The Angel And The Commission

Date: 50-0821 | Duration: 1 hour and 21 minutes
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Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
E-1 Good evening... As usual...?... good to be here. That is the truth. Well, I--I'm tired I ever get to be, why, I still I'm very happy to be here...?... anywhere to serve the Lord.
See quite a little difference in our crowd tonight. It was... Last night it was long days. Just... Yesterday was a very long day. And of course, that would... And people were tired and worn...?...
And now, we're starting another week which is the longest service that I have ever held in my life. And I trust that it'll prove out to be a great blessing to all. I'm just as tired as I ever was in my life. It--it would seemingly that it--that that would make you tired. But if I would just give you some little inside picture that you might know what I--I mean. There's...

E-2 Those visions, that's what weakens me, the--the Supernatural working on a natural man. Someone met me and tell me about that picture. Said, "Brother Branham, that don't look like you."
I said, "Well, if that was saying that the Angel of God was that close to you that it was, it probably does change you a little bit." Now, think of being under that constantly day in and out. Then I have to get out somewhere and give vent to myself. If you don't, why, you just... You just get so weak, you can't hardly go. It look like you're strength is just gone.
And then another thing, when you're in a meeting like this, a mass meeting, when peoples are praying, that affects me no matter where I am. See? It--it affects you. The--the Angel of the Lord is--is--is a moving. You see? And--and hurrying on you, constantly. Might seem strange, maybe a little different from your teaching, but we can only testify about what is truth. True.

E-3 And now, I hope to get to return again sometime to Cleveland, up here at the--to have a meeting when we can come back again. [Congregation applauds--Ed.] Thank you very much. Thank you very much. And I--I will try. I feel that it's greatly needed here at Cleveland. And--and my... If I should come back again, it'll be a--it'll be better. It'll be easier to start then.
This is kinda pioneering then. You see? Look like everybody was bypassing Cleveland, leaving it go. But seemingly, Something told me to come to Cleveland. Here's where it was to come to.
Say, "Well, Cleveland is... Well, the most of the people there are belong to these kind of churches. And then..."
But no matter what they belong to, all of us, is to hear the Gospel. And to see... And those who struggle for the cause. I was sent to those people, those men who's weathered the storms. And they taught these things, and believed them, and look forward for It to come. Now, if It come, it's to all; It's to all of us, everywhere.

E-4 And I was talking to a minister friend of mine today from Del Rio. He and another minister just flew in here. Their plane's setting down here at the--the coast now in a little hanger down there.
And so it... I said, "Well, our--our crowds hasn't been very big. But it's been one of the sweetest meetings I've ever in, just seems such a harmony among the people, the ministers: everybody with one heart, one accord."
My Brother Lindsay told me, "Could you just stay a few more extra days." I--I wanted to do it, because I'm looking for something to happen that I prayed for, and seen it one time in my life; that's for an entire congregation to be healed at once, everything healed just at once. And looks like with such unity, and such cooperation in the Spirit, that this could happen.
And as the meetings begin to draw towards a close, the anticipation of the people, they're--they're... They know they must press some way. See? And they'll just reach out and accept it just on--on--on the ground. And usually, the last night of the service usually produces better than all the services, 'cause it's the last night, and people say, "Well, this is my last chance. I've got to reach..."
And all they have to do is make a reach; it's there. Just as sure as God's there, it's there. And they--they'll find it, but they're just a little afraid to step out. You see?

E-5 And then I--I--I want the ministers of the congregation to remember this, the minister brethren: there'll be people in your churches that's been crippled, that you'll notice, they're going to start walking. There'll be people there, that's been sick, that'll walk up and say, "Brother pastor, I had stomach trouble. I didn't get in the prayer line; but you know, that's left me." See? And it...
I know, standing here on the platform, you can just feel it pull and then let up. It's over. You see? They may not have recognized it, but it is. See? Just watch what happens. It's got to. If they'll just halfway believe it, it'll be right.

E-6 And now, do this. Now, last evening, I've had... Since last evening, I've had a very much of a--of a tussle, and praying over a matter that God has been dealing with me on something; and that is about such a miraculous mount of faith in here, and can touch just such a few people each night. That's one thing that's always bothered me.
Now, I hope... There's no newcomers; you've all been to the meetings before, haven't you? You... Let's see how many's been here before, raise your hands everywhere. Why, practically... That's fine. Now, you understand the--the meeting, and how it... Many of you've been here for a long time. And many of you have been setting here waiting to be prayed for.
I heard today that one man has received many prayer cards, and never had got into the prayer line yet. He's been up almost the prayer bench and some...?... fellow's very sick.
We have no control of that. God alone does it. I... Maybe the man's faith is just not right yet. But if he will believe with all of his heart, it'll be all right anyhow.

E-7 And what I've always wondered, could I minister to all the sick. That's what's been my heart's desire. I tried it. I told you one time stayed at the pulpit for eight days and nights. Couldn't get...?... more--thousands and thousands more at the end of the eight days than there was. And I never left the platform. I slept here, eat here, and everything, right at the pulpit for eight days and nights. I did, I taken about a eight month vacation after that. I had...
In other words, I couldn't get out. I was just in a nervous break. It just liked to killed me. So then, I--I knew then that I must use a little more wisdom than what I had. Jesus never even tried to touch the peoples like that. Is that right?

E-8 Now, let's just get right down to our hearts now. And I want to tell you something, and we want to talk just for a few moments, just heart to heart.
Now, I realize, and you realize too, and ministers, that a man can take a Divine gift, send his soul to hell with it. You know that? A gift from God... Now, I don't mean just something that you imagine. I mean if God has really given something, and give it to your charge, you've got to use that with the wisdom of God.
Now, I--I've never in my life talked to a congregation like this, especially a congregation of healing campaign. But the thing that I want to see... I want it so bad... And that's the reason I'm talking to you the way I am.

E-9 Now, remember, Divine gifts can easily get a person into trouble. That God, if He finds someone that He figures that He can entrust a Divine gift with, which is reverent with all of our hearts...
Now, you remember, how many believes Moses was a Divine gifted prophet of God? He was. Everyone believes that. But Moses, with that same Divine gift, got himself in trouble. Did he? God told him, said, "You go speak to the Rock." He'd already smitten the Rock once. Said, "Go speak to the Rock."
And that Rock was Christ, is that right? And Christ wasn't smitten the second time; we just speak to Him now. He was smitten once, and He brought forth the waters of Life. And we just speak to the Rock now, and It brings forth the waters. Like God so loved the world.
The Rock in the wilderness was a perfect of John 3:16, "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, and whosoever believeth on Him should not perish but have Everlasting Life."
Those Israelites were perishing, and the Rock was smitten and brought forth life--water. "And God so loved the world He gave His only begotten Son. Whosoever believeth on Him should not perish (A perishing generation of people)--should not perish, but have Everlasting Life," by speaking to the Rock. See?

