Take The Rod And Gather The People

Date: 50-0827E | Duration: 1 hour and 14 minutes
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Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A.
E-1 Thanks to...?... Good evening. Thank you. I'm happy to be here tonight. You say you're always happy. Yes, that's right. Since I found Jesus, I've always been happy. Are you happy? He makes us happy.
Excuse me. [A brother adjusts the mike--Ed.] Thank you.
Either my voice weakened or this. So he said, "Stand close." I... All these microphones... All right.

E-2 We're very happy to be here the closing night of the services. We trust that God will give us a great, marvelous meeting tonight. I'm sorry that this is our last time. I mean that from my heart. I am. The only bad thing about these evangelistic services like this, when you have to say, "good bye." That's--that's hard. I just begin to know you, just like when you get acquainted. And there's some of the people here that's growed to love me, and so forth...?...
And I've never had the opportunity to even shake their hand...?... I apologize for it...?... I wished I could. My work has been always just rush into a city, then out of the city. I have found Cleveland to be one of the nicest places I was ever at. That is true. The... Everybody has been very, very nice. And I certainly appreciate that. My prayers is that God will bless you all, and give you an old fashion revival that'll just bring me hundreds of thousands of precious souls to be brought into the Kingdom of God.

E-3 I want to pay tribute to my brother for his cooperating in the meeting...?... What a fine group of men they are. And I'm so happy to know, that these people here in Cleveland have such a...?... in this city here. The teachers who...?...
I'll tell you that God will...?... someday, if not, until this time that He will...?... that will inspire them, that'll send them out like it was first...?... Just all along, inspired with God... May revival break out everywhere through the country.
I want you to get this tent full...?... if I can [Tape is inaudible--Ed.]...?... In many of those places that...?... before...?...
I believe we're nearing the end of the road. I'll be happy to...?... I believe...?... you're at the end of the road. I don't know just what...?... Others believed on that, the vision I seen the other night...?... to go, and realize that only one... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?... ever since, great revivals break out over the city. Let's go ahead and praise God, for it's already done...?... [Tape is inaudible--Ed.]

E-4 Do you believe that? He was led to what the Father showed Him to do. And that was the...?... First born Son of God. And He was manifest to what the Father said do. And the Father was manifest to your face. Is that right?
So...?... view of whatever God would do will have to come through your faith...?... He said...?... Do you believe in Jesus Christ? Now, there's many people touching Him. But she believed in her heart, for she said in her heart. "If I can just touch the hem of His garment, I'll be whole." Now, she believed that.
And now, the closing of this service and things...?... I want to say this; that it's so hard for me to...?... here for...?... to the people in the way that it should be. So I pray that in my congregation that many will accept Him...?... Many critics, and they'll get the wrong impressions when you talk to them.

E-5 And I--I do not worship that...?... That maybe... When He was telling me the real way that it is, it causes people to try to think it's your primary...?... into the miracle of campaigns. If I'd do that, if that was done from my heart, I believe God would...?... I believe it.
If I was to try to get some men to--to look at me, to believe me for...?... I believe God would take...?... That--that...?... But to get it a little closer to what you can believe... In order to be healed...?... through here, that if He spoke it out, the people would get a wrong impression at this time, because...?... See, you, if you'll...?...
The people that crucified Jesus Christ believed in an Almighty God. Is that true? They...?... to God. It's true. In religions, the old...?... renowned men, crucified the Son of God, because they did not believe that He was God. And no matter how much they believed in Jehovah God, they can't believe in Jesus being His Son, in order to receive anything from Jehovah God. They set and read about it, Jesus, the Son of God before Jehovah...?... Is that true?

E-6 He told the Jews. He said, "As you have believed in God, believe also in Me." Is that right?
Well now, if He was test His message...?... that the Angel of the Lord...?... "If you get the people to believe you... (Do you see it?) Get the people to believe you, and be sincere when you pray, no disease shall stand before the prayer."
Now, I have the proof. These people believe Jesus? Then, how...?... God?
Well, that's what you can do. But you should believe God, and the world believes this; it won't do you any good. Now, that's part of...?... But it's the truth. See? Don't believe me as Brother Branham, believe and accept me for this purpose. Then when you believe me, you believe how the Angel has come for, that He is the Angel of God. And when you recognize Him to be that...

E-7 I'm just His voice. He's a supernatural Person; I'm natural. He can bring supernatural to the natural man. He glorifies...?... speak His voice. He uses my hands. He uses my eyes to see visions. He uses my ears to tell us what the Holy Spirit uses you.

E-8 When you're a praising God, it's your voice, when you're lost in the Spirit praising God. See what I mean? And if I should try to use one speck of my own thoughts, it'd be wrong. I must depend fully upon the Holy Spirit, on the Angel of God. Therefore, I only can speak as He speaks. And He can only speak as you believe it.
Now, I do not expect everybody to be healed. There's exceptions. Many people are great lovers of God, raised up under the church. They believe their church. That's right. They believe God. That's... But as far as the supernatural being operating in human being today, that's beyond anything they could swallow. But that's where the truth is. Now, that is the truth as God is my--is my supreme Judge, that's where the truth lays...?...

