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Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
E-1 I'm thankful...?... Baxter. Good evening, audience. I'm very happy to be here tonight to try to pray for the sick and needy, do all that I can while I'm here to help you.
I wish to read some Scripture where it... I was enjoying very much, and just come up in the... was in the little trailer, hearing Brother Baxter's message tonight. I'm very happy that God anointed him to speak like that tonight, that God would move in our midst.
And I'm very glad to see people tonight that's Christians. I know that--know that one of the great events of this country here is a--is a ball game down here. Someone said, "Just let the ball game start, and you'll be setting in the tent alone." Well, that's--that's different. God's people loves God. You see?

E-2 All right, I want to read from the Scripture right quickly and go into the prayer line. It's found in John the--the 4th chapter and beginning with the 46th verse.
So Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he make the water wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.
And when he had heard that Jesus was come out of Judaea to Galilee, he went unto him, and besought him that he would come down, and heal his son: for he was at the point of death.
Then Jesus said unto him, Except you see signs and wonders, you will not believe.
The nobleman said unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die.
Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth.
I want you to notice, he would... If it'd been a prayer line, he'd wanted a prayer card. And he wanted Jesus to come down to his house and heal his son. But Jesus did not go to his house. But first he talked real straight to him, said, "Except you see signs, you won't believe."
Said, "Sir, come or my child will die."
Jesus... (Now watch, 50th verse.) Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had spoke unto him, and he went his way.
Watch the order of the Scripture. Jesus said something, that his child was going to get well. And the man himself believed what Jesus said. See? Now, all right. Now, 51st:
And as he was now going down, his servant met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth. (Something had happened.)
Then inquired he of them the hour that he began to amend... (In other words, when He turned from his worse to his better)... And they said unto him, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.
So the father knew it that it was at that same hour, in which Jesus said unto him, Thy son liveth: and... (And is a conjunction)... and himself believed, and his whole house.

E-3 He knowed he...?... "Thy son liveth." And the man believed... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] hands on him, the son probably would not have lived. But the man believed what Jesus said was the truth. And that's why we need to believe what Jesus said is the truth. Now, what the people says is something else. But what Jesus said, we're ready to stand on what He said is the truth. All right. Remember that now.
Now, just before we form the prayer line, I think it would be necessary just for--give a testimony. Now, we're going to try each night to kinda get in the Spirit of the Lord in closer.

E-4 I've been praying all day, trying to get ready for this meeting. This is going into the second week. This is... Even in this, is the smallest audience we've ever had, as I can remember, this much time, with this much meeting. But I worry over the audience, that... And it--had it any more reverent, and as--with as good a faith, any better faith than what you have right here. That's right. And I just believe that God is going to heal every person. I--I believe that with all my heart. And I...
Now, friends, I have desired one thing in my life, to see one more time. I seen one time that every person in the building was healed at one time. I've seen that once. And there was twice, three times as many cot cases and stretcher cases as is here. And they would pile their cots together and throwed their crutches and so forth away. And people went out of that building walking, praising God, and... Now, I believe if it can happen one time, it can happen again.

E-5 Now, at the day of Pentecost, they were all in one place and with one accord, believing the promise of God was coming to them. Now, can we believe the promise of God that is coming to us tonight?
Now, for myself I'm doing all... (And God knows with my hand here.) I'm doing all that I know how, everything. I prayed through the day, and I--and at nighttime I come in here and try my best to do everything that I know how to... Not to get it over into a place where people will just think too much on the prayer line, or where they think too much on one thing. But just try to keep it the best that I know how, that the Spirit of God could get in the hearts of the people to heal everybody. See? That's what I try to do, and God knows that.

E-6 Today, Brother Lindsay and I were talking... Brother Lindsay's a good man. He is, Brother Hall, also. And I... We give out these cards here, and we intend to pray for every person that gets a prayer card. That's right. What I can't get at night, we get at morning at the ten-thirty service. That's Brother Lindsay, Brother Hall has a prayer line here. Great things are being done.
Now, you people, if you see the time getting near and you haven't got in, go down on a Monday--or each morning at ten-thirty. And I've dealt with those men. I've been with them in their life, and I know that they're good God saved men. And signs and wonders will--will... This will stimulate faith. And at morning, God will confirm it then. Come into the morning meetings if you don't get in the evening meetings. If you want to be prayed for, come in and God will answer their pray, and great things will be done.

E-7 We were talking this afternoon. Brother Lindsay looked over to me. We've been together for four years, and I never heard that tone of voice. The Spirit of God must have said it, or I caught it in that way. Said, "Brother Branham," he said, "with a measure of time," said, "I've said for a long time: fifty-three would probably be the--something great." Said, "I believe we've got about one more year to go."
Now, remember friends, we're going to look at the thing right straight in the face. God never sends judgment until first He sends His mercy. But after His mercy, it's bound to be judgment. To reject the mercy is the bringing in of judgment, always. And now, at no...
Through the ages, since the apostolic age in the beginning, there's never been such signs and wonders that God's put before the people. Surely, thousands way off, heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God... See? For Jesus said they would be that way. Like they were in the days of Noah, so will it be in the coming of the Son of man.

