The Angel And Three Pulls

Date: 51-0414 | Duration: 49 minutes
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Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
E-1 Enemies are try to rob God's children of their God-given privileges of--of Divine healing, salvation, and--and so forth. He set them scarecrows up. And I--I... Some of them are setting up in the trees, and some on telegraph poles, and some are even setting on a fence post right next to the patch.
And I thought, "You--you got them right here in front of me for some cause." I thought, "Well, that's just like--just like the meetings." Some set way off; they're scared to death. They won't even come around the meeting. And the other one gets close enough to be setting right up at the patch.
But to my surprise, setting right on the arm of that scarecrow set two big blackbirds, just a eating to who wouldn't have it. And the rest of them flying around chirping and squawking.

E-2 Now, I said, "I'm just going to ask in my mind, 'Why don't you come down out of that tree and eat too? Are you hungry?'" Just starving to death. That's the way with people, just starving to death.
You say, "Well, why..."
I said, "Why don't you come out of the tree?"
If he could speak, he'd say, "Well now, looky here. Look at that old scarecrow." Well, you'd have to admit that there's strawberries in there all right.
Now, you said, "Is there any strawberries?"
Yes, there's strawberries. The freeze didn't kill them all. But thank God; the freeze never killed all the holiness out, and the movements of the Holy Spirit. Now... Got frostbitten a few times, but we got over it. Amen. Just a little scare once in a while...

E-3 All right. I love it, don't you? Notice. And these others were so close to the top, till they was looking right over it, and could even smell the strawberries, no doubt. But I say, "Why don't you get in?"
"Well, look at the scarecrow."
Well, I say, "Look, setting on the scarecrow, setting out there eating just as hard as they could eat, and bright eyed as they could ever be, and fly right up on the scarecrow, set there and eat the strawberries." Well, brother, there's no condemnation to them that's in the patch. That's one thing sure. They wasn't condemned; they was setting there eating just so hard they can.
And I say, anybody that's in Christ Jesus has no condemnation, no fear. All things are passed away of the old worldly fear and doubt. And you're just setting there with your hearts open eating just as hard as you can eat. Well, you know what? An old scarecrow is a dinner bell sometimes to those who believe, a meal ticket. Yes, sir. You go to seeing something like that...

E-4 Now, God is in His people, always been a miracle working God. All ages when they had revivals breaking out, they had healing: Martin Luther, John Wesley, Sankey, Moody, oh, others you could call.
John Wesley... I stood near the shrine not long ago, that's built of him there, there at England, where that he was preaching Divine healing and they turned a fox loose, and a bunch of foxhounds and scattered his audience. John Wesley turned and pointed his finger in that man's face, and he said, "The sun will not set on your head three times, till you'll be asking me to pray for you."
And as the sun went down that evening, the man died with cramps in his stomach. And Wesley never got to him.
And when Wesley was here in America, in his textbook, or his little book, notebook, he was going to pray for a woman riding his horse, and he--the horse stumbled, and fell, and broke its leg. And John Wesley went in his pocket and got a bottle of oil, said, "Almighty God, You made this horse's body the same as mine. I've got a need to be there," anointed the horse with oil, and rode it away. Now, that's Wesley's own word. Today they want to set it out of church, nearly. Brother, we've just fallen away. We've had scarecrows, but get around behind it.

E-5 Now, the devil's trying to keep you away from God. And we've got to have a bogus dollar... If we've got a bogus dollar, rather, we've got to have a real dollar for it to be made off of. When you get off the boat in India, you'll find Hindus out there, old hypocrites trying to lay out in spikes to clown a little for the tourists. But back in there is some real genuine Hindus who really cut themselves, and walk through fire, and everything, making sacrifice. Some of them never take their hands down for twenty years, till their fingernails growed through the back of their hands nearly, crying for peace in their soul.
They're real sacrificial people. But they're in the wrong worship, of course. But some will come out and clown. We have those things.

