Three Witnesses

Date: 51-0728 | Duration: 1 hour and 47 minutes
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Erie, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.
E-1 Thank you Brother Baxter. Good evening friends. Very happy to be here this evening to represent again our dear Lord Jesus. I want to compliment you on that song, as I was coming up, as you were singing it. My boy went up to the top of the steps and come back down, said, "Do you hear that?" That was very beautiful singing. I've always said, "I love singing so well, when you ever get to heaven, and when they're sing--where there's singing at, that's where I will be." I like to hear it.
I used to say in my church to my people, I would say, over at the... I believe I had a little mystic thing I was telling them, I said, "The river of Life is coming down from the throne of God, it makes a bend down here," I said, "over on this side of the hill the great angelic choir, great singers of all ages are singing there day and night." I said, "Over on this other side there's a little tree, and I'll be setting under that little tree listening when you want to find me." I was just, merely just something that I'd say to my--my church. Whether it'll be that way or not, I do not know, but whatever it'll be, it'll be glorious as long as Jesus is there; it'll be--it'll be glorious.

E-2 Tomorrow afternoon the brother was telling me, I was to speak at two-thirty, I believe tomorrow afternoon. And then tomorrow night is our closing service. We trust that it'll be a great thing to all of you, that God will help you and bless you each one. And I--I just know He will. I'm just trusting Him. Remember, this is one of my last American meetings. And so I'm just believing God, that it's going to be a great thing.
And the first time I ever had a service here in Pennsylvania, I met some friends this morning was telling me about Brother Roberts, another brother that prays for the sick. I remember him setting on the line, side line; he watched the work. He came to me, said, "Brother Branham, you think God will do that for me?"
I said, "What do you mean, Brother Roberts?"
He said, "Answer prayer."
I said, "He will for anybody." That's right.

E-3 And then Brother Osborn's been here. Many of you know Brother Osborn, just love that boy. He was in my meeting the night over in, I believe at--at Portland, Oregon, when that maniac run to the platform, about nearly three hundred pound man, just out of an insane institution. He just hated preachers. He'd hit a man the day before. They was after him, the law was. He broke his collar bone, his jaw, and knocked him out on the street. And he dodged the law, and then he come in. There's five thousand, five hundred there that night. And I just walked to the platform, and I was just standing there speaking on believe. And all at once somebody come running up through the platform, running up to the platform; there's was about three hundred ministers setting in the back and they all knew the man. And he had a gray suit on, a huge man. And he come running up, just stomping like that, real fast. And I could detect there was something wrong. But I never...
You know the first thing is the Word of God; that's first. That's where everything should be reverent, when that Word is going forth. And then he ran to the platform; he said, "You hypocrite," said, "you snake in the grass." He said, "I'll show how much man of God you are," said, "I'll break every bone in your body."

E-4 And I looked around to him, and I seen he was demon possessed. And I just led two little police to Christ, was back in the waiting room, the dressing room. And quickly, they rushed to the platform, I motioned to them. It wasn't a flesh and blood affair; it was between spirit power. And I just went ahead with the, started with the message, and these ministers, three hundred of them, started shrinking back. Brother Baxter was present, setting there. I had just had been made acquainted with him. Many ministers I guess, that you all would know. And Doctor Wyatt, you remember him? He's--he was there. And Booth, Brother Booth-Clibborn, you remember he was there, and many of them that's around the Portland, Ore--the area.
And oh, what a fellow that was. He turned around he said, "You hypocrite," said, "you deceiver," he said, "you stand up here and act like that before those people and pose yourself to be a man sent from God." Said, "I'll show you how much you're sent from," said, "I'll break every bone in your frail body tonight."

E-5 Well, physically speaking, he was certainly able to do it. And he weighted nearly three hundred pounds I suppose, about six foot two, and arms about like that. And his eyes was set, and his teeth scissored together. I just kept on speaking. And he rushed towards me, run over to me, said, "I'll break every bone in your body."
And I turned around to look at him... Now, you better be sure you know what you're talking about in them times. There's no chance there for you to, just to bluff yourself; you better just let God have His way. So I... He told me; He promised me when He sent me, that He'd take care of me; so it's up to Him to do it. You see? I just... Now, I... And He will do it, every battle.
So I turned around to him; I just stood there a few moments, just a second or two, and he called me a snake in the grass again, a hypocrite. And I never said nothing, and just looked up again, he said, "Tonight I'll break every bone in your body." And he said, [Brother Branham illustrates spitting.--Ed.] He spit right in my face, like that. And I started to say something. "I wouldn't do that friends," I was going to say that. Instead of that, the Angel of the Lord come whirling down and said, "Tonight you'll fall over my feet; you'll bow to the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ."

E-6 Now, that wasn't me, that was God. So both made their prophesies. Both made their challenges, both spirits. Now, who was right was the next thing. He said, "I'll show you how much your feet I bow to." And he run forward like that and drew back his big fist. And everybody was just spellbound. Course all those demons setting there, that was their legion. I'm sure I'm talking to spiritual people. That was legions; it all went into this fellow. Like Goliath in the day of old. And he was, oh, he made that bold challenge, and he rushed forward, said, "I'll see who's feet I fall over." And he drew back his big fist like that.
I said, "Satan, come out of the man."
And when he did he went... He made a great big scream, threw up his hands, his eyes went way out like that, and fell around till the police had to pull him off of my feet where he pinned me to the floor.
They said, "Is that man dead?"
I said, "No."
"Well," said, "is he healed?"
I said, "No. It's just God showing His power to make that demon bow to Him." That was all. See? I said, "He's not dead."

E-7 How many's read it in the book? Oh, many of you have my book, the account of it. And it's... In those books I wish we had some more, but we haven't, you just send in at the office, and we'll have ten thousand again right away.
And Brother Osborn, his wife was setting there that night. So Brother Osborn, he said, he fastened himself up in a room and nailed the door. He said, "Lord, if You're still God like that, You can help me too," the little fellow.
And then a few weeks after that he drove by, he and his wife down to our home; he said, "Brother Branham, you think God would bless me if I'd pray for the sick?"
I said, "He'd bless anybody who'll pray for the sick."
He said, "Well, here I go."
I said, "God be with you, brother."

E-8 And he's sure done a great work for our Lord. Very, humble, sweet brother, and I love him. And I understand that he's in the states again now. He's went overseas much with the--in the islands there and done a great work for our Lord. And if he's ever near, well, you--I--I tell you, he's a good brother; you just go here him; he's all right. He's very sincere, and that's what it takes.
And I remember slipping into one of his meetings one time; he didn't even know I was there. He said, "Now, you people coming in prayer line," said, "I'm not Brother Branham," said, "don't ask me what's wrong with you; I don't know," he said, "But I know the Word said He will heal you." And he didn't even know I was there, and he never did know I was there. I just flew--just flew in, and set in the back of the building, went out that night. So he never knew I was there, but...
That's what I like, is sincerity (See?), sincerity. And to brothers that's here, God will bless every one of you in your churches. You don't have to have healing campaigns, but God will bless you in your church, if you'll pray for the sick, everyone of you, sure.

E-9 Now, as far as just spiritual discernment like that; there's--there's nine spiritual gifts in the church that--that's just maybe on one tonight and one the other, but there's... I say this with reverence: gifts and callings are without repentance. This will... There'll be... There's a gift in the church of discernment; that's true. You see? But a prophetic gift is ordained before the foundation of the world to come forward. That'll never be until I die; it'll go from me to someone else. You see? But that... But now that doesn't take away the--the value, the Holy Spirit that's here to do anything that you want Him to do. That's right. And every brother in the.. Every person's got a right to pray for the sick that believes in praying for the sick. That's--that's true.
Now, if you'll notice in the Pentecostal realms, and in the realms of all religions, there's supposed to be in the body of Christ, nine spiritual gifts. Do you believe that? Now, that's... Now, if you'll notice, God in sundry times and divers places, and manners, spoke to the fathers by the prophets; in this last day by His Son, Christ Jesus.

E-10 Now, there's a Body; and in this Body we're baptized by the Holy Spirit into this Body and made partakers of God and of Eternal Life, through the gift of God, which is a free gift of God is given to "whosoever will, let him come." Now, that puts us in the Body. And when we're in the Body, in that Body is nine spiritual gifts operating. See? And it will come upon one.
Now here... I better leave this subject alone. Let's see, I never come here to teach; I--I come here to talk, to pray for the sick. It might be a little against your theological teaching. You see? But anyhow, God be with you, and help you, and bless you is my prayer. All right.

E-11 Now, do you love Him? He's just as wonderful. My, He just loves you everyone. And I'm sure you love Him. Because there's a great fellowship of the Spirit here tonight. And it's just too bad we have to leave tomorrow. I wish we could stay a month and see what would happen. You see? Till we just... The first, it's all new, and then it just settle, look like it takes two or three nights to get the--the powers of the enemy, you know...
Christians come in sometimes, and they--they think, "Well, I--I just have to see it; that's all." And then the next night they're wondering, "Well, how could it be done?" And about the third or fourth night they're ready to say, "Well, Lord, here I am." Well... And that time, then it's time for me to go. But when I come back from Africa, the good Lord willing, I don't aim to have any more of these rush, push, and shove, and a handful of shirts and grab a plane. I'm--I'm going to go where the Lord tells me and stay right there till He says leave. If I have to stay out on a street corners or get a field out from some farmer, we--we just stay right there till the Lord says it's time to go.

