me and I speak it to you, then that confirms the faith (Is that right?) confirms what I have said to be the truth. Do you believe with all your heart? All right. Shall we...?...
Would you go down there, brother, and sort of keep our microphone is kinda...?... operated...?...
All right can we pray. Our heavenly Father, we're here tonight, gathered under this tent. You can make all things right that is wrong. Sister here, knowing that somehow that Your Spirit has moved down and revealed to her the things of her life, speaking to her, knowing that no man would know except God. And, Father, we thank Thee that Thou art here, and we ask You to bless this our sister and heal her. May the power of the enemy that's bound her, come out of her. In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, leave the woman.
All right, sister, now look here. If I sh--could know what has been, I know what will be. You believe that? All right. If you believe He can do that, go on off the platform...?... God bless you. Be well. All right.

E-36 Come, sister. Let's have your hand, sister. You have troubles, inward troubles...?... seems like it, or something distant. You--you just look this way and just...?... and I want to believe with all your heart. You do? 'Course now, you realize that the feeling... You have a very odd feeling at this time. But that's... You're the patient coming before that anointed gift of God. That's what gives that statement, to see them write something...?... Now, that's...?... Yes, I see what's wrong with you. It's a nervous condition...?... mental nervousness. To tell you how you feel, you feel like you're going lose your mind. You're upset...?... aren't you? Everything goes wrong...?... It works on you; the worst time is in the evening. I see sometimes you go...?... set in a--in a chair. You are doing something when you were praying too. I see... I believe you were washing the dishes when you were praying...?... prayed... When you heard about the meeting, you prayed then...?... You come tonight and your card was called; then you set down there and just wondered what He was...?... again. And here's what it is. I been talking to you, thinking maybe it would lead me, but it hasn't... holding me. The discernment is...?... stay there.

E-37 Now, do you believe that God will hear my prayer? I shall do all that I know how to do for you. Ask God, then God will make you happy. And would you believe what I tell you, if I told you every word the truth, isn't that right? If it is, raise up your hand. But it is... Every word's the truth.
Now, do you believe if I would tell you then, that it would left you, you would know that I told you the truth, because I told you the truth on this side. If it'd be on this side, it's the same, wouldn't it. But I wouldn't tell you unless it left you. And if I... If I told you, you would know that it left you, because right now you're standing, and it's bothering you. Weary, and the sun looks gloomy, and everything like that. And everything seems like a phobia; you get scared at things. And it isn't normal. See? Isn't that right? Now, standing longer and longer, we just make it, just keep thinking...?...
You're wanting to get well. And I'm going to ask Jesus now to heal you. I believe He will do it, don't you, sister? All right, you come just a little closer now.
You've had quite a struggle in life anyhow. Isn't that... You know what I'm speaking of there? I don't have to say it, 'cause this is alive here. You see? But you know what I'm speaking of.

E-38 Our heavenly Father, by Your Spirit, look down through the stream of time. Oh, You're here, dear Jesus. You're so lovely and kind, and we love You with all of our heart. And our sister standing here, has been bound by an oppression of Satan. Foul spirits have tried to put pride upon her. But Thou art here to remove this curse of the enemy. For You said, the last words from Your sacred lips as You were leaving the world, You said, "These signs shall follow them. In My Name they shall cast out devils." Help me, dear God, this duel of faith against the enemy.
Now, thou foul spirit that's bound this woman... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... Calvary, shedding His blood freely that you and all your kind, in the representative Name of... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... gift of Divine healing, ministered... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] I adjure thee, by the Son...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] to be, that you come out of the woman. There it went...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... That's just exactly what you asked for.

E-39 Now, many times... Now, these may seem strange. Everybody be real reverent. If you can get the person... Just what I was trying to do to the woman, was get her in the right mental attitude; she wouldn't have to be prayed for. The right mental attitude towards any promise of God will bring it to pass. Do you believe that?
The Word is a Seed (Is that right?) that a Sower sowed in the ground. And every Seed will bring forth of its kind. If you need salvation, the Seed's here. If you need healing, here's the Seed in the Word. The Word of God is a Seed. Put it in your heart. Don't dig it up every morning to see if it's sprouted, put it in there and leave it there. It's God's business to bring forth the harvest. You just leave it there; water it by faith and praise every day thanking God for it. All right.