E-10 But Moses went down there and smote the Rock. He got anger. He forgot all of his--lost control of himself. He got all worked up, and excited, because the people... And he just smote the rock again, and it didn't bring its water. But he smote it again. Is that right?
Now, he was a Divine prophet sent from the Presence of God, borned in this world to be a prophet, a vindicated prophet by signs and wonders, the Pillar of Fire followed him. And we know that he was a prophet sent from God.
And God had entrusted him with that power, and as far as I know, Bible readers... I'm not much of a scholar, because I never got but just a grammar school education, seventh grade at that.

E-11 Look. But here, the only place that I can see in the Bible where the program of God was ever broke, any all the types, was right there when Moses smote the rock the second time to bring out the water. Regardless, if it wasn't God's will... We know it wasn't God's will. We'll admit that, don't we. But Moses had power to bring it whether it was God's will or not. Is that true? We know it was against God's will. But God had entrusted His servant with that power. When he smote the rock, and it didn't...?... bring forth its water; showed it wasn't God's will. And he smote it again; he called for it. It had to come. That's right. He was endowed with that power; he brought forth water. It was against God's will. And God dealt with Moses later about that. Is that right?

E-12 Remember Elisha? Young fellow went baldheaded, was young, when he was young man. Some little children begin to holler, said, "Old bald-head, old bald-head, why didn't you go up with Elijah?" Remember that?
That angered prophet now, turned around angry, and cursed those children in the Name of the Lord, and two she bears run out of the woods and killed forty-two little innocent children. Is that right? That's not the nature of the Holy Spirit. You know that. But that prophet was angry. See? You have to be careful what you do.

E-13 Therefore, when people come up here for healing, I'm watching them. And I see people sometimes run up here with a Divine gift, if he didn't examine that case perfectly, right truly... And if something had been put on that person, a curse of sickness, sometimes it happens that way. Sickness sometimes, and diseases, and afflictions is God's whip to bring the people back to to the path...?... All right.
Not every time it's like that. Remember the boys at the gate? They said, "Who--who sinned, he, or his father, or his mother?" Remember that?
Jesus said, "In this case, neither, that the works of God might be known."

E-14 Now, you have to know those things. That's why on each case, I examine it real closely. I know right where I'm standing. And if I ask once and it doesn't leave, then I'll check closely. And then if I don't see nothing, I'll leave it alone till God shows me what to do. Have to watch that thing, because there might be something put on that person, God intended to be there to bring them to a certain thing. You come right back around and take that thing off what God's put on, look where you stand before God. And if God endued you with something, to do something with... you have to watch.
Therefore, brothers, their Divine gift... I have said this... Many of my managers and things know this is true. I've went to... When I first started, I was so elated with it, till I would go into a city and call a meeting. I'd say, "You go to the city and bring me... Let the ministers or somebody, bring me somebody that they know is crippled or afflicted, and let me have that person. And I'll assure you that person will be healed 'fore I'm through." And I made challenges like that.

E-15 I went into Phoenix one time. And I made a challenge. They brought a little crippled Mexican girl. Oh, she was horribly. A hour and forty-five minutes I had that child on the platform, just held it, stayed right with it, and pled to let... that God... let the baby loose... come loose. The baby come loose, went around, walked down off platform there, walked down and come back again.
And I remember at Vandalia, Illinois, where I seen the great--one of the greatest...?... I ever seen in a meeting. And I said that same thing. I said, "You go get a person and bring them to me."
They did, a boy brought born blind, about fifteen years old. I stayed right with the boy, stayed right there until that boy received his sight. And after I did that, taken the time where hundreds was setting to be prayed for, but put all the time on that one boy.

E-16 And after I heard him screaming, and he come back... He was wondering through the crowd; he got back; he said, "I told my mother that I wanted to see what the man looked like that opened my eyes."
I said, "I hope you see Him someday, the Lord Jesus Christ."
So he took hold of my tie, he said, "Mother, is..." I had on a striped tie. He said, "Is that--that color of them things through there. Is that what you call stripes?" All of them crying. He said, "Now, what color would you call his suit?" He said, "That's what they call lights up there?" Born blind, never seen in his life... Lot of people were fainting everywhere.

E-17 I went to the hotel that night, my brother Donny and my little son, Billy. They went in the hotel. It was about two o'clock in the morning. And I was lying down sleeping, had just went to sleep, which I don't sleep very much at night, always in prayer.
Nighttime, when all demon powers shut down towards morning. When they're not roaming, that's the time the Holy Spirit moves in and talks to me. Go early if you want to pray; rise up early. Most all the...?... workers is gone...?... demons... demons... And places are closing up. That causes strange things... You know what I mean by that.

E-18 Notice. And I was laying there. I--I was woke--wakened up all at once. And I looked, and I thought, "My, it's daylight already." I said, "Looky there. It's daylight there in the..." Looked out, I thought, "Wait a minute. The window's back here. That's the side of the wall."
And I looked again; it was a white cloud, milling like this. I said, "Oh, I see." It was the Angel of the Lord coming in the room.
Many times demons has followed me then. I've felt their flesh rubbing me, and bells and things, when haunt at me half the night nearly.

E-19 Then I--I got out of the bed, and I knelt down. I knowed It was a Spirit, but I had to find out just what It was first. And I kept waiting. I felt It come around the bed. It come; you could feeled It. I say I'm talking to you from my heart. It's just like...
Now, I--I do not feel It now. Sometimes I feel It, and It's standing right over here; I can tell it; if It's standing right down here, you can tell it. It's just like a pressure in the air that's against you, like that. You just... You feel it.
Then when It comes close, when a patient comes up to be prayed for, you can feel Him going...?... [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] Flows down over you. Then you don't talk yourself; you just be still. It does the talking, talks Itself. Then It'll [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.] let up. And then maybe you stop; and you feel It coming back again.

E-20 Then watch, I see a patient standing here; and right in there, looks like above them, and I can see the things you hear Him tell. You've heard it been told of everything they done in their life. Is that right? Heard Him even repeat the prayer over that they said to God. Isn't that right? And all kinds of sins and things that they've done, revealed, it's been perfect every time. Is that right? Never fails...
What does that? I just talking just exactly what I'm seeing taking place. Just what I see, that's what I say. Sometimes I look out over the audience; I can feel something pulling. I'll watch real close. Then it cuts off; it's somebody else on the other side is healed. Maybe this way and that way. Maybe I can be real quiet, and single out a certain person, where it is. First thing, if I can get that channel, look like I get the rest of them somewhere else, not... To look, you know, looking on, then it'll start... You can see a vision rise up then and start like that. Then...