E-6 Someone asked me not long ago, said, "Brother Branham, if that Holy Spirit is so great," said, "I've seen people who's stood in the meeting, and--and shouted, and praised God, their tears running down their cheeks; and they would come out and do things that--like sinners, and go to sinful places, and live in sin." Said, "Was that the Holy Spirit making those people shout?"
I said, "Yes."
Said, "Oh, do you mean the Holy Spirit would fall on a person like that?"
I said, "Yes."
Jesus said, "A sower went forth and sowed some seeds. And a--a enemy came behind him and sowed some tares. And the husbandman said, 'Shall I go pull up the tares?'" Said, "If you do, you'll pull up the wheat. Let them both grow together. And at that day, I'll send the Angels, and they'll gather all the tares and burn them, and--and the wheat will be taken to the garner."
Hebrews 6 says that it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, made partakers of the heavenly gift (partakers of the Holy Spirit in heavenly calling), tasted the good Word of God and world--power of the world to come; if they shall fall away, to renew themselves again to repentance; seeing that they crucify themselves afresh the Son of God, and count the Blood wherewith they was sanctified an unholy thing. For... (Listen closely now.)... For the rain cometh oft upon the earth to dress it, prepare it. But the thistles and thorns are to be burned.

E-7 Notice. In this same wheat field that was sowed, in there is briars, creepers, stink weed, everything, all growing together with the wheat. And when the drought is on, the creeper is just as thirsty for water as the wheat is. The water is sent for the wheat. But the creeper's just as glad to get the water as the wheat. And by their fruit you shall know them.
In the meeting the Holy Ghost falls over the building. But those who live godly in Christ Jesus are the people that'll be taken into the garner. And the tares--not for us to judge--but will be burned at the end. You see what I mean?
Then don't judge a person because they--they shout, or 'cause they could praise the Lord. Judge them by the life they live. And if they're not living the right kind of life, don't turn them down; pray for them. That's the way to do it. And convert them from a nettle weed to a stalk of wheat. Amen.

E-8 Now, the people's attitude... Some people make up their mind, that when they come to the meeting, that they're coming to find something to criticize. Well now, Satan will be sure to show you that. If you come determined, you're going to find something good, God will show it to you. Now, it's your attitude, dear Christian.
And notice. Now, when Nathanael, he kinda made up his mind that when he come, he wanted to see what good could come out of Nazareth.
And Jesus saw him coming, and He knowed he was a just man, a good man. And He said... Jesus said to him, said, "Behold, an Israelite, indeed, in whom there is no guile."
And so, in other words, if I'd say he was coming in the prayer line here, a man, I'd say, "Why, behold, there's a Christian, a good truthful man."
"Why," he said, "how'd He know anything about me?"
He said, "Before Nathanael got to you--or Philip got you, you were under the tree."
And watch. Quickly, he didn't judge Him to be a spiritualist. He didn't judge Him to be something wrong. He said, "Thou, Rabbi (Master), Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel." Now, he become a follower of Jesus.

E-9 The woman that touched the hem of His garment got the blessing that she asked for. He felt virtue go out. But when them men that knowed He was a prophet (as the woman at the well knew He was a prophet), put a rag around His eyes, and hit Him on the head with a reed, and said, "Now, if you're a prophet, tell us who hit you." They didn't feel no virtue, did they? It was the way you approach it.
And when you're coming to the Holy Ghost, if you're looking off to somebody that's clowning with It, you'll never feel no virtue. But if you'll just get that out of your mind, get the scarecrow back, and say, "Lord Jesus, it's my heart. I'm coming. What will You do for me?" you'll receive what you come for. That's right. For, "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled." Is that right? Amen.
Oh, we love Him. How wonderful that He is.

E-10 And now, for in defense... As some people has made the remark that the only thing this could be would be spiritualism... Now, brother, it's all right what you say about me. But be careful what you say about God. Well, perhaps what if you could be wrong? If you're wrong, you could cross the separating line, would be no forgiveness in this world or the world to come for you. Did you know that? Jesus said, "Whosoever speaks a word against the Holy Ghost, it'll never be forgiven in this world or the world to come." Is that His Word? Just as essential as whosoever borned of the Spirit of God... Except a man be borned of the water and Spirit, he cannot enter the Kingdom.
All those are Scriptures. And that's the reason we should let our yea be yea and nay be nay, and watch what we're doing. Be careful.

E-11 Now, I am just trying to speak of this Angel of the Lord. I do not worship that Angel. And God, Who is listening in now... Do you believe He hears us now? He is my sole Judge that I never...
In the first place I'd say this: I believe that if I'd even made the attempt, that the Angel Himself would correct me. For I truly believe He was sent from God.
Now, you might not be as firm to believe that as I, because I've talked with Him, and I know Him. And if there'd be fifty of them standing here now, I would know Him from the rest of them. I'd know His voice for one thing. I would know His looks for another. And He's a... He's a Man--a Man just as I am, and just as much human looking as I or you. And He looks to be a Man in His thirties, I'd say, a strong looking Man, folding His hands.
I realize that there are false angels. But every spirit that's not of God does not confess that Jesus has come in the flesh is of the wrong spirit. That's right. And I know there's been false angels. But when they testify of God and prove to be of God, then we believe those.