E-40 All right. This first thing is a deaf spirit on our brother. He's got a gland trouble also. So will you bow your heads just a moment till he receives his hearing?
Heavenly Father, we read in the Word that where that You cast the deaf spirit out of the man and he could hear. We've seen You take those little mutes, born deaf and dumb, and restore to them what Satan has robbed them, see them stand, say words and repeat behind us everything that we would say, and scream, and hold their ears, scared, didn't know what was taking place.
Now, Satan has bound this man, and trying to get him to walk before a moving vehicle somewhere and be killed, shorten his days. But Thou art here to remove this curse of Satan. And the man comes because faith cometh by hearing, hearing of the Word. And he's come with respect now to be healed. Grant it to him tonight; make him well.
Thou demon, leave the man in the Name of Jesus Christ.
All right. You may raise your heads. Speak to the brother just now, because...?... hear if he doesn't... All right. He's... There he comes.

E-41 Howdy do. Little baby? Well, it's a skin eruption. Now, if I ask the Lord Jesus to heal the baby, do believe He will do it? Will you praise Him for it...?... Now, the little baby has a skin eruption on its body. Let's bow our heads while we pray.
Heavenly Father, when You were here, You placed Your hands upon little children like this and blessed them. And You said, "Suffer little children to come to Me and forbid them not, for such is the Kingdom." And now, if You were here, You'd lay Your hands upon the little child and rebuke this skin disease. It would leave the child and be a normal little girl again without this skin trouble. When You was here on earth, and lived, and done these things, and taught us that "these things that I do, greater shall you," You ascended on high and give gifts to men. And tonight, Lord, by the merits of Christ, You've come to Your people in the form of an Angel of God Who's sent forth mankind in this work that You have completed at Calvary, that we should finish this work.
Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I lay my hands upon this baby and rebuke this skin disease. May it leave the baby and never bother it again, through Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen.
Vibration stopped on the baby. It's gone. You were healed also of...?...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Now, if you know the little baby, watch what happened. The stuff on its arms begins to seem drying. Now, it'll just dry up and go away. It's all right.

E-42 All right, sir. Let's see your hand. Just before I touch your hand, just a moment. You believe with all your heart? You're a real deep thinker, aren't you, brother? Take things sincere, take it to your heart. God bless you. That's a good way to be. Spinal trouble you have has gone away from you, 'cause you're healed...?... God bless you, sir...?...
Let's say, "Praise be to God," everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]
Yes, All right. Come on, mother.
How do you feel now, brother? Different, isn't it? Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord" everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] I know you'll want to praise Him, and..

E-43 Howdy do, mother. Now, you look this way. Without taking a hold of the people, I want to see if God will show me what is wrong with you. Now, you look this--this a way.
And now, this is not mental telepathy, or is it psychology. Peter said at the gate of Beautiful to the man that set there, said, "Look on us." Is that right? Jesus told the woman, said, "Bring Me a drink." He got in contact with her. Paul, while he was preaching, said to the man, said, "I perceive that you have faith to be healed." Is that right? Then it isn't psychology; it's the power of Almighty God. You believe, don't you?
You believe it? All right. That arthritis you've had, been bothering you, has left you. You're free now. Raise up your hands. Move them up-and-down like this. Move your feet up-and-down like this. Go on off the platform healed and well. God bless you. Let's see you walk that far.
Let's say, "Amen," now, everybody. [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] We love the Lord Jesus.

E-44 Come ahead, sister. You believe with all your heart? Now, look this way, and do--do not doubt, but just have faith. I believe I find in you a good true spirit of faith. Now, you're wanting something of me, aren't you, an intercession from--to God, which now that you feel right now, that there... There's something moving on you at this time. Isn't that right? That is right. That's the Angel of the Lord, sister. Your faith contact. Here's what you're wanting. You're wanting your eyes healed, aren't you? Isn't that right? Well, God grant it to you, my sister.
Heavenly Father, bless this woman who I bless in Thy Name, that she might receive her sight. Heal her, Father, as I lay my hands upon her in the Name of Thy Son Jesus for her healing.
All right, sister dear. You believe with all your heart? Take off your glasses. You are healed. Now, you can go off platform. Do you see all right? Amen. That's...?...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."