E-8 Now remember, I am an American. Generation after generation, back to the third or fourth generation, been American. Many Branham has planted... And the other day when I was walking through France, many of them are laying there, fell in war. I had four brothers this last war. One of them helped me in the prayer line, where he was four years in the Navy, and give up as a hopeless case.
Hundreds are sent disabled, never to get up out of a chair. Another one's burnt through with a piece of shrapnel. The other one hit something, and it put a pressure on his spine that they said they'd have to tap his spine every so many weeks during his whole life, went into a gully with a--with Patton in his tank.
I wanted to go. If it was again, I'd try to go again. If this country ain't worth fighting for, it ain't worth living in. That's right. I'm an American. But just as sure as I'm the minister standing in this platform, we are heading for judgment. That's...

E-9 God loved Israel. But when Israel sinned, she reaped what she sowed. And we're in for judgment. Mark that down, and remember I have said it from the platform. When it comes to pass, you remember what I said. All right.
My Christian friends, and sinner friends, whatever you do, if you believe me to be sent from God, you seek the Kingdom of God just quick as you can and get in to it, for that's the only safety we have today. The world's at the end of the age. Only in Christ are you saved.
I'm not saying that to scare you. I'm saying it just as sanely as I know how to stand here in this platform and say it. But my heart's been stirred for a time. And I know that we're ready for something. Now, come in. You Christians, don't stay in that lukewarm condition anymore. Lay aside everything. Just get as close to God as you can. Walk with Him, talk with Him. Let everything else be secondary but your prayer life. Stay right with Him all the time.
Now, I don't know why I stopped in my speech to say that, but I could prove that. I'd be willing to say that's the Spirit of God there that's speaking right now, a warning to you. That's right. Remember, I'm saying that under the anointing of the Spirit of God. Of course... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-10 All right. We're going to pray for the sick right now. Be reverent. Let's pray now. Heavenly Father, strangely tonight, I see the world giving away in lust, and know that God's judgment follows. Like Sodom and Gomorrah, their sins had come up to the ears of God. And He sent an Angel down, two of them, to call out the righteous, separate them...?... the Holy Spirit calling to the people to separate themselves from the things of the world, to receive the mark of God, the baptism of the Holy Spirit, before the mark of apostasy is put upon them. Grant it, Lord.
Help us tonight as we're here under this tent, not knowing what time that we shall leave. And let our testimonies ring everywhere, calling to the hedges and highways and byways, calling the unrighteous to repentance, healing the sick and the afflicted. Grant those signs to be here tonight, in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen.

E-11 Speaking... I haven't the time to go to...?... But while you're settling yourselves, and getting ready for... All right.
I remember when this first came to me. If you'll give me just your undivided attention for a moment... It was strange how I was--hated to start forward. And I--I think if you'll learn a little more of this, it'll be easier for you to come and get it--to get into it. And I thought, "How will I do this?" But friends, God has always went out before me and made the way.
I remember I was still in uniform. I was a Indiana State Game Warden. And I came down... My baby, little girl, she's four years old now. I promised God, He'd visited me about two to three weeks before this. I said, "If You just wait till the baby was born, Lord, I will go." He give me that privilege of grace.

E-12 And I--I... The baby was just home, and I went down to get some of them bottle caps, you know, to drink the catnip tea (I think is what they give it), the little fellows. And so, I went to get those bottle caps. And I just went in and cashed my check. I was making thirty dollars a week. And I--I went in to cash my check. And as I went in, someone had stepped off the bus from Louisville, down on the corner of the street. Jeffersonville's a very small city. And I seen him look at me strange. And I went in to Mason's Drug Store there to--to cash my check. When I come back out, I had the bottle caps, and I had them in my pocket.
And somebody laid their hand on my shoulder, said, "Sir?" I turned around. And it was the--this same fellow looked at me so strangely. He said, "I see that you're an officer."
I said, "I work for the conservation of Indiana."
He said, "I'm looking for some--a party. Maybe you could help me. Are you well acquainted?"
I said, "Yes, sir. I'm pretty well acquainted here." And he... I said, "I've lived here practically all my life."

E-13 And he said, "Well, I will give you my story." Said, "I've been failing in health for about two years." Said, "I'm from Paducah, Kentucky, about two hundred miles down the river." He said, "Last night I had a strange dream." He said, "I dreamed I seen a big bright Angel come down from heaven and He told me to come to Jeffersonville, Indiana, and to ask for somebody by the name of Branham to pray for me." Said, "Now, do you know anyone here by the name of Branham?"
I tell you; I thought my heart would break. It was... I said, "My mother runs a boarding house right around the corner. Her name is Branham."
He said, "Oh, she's a Branham?" Said, "Would that be your name?"
I put my arm around him. I said, "Brother, three weeks ago I was standing in my room. A great Light was shining in there, and an Angel told me to go pray for the...?..." He just broke down.
There we knelt on the street. And I took off my hat, knelt down on the street on the corner. I said, "Father, I don't understand. But You sent this man here to declare what the Angel of the Lord had told me." When I got through praying, I looked and people had their hats off, standing along on the street holding their children back. They ain't no one on the street, just standing. I was just kneeling on the street, public square. God healed him right there, gloriously.

