Thou Knowest All Things

Date: 52-0716 | Duration: 1 hour and 14 minutes
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Hammond, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 Good evening, friends. Very happy to be here tonight, and minister in the Name of our dear Lord. Trust that you all are feeling as well as... We used to put in down in Kentucky, "As well as common," as well as can be expected. Many of you here is sick, of course, to be prayed for. I trust tomorrow night, that you'll be happy and rejoicing, having a wonderful time in the Lord. There's many who has come in sick and has left again feeling good.
The Congressman, is he with you tonight. Is he feeling well? Oh, he's outside All right. His foot's bothering him. Let's remember him in prayer.
I have just a special here just now, a young lady has just been stricken with polio, and put in an iron lung, down at the...?... Just come in a few minutes ago, long distance, just about... They come to me just now.
Shall we bow our heads, while we offer prayer, all of us, together, for this poor girl. What if that was your daughter?

E-2 Our heavenly Father, with love in our hearts for our sister, we come as a unity, a unity of faith, believing in the report that's been given to us by Jesus Christ, that Almighty God is interested in His children being well. He sent His Son into the world, to be wounded for our transgressions, and with His stripes to be made well.
Now, Father, we believe that tonight, and by faith we ask for this young lady that's just been placed into the iron lung, with such great faith... She says here in the telegram, "If Brother Branham prays for me, I will be well." O God, honor that faith, Lord. She's made it a point of contact. And I pray, Father, that You will heal her. God, grant just now that her--her respiration begins to become normal, and they can take her out of the iron lung, and she'll get to be in this meeting glorifying God, through Jesus Christ we ask it, believing, Father.

E-3 Now, my dear Brother Upshaw, our--one of our real Americans who stood for right, Lord, his wife set here tonight, says, "His foot's still bad, or not as well as it should be with that athletic foot." God You took him out of an affliction after he had been on him for sixty-six years. I pray that You'll heal his foot. May it get well. Believe that You will, because we love You, and we love him, and we want many more testimonies to go from his lips to the world, that they might know the love that he has for the Son of God and the respect for his healing. These things we place into Thy Divine care, Lord, and the advocate that we have in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen. God bless them, both.

E-4 You been so nice, so very nice. I just want to say this while it's on my mind. The little missionary offerings and things you've been sending me special on the side by--by my boy and them, I appreciate that. To help me go back to India and things, many of you...?... I'm getting it. And I appreciate it with all my heart. Brother Baxter had brought me ten dollars this afternoon, said someone said it, said, "Take it to Brother Branham." And I put it in missionary offering, thinking that's what it was for. And you'll have a part in this great vision that I know that's got to be fulfilled. And at the great day, now don't--don't never hurt yourself. If you--if you need something around home, or something, why, you go ahead and do that first. But if you just have something that you feel that God put on your heart for a missionary, you go ahead, we'd be very thankful. We'll thank Him for it.

E-5 Brother Jackson was just telling me this afternoon; I just met my friend from South Africa; he usually sets right here. I don't see him tonight. He's a man like we all are. He said his wife has some interest in some cattle. The Lord just put upon her heart to sell it for eighty pounds, which was a sacrifice price, but she sold it which would be three times that, would be about a hundred and twenty, a hundred forty dollars, two forty, rather. And so, she just throwed that out, which was a sacrifice price. And they give her a post-dated check, they said, "It would be all right."
They come on up to the world conference, just led of the Spirit, after... They sold their automobile and things, the Lord leading them, saying, "Come to Hammond!" And they didn't know I was at Hammond, the Lord leading them to Hammond. And then when they got there, his wife went in, she come out. I had never met Sister Jackson, but just a few moment, but I know she's a staunch Christian. So she come told her husband. That's the way a family should live, said, "The Lord has put upon my heart to give a missionary brother, who's in there fasting in their for a car, this eight pounds." A pound's worth about two dollars and eighty cents in American money. She said, "The Lord told me to give him this."

E-6 And she consulted her husband, which was the right thing to do. And her husband said, "God is in that. It witnesses to my heart to give it." And he goes out, and the missionary happened to be coming out, after fasting for several days, with a call on his heart that he had to be a missionary work; he didn't have the money to do it, just needed that money.
And when he walked out, said, "The Lord told me to give you this eighty pounds." And the man cracked and fainted on the street from the shock that God provided his needs.
'Course, they had to wipe a few tears from their eyes and go away. And a day or two after that, a few days after that, God give him back his eighty pounds, with a hundred pounds interest on top of it. That's our Lord, just a little way He does things.

E-7 Like breaking the bread at Emmaus, they recognized He was there. He's still here. And we love Him tonight, with all of our heart. I know you do, I do. If I know my heart, if I know my heart, I--I love our Lord. And I--I pray that God will bless that, and I will be just as reverent, and I have a--I have a mission. I have something from our Lord that must be carried out. It must be, and it will be. You just remember that.
Just as I said about going to Finland. A boy would be raised from the dead, somewhere, somewhere. I don't know where, but I know the kind of a place it would be in. I know the place. There was rough rocks, and the tall cedars, and what the boy would look like and everything. I seen that." When? Where? I don't know. But it come to pass in about a year and six months afterwards. There it was, just exactly the same boy, and everything just the same description that thousands of Christians had it written in the back of their Bible, that it would come to pass. And it did. It has to.

E-8 Now, I seen a vision. I seen the people. It looked to me like Indians. I don't know what they were, but they had clouts wrapped around them. They were praising God, and there was... It was in a field like. There was just so many people, that went back up over there, and a Light came down from heaven, a oscillating Light and went through there showing the people. And the Angel of the Lord called a number of them, and I heard the number: three hundred thousand. That would be six times the size of Durban's meeting, where we had thirty thousand converts that day.
I trust to God, there'll be three hundred thousand won to Christ at that day. But it's a coming. It must be. I don't know where. I don't know when, but I know it will be.

E-9 And you people setting here in this audience tonight, will hear of the meeting. Where it'll be, I believe it'll be in India. It looked like Indians to me. I could see them, and I was at the Durban meeting. I seen it going away into history, turning blue. I looked in front of me and there was still more people, thousands, greater than the first crowd was there. I believe I will be at Durban again. Then He turned to the left and I looked, and there was so many people, innumerable.
Now remember, keep that on your mind. Write it on a piece of paper; lay it in your Bible; put it on the flyleaf somewhere. You'll hear through the magazine: "Brother Branham had a meeting," (somewhere in Orients, or down in India, I believe, or Africa, somewhere), "where three hundred thousand people attended the meeting."