E-21 Now, when I looked and seen that, I got down on the floor and started praying. And as It got closer, I knew It was--It was the Angel of God. And I could feel what It was.
And I said, "What does the Lord want me to do?" Never said a thing. Just--just long time was standing right near the foot of the bed, and I was kneeling like this. And I said, "O heavenly Father, what have You sent Your Angel to Your servant for?" And I said, "Your servant is listening." And I waited.
I knew It was still there, but I didn't know why...?... Waited I guess five minutes passed. I felt It moving closer to me. And when It did, I just heard that Voice sound like way back. I could not impersonate the Voice if I had to. But I heard It just as plain and audible as my voice is to you. Said, "You're confining too much of that gift of healing to perform miracles. It will come to pass that people will not believe you unless there's a miracle performed."
I said, "I shall never do that again, so help me, God." Went out of the room...

E-22 I raised up. I laid down on the bed, and there It was, above the bed, milling around, like a whole lot of colors in a rainbow, milling around. And I looked at It, and I laid there a little while. I felt relief, felt that my sin was forgiven me.
And I said, "Does my Lord care if my little boy see You?"
Nothing made any noise. We had just twin bed. We had to... every place was taken up for miles around, and my... on... And we had twin beds in the room. And my brother and my little boy was sleeping on the bed next to me, the twin bed. And I said, "Billy, Billy." He didn't answer. I said, "Donny." He didn't answer. And I took my pillow, watching that. And I knew, by not answering, I knew it was all right. Never said yes. And I threw my pillow like that, and it hit my brother, Donny. And I said, "Donny."
He said, "Yes."
And I said, "Call Billy."
Billy said... Or Donny said, "Billy, your dad wants you."
Just then the... I said, "Billy, look."
He looked, said, "What do you want, Daddy?"
About that time, Donny jumped out of the bed screaming, "Oh."
Billy said, "Oh, daddy, daddy, daddy." He jumped out of the bed, and jumped over, said, "Don't let that get me. Don't let that get me."
And I said, "Honey, that won't hurt you."

E-23 I said many times... I was single five years. And I been father and mother both to him, and just pack his little bottles of milk in my pocket, and at nighttime lay it under my head to keep it warm, so I could give it to him at night. His mother died when he's only eighteen months old. And I just had to raise him, been both father and mother. I said many times when I'm going be, specially flying, he said, "Daddy, I'm so afraid you're going to go and never come back to me again."
I said, "No, honey, I'll--I'll be back."
And I said, "Now, honey, that's the reason daddy goes. That's the Angel of the Lord that leads daddy. He was just in the room talking to me, and I asked Him if you could see, so you won't worry about daddy, and know that that's the Angel that leads daddy. That's where that Pillar..." Was about like that, mingling with colors...?... and...?... went on.
Donny, he didn't know hardly what to think, my other brother.
And then It milled around like that, went, whew [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]...?... Then He told...?...

E-24 And I want you to get to you people something here, that I believe that you people in Cleveland know this...?... You know, many of you gets the wrong conception of Divine healing. Now, this is not a gift to perform miracles. Miracles is a separate and different gift from healing. Did you know that? The Bible said, "Do all have the gift of healing? Do all have the gift of miracles?" See? But miracles are performed. That's right. It's a miracle every time somebody, a--a vision that happens and tells people what's wrong with them. That's a miracle. It's Supernatural. That's a miracle. But healing...
Now, look. When Isaiah went up to heal Hezekiah... Do you believe God sent him up there? Do you believe where--after he told he's going to die, set his house in order? Well then, when Isaiah went up and pronounced him to be healed, it was even three days before Hezekiah regained enough strength to come down off his bed and go in the house of God to go worship. Is that right? And when Jesus pronounced the Roman, or Centurian's son healed, he said, "From that same hour, he began to amend."

E-25 If you had a cut on your hand, you done everything for it, and nothing, just kept getting worse. After while, you put something on your hands; it begin to help it. But it didn't get well; it's getting well. And when the curse of sickness is taken off of you, not every time it's a miracle. Now, if sometimes it just happens spontaneously. Sometimes the curse is just gone, and the cure follows it.
Now, listen real close, so you'll be sure. There's hardly a time that within the space of seventy-two hours after a healing has taken place, until Satan's right back at the place again. That's the Bible. When the unclean spirit's gone out of a man, he walks in dry places. When he returns with him with seven other demons worse than he was. Is that right? You know as he goes on, if the good man of the house isn't there to hold him off, faith to believe...

E-26 Now, I want you to listen closely to my commission. God knows I want this to happen in Cleveland. I'm weak and tired. And I don't--I don't... I dread to say that. But friends, do you realize I'm facing demon powers? And I must live right and do right. And I must be truthful. I don't care if the newspapers tell they had to drag me out. That--that don't make any... That don't stop it from being true; that's true. But when they lie about it, that's a lie. But when it's the truth, it's the truth.
Now, I wished I could see a vision. But I can't help it. My strength, just goes right away from you. I can't help it. And I wondered why it was, it always makes me so swimmy that way.
A few days ago, I was reading at the Bible, of Daniel. After he had those visions, he said he was troubled in his head for many days. Do you remember that? Daniel. Then that give me consolation again, to help me to see.

E-27 That's when mortal beings... When the Supernatural comes upon the mortal being, it causes a conflict with the flesh. That's right. It weakens the human being so. Even Christ, laying on the back of a boat, and those terrible waves didn't even... So much virtue had gone out of Him, till them terrible waves didn't even wake Him up. Isn't that right? But when awakened, then He stilled the waves and the sea.
Now, even in human form, went away, went out... Virtue went out while the Supernatural worked. And Jesus, in many cases, went into a city, and He healed one person, and left the city: Lead a man outside the city gates, restore his sight to him, and go on somewhere else. Went into the land of Gadara, healed the one. 'Course, they there was a...?... But then He did heal all that come to Him one time, to fulfill which was spoken of by the prophet Isaiah: "He Himself took our infirmities, and bear our sins...?..."

E-28 And Jesus said that He could do nothing at all until first the Father showed Him. Is that right? Saint John... When He passed by that pool of Bethesda... Now, just let these words sink deep now, when Jesus passed by the pool of Bethesda, there laid great multitudes of people that had been laying there. They... Now, watch the kind of condition they were in: the lame, halt, blind, crippled, withered (Is that right?), waiting for the moving of the water. For an Angel came down at a certain season and troubled the water. And the first one with faith, stepping in, was healed of whatsoever disease he had.
Someone said to me, when there'd been at least five paralyzed people leave this building here, that's been setting here paralyzed, they said, "What..." []
Now, go down and tell those paralyzed people so weak in belief.
Brother, he wouldn't believe, if Christ Himself was standing...?... That's right. I can do nothing at all. God gets all glory, for I can do nothing. I can only do what He tells me to do.