E-14 A few days after that, or a few weeks, rather, another case just comes on my mind. You remember me telling the other night about that Angel coming into the room where I was at, at--at--at Camden, Arkansas?
And next day after that, I'd went into a little church there, a little church to have a morning service, no prayer for the sick, just to preach. I was pretty well worn. I'd been days and days; I hadn't even laid down no more than just to cross the bed, or set in a chair. They had different places. They just take me from house to house, and place to place all the time. And they went down to a little church; I was going to speak.
And when I started out, they had four police there that was taking me out, stand at the door. And as I started out, the people... Oh, brother, sister, it would break the heart of an iron man. I--I'm human. And I stand here and look at little children, like here, laying along like this. I got children myself. I see sick people and I think, "Oh, God, what can I do?" But I--I can't. I have--can't do no more than what He tells me to do. I can't; it'd be a failure if I did.

E-15 So I started out. They were trying to touch my clothes, and, you know, and going through the crowd, crying. And I heard somebody hollering, "Mercy, mercy, mercy." And I happened to turn and look, standing all to hisself... In Arkansas, they have what they call the Jim Crow Law: the colored and white can't be together. I'm from the South, but I don't think that's right.
So then, I--I looked over there, and there stood a poor old colored man standing there, aged, a little rim of white hair, and his hair. He had his cap in his hand. His wife was standing by him. And he had his hands up, blind as he could be, saying, "Mercy, mercy." The tears streaming down his cheeks.

E-16 I thought of old blind Bartimaeus standing at the gates of Jericho. Looked around, started moving on. The Holy Spirit said, "Go over there where he's at." I turned aside.
They said, "Don't go over there, Brother Branham."
I said, "But the Holy Spirit tells me go over there."
And I went over there, and they drawed a ring. I never will forget what his wife said. She said, "The parson man's coming to you, honey."
I walked on over to where he was at. His old feeble hands dropped; said, "Is--is--is this you, Parson Branham?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He felt my face, he said, "Oh, you's a young man."
I said, "No, sir, not too young." Said, "I'm thirty-six years old."
And he feeled around on my... Said, "Parson Branham, do you got just a minute to listen to me?"
I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "My old mammy had 'ligion like you got." ('Ligion.) Said, "She never told me a lie in all her life." Said, "Parson Branham, she's been dead now, many years." Said, "I've been blind, and drawing a blind pension for about ten years." Said, "I lives about two hundred miles from here. I never heard of you in my life. But," said, "This morning, about three o'clock," said, "I woke up in the room. And of course, I can't see," but said, "look like standing before me stood my old mammy. I said, 'Mammy, is that you?' She said, 'Yes, honey.' She said, 'You go down to Camden, Arkansas. Rise and put on your clothes, and ask for somebody by the name of Branham that's praying for the sick. You shall receive your sight.'" Said, "Parson Branham, I put on my clothes, and here I is." Said, "Can you help me?"
Oh, my. I thought, "God, You'll witnessed that these stones will cry out, something has to say it."

E-17 I just put my hands over on his eyes, and I said, "Father, I do not understand." Said, "You sent the brother here; I ask for his sight."
I took my hands down, seen him smiling, wiping his eyes. Looked around and kind of smiled, said, "I can see, honey."
She said, "You see, honey?"
Said, "Sure." Said, "See them people there, that red car setting behind?" She fell on her knees and screamed to the top of her voice.
About that time, the people made a break...?... Next thing I knew, I was in the car.
I thought this, friends, "God knows all about it." He can speak to the people through visions, and dreams, and revelations; He can send them. He's the Lord Jesus tonight.

E-18 Father, I--I ask You to just be in our midst tonight. Heal all the people here that's so needy, Father. Bless them now as I go forward to challenge the enemy, to do these signs and wonders that You told me to do. I know You'll be there, Lord. You won't never fail; neither will You ever forsake Your promise. And I pray now that people may have great faith, Father. This is starting the second week of this revival, long. Believing that before the great judgment shall sweep the city here, that You're calling mercy. Help tonight that something might be done to win souls to You, glorify Thee, for we ask it in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen.
All right, we will have the... A hundred? How far did we get last night? Up to forty from twenty-five? So let's start at forty. [A brother calls the prayer line.--Ed.]... The piano player will come to the piano, please, and play "Abide With Me."

E-19 Now, how many did he call, twenty-five? How many did you call tonight? Fifteen. Maybe we can get more than that, or try to get--make another choice, if we can tonight, and fine if we can get more. Then I believe the Lord wants us to maybe to change the program a little tonight.
I seen a pathetic sight a few moments ago, that just tore my heart to pieces, poor little girl setting, holding a blind man's hand up when they sang, "Now I Believe." How in the world... Have faith, everybody believe. God knows that I wished I could do something. Oh, if I only could. If I could, I'd do it. I'm just as helpless as the rest. I can only say what He says. I can only do what He says do. I trust that the man knows who I'm speaking of, and the little girl, also. God will bless them. God bless you, brother.