E-12 If He can show me what's wrong with people in their lives, He can show me where to go, and what to do, and how long to stay. And I've been so tied up though. I got into... Well, at first when I left the Baptist church to be interdenominational to help bring the brethren together, to do all that I could. See? I believe that we're all brethren in Christ. And I don't believe we should be separated. It's all right to have different churches, own little beliefs, but that does--that's isn't the fundamental part. The thing of it is: We are brethren (See?); we are together. We're all born into one Body.
Now, I've got... I've got, had nine brothers, two of them are--are gone. And--and there's none of them that looks like me, or probably acts like me, but they're my brothers. And so, family speaking, we're all Branhams, 'cause we were born in the Branham family. And we're all brothers when we're born into Christ. And I believe that soon, why, the Lord is going to let me have an out where I can be free. Brother Baxter and I have talked it over.

E-13 And I started in, and we, I organized a little paper called "The Voice of Healing." They still have it here. Well, I found out in that then that's there's lots of finances and things hooked up to it. And I washed my hands of that stuff a long time ago. So the "Voice of Healing" is not my paper; I have nothing to do with it, not at all. That belongs to Brother Lindsay, at Shreveport, Louisiana.
And come to find out, I got into that, and I thought I was getting out of organizations, and I got into one. So, it was still just almost organized down to everyone of them in there, and so I just... I belong to my--just the Lord Jesus. And then I can come, go anywhere I wish to. And whatever He leads me to do, I can be free.
Brother Ro... How many takes that "Voice of Healing," let's see your hands? It's a very lovely little paper. How many takes that "Healing Waters" of Brother Roberts; there's another fine paper. And I believe, isn't Brother Osborn got one called the "Voice of Calvary?" Or isn't that something like that, something of, "The Voice of Calvary"? Or some... He sent it to me. I think he just prints it every so often; he has a quarterly or something like that. They're very fine papers, and--and may God prosper them. I believe the Scripture said they're to publish His doings, or something; so that's fine. For those men who has education, and able to go ahead and do that, why, I--I'm... That's good. But for myself, I'm not eligible to do such. I have a very poor education: grammar school, seventh grade, at that. You know that without me telling you though.

E-14 Here not long ago I was over at Fort Wayne, over here, and I was just got through the service, and I walked back in the back. And there'd been a little girl that been healed there that was blind. How many takes the... How many seen this here "We The People," the book "We The People"? Did you see the article in it? It's a international book, and it--and it's a widely spread publications, and it goes all over the world, translated in many different languages. And my article was in there on the religious section. And then there was...
How many takes the Assembly of God paper that, what? "Pentecostal Herald," is that what it is or...? "Evangel, Pentecostal Evangel," how many takes that? Did you see the article in there, of the little girl from Fort Wayne? Well, it was just right after that what happened.

E-15 I was back behind the curtains, and there was a man back there, I believe, that had more education than he just knew what to do with. He sure was punching me hard. He said, "Brother Branham, the very idea, you use the poorest grammar."
I said, "I know it."
And he said; he said, "Why, you're grammar's terrible. To stand with the crowds like you do." And said, "Your grammar's so terrible."
"Yes, sir," I said, "I know that." I said, "I was borned in a poor family, and had to work all my life." I said, "I didn't get a chance..."
He said, "Oh, that's no excuse now; you're a man."
I said, "Well, that's right, brother." And I said, "But when I got to be a man," I said, "the Lord called me in this work, and I just... I've to spend all my time praying for the sick people," I said.
He said, "Oh, there's no excuse for that." He said, "My, I here you," said, "it's a shame a word that you use." Said, "Correct yourself now." Said, "I heard you say out there tonight, 'All you people passing by this polpit,'" And said, "Why, that's terrible, Brother Branham."
I said, "Yes, sir, I guess that's right."
He said, "Now, that people would appreciate you more if you'd say pulpit instead of polpit." He kinda punched me a little hard, you know.
And I said, "Brother, look, I love you," I said, "I think you're wonderful man, but those people out there don't care whether I say pulpit or polpit, they want me to live the right kind of life and produce what I'm talking about." I said, "That's--that's what I'm..." And I said, "Then they..." [Audience applauds.--Ed.] Thank you, thank you. That... I believe that's right. Now, I'm not trying to support my ignorance, but it's...
Friends, you don't have to have a great education to know God. See? Frankly, education's been one of the worst hindrances that the Gospel of Christ has ever had. I say that with respects and reverence. That's right, the worst hindrance.

E-16 In the garden of Eden there were two trees, one of them was the knowledge. And the other one the Tree of Life. And when man left the Tree of Life and took the first bite off the tree of knowledge, he separated himself from God. And now he bit off gunpowder, destroys himself. He bit off an electricity, pulling the coal from the earth, where un--beneath it, is eight thousand miles of burning volcano, and these...
Now, he's bit hisself off automobile, kills more people than all the wars. He's got hisself a hydrogen bomb now; I wonder what he's going to do with that. He's still biting from that tree of knowledge. And every time he bites, he just separates himself away, destroys himself.
And God is not known by knowledge, God's known by faith; by faith, you believe. Not try to figure it out, you just believe. And that's the way God is known. God bless you.

E-17 Now, can we bow our heads. Heavenly Father, just to stand at this platform and speak these few words just without, just informal, we just thank You for that, to get a chance to say, express our thoughts to the people and hear them respond back. It does my heart good to know that, Father. That these dear people setting here are Your children, and we've gathered together in the name of Your Son, which promised that "If two or three will gather, I'll be in their midst." We are here.
And just in a few moments now, we're to turn the pages of this dear old Book called the Bible. I'm to read from it, Lord, some excerpts there from days gone by. And I pray, Father, that You'll make it manifest to us tonight. And when we leave the building tonight and start down the streets to our different places, may--may we say within our hearts, "Did not our hearts burn within us, because the resurrected Christ was there with us."
May many of these sick, we feel the great pressure just at this time, pulling from the dying laying here. Some can't live very long; they have heart trouble and cancer, tubercular, many other diseases that will quickly take their life, if You do not let them have enough faith tonight to accept the provided way that You made for them. God, may the Angels come down tonight, stand by every patient in the building. Hear me, Father.

E-18 And if Your humble servant has found favor before You, then answer my prayer. And may this be a night of nights, Lord, this Saturday night just before the dawning of the Sabbath. God, grant that now, that tonight, that the angels, legions of them will come down into this building. May every unkind thought, everything that's not faith be pushed back. And may there be such a respond and a combustion of faith, until the cripples will raise up from the chairs, may every cancer be healed, every tubercular, every heart trouble. And may the glory of God so fill the building, that it'll be like the days of old, when Solomon dedicated the temple, and the Holy Ghost came in, or the fire and settled down over the altar. May the great Angel of God, Who has guided Thy servant, now spread forth His wings over this building here. And may the dew drops of the mercy and healing powers of God, drip upon each soul, until faith goes, surpasses all doubt, up into the realms beyond this...
God, wake us up from this sense bound dream that we're in; may we go beyond this sphere, up into this--the place where all things are possible, and there lay hold on Eternal Life and on Divine healing, and tonight walk out of here victorious in Christ Jesus. For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-19 Now, as I open this blessed old Word; it just means so much to me. I wish to read a quotations of different ones of our Lord. I wish first to read our Lord speaking of His, and a vindication, God speaking of His Son, found in Saint John the 4th chapter, beginning with the 14th verse. Jesus in His conversation at the well:
But whosoever drinketh of the waters that I shall give him shall never thirst; but the water that I shall give him shall be in him... well of water springing up into eternal life--or everlasting life... (Pardon me.)
The woman said unto Him, Sir, give me this water, that I thirst not, neither come hither to draw.
Jesus said unto her, Go, call thy husband, and come hither.
The woman answered and said, I have no husband. Jesus said unto her, Thou hast said well, I have no husband:
For thou hast had five husbands; and he whom thou now has is not thy husband: in... thou saidst truly.
The woman said unto Him, Sir, I perceive that Thou art a prophet.
And over in the book of Saint John the 1st chapter, beginning with the 42nd verse, we read this:
The day following Jesus would go forth into Galilee, and findeth Philip, and saith unto him, Follow me.
Philip was of Bethsaida, city of Andrew and Peter.
Philip findeth Nathanael, and said unto him, We have found him... whom Moses and the law, and the prophets, did write, Jesus of Nazareth, the son of Joseph.
Nathanael said unto him, Can there any good thing come out of Nazareth? Philip saith unto him, Come and see.
Jesus saw Nathanael coming to him, and said unto him, Behold an Israelite indeed, in whom is no guile!
Nathanael said unto him, Whence knowest thou me? Jesus answered and said unto him, Before Philip called thee, when thou was under the fig tree, I saw thee.
Nathanael answered and--and said unto him, Rabbi, thou art the Son of God... the King of Israel.
And in the 5th chapter and the 36th verse, God speaking of His Son first, vindicating His claims. The next was John speaking of Him. Now, the Son speaks for Himself, 36th verse of the 5th chapter:
But I have greater witness than that of John: for the works which the Father has given me to finish, the same works that I do, bear witness of me, that the Father hath sent me.

