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Jonesboro, Arkansas, U.S.A.
E-1 Good evening, friends. It's a privilege to be back here again tonight. Just a little bit hoarse. I haven't been preaching for long time. And last three or four nights I've been preaching pretty hard, so it kinda strained my voice a little. Usually in my services, the manager and them does the speaking; I just pray for the sick. So preaching's something new, you could tell it the way I was handling it, that it was something new to me. But I love the Lord with all my heart. I trust tonight, that He will move in this little group of people, have great blessings for you all. Do you believe He will do it? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] Yes, He will. And now, He knows every one of you. I don't exactly see anybody before me that I do know, 'less it's Brother and Sister Glover, their daughter setting there, is the only one that I remember by face. But God knows every one of you. He knows you since you were born. All the food you ever eat, air you breathe, God gave it to you, all comes from God.

E-2 I was going to speak on a certain subject tonight, but tomorrow night, the Lord willing, I want to start back in a series of subjects in Genesis.
And so I thought I'd just give a testimony tonight, and start the prayer line. So we trust that God will bless. I've been much in prayer this afternoon. So I don't want to get that anointing for the sick a way, just now. I want to read some of the Scripture. It's found over in the 4th chapter of Saint John, 46th verse beginning.
So Jesus came again into Cana of Galilee, where he made the water wine. And there was a certain nobleman, whose son was sick at Capernaum.
When he heard that Jesus came out of Judaea into Galilee, he went unto him, and besought him he would come down and heal his son: for he was at the point of death.
Then said Jesus unto him, Except ye see signs and wonders, you'll not believe.
The nobleman said unto him, Sir, come down ere my child die.
Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy son liveth. And the man believed the word that Jesus had said, or spoken unto him, and he went his way.
And he was now going down, his servant met him, and told him, saying, Thy son liveth.
He required of them the hour he begin to amend.
He said, Yesterday at the seventh hour the fever left him.
So the father knew that it was at the same hour, in which He said unto him, Thy son liveth: and himself believed, and his whole house.
This is again the second miracle Jesus did, when he came out of Judaea into Galilee.

E-3 Can we bow our heads just a moment? Father, we're happy tonight, to be assembled together in Your house. Setting back in the room there hearing Your servant speak of the wonderful things that You've done, our hearts are more than elated to think of the grace that Thou has bestowed upon us, Thy unprofitable servants; knowing that You give us the privilege to accept Eternal Life, be forever blessed in the land that's far beyond this that we live in now. And it is written that, "Eye has not seen, ear has not heard, neither has it entered the heart of man what God has for them in store that love Him."
We pray tonight, You will bless this people. Thy servant being a little hoarse, strain of voice... We pray now that You'll bless, maybe, this is for the purpose that add the most of it to the evening service. Trusting that You'll bless each one here, and may when we leave here tonight, may we be able to say like those who come from Emmaus that day, had walked with Him and talked with Him, yet didn't know it, until He did something and made them recognize it... They said, "Our hearts burn within us, while we heard Him." And may He do something tonight in such a way that everyone will recognize that the resurrected Jesus Christ, here in this spring yule season, is with us alive today: Out from among the dead, alive forevermore, to live and dwell among men, until He manifests Hisself in the rapturing day to take Home His Church when we take on immortal bodies like His. Grant these blessings we ask in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
I was just thinking for a moment of this man, the distress. Perhaps, one time he might've gathered Hisself with a group that didn't take up with Jesus so much. But there come a time when he had need, He must come. So he came to see Jesus, because his son was laying at the point of death. He had to do something.
Jesus said to him, "Except you see signs, you'll not believe."
But the man didn't speak back to Jesus. He said, "Lord, come ere my son die."

E-4 Now, the man... I want you to notice something, get this point in mind. The man wanted Jesus to come down to his home and heal his son. But Jesus did not grant his request in the way that he wanted it. Sometimes He doesn't do it for us that way. You might say, "If I can get in the prayer line... If God will do a certain thing for me..."
But Jesus said, "Thy son liveth." And the man believed His Word. Now, what if the man had not believed His Word? It would've been different. The son would've died. Just like today, if you don't believe His Word, you'll perish. There is His Word, "Whosoever will let him come." But if you don't believe it, you'll perish in your sins. If you can't believe it for your healing, you'll probably die sick, perish in your sickness, young age. But if you'll believe the Word that He said, then you shall have whatever things you ask for, and what He's promised.