E-9 People have their own beliefs drawed out today what they think that they're going to be, and the way it's going to be. It'll come just as according to that, or they won't believe it. And that's the reason they have their way. They thought the way Jesus was coming first... They had it all mapped out. He was going to...?... against the Roman Empire, and scatter everything, and set on the throne of David. But He didn't come that way.
And God usually brings things different than what we...?... map--mapped out in order to--to seed the live tree. He will reveal it to babes such as will learn.

E-10 Now, God even hears this. Why did you go up here this house? I'm going to do all these guests tonight...?... then over to California, down to Australia to have a meeting. In order we'll probably have a India...?... some of those...?... from Jerusalem was telling me a few days ago just the...?... Got a million New Testaments, those Jewish people. Been out of its place for twenty-five hundred years...?... seeing had his newspaper: days the are returning back. They read these Bibles in the Hebrew. "Well, if this Jesus is the Messiah. We look at the Word; it looks all right. But let us see Him do a sign...?... upon the Jew."
Jesus said, "Except you see signs, you won't believe." They're wanting to see Jesus of the Bible, do the signs for them to prove that He was the prophet sent from God.
Oh, brother, sister, in your prayers, don't forget me, that when I come before those Jew that's been assembled together, that Jesus will come down and do signs and wonders of their prophet, that Israel might believe on the Lord Jesus. I believe it will be thousands of them saved.

E-11 Victory is coming forth to us. We're nearing the end of the time.
You people, or the ones that are sick, you're the ones that's in meetings. And I'm the one that's sent to pray for you. I would have to His...?... for what I tell you. There they was... Be sincere.
And when you see God performing any miracle after...?... down here, just remember that what He does here, He wants to do there, down there, out here, and here, and over here. He wants you to do it everywhere. Please believe me tonight.
And as you see Him working... If He tells some person here on the platform the things of their life, remember, He knows everything that's in your heart. Do you believe that? He know your thoughts before you think them. That's right. He knows all things.

E-12 And He's here tonight just as He was in the days when He stood by Sarah there, and was perceiving her thoughts. Does He...?... ? Don't... When He brought Nathanael to the Son of Man, "I knew you before Philip called you. When you was under the tree, I knew you." Told the woman at the well her sins.
He put His finger into a deaf man's ears, spit, and the man could hear. What did the health rules of the day? Get the original the Greek in the Bible. When He had the blind man, his parents talked to him. He spitting on the ground, talking to the man, and the words that He was saying over His lips, and the saliva in His mouth, spitting on the ground... You accept spitting on the ground? Then where He spit a great big puddle of spit on the ground, picked it up in His hands, the mud, and made a cake and put over the man's eyes. Told him to go wash in the pool of...?...
What the health rules say about that today? But Jesus spit, and the man obeyed what He told him to do, and he came back receiving his sight. And they marveled, not because of the spit, not because of the mud, but because he believed what Jesus told him was the truth. Is that right?

E-13 Now, that's what you've got to believe today. Believe it with all your hearts. Believe Him tonight. Believe Him right now. I feel It setting here, feel Him setting in. And how that God wants the Angels here right now.
There's no danger. Don't you... Every one of you could...?... healed right now. You could be healed right here.
Now, the only way that I know that's true, is because I see them setting there...?...
The very God that created the heavens and made man to hear and speak, is in the building now. And they that believe those things in here, I believe they're going far from their natural...?...

E-14 And now, many of you here, no doubt, is suffering, some to be in my prayer line here. I do not know. When they come and call forth the prayer line...?... go forth from here and...?... That, I cannot say.
But I know this one thing, friends. I do not know very much. But what I do know, I know it's the truth. That's all that I can say...?... And if God doesn't confirm that to be the truth, then I've told wrong. But if God says it is the truth, then I've told the truth. It's right.
But that ought to be to every human here. Now, when I--I'm gone, remember this. If you hear anybody say that brother Branham is a Divine healer, you pray for them. I am not a Divine healer. I'm just your brother. And I've come here to pray for you. And God has proven that what I've told has been the truth. The deaf hear... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]...?...

E-15 You say, "Where is the miracle?" If I could stand here in front of somebody around under inspiration of the Holy Spirit, and tell that person what they had in their body and they was needy, one person anywhere in this building, it would be a miracle. Never had it showed that it was somewhere under the supernatural. God has done that. There's no one could do that except by God. An old...?... of your life that you've done down through life...?...
Any of you setting up there, if I...?... out in here, it would be a miracle before God. That was the...?... that also believes He really means it, if God would deliver him...?...
I usually say this to an audience when the night is never too dark, the rain never falls too hard...?... Wish I had...?... But my, there's so many thousands...?... in here. I can't...?...
But I'll say this: wherever God will send me, I go. If I could be right here now, just this meeting later, and the Holy Spirit in this meeting...?... to take a plane and go to... across the seas, I'd go right out now if I could. I would never leave the city...?... pray for the sickness. I believe it. It's obedience is better than sacrifice. God bless you all.