E-20 That's three witnesses, John speaking, God speaking for Him, and He speaking for Himself, three witnesses that He was sent of God to fulfill the works of God. And now, He is the same today. And it's written that in this day, the things that we now see and hear, were to be here. And it's all to fulfill what the Lord has said. All Scriptures is given by inspiration. And it's the fulfillment must come quickly as the time draws near.
Who would've thought, a few years ago, your great grandfather, when he met his neighbor, and he said, "You know, it's written in the Bible that there's going to be a time when the horseless carriages will jostle through the broadway; they'll rage; they'll run like lightning."
Why, maybe his critical neighbor said, "Well, John has just a little bit off at his mind. He's read too much in the Bible."
But his grandchildren are riding in one of those things tonight. See, when God speaks, it's forever--it's forever settled in heaven. Then that's got to come to pass. And now, Jesus came, and His healing was to fulfill the ministry of Elijah and all the prophets from the foundation of the world. He was the fulfillment of that. The law and prophets were until John, since then the Kingdom of heaven.

E-21 Now, tonight, the Holy Spirit is in His Church to fulfill what the New Testament said that would come to pass in the last days. And you see the people on the street and around who criticize and say, "Those things are not right." Just feel sorry for them. For that is the people... maybe... There's got to be somebody on that side. And remember, there'll be more than you are, than we are. See? In the last days scoffers will come. And the Bible said that they'd come in the last day and be religious people. They'd be high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God, and incontinent, and despisers of those that are good. They'd call you holy-roller, anything they could just to make fun of you. Holy-roller, despisers of those that are good, having a form of godliness, they go to church, to Sunday school, but would deny the power thereof. Now, that wasn't to be in that day; that's to be in this day. The Spirit speaks expressly that in the latter times, that was the ending as He []

E-22 Here's what it is, the antichrist spirit is not the communistic spirit. The antichrist spirit is a religious spirit. I have delivered my soul; that's what God was wanting me to, right there. Amen.
Father, we thank Thee. Now, I--I am Your servant, and I believe with all of my heart as sure as I believe I'm standing here with my hand on Your Word, that that's what You wanted me to say. And I waited, stumbling around, until You spoke the Word. Now, we thank You, Lord. And we pray that You'll let men and women here tonight, be careful, walk careful. For we know it's written in these days of what would come to pass. And true to my mind now, it comes afresh that over in the book of Matthew Jesus said, "The two spirits would be so close together it would deceive the very elect if possible."
And Father, we know that those things are now. And we thank Thee, and may we have this warning in our heart to watch everything that we do. In the Name of the Lord Jesus we thank Thee. Amen.

E-23 Now, last evening, and Mr. Baxter told me that tonight he was leaving just a little early, I wanted to give a testimony. Do I make it miserable for you to hold you here long enough to give a testimony? If I do, I'm--I'm awfully sorry. And I just got to wait just a little while, to kind of get my audience settled, and then it's so much greater when we go to pray for the sick. And I'm just looking for God to do something marvelous tonight. I--I've asked Him. This afternoon I asked Him if He would do it. And I asked Him if He would help, and if He would once more...
Now, last night was the only night that I had seen that was really coming down like a real meeting. But there was a real spontaneous flare of faith; the room before me lit up. And I was unconscious for quite a bit, till they got me out in the street, and it was raining. And my little boy kept talking to me, and I didn't talk back, so he just opened up the window, and the rain blew in on me, and I kinda come to myself.

E-24 I seen the time when I walked for... They'd get me out on the street, walk me for hours. See? It's not when you're up there; it's not when you're down here; it's between them places is what does it. It was kinda hard for me to understand that at first. Maybe I'm taking too much time; he's already come to the platform. All right, I'm going to finish this testimony, if the Lord willing, and a part of it, and then tomorrow evening I'll try to get some more of it.
I was speaking last evening of being over in Finland; I mean in England, I believe, where the--Mrs. Florence Nightingale was healed; wasn't that where I left off? Is on our European trip. And we went from there, and just as soon as I touched the soil of the other country, seemed like the Angel of the Lord hardly left me day and night. It would constantly...

E-25 Now, Mr. Baxter here and all of them knows. We'd go downtown; we'd be setting there; I'd say, "Brother Baxter, on the road up, there's going to be two woman come out; and they'll come from the corner; they'll be dressed this way; and they'll ask a certain thing. Then we will go a little farther, and there'd be a man come down from out of the stair; he's going to ask a certain thing. There'll be different things will happen. And you just ask him; it never fails to be just that way.
And then here recently at Cleveland, Ohio. I wonder if there's anybody here was at the Cleveland meeting? Well, wonderful, now you probably heard this, just a little vindication.

E-26 Sunday... Now, this is Saturday night; they just have to go to church in the morning, so that's all right. Attend your post of duty in the morning. And look, to all the pastors, if they don't even cooperate with the meeting, you been coming here; you give them my love and regards, will you do that? And tell them that from my heart I love them, and I trust that--that God will just bless their ministry. And maybe they grow, and your church just grow and prosper. And take good news to your churches in the morning everywhere.
And you strangers here, you seen the pastors here on the platform, so forth; go into their churches tomorrow for Sunday school and have a glorious time, is my blessing to you.

E-27 Now, this... In Cleveland it was a little remarkable case there. And many times, it happens and things takes place; I don't say nothing about it, and just go ahead, and just watch it. 'Cause I feel like sometimes I say too much to the people anyhow. And then, when we were setting at--at a luncheon, and maybe some of the ministers are present. And they kept asking me, "Brother Branham, how do you know those things?"
I said, "I see it just like I'm looking at you."
So, there's... And there's one man there; he may be setting here tonight. He was a rich man; he runs a bumper place where they make bumpers for cars. And he said, "Brother Branham," said, "you with that little bitty tent down there of about three or four thousand people, and the first ring or two comes around it, the rest of the people drive away." Said, "If you'd come up to the auditorium where you could seat the people..." Hundreds come by every night and they can't get in. When they get off from work and they have their dinner, why, they're down there, and they can't get in. He said, "I tell you," I think it costs around nineteen hundred for one night in the place. He said, "I'll pay for it if you'll just come and approve it."
I said, "Brother, if you'd pay for a year, I couldn't go until God tells me to go." And so, I said, "On this, outside of that itinerary, I'm under obligation to by brother, written contract," I said, "Until that runs out, I'm under obligation to them."
He said, "Well, you'll have extra, two or three days," said, "come back for one day."
I said, "If the Lord will provide."

E-28 And that morning setting there at the breakfast, they asked me different questions. I believe a Ukrainian minister asked me, said, "How is that seen?"
I said, "Well, for instance now, I'll be standing, looking," and I said, "here..."
How many knows Brother Bowen from down there, Brother Bowen, he was present. And I don't know who the brother was I come with; he had a big blue cadillac. And--and so I got in the car, and we drove down, and--and I said, "Now, here's what's going to happen: that you might know," with these ministers standing there. I said, "Now, on the road going up the street, we're... going to be a lady cross the street with two little children with little checkered dresses on, with their little hair (What is you call it? Sweeped up or ever what it was) up like that in the back, you know, and tied on top." And some of these funny hairdos, I can't say nothing, 'cause I haven't got any to do. So, they--they fixed it up at the top. I said, "Be two little girls, and they'll be leading those little girls." And so they, I said, "Then we're going to get in the car, instead of going back in a blue car; we're going to get in a red looking car. And then, we're going to be on the street, and we're going to pass three young ladies in long costumes. And that comes to pass, then I have the right a way and God's permission to return for the service."

E-29 Well, here Brother Lindsay and all of us, we're going along, Brother Bowen, several of the ministers talking, when the little girls crossed the street about three squares away from the place we were having breakfast, I said, "You see them?"
And there he said, "Oh, my."
And we went down there, and I don't know what, I believe, what happened to the cadillac, but we had to get in the other car. It was Brother Bowen's car, and it was a red looking car. And we turned out. And you know they have a mounted police there, and we were supposed to turn left coming out of the lot. Instead of going left, Brother Bowen, raised there in the city, turned right, the wrong way on a one way street. And a big Irish cop over there on a horse, oh, my. He caught him. And I mean, he really told him. We was all setting there, and he said, "Well, you're from the city here," said, "there's no excuse for you."
Brother Bowen said, "That's right, sir; that's right," and was telling him how sorry he was. He said, "We're ministers." He didn't care what we was; he was just tearing him up. And we set there about three minutes, and that cop just--just go to tear him up.

