Do You Now Believe?

Date: 52-0817 | Duration: 1 hour and 21 minutes
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Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S.A.
E-1 Thank you, Brother Baxter. Good evening, friends. I'm happy to be here tonight to speak to you of our Lord Jesus Christ and His great love to you all, and what's shed abroad in our hearts today by the Holy Spirit. And now, we are very thankful for the meetings that's been this week and what our Lord has did in our... in the midst of us all, as we are all witness of His resurrected Being among us. He...
And now, as we go from here to Minneapolis to begin Tuesday, you people in around about, we'd be glad to have you at any of the meetings. As soon as God let's us, give us the right-a-way, we're going to back to South Africa, India, Palestine, and through that part of the country. I am soliciting your prayers tonight, for us, as we work as God's husbandmen in the vineyard of our Lord. We'd be very happy to know that you're praying for us, and I--I believe you will.

E-2 And now, I just wish while they're setting me up, the camera's up, or whatever they're fixing to do... I--I want to thank, take this opportunity to thank the cooperating pastors that's cooperated in this meeting, all of you, from all different churches. We thank you from the depths of our heart. May the Lord Jesus continue to bless you and give you great blessings from His throne.
And I want to thank all the ushers that had a part to do in this meeting; to all the people who gave; to those who have been so generous to us to help us, we thank you for it. And you'll have to bear us record that we do not beg for money. We just try to carry it on the basis, the way our Lord would have us do it. We thank you, and may God bless you richly for all that you have done. To the best of our knowledge, we'll give it to the outgoing of the Gospel.

E-3 And now, I want to thank the Kellogg people, and ever who was in, in bringing us here to this church, or to this auditorium. I say, you've been very, very nice. And I... The Lord God bless the Kellogg Company for their kindness to us. And one, a person which is always unseen, but the operator of this microphone, who sets back here nightly. I've been in many auditoriums and found people who sometimes custodians, and so forth were very critical. But the first night here, I caught the... You understand. Very fine man, I... The Lord bless you my friend. And I pray that He will be kind and near to you all. As I believe we're at--nearing the coming of our Lord Jesus, the second time in glory, to catch away His waiting Bride. And I trust tonight, that everyone here will be ready at that time. Not only that, but you will become missionaries around home, that'll go out, and help and bring others to the fold. Jesus Christ be with you all.
Now, I want to read, just a few moments now. I wish to read a Scripture here, and--and then at that, of course, the people are getting ready for some more pictures.

E-4 This is found in Luke the 4th chapter and beginning with the 38th verse.
And he arose and went out of the synagogue, and entered into Simon's house. And Simon's wife's mother had taken with a great fever; and they brought him... they sought him for her.
And he stood over her, and rebuked the fever; and it left her: and immediately she arose and ministered unto them.
Now when the sun was set, all they that had sickness and divers diseases brought them unto him; and he laid his hands on every one of them, and healed them.
Devils, and devils also came out crying, out, and saying, Thou art Christ the Son of God.
Look what a difference. The minister said, "You are a devil."
The devil said, "You are Christ the Son of God."
And he rebuked them and suffered them not to speak: for they knew he was Christ.
And when it was day, he departed and went into a desert place: and the people sought him, and came to him, and stayed him, that he should not depart from them.
And he said unto them, I must preach the kingdom of God to other cities also: for therefore am I sent.
And he preached in the synagogues of Galilee.

E-5 Over in the Book of--of John we have another striking instant of Jesus in the 14th chapter, and the 12th verse. He said: "The things that I do, shall you also. And greater things than this shall you do, for I go to My Father."
As Christian believers, we believe that is the truth, because Jesus Christ said so. Is that the basis you put your faith on? Jesus said.
Now, how many's here for their first time and never was in one of the meeting before, let's see your hands--never been in one of my meetings before, let's see your hands. Oh, there's many newcomers. Well, Christian friend, and you sinner friends also, the meeting may be just a little peculiar to you. I do not claim to be able to heal anyone in any manner. I have never made a claim of that way. And it's to my humble belief, that healing isn't committed to men. It was committed to Jesus Christ. And on Calvary, or in Pilate's judgment hall, He was wounded for our transgression, and He was striped for our healing, according to the Scriptures. And there's where the supreme sacrifice was paid at Calvary, and all we can do is to point people to that place.

E-6 Now, in the ministry I wouldn't have time, because it's getting late to go over and explain it to you. But that you might know this: I'd just like to test out Christian faith, just in this manner, the psychic manner, just for a moment. We all know that Jesus Christ was the Son of God. I believe even sinners has some conception of that, don't you? Raised here in America where's there's so much radio and so forth... Believes that He was the Son of God. Now, whether you've accepted Him as your Saviour, I don't know. If you have, you've become a Christian. Outside of that, why, of course, you would not be.
"He that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it's sin."
Now, but Jesus Christ did not claim to heal anyone, very much to the contrary. He said, "I heal no one. And I do nothing until the Father shows Me what to do."

E-7 How many Christians are conscious that that's truth? That Jesus said that. Now, that is found in Saint John 5. When He passed by the pool of Bethsaida, and there laid the crippled and the spastic and the twisted people, and He walked right by everyone of them, yet, full of compassion, walked over to a man that had maybe, pneumonia, diabetes, or something like that, TB... And he healed that man, and knew... Watch. The Bible said, He knew he had been this way a long time, thirty-eight years. And He asked him, "Could--would you be made whole?"

E-8 He said, "I have no one to put me in the water, while I'm coming..." See, he could walk; he wasn't crippled, neither was he blind. He said, "While I'm coming, someone steps down before me." In other words, there was younger people there who get in, and the Angel only healed one, then returned back to the glory, and waited for another season. What that season was determined, of course, I do not know. Might've been a month; it might've been six months; but great multitudes, thousands and thousands of people waited for the moving of the water.
Now, of course, people in them days, as they would be today, they said, "That's just psychology." But many people believe that it was an Angel. The Bible said that it was an Angel. I believe it then, don't you? The Bible said it was an Angel went down and troubled the water.

E-9 Now, a troubled water, if anyone living near these lakes and things, knows that's a chopped water. The current going one way and the wind another, which chops the water. And probably thinking, on the being there and the... by the sheep market, when the winds caught up a certain ways, but whether it was wind, or whatever it was, God said in His Bible, that it was an Angel. I believe it.
And now, Jesus passing through there, the Son of God, full of love, full of compassion, passing by the crippled, and afflicted, and blind people; yet, He healed them many times. But passed right by and healed one man that had an infirmity, not the affliction, an infirmity for thirty-eight years.
Then the Jews questioned Him. And here's what he said, as they found the man packing his bed on the Sabbath day. And they questioned Jesus. Now, remember, Saint John 5:19 and 20. Here's what He said. Listen close now. "The Son can do not... Verily, verily I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son also. For whatsoever things the Father doeth, He showeth the Son, and He will show you greater things than this, that ye may marvel." Is that right?

E-10 Then let's just stop on that Scripture, which we could take it through the Bible, through the prophets, through the ages. And there never was any person did anything without God first showing. The prophet Elijah on Mount Carmel, looked like he just went up there and got angry with the people and called down fire. Oh, no. When he got it all laid in order, he said, "Lord, I've done this at Your Word." Is that right? Everywhere, it was something God showed. And it must be perfect, for God said so.