E-16 Write to me, and send and get the little prayer cloths, absolutely free...?... Post office box 325, Jeffersonville, Indiana. Or just write to me, William Branham, Jeffersonville, Indiana. I pray over those cloths, do all that I can to help you. And don't forget to pray for me.
I hope soon I can come back and meet again.
Say...?... I hope you get that great big tabernacle you're talking about. I'll be your associate pastor of this meeting if you'll get the pastor to cooperate. And I believe he will. Can I be your associate pastor in there? All right. But I... [The audience applauds--Ed.] Thank you very much. That's very fine. Thank you. I'll do all that I can. Come back in certain season. You keep praying for the people.
God bless my brothers and sisters everywhere.

E-17 I want to read just a Scripture, and then we're going to start this prayer line right away. Over in the Book of Numbers, the 20th chapter and beginning with the 7th and the 8th verse inclusive, I wish to read these words.
And the Lord spake unto Moses, saying,
Take the rod, and gather thou the assembly together, thou, and Aaron thy brother, and speak ye unto the rock before their eyes; and it shall bring forth his water, and thou shall bring forth to them water out of the rock: so that thou shall give the congregation and their beasts drink.

E-18 Can we bow our heads. Heavenly Father, it's kinda hard for me to say "good bye" to this lovely audience of people: been so kind to me now for three weeks, constantly blessing me and giving me this...?... portion of Gospel, standing by me in the hours when we needed...?... and prayed, and called on God. We're so thankful for them. And now, Sunday night, as far as this meeting is concerned, the ministers and them, the last time in this meeting. I've tried to do all that You showed. And I pray, God, tonight that You'll send the Angel Who'll... down into our midst, that He might move by the Holy Spirit up-and-down through these aisles everywhere. May faith just be great, and many, many, many people tonight might be healed, brought closer to God since this day, for the great altar call, and those needy and poor seeking. You said, "Seek and ye shall find, knock and it'll be opened, ask and it'll be given." Every one that knocked, it's opened. And every one that's seeking life... Create such a hunger and thirst in their heart. No one will have rest until he has found Christ. Speak to their hearts while the Spirit is drawing. Tell us now, tonight, in our hearts.
Stands here ministering to those who are in need, Father...?... Spirit will be here and anoint Thy servant for this service, for we ask it in His Name.

E-19 Gather the people together, and speak to the rock. I'm going to try to start this prayer line about right now. Pray for all that I can...?... It won't... Everyone will be prayed for tonight.
What I'm speaking for now, is trying to find...?... for God in the...?...
Moses had brought all the children of Israel through the wilderness. They began to chide God and Moses. And God had called their hand on it, sent fiery serpents among them that bit people. And then, God made an atonement for them through a brass serpent. They looked upon the serpent and lived. The only way they had to do the serpent, is pray for them. They looked and lived.
Did you notice this, brother, sister? In the Bible, in I Corinthians 12 where the gifts are made know, when it comes to healing, it's in the plural, "gifts of healings?" But prophecy is one. But when it comes to healing, it's "gifts of healing," many different ways God does things.

E-20 And He's always, since the beginning, as far as we know, has had a way for healing, Divine healing for His Church. Isn't that right? In the journeys in the wilderness, plumb back to the days of Abraham, how He healed Sara of being barren.
He's been the miraculous working God all down through the ages. And if He has been down through the ages, and then come in here to the closing of all ages, could He belittle Himself in weaken His power and say there's no more to it? God forbid. Before my entered now, His promises will be...?... everywhere through the ages.
Back in those days, why there was--wasn't as many people. The gifts wasn't needed as much as they are now.
Just think, friends, that in the ministry that I have had from the Lord alone, I've seen many, many, many times more miracles performed than is written in the Bible, that Jesus Christ has done in these three years, in one unit, one group of His ministry. One group, He's done more miracles than has been written in this Bible. Everything that could be written in the Bible except leprosy, that I know of, has been healed, even to three specific cases of people who were pronounced dead, are living tonight, healthy and strong.
Who did that? Jesus Christ. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. And He's here tonight. And He, Jesus, was the Rock that was in the wilderness that followed the children of Israel.

E-21 And the rod that Moses had in his hand, it was not the rod of Moses, it was the rod of God: God's judgment rod. Moses held it out over Egypt and flies came up. He held it out and fleas came up. Wherever he dumped this rod, it was a judgment rod. It brought judgment upon a disobedient people. And the rod was Christ, the Substitute for sin and sickness.
And Moses took the judgment rod and smote the rock to bring forth water. Therefore, it was the judgment rod of God that smote Jesus and killed Him, the innocent One, and brought from Him, flowed the Holy Spirit to a perishing people now, that we'd have life.
No more do we smite the rock, but we speak to the rock. And watch the nouns and pronouns. It... He said, "Speak to the rock, and it shall bring forth his (personal pronoun), his water. Speak to the rock and it shall bring forth his water."