E-29 If you worked in a bank where plenty of money was, but you can only take out what they'll let you take out. Is that right? I may be in fellowship with God, where all the powers to heal every person in the world. That is true. But I can only do what He says do. And it's not me that does the healing; it's your own faith that contacts God and heals you; and He speaks through His gift and tells you you're healed. See what I mean? You got that?
I have nothing to do with the healing. I'm just a mouthpiece for your prayer to God. See? It's your prayer has reached God. And He's telling me that you're healed, then I believe it, and I speak it to you. If you believe it, then you're healed. Now, notice. No matter what the symptoms are now, you believe it.

E-30 Now, watch when He met me. Let me quote this for the last time in this night. When He came to me in the room... Imagine your self now, setting in the room.
The wife came along two or three o'clock in the morning. Been praying. Didn't know why He didn't let me go back home. Little old cabin, way in the hills...?... ground, dark, mile and a half from any road. Little old trapping place where I used to go hunting and trapping...?... way back in the hills. I'd went back there when I started in after six days, of May 1946.
I was walking around that house when my...?... Her--her brother came up and said, "Brother Branham, ride up to Madison with me."
I said, "I can't, I've got patrol today."
He said, "Oh, come on, go on up with me."
I said, "No, I can't, brother. I've got to go to Henryville to patrol today."
He... I said, "Come on in. Wife's got some dinner ready."

E-31 It about twelve o'clock, and I was rolling up my sleeves, and he said... Was going around to wash them in a little two room place where we lived.
He said.. I said, "Will you go in?"
He said, "No. Thank you, brother."
I said, "Brother Roger, come on."
He said, "No." He said...
I said, "Well..."
Said, "I'll see you later."
I said, "Are you going to church Sunday?"
He said, "I'll see you at church Sunday."
I said, "All right."

E-32 I reached down and unbuckled the gun...?... that was buckled around me, for I was going in to lay my gun on the porch to wash. I had the... And just as I started under a maple tree, seemed like the whole heavens broke up, and just come open. I'd been afraid of it. That's right. All my life, I've wondered what it was. I turned white, fell back.
He jumped out of his car and run. Said, "Brother Branham, what's the matter?"
Wife went out with a pitcher of water, give me a drink. Said, "Are you fainted?"
I said, "No." I said, "I'm all right." I said, "Seemed like every leaf on that tree fell on me." I said, "It... I don't know what that is, Brother Broy." I said, "It's followed me all the days of my life." And I said, "I--I believe that being that people has told me that it was the wrong thing..." I said, "I remember lots of times in the Bible, that when the demons had to testify of the power of Christ... When a lot of times a clergyman said, 'Why, He's Beelzebub. He's this, that, or the other.' Demons said, 'We know Who You are. You're the Son of God, the holy One of Israel.'"

E-33 I seen when Paul and Silas was up there at... Anyhow, when that little old fortuneteller, when all them ministry up there said, "Aw, they're impostors."
And that little fortuneteller run out, said, "These are the men of God to tell the way of life." See, them demons recognized that gift in those men, before, sometimes, religious teachers did.
And I said to my wife; I said, "Honey, call them up. Tell them I don't know when I'll ever be back to work again, for I am now going to find out what that is or die." I said, "If..." I said, "I've got about twenty-three dollars left in the bank. And I'll write you a check. And I'm going to leave, and I shall never return until I find out what that is that's followed me all of my days. One says this and one says that. But I'm going to find out what it is."
And I took my Bible, little old Scofield Bible, about like that, and I put it under my arms, and I took off. And I went and I read until nighttime. I got a cave I go into, and it'll be way back in the hills. But this is a little old log cabin where I used to trap. And I prayed and I prayed. And I was setting there praying, holding my mind with a power that reaches the spheres on in, beyond the moon and stars, and the fogs, gets a hold of God way in yonder somewhere. Setting there meditating, thinking on God...

E-34 It was getting along towards three o'clock in the morning. I said, "God, I'll stay right here until I die, until something... I'm a minister. And don't let me be deceiving. If You want something for me to do, if there's something You wish to speak to me... You've showed me signs and wonders. And people have told me to forget about it, and I was eat too much supper, and something like that." I said, "But I want You to tell me, Father. If it's wrong, come down now and stop it from me. Shut it off, so I'll never know no more about it." I said, "Have mercy, God." I cried till my eyes was swollen. I said, "God, I'm sincere. I don't know what to do. I don't want to fail You. I've done all that I know how to do. But what is it You want me to do?"

E-35 And in there in prayer, all at once, I seen a Light a flickering. I looked around. I thought, "Well, here. Somebody's coming with a flashlight? Couldn't be a car coming back in here. Now, where was that at?"
And I looked, and it was spreading out on the floor, getting bigger.
I said, "Where...?..." Looked up, and right up there hung this same thing that you see in this picture there, whew, whew [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.], round and around and around, that Light getting bigger and bigger. And I turned around and looked, and I heard something going [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.], walking just as clear, just about like this cadence...?... walking slowly. I heard a footsteps approaching, barefooted at that. And I looked, coming across the old board floors, I seen under this Light that was coming down, I seen that it was a--a man's foot. I seen a white robe...?...
Imagine how you'd feel. I said, "Oh, my."
I looked like that; It walked closer. And when It come into the full Light, It was a Man had His hands folded like this. He weighed about two hundred pounds, and kinda dark complected, kinda more like a--a Mexican's complexion, you know, like the Spanish, or some dark complected person, smooth face, no beard, had dark hair down to His shoulders, had a white robe on. And His characters, you can just talk about it. One of it was so meek; and it looked like again if He'd speak, it'd turn the world over.

E-36 And He walked right up to me just as smoothly. And I was biting my fingers until I was bleeding almost. I was sitting back. I couldn't get up. I... Honest, I was so scared. I--I just couldn't move. And you'd be too. Don't think... Now, just imagine setting way out in the wilderness like that to yourself, and look around, and there It stands beside of you like that. I was biting my fingers. And He just walked up to me and looked at me, just as pathetic, down sometimes. He said, "Do not fear."
And when He said that, I knowed that was the same Voice. First time I'd seen Him as a Man. I'd seen Him as whirl of fire; I'd heard Him in the whirlwind in a bush. And I'd seen all those things. And I'd heard Him talk to me, showed me visions. But when He spoke the first words...
It's not imagination, it's a audible voice. Just as you hear mine. And a man just as real as I'm standing here. Why, I could've shook hands with Him if He'd raised His hand out. I could've patted Him on the side. He's just as natural as--as anyone could be.