E-11 Now, if Jesus done nothing, now why didn't He heal that crippled man, or the twisted man, or the lame man, or the halt man? Is because the Father had not showed him. Is that right? Do you believe that's the reason? And He only healed what the Father showed Him. Then if He said, "A little while, and the world seeth Me no more, yet you'll see Me, for I will be with you, even in you to the end of the world." Is that right?
Hebrews 13:8 said, "Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever the same: same in love; same in power; same in compassion; same in works; same in signs; same in wonders. You believe that?
"Why," they say, "He died."
Yes, that's right. But He rose again, and He appeared back, the same lovely Jesus. Do you believe that?

E-12 Now, He sits at the right hand of the Father tonight, God Almighty, to make--as a high Priest, to act in our stead (Do you believe that?) to make intercessions upon our confession. Is that right? Hebrews 3:1. "He is the high Priest of our confession." Whatever we confess that He has done... First, we have to believe it, then we confess it. He's setting before the Father to make that right. Is that true?
Now, if there's a fundamentalist here, that's as sound as I know the Scripture. All right. Then He said, "I will pray the Father, He will send you another Comforter," which was the Holy Ghost, "He will abide with you forever. He will not testify Himself, but He will testify of Me. Whatever He sees, that He will do. And He will show you things that is to come." Is that right?
Now, the world may take the Word, and...?... scrum it all up in these theological seminaries, and--and teach this, and philosophy, and so forth, and psychology, and theory, and--and so forth. They might do that; but yet, one thing sure, we have the Holy Spirit as a Divine Witness. And if that is truly the Holy Spirit, then it bears record of Christ, for it is Christ in Spirit form. "Yet a little while and the world seeth Me no more, but you will see Me, for I will be with you, even in you," making Him the same here on earth in Spirit form until the end of the age.
You get it now? I take my time, so it'll really soak in good. Now, let's watch. Then "By their fruits, ye shall know them."

E-13 Now, "If any man be in Christ, he be a new creature." Then God has set in the church different things. Now, man can testify of any thing. But until God confirms that, and says it's so, it isn't so... You've got a right to disbelieve it, until God vindicates that it's the truth, then you have no more right to disbelieve God. Is that right?
Now, it was awhile, sometime ago, I knew nothing about you people. When I was born, this Light, Angel of the Lord, which they have the picture of It, I'm sorry we don't have any, tonight. We haven't had them for sometime. They're copyrighted so tight, we have to pay the same price, to get them that you would get them. Usually we just tell you where to go get them. You can ask at the desk, and they'll tell you. Where it's copyrighted yonder, the American Photographer Association has it, the FBI, the everything, all the scientist has chased it through. The very best we have, George J. Lacy... And there's his signed statement that it's the first time in all of the world's history that it could be scientifically proven that there was a supernatural Being, that same Angel of God that's right here, you see nightly, moving. There It is on pictures.
Mr. Lacy said, "The mechanical eye of this camera, Rev. Branham, won't take psychology." He said, "The Light struck the lens. And it's a leaping, flaming, emerald fire, a burning." Many times It comes right into the meeting. You can see It. thousands times thousands have seen It at a time.

E-14 Recently when I was baptizing on the river at Jeffersonville, when all the local newspapers packed It, two o'clock in the afternoon when I was praying, here It come right down out of the heavens, right at two o'clock in the evening, June, or in the afternoon, rather, in June, about the middle of June, hung right over where I was, and a Voice from It, saying, "As John the Baptist was sent to warn the people of the first coming of Christ, so is this Message to warn the people of the second coming."
Right back up into the heavens, when people screamed, fainted. What is it? God, getting the Church ready. You don't need no new doctrine. You don't need no new theories. You need real true hearts to Almighty God, to believe on God, and His Son, Christ Jesus. Have fellowship with everybody, all the Christians, by the Holy Spirit. Amen.

E-15 Notice. Now, those things are seen and proven. God said in Hebrews, or the... Paul, or whoever wrote the Book of Hebrews, Hebrews 11:2, said, "God testifies of His gifts." They're true.
Now, tonight, I'm waiting to see, when they finish their picture... Beg your pardon? All finished. Thank you, Brother Baxter.

E-16 Just a little story now, about five, ten minutes. I know it's warm. My, but listen friends, if we not right with God, we--we want to get right now. See? This is the time. Look. I love you, everyone. I will be glad to... I used to say to the people, "I'd come no matter how the dark the night is," but when you get into the millions, then you can't say that. I will pray for you any time I can. God be with you. My prayers is for you. And as a Christian brother to you, I say with my heart, with a sincerity, and the warmest of Christian love... Brother just said, "They taken a love offering for me, awhile ago, that love offering, what doesn't go just for my initial food and stuff, will go right to the missionary offering.

E-17 We're trying to build up enough to get back in there where we had a hundred thousand conversions in six weeks, thirty thousand in one day. Think of it. Heathens, raw heathens, and--and Mohammedans, thirty thousand in one day. That's wonderful, isn't it? Now, you can't blame me from wanting to go back. The first time they see the power of God go out there to a heathen, that don't even know nothing about it, can't even speak his language, and maybe many interpreters standing here. They see what he is a Basothu, Shangai, or whatever it is, and they started speaking, and telling him all about his life, and where he come from, what he did and things like that. They just scream and fall on their face: God
Paul knew years ago, it takes a miracle to convert a heathen. Jesus Christ always knowed it.
Recently when we was talking to a missionary from India, where God has told me to go to, where I will have a crowd of three hundred thousand people in one meeting... Notice, in that same man, he said, "There's only one thing Brother Branham, that'll ever stir the people of India from those Mohammedans, and idolaters and so forth, it'll take the real power of God. Where demons when they rise up, the power of God there is to let them down. Be sure you know what you're talking of.

E-18 How many read the book of that maniac, down there, when he ran on the platform, here at Portland, Oregon, you remember? What if It wouldn't have been there then? I'd have been a corpse. What about over here at Zion, Illinois, down here in Harlington, Texas and the different places, where It's come face-to-face with death itself, right out in the public. There, Almighty God, set His hand down, and strike them down.
Be careful. "Touch not Mine anointed." Not me, no, my brother, that isn't it. The anointed One is the One that comes down from above. I'm from the earth, earthly. But He's from above, heavenly.
I don't think I have time for the testimony. I just want to tell you. Maybe if I try, ten minutes, if you'd watch closely, 'cause I want to start the prayer line right away.

E-19 Brother Baxter was near at this time; it's such a... He's setting right here, just behind the curtains. And it's a... I trust Brother Bosworth is near. And now, but however, Brother Bosworth wasn't in us, with us up there in Sweden. When I left here, I was in down in California, I mean in Florida one day, at Brother Bosworth's meeting, or his meeting where this little boy was here, that little David. He called for me to come down there; he was in trouble. And went down there, they had a little bitty tent out there, or a tent seat about two thousand people or twenty-five hundred, something like that, and a little bitty audience. And the people down there were all carrying on. And so they called and asked me if I'd come and help him.
Over in California, one time, when he was just a little lad, he was over there, and he--he... I had four thousand in my auditorium, he had an auditorium seat about six or seven thousand, had about two thousand in it. He said, "Brother Branham, just as a little bitty boy," said, "let's swap auditoriums." Said, "You got a crowd that would fill yours, and my crowd would just about fill yours."
And I said, "All right, we'll swap over." And I wanted to pay him.
And he said, "No, just let the difference go." Said, "We'll meet again."

