Deep Calleth Unto The Deep

Date: 52-0809 | Duration: 30 minutes
church "Philadelphia" in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
E-1 ... wonderful character, waiting for the consolation of Israel. I want to kinda speak just a moment about Simeon. Let's take him as an old sage, wonderful old character. Some Orient theologians tell us... The historians tell us that he was in his eighties, white beard, white hair. And as he...?... go around, minister around there in the temple... But he had a testimony that--that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Lord's Christ. And here's where he based his--his ground onto that. He said, "The Holy Ghost revealed it to me." Now, do you believe in the works of the Holy Ghost? Now, there is no two Holy Ghosts, is there? Just one Holy Ghost, that's the Spirit of God...?...
And now, the Holy Spirit revealed to him by revelation that, not by vision; it was revealed to him that he was not going to die until he seen the Lord's Christ. What a statement for a man of his caliber as a priest at the temple, well-thought-of among the people, and yet to make a statement like that, that he wasn't going to die until he seen the Christ.

E-2 And for four thousand years, they'd looked for Christ. King David looked for Him; Job looked for Him. The patriarchs looked for Him; Abraham looked for Him. And all down the age, even Adam looked for Him: the woman's Seed which would bruise the serpent's head. And down through the age for four thousand years they had looked for Him. And at times it looked like it was just that time, but it failed to come in this--this age. It would fail. Come another age, it would fail. But this...?... clear, watching for that Messiah to come. And yet they were men way old, just his faith was like all he had. But the Holy Spirit told him that he was not going to die until he seen the Lord's Christ. And he believed what the Holy Spirit revealed. Now, that's what...

E-3 Now, He could reveal something to you, and if you don't believe it, it'll never be active in your life. You have to believe it. You have to take God at His Word just like Mary did when she... the angel met her and said, "You're going to have a Child, knowing no man." Well, instead of--of--of fussing about it like Simeon did--or not Simeon, rather, but Zacharias, she said, "How could these things be?" Yet Abraham, Sarah, and--and Hannah at the temple, and many of them had had children after they were past the age of bearing. But that priest, that preacher, he just said, "Now, wait a minute. I don't see how that could be." And the angel had to make him dumb till the day the boy was born. But not Mary, she was a little innocent child about 18 years old, engaged to this Joseph. And she, He said that she was going to have a Child, knowing no man, had never happened before.
Now, she didn't wait till she was positive. She didn't wait till she seen the signs of it; didn't wait till she felt life or something. No, no. Just as quick as the angel said it, she went to rejoicing and happy, telling everybody, "I'm going to have a Baby, not knowing any man." See? Why? She didn't wait till any evidence. She didn't wait till she was sure like we do.
"Well, if I'm going to get well, then maybe I'll find out. If I don't feel any better, I ain't go believe in it." "When my hand comes a little bit straighter, well, maybe I'll believe I'm going to get well." No, not her. She took God just exactly what He said.
She said, "Behold, the handsmaid of the Lord." And right up then through the country she went rejoicing, telling that she was going to have a baby before any sign of life ever showed it any way. She took God at His Word.

E-4 If there ever was a time the church of God needs some more Marys, it's today: taking God at His Word. When God says anything, He means just what He said. Abraham looked at Him; he said, "I know He's able to--to do that what He promised to do. I'm old, a hundred years old, but that's all right. Sarah's ninety, but God can do it. He promised it; He said so, so that's it." You believe it like that? Well, you've got to. Don't look how long it takes. Look, it's twenty-five years later before that baby was ever born. But Abraham got the things ready. Yes, sir. He was making ready. Every day I can hear him say, "Sarah, how you feel?"
"No different."
"Praise God, going to be born anyhow." That's right. Ten years passed, "How you feeling, Sarah?"
"No different."
"Glory to God, going to have it anyhow. God said so." Instead of getting weaker, he got stronger in faith, 'cause it was more of a miracle all the time, building up.
Then finally one day the womb of Sarah begin to swell, and the little baby was born. Because Abraham counted Him faithful Who had promised.