E-45 Friends, you might class this fanaticism, but the Holy Spirit just stops me at this time. And I see that little boy David. It just looks to me like he's in a serious condition. How many's heard of little David? He's had an accident. He's been mashed on a back of a thing a riding like this on a--on a... And he's laying in a hospital. And the Holy Spirit just seems to tell me to pray for the boy. I don't know. Let's bow our heads.
Heavenly Father, God bless that poor little boy. He's waved little children into the Kingdom of God by the waving of his hand. And I pray Thee, God, just at this moment, seemingly You're revealing to Thy servant to pray for him.
Now, You Who could answer prayer, when at John Mark's house they were praying and a Angel went down into the prison cell and loosed the apostle Peter and brought him out the--the prison. You're still Jesus tonight. Every Angel is subject to You. I pray, God, that You'll bring that little boy to himself out of that unconscious condition just now; and may the power of the Holy Spirit release him, Lord. Satan tried to kill him. But we now believe that You will grant this to your humble servant as we, in love with the little boy, ask for mercy for little David at this moment, through Jesus Christ's Name, he shall live. Grant it, Lord. Amen.
Everybody believe with all your heart.
Come on. The first time that struck me in a long time. How many of you ever heard of little David? Most all of you knew of his accident. We might come pray for him. Call him right away.

E-46 All right, you're the patient, aren't you, sister? All right...?... First, before I take a hold of your hand I want to talk to you just a little bit. I... 'Course you're just a little nervous, kinda upset like. I want to get you in right attitude of God, mentally speaking, toward God's promise before I pray for you.
Now, you believe Jesus is here? You believe these things that I've said is the truth? They are? All right. Now, you know that you are a stranger to me. I do not know you. But you're suffering with something. And well, you're suffering with many things. One thing that you're real nervous. You're weak, and your strength becomes... No, here it is. I see it now. It's a stomach trouble that you have. Isn't that right? I--I thought first that it was a tuberculosis without taking a hold of you. I seen you're so weak. You get so weak. But I seen you refusing things at the table like that, things that you can't eat. Isn't that right? All right. There it is. All right. Then another thing, your eyes are bad too, you know. And you're near sighted and don't have too good a vision. There it is. See how it...?... up? There it is on my hand. Now, do you believe?

E-47 Now, what caused this, sister, is a nervous condition. It's a peptic ulcer in your stomach, causes pains and souring of the stomach, and unrest. And sometimes you think you have heart trouble, because that's just... That's not a heart trouble. Quit worrying about that. Usually when you lay down, you have that. That's a gas on your stomach pressing against your heart. It isn't a heart trouble. Heart's all right.
Now, I believe God is going to make you well, sister. Do you believe that with all your heart? You have...?...
He has now made you well. There it is; it's gone. See, your faith, sister, is what does that.
All right. The woman was healed standing right here, just standing. Let's just give God thanks.
Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for the healing of our sister. And now, Lord, may she be well and healthy, and go home rejoicing and happy through Jesus' Name we pray. Amen.
Now, sister. Go on home and eat what you want to. It's all over. You won't have...?... trouble any more...?... God bless you, sister.
All right. Let's everybody say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.] Amen. Now, everyone be just reverent.

E-48 Now, the people that's coming, there's different diseases. Now, how many out there would like to be healed tonight? Let's see your hands. Oh, my. Isn't that fine that you got that much faith to raise your hand to witness? Now, how many believes you're going to be healed tonight? Now, that's just wonderful. Fine.
Now look, friend. We can bring line after line through here, whatever it is, or people after people. That's all right. It'll just they keep on coming, people'll be healed; that's true. But everybody out there can be healed too at the same time, if you just have faith to believe. Have faith; don't doubt.
Now, is that your next patient? Just wait a minute. Let her set right where she's at. Look this a way, sister. Now, you're suffering with something. Now, I do not know. But what I want you to do, I want to contact the human spirit of yours. Do you believe now?
It's pretty hard, 'cause there's a whole group of people in there are trying to believe the same time. Now, isn't that right out there, you behind her? See? It just kinda... You just feel it pouring in from everywhere. And that's wonderful; I'm happy for you. But I'm trying to...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?...