E-30 And just then, coming from around the corner, stepped across the street, come the three young ladies with the costumes on. We had to; he had to hold us that long to bring it to pass. See? When, they passed by. I punched Brother Bowen, I said, "Look, brethren, and there they are."
And everybody said, "Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord."
And that cop said, "You crazy people, get away from here." Ha-ha-ha.
So... Well, they thought we were crazy, but I believe Saint Paul told Agrippa, said, "In the way that's called heresy, so worship I the God of our fathers." I'm glad to join with him tonight, aren't you? But that cop didn't know what they were... They begin screaming, and speaking with tongues, and the going on; I never heard such a bunch. 'Cause there come the three ladies, young ladies with them long after supper, or ever, some kind of a costume, you know. Ah, "dinner," I believe you call it up here, excuse me.

E-31 Down south, I can't get this fixed up. When I come up here they have dinner about five o'clock. We have dinner at twelve o'clock down there; this is supper. They call that... I think I missed a meal through the day if I... So, anyhow, just whatever; it's all right.
And they passed by with those long gowns on, and there they went. And I said, "Now, we will return." And that time when we returned there was as many as three times what was in the tent there that night. See? He just approved.
But see how God will do, how that cop... How, Brother Bowen lived there in the city. How many's heard that, them testify of the tent that night? Do you...? There you are. All right. And is, would Brother Bowen happen to be here? That... He might even be here, some of them ministers there. If it is, why, I wouldn't know. And anyhow, that's, those things that just happen daily.

E-32 Now, we were in Finland, or England; we flew to Finland right away to start. At Helsinki we had a marvelous congregation. The Finnish people are so lovely and sweet. And many times when I think about how poor they are there, and how much that we ritzy Americans have, we should be ashamed of ourself. That's--that's right. Those poor people...
There's a Finnish woman come on the platform the other night. And I was trying to keep myself under anointing, but when she passed she said, "Jumalan rauhaa," that's "God's peace upon you."
And I said, "Kiitos," to her, it means "thank you."

E-33 And so I just, we went in there, and they--they don't... If you American women had to dress the way they dress, great big thick skirts on, great big boots, they wear. And everything they get they have to trust God for it. They're right there on that border line. That's the battlefield. And what a--a pity.
And I seen, the other day I was in California, and a woman was sending in, paid eight dollars for a plate of something or another, and some women, and they were mincing around, just taste a little bit. They left it set there and paid eight dollars for it, and they raked it all off in the garbage can. I thought, "A many a little Finnish child tonight, little dirty hands wringing, and its little eyes, would be happy to have that piece of bread that they raked off in that garbage can."

E-34 You know, we don't deserve that, American people. Now, I'm an American from generation, generation. There's a... When I was flying over France a few weeks ago, I just looked down; I thought, "There's a many American dead along there, a many a Branham laying along there that died for the cause. And if it comes my turn, I'm ready to go like they do." That's right.
But oh, brother, sister, we need some correction here. That's right. It isn't the robin that pecks on the worm--on the apple that hurts it, it's the worm at the core that kills the apple. It isn't Russia is going to hurt us; it's our own degrading of our morals among us, is what's killing us. The termites has eat the foundation out from under our civilization.

E-35 And I know there was many gathered there at the Messuhalli; it seated several thousand people, and I got a picture there where they was standing, I believe, for about four to six city blocks, many deep, at three o'clock in the afternoon waiting, trying to get in to the Messuhalli, when they'd empty up and then different ones come in.
And we was going to Kuopio from there. And to get this instance here, one of them comes on my mind now, that happened. God, usually, in the room He will show me something's going to happen; I'll tell the people. It may be a week or two weeks; it may be a month, maybe six months before it comes to pass, maybe just a few hours. And maybe I'll get a phone call in a few minutes, and there it'll be right there, the very thing He had showed me. And maybe the woman's setting at the phone; I'll say, "Don't you have on a dark dress, or something?"
"A certain, certain..."
And you live in a house, right along on the side of the walls a certain thing?" Just see it right from the phone call, like that. And tell them, "The Lord has healed you."

E-36 And so I was, had a vision in Miami, Florida, and many of you people here tonight probably have this wrote in your Bible. And I seen a real hilly country, and a little boy was killed by an accident. And he was about eight or ten years old; he had a funny cut hair, brown eyes, fat face, and very poorly dressed. And he was run over or something; he was all disfigured up. And I seen the Lord Jesus send His angel and bring the life back to that boy.
Well, I was in Miami, Florida, and I told the vision to the people, and I said, "Now, the thing to do is to write that out in your Bible. How many remember hearing me say that before it come to pass? Have I a witness? Yes, look all over the building; that's fine. And I said, "Write it in your Bible, for THUS SAITH THE LORD. You'll notice it, and it will appear in the 'Voice of Healing.'" You remember me saying that? "It will appear in the 'Voice of Healing,' a little boy," and I describes how he looked.

E-37 About three nights of the service, and they sent me back in the back, said, "A little boy got drowned out here, and the father has been in your service; and he will not permit the undertaker to move the little boy until you come and see if that was his son."
I said, "I'll be happy to go."
I went back there, the little fellow was about five years old, and he had real black hair, well dress--I said, "No, that's not the little lad." I said, "This little boy was not drowned; it was an accident." And I offered prayer for the consolation for the family and returned back.
I went out through the west and over through Canada, and down, and every meeting I testified. It was wrote in hundreds and hundreds of Bibles. I said, "Now, you take your pencil and write in the Bible this, that I said this, so when it comes to pass you'll know it. That's the only vision," I said, "I have that's not come to pass, but it will be." I said, "Where, when, I do not know, but it will be! THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD, for He showed it and it can't fail." And I said, "It's not impression; it was a vision, I seen it; and it's going to be just that way."

E-38 And so we... I'd went ahead and testified of that, long time, about a year before it come to pass. And we went up to Helsinki, from Helsinki to Kuopio; it's a land kind of the midnight sun near up there, and I know... In the middle of the night, it was nothing like this dark. And then along up this time of year, why, it, sun doesn't go down at all, it just goes low and comes back again. And the people were still poorer up in there, than they were down around Helsinki, but just as lovely as they could be.
And at... We went up on a train. Now, if there peradventure would be a Finnish person in this building, my dear friend, and Christian fellow, don't think that I'm degrading your country; if we American people had in our hearts the love of God that you have from your country, with the--the things that we have, it'd be a--the millennium would be on almost here. That's right. But we got plenty; we just don't trust. We just let it go, and just kinda carefree, wouldn't walk across the street.

E-39 Don't you think in Finland... They came by the tens of thousands, no cars; they walked. They hitch-hiked. The papers carried it, with bundles on their back. Cripples, they'd wheel one another in, any way they could get in. A fellow rode a little old thing that chugged along like that, I believe, four thousand miles to get to the meeting. And God healed him while he was there. God will respect faith everywhere it's at.
And I... Some of those things just tear down in the middle of me, when I think of it. And I remember, we went up on that little old train, and they give us the best they had. And I--I went up on that little old train, first class, and I'm telling you friends, you American people, is like the--the iron pony that they had in the early days. They didn't have coal to burn; they put wood in the tinder to burn, to make their steam. And Brother Baxter said, "Had square wheels," he was so fat, and the way it would roll and toss him through the night. And they went... Oh, it was poor little people, and they just... But they was just... What they had was yours; they were free hearted.

E-40 And when we got off up there, went into the auditorium to have the service, oh, what a crowds of people gathered, my. And I remember, the second day, there had been some wonderful healings take place, and the Holy Spirit... Here's the way it would work. Now, see, it all had to be translated. Mrs. Isaacson was our translator, and the best that I ever seen in my life. Brother Baxter, as rapid as he preaches, she'd follow him right there with his sermon in translation with it. The best I ever knew of. And she would interpret for me.
And I'd be standing there, and the Spirit would come upon me, I'd say, "Here sets a person here." Now, if you notice, always in talking to people, I never look at them too long, because when the anointing's on it brings the person right to you. You see? And I always keep looking from side to side. I look at a person and catch like that, and would tell them just where they was at, and what they'd done, and all about their life, and what was wrong with them. And I'd be speaking in English, and she'd be interpreting, and that person would raise and scream right like that. Just exactly. Oh, He's wonderful.

E-41 And I remember, that one night coming in, well, I went up on the hill, at--at Kuopio, and we was coming down. It was a fast day; I fast much, because meetings going on, till I get real weak, and then I have to eat a little. But because this kind cometh out only by fast and prayer. And I don't know what time that kind's going to be on the platform.
So then, I was up there and they were singing, "On Golgotha," it's a Russian song. And two or three Russians was over there. And those people... Let me drop this: Those Russians would follow me, and when I come by they just stop and the tears would just run down their cheeks like that, when I'd pass by them. They'd stand attention like that, and I'd go behind; they look and just cry.

E-42 Look brother, it isn't the Fourth Term, it isn't the Big Four, is the answer; Christ is the Answer. They... I was an American; they was Russians; but the love of Christ is in our hearts and we loved one another. There was the embassies there with guards and the iron curtain and so forth, and them Finns and Russians right at one another's throat. But the Christians had their arms around one another, heart to heart.
Why can't people see that? The god of this world has blinded their eyes. This is the kingdom of the devil. Isn't that a big mouthful? But that's the truth. Every kingdom of the world's controlled by the devil. When Jesus takes over, the king... Read Revelations. Look, when Jesus was taken in the Spirit... I know you didn't get that, so I better explain it.