E-20 And there when he called for me, I rushed to the little fellow. And when we was out there on the road down on the train, the Lord God spoke to me and said, "There'll be a boy, that's going to be picked up on the side of a road, dead." And described how he'd look, and the country he would be in, and everything. And I described it there, Brother Bosworth, was the first time that I met him, was right then. He heard it given out. I said, "Write it in the back of your Bible somewhere. It'll appear one of these days in this magazine."
We went on. All out through the west. Brother Baxter has hear me quote it hundreds and hundreds of times, and thousand of people wrote it in their Bible. No doubt, people right here in the auditorium, heard it, wrote, and heard of it before it come to pass. If there is, let's see your hands, while the...?... Yes, many of them are here, that probably has it written in their Bible yet, about how the boy would look, how he'd be dressed. Those things are perfect. They have to be.

E-21 And one day, while Brother Baxter and I, and all of us was at... We was at Helsinki. We went from there to Kuopio, and I was up on the tower a singing, up there a bunch of the Finnish people. The Lord was blessing; great things was going on. On the road down, we passed by where an accident happened, a little boy, two of them, hit by an American automobile, little thirty-five Ford that hit one of the little boys by the chin, and just whirled him across the road. The car was going sixty miles per hour, and then dodged this way. And the fender striking the little fellow, threw him over and hit against the tree, and crushed him all down like that. And he fell. And this other little boy, it hit him right in the bumper, rolled him under the car like that, and the wheel kicked him way up in the air like that. His coat flew off, and his shoes flew off, and everything, as they went up in the air, where the wheel spinning underneath there, and just spinning like this, threw the boy out into the field, where it hit him.

E-22 About twenty minutes later, we were there, and looked at the little fellow. Somebody picked the other little boy up; he was still breathing. And they rushed him to the hospital. And so, this other little boy was dead. They'd laid a coat over him, they went to get the father and mother. The chief man of the city, which is like, equal to our mayor here, well, he was there. And they looked around. Brother Lindsay and them got out, looked at him. They come back crying, Brother Moore, 'cause they both had little boys here in America. I had my little Billy Paul.
I had been away from home for several weeks. I didn't want to see the little fellow. And after while, after getting him, we looked at the little fellow, and when I seen him, I knowed there was something strange about that little boy. And I said, "Ask these interpreters here, these ministers, rather, through the interpreter, Mrs. Isaacson; she may be right here in this meeting, for all I know. And I said, "Ask those ministers, if that little boy has ever been in a prayer line?"
"No, none of them knew him."

E-23 So then, I said, "There's something strange about the little lad." And then as I moved along, something just looked like, laid their hand here. I was excited, because the shock of seeing the little fellow dead. He was laying there, his little socks... The little boys over there, wear little bitty trousers, up like this, like they used to here, and real heavy ribbed stockings. And his little foot had went plumb through his sock, like. And his foot sticking out, his little limps crooked up like that, his little mouth open, his eyes way back in the back of his head. And he was laying like that, and his tongue hanging out, the blood was running out of the side of his mouth. And there the little fellow lay. And his little, kind of boyish-looking kind of hair cut, little crock... We call it down in the South, "a little crock hair cut," like the Finns, very typical.
And I looked at the little lad. And I thought, "There's something about that lad." I started to move on. And He spoke again. And I looked around again; they was fixing to take him up. They was going to try to get him out. And I happened to look, and I said, "Oh, there he is." I said, "I remember that lad." I said, "Brother Moore, look back here in the back of your Bible, and Brother Lindsay. What was wrote in there? You remember that vision I told you in America of a little boy going to be raised from the dead?"

E-24 I said, "Look." And they looked in the back of their Bible, and there it was, just exactly. The boy was a little poorly-dressed boy, about eight years old. Brother Bosworth you here, you remember, that night a little boy drowned down there in Florida, and they took me out to see if that was him. Brother Bosworth, if you're here, raise your hand, somewhere. If I--I'd just like to see if you're--if you're here in a vindication. Yes, there he is up there. All right. You remember it.
Now, when he, the little boy, they took me out, and I said, "That's not the little boy; he's about five years old, and black-headed. This little boy has got brown hair, real big brown eyes, set in like that." And I said, "He's going to be all mashed up." And I said, "It seems like it must've been a car accident, and then, look at this place here." I said, "This was a rocky country where rocks was lapped around one another, and great big tall evergreen trees. And there's none of that here." And that was just an irrigation ditch where the little lad was drowned down there. So when I seen this lad, I knew that was the boy. And you don't never know how you feel then.
Now, there was a boy dead, been dead for quite awhile. But the Lord, almost two years before it happened, had spoke His Word, that the boy would be there in that kind of a place, and that would be the boy. Oh, my friends, you'll never know how it feels to walk there. Then you know exactly where you're at.

E-25 I said, "All right." I knelt just exactly the way He showed me to kneel. And I prayed, and I said, "Heavenly Father, over in the lands of America, You showed this boy in a vision and showed what would take place. Now, I ask You to confirm the Word, that Thou has spoken."
"And death give back this boy his life." The little boy jumped up and was well, not a thing wrong with him, went on to school. Why, that shook that place, till it was, my, that night they had... As I went on down, I was so shocked. He and I had taken a walk. And that night, when I come back, they had to put guards way down underneath to get me, to get me to the place where it was at, where the meetings was.
I will never forget Brother Baxter, in moving in that night, we had prayed for quite a few. And there the Lord would speak way out there to those Laplanders, and tell them where they was at, and what they had done, and so forth like that, around through the building. They'd just scream, throw away their crutches, get up out of their chairs. They didn't want to be prayed for. They knew the Lord was there and that's all they wanted. And that's--that's all... They was... Well, Brother Baxter, that night, after we left that place, he picked up a load of crutches, and sticks, and canes, and things, that they'd throwed up there, till he held them in his arms like this, and held them up. And Brother Baxter was standing right there, ver... uh... witnessing this.

E-26 And then, I remember, that night, coming in, Brother Baxter, on the road coming in, my brother was with me. He was bringing me back and forth to the church. And so, he went in to tell Brother Baxter, I was there, and some guards taken me through, up through a little dormitory, or what... little place was. And as I was going through there, Finnish behind me, and Finns in front of me. And they were marching... And those people standing there, on the street... When I'd come down... Here's what gets me. To see the respect of a foreigner to God, and then think the irrespect of many of our American people to the Lord.

E-27 They say, "Holy-roller, fanatic, and divine healer," and all of that. They don't realize. That's what makes hurts me. Oh, if this America could only come back to God... We're a great civilization, but we're living on back experiences, back reputations. That's right. The termites has eat the foundation out from under us nearly. The only thing that'll ever save America, is an old fashion God-sent revival. I don't mean going through and shaking hands with the people. I mean being born again, and breaking up the things, and getting back in the path where we ought to be. And that I doubt, we'll ever have.
Now, notice, because that I'm--I'm not... understand prophecy of the Bible, that isn't my line of work. I only understand as He tells me, and things, it's for a personal thing. That's the reason I have a--a wonderful Bible teacher here before me, who places the people and everything right on God's Word. For this is God's Word.

E-28 And then, anything, that's to the nations, to all people. Now, if there's anything personal to a people, then secondarily is prophets. See? Now, that's true. The gifts in the--in the church...
But that night, going through, there was a little girl stepped out of the girls, ladies rest room, and I heard something. And I looked around... Now you mothers... And she stepped out, a little Finnish girl, her little chopped up hair where she had cut it, probably with the scissors, and she had a little skirt on, or a little skirts hanging down, rags, about that--that hanging from them. And she was on two crutches, and she had a big thing around her like this, and this one leg had no use at all; it hung free. And it was in a--a brace that run down through a shoe, and a latch was in the toe of the shoe, that come back and went over her shoulder, and hooked back here in this thing, that went around her. And then, how she walked, she'd set her two crutches out, and take her little shoulder, and throw that leg, and it would go out like that, and the steel braces would hold her, and she'd make her step. I looked at that poor little thing. I--I tell you: my heart just bled. And she looked at me, and her little baby blue eyes. She ducked her little head down; she thought she had done something wrong.