E-10 Now, these meetings are just impression, led to do certain things. I felt led to come here to Hammond. I couldn't understand. How many has heard me speak it, practically every night. Why? I don't know. I don't know why I was to come to Hammond. I never knew till last Saturday night. I didn't know then, till I got home and God revealed it to me. They tell me what the meeting was after I get home. When the anointing comes down, I--I know where... It just seems to me like I dreamed something. And they were telling me, and then the Holy Spirit revealed to me.
The person's probably not here tonight. I don't know, I couldn't say. But there was a woman who came to the platform; they say that she was a--a dope fiend, a young woman. Looking at her life, I seen that there was a lot of disaster, a lot of trouble in her life, lot of sorrow and disappointment. I wished I could see the woman again, because I believe with all my heart, that right there. The woman was a prominent woman in some kind of show business or something, and she hadn't lived the right kind of life. She was not living right. And she'd been in her... getting all mixed up, she'd got out into dope habits. She kept that a secret from her people. But there's nothing secret before God. And God healed that woman. And that woman, if she'll follow her Divine guidance, if God will guide her, she'll be used for the glory of God, definitely.

E-11 Philip was sent from... You remember me telling you, he left Samaria to go out into the desert, right in the midst of a big meeting, left thousands of people, and the city was rejoicing. And God said, "Go out and stand in the desert." You remember that? For one man, an Ethiopian, a colored man coming down from Jerusalem, returning to Ethiopia, who had joined greatly with the queen. And he--he was reading the prophet Isaiah, and he didn't understand what he was reading. And God told Philip, "Go, join yourself with him." And when he did, he spoke to him about Christ Jesus baptized him in a little hole of water out there, and Philip never did return back to Samaria, as far as we know, or the Bible gives reference. He... The Holy Spirit caught him away, and the eunuch didn't see him no more. And the eunuch taken that message on down into Africa. Well, there you are. You see, God knows what to do.
Many times we guess at it, but God knows just exactly what's right, doesn't He? Oh, how I love Him, His sovereignty, His goodness, His mercy.

E-12 I want to read some of His Scripture here, then pray. We start our prayer line. I'm thinking of days, someday, someday I've wanted the Holy Spirit to give me the opportunity, bring people up here and pray for them, just passing by. It's the vision, what's weakens me. It isn't praying for the people. I could stand here hour and hour in praying for people; that doesn't bother me. But it's--it's the vision is what hurts.
And every time the anointing comes real deeply, and I get before the people, then there it is, the vision starts again. And just after two or three, I--I begin to lose sight of what's going on, where I am, all about it. But then I just have to wait and see what He does after that.

E-13 Would you like to have a night where we just pass the--bring the people up here, just section by section, and pray for them, just lay hands on them and pray...?... That's... Well, I--I... How many thinks that would feel good in the Spirit? Let's see your hands. Raise your hands way up high. All right. God willing, God willing, we'll set that tomorrow night. That anybody, we just call them right up by the sections, or by the order... To keep order, we'll have to give prayer cards, of course, but we'll get plenty of them. And you that's got your prayer cards, and so forth, if you don't get called out, then we'll come right up on the platform and pray for them.

E-14 After all, friends, it's the prayer of faith that saves the sick. Sometimes I've noticed here the last few nights, I've been watching, and I noticed the people... I come through, and maybe, they--they want to... Some... See, if there's something in their life, that's just not tallying up right, and when they do that, when they find that out, then I can tell in the Spirit, the way It moves they want me to pray for it. See? After that, they're wanting me to pray for them. See?
And after all, this... It's--it's prayer is the most vital force that God ever put into the hand of mankind. The most effective force that's known to man, is prayer. Do you believe that? It is. It's prayer that changes things.

E-15 Look at Hezekiah when...?... and the prophet went up and said, "All right, Hezekiah, you're not coming off the bed. God's done said you was going to die right there where you're at."
And Hezekiah studied it over, if he just had fifteen years longer... Now remember, you've got to give God a cause, a reason. Now, he didn't say, "Just because I can get out there and ride around in a chariot, and show the people I'm a king." No, he wanted to rebuild the altars of the God; and a few things had to be done to get the kingdom in order right.
And he prayed that God would give him fifteen years longer, and he wept bitterly, just wept to God. He said, "God, I beseech You to consider me. I've walked before You with a perfect heart."
How many of us can say that tonight, we've walked before Him with a perfect heart?
"I've walked before Thee, Lord, with a perfect heart. And I ask You to consider me. Now, I want..."
And God Almighty, Jehovah, reconsidered that man's case, because he prayed. Think of that. Almighty God, that had pronounced death upon the man, reconsidered His case. My, that's too much for me. Great Jehovah, to a mortal, to one of the earth, would reconsider His Word that He'd said to him.

E-16 Now, God has ways of doing things. Looked like He would have spoke right back and told him, "But I--I considered your case, again; I'm going to let you stay for that, if you'll do that." But He didn't. He spoke to the prophet, and sent the prophet all the way back up there again to tell him. Said, "All right, God heard your prayer." See, God revealed to the prophet what was going to happen; he come back, "Your--your days is considered, and you're going to come off the bed now in three days." You got some poultices and so forth, put on him. And Hezekiah come off the bed and was made well.

E-17 Now, see what prayer does? Prayer is not exactly bringing God down to man. It's bringing man up to God. See? As you pray, you lose--you lose sight of these earthly things. You sway out into somewhere else, way beyond, and on and on and on, till you be come into His Presence. And then a--a faith that you have laid it out before God, said, "Now here, God, here it is. And I--I want to get well for, this cause." Or, "I want You to do this for me, for this cause. I want You to heal me from--from--from this cancer, or this TB or--or this anemia condition," or whatever it is. "I will walk before You, I will--I will do everything I can. I will give this testimony everywhere I go. I will be happy to do that, Lord. And I will use my life, not for myself. I will--I will use it for Your glory, to help others to see You."

E-18 Now, then you lay that before God, and say, "God, will You consider my case?" I believe, just as Hezekiah was... O God, yet today, don't you believe so? Every night He confirms it right here in the building. I believe He will do it again tonight, don't you? He will come right down here among us tonight and confirm the same thing. As men and women, I don't know no one here. I did recognize, a few minutes ago, someone I was going to call attention to, friends from Jeffersonville, or down around my home town, was sitting right back in here somewhere. I met, seen them, awhile... Here... That's right. God bless you, I... folks from my church. I... Just get up today? This your first day? Saturday. And I missed you all this time. All right.
Well, we're glad to have them up here, folks from my church. All right.

E-19 Now, the rest of you, far as I know, are strangers, except Brother Bosworth, and Sister Upshaw sitting here is just about all that I believe I would know in the building tonight, sitting around like that, outside of these ministers here; and that's about the limit.
Now, but there may be many of you in here that's dying with diseases. And if you're dying with a disease, why not now, while I'm speaking, why not now while you're in this place here that's dedicated this few days to the glory of God, why not go to praying, and say, "Now, God, I ask You to consider my case tonight?" See? "Consider me, for I am desperately in need, and I'm going to walk before You; I'm going to testify. I'm going to do everything that I can do to glorify You. And now, I believe tonight, that You're going to make me well."