E-37 And He looked at me. He said, "Do not fear, for I am sent from the Presence of the Almighty God," said, "to tell you that your peculiar birth and life has been to indicate that you're to take a gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world." And said... Now, listen. "If you'll be sincere when you pray, and get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even to cancer."
Now, let's stop right there on that much of the Message. I'll tell you the rest just in a few moments. He said, "Now, you... I have appeared (in other words) from God to tell you that your peculiar birth (Which I had, there sets my mother can tell you.) and peculiar life (That's right. No one never understood me.) has been to indicate that you're to take a gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world." Seventh grade education, poor, how could I ever feed the world, local little Baptist preacher there in the city? He said, "If you'll be sincere when you pray..."

E-38 Now, remember. The gift was borned here. I had nothing to do with it coming. No one--no one, friends. Don't never let anyone deceive you. Gifts are sent from God alone. God alone is the foreknowledge...
Now, there's nine spiritual gifts in the church. They might be on--like on this man tonight, and on that one over there, so forth like that. But prophecy of that type, and so forth, has to have two or three witnesses to as--look over it, and judge it, and see if it's right or not.
But you never see them stand before Isaiah or Jeremiah, or any of them to judge them. They had THUS SAITH THE LORD from their birth. And everybody knowed that what they said come to pass. They had the Word of the Lord. And in div--in old times, divers places God... At sundry times, God spoke to us by the prophets, but in this last days has spoke to us through Jesus Christ.

E-39 In the body of Christ, through all these nine spiritual gifts, which brings... Any group of people, any gathering of holiness people that believe in Christ has the right to have the nine spiritual gifts. It circles through the body. It's in the body. It's not a praying individual. It'll be on this one here tonight, and that one on there the next night, and maybe over here another time. This person can pray the prayer of faith tonight, and maybe it's on this one over here the next night, over on that. It's a gift that's in the body, working around to all of you, milling through the body: nine spiritual gifts. This one might prophesy tonight.
There's where we get trouble. One might prophesy and tell the truth. That doesn't make you a prophet. It might never come to you again.
A prophet is a vindicated person from birth, coming down with the Word of the Lord. A prophet...

E-40 There's a difference in a prophet and a gift of prophecy. And if you'll notice in the Bible, healing is in plural, gifts, g-i-f-t-s, gifts of healings. But a p-r-o-p-h-e-t is a prophet. And there's a gift of prophecy, which is in the church. It's to be judged by two or three judges when It's been given. Is that true?
Oh, holiness church, we're so short of the things of God. These real teachings is what the church needs. Now, let's set together and be mutual before God. What would the church today, in the name of the holiness church, ever stand before the Bible, and the Bible life of the truth? See what I mean?
You get little things you argue about. That's right. And that's what makes you carnal when you argue among one another. Forget it. By one Spirit we're all baptized into one Body. And it's your brother. Don't try to run him down; pick him up if he's done wrong. Let's keep the Body going.

E-41 Now, one of these days the Body's going to come together just like that. That's right. Just like Solomon's temple, cut out all over the world. But when it come together, there wasn't a buzz of a saw or a sound of a hammer. It went right straight together. Every mis-fit cube went right to its right place, and there it fit together.
That's the way the Body of Christ will go when Jesus comes. She'll go up just arm in arm (That's right.) to meet the Lord.

E-42 Now, these gifts... Now, He said, "If--if you'll get the people to believe you..."
Now, listen. Now, watch, friends. See if you get the order. Now, be... Now, you, mother, with the little boy here. And you, lady; and you along here, setting in these chairs. Whatever is wrong with you... Now, get this. And all you people that's sick in here. The gift is in God. And I can only say what He says say. I can only do what He says do.

E-43 Jesus passed by the pool of Bethesda. All those crippled, lame, and blind laying there, He healed one man that had an infirmity. He wasn't blind. He wasn't crippled. Neither was he lame or halt. As far as I know, the Bible said he had an infirmity for thirty and eight years. And Jesus healed him, and turned around, and walked away from them people who believed in Divine healing. Is it the truth? If He, the Son of God, would turn and walk away from practically, I'd say, ten thousand people there... The Bible said great multitudes; you know what it means. If He, with His compassionate heart, turned and walked away from them people, and healed one man that was diseased in his body, and went away from that whole multitude, then in question... The same chapter, John 5, the 19th verse. The Jews questioned Him. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you: the Son can do nothing in Himself."
Well, if the Son could do nothing in Himself, how much less can a servant do in himself? See?

E-44 I'd like to see everybody healed. I'd like to be able to say to this man in the wheelchair, and this man, and that man in there, "Get up and walk." Oh, God knows how I'd like to say that. Sure I would. But what if I would say it just in myself, why, they couldn't move. But then they'd say, "Why, he's a hypocrite. Why, there's nothing to him."
But if I ever tell you to get up, you get up, for you're going to get up. That's one thing sure. If it don't, you wouldn't mind, you might never leave the spot where you're at (That's right.) alive. Notice. You can only do what God shows you to do.

E-45 Now, watch. The gift is what God has sent down. Now, if He sent in the form of a brass serpent, or a pool of water, or whatever it is, you believe, not the water, not the serpent, but the gift of God. Is that right? The brass serpent didn't pray for nobody. Neither could the pool of water pray for anybody. But God said... Jesus ascended on high, He give gifts back to man, and now, of course, God operates by the Holy Spirit through man. Man is God's agent.

E-46 Now, quickly, before the time gets away. Notice close. "I have appeared to you..." I'll put it in my own words. See? And I was quoting His words. He said, "Fear not, for I am sent from the Presence of God to tell you that your peculiar birth and life, to indicate that you're to take a gift of Divine healing to the peoples of the world. You be sincere when you pray, and get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer, not even to cancer."
Now, watch the order. God sent the gift nearly forty years, about forty years ago. It's been in the world ever since. This pardoning.
Now, the thing I was to do, was to pray for the sick and be sincere when I prayed, and nothing would stand before the prayer. "If you can get the people to believe you..." See the order now? See? The thing of it is, it's... The thing is, is to get the people to believe that this is the truth.

E-47 And I said to the Angel... Now, you got that part, have you? The gift is not the discernment; the gift is to pray for the sick, and get them to believe you. You get what I mean? Nothing shall stand before the prayer, not even to cancer. That's just to pray for the sick, and tell them.
Said, "Now, you're..." I'm going to pray for you. You believe? I believe with all my heart, and lay hands over on them, and pray for them, and ask the blessing in the Name of the Lord Jesus, pass them on.
They're supposed to go away rejoicing, believing they're going to get well. The crippled supposed to believe they're going to walk. The blind's supposed to believe they're going to see.
Well, I said, "They will not believe me, because I'm uneducated."
He said, "As the prophet Moses was given two signs to prove that he was sent from God, so will you be given two signs to do before the people." In other words, to a vindicate that I've told you the truth. And He told me what they would be. "Do these signs before the people."