E-5 I was speaking this morning to you people, probably the same group. We asked the people to attend their own churches tonight. I didn't come to take anyone away from their church, expecting them tomorrow night again. We want everybody at their post of duty, at their own church. Brother Reed's intention is not to take somebody from somebody else's church. He only wants the sinners who doesn't go to church to come to his church. Those who are already, have a home church... I know Brother Reed, knowed him for a long time. I know how his heart stands with God. I've set across the table from him; I've worked with him side by side, knowing when the anointing of God was on, knowed I got a true friend in T. Richard Reed. If it wasn't, I would've knowed it. And I appreciate him.

E-6 And so, this morning I was telling him of an event that happened over in Finland. A vision had been given here in America. How many was here this morning? Let's see your hand. You remember it then. Of a vision of a little boy being raised from the dead. How that's on the Finnish government. I have the seals from the Finnish government of a little boy had been dead thirty minutes, run over, mashed up, laying on the road in a horrible condition. God, some two years before that, had showed the vision what was going to happen. The little boy was raised up from the dead.

E-7 A few days ago, I was setting with one of the managers, Baron Von Blomberg, a baron of Germany in Saint Petersburg, Florida...?... And he's had a little German boy that he got out from behind the Russian lines, upon the--close to the American zone, where it connects with the Russian zone. He had two young sisters; the Russian soldiers run in was ravishing those girls on the floor. The father run in to take up for them. They shot the father. Taken the girls and the boys up in the camp, put them in a coal mine. Would make the girls push coal out in the day time, strip off, dance before those soldiers at night, naked. One of them lost their mind, the other one, forgot what happened; she died. This little boy made an escape, one day. Though some way got hid over in some stuff, got near the border, slipped out from under a load of stuff, and got over into the American zone. It's been about eight or ten months ago since he come. He could speak pretty good English.
Said, "Brother Branham, the resurrection of that little boy in Finland, sweeps all down through Russia. They all knew about it."

E-8 The other little lad, as I left off on the story this morning, the--the car stuck one of them, run over him, mashing his body up; he'd been laying dead on the road, we... which was raised from the dead. The little boy was taken to the hospital. The night following, the little girl healed with the braces around her, so forth... The people were very elated to see... I couldn't even speak their--their language. And the Holy Spirit raised out of the audience, saying, "That person sitting right there, THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, it come to pass that they did a certain thing, had a certain disease." The interpreter would have to tell it. That would be just exactly right. It never fails one time, never has, and It won't. It can't. It's God.

E-9 Then I 'member going home that night; they'd tried to get me go down to this other little baby that wasn't dead yet. It was on the third day. They'd never washed it. Car struck it by the chin, crushed it against the side of a tree, mashed its little head, concussion of the brain. You know what happens there. It was in a terrible condition. And in the going of this, the little mother, father, was so tore up, till they'd lay at the hotel door; when they started, they'd to pull me over the top of them. Campaign rules to don't go to make calls when we're in the campaigns, 'cause you go to one, it'll hurt the other one. Therefore, put everybody on the level, all come to meeting.

E-10 So the next day this little woman, poor little thing, she was out there. The interpreter, which was a lady, she said, "Brother," she said, "I wished you'd at least go down and say a word of that, say a word to that poor little father and mother. Their little boy has never come to hisself yet; he's laying down there."
I said, "Bring them up." So they brought them upstairs. So we went out there, 'course, they had to talk through an interpreter. And that's the reason I don't have to talk hard meetings.
In Africa we had fifteen different interpreters. I'd say one word like, "Jesus Christ is the Son of God," I'd go back and sit down, get me a drink of water, and rest awhile 'fore it ever got through all the interpreters. One would say, a noise, make a noise, they'd go, "Blump, blump, blump, blump, blump, blump, blump." That meant Jesus Christ the Son of God. Another one would go...?... that was Jesus Christ the Son of God. And to another tribe, and to another tribe, and to another tribe, till it got through about fifteen different tribes of them.

E-11 So I'd go get a drink of water, and talk to Brother Baxter awhile. It was time to say, "And He came to the earth to save sinners." Then I'd go back and set down and talk again. See? So there wasn't much talking to it. Takes a long time to get through it. Any type of a few minute's message, what I'd say in ten, fifteen minutes here, would take an hour half, nearly, to get through it.
So when we were coming down, this little woman met us out there, her and her husband, and she fell down on the floor. She begin to say something in her Finnish dialect. And Mrs. Isaacson said, "She's asking you to come and to make her little boy well." Doctors had done said there wasn't an earthly hope for him at all.