E-20 Now, everyone be just reverent as--as... If the piano player, if you'll softly play, "Abide With Me." I just love that song, don't you? That's all I want Him to do, "Abide With Me." I--I couldn't live without Him. I wouldn't want to live without Him. He's my life. He's all that I have. And I couldn't live without Him; I know you can't live without Him. And I want Him to abide with me.
(When you're ready for your prayer line.) Now, let's just be real reverent. I know I take a lot of your time, but friends, I--I want to talk to you, and I just... I--I love you, and I--I guess I take--take up too much time then, and maybe not pray for enough sick people. But I'm trying to get you to a place where you'll all at one time... I want to see it before God calls me home again. I--I want to see it again before God calls me, to see it like that.

E-21 Now, let's be real reverent for awhile, and just take our time with each case. And all of you to look on, believe. Now, on the platform... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... try to catch it, but when it doesn't, I just keep talking; He keep adding more things, more things, more things, until I feel like that there's faith there. But if--if you'd stand there for amount of time, It would reveal everything that you ever done in your life, every sickness and disease that you ever had. It'll do it. I know it. A lot of times at home, when I used to take the cases, I'd set them down in my room, lock the door, no one can come in. I'd set right there with them till it was over. Then when I'm out in these meetings, I can't do that, 'cause I will be nearly dead before I got to the meeting.

E-22 Now, everyone real reverent; we're just... Don't nobody be in a hurry. And please, don't move around while the--the Spirit of the Lord is at work. While It's moving, just be reverent. Then I will tell you what I will do: if you'll do that for--at each case, I will give you a chance then to show...?... if we just take our time. Now, will each person be reverent? Just look on, believe with all your heart. And when God's healing the sick here on the platform, He will be healing them out there the same time.
All right, friend. Are you the--the... I see. All right. You look this way, sir, if you would, just a moment. I--I can't seem to pick it up from that one. It may be that... tired. I can feel the anointing of the Spirit. But it just want to say this...?... Now, you realize, my dear brother, that when you confess your faith in Christ, to believe now with all your heart, do you? You do, with all your heart? And you have no doubt but what this Spirit that is here now, that's even on you now, it's no doubt but what It is the Spirit of God. It could not be any psychological effect. It's just the Spirit of God. You see? Yes. You believe it with all your heart...?... Well, you live close, do you? In this city here, I would say. I want you just to look.

E-23 Yes, sir, brother. You have trouble with arthritis, is what bothers you. Isn't that right? See the way you get around. I want you just to look this way, and be just as sincere as you can...?... Life hasn't been a flower bed of ease for you, has it, brother? Had lots of sorrow, lots of trouble. You're in trouble right now, brother. Isn't that right?
At one time, you wouldn't have come in this prayer line...?... you was an unbeliever once, very much critical of religion. Isn't that right? You done a great thing along that time, too, something that hurt you. I believe you--you rebuked God, or cursed with God, or something, or done something wrong, or didn't you do that? How would you think, brother, by the Spirit of God. Is that a tract concerning it? All right.

E-24 Now, concerning that, it harmed you. Now, being that you had that on tracts, then look this a way. Believe with all your heart. You dearly paid for that, brother. You have lots of troubles now, nervous...?... You have a lot of home troubles, too, don't you? Domestic troubles with your own home, is that right? Will you believe me as God's servant? It's all right for me to speak what the Lord says? You've had other troubles, too, don't you, sexual troubles. Is that right, sexual troubles? You listen at I mean. Nobody but God alone knows that better than you. Is that right? You believe with all your heart now, brother? Let me have your hand.
Let's bow our heads. Our heavenly Father, there's nothing but what You know all about it. I'm so thankful that You're here tonight, blessing,...?... this poor old brother, having run and slip away to get to the service, but loves you in his heart. God, make a way for him. Grant it, Lord. He's in trouble. You said that You would be near those who are in need. God, bless my brother now as I bless him in Thy Name. May all these troubles clear up like a cloud leaving from before the sun; and may he be healed tonight of his arthritis, and all these other troubles, Lord, and be made new and whole again. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I ask it. Amen.

E-25 Look here, brother. Let me see you...?... You feel that you're healed, don't you? You are healed, my brother. God bless you, and go on your way rejoicing, and all your troubles are going to clear up now and be all right. God bless you.
(Can I have this? Thank you.) God, Who I stand before now, and got a tract here: "Is there a God? I cursed Him." If God would hear me, Who I stand before, knows I know nothing about that tract, or anything about it... And being it was, that I thought maybe when they seen the tract, I... The Lord permitted to go right down into the depth of his heart and get something that's really a secret to tell. Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. There's nothing that can fail before God. The man is going to be all right now. All right.