E-20 And if You'll do that, with all your heart, God will consider your case, and speak back, and tell you about it. And if I be God's servant, He will speak it through me and tell me.
Now, brother... Now, look. Many times through the night, I get so weak, I can't even tell where it begins. It's so many. You must understand, friends, I want you to consider the Scriptures.
And some of them said, "Brother Branham, you're a weakling." No, I'm not. I'm a long ways from being a weakling. Look. I might be little. But in Mayo's Clinic, they passed me with a perfect examination. Said, "You thirty-eight years old, and mean to tell me..."
I said, "I'm thirty-eight years old."
Said, "As far as physical concerned," said, "you've got... you're--you're in perfect condition: with all: urine, and tests, and blood, and heart...?... beats a hundred years." See? Now, that was there...?... God, depends on how long He wants it to beat. That's just with Him.

E-21 But here's what I'm trying to say. One vision before the Lord, will take more out of the human body than eight hours with a pick and shovel. That's right.
Daniel saw one vision, and walked in his--troubled at his head for many days. Is that right? And even while he saw a vision, even fell down at the ground like he was dead. And the Angel come picked him up.
Look at John when he saw the vision out on the isle of Patmos and so forth. See what I mean? He fell before the Angels feet, and probably that was a routine of days, many days. All the time he was out there, he saw the vision. But we must remember...
Look at the days of--of Elijah. Jesus said there was many lepers in that day. But only one of them... Many of them might've come to Elijah, and said, "Elijah, will you pray for me?"
"Sure, I will pray for you."

E-22 But one of them, God sent. Is that right? And you notice, that was a Gentile, Naaman, captain of the host of Syria. He went to Elijah. And Jesus said, "There's many of--many of them in them days." But He only saw the vision for one. Only one of them were healed. There's many widows in the days of the famine, but only one, a Gentile, that Elijah saw the vision to go down; she'd be breaking the sticks and so forth, and come out, and he was to heal, or to stay with and pour the oil out of the vessels, until... so forth. See? God works... See?
The great prophet Elijah only done, I believe, eight miracles in his day. And Elisha with a double portion, or was it four miracles? I believe it was four miracles Elijah done. And Elisha done eight miracles in his entire lifetime.

E-23 Now, you talking about, "These things that I do, and greater will you do." Just look what's happened here day after day. Look and the Masters... Our Lord when He was here on earth in a Body of flesh, the Son of God. Well, He only had, not more than a half a dozen, or a dozen times at the most, that He ever spoke out, as recorded, we don't know what He's--all He done. But is recorded here of things that He saw and done. See what He did in His ministry of three and a half years. But maybe God did more.
And notice what's in here. Here He is today with His Church, doing greater things than He did then: same Jesus, same miracles, same thing, working in the same way.

E-24 I was speaking to a minister friend of mine, which is here. I don't see him here in the ministerial line tonight, a minister from Louisville, Kentucky. And I was speaking with him, and he was... been here at the meeting. He was talking about how that the things taking place.
I said, "Now, Brother Beeler, if you were coming to the... If I... someone told me to go out and find Mr. Beeler. What would he look like?" The first thing, I'd have to have his description. He combs his hair back, slick. And what size man he is, how he looks, and how he talks, he's a very quiet sort of a person.
Well, maybe I'd go out, and I'd find a man with his hair combed back; he looked something like this Mr. Beeler. But when I speak to him, say, "How do you do, sir."
"Hello there."

E-25 That's not Mr. Beeler. See? Yet, it got a whole lot like him, but it's not Mr. Beeler yet. I've got to find the man that suits that description just exactly like it. There he is. See? There he is.
Now, if we can see what Jesus was in the New Testament, then we'll see what Jesus is working among us in the last days. Is that right? Now, not altogether Jesus working in me; He works in you just same as He works in me. Anybody that's borned again... I may be able to see visions and you may not, but that doesn't mean that He's not with you. He's with you just the same. He was just the same with Hezekiah as He was with Isaiah. Hezekiah was the one who got the blessing. Isaiah just took the word. Amen. You see it? Hezekiah was the one got the blessing, not Isaiah. It wasn't Isaiah's prayers that was heard; it was Hezekiah's prayers that was heard. Isaiah was just the medium that took him the word in human lips, what God had said. Well, that's the same thing. That was God. Don't you believe that was Christ, the Anointed, the Logos. Well, sure. It's the same thing tonight.

E-26 Now, when He came, He said, "I just do what the Father shows Me to do; that's what I do. And what He shows Me... I don't do nothing; I can't do nothing till He tells Me." When He passed by the pool, and seen all the people, and He healed a man, and the Jews questioned Him. "Why," He said, "I do nothing but what the Father shows Me. I can't do nothing. But He will... Whatever He does, He shows Me, and then I go do that." That's true, in Saint John 5:19. And we notice Him. He was a kind Man, a humble Man. And yet He was a Man of power. When He spoke, He was very humble and gentle. But when it come time, between, to separate between truth and error, Jesus was very stern. Picked up some ropes and tied them together, and kicked over the money charger's table, and beat them out of the temple. Called the Pharisees, those religious people, said, "Well, you bunch of hypocrites, you serpents, snakes in the grass, and all these things." See? He was a Man Who could speak when it come time to speak. He was a Man Who was full of love. But He loved His Father so much, till He stayed in harmony with His Father. And anything that interfered with that harmony, then Jesus drawed the line.

E-27 Well, that would be the same Man today. He's here. He will let you do things, and so forth, like that, but when you go to sinning, and get with--and going like that, then however, the line will be drawed. Something will come down there and stop it, and say, "Looky here just a minute." Is that right? Sure, He does. He chastens His children: chastens them. I believe He does.
And the Bible said that "They are brought upon us to try to our faith." Is that right?
Now, if you're sick tonight and something might've happened along the road, and you sinned, or something another, ask God to forgive you. Maybe you been a little dilatory. And you say, "Well, I never went out and got drunk." You don't have to get drunk to sin; just disbelieve. That's sin, unbelief.
I'd go out, I'd say, "It's nighttime." I can't say, "Just this much is nighttime, or just that much is nighttime." It's all nighttime.

E-28 Now, we know drinking and carrying on is sin; but the whole thing is because of unbelief. 'Cause if you believe God, and Jesus Christ to be His Son, you are absolutely not going to do those things. You believe that? "He that's born of God does not commit sin." See? All right.
You must believe. The whole thing lays in faith. Jesus said, "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life, shall not come into condemnation, but's already passed from death into Life." Do you believe that's the truth? There it lays. There isn't nothing else that you can do, only believe. And if you believe, then them little immoral things will just drop off, like that. As you believe, you become love. And love is God. And you begin to wind yourself into Christ. And these other things, you don't have to quit doing them; they just quit themselves. There's just no desire to do it. "The worshipper having purged, has no more conscience, or desire of sin." Hebrews 9. See? "The worshipper once purged..." See what I mean? When the worshipper is purged, is when he is born again, when his old nature dies, and a new nature sets in. Then he becomes a part of God, a son of God. He gets new Life, and the Life is... And the Greek word there is "Zoe," which means "the Life of God." And you become an offspring of God. And God can't hurt you without hurting Himself. See what I mean?