E-5 And that's what we got to do. And that's what Simeon done. When the Holy Ghost said, "Now, Simeon..." (I want you to get this few minutes now.) Said, "Simeon, get your...?... Now, you're not going to die till you see the Christ."
Simeon went around saying, "Now, I'm not going to die."
I can imagine some of the doctors of that day saying, "...?..." Some of the doctors of the law, and the preachers, and so forth said, "The old man's just a little bit off in his head. You know? He's--he's getting a little weak up there. You know? He's getting old. 'Course his mind is polluted and rotted away."
But he knew what he was talking about. He knew what he was talking about: said, "No, I ain't going to die. I'm not off in my head. I'll see the Christ."

E-6 Now, you know when the deep calls to the deep, there's got to be a deep to respond to it. You believe that, don't you? See? David said, "When the deep calleth to the deep..." In other words like this: Before something can be here calling out for something, there has to be something out there for this in here to be calling to. Is that plain enough...?... See?
Now. Here. In other words, I've made a statement like this: "Before there was a fin on a fish's back, there had to be a water first for him to swim in or he wouldn't have the fin." He'd never had a fin if there was no water. Before there was a tree to grow on the earth, there had to be a earth first, or there'd be no tree grow on it. Is that right?

E-7 I read some time ago in a newspaper where a little baby eat the pedals off of a bicycle, eat the rubber erasers off of pencils. They taken him up and examined him. Said, "Don't know." And they checked his little body and doc--the doctor said, "Why, it's sulfur his little body is craving." And sulfur's in rubber, so that's the reason he was eating that rubber, because his little body's craving sulfur. Now, hold that point. If his body's craving sulfur, there's sulfur somewhere to respond to that crave. Is that right?
Now, watch. How many of you believe that there is a God of healing? All right. That's evidence to prove that there's a fountain open somewhere. Before there can be a creation in here, there had to be a Creator to create that creation. Is that right? Well, if you... How many'd like to have more of God? Let's see your hand. Well, there's more of God for you to get.

E-8 Back here some time ago when the--when the Lutherans had their revival, there's a group called Methodists, they called for God: the deep calling to the deep. God rose up a little old fellow over there in England by the name of John Wesley, and--and Whitefield and them, and away they went with a message of sanctification. They found more of God. Don't you believe that? They was craving more. Well, it went on for a while, and after while, the Methodists begin to organize and get cold and formal and the... Then people begin to crave more of God. Then along come Pentecost. Is that right? Deep called to the deep. Now, these Pentecostal people begin to get just as form and ritual as the rest of them. And then, first thing you know, the deep calls to the deep. And here comes the gifts restoring right back into the church: God moving along. See that? Deep calling to the deep.
Now, the reason you've come here tonight, you sick people, anyhow... I don't believe you come for...?... curiosity. I believe you've come because you're sincere. Now, the Holy Spirit led you here, because you read the Bible and you know that God was a Healer. And just as sure as you crave to be healed by God, there's got to be a fountain of God somewhere for you to be healed by.

E-9 Now, watch Simeon. He wanted to see the Christ. The Holy Spirit led him there. And I can see... Let's say it's a Monday morning, or the first day of the week. I'd imagine all those about, maybe a hundred or two children born every night in--in Palestine, there couple million Jews, or more, in there at that time. The babies, every eight days, had to be circumcised. And that made every day at the temple a long row of babies to be circumcised and the purification offered for the mother, according to customs of the law.
Let's say it's Monday morning, and then the temple's busy, and several thousands of people standing around. And here's a--a line down through here of about hundred and fifty, two hundred mothers standing there with babies in their arms. And they're all waiting. Some of them are very ritzy (You know?), and they're standing with their little lamb in their hand. And that--that's the rich man's offering. And then them poor ones has a turtledove (You know?) to offer for their purification.