E-43 When Jesus was taken up on the high mountain by Satan, he let Him look down through the stream of time and showed Him all the world and the kingdoms thereof, and said, "They're mine." Is that right? "And I'll give them to You if You'll fall down and worship me." Is that right?
Jesus knowed He'd inherit them anyhow. He said, "Get thee hence, Satan." And then over in Revelation, said, "Rejoice, ye heavens, and you holy prophets, for the kingdom of this world has become the kingdoms of our Lord, and of His Christ." And as long as they're controlled by Satan, they got that satanic thoughts and powers, they'll fight until Jesus comes. And there'll be a Stone hewed out of the mountain someday without hands, that'll break these world kingdoms into pieces; and there'll come a Kingdom out of there. Hallelujah. I'm glad tonight I'm a candidate of that Kingdom. Yes, sir. And then there'll be no more war; there'll be no more war after that.

E-44 And now those who are in that fellowship of that Kingdom, there's no war between them. A chaplain told me when he was in a concentration camp in Japan, said he was out there one day, and he knew... he belonged--he was a holiness brother. And he said he knew probably he would die in that camp. And he was getting so hungry and they wouldn't feed him, and--and old mold bread and stuff. And said he walked out there...?... let him out. Then he raised up his hands and said, "Hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah." And knelt down and said, "Oh, God, I've served You with all my heart, now if You want me to go home to glory from this place starved," said, "I'm ready to go."
And he raised up, and he happened to notice that little Jap walking like this, and keep watching, and walking like that, the sentry walking by, and said he looked like he wanted to see him, so he just walked over close, when he passed by he said, "You Christian?"
He said, "Yes."
He said, "Me Christian too."
Now, them brothers would've tore that cage down and put their arms around one another, the war would been over. You see? But the kingdoms of this world are dominated by the kingdoms, by the powers of Satan (See?); they're going to fight. But someday, "Me Christian too," will be all of us. Amen. That'll be wonderful. There's the answer to all.

E-45 And up there, I come down off of the Kuopio tower, and when I did, they was singing up there. And an Englishman from England, a buyer, was up there, and he was so drunk, and he heard that song, "On Golgotha," and all their songs are in minor. And when he came down, why, he was weeping. And we went over to him and talked to him; he could speak English; and we led him to Christ there on the hill.
And Brother Baxter and them said, "Come on in now," or not Brother Baxter; Brother Baxter wasn't along that day--Brother Lindsay. And he said, "Now, come on; let's eat." There's about thirty ministers up there.
And I said, "No, I can't eat; I don't want to eat until after six o'clock."
We sat down; I listened to them talk and everything, through the interpreter. And I said to Brother Lindsay and Brother Moore coming out, I said, "Something's fixing to happen." I said, "I just feeled it, that something's going to happen." And I said, "I don't know what."

E-46 And we got in the cabs. And they don't have many cabs in Finland; the most of them are horse driven. So we was coming down in a car. And down at the bottom of the hill, there was an accident had happened. And a car, an American made '35 model Ford sedan had struck two school children, running at the speed of sixty miles an hour. And the two little boys were going across the street; there's not many cars, so they was... And they started this a way; and they seen the car coming; and they started to run back and one run this way and one this way. And the fender, the driver, swung to the right, and when he did it hit the little boy by the chin, over this way, and just turned him over and smashed him up aside of a tree and concussed his little head in, that way.
And the other little boy, it knocked him straight forward as he give a twist, and run over him, and mashed him under the wheels, and kicked his little body up in the air, when the wheels was, he'd lost control of it. And just threw down on his accelerator in the stead of his break, and it just... The little boy's body just rolled up like that, and flew up in the air, and when out in the street, and fell, like that. Oh, just mashed the little fellow.

E-47 And we were way up on the hill, way a way, and we seen the accident happen. And then people begin to run from the school, and was quite a little bit, about fifteen minutes, till we got down to where the little boys were.
And they'd done took one little boy; I didn't know but there was but one of them. But the other one, they'd done got him in another car and got him away. And there's no more cars there. And I drove up, or they drove up, rather.
And Brother Moore, when he got out, he started weeping, come running back to the car, said, "Brother Branham..." And Brother Lindsay, here he come; he had a little boy too; and my Billy Paul, I hadn't seen him for a long time.
And Billy's mother, you know, is dead, and I've been both mother and daddy both to him. And I--I packed him around with his bottle against my bosom here, to keep it warm in the cold weather, and crying, walking up-and-down the streets. You've read my life story, like that, and don't know what to do. And the little bitty fellow leaning on my shoulder. And he's always scared when I go away. 'Course he's almost a young man now, and--but I thought of him, "What if that would be him?" And what if I'd--a telegram would come across the sea and say, "Billy Paul was crushed in a car wreck, and he's laying dead, wanting you to come home."

E-48 And oh, how I begin to think, how that poor mother, they'd gone after her, and there the little fellow laid there with a coat over his face. They said, "Come, look at him."
I couldn't look at that child. I just set there, and I was just shaking, like that, and Brother Lindsay just a holding his breath like that, and crying. He's got a little boy too. And so, finally, I took a look at the little boy. They was going to pick him up; we had to take him to a place.
Now, if I hadn't been so excited, I'd have caught it right away. And as soon as I stepped out of the car, Mrs. Isaacson said, "Isn't that terrible?"
Said... Them people said, "There's that miracle worker from America, let's see what he will do on this case."
And I said, "Well, it's just people who didn't under..."

E-49 And the chief man of the city, I guess, it was kinda like a mayor of the city, he was near. And so we--we went... I went over there, and they looked, and oh, my, poor little fellow laying there, his mouth open like that, and his little eyes open, his little hands like this. And they wear those little, I guess, they used to call them little pantywaists for boys, you know; and he had that big heavy ribbed stockings. And his little shoes was knocked off of his feet, and one of his little feet that was twisted up like this, was run plumb through, his little foot run through his--his stocking at the bottom. Oh, he was a--just horrible laying there, had eyes open like that, setting. I said, "Poor little fellow." And that just made it worse. And I--They was going to put him to the car.
And as I started to turn around, I looked in front of the little boy; I felt something go, "Whew." [Brother Branham blows.--Ed.] I said, "Maybe that's just my sympathy for the little fellow." I started to make another step, something went, "Whew." [Brother Branham blows.--Ed.] I waited just a moment; I turned around; I said, "Let me see that boy again." And they pulled back the--the coat they had laying over him. I said, "I've seen that boy somewhere." I said, "That... Ask those ministers if he's been in the church, member of their church."
I said, "Has he ever been in the prayer line?"
Brother Lindsay said, "No."
I said, "I've seen him somewhere, and I don't know where, but it looks like..." And I looked around, and I seen them big rocks piled up laying there, I said, "Praise God, I know where I saw him." I said, "Brother Moore, get your Bible. Brother Lindsay."
Said, "What's the matter, Brother Branham?"
I said, "Look at the folder, the leaf in your Bible." I said, "That's the little boy that's going to be raised from the dead."
And they... Brother Moore run over to the car and got his Bible, he said, "Brown hair, brown eyes, about eight years old, poorly dressed, crippled, been mashed by a accident, a rocky land," said, "Brother Branham, that's it!"
I said, "That's him."
Oh, my, you don't know how that feels; you know where you're at then. All devils out of hell, if he'd line everything there was in hell up around, it'd never stop it. It's there; it's got to happen. Now, the only thing is just drama. I said, "Now, I remember, I knelt to this side in the vision when I prayed." You have to do just as you seen it. And I knelt down; they all gathered around. I said, "Now, watch, THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT OF GOD, this boy's life will return to him."
And there he'd been dead; they'd taken his pulse and everything; he was gone. So, and all mashed up like that. And I knelt down and I said, "Heavenly Father, many thousands of miles across the sea in that lovely nation where I come from, America," I said, "down there that night when You moved into that room in that lovely place and told me that this would be; and I testified of it and stood and said that You'd bring it to pass. And now, Thy servant sees the day that is to be fulfilled." I said, "I thank Thee, heavenly Father, for the power of vision, and I thank Thee for all Your goodness. And now, Eternal God, Author of life and Giver of all good gifts, I ask You to bless this scene with Your Presence."
And when the Angel of the Lord begin to move down, I said, "Oh, holder of this boy's spirit, death, according to a vision that God has already showed that you cannot hold this child; therefore, I call for his little soul to return to him in the Name of Jesus Christ."
And no more than I said that, the boy jumped to his feet just as normal and well as he could be, just as perfect and normal and whole as he could be. That's wrote throughout Finland, everywhere; its scattered abroad to I tell you. That was in the evening time; the other boy, I'll get it tomorrow night.