E-29 And if you talk about one another, and belittle some other Christian, or something like that, remember, you're hurting God. Well, you can talk about me as much as you want to, but leave my children alone. Is that right? I'd rather you just take me out and whip me, and beat me, and everything, but don't hurt my boy back here. No, no, he's--he's part of me. Well, that's the way God feels about us. You see? And the only way, God can induce His children to love Him and believe Him, and that's--that's the avenue. Just have faith in Him, and believe Him, and God will bring it to pass. Oh, my. It's just as simple, just like one, two, three.
Let's read some of the Scripture now, and go straight to praying for the sick.

E-30 I want to read a portion out of Acts 2, tonight. And then a--a portion, also, I was reading this afternoon out of Saint John 16:30, beginning, and Acts 2:22. Jesus had just been crucified. Now, listen to the testimony of this apostle, who, after Christ had been on the outside, had cursed and denied Him. But when Christ came on the inside, right in the midst of knowing it might be death at any minute, listen at him speak now to the religious world of that day.
Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by miracles, wonders and signs, which God did by him in the midst of you, as you also yourselves know:
Well, I read that wrong. Excuse me.
... God did by him in the midst of you, as ye yourself also know:
Him, being delivered by the determinate counsel, the foreknowledge of God, ye have taken, and by wicked hands have crucified and slayed:

E-31 Now, watch. Jesus... Peter was reconciling the crowd to believe that that was the Son of God, because God was with Him, working signs and wonders. Now, listen close.
Ye men of Israel, hear these words; Jesus of Nazareth, a man approved of God among you by signs and wonders, or by miracles and wonders and sign, which God did there. (See?)
Jesus was approved. He had God's approval, no matter what the Pharisees said. They said, "He's a mind reader, a devil," the world, the ecclesiastical world.
But Peter said, "How can you deny it? God was with Him, and we know that."

E-32 Look at the great Jewish teacher when he came that night, Nicodemus. He said, "We know that... (We, the Pharisees) We know that You're a Teacher come from God, for no man could do these miracles that You do, knowing these people, their hearts, and their lives, and what will be, and so forth, and healing the sick and so forth. You say, 'You only do it as He shows You.' Then God shows You what to do, and You go do it. We know that no man can do these things, except God be with Him." How it could...?... stand here and tell a man there's two mules tied right there at the end of the way, where you've never been before. How You going to meet a man with a pitcher on your shoulder? How could He know those things without God telling you? How did He stand there at the well and tell that Samaritan woman, said she had five husbands, and never had been in Samaria before in Your life? "How could You do that without God being with You? How, when that Israelite, one of our renown men out here, come walking to You, which had been out there under the tree, praying. And we questioned him, to find out it was true, perhaps. And You walked up to him, and You said, 'Behold an Israelite in whom there's no guile.' We knowed he was a renown man."

E-33 "And our brother said, 'When did You know me, Rabbi (or reverend, teacher, or whatever you want to call it), when did You know me?'"
Said, 'Fore Philip called you, when you was under the tree, I saw you.'
"Why, he said, 'Why, Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel.' Said, "No man, we all know that no man can do that except God be with Him."
Where Peter said, "Now, God approved Jesus among you by the signs and wonders. He raised the dead. He healed the sick. He foretold things. He said this would be. He knew the secrets of their hearts. He perceived your thoughts. But we know that God was with Him. And you know the same, when you took the Prince of Life and slew Him, and desired another in His stead, Who God raised up as a witness, that He was the righteous Son of God."
That's when three thousand were pricked in their hearts, said, "Men and brethren, what can we do to be saved?"

E-34 Now, I had another Scripture here, I wish to read, Jesus speaking here, Saint John 17, or 16:30.
The disciples, He just begin to tell them. Jesus was a hard Man to understand. The disciples said, "Tell us plainly." Even, no one seemed to understand Him. He talked like he twisted, and parables and everything. That's the way the Word of God is written too, that the wise and prudent will not understand It, but He will reveal It to babes, such as will learn. See? It ain't for the... Don't you think that you can go get a Bachelor degree or something another, and come out and teach the Word of God. That don't have nothing to do with it.

E-35 I know people that's got D.D.'s, and D.D.'s and everything else, and know no more about God than a rabbit could know how to put on snow shoes. I ain't saying that for a joke either. But that's right. Don't know no more about God, than a Hottentot knows about Egyptian knight. But they don't know God. The only thing they know to say, "Well, we studied it out this way." This Greek word means that. You have to know...?... You have to know what. I take it for what it says right there. I believe it. That's the way it's written; that's the way it's in my heart. That's the way I believe it and that's the way God reveals it back, and the results it produces... It's a faith. It ain't how many Greek words you know, how much scholars you are, it isn't a scholarship you got. God's isn't known by genealogy. God is knowed by kneeing-ology. That's right.

E-36 I love it. I love the witness of the Spirit, when God comes down and witness it, like it is right here now. I love this kind of a meeting. No matter how hot it is. I know that He's standing here at the platform. I have...?... I know where I'm standing. I know God's going to bless tonight. I feel It drawing here now.
Peter said, on the day of Pentecost, "This is that." But, brother, if This ain't not That, I'm going to keep This till That comes. I--I'm going to keep This. This is good enough for me until we get That. This is It. And here is Jesus Christ manifested again with the same signs. He's not another Jesus to do another sign, or another something, or some other working of psychology or something. He's the same Jesus, doing the same thing that He always did. Hallelujah. Oh, how it melts in my heart, to think of it.
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That would save a wretch like me!

E-37 It's in me, Eternal Life, "Now we are the sons of God." Not we will be; we are now. That's what the trouble of it is. People, you begin... You people that's born again, the people call you holy-roller, or fanatic, or something another like that, because you're borned again, and you let the devil kick you around like a football. Stand on your ground. You're not...?... You're in Christ. You absolutely are in there...?... go out into...?... and take a look and...?... in forever. That's right.
Ephesians 4:30, says, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God, whereby you're sealed until the day of your redemption." Amen.
Let the Devil kick you around? That's the trouble of it today. Another Christian person that's sitting here sick, if they only knew that they were sons and daughters of God, now living with Christ. Not you will be; now you are the sons of God. Now you've got the...?... Pentecost blessings.
The day of Pentecost fully come nineteen hundred years ago...?... never will till Jesus comes. Now is the hour. Now is the time. Now is the accepted hour. This is the acceptable year of the Lord. Now is when healing is supposed to be. Now is when miracles take place. Now is when Christ is revealing Himself. Here we are now, not in the future. The Devil keeps pushing it off; that's Catholicism. Now is the day. This is the hour. This is the time. This is the place, right now. This is the day.