E-49 When it's too low, can't you. Has to be just right. Now, you hit that just a wave. And you hit it, and you begin to get it just right. That's the way that it seems like in faith; you can feel it just a little bit to this side, a little bit to that side. But when you single that person out, that's when faith comes now.
Now, the lady is sick, or she wouldn't be... Now, to look like, I would... The lady looks healthy enough. If anything that I would say, just naturally to look at the woman. Now, I'd venture to say if she had anything, it would be she's a little thin. Oh, she might be run down with complications, or something, I... That I do not know. But if I'd say anything outside of the revelation, or what God would reveal, it would be wrong. See? I have to know. And that might be what's wrong with her. I do not know.
But do you believe, lady, that God will tell me what's wrong with you, setting there? All right. Now, You just look this way, and just believe, and just in your heart be thinking, "Lord Jesus, You did these things. And You granted them to Your servant that the secrets of my heart might be known."

E-50 Yes, she's been a person of sorrow, haven't you? And you're suffering now... You do have complications. And besides that, you got arthritis. Isn't that right? That is right. Stand up on your feet. Walk this a way with your hands up in the air stomping your feet up-and-down. Walk fast, like this. Don't have to worry about it no more. All right. You can go on off the platform now. Jesus Christ makes you well. God bless you...?... Fine.
This is a Spanish woman. She says, "I knew the Spirit of God was in you." See? So that is very... God bless you, sister.
Now, in Mexico, or down near the border among your people, I never seen a Spanish person come to the platform but what was perfectly healed. They're humble. They haven't got much of this world's goods, but they believe God.

E-51 I went... They got to Mexico City... A little girl one day... And I made a challenge that I've never seen anything stand on the platform before, but what was perfectly healed. I said... I made two or three challenges of this type, while I was standing by this child, this Spanish woman. I said, "You go and get anybody you want to and bring them here. And rest of you sacrifice your place. Let me have that person. And if that person isn't healed, then you say it's falsely."
And they went and got me a little girl that had never walked in her life, and she was all twisted up. And I stood there an hour and forty-five minutes holding that girl in my arms. And when the Holy Spirit came upon her and healed her, she walked right down with me, me holding her hands around in a building like that. And Indians and Spanish people screaming, and some of them rolling around in the yard and everything, and how it taken place.

E-52 Just recently at Zion, Illinois... How many was at the Zion meetings, if there's anybody... Here, somebody here to witness these things, fine.
One night... It even appeared in the papers and so forth. Standing there when Ford Wilson, a reporter for "Chicago Tribune"... They brought a little fellow up there that was twisted so out of shape, that he didn't even look like a human, a spastic child. And I held the little fellow, and prayed for him, and stayed right there until after a while, it seemed like his... I looked down. I held his little head up. And what had happened, one leg was about that big around, and the other just normal, about like that. And his little hands was twisted around. I had the little hands around my body and just held it there, praying. I just kept on praying and watching. I'd see the little hands move, then they'd let loose.
And in a few moments, I raised its little head up, little eyes sparkled like a angel, and his little hands come up like that, went around me, walked off the platform, come back just as normal as any child.

E-53 And when Ford Wilson seen that one leg that was that big around, normal like the other one, he jumped across a bunch of flowers on the platform, and said, "Only God can create." That's right. And there it was. And the little boy was standing there normally whole, perfectly made whole.
And it appeared in the paper. You all remember it, in the Waukegan paper. There appeared, "A little boy come spastic, twisted all out of shape, walked off the platform normally without any human support." Oh, He's still God. He knows all thing.
God bless you, sister. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord,"--Ed.] God bless you.
Let's just bow our heads and give Him praise. Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Your mercies and kindness. Be near unto us now, and bless all who are in need. And those who come seeking Thee, may they go home rejoicing and happy through Jesus Christ. Amen.
Everybody, look at her now. She isn't walking like she's stoved up with arthritis, is she? That's fine. God bless you, sister.

E-54 All right. Come right ahead. You with her? I'm sure that's all right. This... I like the little girl...?.... need, I do not know. But God shall reveal it to me. Do you believe it, my brother? Yes, sir.
Little lady, you're wondering. You're weak. You know what's wrong with her, don't you? I don't want you to tell me. But if by the Holy Spirit... Now, honey, I couldn't heal you. It's impossible for me to heal you. But my gift of God is only to tell you what is wrong with you, and what you can do to be healed. Now, if I'll do that, will you believe with all your heart?
You're suffering with TB. Isn't that right? Is that true? And you want me to tell you how to be healed? Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ with all your heart, and believe He hears my prayer, and the TB will be gone, and you'll be a normal well little lady. Do you believe that? God bless you. Don't cry now, just...