E-12 So I said, "Well, I can't make her little boy well." And so she told her.
And she said, "Well, you raised the other little boy up from the dead. And my little boy is not dead yet."
Said, that's three times that I've seen the dead pronounced dead by doctors and raised up again.
One of them testified over this pulpit when I was first here, second time here, Mrs. Hattie Waldrop. You remember? Phoenix, Arizona. Died with cancer of the heart and colon. The next was a lady, or a man, rather, in my city by the name of Lij Perry, killed in an accident, taken laid out by the doctor, died.

E-13 Hattie was raised up from the dead, living today, worked on the Pennsylvania Railroad. And the next was this baby over here. This lady out here from Kennett, Missouri. I know a lot of them thought she was dead; she might've been. The night the little blind colored girl was healed back there behind the place. You remember the...?... when I was here the last time. Now, she might've been dead; I don't know. I think she was in a coma. She come on down testified, plumb to California about her healing: cancer. Maybe setting here tonight, for all I know. And so, but I don't know whether she was dead or not; I couldn't say.

E-14 But anyhow, I know those three doctors statements that they were dead. Then this little boy, he, 'course, he wasn't dead yet. But he was unconscious, hadn't gained conscious, this was the third day. So then they said, "Come down to the hospital."
Well, I--I said, "It's against the rules for me to leave the place here and go to the hospital. I'm praying for your boy." I said, "By the way, are you all Christians?"
"Why," I said, "look. If the little bo... If you want a favor out of me, find a favor of me first." I said, "If... You ought to become Christians. Maybe God would have mercy on your little boy and would spare his life. But if--if you become a Christian, you might find favor with God, and even if God takes the little boy, he's just a laddie, he's only about six years old." I said, "He will go to heaven; there'll be no accidents up there." And I said, "If you die a sinner, you'll never go to heaven, and you'll never see him no more. But if you... If he dies and God takes him, and you're a Christian, you'll go up to live with Him someday, where there is no accidents." But I said, "Then if you don't, then and--and if... He might spare his life." So they seen they couldn't lose in any way. So they wanted to become Christians. We knelt down and had prayer. They give their heart to Christ. Got up, when they got up from there, then the poor little mother, she was about twenty-two years old, I guess, twenty-three, she said, she come over, mumbling off something to me, and the interpreter said, "Here's what she said. 'She said, Now, go heal my boy.'"

E-15 Well, I said, "That's awful lovely of you, sister, but I couldn't heal the boy." I said, "The Lord Jesus has to give a vision first of what's going to take place, then I'll tell you."
She said, "Go, see vision."
I said, "That's lovely of you, but I can't do that. God has to give it, Hisself."
She said, "Well, you seen vision for other boy."
And I said, "Yes, that's right. But I didn't ask for it. I didn't even know I was coming over here then. God just give it. It was His sovereign will." I said, "Well, I can't do that."
And she said, she said, "Well, come down to the hospital."

E-16 I said, "No, I'll... That would break the rules. I'll go into the room and pray, God can hear me in here, just the same He could at the hospital."
So I went in, started to... She said, "Well, you go into the room, I'll wait till you see vision." That was mighty sweet, but...
I said, "He might not even give me a vision. He might not even speak a thing to me. I can't make Him. It's just if He will."
So Mrs. Isaacson finally got them to go on to the hospital. So they... Instead of going to the hospital they went home. About ten minutes the phone rang. And you ought to see the phones in Finland. It's got a long stick like that; you put it back in your ear, and turn on a crank like this. So they called up, and said, "Has he seen vision yet?"
About ten minutes later, she called again, "Seen vision yet?"

E-17 "No." Mrs. Isaacson said, "It might not even see one. You all just go ahead and serve God and be thankful, and believe your little boy is going to get well."
Well, on down, plumb on till church time, she called about every fifteen, twenty minutes, and asked if I had seen a vision, what was going to happen. I said, "He might, God might tell me, He's going to take him." I said, "If He's going to take him, well, that's all that we can say. Thy will be done."

E-18 So he said... Well, we went to church. And that was the night the little girl was healed, I told about this morning. On the road home, that night, we went up, upstairs. Mrs. Isaacson went to her room. Brother Jack Moore and Brother Lindsay was in a room together. Brother Baxter and Howard, my brother was together. I stay in a room to myself on account of vision. So I just walked in, and I hope if I got some Canadian friends here, that you won't think hard of me.
In Canada Howard had give me some candy, that they had up in Canada, and they--they haven't got much sugar, so it tasted horrible. So he told me, going in that night, said, "Bill, you remember that Canada candy?"
And I said, "Yes."