E-38 When Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever is revealing Himself, making Himself manifested to the people, showing signs and wonders, the same thing that happened in the Bible...?... out it's this Bible. Oh, my. Sure we are.
All the disciples, they'd been moving around and speaking word, because there was the...?... There she'd never done that. But He knowed men that's fooled with it and tampered with it, and try to have seminary experiences and great things like that. Not as I'm downing the seminary. It's all right. Go ahead. But brother, God...?...
I'd rather, my boy, here, he's fixing to go to Bible school, I suppose; but I'd rather that boy knowed God and being--in a new birth of being borned again, if he didn't enough education to know his ABC's. That's right. I... Education's all right, but I will tell you this. Now, put on your shock-proof coat, 'cause here it comes. Education has been the greatest hindrance that the Gospel of Jesus Christ has ever had. Thank you. That's exactly right. We've got some--we've got some educated infidel dummies. That's exactly what we got.

E-39 Here a few days ago, there was a woman standing to me, and she was talking to me. She said, "Rev. Branham," she said, "I was in that meeting out there, and--you had in Louisville." She said, "I just don't believe in that."
I said, "Certainly you don't. You're a heathen."
She said, "I resent that."
"Well," I said, "you just admitted you was." I said, "What is a heathen?" If I know my English right; it's an unbeliever. An unbeliever is an heathen. I said, "You said, yourself. You said, 'I'm an unbeliever in that,'" I said.

E-40 She said, "But I have so many of this. I've got my education. I've took... I went to this school. I went to..."
I said, "I don't care. You're just an educated heathen. That's all." Exactly right." [Congregation claps their hands--Ed.] Thank you. And friends, that's the worst type there is.
Now, look. I ain't spraying at you women, understand that. I'm not saying this; that's between you and God. But the woman was standing there with enough makeup on to paint a barn almost. And I just come out of Africa, down there where the Hottentots was, and that's exactly where that come from. "You look down with that mud on your eyes and paint like that." I said, "You're not too far out of the tribe yet, you have tribal paint yet." I said, "Don't tell me you're not a heathen." Yes, sir.
Oh, let me tell you... Hallelujah.

E-41 Education is one thing, but Jesus Christ is another. That's right. There wasn't an educated one in the bunch, but Paul; he said, "I had to forget all I ever knowed in order to know Him." That's right. Peter and John couldn't even write their name, ignorant and unlearned men passed through the gate, called Beautiful. The man laying there crippled from his mother's womb... Said, "Silver and gold have I none, but such as I have." That's what I want.
"Such as I have. I have not a Bachelor's Degree, or I haven't come from so-and-so college, but what I have, I will give you. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, rise up." That's what he said. Walked over there and picked him up by the hands and stood him on his feet. The man went leaping and jumping. When it come...?... Peter and John never used their grammar so bad. "Why," they said, "they perceived that they were ignorant and unlearned men, but had to take notice though, they had been with Jesus." That's what...?... kind I want to have, somebody that knows that Jesus is around. Oh, my. Now, isn't He wonderful?

E-42 Here He is speaking to His disciples; His disciples couldn't understand Him. Now, the 29th verse, His disciples said unto Him, "Lo, now speakest Thou plainly, and speaketh not in proverbs."
Listen to Jesus now. Listen to the disciples further, rather: "Now we are sure that Thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask Thee. By this, we believe that Thou comest forth from God."
Jesus said unto them--to them, "Do you now believe?"
God knows the heart of every man and woman sitting here. Do you believe that? All right. He will only give it to us in measure, whatever it is, whatever it could be. But look to me, friends, if you'd see His great Presence, feel His Spirit... And I don't have to feel It. You don't--you don't have to do it. You should believe It in the first place. But when you see Him come down and manifest Himself, just exactly like He did in the days gone by, then you should have altogether pure unadulterated faith in Him, and accept Him on them grounds. Is that right? That's when you should believe, what ought to be done. Oh, my, He's right here now.
The Angel of the Lord is at the platform right at this time. Thanks be to God. If you'll be reverent...

E-43 Now, last night when I come into the meeting and stood here, I felt a resentment somewhere. I kept looking around. I found it. I seen where it was coming, from two or three places. Here it's something again like the same old subject: "mental telepathy." Said whatever was written on the prayer card, what the patient had written on the prayer card, somebody looked at the prayer card, and then sent it to me, mental telepathy.
Why, brother, sister, that has nothing at all to do with it. The patient might not have nothing wrote on his prayer card. And he might have something wrote on his prayer card. He ain't going to write his sins on there, and the things that he's done. You know the Holy Spirit reveals things to him, that he done years ago. Is that right? How about those sitting out there, don't have any prayer cards? They're all over the building. What if...?... come up, didn't have prayer cards? What about these things that happened, that's foretold weeks, and months, and days ahead of time? What about that?
Oh, let's quit being superstitious. Get back to the living God, come to life.

E-44 So then you know you have to have order, that's the reason we call prayer cards is merely to get order. But this is a challenge to you. I've seen the time when things happened, that you couldn't keep them back with ushers. I've seen the time... You say, "Now...?... Now, how many in here wants to prayed for?" Look, well, who's going to be first? I don't know.
Well, if you say, "Well, if he--he chose this one here with that...?... that's respect of persons. He knew that one was coming."
No, sir, we give out prayer cards to whoever wants them. Then I come here, and nobody knows where it's going to be. I ask my Lord, "Where should I call that line?" Whatever comes upon my heart, I start from right there.

E-45 Then just a few comes to the platform, then the first thing you know, It begins to move right through there. I ask every night, "Who's the people that hasn't got prayer cards?" Usually if I see a person raise his hand, he's got a prayer card, and even if the Spirit hangs over him, I don't say nothing about it. I let it go, maybe get to the person that hasn't got a prayer card. Now...?... see a healing, I might announce it or something. But it's, "Who hasn't got a prayer card?" I ask. Who hasn't? Find the rows, where they at. And then when the Spirit of God moves out, I--I can't do it myself. It's goes and shows me.
I watch It when It leaves me, and feel It going out like. That Something just makes you feel real...?... I see It hanging over somebody, just like that, a something with a--a burst, standing there like a bubble in the air, and moving like that, and hear something taking place, and I see a doctor, or--or something, or an accident, or something happen. And just speak it, while I'm looking at it. And then when the vision leaves me, I look around to see the person sitting there. And they know then that there's something somewhere that's revealing that. Then if that would take place one time, every person in the building line up their faith and say, "O Lord Jesus, come to me. I believe You right now." See? That ought to be the results of the meeting. Don't you think so?
The Lord God bless you, while we pray.