E-48 Now, here is my condemnation. Before Almighty God, Whom I stand before this night as a minister, before one of the loveliest little groups of people I ever stood before, I say it from the depths of my heart: I am condemned the way I use it. Now, that's right. One thing, I'm a harming the people, so many of them. And another thing, I'm not obeying what He told me to do.
It will discern and bring out anything there is in this building. Now, that's true. But that don't heal the people. And as I take them one at a time as they come up here, begin to tell them, talk to them, and so forth like that, tell them all about their diseases... Never did one of the apostles do that. Never did Jesus do that. They did not do that. Yet the gift is here to do that.

E-49 Now, here's what... If I could come here and produce that one time, and prove that it is the truth, then every person in this building that's got any salvation at all, ought to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and say, "Just lay your hands on me, brother, and pray. I'll get well. That's all I have to have." Now, isn't that right? Therefore, I could just meet great multitudes.
But hundreds comes to the meeting, and go away, and say, "I didn't even get in the line." And I have tried. And say, pass the line through. And ask them, "Well, he--he--he never... He never discerned my case."
Well, you know what's wrong with you. You know what you've done in your life. Why should I come up here and reveal that to you, and tell you the things that you've done and things, when you know what you've done. If you're a sinner, get right with God now. If you've done wrong, don't wait till the Holy Spirit has to call it out here for you on the platform. Get right with God right then and confess it. Then come on in the line. It won't stop the line, and let's pray for the people and go on. And they'll go on believing, getting well.

E-50 Now, listen, friends. I believe that before Almighty God, Who I stand now, if I would walk from the building right now, the message that I have preached is justified in the sight of God. I believe it. For He has confirmed and performed everything that I've declared that He would do. Is that right?
Then, what I'm wondering now, why couldn't we have a prayer line and pray for about a hundred or more of a night, and not even have to stop and tell the people these things, and discern all their diseases, hold them by the hands, and work up their faith. Why don't you come on your own faith now, being that God has proved that He's here. Come on your own faith, and go out of the building rejoicing, and saying "Thank God, I'm healed." That's what He said do.

E-51 Now, it... Am I... If you think I'm telling the truth... Be honest in your heart. You think it's truth, raise your hand? That's the truth. I believe it, friends. Therefore, I believe hundred people each night, or more, could be prayed for. And dear brother, sister, that being that I'm weak and tired...
Now, standing talking doesn't bother me. I could preach day in and out, and it wouldn't bother me. That builds me up. But this other takes it out of me. I can bring two people before me now, and stand here and hold them until their disease is gone, and I'd be weaker than if I'd used a pick and shovel eight hours today. God, Who I stand before, knows that's the truth. It's something that just tears the life out of me.

E-52 And I wonder if, one of these nights, if God would permit, why couldn't we have a line like that, and let everybody come down, and let me stand here. And if I wish to stop and wait for one...
I want to pray for you. Not just pass you through like you used to have the old fast line. They used to come through here, and people... They'd send me out there, let me pray for the sick. I'd get so weak I couldn't stand up. Then two men, one on one side, one on the other, would hold me there, let the people come by and lay their hands on me. Hundreds of them were healed.
But many times, they come staggering through, said, "He never prayed for me." They were right. He said, "If you'll be sincere when you pray." It's the prayer of faith that saves the sick. If you've got faith enough, you won't even have to come here. You can be healed where you're setting.
But He told me, "If I would pray for the sick, and get them to believe me, be sincere when I pray..." That's what done the healing. Their belief that God has sent His gifts.

E-53 'Course, He forbids me to take glory, and I--I couldn't do that. And even know, friends, that no man, no flesh could glory before God. And what am I standing here for? What am I out in these meetings for? I'm working for Christ. I have a little church at home, provides a living for me if I go back to it, lovely. I could go fishing every day, and preach twice a week. Could I get by with that? My soul would be haunted with bony hands reaching for it. I must stay in the pulpit till I die. Woe unto me if I don't declare this counsel of God to the people (See?), of this healing power.
And He's here. Christ, the Son of God, is here to heal the sick and the needy. I want to read just a Scripture before we go...?... It's found over in Matthew, the 4th chapter.
And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues... preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing every manner of sickness and every manner of disease among the people.
And his fame went throughout all Syria; and they brought unto him the sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils... and those which had the palsy; and he healed them.

E-54 Now, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now, remember. You believe He told the truth? Every case He healed, He seen the Father do it first. What about that? Is it the truth? If there's a great multitude healed, God showed Him a great multitude healed. For He said with His own sacred lips, "The Son can do nothing except what He sees the Father doing." Is that right? "Verily, verily (Absolutely, absolutely, in other words) I say unto you, that the Son can do nothing in Himself; but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise. Whatever the Father has done."
Now, He's here. Now, just as I said that, I--I felt Him move up. The gift that I'm speaking of now, is right here to my right, right in setting here somewhere. Now, that is true. I can feel It just as sure--just as you hear my voice.

E-55 Now, look. Now--now, listen to me, friends, I can feel my lips getting numb. I can...?... that He's here. Sometimes I look to see if I can see Him. I know It's standing near me. God is my Judge, Who I stand before, It's getting closer and closer...?... near to me.
Friends, I've tried to be honest with you. I've done all that I know how to do. Let us believe now. Won't you believe Him with all your heart...?... Oh, my, what a great time to be healed. Now, spirits of infirmities will leave the people. Many would be blessed. There's such a deep sincerity...
Now, I'm not saying that He would bless you. He's here right now. And I believe this with my heart. If we call a prayer line, and the people come by, and not even ask for a discernment, just say, "Brother Branham, just stand back there and do as the Angel told you to pray over me. And I'm going away from this place and shout and say, 'God's healed me.' I'm going to stay right with it. I'm going to stay there now, and I'm going to get well too."

E-56 I got some ministers today... or a couple of days ago, told me...
Some lady come in here, dying, laying on a cot. Just in the last stage to be healed. She said when she brought the mother sitting here at the...?... They had an awful time getting her in here. Said, "While I was preaching...?... I looked down at her and said, 'sister,' and begin telling her the things of her life, and what was wrong." I said, "Do you accept my word?" Nodded that she did. I said, "Go on, Jesus Christ has healed you. And now, she's just glorifying God, pronounced well, going all around through the city.

E-57 Many things, awhile ago, if I hadn't been this meeting, a lady sent a telegram, a minister from Jamaica, someone. His wife is in the last stage of cancer. And said that... could you fly here at my expense right away. Said, "You're the only hope that we have, and would come and help wife through to God."
Now, when you get home, there's dozens of letters. I get down over them and pray. I say, "God, You know them. Show me where to go." Then I pick out wherever He tells me, then away I go.
Here I just went in home not long ago, and there was different... There was about fifteen long distance...?... or airplane tickets and things, coming in from all over the country, different places where I'd been...?... This one, that one come for me.
Just went on through. I said, "Honey, you know I just come..." Flew to New York, and just come back. And I said, "Well, many...?... A big television company said if we come to Madison Square Gardens, he'd put the thing on television free of charge." That's right. It would come through--through to the audience. And so I'm going to give him that opportunity, right...?... So then when the... His mother had been healed...?...
And so then I--I got back, and the wife said, "Honey, looky here." Said, "My, this place has been crowded with...?..." She said, "Let me call them to you."
I said, "Well, honey, you know I..."
She said, "Well, here's this from this, and this from that, and this from the other one, like that, different ones...?... California, from Oregon, this one down Florida, this from over here. And then she said, "Here's... And--and, you know, Arkansas, the mayor of the city there his wife dying of cancer, on like it."