E-55 Everybody bow your head. Our heavenly Father, our little lady stands here and needy. She comes trying to get well. She wants to live like other girls, and be a little servant of Yours. And we realize that it's got such a hold now, until it'll take Your power to break the clutches of Satan. But Thou can do it. Grant it to her tonight, Lord, that her faith may reach up and grab the faith that it takes to heal her.
Satan, loose the girl in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Just a moment. Everybody reverent. It's a holding her. Now, there's no need... I wouldn't tell you wrong, honey. Looky here. See, it's still holding you. Now, look here. I want to see if anything will be revealed. I assume you're a Christian and believer. I see no reason why that she shouldn't be healed. She's made promises and everything else that could be, if you would be healed.

E-56 You felt like here, some time ago in praying, that if you ever got well, you wanted to be a missionary, do work for God, do His work. God will grant it to you. I believe that you... If--if you just have faith, the thing's over. That makes you feel better when you hear that, don't it? Yes, because that's what--what...
Here, brother, come here. You're a relative to her. Here's what vibrations are, a number of those... See how it hits my hand like that, one those things would run over my hand. Give me this hand. Look here. Like little bumps running, now, that's the--the tubercular. You can see it coming? Now, watch here now when I take her hand off there: not there now. Now, put my hand on there; it's not there. Let's see your hand here, sister. Now, put your hand, not there. See? See what I mean? See, it's moving. It isn't the way (See?) the positioned my hand's in.
Now, let's see your hand. You're not too well yourself, brother. Got poor circulation in your blood. Your hands get stiff, isn't that right? Isn't that right? Kidney trouble...?...

E-57 Now, watch, touch--show here. Come here, Brother Baxter, I have to take somebody's hands. Now, now look at his hand (See?) on mine? See? See it there? Now, put my hand on it: same thing. Now, lay your hand on it...?... Now, look at there. See? Now, lay her hand on and watch the difference between yours and hers. Now, look at there. Now, that just gets as numb as it can be, and like a thousands of needles sticking me. See what I mean now, sir? Can you see it, honey, what I'm speaking about? Now, look at it. Now, it's got my hands in here, there's no feelings at all. Now, just lift your hand up, watch it come right back to normal. See what I mean? Now, see it here? No, I just wanted you to see it for her sake, you see it going there. She knows she's sick, and awful sick like...
Sister, be of a good courage. It left you then. Now, watch here. Put your hand right back to yourself. It isn't there. Isn't that right? Something's happened, hasn't it? All right, sister. The blessings of God is on you. You're going to be well now. It's over. Now, there you are. Your--your own... You looked at yourself, didn't you? You seen it. You feel good now? Say, "Praise the Lord." All right, sister.

E-58 Let's have prayer. Father, we thank Thee for Thy power to heal, for faith cometh by hearing, hearing by the Word. Bless her, dear God. And make her Your little servant, and give her the desire of Your heart--of her heart, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus. Amen.
All right, sister, go off the platform, and I'll tell you what I want you to do. Go off the platform rejoicing, and I want you to eat just as much as you can, and go on and forget you ever had TB. See? And then about... And you mark my word. You weigh tomorrow, and then in about thirty days, you weigh again and send in your testimony to the "Voice of Healing" people. Will you do that? God bless you. All right.

E-59 Stay right here, brother. Father, bless my dear brother and heal him.
Satan, loose him now in the Name of the Lord Jesus, for I ask you to leave this man.
All right, my brother. There you are. Now, you did not have a prayer card. That--that... But now that...
The man did not want to come ahead of anybody, just walking her, she's so feeble. But when I come here and caught that on him... He said, "I'm going to try and get in the prayer line later." A man with that attitude deserves to be in the prayer line. That's right.
God bless you. All right. It's all over now, brother. Go on your road rejoicing. God bless you. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] All right, believe now.