E-29 Because they had warned, coming the down street, they'd just stand there, and the people'd just raise their hands, and tears running down their cheeks, when you just pass by: representative of God.
And today, a minister come by, say, "Hey, there goes that holy-roller." That's the difference between Finland and America in respect of Jesus Christ.
All of our songs out here, is all some kind of this old jazz music and everything, screaming out. You can't even go in a restaurant and eat without that stuff going on. It's a shame. I go in one, I see it, I turn around and go out, if I can, get away from there.
No, sir. That kind of stuff leads right down to destructions. The devil is in that thing, and it'll finally pull you into it. Shun the appearance of evil. Now, you're going to think I'm a holy-roller, sure enough. But I'm telling you, brother, I'm warning you to keep away from all things that pertains to sin. That's right.

E-30 Now, then in there, their songs are even in minor. Everything, they trust God for everything. And the only nation that's respected us enough to pay the debt back, and even when they was war with us, sent the check right on through, God-fearing. God be merciful to Finland. Then... He is. He is.
Then when I seen that little Finn come out like that, she bowed her little head like that. I knew she wanted to come to me. But them Finns trying to push me on. I said to them, "Just a minute." And I looked at her. And she looked up, kind of like this, to see if I'd went on. I was standing looking at her: sweet little thing of about ten years old, about a little older than my little Rebekah, back there. All crippled up...
And I found out later, she was a little war orphan; her father and mother was killed. The--the Russians killed her father and mother. And she was just a war orphan, straying about. And there... When she...

E-31 I motioned for her like that. She couldn't understand nothing I said, and I couldn't understand what she'd say. So I motioned to her. And she put her little crutches out like this. She threw her little limb like that. And I just stood still. The other two officers went up there and stopped, and looked back. But I was standing here, and the other two standing behind me. She walked right up to where I was. And I wondered what the child was going to do. She walked real close to me, about like this, and she stopped; she had her little head down. She set her little crutches out; she got a hold of my coat like that, raised it up, and kissed my coat pocket; and dropped it back down like that. And pulled, it was a very typical little Finnish... She pulled her little skirt out like that and said, "Kiitos" that means "thank you".
And I was... Looked at the little thing. I looked again. God would have to respect faith like that. Just couldn't go... And I looked, and I seen the shadow above the little girl. And I seen her going walking off, just as normal.

E-32 And I said, "Sweetheart, you're--you're healed, honey. Jesus Christ has made you... And the Finns kept pushing like that; they thought I was taking too much time with the little girl, and they supposingly singing: "Only Believe," in there in the--in Finnish, and kept on.
And I thought, "O God, surely, someday she'll understand it." And I went on in. That night, after the... Oh, they'd been called several times in the prayer cards. Then I was just about ready to go. And Something said to me, "Call again."
And my, my brother got me by the coat, said, "Come on. Come on."
I said, "Just a minute. Let's call ten more peoples." So I said, "Call for prayer card number so-and-so."

E-33 All, just then. And I said, "Now, while you're getting ready, I'd like to have a drink." And I heard something rattle, and God in His all wise providence, the next little thing on the platform was that little girl. That was her card, she had a card in her hand, waiting. I didn't know where the little thing was. She'd got a card. Howard had give her card; after even the meeting had started, he give her the card. And there she was next, and here she come, hobbling towards me; the tears running down out of her little blue eyes like that, hobbling to me.
And I said, "Sister Isaacson, repeat my words." I said, "Sweetheart, you was the little girl was out there a few minutes ago." She nodded her head, yes.
I said, "Jesus has healed you, honey. You go over there and have someone take those braces off. You can walk, all right. You're healed. And so, while they went over, I said, "Call the next lady."

E-34 And Howard brought the next woman. While the Holy Spirit was speaking, the ministers were over there, unlacing these things. That leg, from childhood, from baby, infant, had absolutely been helpless, couldn't use it at all. And somebody got her these braces and things, that she was wearing (and then some charity affair), and then, when they took the braces off, here she come running across the platform with crutches and braces in her hand, screaming to the glory of God. Up-and-down the steps she went, just as hard as she could go. Jesus Christ had made her well.
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now I'm found,
I was blind, but now I see.
It was grace that taught my heart to fear,
It was grace my fears relieved;
How precious did that grace appear
The hour I first believed!
Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
It was grace that brought me safe thus far,
It's grace that will take me through.

E-35 Our heavenly Father, we come to Thee in the Name of Jesus our grace, the all-sufficient One, the provided Lamb of God, Jehovah-jireh, God's provided Sacrifice, Jehovah-rapha, God's healing. God's all-sufficient One, the mighty One, the El-shaddai, the bosom, how we thank Thee, O God, for ever sending Him to us. We poor aliens, alienated Gentiles carried away with dumb idols, two thousand years ago were raw heathens. We Anglo-Saxon people cut off from God without mercy in the world, and now, by the death of Him, now we've been brought nigh to God, insomuch that we'll be called sons and daughters of God: grace
It does not yet appear what we shall be in the final end, just how we'll look. But, we know we'll have a body like His, for we shall see Him as He is. Glorious body, without sin, without blemish, without temptation, made, fashioned like His own glorious body, oh, how we groan to be clothed upon.

E-36 And now, Lord, tonight I pray for the unsaved, and for those who just been saved, for those who are way along the road, and may, they be blessed, Father. And now, tonight as Your humble servant tries to represent Thee here in a Divine gift that was given at birth, we believe, foreordained before the foundation of the world... For we understand that gifts and callings are without repentance. Not some man standing, not laying on of hands, or some error, for it always fails. But, God, when You call, You call us to repentance, and we repent, and be filled with the Holy Spirit, then it's not man's idea; it's God's grace to us. We thank Thee.
And now, bless, tonight. Stir faith. Heal the sick. We've asked You today to give us a glorious meeting, and I pray that You'll continue to bear that before You tonight, Lord, in these next few moments as we call the sick and afflicted here to pray for them. May the Holy Spirit move all over this audience tonight and heal every sick person. For we ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen.
All right. The little lady at the organ, if she will... Billy where are you at? And now, everyone on praying ground, raise your hands. Everybody is in favor with God, raise your hands and say, "Praise the Lord." All right. Now, pray for me, will you, as I pray.

E-37 Now, what was the... E, from what? One to fifty. All right. He give out prayer cards E awhile ago in the building. I guess they're scattered, or especially, I think he said these rows right in here, is the one's that... I seen a tag hanging down there, something reserved for the sick.
All right. Now, prayer cards E-1, 2, 3, 4, let about the first fifteen of you stand up here. That's about as many as we can stand at a time. I noticed last night, I called about twenty-five or thirty, and some of the people were so tired, they had to set down before we got in.
From E-1 to E-15, first. Check down here, ushers and so forth, among these people here, that's can't... Some of them are here in cots, and, or, stretchers and some in chairs. And now, turn your card over. Look at your neighbors card. He might be deaf, and can't hear his number called. So E-1, E-2, E-3, 4, 5, on up to fifteen line up over here to my right, if you will. All right.
Now, the rest of you, from beginning at that same number, look around to your neighbor, and see where the next fifteen's at. And now, you wait just a little bit, till I get through with these, then if we can we'll call for your number, immediately after that. Be ready for that time.