E-26 Come...?... Just be reverent, believe with all your heart. I see you removed your glasses before you come, didn't you? That's the way to have faith. Sure. Let's have your hand. I believe there's more than them glasses. Yes, ma'am, there is. You have several things wrong with you: One of it is you're nervous, extremely nervous. Which, you're--that has a whole lot to do with the astigmatism of your eyes. Then it's in the time of the change of menopause...?... (Isn't that right?), making you extremely nervous. And there's something... Don't you have something wrong with your limbs? When isn't there a milk leg, or something? Isn't that right? Amen. That's fine. All right. God bless you, sister. Now, your faith is right for healing. Will you accept me as His servant and Him as your Healer?
Let's bow our heads then. Father, all things are possible to them that believe. We thank You for the healing of our sister. Pray, God, that she'll be happy all the days of her life, serving You with all of her heart. We bless her in Thy Name, the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
All right, sister. Your faith will... healed, and you're going to be all right now.

E-27 All right. Everybody reverent. Which is next then? All right. That man's not...?... Jumalan rauhaa. That old arthritis... Believe with all your heart. All right, let's bow our heads. It's finished, sister.
Our heavenly Father, coming along down through that Baltic, up along through those hills and seeing those little bitty trains pulling along with those poor Finnish people a few weeks ago, laying burdened, coming walking, packing old bicycles, thousands gathering around... I'm thinking, coming down off of the mountain at Kuopio, seeing that little boy laying on the side of the road, dead, mashed to pieces, helpless, covered his little face over. Looked like life was finished for ever, no breath, no heart. Then remembered the vision of the Lord. Then laying hands upon him and calling in the Name of the Lord, and his life returned, there wasn't a bone broke in his body. How it spared the hearts of those dear people, how they come from the Lapland. Oh, merciful God, You, Who could take a boy that was mashed to pieces, dead, laying on the road... Now, vision couldn't heal him; It was the Spirit of God. You can heal our sister tonight. It's arthritis. Bless her...?... I now rebuke the arthritis from her body in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Tell her to have no fear...?... You're healed. It's gone from you. May it heal in...?... and God be with you...?... God bless you.

E-28 Let's say, "Praise be to God." Amen. Oh, my. My, my, How do you do young fellow. Let's see your hand. You believe with all your heart? I can't seem to pick that up, brother. I want you to look at me. Now, you're sick or you wouldn't be up here. 'Course, knowing you're wearing glasses, somehow, it--it--it's not... You ain't what you're here to be prayed for no doubt, or you'd--you'd... It'd been something different from that. I want you to look at me and believe with all your heart. Don't doubt a nothing. Now, I'm not saying, brother, that I have anything to do with your healing. I can only do what He told me to do.
Now, you love Him? Like to serve Him, don't you? It's epilepsy. Isn't that right? Seen you falling. That's a powerful thing he put... Remember this, my brother, Jesus Christ heals all kinds of diseases. But it's like a demon power, you don't know when it's coming, strikes and away it goes, don't it? Look, remember one time when a father brought his boy to the Master? Said, "Lord, have mercy on me."
He said, "I can, if you believe." Is that right? Said, "For all things are possible to them that believe."
He said, "He has a devil, ofttime it throws it in the water and the fire to destroy him. See, he'd just fall anywhere." That's a devil. And when Jesus rebuked the spirit, the boy had the hardest spell he ever had, and before his eyes. But when it was gone, it was over.

E-29 Now, if He was standing here now, and tell you about what I have said now, and...?... the medical doctors, call it epilepsy. He called it a demon that bothers him. And He would say His blessing over you and separate you from that. Don't you believe it? You believe if I will ask to Jesus, that He will separate it anyhow from you? All right. Come here and believe. Now, have... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
Just look this a way. Now, no matter what takes place... And be reverent. Keep your head bowed till you hear me say, "Raise your head." Now, young man, look this way and believe on the Lord Jesus.

E-30 Our heavenly Father, realizing the seriousness of this demon power that's bound this young man, I ask the Blood of Thy Son Jesus to stand between all peoples here...?... Have mercy on Your humble servant standing here, trying to serve others, Lord. Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of God, look not upon us in judgment, but look upon us with Thy mercy. And now, as Your humble servant, unworthy to be so, but asking for mercy, I now ask the spirit of Satan that's bound the boy, leave him, come out of him and go into outer darkness; trouble no one else in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Leave the boy, Satan, thou foul serpent... Christ proves here at Calvary, taking the power away from you, and leave tonight by confession and faith in the finished work of Jesus, the Son of God, at Calvary. As Christian people, we say to you, leave this young man. Come out of him in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God. Amen.

E-31 All right...?... Now look, raise your head now. First time in all my life, seeing for a certain, I seen him crawling, a yellow...?... And it's turned and went away from the boy. Now, brother, I believe with all my heart, Satan, you've had...?... God bless this boy...?...
I just want to thank God. Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee for Thy mercy. And bless that young man, Lord, and make his life fruitful, and keep them powers away from him, Lord. May he go in outer darkness, bound in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Never in all my ministry I ever seen that before...?...