E-60 Come here. Do you believe with all your heart? All right. Let's see now. You're a little excitable anyhow. So I--I dread to tell you this, sister. Now, look this a way. Believe with all your heart. You're suffering with a tumor. Did you know that? You have the right to know. That's right. You have the right diagnosis. You believe Jesus will heal you of that...?... you're suffering. God grant that her healing will be tonight, that You have the strength and the power, if she has faith. And faith without works is dead.
And we pray, God, now, that if she used works to come here to the platform, may she go away praising Thee and being well. May this demon called tumor leave the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
God bless you, sister. All vibrations stopped. Start rejoicing, and go... Everything is...?... sister.

E-61 I'll tell you something [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... accept His people. If I told you first... Do you believe now you're healed, sister, with all your heart? You tend to...?... And the feeling too...?... real tired, real tired, wore out. Don't... And just... At night when you lay down, and you just can't rest. Isn't that right? I just wanted to say that, so she said her daughter could verify that.
I didn't want to tell the lady this until she was healed, 'cause she was nervous anyhow. But the woman had TB, and it's gone from her. Now, that's... If anybody in here... If there's a doctor in here, you know that's a pure symptoms of TB. Everybody knows that. But you're healed now, sister. You can go on your road rejoicing and you'll be well. God bless you, sister.

E-62 Sometimes that way you don't... It's... You have to... I'm holding two long, I guess; I see people's leaving. So I should close, and I don't want to do that. All right. Bring this lady just a moment.
Come, sister. You believe now with all your heart? Now, let's have your hand just a moment.
Now, everybody be real quiet, just for a few moments. If you'll just give us at least five more minutes, I'll be glad to dismiss it, if you... But don't move around. It interrupts. You see, when you do that, you... When you're dealing with, the Spirit of God is just so sensitive.
I--I have no... Nobody has any choice in knowing what these prayer lines will be. We give out a--so many cards and just start praying for what we got there. And we don't know who's going to get in, and who isn't going to get in the line. That's known only by God. And only thing I can do is pray. That's... God... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... a group right here, and pray for everybody. Get everybody...?... supposed to be in the line and get it... Happens every night whether we got prayer cards or not. See? Them that's been waiting, because it's time for them... If they set and watch, it's time for them to be prayed for, don't you think so? That's right.

E-63 And now, these things... There isn't a person in this building but what God knows just exactly what's wrong with you. Isn't that right? He knows all about it. But now, He has to reveal it first. And then when He reveals it to me, then I know that's what it is. But I cannot know until first, God reveals it. Now, and when you believe that...
Now, just be reverent a few moments. Some nights we have people in the line who's... different things wrong with them. It looks like miracles and things happen. Next night, maybe we do not have... I don't know. That's just up to God alone, Himself.
But you don't have to be up here to be healed. God knows all about you. You can be healed anywhere, accept--accepting God. This is to bring the knowledge of God to you. You understand, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]

E-64 Now, all right, sister. Yes, ma'am. Sorry to tell you, sister, because, it's a cancer. You--you know that. It's in bad stage too.
Now, think, friends. What if this was your mother? What if this was your wife, your sister? You'd want something done, wouldn't you? That's right. Now, what if that... Or what if it was you yourself standing here? Just think of it. One out of eight yearly.
Now, the woman is absolutely hopeless without God. Now, that's true. And life means just as much to this dear soul as it does to anybody in this place. Now, who could condemn or find fault with anything was trying to help a woman wanting to live.

E-65 Now, there's only one thing that I can say, a supernatural Being. What His Name is, sister, I do not know. Talking to me, God, Who knows, is standing here before me, and the Bible laying here, knows it's true. That supernatural Being told me; He said if I get the people to believe me, then not even cancer could stand before the prayer. Now, He told me that. He will have to answer for that before God. I'll have to answer for truth for what I know.
And I know that hundreds of cases that's infallible doctor's proof, that were at the last stage, dying when they... You look like a healthy person by the sight of you... are perfect normal people tonight... You can be that too.