E-10 Let's look down along that line this morning. There stands this little mother and that one here. Way down there I see a gap between them. What is it? They're all getting away from somebody down there. What is it? It's a little girl about eighteen years old that's just been married to a man called Joseph. And there's a very black name about her. She's had this baby before they were married. And here she comes to the temple to offer a sacrifice. Look what it's wrapped in: not in laces and little bonnets and things, as the other mothers, but it was wrapped in swaddling's cloth.
If I understand right, that's what goes on the back of a yoke of an ox where he plows: was hanging in the stable. They wrapped Him in that. He was the King of glory. He owned all heavens. He came down by the way of the barn. He went out by capital punishment up yonder on Calvary. Here he was; He owned all the cattle, all the goods, everything there was in the world, and yet was wrapped in swaddling's cloth.
And here this little mother, she...?... to what people said. She knew what her heart was before God. She watched the little Fellow, holding the little turtledove for a offering for her purification and the circumcising of the Baby.
Well, I see somebody say, "Don't stand near her; she's--she's one of them holy rollers. See, see? Get back. That's one of them... You know?" That disgraceful name still follows the church. See? Then anyhow, they all made their way around her.

E-11 Away back over in a prayer room, the other room of the temple, about two city blocks away, there was an old sage setting there that morning with a scroll in his hand, reading: "All we like sheep have gone astray; the Lord has laid upon Him the iniquity of us all."
The first thing you know, the Holy Spirit said, "Simeon, stand up on your feet." You believe in being led by the Spirit? Yes, sir. Look. The Holy Spirit was obligated to do that for the Holy Spirit give you the promise. Here's the promise here. He didn't know it, but the Holy Spirit told him, "Get up, Simeon." And I can see this old man come out of the--out of the prayer room of the little room in there, somewhere, the deacon's office, or whatever you'd want to call it, moving down through the temple among all these Jews and comes over to where this line of women is. I can see him going right down along this line of women, all passing by (You know?), them all bowing to him and everything as he passed by. He walked by till he would maybe face, pat the baby, or kiss it, or something another of their babies. He'd walked right on down to this little despised One there, wrapped in swaddling's cloth. I can see the tears rolling down his white beard. He picks the little Baby out of the mother's arms, and lifted up his eyes, and said, "Lord, let Thy servant depart in peace according to Thy Word, for my eyes have seen Thy Salvation."

E-12 And about that time, there's an old prophetess over in the temple there. We're told she was blind. Her name was Ann. And she's was setting there. She's blind; she couldn't read no more, but she is studying. She didn't leave the temple; she served God day and night with fasting and praying. And as she's waiting for the consolation of Israel, she too had a right to know when the Promise was there. And the Holy Spirit spoke to her, said, "Rise, Ann." Here comes that blind woman, making her way through that crowd, moving along through the crowd, blind. Down that line she goes and stops in front of that little Baby, raises up her hands and blesses God, and prophesies what would take place: the Holy Spirit leading.
The Promise was there. The Holy Spirit was leading those who believed through the promise. Is that right? "It shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, 'I'll pour out My Spirit upon all flesh. Your sons and your daughters shall prophesy. My handsmaids and upon my maidservants will I pour out of My Spirit. Your old men will dream dreams, your young men shall see visions.'" Is that right? "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. He that believeth not shall be damned. And these signs shall follow them that believe it: In My Name shall they cast out devils; speak with new tongues; if take up serpents, or drink deadly things, it'll not harm them; if they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover."

E-13 I see our Master standing there. They're talking about how He knew the secret of that woman's heart: knew that she had sinned and had five husbands. She knew... He knew this man come here been under a tree a praying. He knew where a fish was that had a coin in his mouth. The Scripture said in its... at Hebrews 13:8, "Jesus Christ, the same, yesterday, today, and forever." I can hear Him in John 14:12 saying, "The things that I do... works that I do shall you also; and greater than this shall you do; for I go unto My Father." Listen to this again: "Yet, a little while and the world seeth Me no more; yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Is that right? Then here He is here tonight, manifesting Himself, proving His great power, moving, the same works that He did back there; moving down through the channels of mankind, down here on this lower regions where demons and everything lives down in here. But yet...?... on this proving ground, there's Christians, saints of God, born again believers. And tonight, around this great city where much violence and wickedness is, and all cities, when the people begin to multiply upon the face of the earth, then violence and wickedness set in, it's worse today than anyplace everywhere across the world.