E-32 [The following portion is very poor quality allowing only a few words to be understood once in a while, the text thereof is not included until it is more clearly understandable.--Ed.]
You don't sleep too often though...?... for one thing. Another thing, you've got...?... cancer. Isn't that right?...?... now, and believe with all your heart. I have a little girl at home, and I know she is praying the way you are too. I'll do everything I can, ask to ask Him...?... I believe He...?...
Our heavenly Father, You see the tear drops coming out of those little pale cheeks, rolling down. What can she do, Lord? She's helpless without You. She'll be a wreck after while. Satan's desired to sift her, but we're praying now. O Father, be merciful to the little lady. Strengthen her faith just now to rule out that demon power. Father, as sure as I'm here and Your servant, I believe You'll heal her now. You can't fail; You're the Lord Jesus.
Satan, leave the girl. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, come out from her.
You know what's happened...?... to you, don't you? You're healed.

E-33 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... possible lady. And you want to work for the Lord. You want to do His work. Now--now, you going to believe me? If you take my word now and do as I tell you, God will do just what I say say He will do here. I want you to go from the building when you leave tonight, just so happy. I want you to be smiling and go tell everybody, "The Lord healed me." And if you feel just...
Satan say, "No, you're not."
Say, "Now, Satan, you might as well go away, because a man that could tell me what has been in my life has told me that I will be well, and I'm well now. So you get away from me." See? And be just as happy as you can be; forget... And when you go out, you watch the difference in your reading. That's was healed and give it to you. See? And--and the nervousness is gone from you. You feel quiet, don't you? No more gloomy feeling. And it's going to stay... If it could make you feel good right here, and bring the Presence of God to you here, just believe that what I told you, and it'll stay with you.

E-34 Now, the reason I'm doing that, honey, because you're mix up, and you're just at that time of life of a little girl. Is your mother near in the building? I thought so. I could feel her out there. I thought... All right.
Mother, you know what I'm speaking about, don't you? It's just her little age right now is what's doing that.
And don't you, you know, fly right. So just--just start right on, just be happy, and rejoicing, and everything's going to be all right for you. You believe that? Say, "Amen." Amen. God bless you, sister.
All right. Everybody just be reverent, and praise the Lord now.

E-35 All right. Good evening. Nervous, get real tired, it's a kidney... No, it's in your back, in your spine. Is that right? You believe? As sure, as much as you've prayed, you ask it.
I bless thee, my sister, for thy healing now. In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, we desire that you may be healed.
Do you believe me? Did you hear my prayer? Then you're healed, sister. There's nothing can keep you from this coming now. Go, rejoicing, be happy. He's...?... Feel all right now? Go rejoicing and happy, God will take...?...
All right. Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Do you love Him with all your heart? Let's...

E-36 God bless you. Do you believe me with all your heart? It's got to leave you...?... weak now...?... old, female trouble is bothering you. You're nervous trouble causing you're... Isn't that right? Do you believe if I'd ask Him, you'll get well? With all your heart? Oh, my, dear old mother.
Bow your heads, everyone. Our heavenly Father, as she stands here, I think of my own mother setting back in the meeting. No doubt that these hands sometime helped others. And I pray, God, that You will help her. Many years ago, maybe some mother rocked her, patted her, and kissed away all the tears that... Now, she's gone. But there's still a hand she can pat and kiss away all the tears and cares--Jesus, the Son of God. I bless this, my aged sister, and ask Thee, Father, to give her many days of health and strength yet, that she can glorify You in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, mother. Fear not. You go right on. All right, God bless you...?... keep your hand over it like this...?...

E-37 That's why it come. Little nervous aren't you? Your eyes are bad. That's why you have your glasses on. All right. And also, you've had arthritis...?... It's worse...?... Isn't that right? 'Course, I don't know...?... knowing less He telling me. Isn't that right? But it's the truth, isn't it? I just wanted to say that so it'd encourage you. Now, I want to ask you something. The diseases and things that I've told you about was in your body, which you know is the truth, but when I spoke of that other, that give you more faith that anything that...?... Wasn't that right? Because He told me to tell you.
Now, being that you have believed with all your heart, He's healed you, sister...?... Now, when I was talking to you, it had something to do with it. When I said that, that word, and you believed right, that's when it left. Now look, that you might know... You believe me? All right, put your hands up in the air, both of them way up. Move your feet up-and-down like this. See? See, that has no harm. Your arthritis and everything is just all gone. Just go on your road rejoicing with God's blessing on you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody.