E-46 Heavenly Father, send Your blessings tonight. Just look like Your Spirit is moving; the meeting is moving right down towards the end now, just about four more nights, and we shall leave this city, if it be Thy will, journeying around this great matchless city here, Lord, ripening for judgment. O God, have mercy. Send Angel after Angel through this city, Lord, and comb it over and over, this great city of Chicago here. And calling out the pure in heart, Lord, before that great hour of destruction. God, grant it. Get the honest in heart, and get them ready for the Rapture, right away. We don't know what minute or hour it might come.

E-47 Now, You've sent signs, and wonders, and things. And as much as my part is concerned, Father, I'm doing all that I know how. And now, Lord, may every Christian believer in here buckle up the armor tonight, move up around the cross, and say, "All superstitions is gone from me. I stand now alone in Jesus Christ. I stand open for His Spirit. And when His Spirit's a moving in this building tonight and I will see His hand like the disciples did at Emmaus, I also am then on the grounds to accept my healing." Grant it, Lord, in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Billy, if you'll get me a little drink of water. Thank you, son. I've got a fine boy. Thank you. Excuse me. Oh, how marvelous. What a wonderful thing...?...
God, be merciful to you, brother. A man standing crying for mercy. Won't somebody else just raise your hand, say "God, have mercy on me. God, have mercy on me." That's right.

E-48 Now, Father, look at their hands. There's many standing there in need now. I pray Thee, God, that Your Spirit will move over this audience just at this time and will heal every one of them. These that are standing, these that are--are got their hands up and everywhere, they believe, Lord. They seen You. Now, Lord, may they just get over that little earthly affair, and move right into that great spiritual realm, and each one be healed. Grant it, Lord, through Jesus Christ's Name. I ask that each one of these that's raised their hands, that You'll come to them, 'fore this meeting's over, and declare their faith, and will heal every one, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-49 All right. What card did you give, son? N. All right, prayer cards N, now. N. Let's see, where did we go from last night? Fifty? Oh, didn't have any last night. Well, let's start back at 1 then again tonight. 50, or N-1 to 50, or 1 to 25. We have too many in the line. N, the prayer card N. You got your name and address on one side; turn it over, and you see on the other side there's a letter. There's a letter and a number. N-number-1. N-number-2, number-3, number-4, number-5, up to 25, first. Be ready if the Lord...
Tomorrow night, tomorrow night, the Lord willing, we want to come, and I want to preach to you a little, or something, if the anointing doesn't drop, we're going to pray for every one we can.

E-50 While they're making their way in the line, let me say something to you, let me have your attention. Now, how many else, how many other people in here, that does not have a prayer card and is sick? Anywhere in the building, raise your hand. Oh, they're sitting everywhere, all back up in here, too, everywhere.
Now, look, friends. This is a challenge. See? You just look to your heavenly Father, the Lord Jesus Christ, His Son, and ask God to have mercy on you. And ask Him to show me what your--what you are... if you won't desire that, you don't have to have that. Just say, "Lord, I receive You." And you'll be healed, right where you are. No matter who you are, how long you've been sick, nothing of it, doesn't matter, God will make you well. Do you believe it?

E-51 [Brother Branham speaks to someone close by--Ed.]...?... No, that's important...?... Now, what's the matter with the woman... Now, God knows, I never seen her card (See?), what was--what you got wrote on, I couldn't tell you, 'cause there's a number on the back. See? The woman, I have to say something now that might cause others to do the same thing. All right. Everyone be reverent.
Now, let me tell you different. Where is Brother Jackson from South Africa. I've looked for him tonight in the building; I can't see him. He usually sits right down in here somewhere. Oh, yes, Brother and Sister Jackson. All right. All right. Brother Jackson, you was at one of the big African meetings, wasn't you? Here's the difference in Africa and down in there, with the poor and humble in heart. When they would see... Maybe here would be a... standing here with... I'd be standing on the platform. I'd be speaking, maybe in the prayer line, and here the Spirit would go out. And there's a poor Hottentot out there; he doesn't know which is right hand, or left hand. Maybe there's thousands, ten thousand, twenty thousand of them setting there. Brother Baxter here, knows the same, Brother Bosworth, the same. And these men I'm speaking to, these three men, are staunch Christians. Then if He's speaking here to those people, they're setting there, humble. They're not all muddled up in what this fellow said and that fellow said. They're just in their virgincy. They're listening. And here I speak to them about Christ. The missionary has been telling them about Christ, not with any certain doctrine, just telling them about Christ. And then there's a meeting that afternoon, the--the speakers, Brother Baxter has preached to them, and Brother Bosworth and them, Who Christ is and what His work did, and how He manifests Himself.
"Yes, that's just what the missionary told me about it."

E-52 Well, then if He's still the same, He will manifest Himself, then here we come on the platform. One time, that's ten, fifteen thousand, twenty-five thousand people sitting there on the grounds. I stand out here, and while I'm speaking. I see the Angel of the Lord knock like that, moves out over the audience. The interpreter gets to the platform real quick. I say, "The man setting back here in a certain place," the missionary starts the African talk, his language...?... move on to another language...?... get to it.

E-53 I said, "There--there his head leaning down..." Then the first thing you know, caught his attention. I see the Angel standing over him, or the Light, like a whirl moving around over him. And then when I get the man's attention, then moving out to be, the Angel moves out, and I get... Angel moves out, there something begins to take place. I see him as a boy; there he's huddled down on the ground; something is wrong with him, begins to tell all about him, what happened. Hear me speaking in one language, this interpreter sent it out through there, and him catching in another language. Each one of these natives setting there, they know that's the truth. They know that man. And as soon as I say that, maybe he had got TB, maybe he was...?... he was done something, or whatever happened. Those native set there and see that; they look. "My, the witch doctor never produced anything like that, nothing that has. That must be the same Jesus they're talking about." Then that's all has to take place; every one of them believes it, everyone of them.
Then I say, "Do you believe?" Thousands of black hands will go up in the air; I look and tears streaming down their cheeks, a rolling their cheeks, and young women and young men standing there, some of them with not even hardly a wrap on, most of their body exposed. They don't know that they're exposed like that. Standing there young men and young women, and yet they could come over here and teach we Americans how to live moral. That's right. And they're there, young ladies with hardly a garment on, at all, nothing but just maybe just something wrapped the mid-waist of them. They live in that, die in that, buried in that, and all. But they live a different life.

E-54 Now, he doesn't need civilization. You bring him into civilization, you make a bad man out of him. He brings the sins of his tribe in, and takes the white man's sin, and then he really is a bad fellow. Only thing he needs down there is Jesus Christ. That makes a difference in him. Certainly, then he's a Christian. But then every one of them, with one accord...
I say, "Now, I offer prayer." That's all they want. They don't want to come up on the platform. They want me, to hear my voice, being interpreted through there, ask Jesus Christ to heal them like He did this other man. They know there's a supernatural Being present. And they know if I ask Him then, they say they believe it.