E-38 Now, while they're lining up, I've saved a Scripture here, to read. Listen, at the disciples speaking to Jesus in Saint John 16. The disciples said unto Him, "Lo, now speaketh Thou plainly, speaketh in no proverb." Now, listen. "Now are we sure that Thou knowest all things, and needest not that any man should ask Thee, by this we believe that Thou comest from God."
Jesus answered and said unto them, "Do you now believe? Do you now believe?"
I want to ask you as Jesus' disciples, and I am one of His disciples. You are one of His disciples. Jesus Christ the same, yesterday, today, and forever, He does the same things here today, as He did when He was here. Is that right? Has He proved it to you this week? If He did, say, "Amen." Do ye now believe? Then let us give away every fear, every doubt, give over to Him, now, our hearts. Will you do that?

E-39 God in heaven knows that there's not a person in this auditorium right now, that I see, that I recognize, or know anything in the world about. You're all perfectly strangers to me. I believe this young man here, has been here a couple nights or something. I don't believe I know the organist. I believe there's a little girl, kindly had her hair cut down the other way. I don't you. All right. I know no one along the lines there, nowhere. There maybe some people here, knows me, but God knows I can't see one person now, that I recognize, anywhere in the building, not a one of you.
They say, Mr. Bosworth's way up in the gallery there, somewhere. But I--I can't even see him, 'cause it looks dark back in that way. Standing here, it looks different from you're... the light is shining on me, and that blinds it out there, till where I can see back. I can see people, but not too plain.

E-40 Now, if Christ is the same, which we know He is, then He can do tonight, what He done when Philip came to Him at the beginning of His ministry. Is that right? Philip said, "Could any good thing come out of Nazareth?" Or, I mean Nathanael.

E-41 Philip said, "Come and see." Jesus was standing in the prayer line, as He usually did, perhaps, praying for the sick. And when Philip come along to Him, or Nathanael, Jesus looked at Nathanael coming up the prayer line, or wherever it was. He said, "Behold, an Israelite, in whom there is no guile." Is that right? Why it astonished the man. In other words, if I'd say it tonight, I said, "There's a good truthful Christian."
Why, he said, "Whence knoweth thou me, Rabbi?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree, I saw you." Is that right?

E-42 Now, what if Nathanael would've said, "Now, wait a minute, He's reading my mind. It's psychology, or something, or mental telepathy."
Why, the story of it would never be written. But he said, "Thou art the Christ the Son of the living God." Is that right? Are you... Have you as much as faith as--faith as Nathanael had tonight?
When the woman at the well, when He ask her, "Go bring Me a drink."
She said, "It's not customary for You Jews to ask we Samaritans." He was trying to carry a conversation with her. Said, "It's not customary for You to do that."
Then He said, "If you knew Who you were speaking to, you'd ask Me for a drink. And I'd give You Water you don't come here to draw."
She said, "The well's deep."
He talked to her a little bit. Then He went right straight to her trouble. He said, "Go get your husband." Is that right? That's where her trouble was.
She said, "I have none."
Said, "No, you got five. And the one you have now is not your husband."
She said, "Sir, I perceive that You're a prophet." And she ran into the city, knowing that the age was there.
She just said, "Messiah cometh." and she run in, said, "Come see a Man, Who told me all I ever done."

E-43 Well, He didn't do that, in so many words. He told her one thing. But if God could show Him what one thing was, God could show Him what all things are. Is that right?
So she said, "Isn't this the Christ?" And the men came out and brought Him in the city. God give us some more Samaritan women tonight.
They run out to find out. And when they talked to Him, they said, "There's something different, that Fellow don't talk like other men." So they knew that was the Christ.

E-44 They said, "Now, He's just talked. He's not done any miracles. But we believe that He is." Then Christ didn't do any miracles. He waited and sent Philip down there, and He let them have a big revival with Philip. Then right in the middle of the revival, God said, "Philip, come on..." The Holy... The Angel of the Lord said, "Philip, come on out here in the desert awhile. I want to talk to out here. I got one man coming down for you to see." And Philip went. Is that right? How strange.
Now, Billy bring them. Did you get all? Everything? If not, well, let's... you just.. Friends, you're just have to line up, I guess. All right.
Come, lady.
Now, now, I'm going to ask you one thing tonight, if you will. Be real reverent, real reverent. And as--as you are, don't stir around, unless you have... Just keep it, just a minimum if you can.
Now, I'm sure that all you Christians can appreciate... Brother Baxter, I would if you'd move up just a little closer, so you can be in prayer, if you will, feel a stain just now. All right. In there, and pray if you will. I... Brother Baxter has been with me so long, every human being... That's the reason we take people from the platform, every human being has a spirit. You can tell it, wherever it is, it's--it's just pulling from everywhere (See?) when He comes. Now, be reverent.

E-45 Here stands a lady. I don't suppose I know you, lady. I guess we're strangers are we? You were here last night for your first time. First meeting you was ever in of mine. She said, "She was here, her first night. She was in a little David meeting, but she was never in my meeting, and wasn't here till last night. And tonight is on the platform."
Now, the woman is perfectly a stranger to me. I never saw her in all my life. I know nothing about her. Now, God can, by His mercy, if He sends Jesus tonight to speak to that woman, Jesus can do for her, just like He done the woman at the well, or Philip. Is that right? Now, He can. God knows I cannot. But if I... If that electric light was made a light, it can't light itself. It takes the current to light it. Is that right? Well, there's a light there, a window, and it gives light too, but not that kind of light, because it wasn't made that way. You're just as much Christian as anybody else. And we're all Christians together by faith in Christ; but we had callings for certain things. God made this woman to play the piano, Brother Baxter to preach the Gospel. I was born as a seer. That--that kind of chokes brother. Would you pardon me, just a moment. Let me get this to you just a minute. It's--it's just something, little wrong here somewhere. You're not getting that right.
I want to ask you a question. Look this way, just a moment now, till we get this... Let's get the meeting leveled out. How many of you...? Here.

E-46 How many in here ever dreamed a dream? Let's see your hands? Dreamed a dream? Well, there's at least two-thirds of you. Now, you say, "Well, they all..." No, sir, there's some people that doesn't dream at all. Is that right? Some people never dreams a dream.
Now, what is dreaming? Let's take it, in the scientific stand. We're taught that a dream is your subconscious in action. Here's your real conscious, your first conscious. And when you go to sleep here, your subconscious comes on. Now, God can deal in dreams, but it's not too accurate. He did with Joseph, and King Nebuchadnezzar, and Joseph the foster father of Jesus, and so forth. He did. And many times, if there's an interpreter of dreams, dreams are all right, if they're of God, but they're not too accurate, especially in this day.

E-47 Now, if we had an interpreter of dreams, it would be fine. Just like speaking with tongues, if you got an interpreter, fine. If you haven't keep still. See? Now, let everything be in order. Now, here's the first conscious. When you go to sleep here, you dream of something over here. You dream of something you done back here. Then when you come back to this conscious, you remember what you dreamed about. Is that right? Many of you in here has dreamed dreams, twenty years ago, and still remember it. Is that right?
Well, then, you actually had some part of you, some makeup was somewhere and seen something that bears yet on your mind. Is that right. That's your subconscious. Now, look. Now, a normal person dreams, because when you are here, you're subconscious, they say, is set this far from you. Now, the man that doesn't dream, say, his subconscious would be plumb back to that wall there. He sleeps so sound that he never wakes up. A noise doesn't wake him. But a person that dreams, is not altogether asleep. Did you know that? A dream only lasts a second or two. But it's just between waking up and--and asleep. You see? It's your subconscious in there. Now, listen close so you won't miss this.