E-14 We've had the greatest nation, got the greatest in the world. I'm telling you this from the platform tonight; we're living on the back reputation. The termites of Communism and things eat the core out of our country. That's right. I say there's no other foundation to even put our hopes in tonight: only Jesus Christ. That right? He shall come.
The Democrats elected their man here a few weeks ago in Chicago. The Republicans elected theirs. Let's elect ours: Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He moved right in behind here at the meeting to prove that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Being led of the Spirit, being born again...
Delegation, all this darkness of political and worldly corruption, and men and women mingling, and--oh, oh, my... Eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage, darkness upon the earth, and just ready for judgment. They have to get that way. Don't pray for it to be no other way. It can't be no other way; God can't be just and pour His wrath upon a just people. It's got to be.
But one of these hours God's going to take that little remnant out of this world, as sure as anything. He's called them together now, who's hungering and thirsting; and...?... others, showing signs and wonders: "This is me. I'm testifying of My Word": Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. "The things that I do, shall you also, and more than this; for I go to My Father," the Deep calling to the deep in your heart. And the same Holy Ghost that led Simeon to Christ, has led you here tonight to be healed. Praise His Name. Let's bow our heads.

E-15 Lord Jesus, blessed are they that hunger and thirst after righteousness, for they shall be filled. Now, fill the longing and desire of every heart in here. And make these Christians who are called by Your Name... You said, "The people that are called by My Name shall assemble themselves together and pray, then I'll hear from heaven and heal the land." He said they were the salt of the earth. But if the salt has lost is savour, it's henceforth good for nothing: to be cast out, trod under the feet of men.
And now, Father, we realize that salt is a savour if it contacts, but there must be a contact, a settling. And now, may the Holy Spirit that has given new birth to every one of these children of God by faith, may they be so salty tonight in their faith, that the unbeliever that might be setting in here, may he say, "Oh, that's the way. That's the end. That's the way I believe Christianity," and may they accept Him. And may the sick be healed; the lost saved; the backsliders reclaimed; God glorified.
And when we leave here tonight, may we be able to say, Lord, like those coming from Emmaus: "Did not our hearts burn within us?" Now, You walked with them all day. You talked with them, and they didn't realize that it was You. But when You set down at that table and just the way You done something, just the way You done it, they recognized it was You.
And now, Father, as we read in the Book, the way You done things in that day, may You come and do something tonight in the same way, so that the people will recognize that it's You. And then we'll have the same song in our heart as we go home tonight as they from Emmaus: "Our hearts burned within us because of His Presence." For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-16 All right. Get every one ready now for prayer and ready to be healed. I believe this to be a night that... []
That's all right, but Who's going to heal where it's at? Might pull a tooth, but Who's going to stop that blood and Who's going to heal that socket...?... See? Can't do it. God has to do that. Psalms 103:3 said, "I'm the Lord Who forgives all of thine iniquities, Who healeth all of thy diseases." See? How simple that is. All right.