E-12 Now, Angels has always been ministering spirits that's sent to the church. Is that right? All through the apostolic age, or apostolic age, they had ministering Angels that went with the apostles, the disciples. Is that right? And most always, they appeared to them in a form of Light. Is that right? A Light shined down upon Paul (Is that true?), blinded him.
Peter was in the prison, and a Light shined in, the Angel of the Lord, and told him. Many different places in the Scriptures refers to Them as a Light through the Pillar of Fire that followed the children of Israel: a Pillar of Fire. And this...
Any Bible teacher knows that the Angel that led Israel was the Angel of the Covenant (Is that right?), which was Christ. Amen.

E-13 Notice. Now, as Jesus, or the Christ... Moses suffered the loss of his--the throne that he would've had in Egypt, esteeming the reproach of Christ greater riches than the treasures of Egypt. He chose to follow a Pillar of Fire (An Angel of God appeared to him in a burning bush), rather, than to be king of Egypt.
Now, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that true? And if He appeared to Moses in a form of a Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel... As He led them in the natural, so could He lead His church in the spiritual today.
They were on their road to the promised land. Is that right? We're on our road to the promised land. Is that right? "In My Father's house is many mansions. If it wasn't so, I would've told you. I go up and prepare a place and come again to receive you unto Myself."
Notice. Now, God in the Pillar of Fire led them... And then when He was here on earth, Jesus, He said, "I AM the I AM. I AM THAT I AM." If that was the I AM that spoke to Moses in the bush...
And now, He says, "These things that I do shall you do also, and greater than this; for I go to My Father." Is that true? Now, when Jesus was here, and the people came to Him, He did not profess to be able to heal anybody. Is that right? He said, "I can do nothing... The Son can do nothing in Himself. But what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise; for the Father loves the Son and shows Him what things that He doeth." Is that right? Saint John 5. Now you see, He said, "I can do nothing in Myself," taking no credit.

E-14 Flesh cannot glorify, or glory in the Presence of God. It all comes from the supernatural. Now, He said, "What I do, is what I see My Father doing." Is that true? Well then, when Nathanael came to Him, the Father had showed Jesus, standing here, what Nathanael was doing before Philip found him. Is that right? Amen.
"These things that I do, shall you do also." Is that right? "Greater things than this will you do, for I go unto My Father," more of them.
Now, that same Spirit... Not because that I'm here. Why, I have no more to do with it than anybody out there. It's because that He is here. Christ is here, the Holy Spirit, the Angel of God. And I'm merely just a mouthpiece for Him. And Moses was just a mouthpiece for Him. And Jesus was a Mouthpiece for God. And He died to redeem us sinners, that the program of God might be carried on down through the age through the church. And ministers that are consecrated to God, become channels where God can speak through, preach the Gospel, heal the sick, show signs and wonders.

E-15 And we've lived down through the time of the preaching, and teaching, and so forth. And we've got into a place now to where the church is so broke up, till God is bringing in again, the supernatural to serve a people.
Now, man can come and claim anything. See, a man can say anything that he wishes to. But for him to say it is one thing, and for God to confirm that is another thing. And then when God confirms that it is the truth, then we should believe it, oughtn't we? Amen.
Now, that's just as plain as I know to make it. So when you hear somebody say that Brother Branham was a spiritualist, you tell him, that was wrong. I'm a Christian. I'm saved by the grace of Jesus Christ, by His atoning Blood at Calvary. And tell me whenever you've seen a spiritualist healing the sick and doing...
You say, "Well, Brother Branham, that looks a whole like it."
Sure. Then it looked a whole lot like it when Jesus was here. And they called Him a spiritualist.
How about when the--Jesse lost some mules and he sent his sons to hunt them. And they said, "If we had some money, we'd go down and see the seer, Samuel, and he'd tell us where the mules was." Sounds pretty funny there, doesn't it? Does it? And they met...
Samuel, met him on the street and said, "Go on back home, 'cause the mules as already went home. I'm going home with you."