E-48 Now, that man can't help because he doesn't dream. Neither can you help because you do dream. Now, look. God made you that way. Is that right? Now, what if I told you, "Dream me a dream." Could you do it? No, sir. Yet, you dream dreams. But I say, "Dream me a dream." You can't do it. The one who puts a dream upon you, has to do it. Is that right? How many understands that far, what I'm talking about? Now, let... That's right.
Now, look. Now, you begin to be germitized, as your body, in your great-grandfather, the germ begin to begin to become active. Did you know that? Why here, Levi, paid tithes when he was in the loins of Abraham, his grandfather. Is that right? See? Now, if you germitized in your great-grandfather, come out through your grandfather, down to your father, then in, and that's how you become germitized for your body.
But your spirit, your soul was made up before the foundation of the world, when God made man in His image. Now, a person that cannot dream, his subconscious is there, that's God's way of doing it. The man that does dream, his subconscious is here, he can't help it. But a seer, that's borned a seer, His subconscious is neither back there, nor here. It's right here with him. You don't go asleep. You're wide awake and see it. Now, who understands what I mean? See? It's not laying on of hands. It's not in imparting spiritual gift, as the error is going across the country today. That's wrong. If you believe me to be a prophet sent from God, hear my word: That's an error, no such a thing. Gifts and callings are without repentance. God ordains them; God has set in the Church. See? All right.

E-49 Then a seer is born in the world, and his whole makeup has come down here, that he does not go to sleep; he just breaks from one conscious to another, and God moves in on that conscious and shows a vision. Now, how many understands what I said and... Now there it is.
Now, see, I can't do it, God has got to break me from this, into this. I can't help 'cause I had blue eyes. I like brown eyes, but I had blue. God give me blue eyes; I have to be satisfied with it. Whatever He makes you, that's what you are. All right.

E-50 Now, be reverent. And you Christian people here, tonight, know how to pray, pray for me, for this is your Lord Jesus, and my Lord Jesus, that we're trying to let the people see that He is here. And may, by His grace, He come down and vindicate that I'm telling you the truth. Will you believe it?
Now here, come here a minute, sister. Now, I don't know whether God will or not. If this woman can be told what is wrong with her, and no way at all for me knowing it, will you believe that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever? God grant it now. Longer you talk to people, of course, more is said. Just keep talking, just keeps more said.

E-51 Now, I want you to come here, sister. I just want to talk to you. Now, can you hear me, all over the building? You watch that, Brother Baxter, if you will. Can you hear me way up in the galleries from here? Way up there in the top in the balcony, can you? That's good. Thank you. Thank you, brother; you're doing a good job on that.
Now, all of you, even in there, be in prayer. Now, I mean in silent prayer. You can watch until I ask you to bow your head. Now, lady, I want you just to look at me. See? It's just... Because you're human; I am a human. And we both have... Well, we got to stand before God someday. We've got to give an account for our lives. And now, you have a human spirit. I have a human spirit, because God ordained it to be that way. Now, but, if there's any sickness, maybe you got something I don't know. Maybe you got cancer. Maybe you got some kind of female trouble. I don't know what it is. But whatever it is, that's a disease, which is the devil of the darkness. That's right. It's of darkness. It's not of light. Sickness is of darkness, to kill you. God is Light, Who brings Life.

E-52 Now, in here, and You're conscious that Something is near, you're conscious something is going on. Now, that's the Angel of the Lord. Now, He can reveal to me, what is wrong with you, if He desires to. If He doesn't, I can't. But being... Yes. Now, now, the--the lady is moving right back from me, just as fast as she can go. She has... She's got something; it's some kind of headache trouble. And she's... It's something hurts her up here all the time, like a heartache, sinus, or something that's causing a headache. I see her rubbing her head. Is that right, lady? Now that, if that--if that was right, raise up your hand so the people will see.

E-53 Now, I never seen the lady, but I seen a lady, she holds her head like this, and she has severe pains in her head. And another thing I noticed, now the lady leaves again. You're--you're extremely nervous, aren't you, lady? Real nervous? Uh-huh. I see you very much upset about something. Now, just... I see you when something has just... Say, don't you have a loved one in the hospital? A man, a husband, it's your husband. He's just been operated. Is that right? Isn't he a veteran, or something, in some kind of a veteran hospital? Is--is that right? And say, I see what's make... God bless her soul. You just lost a boy, haven't you? A boy, he was in the navy wasn't he? Drown out in... Is that true? God bless you, mother, go, your headaches has ceased. God has blessed you, and may He, as this dear, poor, little war mother, bless her in Jesus' Name.

E-54 God be merciful. Poor little thing with her heart full. Every Christian in here, ought to give God thanks for that poor little mother. Her boy just recently died as a hero. I seen a ship go up, or something another. And I seen the mother standing above, was weeping like that, a young fellow gone.
Oh, friends, how can you disbelieve? He's here. He knows all things. You can't hide your life from Him now. The Angel of God Who I speak of, is right here now. All right.

E-55 Come here, sir. I suppose we're strangers too. We are. Now, I--I couldn't heal you, sir, if I had to. Only thing I can do, is to pray to God for you. And if God would show me what was wrong with you, well, I could tell you. If He didn't, I couldn't. Of course, you know that. I'm--I'm a stranger. You're aware of that. The reason I talk you, just so the anointing gets started on swiftly, so I can get to the people. You understand. You should, you're a minister of the Gospel. Is that right?

E-56 I see you stand in the platform. You've had a nervous breakdown haven't you? Isn't that right? All right. Just a minute. I see someone standing near you. It's your wife. And she's... she suffers too. And she has a gland trouble, or something. Isn't that right? Is she in the audience? Isn't she kind of a--a--a woman that's... She's got on a black hat, and she's got little flowers like in front of it? And she wears glasses, doesn't she? Go put your arm around her; lay your hand on her; both of you go home; you're going to get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Let's say, "Praise be to God." God's grace extended to the people... Have faith in God, and you shall see the glory of God. All right.
Bring the lady. You believe? Now, lady, if God will reveal, the Holy Spirit's here, you believe with all your heart? If God will speak what's wrong with you, you'd accept your healing right now. You have something wrong, you're--you...?... cough--asthma, is that right? Is that right? If it is, raise up your hand. You accept your healing? Come near, mother.