E-55 And then they were laying there, crippled, on beds, crippled arms, TB, laying in chairs, back forth like this. And as soon as I pray, every one of them is listening real close through the interpreter, giving over my prayer. And after while, when I say, "Now, Lord, in the Name of Your dear Son Jesus, heal every person here." You'll see that man that's got that crippled hands, raise up and go to straightening it out like that. Here he comes. Here comes the one that was blind, looking through the building, after prayer. Then he will scream, "I can see."
Here come the one that's laying on this, the other one look at him and see him, then he knows the Spirit is near, making him well, then it's him too, "Let me get it."

E-56 And the first thing you know, they pile up the wheelchairs, cots, clubs, and everything else, they've walked on, happy, rejoicing, shaking hands, and hugging one another. What's the matter? Jesus Christ has manifested Himself in their midst, and they believe it. They believe it, no doubt in their hearts. They just believe it.
But we, we say, "Well now, let's see. Dr. So-and-so said, 'That might be mental telepathy.'"
Well, another fellow said, "That might be the devil."
The other one says, "It's fanaticism."
This one says, "It's wild-fire. I don't know what to believe." That's just where the Devil's got you (That's exactly right.), just where he has got you, just where he wants you. See? Turn loose. Read the Bible. "God's Word be true, and every other man's word a lie."

E-57 And the Bible said, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, and today, and forever." Is that right? Then He is the same.
Where you at, Brother Baxter...?... After speaking, friends, like that, it... 'Course, it brings a different anointing. And I--I will have to wait just a few moments until He comes. You all bear with me just a little bit, while I talk to this lady.
Now, look. I believe, are we... We're strangers are we, lady? I don't know you. I don't know you. Now, this lady is a stranger. God in heaven knows her. I don't. As far as I know, I never seen her or anything in my life, don't know nothing about her.
Now, she's perhaps sick, or she wouldn't be here. If she's just here on something else, she'll be told that in a few minutes too. See? Just watch what happens and then she will receive something here at the platform. God will--God will take care of that like He did Ananias and Sapphira. It's already been done many times, and it's never failed. So we'll know more about that in a little bit. But I can't heal the lady. But she can't hide her life from me. That's a Divine gift. And that's what I'm trying to make you to understand, or get you to understand, that it's our Lord Jesus Christ.
Now, what if our Master was standing here before the woman? He could not heal her, unless He (God) would show Him. But now, He could tell her, like He did the woman.

E-58 Now, I want to talk to you just a minute, sister. I... Now, if you will, just... I see you're weak or sick. You stand right there close to the microphone. Now, I want you just to--just to talk to me just a moment. Realizing that I'm your brother, and you're my sister, for I do believe you are a Christian, because you no more than walked up to this platform, until the anointing struck me. Is that right? That's exactly right. I knew It was with you, 'cause He's been here. I should've stopped awhile ago. But now, now to--to heal you, I--I couldn't do it. I want you just to try to just look at me, if you can, just to talk. You see? I want to--I want to just get your human spirit (See?), to find out what is wrong with you. Then I shall ask God to heal you. And just as you believe. Now, you just... Try to be just as quiet, humbly as you can, and as God reveals to me, then I will--I will reveal to you. If He doesn't, I cannot. You understand that. I don't know you. You're just a woman that's picked up a prayer card out there, and come up on the platform. See?
Now, the first place, we must realize that This is God's Word. This is the Foundation. This is the Blueprint. This is where God lives. This is His Word. This is God. "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." Now, This is God. Now, that's God to the world. Now, that's first: first.

E-59 Now, the only thing God could do to you, secondarily, after that, would be by His prophet. Maybe it's something standing in your life, that keeps you from being healed. He could reveal to me, where He wouldn't reveal it to me in His Word. But He would reveal it to me by Spirit. That's what these gifts are in the Church for: what's the matter that you're not healed. Is that right? And do you believe that the story that you have heard about this? Do you believe that I be God's prophet? You believe it?
That's what He asked me to do. "You get the people to believe you. Then be sincere when you pray."
You're--you're upset about something. You got a distress, nervous. Isn't that right? Isn't it a nervous condition? I see you always worrying, rubbing your hands; you have a habit of doing that. You get all excited about... Say, too, there... Life hasn't been a flowery bed of ease for you. You've had some trouble in life, haven't you? Yes, you have. And it's been in your own family. Isn't that right? Is that right? You--you have--you've had some... One of your children has caused you trouble. Is that right? That's right. And hasn't that child tried to take your life? And hasn't that been on a religious cause, about changing church, coming from a nominal church to a Full Gospel church? Is that right? And he gave you glass, wasn't it? Is that right? Well, didn't it...?... someone else in that too? Wasn't it one other boy, your little. I seen there was two of you got it. Is that true? God have mercy.

E-60 Dear heavenly Father, be merciful to the woman. Spare her, Lord, poor thing. Satan is trying to upset her. O God, rebuke the devil that's trying to cause that boy... He will lose his mind some of these days, and he will go wild over that. God, I pray for him. God, be merciful and help this poor woman. And may she and the boy both live, and be normally again. Satan, leave them, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Now, go and the Lord bless you. You'll get over it, and you're going to be all right.
Let us say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.]
Now, everyone reverent. The woman's just in... The vision struck her, she's believe it. Now, just a moment.

E-61 Here's a deaf man standing here before me. I can tell it, the way the Spirit is a moving on me now. First thing, bow your head. Almighty God, Author of Life, and Giver of every gift, send Thy blessings upon the man. Heal Him, Almighty God, causing this spirit to leave him. Come out of the man. God's...?... And you're exposed here. And I say, in Jesus' Name, leave the man. Come out of him.
Can you hear me? Hear me now? Been deaf, that ear. It's this ear over here. Is that right? You know how I noticed? When you're at work and things, you'll always holding to that ear. Is that right? It's your left ear. All right, you got your hearing perfect. Amen. I love the Lord. You are healed, sir. Go, and the peace of God be upon you.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." [Congregation says, "Praise be to God."--Ed.] The man was deaf in that ear; I seen him standing talking to people, trying to hold this ear...?... that he was... his healing.
All right, bring the lady.

E-62 Howdy do. You're a stranger to me also. I do not know you, never seen you in my life. But God knows you. He knows all about you. Do you believe me to be His prophet? Well, if I be His prophet, then He will reveal your trouble like He did the woman at the well? You believe that? And then you... Now, just a moment. You've been in an awful condition of something. You've consulted... They can't even tell what's wrong with you. Isn't that right? I seen the doctor shake his head and say he couldn't understand. And here's what it is. There's some kind of... They're finding something about your urine. Isn't that right? Isn't that true? Isn't there puss or something got in the urine? Is that right? Yeah. And they can't tell where it's coming from? Is that right?