E-38 I see you're one of the workers in the meeting. You like your work, personal work? You do? Well now, you're sick, and you're here to be healed. Thank you for that...?... Now, one thing... Don't tell me what's wrong. But I want to ask you one thing: is it an organic trouble? Just say "yes" or "no." Organic trouble, inward trouble the...?...
It's something that was near disease. All right. I want you to look at my hand before I touch anything. See here? See how my hand looks? You're a worker here, and you deserve some... that you might see so you can tell other people. I want you to look at my hand. I don't know what...
God knows I know nothing about you. Now see, I put my hand on there. See there's my hand just--just as normal as any. Now, I want you to... Look, if you'll lay your handkerchief down here, put this hand here on there. All right, no difference, is there? It just looks like the same. But now, I want you to put this hand on there, just the way you did the other. Now look. See it swelling, turning red, dark looking colors? Look setting in right here. Now, watch when I press on this index finger. Watch this. See that run across there? Now, you see that with your eyes, don't you? You know what's wrong with you, here it is. It's female disorder. Isn't that right? Now, do you believe? Now, you see it with your eyes, don't you? [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... this hand... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] this hand, just... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Now... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... your right hand. Now, there it is. See it coming in? Course, that don't mean anything to me. It's you looking at it (You see?), telling you what's wrong with you...?... Now, see the difference? It's still...?... Ever where you're at, just the same. Looks like little warts, doesn't it, little white things, like bubbles, or whatever it is going across it. Now see, that's when I... I'm going to hold my hand still so you'll notice. You can tell others. Now, watch. Now, that's kind of letting up a little.
You're nervous, sister. Now, you have other little things, also: kidney trouble. That's right, nervousness. Now, watch; here it comes again. See? See them going again? There it is again. Now, you see what...?... Does anyone here know the lady? See? Well, you know how it is amongst the people. Now, sister, look this way. I want see you...?... Now, I believe you're deep sincere woman. And now, you feel the anointing of the Spirit. Isn't that right? Well, that's just the beginning come on you now. Isn't that true? Now, if that's true, raise your hand so the people can see. That's right. Other Spanish brothers...?... Italian?

E-39 I want you to watch. Now, I'm going to ask God to heal you. If that hand stays the same way, then there's nothing done. If it leaves, God has healed you. That'll be three witnesses, won't it? All right. Now, you watch yourself, and I will hold my hand just still as possible. Now, remember how the hand looked over here, I want you to watch that the same way.
Now, everyone bow your head and pray except the lady. I want you to be in prayer, but I want you to be watching my hand.
Our heavenly Father, I ask Thee together... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... at the platform, watching my hand closely. And now, Lord, knowing that the type and the--the nature of our sister, that Thou has said this. And therefore, Father, I pray that You will heal her. You said, "If you get the people to believe you and be sincere, then no disease shall stand." And I ask Thee now to heal our sister.
Thou demon that's tormenting her body, in the Name of Jesus the Son of God, come out from the woman.
Now, sister, there it goes. It's leaving right now. Now, that hand, me holding it perfectly normal. Before I raise my head or open my eyes, it's turning normal. Is that right? Now, it's all left. Is that right? All right, you're healed.

E-40 Now, audience, raise your head. Now, the lady standing right here, I never moved my hand. Is that right, sister? Right in that place, just as smooth as this hand or any. Is that right? All them warts, and bumps, and things has left it. Is that true? Just as normal as it could be. All right, you're healed now. Go on your road rejoicing and be happy. Look, don't...?... I see it now. Are you going to let it go? Just...?...
Now, just something I talked to her about, a worrying she's going on about, which she oughtn't to be.

E-41 All right. Come lady.
Don't weary any. Did Jesus only said, "Fear not, fear not." Don't let nothing bother you.
Howdy do, sister. Let's have your hand. Look this a way, sister, just a minute. You believe with all your heart? You have several things wrong with you. Blood pressure is a little high; you're a diabetic. Isn't that right? You're... Headaches all...?... Isn't that right? Nearly...?... Isn't that true? You believe He's going to heal...?...
All right, let's pray. Heavenly Father, she's standing here. You know all about her. And I pray that You'll heal her, dear God. Have mercy upon her. Make her well, completely healed. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask it. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go on your road rejoicing, happy, rejoicing, praising God.
All right. Everybody be reverent now.

E-42 Did you throw your finger up at me, sir? All right. Only just--just be reverent. You're--you're one of the patients to be prayed for? A lot of these cot cases here, it's--it's too bad that the people... I guess they got in... And I see they only just got...?...
Now, sir. You're here seeking to for mother. God bless you, sister. I--I know what... I can tell you what's wrong with you. Just have faith. I believe God's going to heal you, sister. I really do. Now, brother, just have faith.
Now, I tell you what I want you two cot cases do before I go to the end of the row. I want you to be looking this a way, right to me, and praying that God will be merciful to you and heal you. Will you do it? All right then. Just so I want you to do that. You do that also, sir, for her.

E-43 Oh, how--how I know, friends. Please believe me: How God wants to break in on this meeting right now. And He--He... How many wanted...?... to--to answer a prayer for us, everyone, for a great out-pouring. You won't believe I'd tell you anything wrong, do you? It just seems like over this building, just like a gloomy like when I turn around. Now, that anointing is not on me just at now; It's just around near. How many's got one of the pictures to see It? Let's see, you got the pictures? All right. And look at that when you see that picture. That same Thing's right here now. I guess I could call It "Thing." They said, "That holy Thing which is in Mary" was called the Son of God. It was a holy Thing...?... Just believe, dear brother, sister. Have faith in God.
You the patient? Believe with all your heart, usher? Well, God bless you, brother. Go on home and eat your supper. Your stomach trouble left you and you're all right...?... God bless you.
All right, have... Is everybody praying? All right. Now, everybody reverent.