E-16 See, people, a long time ago you ought to have come to God and got yourself settled down, know where you were standing. The Bible said in these last days that there'd be a famine, not for bread and alone, but for the hearing of the Word of God. And men would go from east, west, north, and south trying to find It, and would fail.
You better get sealed into the Kingdom of God by the Holy Ghost, while you got a chance. You talk about a confusing time; it's a coming, when the Bible said, "They'd be so close till it would deceive the very elect, if possible." Is that right?

E-17 Now, another question I want to clear up. Someone said, "It doesn't mean that you're a Christian because you heal the sick, or cast out..." That--that's true. That's right.
He said, "Many will come to Me and say, 'Lord, Lord, haven't I cast out devils in Thy Name, and in Thy Name done mighty works?'"
Jesus... Now, listen. Jesus said, "Depart from Me, you workers of iniquity. I didn't even know you."
Now, these people claim they done it. But they did not do it. That's right. For He said, "I never knew you." They just claimed they done it.
How could you write a check on me without me knowing you? See what I mean? I checked with the bank.

E-18 Jesus said, "Many will come and say, 'Lord, have not I...'" He said, "I didn't know you." No, you never... See?
Many will confess and say, "I have cast out devils in Thy Name, and in Thy Name I prophesied," preachers and so forth, and everything.
He'd say, "Depart from Me, you workers of iniquity. I didn't even know you." Some people might've went out and had some kind of a fleshly idea, tried to get popular, or some big education, or could speak a few swell words and made some money out of it. Jesus said, "You workers of iniquity, I didn't even know you." And iniquity is something that you know that you ought to do and will not do it. That's right.
And every man knows that he's got to be borned again by the Spirit of God. You've got to receive the Holy Ghost. To turn It down is just the same as to turn Jehovah of the Old Testament, down in that day, or Jesus in His day: Same penalty and worse if you turn down the Holy Ghost. And it's not very well thought of. It's talked about.

E-19 And all that live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. The devil's always been after the church of the living God. Is that right? And it's always had a black name. Jesus was born in this world with a black name, as illegitimate child. Did you know that? Supposed to be born a--a child out of holy wedlock, Jesus had that hanging on Him. But in His heart He knew He was the Son of God. That's right.
And men and women, you know where you stand tonight. And there's only one more Person knows it; that's God knows where you stand. So your heart right with God. Really live for Him. Be true to Him. Love Him so much that He--everything else becomes secondarily. And then you'll love the Lord with all your heart, with all your strength, with all your soul, with all your might. God will lead you then. "The footsteps of a righteous man is ordered by the Lord."

E-20 Now, these things that you see done, I believe that I--reading these Scriptures and so forth in this Bible, how about many times... Brother Pethrus, I guess he told you about the resurrection of the little boy, or something another (I just went out there at the side of the road to pray in my car again, trying to get myself back a little bit, so I could get into the service.) of the things that would take place.
Setting there in Lapland where I couldn't even speak one word, and half the Finns couldn't, or Swedes. And there the Holy Spirit would set in and tell people things all down. They were just in one accord, everybody just pleading out for God, and just great signs and wonders. There was no friction.
There's sometimes you get in such a rut till there is no really setting right to a man. Is that right? You just get to a place till subconsciously you're disbelieving when you don't want to do that. See? The thing to do is lay down everything and believe with all your heart.

E-21 Now, I believe that at--that tonight, I could say this... Outside I said I would tomorrow night.
Now, when we come here to this--your city about five, four years ago, there gifts of healing was only working by holding the person's hand. And if God will permit a cancer case tonight, I want to show it to my minister brothers, that the effect that that literally takes upon the human body. Nothing that I have in myself, it's the beat of that demon power pushing back to me. That don't mean nothing. I take hold of you in my hand and show you it just, swell a nearly, again its size, and white, big white things will run over the top of it, like that, holding that person's hand. Now, what does it. I can't tell you. My hand just gets numb.
That don't have one thing to do with Divine healing, no power at all to heal. That's just a reaction. When my body becomes anointed with the Spirit, that's that germ disease out there reacting back. Now, I can go down here and take ahold of a cripple, and it won't work at all (See?), because there's no active germ of disease there. If there is, it'll tell me.