E-58 Said, "What'd you say?" Holy Spirit stopped me. I said, "Go back through those again."
Went back. And oh, it was bad weather. Oh, my, just the early spring, snow everywhere. And it said, "Mena, Arkansas. The mayor of the city, his wife is dying of cancer, calling for you." He belonged to the Assemblies of God.
I said, "Just a moment. Let me pray."
Said, "He's been trying for four or five days ago to get a hold of you."
Said, "Let me go into my room."
I went in the room and studied a little while. The Holy Spirit said to me, "Go to Mena."
They had the worst case I could've gotten. They had to drive with the car through those roads, and everything else. And the plane was snow bound.
I said, "The Lord willed me to go to Mena. Get him on the phone, tell him I'm on the road. Send over to meet me and meet me. Send...?..."

E-59 I got down there, and the doctor and all of them set in the room. Walked in the room where she was and laid hands on her. Said, "The Lord Jesus sent me here that you might be healed."
She got right up and walked out of the building like that...?... That's right. There it was. Caused a revival right to break out in that country. She passed about a gallon and a half of water and pus. And about a half hour from that...
Weeks, weeks later, I was in a meeting. Here she was standing there. She said, "I'm feeling fine, Brother Branham." Just as fine as she could be... Why? Obedience.

E-60 Now, He's here. You believe if the prayer of faith was said over you, you'd get well? Do you believe it?
(How many prayer...?... Where's your prayer cards start? What number? One? What's the letter? B? A hundred of them out?) I believe we'll pray for a hundred people right now. Don't you think so, in the next... I'd say, the next hour? Without having discernment, just pray for the... I believe every minister in this building could pray with us. Look friends, your minister has just as much right to pray as I do.
Now, be reverent. Now, He's here, and each one of you's got your prayer card. Do you believe if we'll just make a line here of...?... All that hold numbers, whole hundred line up here. And come right down through the line, and let us just pray for you. I believe you'll get well.

E-61 If you'll go away from this platform tonight, just rejoicing and saying, "Thank God, for healing me." And go on out of the building and believe that with all your heart, I believe you'll write your testimony in within the space of a few days, that you're perfectly well. Don't you believe that?
How many would do that, would go out of here... How many would make a committal to God, right now, and say, "Lord, I believe if the--if the things that's been confirmed that this man has said, and I know that they are true, as far as the discernment..."
Now, just shake yourself a little bit. Pinch your inside part. Wake up. What more could God do? What more could He do? He couldn't heal you against your faith no more than nothing, could He? And if you do believe Him, you're healed anyhow. Is that right? It's your faith in God's Word that He can heal you. Now, don't disbelieve. Have faith in God. Do you believe Him with all your heart?

E-62 Now, look. Now, that you might know, the Holy Spirit is here. Will you just be reverent, everyone of you, just as reverent as you be for a few moments and just look this a way. Now, that you might know that...
You say, "Well, I believe maybe the Holy Spirit's left him." No It isn't; He's right here.
And I'm going to ask our heavenly Father now, if He will heal somebody in this building, somebody that--that you could see, that's actually healed. And let Him show it to me. And you pray for your healing now, and let the heavenly Father show it to me. And if He hears my voice... For the Angel has talked with me, said, "My thoughts in heaven was louder than my voice on earth."
He knows what you're thinking about. And if you... If God will just let me see one of you healed and will confirm that to be so, will you believe with all your heart then, that He's here, and He's blessing...? That--that I...

E-63 Now, remember, I'm not Him. I just represent Him. I'm His--His channel here. And remember this. He can move from me anytime He desires to. He goes at His will. God knows I love Him. And I want Him to always stay with me, for I love to work with His people. It's the greatest pleasure I ever had.
But God... He--He--He can... He has the right. I have nothing for--on Him. He is the One Who can leave me whenever He desires. Then... But I love Him and want Him to stay here. But He can leave whenever He wants to. But I trust that I'll have favor with Him, and He will grant His blessing to me.

E-64 Now, let's bow our heads. Lord Jesus, I--I don't know any time in life... [] I was in a prayer meeting of this type when I was anymore sincere than I am just now. For, Lord, You know I'm weak, and I'm tired; and the meeting is long and dragging out. And I feel, Lord, that--that it was right for me to stay here, for I... If You would not have led me so, I would have left. No matter what would been the cost, I would've left. But I felt that You wanted me to stay, so I stayed, Father.
And I tried to tell to the people, explain to them that You are the One that heals, that You've come to vindicate Your servant, and let them know that it's not me, that it's You. You can take or give at Your leisure. You're God, and there's none other like You.
And now, Father, answer the prayer of those sick people out there, someone, and show it to Your servant, that You've put the blessing of healing upon them, that they're going to be healed, going to get well. And Lord, it'll increase the faith of others, and let them know that You're still here with Your servant. Will You hear my prayer, Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen.

E-65 Now, every one just be reverent as you can be, and be in prayer now. Do you really believe that what I've said has been the truth? Have faith, every one. Now, look this way, and believe with all your heart that God has answered your prayer. Now, will you believe me if He shows me. Now, every one there in here, you know that I'm...
I believe He said this section here was roped for the sick, in this section here. I don't know. Is that right? This--this in here? All right. You people right in this line in here then, look this a way. Just believe with all your heart. Have faith.
Now, I can't tell whether it's the lady here or the man. I believe it's you, sir, with the back trouble setting there. All right. Will you obey me as God's servant and believe me? All right. I want you to get up and walk out the back of that tent and raise your hands and say, "Thank You, Jesus, for healing me." For your back trouble has left you, brother. Walk out the back of the tent there and say, "Thank you, Jesus, for healing me."

E-66 Sister, you have a desire in your heart, don't you? The kind of a little lady there, setting right back behind the lady here with... There, you with your finger up like. There's a desire in your heart for something, isn't there? Isn't exactly a sickness but it's a affliction of some sort, isn't...?... It's deep sincere crave for something. Is that true? Would you stand up just a moment.
I... This lady here is thinking so hard right in front there. Yes, it's you. You... There's a lady in the back, a young lady there, about... Look this way. Had to get above this lady right here, 'cause she's thinking about the little blind girl setting next there.
And I'm trying my best to see. Yes, I see what it is, sister. All right. Now, you're a stranger, aren't you, sister? I don't know you, do I? But if God has revealed to me, and showed me just exactly what you have need of, will you believe me? All right. You been barren, haven't you, without children? You're desiring a child. Isn't that right? May God grant your desire. Do you believe that God will...? May God give you the baby that you've desired. Now, believe with all your heart, God...?... Have faith. Don't doubt.