E-17 Now, brother, come here. Now--now, if I pray for you, well, I want... Have you ever been in my meetings before? You have been; you've seen the way the Holy Spirit operates then through there. So, you--you understand what I mean. I would know what was wrong with you, but don't have to tell you that, just pray for you is what you want me to do. Come here.
Our heavenly Father, I ask for mercy for this man. Realizing that the man in is need, I pray that You'll heal him. Grant, Lord, that Your Spirit will be upon him and will make him well. Grant it, Lord. I ask this because Thou has said, "Whatever--whatsoever things you desire when you pray, believe that you receive it, and you shall have it." Therefore, as my brother stands here tonight, open hearted, warm feeling towards You, desiring this mercy from You, I blend my prayer with his to ask for mercy. And according to Thy Word, You said, "If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." Amen.
Now, you believe? That's right. Thank you, Lord. That's the way to believe it. Now, whether... Now, you believe now you're going to get well? You believe you're going to be all right. Course now, what your trouble was, I know that. You've had trouble before this that caused this--what the trouble is now. Is that right? See, you had an operation. Isn't that right? Wasn't it appendix operation? And it caused a rupture. Is that right? All right. It's going to get well too. You can go now. The Lord will bless you. God bless. All right. []

E-18 Something's wrong with that woman, and He told her where her trouble was. And so He went right straight to the spot where her trouble was; she got all right. Went down in the city and told the men that... Said, "Come, see a Man Who I've found that told me all the things I ever did."
Now, Jesus has ascended up to the Father, but He sent His Spirit back here to minister in the church and all ages to make Him the same yesterday, today, and forever. You believe that? If I should ask God for you, would He do it? You believe He would? Come here. I want to speak to you privately. Don't you have something that you did, you shouldn't do? I just wanted to say that so that you'd understand. See?
Now, life has not been too easy for you. You've had lots of trouble. You've had an operation once. Is that right? And then you have a--this bad habit that you're doing now that you shouldn't do? You're suffering with a mental nervousness, and smoking cigarettes is what's making you nervous. You realize that? Aren't you ashamed of yourself? That's the lowest thing a woman could do is smoke cigarettes. God hates it. Now, the same Jesus that knew the woman's sin at the well, knows yours. And that's a secret to lots of people but not to--not before God; He knows you; He sees; He knows all about you. Will you quit tonight, give your whole life to Jesus Christ? You will? Raise up your hand.
Lord Jesus, forgive every sin, and take this away from the poor mortal here that's just about moved out yonder into a... Realizing that Satan would let her butt her head against the side of...?... yonder, if he could. Poor little woman, standing here, frail, dying on her feet, and Satan's did this evil. But Your Spirit is here to catch it. We must know the cure, the cause before the cure. And I ask You, Lord, to forgive every sin, and may that devil that caused her to do this, leave her tonight. In the Name of Jesus Christ, come out of the woman. []

E-19 O Lord, Who made heavens and earth, Who created all things, bring to the pass, Father, that which Thou hast said. This poor little innocent child standing here tonight, Thou alone can heal her. And I ask for mercy. Hear, Lord, Your servant, Lord. Now, she's too young to know what faith means, but I ask as Your servant, in Jesus Christ's Name, for You to heal this child.
I want every head bowed, every eye closed. I want to see the child first. Do not open your eyes till I look at the child first. I ask you to do that; in the Name of Jesus Christ [] for this grace and mercy. And we pray that You'll be with the child continually, and may it never lose its sight. And may it be normal and well; through Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you, honey. Now, you can run on, be all right. God bless you.

E-20 All right. Come, lady. ...?... now. Don't you suffer with arthritis too, lady, setting right there at the end, little woman? You have arthritis, don't you? Would you raise up your hand if that's right. That's what's happened. This--this powerful enemy here is screaming for help. In other words, demons are calling to it (You see?) to answer. Much of it out there in the audience... But I could tell it was real close to me somewhere. Now, I can't heal you.
Just a minute while I speak to the audience just a moment. Lady, please keep your place right where you're setting at now. See that, audience? It's moving right through here now. See? The enemy, the devil that would do this horrible thing is moving right here; it's crying out. There's more. Let's bow our heads just a moment. Come here.
O God, Author of life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings upon this woman, who I bless in Thy Name. And may Thy Spirit get the right-of-way in her life just now. And may the enemy leave her, in Jesus Christ's Name. I ask it to leave all those in here who are suffering with arthritis at this moment; may it come out and go into outer darkness. I adjure thee to go.
Now, you are healed. You may raise head. Now, put your feet up in the... []