E-22 Maybe some of those poor Israelites... They left garlic and onions to eat Angel's food, and was complaining about it. They left the muddy waters of Egypt to drink from the fountain of life, and were complaining about it. They had led--left the boasting physicians of Egypt to be with the great Physician, and was complaining about it. They left a bunch of people that believes the days of miracles were past to be with a bunch of people, believed that all things were possible, and still complaining about it.
Isn't that just like the church today? Come out of Egypt, come out of the world, out here in this glorious Church of the living God, the firstborn, and 'cause we have little trials, God asked us to believe and to hold on. We still complain about it.
Now notice, another thing they had done. They left the people back there that had no signs, to live under the Pillar of Fire and a Cloud, and was complaining about it. No wonder the water supply was cut off. That's what's the matter with the church today. There's too much grumbling about things, complaining. Be satisfied and keep moving on, pressing on.

E-23 And when the water supply got cut off, God asked them to go to speak to the rock, that it would bring forth its waters. Now tonight, the only thing you have to do, is speak to the Rock and it will bring forth His water. And if you're on speaking terms with Him tonight... How many's on speaking terms with the Rock tonight, let's see your hands. Fine.
Now, I want you to speak to Him about your condition, about your body, and He will bring forth the healing waters of Life, flowing through you freely that you could be healed tonight. Do you believe that? God bless you, and make you a blessing to others.
Now, where is the sick people? Are these in this aisle, and this aisle, and out here? Is that right?
Well, notice. How many of you here is sick tonight and wants to be prayed for, let's see your hands. There's more than...?... I guess it's all... It's just a--just a...?... All right. All right. Thank you, brother. This is the audience.

E-24 Now look, friends, you're the ones that's sick and wants to be healed. Now, you get right down to business for awhile now, won't you? Get right down and start praying right now. And just say, "Lord, in my heart, I know that...?... And You give me my desire." God will do it.
And you up there that don't have a... Just look down here. What if you was setting down here sick and afflicted, and He was right here where I'm at?
Now remember, God can show anything that's in here. I could have any one of you stand up, and It would tell what was wrong with them. But that wouldn't heal them. They'd have to accept Jesus as their Healer before they could be healed.
And now, would you believe this? That every one of you in here that's preached it, confessed your sins, is already healed according to God's Word? "By His stripes we--we were healed." He healed us when He died for us. The medicine was put in the cabinet, God's medicine cabinet. Did you ever believe He had a medicine cabinet?
Here's what He was. Wasn't He the Lily of the Valley? Where do we get opium? From the lily. Is that right? Lily is where you get opium. What does opium do? It soothes every pain. What makes the opium take effect like that? First thing, the lily, before it can become--get the fragrance out of it, in the opium, it has to be crushed, mashed up and squeezed out. The opium comes from the... Then dispatch it, and it goes in mixed with others comes into it.

E-25 Jesus, He was... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] Crushed at Calvary. And all the opium of that Lily was squeezed out. God's got a great cannon full of it tonight and can, by faith, inject it into every sick person here.
And you know, when you're on, you get opium, you just... Everything is calm, every fear has left. When the Lily of the valley, the opium is down from a natural lily, you get over it soon and have to have more in you. But this time...?... injected opium of His healing balm into you, you are healed. Every pain is gone. All the sickness is gone: the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the blind see, the lame walk. Isn't that right? So He is the Lily of the valley, He's the morning Star. He's not afraid of His glory.

E-26 And may the Lord keep as...?... I believe tonight He will heal...?... the straightening out of God of that person... sick people laying on these cots and stretchers.
Heavenly Father, we come to the...?... now to ask You for Your blessing, Lord, and to heal all that's waiting tonight. May there be...?... of healing...?... [Tape is inaudible--Ed.]...?... May the Angel of God come through here tonight and expose...?... May He be already...?... down the aisles. We look...?... the silver lining in the Presence of God. May the Angels be upon us. And God, may He come tonight to here with power tonight, gathered around. May every demon power...?... May this happy people believe and see marvelous times. We've longed to see it, for we ask it in...?...
May the lady at the organ, or whoever it is, softly play, "Abide With Me." Everybody be just as quiet as possible.
The other night I just... [A brother makes an announcement--Ed.] in the prayer line. The first person I laid hands upon was... or a minister standing near me. I believe it was... I forget just who this minister it was, one of the cooperating ministers. And watch dropped off my arm, hit the floor. I believe that was broken then...?...
Everyone be real reverent.