E-57 Lord Jesus, seeing her poor old heart beating, knowing she wanted me to ask You, I pray that You heal her. And may she go off this platform and not suffer anymore in Jesus Name. Thank you. God bless you, sister. Go, believing now. All right. Is this... Is that the...
All right, come, sir. All right. You believe me to be God's servant? Of course, you're wearing glasses. Anyone would know something is wrong with your eyes. Anybody with crutch, or something another would know they were crippled. 'Course, I know there's something wrong with your eyes; you wouldn't have glasses. But I want you to talk to me just a minute, maybe there's something else wrong, that the people can't see.
Now, do you--you realize, sir, something is going on, don't you? You know that you're in the Presence of Something that you've never been in the Presence of before. Is that right, sir? Raise your hand if it is. No one can stand this near, and know that Jesus Christ isn't standing right here at this platform. And that's true. Now, you look this way, sir. That--that won't hurt; that's the thing that'll... Anything could ever heal you, it'll be that what you feel now. I... Yes, sir. I see you trying to get out of bed or something; there's something wrong with your back. Is that right? []

E-58 Main thing I want to tell you about, when I was praying for that man, and his back being in condition it was, and at the same time, you had a strange feeling, because you suffer with arthritis, is that right? I mean you did suffer with arthritis. He healed you while you were setting in the chair. Go on your road rejoicing, and you can be made well.
All right, come. Do you believe? All your heart? What made you jump when I said, heart? You suffer with a heart trouble. Is that right? That's right. It's a... Really it isn't no gases. It's absolutely shows that it is, the examination shows that it is enlargement of the heart. Now, go on your road, and Jesus Christ make you well. You want me to pray for you, and I'm going to do now. I wasn't reading your mind, but I know what you were thinking.

E-59 O God, I pray that You'll heal her. May this heart trouble cease in Jesus Christ's Name. I ask it to go from her. Amen. God bless you, lady.
Now, look. Not... Just so that this audience might know; you were thinking there, of what the Angel told me, if "you will pray for the sick." See? And that... Isn't that right? Raise your hand up if that's right. See? It's not... You can call it whatever you want to, all right. God bless you. God bless you, sister. Go home, get well now.

E-60 You call it mind-reading if you want to; Jesus did the same thing. You believe it. He perceived their thoughts. Is that right? Well, what's mind-reading? Not that little old spirit that's setting out here on the corner here of the devil, making a mockery out of something, that's a counterfeit that the devil has; but God has the real thing. Remember that always. All right. Everyone be reverent now.
Come. Little laddie boy, God bless his little heart. You want to get over that eye trouble, do you? All right. Come here, just a moment. Our heavenly Father, I bless the little lad, and I pray that You'll heal him and make him every whit whole. I lay hands upon him. I know if You were here, You'd lay Your hands on him, and he'd get well. So in a representative way, I ask for his healing in the Name of Christ the Son of God. Amen.

E-61 You need healing too, brother. Lord Jesus, this poor man is suffering here with this spleen, prostate, bladder. God make him well in Jesus Christ's Name I pray. Amen. Go, sir. It stopped now. You can be made well.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
There's something the matter, Brother Baxter. See? That's the second time He's called... pulled me around to you. Don't know what it is... Two times today, the Holy Spirit's pulled me to Brother Baxter, that was one reason I had him set there awhile ago. He was setting behind the curtain today, and when I walked in the room here to preach the Gospel, it was the Holy Spirit begin to move over the audience and healed. You know that, called the people, where they were, and what they--was the matter. Just spoke to Brother Baxter, to... again.

E-62 All right, come, lady. All right. Stay near. Do you believe me to be His prophet? Look this a way then. If God will tell me what is your trouble, will you believe me to be His prophet? Wouldn't you like to get over your diabetes? Is that right? All right, if He's here, and His mercies are here... God, I pray for the blessing of God to rest upon her, and may she go be healed in Jesus Name, amen. God bless you, sister. Go now. Have faith and believe. All right.
Come, sir. All right. Do you believe with all your heart? You... Well, you believe that God has sent me? I--I'm just representing Him, sir. You understand? There's nothing I could do to heal you; only I would know what was wrong with you. Your life and what you've done, could not be hid right now, sir. That's a Divine gift. You're conscious that's something is going on. You are suffering with heart trouble. You have a heart trouble. Then you have a--you have arthritis also. Is that right? All right. Do you believe if I will pray for you now, that God will make you well? All right, come here.

E-63 Lord Jesus, realizing the seriousness of this case, of this poor man, I pray as I push myself against him, as Elijah laid on the child that was dead. I ask, Lord, that this heart trouble cease, his arthritis get well, his other troubles cease to be. And may the man live and serve You all the days of his life, in Jesus Christ's Name, I bless him. Amen. God bless you, brother. Now, go, rejoicing, happy, and thanking God for your healing. All right.
Let's say, "Thanks be to God."
Come, sir. As you walked to me, I seen something moving. And here's what it is; you're anemia, your blood. And one thing, you're a nervous person too, not the kind that shakes and carries on, but the deep thinking kind. Is that right? You're always, as the old saying, "crossing bridges 'fore you get to them," building up things, never happen. See? And, sir, you--you can't hide your life. I know you. Not... I never met you in my life, is that right? Sir? You were at the Flint Campaign. Of course, I never met you, I guess, there. Or did I? No. I never met you. All right.

E-64 You believe that He will heal you now? Upon the basis of that, you believe He's present. You believe that, what you feel right now, is Him? I'm not reading your mind. It's Jesus Christ standing here, that knows your life. Is that right? Come near.
Lord Jesus, have mercy on the man. May he come to Calvary tonight by faith, and may God through the mercies of Christ, heal him just now as I bless him in Jesus Christ's Name.
Now, sir, as you go, go rejoicing. Go, be happy. Sing songs all day long. You're that quiet type of person, which would hurt you a little later in your life. You go on, and just start singing hymns, and rejoicing, testifying of your healing, it'll leave you. God bless you, sir. All right.

E-65 Come and believe. You want to get over heart trouble, sir? Raise up your hand say, "Thank God for healing for me." Now, as you go off the platform, keep that testimony, He's bound to do it, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
All right, sir, you wanted to get rid of the same thing, didn't you? Heart trouble! Just keep moving. Saying, "Praise the Lord for healing me." Praise... God bless them people, I pray.
All right. Come. Isn't it strange, you with the same thing; but and also you're a diabetic. Is that right? You want to be well? Raise up your hand, say, "Thank You, Lord." All right, go on keeping that same testimony, you've got be healed.

E-66 You want to get over the diabetes, lady? You do? Raise up your hand, say, "Praise the Lord." Now, turn around the other way, go off the platform, saying, "Thank You, Lord. Thank You, Lord."
How many of the rest of you want to be healed out there the same way? How many out there hasn't got a prayer card, raise your hands? Anywhere in the building, wants to be healed, I challenge you this. In the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, without a prayer card, without a calling to the line, to this platform, if you'll believe, and firmly believe, I will believe that God will manifest Hisself to you, out there, before we call anybody.
Do you believe it?
This lady setting here with your hands up, an elderly-like lady, pocketbook laying on your lap. Do you believe me to be His prophet? You haven't got a prayer card, I see. You--you believe with all your heart? Thank you. That's what the Angel said, "If you believe that it is true..."
Now, you look straight to me, a minute. You're straight in front of me. Yes. You're suffering with a nervous condition. Is that right? A mental nervousness, is that right? And it caused you great trouble, and you get real weak, don't you? And you--you do quite a bit of praying, trying to get over it. You were disappointed recently. Let's see when. Yes, you were disappointed in this meeting last night, if I'd have made another call, you had a prayer card last night, and didn't get one tonight. Is that right? Is that true? Then raise to your feet; Jesus Christ has healed you where you're setting. Amen. Now, go.
Have faith in God, dear people. Have faith in God.

E-67 That little lady setting behind her, there. Yes. Shocked you didn't it? The reason that I called you, young lady, is because that you suffer with the same thing she did. You were healed just then. You have a nervous condition. Isn't that right? No prayer card... And... Is that right? All right, no prayer card... Stand up on your feet, just minute, I'd be sure, there's so many calling there. Yes, you are healed. You had the same thing she had; yours is caused by menopause, starting through the change of life. Now, is that true?
Raise your hand, say, "Praise the Lord," then. All right, go home and be well. The elderly mother setting there, she kept crying, like, that's your husband setting next to you. You believe with all your heart? Isn't that right? You're both suffering it the same thing, hardening of the artery. Is that right? No prayer card... Raise up your hand, if you do. Raise up your hand, say, "Praise the Lord." Go home and get well then, in the Name of the Lord Jesus.