E-21 ... life you couldn't hide. You see? That's--that's so right now. Now, you're conscious that something's going on, aren't you? You know there's something moving like you never felt before. You realize that you're in the Presence of a sacred Being. Not your brother here, no; it's a--it's a supernatural Being. If that's right, raise your hand. It's a gift of God.
Now, if I be God's servant, and the things that I have said that He told me to do, then I--you couldn't hide your life if you had to. There's something strange about your life. He wouldn't let me pray for you right at once. I don't know why He didn't, but He will reveal it. See? You believe that? And you believe it? Yes, sir. You suffer with a female disorder, for one thing. Is that right? Then that's...?... Yes, and also, you--you're--same thing the other one...?... you're a cigarette smoker. You don't live for God the way you should. Is that right...?... Do you accept Him now? God bless you. Your sins are forgiven you; and your healing is ...?... [] That right? People stop that! God don't want you smoking cigarettes, calling yourself...
You suffer with stomach trouble. Is that right? That's what's a causing it. That's... You ask God to forgive you now? You become His servant right now? The Lord Jesus bless you. Go eat what you want to. Come give your testimony?

E-22 Come, sir. Do you believe? You are a Christian. See, the different in them spirits not welcome. Now, you're all right. Yes, sir. You're suffering with nervousness though. Is that right? Well, then God bless you. You're healed now; you can go and be made well.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
Do you believe me as God's servant? Go on, throw your cane back up on the platform and go on off; in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

E-23 All right. Come, sir. Are we strangers? I don't know you. You're a stranger to me. I don't know nothing about you. As far as I know I never seen you in my life. If I did, I don't remember you. But you... No, we are strangers, are we? Yes, we're--we're strangers. Something strange about you though. You suffer with stomach trouble, what's bothering you. Then you're a minister. I see you standing in the pulpit preaching. Is that right. Say, aren't you from Texas or somewhere down there in a little... Is that right? Go on back to Texas and get well. In the Name... []
... some things. Got a lot of life you ought to back up--take up. You know that's right. See? I won't say it here; you know what I mean. But go home; believe what I told you to be the truth, and accept it to be God's Spirit here doing it, and your female trouble will leave you. You had a female trouble. Isn't that right? Yes. Yes, sir. That's right. You go home now and pray. God give you the baptism of His Spirit and make you completely whole; in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

E-24 All right. Come, sir. Let's pray. Father, I ask for mercy for this man. May Your Spirit come upon him and make him well. In Jesus Christ's Name, I ask it. Amen.
You believe, sir? Go rejoicing. Go and be happy. Believe Him with all of your heart now.
All right. Come, lady. Do you believe? Would you like to get over that heart trouble? Go in the Name of the Lord Jesus. May He make you completely whole, I pray. Every one reverent.
Come, lady, if you will. You believe me to be God's servant, His prophet? If God will reveal to me what's wrong with you, you accept Him as your Healer? Arthritis. Is that right, raise your hand? Then you said you'd accept Him as your Healer. Is that right? Go on your road rejoicing; don't think about arthritis no more. Be made well. You believe out there in the audience? []
I keep seeing something just directing to South Africa...?... Brother Jackson there. What say? No, it's a woman missionary. Here she is setting right here. Aren't you from the Belgian Congo or somewhere in there? Is that right? You have something wrong with your back, don't you? Yeah... You kinda racked up with something in your back and along shoulders and so forth? Stand up; Jesus Christ has just honored you, sister, to heal you and send you back to South Africa again; in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Go, and the peace of God be upon you.
That man setting right there in the balcony with varicose veins, setting right there, about three rows back, setting over in there, you want to be healed, sir? If you do, stand up. That's right. You want to be made well. Sir--sir, that be your wife setting up there, sir? Is that your wife with that dress on, got gallbladder trouble [] The black man back there...