E-66 Now, look. There was some lepers set at the gate one time, of Samaria, when the Syrians had it besieged. Do you remember the story in the Bible? They said, "Why do we set here until we die? If we go in the city, we die; they're starving. If we--if we set here, we die. If we go down to the camp of the Syrians, if they kill us, we just die, 'cause we're all going to die anyhow. Well, if they save us, we live." Isn't that right? And by that mere little shadow of faith, they moved towards the camp of the enemy, and God rewarded them. Now, when He saved them, that saved the whole, oh, all Israel. Isn't that right?
Now, you're not asked tonight to go to the camp of the enemy. You're asked to come to the house of Father, where He's expecting you to come for your healing. Well, why do you set here till you die? Let's do something about it. Let's believe God. Let's go out, face it with God's Spirit upon us.

E-67 Now, without a shadow of doubt, I can prove infallibly, if you'll believe me, that it'll leave you now. It'll--it will... Now, here. Look at my hand. See how that looks? Now, watch here when I take my hand off. See how it looks on my hand? Now, put your hand back. That's the reason you need it. See how it swells quickly? See them little old things, like hitting across there? That's what I call vibrations. Now, look at it. There it comes. It kinda goes in waves. See how it goes? That's that cancer moving. Now, watch it. Now, there. See it moving down? Now, watch. Here it comes again. See it coming there? Now, goes, "Thrrrr, thrrrr." [Brother Branham illustrates--Ed.] Now, it fades away. Here it comes again. There it is, see it?
Now, sister, there you can see that, but only God can take it away from you. You going to believe? [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-68 You have other things besides that, you know?...?... goiter too... You knew that? Don't show on the outside, but you got a inward goiter. Oh, my. Weak eyes, inward goiter, very nervous, female disorder, just all...?... Now, look, sister. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is here to make you whole. Now, look here. Be reverent; believe with all your heart, and you shall have what you've asked for.
Everybody bow your head. Our heavenly Father... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Poor woman, she wants to live. And I believe that she's coming now to the inexhaustible Fountain of Life, Jesus Christ. Help her, dear God. She's going away from here tonight with a courage, going to believe, going away to be healed, to stand in the face of the enemy and testify of the glory of God. And we're taught that all things work together for good to them that love You. Tonight is the time where faith to come.
Help me, dear God. Give me faith myself, as I go in this challenge to rebuke this demon that's bound the woman.
Thou demon, you've hid from the doctor. That's true. But you can't hide from God. Come out of the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, leave her. There it goes, sister. Looky here. All right. There she is, healed.

E-69 Let's say, "Praise be to God," everybody. Why can't we all... There she is now...?... full of the strength and the power of the Almighty. Do you believe? With all your heart? Will you accept Christ now as your Healer? He knows what's wrong with you. Don't you believe that?
Do you believe it, sister there. With all your heart? Stand up and be well then. God bless you, sister.
All right. How many believes in here that God will heal you right now, right from here? Look this way...?... Say, "Praise the Lord." Amen. Just feeling wonderfully. Let's say, "Glory to God," everybody.
All right. Let's stand up to our feet. Are you ready? Do you believe with all your heart that Jesus Christ is the Son of God? [Congregation answers, "Amen."--Ed.] Do you believe that He died and rose again? He's setting at the right hand of the Father, making intercessions for your confession. Do you believe that?

E-70 I want every sick person in here now to lay your hands on somebody by you. Every person in here, lay your hands on one another. That's right, honey. That's right, mother. That's right. There, God bless you, dad. That's the way. Believe, sister. Believe, sister. Lay your hand right here on there. That's right. All right. Everywhere around, lay your hands one on another. Oh, my. (Oh, say? What say?)
Now, look, friends. Everybody be reverent. Listen. Do you believe He's here to heal you?
Just a minute. There's a lady standing here. Sister, was you--was you next in line? All right. Look this a way. Do you believe God with all your heart? Give the usher your prayer card there. All right. Stand where you are. Repeat this. "Lord, I now accept You as my Healer. I believe I'm standing in the presence of Your Divine gift. I believe what the man has said is true."
Your tubercular has left you, sister. And you're healed. All right. Let's everyone believe with one accord. Now, everybody.
Our heavenly Father, oh, be merciful. Grant tonight that every sick person in the building will be healed. May the Holy Spirit move now. Let the... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] O kind Physician, You're here You could--proving Yourself over and over. Grant it, Lord God, at this moment, that the power of... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] that You're to heal.
Satan, turn these people loose. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke every spirit of infirmity, cripples. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, leave the people and come out of them...?...