E-27 Maybe she's standing close to me here with a Bible and so forth. Oh, it would be wonderful for us now here. Just give me again the Spirit of the Lord...?...
Now, of course He does. [Tape is inaudible--Ed.] What did... All right, those with prayer cards X, we're going to try to begin with the number 1, wave your hand so we can see. There's number 1, 2, 3 first. Then we'll take 4, 5, 6, then you'll have to stop...?... first. Maybe we'll choose another number then right after this fast line.
Now, you have a prayer card, her with a prayer card...?... Just when you see your number's called, then you move...?... raise up you hand, and I want some of the ushers to come, and we'll get the crippled as their numbers are called...?...
Now, while you're lining up, I want you on the right side, if you will. That little girl... Beginning with number-1 to number-5... 15. All right, let's have fifteen first. Number-1 to number-15, line up first.

E-28 And now, little to say here...?... that boy back there, and the man setting there, they're seeing...?... pray over...?... See, call their numbers...?... They're along in there, then you just setting here...?...
Very lovely. Can you get up?...?... will you--will feel a nurse standing...?... over there? Fell on her head...?... Please be in reverent and sincere.
[Tape is inaudible--Ed.]...?... I'm standing here. I'm looking at some old mother...?... She looked at her prayer card, and she turned it over. Her number happened not to be just that. She looked very much disappointed. I hope that... Does she... Looks tore up...?... But Jesus knows all about it. [Tape is inaudible--Ed.]
Don't be discouraged. Haven't you heard... Believe with all your heart...?... Don't think you have no prayer cards. You pray real hard...?... just be of good courage; I believe Jesus is going to heal you...?...

E-29 [While Brother Branham prays for the sick, a brother narrates--Ed.]...?... calling back and forth. Can you hear all right? I'm trying...?... Can--do you hear that all right? I can't find...?... normal, the baby's...?... It's just a little...?... [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] How would I know that? Do you feel a real strange feeling, don't you? That's 'cause your faith in Jesus...?... [A brother narrates--Ed.]
Now, if by the grace...?... the Angel should tell you what's wrong with you, and the desires of your heart, the things that's wrong with you, and the things that you have--have done, do you think then God will let me know what would be your future? You would? Do you believe that? Yes, amen, that is right.
All right. I'm going to ask our Lord Jesus, upon that confession, to heal you, and to make you well, and then to direct me in my thoughts, not let me use my mind, but His Spirit to use my mind and tell you now what's for the future. You'll believe me?

E-30 All right, let us pray. Our heavenly Father, You're here to make known all things. And there's nothing but what You do know... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... here all know that, Lord, that You're God. There's no secrets nowhere.
And now, this woman standing here, perfect stranger, never seen her in my life. But feeling the Holy Spirit near, and see her walk up here...?... to see what was happening. And then to be able to look down through her past life and tell her the very things of her life back there, tell her her troubles, and what's wrong with her... O Christ, that's what makes us feel happy. You're here manifesting Yourself.
And now, Father, she makes this confession to Thy servant, knowing that she was not making it to me, but to You, believing that You'd hear. And I'm asking with all my heart: heal her tonight. May this trouble leave her, and may she be perfectly normal and well. May her testimony be great in her neighborhood, and may she even win many souls...?... for we ask it in Jesus' Name.
Thou demon that's bound the woman, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, leave the woman.
All right, sister... You may raise head, audience. Now, I, by God's grace...?... telling you what has been. I'll tell you what I want you to do. I pray God never give you rest in your soul until you have really surrendered completely to Him. I believe that you will do that right away. Your heart trouble will never be bothering you no more. Let it... And now, you go and give yourself completely to Him, and live a victorious life; forget about all your surroundings and what people are telling you. Don't believe that. You go listen to what I have told you now; live happy. And God bless you, my sister. Thank you, sister dear.

E-31 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. That's where it is. That's all right. You going to say, "Praise the Lord," like that? That's okay. Look, God is a God of worship. And He must be worshipped in Spirit and in Truth. Is that right? And anyone out in the world can mock and...?... They...?... and...?... and cut up, clap their hands for...?...
And God bless you, sister. She passed by and said It was the Word. It took courage...?... laying in here...?...
Isn't that wonderful? When He tells you...?... of someone else...?... ?
The lady knows that I didn't know her, never seen her in my life. But when she come here, the Holy Spirit...?... begin to revealing the thing, comes right down. She commits...?... and God made it known. You believe that all right? Believe it, and watch it, and be reverent and...?...
I'm trying to find out out there, coming across to me... There's somebody setting right in here...?... And I believe really you're healed...?... All right.

E-32 [The brother narrates--Ed.]...?... One of them is...?... And the other... The other is...?... Believe in God. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
All right. Every one be reverent now...?... She's a little hard of hearing. And she...?... She has kidney troubles, a pleurisy...?... Now, every one be real reverent while I ask for her healing, to heal this woman. Well, she's... She's got to reach out...?... That's been for a long...?...
Our heavenly Father, we come to Thee in the Name of Thy Son, Jesus, asking that You'll bless these who we bless. And this poor woman here has walked up here sincerely. She come and waited justly, honorably, received a prayer card to come here before this audience for her...?... let her come that she might be healed. As our lot tonight... As they cast the lots, it's...?... the disciples...?... may pass through the...?... tonight...?... must be brought to the platform.