E-22 Now, and I said then, God promised me if I'd be faithful with that, it would come to pass that I'd be able to--to tell people what they had done in their life, and to... Is that right? And many of you Phoenix people know that's true. Oh, here it is, just exactly.
Now, the Bible says if there be one--something or another in there about a spiritual or prophet among you, and what he says comes to pass, then hear it. Is that right? "For I'm with... If it doesn't, then don't believe it, for I've not spoke." See?
Now, what I'm trying to say to you, that God is here. He's confirmed the things that I have said. That--that's true. He's done that. And I believe that He will continue to do it.

E-23 And tonight when we call these people to the platform and pray, I want every person in here to... this night, to help me. And if I can... Now, when I'm talking to the person...
Now, looky here what a statement I made. How many's here for your first time? Let's see your hands, you're first-timers. Yes, each night there's a group of first-timers, maybe a hundred or hundred and fifty: oh, more than that, maybe two or three hundred. Well, that's when... We're happy to have you here.
And now, I want you to notice. Now, here's people setting here, and I don't know... God in heaven knows I don't one thing about you. I don't know. There's... They look like they're...
I see one, two, three, four--four or five prayer cards right here. There may be some setting all out through there. You've got prayer cards. On it, you'll find a number. And that number will just be--will just be called up here just merely to keep the row, I'd say it, "Well now, we're going to pray for some tonight, ever who wants to be prayed for, stand up." You know what starts.

E-24 And we've tried every way in the world to send... We used to send the prayer cards to the ministers. And the first minister got all of his people in, that was about what lasted the meeting. It take about five nights to get all his through. And then if he failed to give somebody one of the prayer cards, he give an outsider, then his congregation fell out with him about it.
And then we said we'd go to a prayer meeting, and all was there was first there first served. We give out the prayer cards and just keep right on down till we got the whole bunch. Then people flying in, spending their money, and things like that, was coming in, maybe have one day to spend, and have to go right back. Well, there's no need of coming if you can't be there the first day. The prayer cards give out. And that'll take care of the rest of the meeting.
So then they... I figured the only way that I knowed how to do was to come down and give out prayer cards every day. And everybody has just as much chance as the other one. That makes it equal for the, maybe, for the people here. The minister's not responsible. Nobody's responsible. I'm not myself. I give them to my brother, and he gives them out, or somebody, or my little boy this time. And I thought, surely, the people would respect the little fellow to give out the prayer cards. And he give them out. And no one in the world... Only time I come here to the platform...

E-25 I used to have a little child to stand up and count. And where he stopped, that I would... And then we'd start the prayer line from there. It got so people would put their little children up in front so they could count of it. That was--don't think they'd do it. But it--it would do it anyhow.
So the only thing I knowed to do was to come here at the platform, and say, "God, where shall we start that prayer line?" And start it from right there. Then sometimes we stop, like last night...

E-26 And by the way, last night I called someone, a certain number. I don't know. I was calling on down through the place, just a one here and there, just whatever would drop in my mind, I would call it.
And when I got home, somebody had give the little boy a letter, or somebody. It was laying on my table when I went in home. And one woman said, "I have followed it as long as I can, Brother Branham. And the next thing is suicide." And she described her case.
And my little boy, and Brother Sharritt and them, said, "Brother Branham, that's the same woman that come to the platform last night," and described the same things, who was setting on the platform. And the woman was healed last night in the meeting, setting there.
How God had that number out there. He just called it, just picked it out, like that, to stop a suicide case. You see how it is? God is so wonderful. Just believe Him with all your heart. He'll bring it to pass.
Now, God will confirm His Word with signs and wonders following It. We all believe that. We believe that with all of our heart. And now, He's here and can do all things.

E-27 What time is it, Brother Hall? I guess I'm awfully late. Yes, all right. I haven't got a chance to say how I appreciate Brother Hall. I've just been talking so much. I've talked more in this meeting than I have in a dozen meetings that's before there.
There's just something about Phoenix that I love. I don't know. And it's just something in my heart goes down all... Since I was a little boy setting in school, I used to read of Arizona, how I always longed to go to Arizona. And when I get here, I just get beside myself.
And this morning in that ministerial group, to see that wonderful fellowship, my heart just went right out to them brothers. And now, all of you cooperate together and have a great church here.