E-50 One more little thing, I see I've got about six minutes; I'll try to get it quickly.
Oh, when I went into the service that night, and the other little boy was laying, dying, I didn't know it. And the mother just screaming and crying, trying to get to go down there to that little boy. Everywhere they talked it. It went over; I don't know how it ever got, because you can't broadcast news like that in--or anything in Finland; it's just all strictly otherwise.
And then, the first thing you know, I went into the build--started to go to church that night, and the--the fame of our Lord had spread so, that He was in the midst of the people until way down, three city blocks below where the auditorium was, the streets were just packed like that. And you couldn't get near. And some...
They had the militia out, the Finnish soldiers. And some of them, little tiny boys didn't look like had never even shaved in their life. And the poor little fellows. And they formed a little group to take me down through the line. And I was going down, and they were pushing people along to let me get in.
So when I got to the place and started to go in where the services was, I'll never forget this. Poor Finnish people standing there, they would just start crying; soldiers stand at attention. And now just a moment, and I'm going to call the prayer line now.

E-51 I was going into the auditorium and the ladies dormitory, or rest room, such as it was. I... They'd closed the doors, the officers behind me; there was two in front and two in the back. And I was going, walking in. And the doors closed. And I looked, and a door opened over here at the rest room, and a little Finnish girl stepped out. And I'll never forget that look of that little thing.
Now, I just love little children; they used to give me some of that Finnish money, and after--after they'd all get in the auditorium, I'd go down the street, and find them little Finn children, you know, and I'd give them this--this money to buy candy with. And I'd have a string of kids two city blocks long following me nearly. []

E-52 And they had little, their little skirts, the little Finn girls... Now to you American girls []
She had no control of the shoe. And she had a--a brace on either side of her, come up like this, and then around her sideways, and in the toe, I'll get it here, in the toe of her shoe like right here, she had a snap. And the snap come up on this right foot; it was her right limb, and went up here, and went across her shoulder, and hooked back here in the back to the back of the brace. And the brace around like this and down like here... And she had two crutches. And the way she'd walk, she'd set the two crutches out, and then she'd swing her shoulder, and that would pull that toe out, and set that stiff brace down to where her limb was free in the brace, and she could make her steps then on crutches, and that's the way she walked.

E-53 And when the little thing come out of there, just about so high... You all, many of you know and seen her picture; it's in my book there, I believe. And when they come out, and she--she looked at--at me, and that little ragged cut hair, and her little skirt hanging down, just tags hanging from it, ragged. And when she looked... She opened the door and set her crutches out and looked and she seen me, she jumped. She bowed her little head down; tears dropped off of her cheeks. I knew that child wanted to come to me. But she'd been warned; they had not to come, you know. And I stopped, and them soldiers started to push me on; I shook my head, "No." I couldn't help it. I motioned for her; I know she wanted to come over there, and I just motioned for her.
And here she come, setting her little crutches out and giving her little leg a swing. And when she got up, I just stood still, and see what she was going to do. I love children so. She got up real close to me, and she looked at me. She set her little crutches so she could hold on them. And she looked down; she didn't raise her head. And she took hold of my coat, pulled it up, and kissed my pocket, and dropped it back down like that. And she looked up to me, and them little baby blue eyes with tears running off her cheek; she backed off like this, pulled her little dress out and said, "Kiitos."

E-54 And I found out she was a little war orphan, her father and mother was killed in the Russian war. And looking at her, I said, "Oh, sweetheart, God bless your little heart." I said, "You're healed." But she couldn't understand what I was saying. I knowed God would respect faith like that. I said, "You're healed, honey." And then them soldiers kept pushing me on.
And I went on in. And that night, the people when the things would happen they'd just throw away their crutches and wheel back their chairs and things. You've seen the pictures in the "Voice of Healing," just armloads of crutches and clubs, they'd... And I said, "Let's call just a few more."
My brother said, "Billy, you remember, long time overseas, got to get out of here."
But I wasn't completely gone yet, so, I said, "Just a few more." And by God's great providence, I heard a noise, and she was the next one to be on the platform. I looked there, and I tell you: I never had such a feeling. And here she come, and she was still crying. And I said, "Sister Isaacson, come near." I said, "Quote my words; repeat my word." And I said, "God bless you, honey. You're the little girl that was out in the hall awhile ago when I come in." I said, "Jesus Christ has already healed you, sweetheart. When you go over there and have--you set down, and have someone take those braces off, and you put your hands on your little hip, and when they move this shoe and brace off of you, let your hands slip just about the same distance that your leg is short, and then let me see you." I said, "Call the next case."

E-55 And some of the Finnish brethren got over there, was taking it off. And the other lady was standing there, the diagnoses, of the discernment of the lady was coming forth, you know, giving the discernment. And all at once I heard her scream and here she come, crutches and braces over her head and running just as hard as she could go, just as normal and well as anybody. Up-and-down them steps she went, and around and around, marvelously healed.
What is it, friends? "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." Be humble; let yourself be the lowest of all. Don't ever exalt yourself; if you do, you're going to become abased. Humble yourself, and God will lift you up. Don't figure that God owes you anything; remember, you owe Him all. And we're not under obligation, or God's not under obligation to us; we are under obligation to God. And love Him with all your heart; believe on Him and God will bless you, I'm sure.

E-56 While we bow our heads... Father, oh, when I think of that scene that I've just reviewed again. Thinking of that poor little thing come dragging out of that room, and her respects, her love; You said, "Insomuch as you've done unto the least of these My little ones, you've done it to Me." And she had respects, Lord, of what had been told her, that You were with us and was healing the people. And she loved You, Lord, and the only way she could express her love was to try to love Your servant. And O God, grant this to me, will You? If I am privileged to cross the--the border on that day when You call in the righteous, and if I found favor with You at that day, that I can touch Your feet, crawl off somewhere, Lord, grant that I can stand with that little girl. I may never see her again in life's journey.
And that little boy, You know all about it, Lord; I can just see the vision now when You showed me that little fellow, seeing his little bare legs laying there, and how he was all broke up. I remember the vision, remember quoting it before tens of thousands of people. And how standing there that day, when the Holy Spirit came down... I'm a very illiterate person, Lord; I would've never knowed that. I'd have passed on by it, if it hadn't been for Your sovereign grace to speak to me then and reveal it; "There it is." After You shown it to me, I were too dumb, Lord, too ignorant to know of it, so sense bound. God, have mercy upon us poor mortals. And have mercy on me, Lord.

E-57 And I pray tonight, that something will happen tonight here in some manner. Now, You said in Your Word, Jesus, "That what things we desired, when we pray to believe we received them." And dear God, I was one night missing in this meeting, not because I wanted to, but Lord, You know it, it was some reason. Maybe if I'd have come on something would've happened. You had to hold me back to save me from an accident or something; I don't know, You're leading, Lord. But I pray that You'll help these people.
And tonight I'm asking You, and I believe that You're going to hear my prayer, and You're going to answer. Will You give us a great outpouring of Your blessings? Just shake everyone, Lord. And may something be said or done somewhere, that would cause the people to just throw away their prayer cards and receive You as their Healer.

E-58 And the people here on these cots, and stretchers, and chairs, and many of those who are in dying conditions, may from this hour on, they be made well by accepting Jesus Christ. Stretch forth His holy hands to heal tonight, Lord. Send Your Angel from heaven, that He might anoint Your servant with that Spirit of the prophetic Being, that would show things which was and things to come, that I might declare You before the people, saying, "That You're the same yesterday, today, and forever," the same Lord Who know where Nathanael was, and how that he prayed under the tree, and that how that the woman at the well had the husbands, the fish that had the coin in his mouth, where some mules were standing where two ways met... Oh, You know all things, Father. Pray that that same Spirit will be here tonight and be in our midst and will help us and bless us.
Increase the faith of all of us, encourage Your ministers, God, that when they return from this meeting, that they'll have Divine healing services in every one of their churches. And may we all get a fresh baptizing of the Spirit. For we ask it in the Name of Jesus Thy Son. Amen.

E-59 Billy...?... All right, all right. Thank you, brother...?... I thought maybe you were gone...?... you were standing here. "H" My boy said he gave out prayer cards "H" today, 1 to 50. Well, I don't know where to call, let's call from 20, and 10's 30, from 20 to 35. That would be, how many? Twenty? Fifteen, that's all right. All right, 20 to 35. Let them line up in their numbers here.
Now, if any of you that's got on the cots, or stretchers, or anywhere, or can't get up, has got that prayer card, hold up your hand like that when your number comes, and a usher will bring you to the platform. If you're unable or too weak to raise up, you just wait till your number... We'll begin at 20, and if you're 25, you wait till four passes, and then the next fifth one is yours, raise up your hand, and a usher will pack you to the platform.

E-60 Now, I say this, that God alone, God is the only One Who can heal. We're aware of that, aren't we? He is the One Who heals. And I pray that God will heal every person in here tonight. When the people are brought to the platform, that doesn't mean that they're healed. There's several passes over the platform and doesn't get healed. I know of two or three that I know myself in the beginning, that--that has not been healed that passed the platform. And I--I have nothing to do with that. The only thing I can do is tell them; they have to have faith. But when you hear the Spirit of the Lord pronounce them healed, and tell them what's going to be, you mark that down; that'll be that way. Because I'm not responsible for it; He's responsible, not me. I'm responsible to come here; it's His business to take care of the rest.
Now, when... Beg your pardon. You're ready, all right. Excuse me a moment; I was a little thirsty. Now, you that's in the prayer line, I want you to look this a way. Do you believe with all your heart that what you've been told, and I told you about the Angel of the Lord, is the truth? Do you see, sir. Oh... And you on the platform, lady, you believe?