E-33 Now, I'm standing...?... here. Your Spirit has discerned the diseases and troubles of her body. Now, I ask Thee, as Your humble servant, to make the woman whole as all the people are looking on, many of them in great admiration of the Spirit of God, that's in our midst tonight, knowing that now they can go away and speak for You, and say, "Oh, I am whole today. He's here. I was light...?... when the Presence came down, and seen It perform miracles." And I'll be a stranger stand up for that which they've heard preached, and that which is right."
And now, Father, help our sister and liberate her from being in bondage of her affliction. Give Thy servant faith to challenge these demons.
Foul spirit of infirmity, I adjure thee by Jesus, the Son of God, to come out from the woman.
Well, her faith has healed her. Go now...?... [A brother narrates--Ed.] Now, all of your afflictions have left you, my sister. You're healed. Go on your road rejoicing, thanking God.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Well, that might not mean much to you. But what if you had a tumor in... And remember, tumors are...?... Whatever it was... Thank you, lady...?...
All right. Everyone be reverent, and let's pray.

E-34 All right, everyone bow your heads. O Jesus, the Son of God, Author of Life and Giver of every gift, send Thy blessings upon the woman, and make her...?... she may be healed tonight, go away from this building rejoicing and happy, praising Thee for all of Your blessings. Hear the prayer of Your humble servant. And may the power that has bound her, turn her loose in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Just a moment. Keep your heads bowed. Do not...?... raise your heads, 'cause it'll go right from one to another. There may be a spirit...?...
O eternal God, Author of Life, realizing that by faith, faith alone are we healed. I pray that You'll give faith now to Your servants here. May the Name of Jesus Christ, the spirit leave the woman. Come out of her.
Lift her up...?... [Tape is inaudible--Ed.] All right, you're healed. All right...?...
All right. You can raise your heads and look. Well, that's okay. Raise your head and say, "Praise the Lord." All right. Go off believing...?...
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."

E-35 You know what's happened in that case? The woman was told of her condition, and a deaf spirit had entered the woman, which went off of that woman standing there a few moments ago, and...?... There it was. When she first walked up, I could feel it...?... feeling when I took hold of her hand. It settled on her setting there.
My, be reverent, friends, everybody. Now, just a moment. Everybody real reverent.
Look here...?... (Bow your heads.) Now...?... Of course, you don't need... Have you been a...?... That's all right now. I know that spirit left her, so that it touched... Stand on your feet. Jesus has healed you of that anemia condition. Amen. God bless you, sister. Amen.
Now, I know that spirit went off of the woman here, that anemia, it went... I didn't know whether it settled on that woman. Of course, you was anemia in the first place. Is that right?
All right. Jesus Christ gives you a transfusion tonight. You can go now and be well. God bless you. (All right. You take it.)
Oh, my. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." My, I just feel His Presence is near. Let's say--say, "Praise the Lord." Yes, sir. He wants to be praised.

E-36 Would you obey me as God's servant, sister? You will? Go off the platform rejoicing. Be healed of that arthritis you had...?... [A brother narrates--Ed.] That's the way to do it...?... working among His people. You're being healed? He will do it if you will just believe Him, won't He? Now, really and truthfully, friends, the Holy Spirit... The healing of the Lord is just coming down and anointing wondrously now. I see It moving in everywhere. That's the way.
This lady here, arthritis is what got you, wasn't it, sister? You setting in your wheelchair, arthritis case. I thought the other one over there was arthritis, but it's not. And then I don't know. Just a moment.
Now, God can reveal what's wrong with you now, not for your healing, but I could tell the action of this, it's arthritis here, from the way it pulled away from that lady.
No, yours is not arthritis. If I'm not mistaken, yours is multiple sclerosis. Is that right? If it is, raise your hand. That's right, lady. All right. I can see the way it's reacting back, lady. Now, have faith. King George of England was healed a few weeks ago of multiple sclerosis. Just have some...
Brother dear, I might even tell you what's wrong, but Christ is your Healer. Have you confessed everything, everything that you know and live right before Him? Now, just keep praying, because He's dealing with you now. That's right. Now, just be real reverent.

E-37 Everybody, believe God. [A brother narrates--Ed.]
I don't know what's wrong with you. But you're believing, aren't you? You're a believer? Yes, sir. I--I know what's wrong with you: cancer case. The same as Christ can heal you and make you well, sir. Do you believe Him? Will you serve Him? You're all...?... You've been this way for quite awhile, haven't you? I see you've had lots of experiences. Have faith...?... is gone from you...?... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]
See? Your sanity is very thin...?... spiritually...?... You're laying there, which you could get up and walk alone if you wanted to. All you need is Somebody to have to help you...?... but Somebody's here to help you; that's the Lord Jesus Christ here, support you and...
Did you ever see a person that was possessed of demons? They're many times their power, because the devil has given them super power. If the devil can give a man five or six times his power, what ought the Holy Spirit to do? A million times your power. He is your Strength and your Help. Do you believe that? Have faith in God.