E-28 Brother Hall has done a wonderful job. I met Brother Hall sometime ago. He's been a bosom brother to me. And I tell you; I've been with Brother Hall a long time. And I believe Brother Hall lives just exactly what he talks about. And that's right. A good man, a Christian man...
Brother Lindsay has gone back to the "Voice of Healing." He has a lot of--of subscribers and things. He has to be there. Perhaps Brother Hall and I will be together the rest of the summer, all but when I meet with Brother Baxter, another fine Christian gentleman, Brother Baxter. We'll be going to Africa together pretty soon.
Now, God bless you all. And let's have our prayer line now. First, let's bow our heads for just a word of prayer. Everybody be deeply and sincerely...
And forgive me for talking too much and taking up time. I want to pray for just as many as I can get through this line tonight. When I talk a long time to a person, He keeps telling what's wrong with them, and what's this, and what's that. As soon as I can see the first speck of faith, I--I dismiss them, just so they can go ahead and get well.

E-29 O Father, You're here. We love You. This morning in the fellowship to see that young man come up, pulled out of that little box his glasses, and he had to put in his eyes to see. I don't know, but he felt in here. I called him out the other night in the audience there. Been in that condition for a long--eyes going blind. And now, he's packing them artificial eyelids or lens in his pocket. And through the power of the Holy Spirit looking through them eyes, how we thank Thee, Lord.
Hearing those that said, "I was sick. Diabetes was killing me. And now, I'm healed."
Hearing all these great testimonies that's coming in from the meeting. We thank You, Lord. We thank You for the wonderful fellowship.

E-30 And now, may the Holy Spirit meet here. And dear God, now I've talked a long time. Many have talked; the people are well worn. They've been setting. But I thank You for them. They're not weary. They're still waiting to see You. They've loved You. They've believed You before they could even see any move of You. And now, You're beginning to reveal Yourself closer. And after while, we shall see You appear. You revealed Yourself in Your Word years ago to our fathers. In this last days, has been coming down by the Holy Spirit, and now, coming into a healing manifestation of the supernatural. The next step will be: Jesus to appear. And how we thank You, Lord.
And now, may all these poor sick people here tonight believe with one accord, and every one of them be healed, Lord. Thou knowest who's coming to this platform. You know how many of them cards that's out there, and what the disease is, and how long the people's going to live. There might be some that must have faith right now, or tomorrow may be too late.
Now, Father, in that group, You call Your people. Give them faith to be healed. Grant it, Lord, for we ask it in the Name of Thy Child, Jesus. Amen.

E-31 All right. Thank you so much for your kindness, and if I ask you to bow your heads... I just looked over the audience. And even standing on the outside, the people had their heads down. No wonder God's working through you like He is, because you have a great respect. I believe, not because I've been here, but because we've got together, I believe God's blessed us. Don't you think so? May be... It made my heart feel happy and rejoicing.
Now, there's a group of prayer cards out there. Where's Billy? How many did you give out today? A hundred? That's fifty more than we have been giving out. All right. Maybe we can call... Just let me stand tonight as long as you can.
And now, I just then, I felt the Spirit of the Lord come down on me just then. Just then He touched me. That's right. God, Who is my Judge, He's standing here now, just now, whirled down over me just then. I feel It now. And my hands are beginning to numbing, feeling strange. My lips get so thick. Sometimes you'll notice me rubbing my face. Feels like my lips are that thick. It just...

E-32 And if I don't talk very much to the person, I can get more through. But if I go to talking... You've noticed that, haven't you? The more you talk to a person, the more It begins to show. And sometimes I get them at home, in my home or somewhere, set them down to themselves and just set and go to talking. The Holy Spirit will just talk a hour right down along the line.
That's the reason out in the meetings they keep my staying secret, 'cause when they get ahold of... And what that just weakens me right down. And when I get to the meeting, I'm just all out. See? That's the reason we try to...
As long as I can live, we want to share It along everywhere so everybody can get a view of It and start praising God and believe in Him.
All right, sonny. So you give one to a hundred? Let's make the first... What? "Q." Q-1 to a 100. Well, let's begin... Where'd we start last time? Seemed like we begin at 1 last night here; 1, I believe we begin at 1. Well, let's begin 25 tonight. Let's begin 25 to 35: Q-25 to 35. And you watch your cards now.