E-68 God is here. Have faith in God. Some of you sick people in here, pray. Look this way. Now here He goes, right across this a way now. Oh, can't you see That, friend. Looks like you should. Standing right before me now is a Light, and in that Light stands a woman. It's her eyes. It's settling. Here it is, right here on the end of the row, that second row setting there. The woman has something wrong with her eyes. She's setting there praying, she didn't realize that... Is that right, lady? Stand up. Jesus Christ has made you whole.
You setting next to her there, what do you think about this all? You... Are you sick? You want to be healed. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? You do? Stand up on your feet a minute. Do you believe? You should. All right, look this way. Do you believe me to be His prophet? I can't heal you, but you can't hide your life. Is that right? You are a believer of the Word.
You suffer with an ulcer in your stomach. Is that right, wave your hands. It's a peptic ulcer, which is caused from a nervous condition. Go on out, and get you a hamburger, and eat it, and go on home. Jesus Christ makes you well. God bless you. Have faith in God.

E-69 Little lady setting there next to him, what do you think about this all? Do you believe it to be the power of God? You do? All right, you're suffering with arthritis, aren't you? Isn't that right? Stand up on your feet. You did have it, Jesus Christ has healed you of it now. Go home and be well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Have faith in God.
What about you there, lady, you setting there with dark glasses on. I guess that, no, it isn't, well it is your eyes in one way. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Do you believe with all your heart? You do? Stand up on your feet, just a minute then. Look this way.
No, you have dropsy. Is that right? If it is wave your hand back and forth this way. All right. Go home in the Name of the Lord Jesus receive your healing. God bless you. That's right. What do you think? The man setting next to her, do you believe me to be God's prophet? Do you believe God will reveal to me what's wrong with you? You don't have any prayer card. All right, if you don't have any prayer card, and believe that I'm God's prophet, stand up on your feet a minute. Look this way. Yes, you're suffering. You're suffering with headaches? Is that right? Migraine headaches, it bothers you all the time; constantly pain. It's left you now, has it? Go home; you're finished with it. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Hallelujah.

E-70 The Almighty Jehovah God, has sent His Son Christ Jesus to manifest Hisself to the people. Tell me, He's here. You believe these things to be Truth?
Have faith in... Somebody way back in the back, you think it's anybody back there sick? Anywhere you may be, believe God. I'm looking at you in the back, not looking at you in the way that You think. As Peter and John said, "Look on us."
Elisha said to Jehoshaphat, "If it..." Or to Ahab's son, Jeroboam. "If it wasn't, I respected Jehoshaphat, I wouldn't even look at you." You know what I mean, Christians?
I look back there. Have faith. I see the Angel of the Lord standing in the back of the building, a Light, moving around over somebody's head. I see a woman appear right here before me; she's wearing a white blouse. She's suffering with female trouble. It settles down. It's over a woman, just about three of four rows, this way, and about three or four in this away. A woman with a white blouse, sitting right through here, I see where It's hanging right over now. Stand up, back there, Lady, right back there, about the fourth one in. There you are, that's the truth. You--you had a female trouble, didn't you? You are healed, go home in the Name of the Lord Jesus. You are healed?
Anywhere, Almighty God is God.
I see a little girl holding up her hands there that's sick. Have faith in God. Do you believe? Can't see... Something crossed me up on the child. Just a minute. I see a child standing before me, oh, it's--it's a girl, but I can't see... Something happened. [A man says, "Please, no pictures while Brother Branham is praying--Ed.]

E-71 Just a moment. Where was I at? What happened? [A man says, "For a child over here."--Ed.] What was it? ["For a child over here."] Don't do that. If the Angel of the Lord comes in a flash, in a Light, and I... Don't do that, ever who it is, I don't... I'm not calling you out, but don't do it, it shoves... knocks the vision off of me, just a moment, attracted my attention, just...
Now, just a moment. O Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, Author of Life, send Thy blessings just now we pray, through Jesus' Name.

E-72 Just a moment. Be in silent prayer. It's a mix up. I see two little girls; here they come. There's God's grace. Oh here, it's the little girl setting right here in front of me. She's--she's got something wrong in her throat. It's the little girl right here. Yes. Isn't that right, lady? Say, hasn't that little girl just been operated on, or something another? Is that right? In the throat? Is that true? And don't she have something, I see something running from her ears. Is that right? And she has adenoids also. Is that right? Are you... You're the mother. Is that true? All right, raise up your hand. Put your hand on the baby, in the Name of Jesus Christ, go home and be well, child.

E-73 Do you want to get rid of that sinus trouble, setting there, sir? You want to get over it? That's what you had, because I see you holding your head. Is that right? Stand up on your feet. Go home now, and get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus.
Here comes that little girl again. Just a moment. Oh, here's the little girl setting right here. That little girl has something wrong with her eyes, doesn't she? Is that right? And doesn't she have something wrong with her throat too? Is that true? You're the mother of the child. And you have something wrong with your eyes. Is that right? Lay your hand over on her. What's making you feel that way? Christ the Son of God, makes you whole. Have faith in God.
The lady sitting there with diabetes, do you want to get over it, lady? You believe with all your heart that Christ will make you well? All right, sir, stand up on your feet. Get over the diabetes in the Name of the Lord Jesus. Have faith in God.

E-74 There's somebody, I believe it's the lady setting second from you there, has some bowel trouble or something, something wrong in her intestinal. You believe with all your heart? If you do, you believe, lady? Stand up on your feet. It is a bowel trouble, colitis, with adhesions. Raise your hand like that if that's true. Go home. And Jesus Christ make you well. Hallelujah.
Sure, I see these little boys here with polio and so forth. What about the lady? You have faith? You believe?
Look this way, dad. You look to me. Have her turn this way. Do you believe me as God's prophet, lady? I can't heal you, you're laying on a stretcher. But God can reveal your life to me. You believe it? Do you believe me to be God's prophet? You've been sick. You've had something wrong in your lungs: pneumonia, had a relapse of it. Stand up on your feet. Take that wheelchair, that stretcher chair, and go on home, get well in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

E-75 A challenge for my Lord. Who would disbelieve Him, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the valley, the Bright and Morning Star, the Alpha Omega, Who that was, Which is, and shall come, the Root and Offspring of David?
Are you ready to be healed? Do you believe? Believest thou this? Lay your hands over on one another.
Almighty God, Author of Life, Giver of every good gift, send Thy blessings, O God. Heal in the Name of the Lord Jesus. And now, Father, as I stand here, the hour is getting late; my body's weak. O God, Who created heavens and earth, I'm looking for You...?... be this now. You promised. I believe You. I've ask You today.
I believe we receive what we ask for. Now, may the Holy Spirit move through this audience just now, and heal every person in here, Lord. May the sick be healed at this minute, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
Now, Satan, I adjure thee, in the Name of Christ the Son of God, come of every person in here.

E-76 All of you that believe that you're healed in the wheelchairs on the... Here's a lady up out of a stretcher, walking, glorifying God. Every one of you that believes, stand on your feet and accept your healing. That kidney trouble is healed. That back condition left you. The cancer is gone.
Christ, the Son of God...