E-38 And you do this for me. The first time from now until this time on, when you feel something move through you (See?), when you do that, you come up from there, go on home and be blessed. Now, I'm leaving that to your faith in God. When you feel in your heart that God has blessed you to heal you...
I can see what's wrong. I can see the experiences and things. And that's true. But I can't maybe just... But I couldn't say you were healed until I see your conditions. When there comes a Light around you, then I know you're healed. And then it's over.
Oh, isn't He marvelous? The Holy Spirit is out among the people. He just is there, everywhere.

E-39 What's the matter, sir? You that's looking at her, next to the lady...?... You've got something on your heart, too, you're praying about, haven't you? You're trying to find out. I also know what's been said. But I see you're trying to contact God, aren't you? If you would setting...?... You're setting near, so I can see you and be...?...
All right, everybody believe...?... Every one have faith now.
Now, of course, you realize that...?... Now, he's a stranger to me aren't you? You--but you realize also that--that you're... Something's happening to you. You feel real strange (Isn't that right?), because of the Presence of His Majesty, the Spirit of God.
You need Christ, sister, don't you? You know what I'm speaking of. Look, you're a tubercular case, lady, aren't you? A demon... [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?... You believe me with all your heart? Will you do as I say? All right, sister. Let's pray.
Our heavenly Father, something strange about this case. And I do not understand just right. You started the vision going, and then it died. May her faith be raise to a spot to where it should be for her healing. Forgive every sin. And I pray that You'll bless her and heal her, and make her completely well. May she be a great testimony in her church, if she shall return, and on the streets, and wherever she goes. Grant this, Father.
May the demon of tuberculosis leave her now. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, come out from the woman.

E-40 Now, sister, it would not leave the woman. You may raise your heads just a moment. I wish to talk to the lady. There's something wrong.
Now look, sister. I want to show you. Move your hand over on mine. I want you to look at my hand. Looks just like any other man's hand? Now, I want you to watch me put your hand on there. Watch the...?... germ draw it up, red. And just watch it. First, take this hand over here and put it on, this hand here. Hasn't changed any, sister. Now, take... When this hand's on... [A brother narrates--Ed.] Looks like it's going to burst...?... Now, if you just will remove your hand, see, that leaves it. Well, you had a little...?... All right. Now, watch. You take your hand off and I'll put my hand on...?... Is that right? Now, you put his hand on. [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-41 Now, you see it? Do you see it? Do you see it? Now, you seeing just what I have said through this microphone? If that's the truth, raise this hand up so the people will know that is true. Now, see how it's moving? Now, let's...?... Watch it. Now, here it comes again. There it is again. That's just in waves, roll over this audience. That's the way it moves. Now, she's standing right here...?... There it went. There it went again. There it goes again, watch it. There it is...?... That's your father there. [Tape is inaudible--Ed.]
And a gift of God is here, a gift...?... And a germ is a life. You see...?... And that germ is a life. And you have a human life you can contact. And this Spirit that's here and that spirit there that's giving you that tubercular, knows that the hour is near, and pushing back (See?), when that spirit goes out to meet, just like a warfare.

E-42 Now, if I could get you up into the category to believe this right, that it's God... It's the... That's right. And you--and you'll give Him praise?
Now, you see signs a happening here. Something has to happen. All right. I want you to watch my hand. Believe with all your heart. Now, looky. You want me to...?... in her life. Live for Him just as reverent as you know how to live. And that's your faith. You'll do that? All right. There it goes now. Without seeing...?... You can see at my hand yourself.
Now look. Now, something has happened, hasn't it, sister? There's the same hand. Look, there's not a sign nowhere, is there?
Now, here's a lady here. Is that the truth lady? So they can hear me. See, not a sign, the same hand. I never even moved it. There it is. You're healed, sister. Go off... May He just now go on your way rejoicing and praising God.

E-43 Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?... as you can now. Believe with all your heart.
You believe with all your heart? See, you're already healed. God has healed you. God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." God healed her standing right there on the platform. Let's give God praise like this...?... Amen. He's the Lord. No one you can touch except Him, to be made well.
Do you feel all right now, lady? Amen. God bless you.
Your little friend there... She reached over and got a hold of the other lady's hand, is holding her.
Sister, when your prayer card...? What's your number? How far back are you? What say? Oh, yes. Stand up, sister. Do you believe with all your heart? You have tumors? Is that right? Do you believe? If you do what I tell you to do... You go home praising God, and saying, "He blessed me, I'm completely whole." Do you believe that? [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?...
Somehow, I'm happy. Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?...
Stand up just a moment...?... Don't have no doubt. Do you believe Jesus Christ, this is the Spirit of Christ is moving in on you tonight? [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?... is here? All right, your heart trouble has left you. [A brother narrates.]...?... That's what you had, wasn't it? But you don't have it any more... [A brother narrates.]...?... Isn't that right? God bless you. It's gone now. You're healed. All right...?...