E-61 Are we strangers? We... Are we all strangers to...? If he... If we are, raise your hands if you're able to raise your... We're strangers; we don't know each other. We don't know each other, we're strangers. All right. All right.
Now, how many there has not prayer cards? Let's see your hands. Oh, my, the whole solid front. all right. I try to watch, usually, when I go to talking to people, if I keep my eye right on them a few moments, then I see the vision rise up; it just starts from there and just begins to raise into the air. Could I explain that just a moment?
A looking at the person, if I watch them, and as I contact their spirit, well, then it looks like I begin to see something coming before me. Maybe I'll see a certain thing, an operation; maybe I will have to watch it a few minutes. And may--if the audience will keep real quiet, I can tell what the people's talking about. How many was in Cleveland that night when that woman standing there, and I couldn't get this to leave her, and she was just... I told her she was a little skeptic, and she wouldn't hardly admit she was. In a few moments I told her the--begin to repeat the prayer that she'd just said before she left the room. Was--You remember that, hold your hands up if you will?. Repeated the same prayer that she said about a hour beforehand, before coming to the meeting, just word by word. I said, "Who was in the room to hear the prayer?"
"The Holy Spirit." He knows all things, doesn't He?

E-62 Well now, sometimes if the people, if there's noise or excitement, or something... The Holy Spirit's very timid, very timid, just the least little thing, grieve It away.
And do you realize now, let me show you something that's greater than it was in the days of the apostles. In the days of the apostles, they taken the people aside. Did you know that? And many people say today when I have them to bow their head, they just say, "It's psychology." Well, then they say, "You look at someone. Yeah, you're reading their mind."
Well, I wonder if Paul was reading that man's mind when he said, when he looked steadfast at him like that, and said, "I perceive you have faith to be healed." I wonder if that was psychology? I wonder if it was psychology when Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, said, "Look on us."?
No, friends, people gets, they just get a ecclesiastical picture of some theological seminary, that teaches them so, and they think it has to be that way. God's under no obligation to no theological seminary, just to His Word. That's right. They thought they had it figured out the way Jesus was going to come, and what He ought to be, as the Master. But when He come, it was different than what they thought. See? Now, everyone reverent.

E-63 Now, you people coming in the line, by God's grace I will be able maybe to tell you what's wrong with you, or so forth. I do not know. But if I--if I don't know. He--if He don't show me, I'll just have to say, "I do not know what's wrong with you." Maybe have a word of prayer for you and let you go on. But if He shows me, and He's able to tell what was in your life, He knows what will be in your life. Is that right?
Now, sometimes He tells many things. But if He can tell you one thing, He knows all things. Look at the woman at the well; He just said, "Go get your husband," told her about her husband. And she told the people in the city that He told her all of the things she ever did. He never; He just told her one thing she did. But she knew if He knew that one thing, He knew all things. Is that right? But that was just as the Father let Him know.

E-64 Now, I tell you, maybe some of you get real provoked at me for taking my time. But, friends, I... That's for a purpose. See? We're the only one in a hurry; God's never in no hurry. See? He let the Hebrew children walk right on in the fiery furnace. If we'll just let Him alone, He will do something for us that'll be more than three hundred we could rush through here tonight. See? Just let Him have His way. You look on; believe, and have faith, and accept Him as your Saviour and Healer.
But I know, brother standing here now is a Christian man. For it--it's... I feel a warm welcome of an embrace of Christianity. Now, sir, you being a stranger to me, me, I knowing you not, and you knowing me not; we're just here as two men. And there's perhaps something wrong with you. If there is, God can reveal that to me. And if He does, why, I'll be thankful, and I know it would increase your faith. But your healing, of course, would have to come through your accepting of Jesus Christ at Calvary, His death, and burial, and resurrection.

E-65 But now, when He died and rose again, now, He ascended on high and give gifts to men. But He's the resurrected Christ; He isn't dead; He--He--He rose again. And His power, He promised to be with us, even in us, to the end of the world. That is right.
Now, you're conscious that something's going on, sir. Now, to the audience, that Light that you see in the picture is real near. The man, just as certain is standing there; I never seen him in my life, but he knows that something's taking place. It's his faith, and my faith, blending together by the Holy Spirit that's near. Yes, sir, I see you're an extremely nervous person. Isn't that right? And that's caused from a physical ailment which is prostate gland. Is that true? You've had--you've had arthrit--No, you've had a stroke, haven't you? You've had a stroke; it's something hit you kinda slightly, never hurt... Say, you're a minister of the Gospel too, aren't you? I see you standing on a platform. Now, it leaves me. Did I tell you...? Was that the truth? You heard my voice, but it wasn't me speaking, my brother. Is that true what I said? Come here.
Almighty God, the Author of Life and the Giver of all good gifts, send Thy blessings upon this man, who I bless, in Thy Name. And may this be the sweetest hour of his life as he's standing here eternity ripened; his hair is bleached for tomorrow. God, grant it, Lord, as this gallant soul moves towards You. Thou Who stood by Paul and Silas, stand by brother now. And as I bless him as Your prophet, may he go from here and be a well man the rest of his days. In the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless you, brother. Go and be made well.

E-66 All right, bring the, Brother Baxter. The... Now, sometimes I try to get my balance, my bearing (You see?) before I... If you just know what that does to you... That man that was just prayed for a few moments ago, you, if any of you know him, you--you friends of his, or his people, watch him. That man's going to be a big different in a few hours. He's gallant; he's aged. Seems like he... How many knows that man? Seemed like he, well, my. Oh, the pastor of the Italian church, well, that's wonderful. What was his--what was his discernment? Was it a... Said he... [Someone says, "Stroke."--Ed.] Oh... Well, praise the Lord; that's fine. Well let's say, "Thank the Lord." I'm glad dear pastor. Well, God knows I--I... He knows him; I don't. You see? He knows all about him. But I know the man had a, seemed like a wonderful, gallant, faith that reached out there. And I--I know God will honor faith like that.

E-67 All right, this is...?... How do you do, lady? Now, you're the patient, and I just want to talk to you just a little bit, lady. Now, you and I are strangers of--of the--of the journey. But, and you... Now, I have no way of knowing anything about you, except God will reveal it, if we're strangers. Is that right? And then, if God will reveal it to me, then you'll know that it's--it's the truth then; you know that's right. And now, you're--are aware that something is going on, of course, like I say, and I've asked the audience to watch the expression on the patients faith--face. My words sometime are not exactly, when that moves on me, my lips and tongue feel so numb, and it's Him fixing to speak. You see? I know He will either speak or show a vision in a few moments. Because you believe, lady; you prayed much for this; you looked forward for the time, that you could stand here, haven't you? What a hour; what a time that you...
I see you, yes, you suffer with something wrong about your head, isn't there, sister? I see you always holding yourself. I'm going to say... I may... It's headache of some sort, isn't that right? And that's--that has been since you was a child. Isn't that right? And you are... Say, you have been a--you've been a Sunday school teacher or minister of some sort, 'cause I see you with a Bible at the platform. Is that right? God bless you. Something happened then, didn't it? That's when it happened. God bless you; you may go now and He will help. God bless you, sister.

E-68 Everybody say, "Bless the Lord." Remind me to talk about that, bring that to my memory again, that case.
Good evening, sister. Here stands a woman who really is a good believer. She doesn't say too much about it. But she keeps all of her things to herself. I'm not reading your mind, sister. Yes, you're very sincere person. You've had trouble, haven't you, sister? You have children? Yes. A child, that's when your trouble started. Wasn't that right? It gave you some kind of a infection, or an ulcer, or something on that side, isn't it? Isn't that right? All right, go home and be well, sister. God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." God bless you. The Lord Jesus be magnified and blessed in His people, blessed in our hearts as we see Him in His power. All right, Brother Baxter will you bring the lady?

E-69 How do you do, sister? Yes, want the audience to look to her. Something's happening, isn't it, lady? You suffered so much. You've been nervous; that's been for a long time. Have heart trouble too, don't you? And a kidney trouble, isn't that right? You believe me as His prophet? Come here. The Word of God said, "These signs shall follow them that believe." Do you believe I'm a believer? "They shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover." Now, go home and be well, for you are. God bless you, sister, God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Good evening, sister. Perceive that you're a believer also. You haven't been enjoying good health for some time, have you? Yes, you're anemia. You wouldn't have noticed by looking at you, but you are. And you had a female trouble that's bothered you a long time, too. Cause you to be sick many times, have headaches and so forth. That's true. Now, you can go off the platform, for you have a transfusion tonight, coming from God. You're going to be well, sister. God bless you, go, and God bless you.
Let us say, "Praise be to God."