E-33 And if you're not able to get up, then just--just hold your card. When you see... If you're number twenty-eight and you see three passed through, then hold up your card (See?), and tell the ushers. They'll come get you and put you right in the line anywhere.
Now--now, this is the ministry, friends. This is to make faith. It's a power. I--I--I wouldn't say a gift of Divine healing, which it is. Anybody that's got faith in healing has the gift of healing. See? Anybody that believes in Divine healing and believes in prayer for the sick, that's a gift.
But now, to heal somebody, no, I can't. The only thing I'll be able to do, would be know what's wrong with you, or know why that you can't get healed.
Now, remember this. Listen close. Remember this, that "Q"... What was that called for? Twenty-five. Q-25 to 35 first. Q-25 to 35. Look on your card.

E-34 Some Spanish brother ought to speak that so that they would understand. Somebody can speak Spanish, say, "Q-25 to 35," please. Anybody speak Spanish here? Come here, brother. I'm sure I couldn't say that unless the Lord was telling me. All right. [The brother makes the announcement--Ed.] Thank you, brother.
All right. Q-25 to 35 first. Now, as soon as we can get through with those, if you have good faith, those that's coming in the line, then I'll--we'll call another number, or either just start and start picking numbers around all over through the whole thing.
And I--I want you to see, my dear brother, sister, that coming up here, it doesn't matter. I--I don't say, "Well, let Mrs. John Doe, or this over here, comes." It doesn't matter to me. I--I have the... I don't know where to start and what to do. I'm just leaving that to God. And only thing it will do will help you build faith.

E-35 You--you could come here and stay on this platform, and I could pray for you until tomorrow night at this same time, and it would never have a bit effect on you until you believe that God heard my prayer. Is that right?
But you can't come here and stand here without me knowing what's wrong with you. That's right. Yes, sir. And the things that's causing you, your sins, and the things that you've done. It'll certainly tell you that. That's a gift that God gave to me. See? That's my possession that God gave me.
But now, the other, Jesus Christ has already done that for you. Nobody can do it, because He's already done it. We believe in prophetic things, don't we? We all believe that.

E-36 And now, everybody reverent. Is that your first patient, Billy? All right. Bring the man along. All right.
Brother Sharritt, you just watch. And if there's some of them kind of sickly, set them a chair so they can set. All right. That's fine.
Now, I'm sure that all of you... How many love God? Let's see your hands. All right. Now, you love Him. And I--I... By His grace, I trust that He'll let His humble servant bring His Presence down to you all now. See? That's what I pray that God will do.
Now, here stands before me a--a Spanish or an Indian brother, perhaps Mexican brother. And there's something that's wrong with him. I--I do not know. I can't tell you. And I'll have to find out. Then if he'll believe, well then, he will be healed. If he doesn't believe, he couldn't be healed if Jesus was standing here and wearing my suit, standing right here, he couldn't be healed. He'd have to believe. I don't see what more He could do now than what He's doing.

E-37 Now, everybody real reverent. Just be as reverent as you can and listen close. And I'll just try to get just as many through... 'course, if It goes to stopping me and pulling me, and many people are kind of halfway faith, then It goes to moving out and tells something else, and something else, and something else. Then first thing you know, It tears me away.
And they're standing everywhere, watching me. 'Cause last night was--was kinda hard. And I'm spending my life for you people. You understand.
Come, sir...?... Yes. I perceive that you're a Christian man. You believe in God. I believe that, my brother. Isn't that a strange, how that makes you feel standing here? Yes, sir.

E-38 I was reading awhile ago, and the Scripture where Nathanael came to Jesus. And Jesus, when He seen him coming, He called him a believer too. Now, when you come, you might not have been a believer. I would've knowed it. But I knew you was a believer. I said you are a Christian. That's something like the same Spirit. Is that right?
Now--now, we'll see what our heavenly Father will reveal to me. You know that He's here. You have a--a feeling. You know that there's something different. Isn't that right, sir? Hold your hand up so your Spanish people can see. There's something near.
Now, we're strangers here, brother. We never met in life, never met before. But, brother, I see your trouble. You have rheumatism, don't you? Yes, sir. You did have. You're free from that now. Jesus Christ has healed you. Raise your feet up-and-down like this. You are healed, my brother. You can go and be of a good courage...?... Thank you, brother.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord."