E-44 Now, here's a cancerous spirit moving right here, now. Now, watch this just a moment, friends. There's somebody...
You must be the patient. Right here is this woman setting on the end with a white dress on. Aren't you extremely nervous, sister? Is it a nervous trouble? Yours is also, isn't it? Nervous? All right. Both of you go home. You're healed, both of you, of nervous trouble. I see your spirits... [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?... has blessed you now. You can be happy, rejoice, and say, "Glory to God."
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Oh, my. What more could be done?
Just come close. See here, bowing his head like he was crying, nearly. When you leave here...?... this men here...?... nobody say...?... through there. The aged brother setting there. I probably can't make my words normal to him. He can't hear me, just what I'm speaking of...?...
Well, the young man setting there, you have a skin eruption, don't you, brother? Does it bother you a long time? Jesus Christ makes you well, young man. Just go believing. Be free. [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?...

E-45 You believe Him? Oh, I'm looking for Him to come down and heal everybody right now. Can't you believe that? Oh, mercy...?...
How do you do, sister. Do you believe? With all your heart? [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?... what's in your heart. It's heart trouble. Is that right?
Do you believe...?... go home, you're not going to have no more heart trouble. That's left you all... [A brother narrates--Ed.]
Coming here and moving up in the way. That's the same as this lady has here: it's cancer. There's a close relations pulling right through here now. Both them demons realize that the power of Jesus Christ is here to make both of you whole. You believe? Will you believe it, sister? Do you believe it, lady, with all your heart?
Let's have prayer for both of them right now, and ask God to heal them...?...
Heavenly Father, as we stand here... [A brother narrates--Ed.] O God, have mercy as I intercede for two dying women, laying here...?... I now ask this demon power of cancer to leave these people, and to go out in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Go out of here in strength, believing God...?... Walk in the strength of the Lord. Go off the platform rejoicing, happy...?... You can do the same thing, sister. Amen.
Have faith, everybody. You believe? Look and live. Christ is here to make you live.

E-46 Now, we can call another number if you wish to, or you can come right here to the platform, and call them right here. I believe God can call you from right here. Don't you believe it? I believe that each one of you can called right out where you're at right now and be healed. Will you believe that with all your hearts?
How many... Who has believed the report? To whom has the arm of the Lord been revealed? Now, He's here and can heal people.
Oh, sister. The first lady was here. You're... All right. Serve the...?... that you do. It's all over now.
There's a man leaning around back there. He's kind of a men with a white looking shirt on. You...?...
It's your faith coming, brother...?... wrong with your leg. Isn't that right? There's something wrong with your eyes, too, isn't there? The man setting right back there with the white shirt on, looking at me, you have eye trouble. There's something wrong with your leg, too. Is there something wrong with your leg? You just recently got hurt, didn't you? You got hurt. I knew there was something. Something fell on you. Is that right? Something fell on you. Say, you just recently become a believer, too, be a Christian. You belonged to another church, didn't you? I believe... I'd say you was... yes... No, you belonged to a Christian Science church, I believe. Isn't that right? And you just recently give your heart to Christ? Isn't that true? Stand up on your feet. Jesus Christ makes you whole, and your legs are healed. You're healed. God bless you...?... [A brother narrates--Ed.]

E-47 Everybody believe just a moment now, everyone. Look, the power of God is a moving through now, swiftly.
This aged woman setting out here, look this a way, sister. You are suffering with a female trouble. Isn't that right? A female trouble... Christ, the Son of God, makes you whole, sister.
That man there with the cane, look this a way, sir. Have faith, believe. Oh, brother, you're aged. But look, you're a preacher. You're a Gospel preacher. Isn't that right? That is right. You're suffering with heart trouble and arthritis. Is that true? God bless you, my gallant brother, make you every whit whole. You waved your hands to Christ for years, that sinners could come and repent. God shall reward you. Go home and be healed and well. God bless.
How many in here will believes with all your heart just now?
Young man holding up your hand back there, stand on your feet. Jesus Christ has healed you of that heart trouble you had. God bless you.
All right. How many will accept Him right now as your Healer? Believe with all your heart. Have faith. Stand up, every one of you, and accept it right now you're healed. That's the way to do it.
All right, brother. Stand up over there. That's right. Come out.
You, sister. Somebody get near this woman here. God bless you. Christ does it. Hallelujah! Now, every one of you is healed.
O Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every... [A brother narrates--Ed.]...?... Accept it right now. Christ, the Son of the living God, is here to heal every person.