E-67 Now, let's see back just a little piece farther. Every one will look and believe. Have mercy, God. Yes, here it's coming one right through here. I believe it's the lady with the white... right there with the white hat on, setting right... No, it isn't. It's the lady right behind her with the brown suit on. Stand up, sister. Yes, you had cancer, didn't you? It's left you now. You can go on home rejoicing.
And the man right behind you, that patch over his ear. It's cancer too, isn't' it, brother? Have faith in God. All right. God bless you. Go home, be healed up. God bless... Your nervousness and all that has left you. You removed and go...?...
Now, down in this section here, see if there's any sick people in here now. Look this a way, every one now, and have faith. Now, I can only speak as the Holy Spirit says speak. There they go, rejoicing. Let's say, "Thank God."
I'm not too sure just where it's coming from, but I believe it's the lady with the little girl in her arms. There's something wrong. It's--it's you, isn't it, sister. Is it a female trouble that's bothering you? Is that right? Stand up on your feet. All right. You're healed now. Jesus Christ makes you whole.

E-68 Just a moment. Here's someone else. This lady setting here with the black dot--or white dotted dress on. She has female trouble too, don't you, sister? Raise up. You're healed now. God bless you. Have faith; have faith.
Now, let's see the cripples. You crippled people, look this a way and believe. Have faith.
Is your boy seem better, sister, with the heart trouble? Yes ma'am. Going to be all right. You feel all right, sonny boy? You're going to be well now. Look at happy little tot, how he is. Stand up, honey, so the people can see you. You was healed of heart trouble the other night, laying there couldn't even hold hisself still. There he is, healed with heart trouble. Well, bless his little heart.

E-69 See an aged woman laying there. Look this a way, lady. Poor old mother, gray-headed. Look this way now. Have faith. You're a stranger, sister. Isn't that right? But you're suffering. You're bound with--with rheumatism. Is that right? Now, look and believe. Do you believe this is the same Spirit that told the woman at the well her sins, and told her to go get her husband? You believe it's the Spirit of Christ? You're a sinner yourself, lady, isn't that right? You haven't given your life to Christ. If you'll give your heart to Christ, your rheumatism will leave you. Will you believe that with all your heart? You move now, and give your heart to Christ. Now, rise up from that thing and go out there in the building. You can walk. Go out and the Lord Jesus bless you.
Look down this way, cripples, afflicted people. Brother setting here, blind, with these glasses on. Yeah, you that's raising your hand. Do you believe with all your heart? You believe that God will make you whole? Will you accept my words as God's servant? You will? All right. I'm going to say to you, you'll rise from there and exercise your faith, Jesus Christ will give you your sight. Stand upon your feet. Walk out the tent door over here. Go on. You can see. Go on off. Everyone reverent, please.
Young man, you've been bound for some time too, haven't you? You believe Jesus? Look, young man, you'll be bound to the chair as long as you live if you don't exercise faith and believe. Do you believe it now that you're setting in His Presence? You do? All right. Want you to rise up in the Name of Jesus Christ, and walk on out. You're not bound any more with the powers of hell. Bound...
You believe? All your heart? (What's the number?) [A brother calls the prayer line--Ed.]

E-70 Say there. [] Say this before you, but I guess you're weak before I started the prayer line. All right. Do you believe God knows everything that's in your heart? He knows all about you. I want the ministers to stand here at the end of the line. And as the people come off of the platform right here, I want you to stand here and get... tell them to praise the Lord as they leave the platform.
How many Christians is going to join with us in prayer now? Now, all you people standing here with prayer cards, every one of you may be healed tonight. Will you now do what I tell you to do? Just a moment until they get...
All right, brother, how you feeling now? Go right on out. Let me shake your hand...?... Do you see all right now? Move right on out. You got your sight. Go home, tell your people what great things Christ has done. But in the next few days, your sight will be just as normal and perfect as it can be. Go on rejoicing.

E-71 How many of you here standing in the prayer line now, raise your hands and to this, say, "Lord God, I now commit myself to You. So help me, God, from this time on, I'm going to testify of my healing regardless of what takes place."
O eternal God, bless these people who I bless in Thy Name. May every person that crosses this platform leave the platform shouting, rejoicing, and happy. They've seen Your works now for many, many days, some fifteen days, and they know that You're here and know all the things of their heart.
Now, Lord, for the first time in my life since You've commissioned me to go and to pray for the sick, get the people to believe You, I start tonight in the Name of Jesus Christ to getting the people to believe as I lay hands upon them, seeing that discerning each thoughts and hearts takes so much time. Lord, many are waiting. I pray that You'll heal each one of them in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus. Amen.

E-72 All right. Every one now be seated that's not with prayer cards to enter the line and wait. All right.
From afar. Bless our...?... [] I ask...?... Jesus Christ, Son of God, I bless this sister for her healing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. Do you believe you're healed, sister? Go shouting. Go praising God for you're healed.
O Jesus, Son of God, heal our dear sister for Your glory in Jesus' Name. Amen. That's right. Go praising Jesus...?...
Now, everyone, thank the Lord. Say, "Thank the Lord," as you leave here saying you're healed now. This is going to be a sign whether that God wants me to do this or not. See? Now, everybody believe.
Father...?... I now...?... Christ...?...
Now, remember. As you come, as you believe, so shall it be unto you. How many knows that's true? It's your touch that draws the virtue of God down. If you don't believe, don't--don't come. If you believe, come right on and be healed. All Christians be in prayer now.
Do you believe, little lady? In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, I...?...
[Brother Branham steps from the microphone and it is difficult to understand what he says clearly.--Ed.]
Come forward, sister. O God, I bless this, my sister in the Name of Jesus Christ...?...
[Brother Branham steps from the microphone and it is difficult to understand what he says clearly.--Ed.]

E-73 Let us all believe Him with one accord. Let's stand right now. Many great healings. How many will sacrifice your card and say, "Now, I believe with all my heart." It's been confirmed both ways, back and forth. Throw your card up in the air, and say, "I trust It right now, Jesus Christ, my Healer." Will you do it?
There's goes... That's the way to do it. Look at the cards a flying. Let's raise our hands and give praise to God.
A crippled man went walking down through there. One of the little old blind girls just received her sight, went away seeing? Being blind, went away seeing with her sight.
Heavenly Father, send Thy power, heal the whole congregation just now, Lord. Satan, turn them loose in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may they go healed right now...