E-44 You, sister, come right ahead. God bless you. Will you obey me as God's servant? Walk down at the end of the platform there. Stomp your feet up-and-down, and your arthritis will be gone. All right, God bless you. Go ahead, sister. How do you feel now? Sister, feel all right now? God bless you. Amen.
All right, who's the... The little laddie? All right, come here, laddie. Look this a way, sonny boy. Do you believe me? As a little lad, that's infant, child-like faith. Do you believe me? Will you obey me as God's prophet and servant, and believe that God sent me here for your healing? The stomach trouble you had has left you. Go on home and eat anything you want to, sonny boy. God bless you to, dad.
Let's say, "Praise God forever." Bring me another patient on.

E-45 Do you believe with all your heart? You'll do what I tell you to do? All right, sir. When you go down in the aisle, when you get home tonight, I want you to just raise up your hands and scream to the top of your voice, for your arthritis has done left you 'fore you got in...?... Hallelujah. That's right. Amen.
God can speak anything in this building He want to speak. You believe that? All right, everybody reverent.
Oh, just a moment. This woman can hear me. All right, everybody bow your head. Almighty God, Author of Life and Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon her.
Thou demon that's tormenting her, in the Name of the Lord Jesus come out of her. Leave her. I adjure thee to go in Jesus' Name...?...
Can you me all right?...?... Now...?... open, dear God... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Look here, friends. Can you hear me? say, "Amen." Your arthritis, female disorder, and all that's been wrong... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Go on your road and say, "Amen," real loud. Amen. That's right. Go on your road rejoicing, praise God with all your heart throughout your days.

E-46 Oh, my. Your sister? You want to be prayed for too. Is that right? All right, stand up on your feet, sister. All right, sir. You don't have to come here. Will you believe me what I tell you? You've been suffering with a mental nervousness. Is that right? Jesus Christ has healed you already. That's right.
You, sir. You want to be healed? The heart trouble that you had left you. Just praise God and be happy.
You, sister, you've been suffering with nervousness, too, haven't you? Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet and say, "Praise the Lord," and be healed. That's right.
Don't have no doubt; believe God. That's right, brother. That's the way to receive your healing.
Sister, you got a paralysis that's been creeping on you for a long time. Isn't that right? I believe God's going to give you a victory tonight. Do you believe that? If I ask Him from this platform, do you believe He will heal you? You do? With all your heart? Believe that you'll be able to get up and go on home. Will you do that?

E-47 Look this way, sir. You believe me as God's servant? They just pushed you in out there, and I guess in the line out there, but here's what... Sir, I've got to be honest with you, as a minister that's professing. You been told many things. You been told you had stomach trouble. Isn't that right? But you... There's more than that wrong with you, brother. And I'm afraid to tell you right here what's wrong with you from the platform, 'cause it would scare you. But if you'll believe God with all your heart... It's in your bones, brother, that's where it's at. And you... And if you'll just believe God with all your heart, God will heal you. Do you believe that? I believe too, don't you, sister? That you'll be healed?
What about...?... sister laying there today, do believe that cancer will leave you if God will... And the little baby here, what about it, sister? What are you as the--the... took that arthritis and tell it... Don't you believe that God will do that for you?

E-48 Now, everybody. Here, the blind brother setting here, standing here. Yes, sir. And the--the little lad setting back there with--with crossed-eyes.
Now, don't you believe that God will do it? Huh? All right. Now that... I'm going to ask you something. I'm going to ask you to make a committal right now to God, that God will perform this.
Dad, if you'll believe what I telling you, you could walk back tonight, and...?... his wife would take you back.
Mister, you can rise and walk too.
Almighty God, Who stands present into this world of all mortals, You're here tonight. God, grant that these people that's here, that's suffering and needy, a poor old mother laying here.
Satan, come out of here. O Jesus, in the Name of the Son of God, I rebuke that devil that would bind that poor old mother laying there paralyzed. Thou demon, come out from the woman.
God bless that poor man, trying and praying; may he rise in the Name of the Lord Jesus. May the woman come out of the bed and be healed and well. Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, heal this woman here with cancer, dying. The blind man leaning on his cane, the little child. O God, have mercy. Bless these people in Jesus Christ's Name.

E-49 Come forward, you who wants to stand near to be prayed for. Come up around the platform. That's right. God bless you. Here me. Brother raise up from his ambulance stretcher. Get around him some of you ushers and give him strength that he might walk. A lady, paralyzed, raising up from the platform. Hallelujah! Rise dear, and believe on the Lord Jesus... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] God has healed you.
You there, with the trumpet in your ear: take the thing out of your ear. Christ Jesus has made you well.
And you, standing right there with...?... the other side of the tent, for a long time you've been...?... had TB. Give it a...?... You come here a few days ago because of it. Believe Jesus Christ right now and you can be healed.
And you, my brother. Stand up; the Lord Jesus Christ is here to make the healing power flow to every one of you.
You, lady. Rise and have faith. You brought your...?...