E-39 Some of the Spanish brethren get around him and thank the Lord. And he's wonderfully...
Now, how did I see that? The man has attacks, and his hands hurt. I seen him setting behind a house, a rubbing his arms first, setting behind, or leaning back with a chair. If any of his loved ones are here, might know that he's setting like that. And then I seen sometime, he was trying to get up from a bed. And he just couldn't hardly make himself out of bed. And it--it was hurting.
Anyone here know the man? Raise your hands if anybody knows the man, anybody knows of him. You know that's what was wrong with him? Is that right, brethren? There's your witnesses out there. You see that... See? Amen. Now, that's a vision that is seen. See what I mean? Now, everybody be reverent.
Now, is that the same kind of a Spirit that was upon our Master? He told him, said, "Before you come, I seen you when you were under a tree." I seen him when he was getting out of the bed, and when he was setting behind the house. See? All right. There it is, the same Holy Spirit. Isn't He wonderful?

E-40 All right. Now, bring the man here. Howdy do, brother. You're a believer. Yeah, you're a minister too, aren't you? And your--your eyes is what's bothering you. Isn't that right, brother? Go, and God bless you, my brother.
Heavenly Father, bless my dear brother, and give him his sight normally again. His heart's full of love for You. And I bless him in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. How wonderful our Master is.
All right, you bring her. How do you do? You speak English? A little? All right. Are you an Indian? I thought so. Are you Apache? I--I want to come, visit your people again. Were you up when I was at the reservation, San Carlos? You was? I have great respect for the Indian people. I love them. And God loves you.
And we are strangers, you and I? But you have been sick for some time, haven't you? Yes, ma'am. You--you have a--a female disorder (Isn't that right?), and a heart trouble. Many times, you get upset. When you lay down, the heart bothers you worse. I see you reaching for your breath. Is that right? You're healed, my sister. Jesus Christ makes you whole.
Heavenly Father, we bless our dear sister, now, may she be a great testimony among her dear people in Jesus' Name. Amen. God bless you, sister.

E-41 Let us say, "Praise be to God." All right. Everybody reverent. O God, if--if there's a Apache Indians here, I've got your telegram from San Carlos. And I may have to leave real early Monday morning to go home to get my wife, to get back to California for the summer. If I don't go, I want to have two or three days up on the reservation with you people. And if I do go, maybe I can get a day at least on my road back to stop in and see the Indians at the reservation at San Carlos. If the missionary is here, I will try to be back right away to be with you dear people.
Sometime, if you would like for me to, I'd like to come and be your associate pastor out there for a little while, just to be with you, to help you out on for a while.
I don't like to see people pushed back. No, sir. I think we owe the Indian plenty. Amen. God bless them. I've never seen one come through the line yet but what was healed. That's right. Them and the Spanish, humble, very humbly, they believe what you tell them. And that's what it takes.

E-42 All right, Billy, bring the... How do you do, sir. Well, as soon as you walked up, when you were setting there you were thinking about, "Well, this is the time that I've wanted to be here." Isn't that right? And when you were there, a real strange feeling come over you while you were setting in the chair. Is that right? That's when your heart trouble left you, brother. You can go ahead home now and thank the Lord.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord Jesus."
All right. Now, you're going to get well, brother. Just go ahead. Believe the blessing of God is upon you. Have faith. Just praise Him. Forget all about it. Just go ahead. The promise is yours now. It's yours. God has promised it in His Book, promised it through His prophet--or servant. Is that right? Amen. Remember, believe.

E-43 Howdy do? Speak English? Look...?... Could you come just a little closer to me? You love the Lord? I believe you do, sister. Wouldn't you like to be a testimony up there on the reservation of your healing when I come back? Was you up there the last time I was there at San Carlos? You remember the lady? I wanted her to give me that little black-eyed baby? She said, "No." She didn't want to lo--give me her little baby. It was pretty, the little baby.
You've been sick some time, for years back. You started getting nervous first, having funny feelings, weary, strange feelings. Then all at once, you begin to spit up, something in your mouth; your stomach begin to hurt. And now, you're sick at your stomach. That's right. You have a peptic ulcer in your stomach, caused from nervousness due to menopause, change of life.
Let me have your hand. The Lord Jesus loves you. And He died that you might be well. He sent me as His prophet to tell you what is truth. You believe true? I'm going to pray and ask Him. You go home and you can eat what you want to without any trouble.
Almighty God, have mercy upon this dear woman, standing here with truly a real faith. And You're standing here showing me a vision of what she's done. And I pray Thee, heavenly Father, to grant Your blessing upon her as I bless her in Your Name. May she go home. May this condition leave her, she be a good well woman to testify of Your glory. I ask this sickness to leave her in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go on your road in peace now. You're all right.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. Oh, my.