E-63 Come here, sister. O God, be merciful. Satan, you might've hid from them doctors, but you can't hide from God. He knows right where you are. Come out of the woman. In the Name of Jesus Christ, I adjure thee to leave her...?... Be happy and thankful.
Come, lady. Do you believe with all your heart? Believe me to be God's servant? Nothing in the world can heal you, only God. You know that. You also have got a serious thing wrong with you: cancer. Is that right? This is right. You accept Him as your healer now? The Lord bless you.
And, Satan, leave the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. As God's servant, I rebuke thee. Come out from her.
God bless you. Go, lady, rejoicing and saying, "Thank You, Lord." You get well and be all right.

E-64 All right, bring the lady. Howdy do, sister. You believe with all your heart? You're also are the victim of circumstances caused from a nervous condition. It's caused you to have a stomach trouble in your stomach. You can't eat, got a ulcer down in your stomach, something's wrong, 'cause your stomach doesn't--your food doesn't digest through your stomach right. Nothing seems to help it, isn't that right? Do you believe me to be His prophet? Well, then if I know about your life, and what it is... And you know good and well, lady, I don't know nothing about you, only what I would see right here before me. Is that right? No way in the world for me to know it. We're strangers, no way in the world. Then it's the truth, isn't it? All right. If I see what was, if I--I tell you what will be? You believe it? Then go eat what you want to. Jesus Christ makes you whole. God bless you...?...

E-65 Come, lady.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe. Do you believe, lady? You'd like to get over that heart trouble, wouldn't you? All right, just go right along...?... Be made well.
Come, lady. You, also had a heart trouble, a trouble that you had smothering in your heart, which is not exactly caused from that. It's a--it's a gastric condition of your stomach that caused it. And the reason of that, because you have diabetes. Is that right? Is that right? Is that true? Nobody knows that but God alone. Is that true? All right. Go, and the Lord Jesus Christ bless thee, my sister, and make thee well. Amen.
All right, come, lady.

E-66 Now, look. When I was talking to that lady about stomach trouble, that strange feeling come on you, wasn't it? That's... You had stomach trouble too. And when it left her, it left you. You believe me? All right. Go, eat what you wish to now; the Lord bless you. Yes, that's right. That's caused from a nervous condition, and then the whole thing is in the time of your menopause.
All right, come, lady. Do you believe? Bless your heart, sister. All these years you've suffered with this old female trouble that's caused you all this trouble. Isn't that right? Abscess on the ovary, isn't that right? Exactly. I heard him, what he told you. Now, it's going to leave you.
O God, be merciful. I bless this woman in the Name of Jesus Christ. May she go off of here and be healed.
Satan, leave her in Jesus' Name. Amen.
God bless you, sister. Go, rejoicing, the days of your suffering is ending.
Amen. Praise be to God.

E-67 What you looking so earnestly this way for, sir? Do you believe me to be His prophet? You do? All right, if you believe me to be His prophet, you're setting there earnestly seeking for God. You're hungering for God. You are nervous, upset. You have a stomach trouble, and things has bothered you because you're nervous. But one of the main things you're looking for, is you're trying to receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Is that right? If it is, raise up your hand. Then in the Name of Jesus Christ receive the Spirit. Go, receive the Holy Ghost.
You had a tumor, didn't you? All right, it left you while you were standing there. Go in the Name of the Lord Jesus and be made well.

E-68 How do you do, sister. Do you believe me to be His prophet? Wouldn't you like to eat a good level meal again? All that smothering and stuff, you've had a lot of things you thought was wrong with you. But the whole thing comes back to nervous time at the time of life you're entering, which is caused a ulcer in your stomach. That's right. You can't eat well.
If I be God's prophet, and tell you, to go eat, will you do it? Well, then, go eat, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
All right, come.
You believe with all your heart? All right, have faith in God, believe in God; God shall bring it to pass.
That man, It kept standing over him. I see It's left him now. It's all right. You're going to be all right now. All right.

E-69 What do you think about it, little lady? You believe with all your heart? You believe me to be His prophet? There's something wrong in your back, isn't it? Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet and see if you're not healed. Jesus Christ has made you well. Bend over. You are healed. God bless you. You can home now.
Have faith in God.

E-70 There's a bad spirit moving somewhere there. I can't tell where it's...
How do you do. You believe me? You're nervous, aren't you, lady. Yes, ma'am. God, be merciful to you, lady. Quickly It breaks to you. You're not a Christian. No. And you're more than that. Shall I say it? You're an alcoholic, drinking. Aren't you ashamed of yourself to treat Jesus Christ like that? Are you ready to--to believe now? Here in a few nights ago in a stew, you thought of these things, didn't you? You heard about the meeting. Someone told you, and then you thought, if you could come, you'd be delivered. I'm not reading your mind, but I'm telling you the truth. Is that right? And you're trying to get rid of it.
Satan, come out of the woman. I adjure thee by Jesus Christ, the Son of God to leave this poor mortal soul here. Oh, thou demon of drinking, leave her. Deliver her just now, through Jesus Christ's Name.
Do you accept Him as your Saviour? It's over, lady. You're not only... You was dead, but now you're alive. Whiskey has left you. The devil has gone from you. Go home and rejoice, and join yourself with the Church of the living God. Hallelujah.
Just a minute. Ministers of the Gospel, you get with that woman.

E-71 What's the matter back there, son? Bad condition, aren't you? You believe me? You believe me to be His prophet? All right. Stand on your feet. You want to accept Jesus as your Saviour? You believe that He saves you tonight? All right. You can go home then, and God heal you of that heart trouble you've been having now. Go home, and the Lord make you well.

E-72 The lady sitting there with glasses on. I see you've had some trouble, colored lady. You're wearing your glasses, because you had an amputation of your eye, haven't you? Had your eye taken out. Isn't that right? Uh-huh. If that's right, raise your hand. You got some kind of a disease now that makes you... You got something on your hands... No, it's the woman next to you, has got--got eczema on her hands or something. Isn't that right, lady?
Here it is, that colored lady. Look back this a way again, lady. No, you've got asthma. Is that right? Both of you, stand up and go home, and get well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Have faith in God. You believe? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]
Sir, are you holding her up? Do you believe that Jesus Christ knows her? Yes. Do you believe me to be His prophet? You start praying.

E-73 What about you, lady? Do you believe? You with the baby there, you believe. I see a man, a shadow of a man standing above me. He's a colored man, setting up there. He's bothered with nervous trouble, setting right up there with a white shirt on. Stand up, sir. Jesus Christ healed you of that nervousness just then.
The lady setting right down below him there was fanning, has TB also. You want to be--accept your healing now, lady? Yes. You was bothered with TB, wasn't you? All right. Jesus Christ has blessed you. You can go home, be made well.

E-74 You obey me as God's prophet? You got stomach trouble, liver trouble, and everything. Isn't that right? You ain't got a chance to live, 'less God heals you. You lay there, and you're sure going to die. You only got one chance to live: that's go to Him. You'll never have a better opportunity than right now. If you'll believe Him, then in the Name of Jesus Christ, get up, take your bed, and go home, and be made well.