E-70 How do you do, sister? You believe? I see you're wearing glasses. Do you believe that God sent me to be His prophet, to help you to have faith in His Son Jesus? Satan's just a liar, isn't he, lady? He's been lying to you. And a lot of people don't sympathize with you; they tell you, "Get next to yourself." But you can't help it because you're nervous, can you? You can't help it because it's stigmatized your eyes. But just take off your glasses and go on home, because Christ has made you well, sister...?... only go...
Now, everybody say, "Praise the Lord."
What do you think, mother? You believe with all your heart? Just a moment; she's Finnish, now just a second. Let us bow our heads.
Almighty God, Author of Life, have mercy upon this poor, dear, woman. Just speaking of her people from across the sea. And here she stands here tonight, suffering, and I have my hands laid on her. Eternal God, Author of life, You Who raised one of her kind, that little boy from the dead, and the other little boy, and the little girl You healed her. Your blessings still rest in Finland. God bless this woman, and may her letters cross the sea telling of her being healed. In the Name of Jesus Christ I ask it. Amen.
Now, Jumalan rauhaa. The heart trouble that you had goes from you. You go and be well. In the Name of Jesus. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Say, didn't you have the same thing, didn't you? Heart trouble. Move right on across the platform, for Jesus healed you right as you come.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. That's the way to receive it. Believe; have faith now, everyone; don't doubt.

E-71 All right, lady, you come ahead. What I mean? I'm watching; I'm trying to help you, I--I... With all my heart, I--I love you. That's from the depths of my human heart; I do. And I'm only trying to help you, and don't misjudge me, please. Now, there's someone in here knows why I said that. You see? I know what you're thinking about, so, so... All right, sister dear.
We be strangers, aren't we, sister? Wouldn't you like to eat like you used to? All right, you can from now on; you can go eat what you want. God bless you, sister.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord Jesus." Have faith in God. All of you out there, pray. I trust... Now, I haven't seen exactly no certain one healed, but I've seen many things happen along there. It seems like back in this section, back in this a way, somebody's trying to believe behind me, and even turns me around once in a while. So have faith in God. All right, get ready to bring the person.

E-72 All right, sister dear, do you believe with all your heart? Do you believe that this Spirit that's now moving on the platform, is the Spirit of God? I believe that. You believe that... See, I ask you this not to get you to believe me, but here's what the Angel of the Lord, the first thing He said to me, "I am sent from the Presence of God, of Almighty God, to tell you that your peculiar birth and life has been to indicate that you're to take this gift of Divine healing to the people's of the world." And said, "If you'll be sincere and get the people to believe you, nothing shall stand before your prayer."
Now, to get the people to believe me, and that's the reason I just, I ask you, or... When you come up, I feel the welcome spirit of being a Christian. I know you believe God then. Then the next thing, if I speak my own personal, what I represent, then I feel that reaction, whether you really believe that or not. It's only a test. But you believe me as His prophet, don't you? Because your heart trouble had already left you when you got here, sister; you can go off the platform and be healed. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."

E-73 Good evening, sir. Well, don't let Satan fool you any more (See?), 'cause you're all right. Just that trouble you had in the wreck shook you up a little, but you're going to get over that nervousness. Come here.
Almighty God, Author of Life and Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon my brother. And may this power that's trying to hold him now, may it turn him loose. Satan, in the Name of Jesus Christ, let this man go; come out of him. Go off here rejoicing and happy. Never think about it no more, brother, go on. All right. Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
How do you do? Like get over the asthma, wouldn't you? Just go ahead, and praise the Lord, and tell Him that you believe with all your heart, and you shall have what you've asked for. God bless you. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Insulin is an awful thing, isn't it for diabetes? But one shot from Calvary takes care of it, sister. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ...?...
Praise the Lord, crippled with arthritis and got other things. God has made her well.
Say, "Praise the Lord." Blessed be the Name.

E-74 Come brother. Have faith, everybody. Let's say, "Glory to God. Praise His Name."
Come forward. Oh, it's the ears. You believe with all your heart. You believe that God will give you your...?...
In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thou demon come from the man. You all right? You're healed, my brother, go off the platform hearing normally. See? Let's say, "Praise the Lord."
Are you believing? I guess that's the end of the line. Let the audience look this a way now. How many there hasn't, you say, prayer cards, let's see your hands go up everywhere where you haven't...? That's right, all right.

E-75 Now, I just want to talk to you just a little, 'fore calling another line. Let's see, maybe the Holy Spirit will just speak to us out there without calling a line. That would be better, maybe. All right, you look this way, and we won't need any line. Now, I just--just want to watch, for I try to be just as sincere. Let the Holy Spirit draw me wherever He wants me to go to. See? And we're not trying to watch the audience, or talk to them as I do one by one on the platform, but where it seems like that He's calling me.
Little lad, what do you think about it? Believe with all your heart? Aren't you trying to contact me by some cause? Wasn't you trying for me to speak to you? There's at least a dozen in there pulling me. Stand up just a minute. Oh, yes, the little lad there dad, I've just seen a vision right beside of him. I can see just who he is, and just a moment. I'll get to you just a second, brother, be seated. Oh, yes, it's a rupture, hernia, isn't that right? isn't that right? All right, go home little boy, believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ will make you...?...
You believe God, that arthritis leave you; you can walk away from there tonight. Just have faith. You believe? You believe? All right. As you have believed, so be it.

E-76 Say, just a moment, you, the mother setting there, looking this way, very saintly looking woman. I see something dark hanging over her. It's a, oh, yes, it has a cancer. Isn't that right, lady? Stand up just a minute. He knows his time has come. You believe me as His prophet, as God's prophet? You do that? Go home and be well from that cancer; it leaves you.
I seen a dark spirit rise from her. She--her prayer... You've been setting there praying, haven't you, lady? Wanting--wanting to be healed. The lady setting right there next to you, seems like she's deeply interested in something. What do you think, lady? You believe that? You know the lady setting next to you? You don't know her. You're just so happy knowing that she got healed, is that right? Uh-huh. You suffer with a heart trouble, don't you? Isn't that right? All right, stand up on your feet; receive your healing from Jesus Christ, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

E-77 Now, this is strange to her, she don't know what to do about it. Something happened right... Wait a minute, right there by her, I see there's something else. I believe the lady setting right next... Did you have a heart trouble too, a rheumatic heart or something like that? Stand up, you got healed also, sister. Struck... Fooled you, didn't it? I tell you what you women do. You go to Full Gospel church and serve God the rest of your life. Amen. And receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Amen. God bless you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God."
What about you with the handkerchief up to your face there, lady? Yes, you like to get over that tumor, wouldn't you? That right? If you believe with all your heart, you can stand up on your feet and be made well with that tumor. In the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." He's here to heal.

E-78 In the sections this a way somewhere. Somebody look this way; believe with all your heart. Just a moment, I'm looking over these cases in here; I'll get to you; and then I want to get out in the audience where the things... They see you're crippled (See?), but I want to get to you just in a moment.
Back over in here somewhere, believe. Wherever the Holy Spirit may lead me; may His Spirit guide and direct me now. 'Course sometimes it hits in a section. If I can get talking to a certain...
Lady, kind of a middle-aged woman, put your hand to your mouth just then. Aren't you suffering? Don't you have something wrong with you? Are you here as a patient? Maybe she doesn't hear just well. I can't tell what... Oh, yes, it is. Uh-huh. It's not hearing; you're just hearing a rebound. You can hear me all right now don't you? Yes, yes, you have something wrong; it's sinus or something in the head. Isn't that right? That's right. All right, go home then. You accept your healing? Go home and be well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Amen.

E-79 The lady setting next to you looking this a way. Yours is inward trouble, isn't it, internal? All right, raise up and receive your healing in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Who's that put their hand up just behind you there? Let's see what the lady there (All right), with the red dress on, setting there. What about you, lady? Do you believe with all your heart? Oh, yes, you have varicose veins you're trying to get rid of. Isn't that right? May the Lord Jesus send His blessings upon you, bless you.
All right. Just a minute, let me look down through this crippled line here. You on the stretcher there; I can't heal you, lady. And you in the chair setting here, you. Be reverent now. I just want to talk to you a minute, starting from that side coming down this a way.

E-80 Do you believe me as God's prophet? I've never seen you in my life; we're strangers. What do you think of these meetings? You believe they're sent from God? You do. You're just a little excited. You can be healed if you'll believe. Do you ac... You believe it? I'm speaking to the lady laying, yes. You do? You accept me as His prophet? You do. Would you obey me as His prophet? Tubercular has bound you, hasn't it, sister? Isn't that true? Rise up and be healed.
Who's this other one on the stretcher? What do you think, mother? You look this way, and lay your hand on the man, and look this a way. That's all right. Believe, right here, lady, with this boy here also, here...?... being here. Look this a way sir, I just want to see what's wrong with you. Oh, yes, you're dying with cancer. Why don't you accept your healing and stand up, be made well in the Name Jesus Christ...?... Stand on your feet. Even the child...?... All right, lady...?... Heavenly Father, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus Christ, send Thy blessings upon this people and Satan, you move out in the Name of Jesus Christ, come out...?...