E-19 Said, "You ought to taste this from Finland." Two little square pieces of candy, I just put it in my hand. I had it in my Bible, and I went on into my room. There's great big marble tables they had, they're very old fashion. And I laid the Bible down on the table like that, walked out. It was about twelve o'clock at night. It was just dusty. Didn't get dark; it was April, done come in almost daylight. They only have one day a year (You see?); six months it's dark; six months the sun's...?... And it's the land of the midnight sun.

E-20 Thousands of Laplanders come down from the Laplands driving caribou, riding in a little sled of a thing. The caribou, the tongue right down between its legs, and here they come riding right along behind it, like that. So they just gathered in from everywhere. Had twenty-five thousand in the Messuhalli. And that evening when I went into the building, around three o'clock, there was a line thirty abreast for six city blocks, solid people, besides the Messuhalli filled with twenty-five thousand. They loved the Lord. Secondarily Arkansas-ers, I said, this morning: love the Lord, come through anything to serve the Lord.

E-21 Then, when I got up, I laid the Bible down, walked over to the window, and you could see them coming down through the parks just a talking and a talking about what had taken place. And they were so happy and going on, and talking to one another. And the women with great big boots on, young girls, and all, and they were just great big thick skirts, they have to wear them winter and summer, just the same. And here was coming down through there, talking and going on. And after while, I raised up my hands; I said, "O great Jehovah God, how wonderful. You're so good Lord, showing a vision to resurrect that little boy, tonight healed that little girl."

E-22 The--a little bit before that, I never told it this morning, one of the chief persons there of the city, like of some officer of some sort, his little girl had been crippled for about ten years from something, a fever had drawn her in the back. She walked kind of like this. And right there in the meeting, God made her whole. She walked out perfectly normal. And oh, it'd been a marvelous night.
Mr. Manninen and... How many takes "The Voice of Healing," seen the picture of the things in there? They'd gathered up the crutches and things, that they'd walked on, in a bundle that big and couldn't hold them like that, for one night's service. As soon as they would see one thing done in the line of supernatural, you didn't have to pray for them; the only thing they done, just get right up and walk out anyhow. They believed it anyhow. You didn't have to... That's the way it is in any other nation besides America. But we're not that way somehow: too bad, but we're not. You know what's the matter? We've had too much doctrine pumped into us. We have to go ask Dr. So-and-so if that's right. He said, "Well, it's theology."
The other one says, "Why, it's mental telepathy."
The other one says, "It's a devil."
Dr. So-and-so says, "It's nonsense."
Another doctor says, "It's of the devil."

E-23 Oh, my. No wonder you can't believe. It's no wonder you can't believe. Quit asking Dr. So-and-so; take what Jesus said. Let that settle it. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.
That's the way the Pharisees and them, they had to go ask the priest whether it was all right to do this or do that. That's the reason they failed to see Jesus and recognize Who He was. Same thing they're failing to see the Holy Ghost today, the same thing. Christian friends, listen: They got churches, and we got everything, but they're failing to see that grain of life there, the Holy Spirit working signs and wonders among His people, what He promised to do. He said He would with us, even in us, to the end of the world.

E-24 Standing there praising the Lord for His goodness, I was looking out--out of a big window; it kind of dusty. You could still read a paper in the street. And I was long about eleven-thirty or twelve o'clock. All of them had done got to their rooms. And I was standing there, looking out the window like this, praising God cross them big cedar mountains there, with my hands up; I was praising Him. I felt something strange. Thought it looked kind of light around where I was standing.

E-25 Looked standing here to my side, and here He stood, arms crossed, looking at me, and setting before me, that wasn't there before, one of those long jars, about that high. And it had two Easter flowers, I call them, I don't know what they call them. Little flowers that come up, that's got a little bell-shaped on them. Yellow and some of them are white, comes up around Easter time. We call them; I believe they call daffodil is the right name of them, but they don't even grow in that country. But there he was in this jar. I thought, "Well, what's that?" And I noticed that one of them laying towards the north was laying flat on the table, down across the big high jar, laying down like this, and the other one was bent down.

E-26 And I looked at Him; there He stood just as He always does. He was a tall Man, dark hair to His shoulders, olive completion, bare-footed, long white robe on, has His arms fold, weighed about two hundred pounds. He's always right under that Light. And He stood there. He was looking at me. And I said...?... around, I started to kneel down; He said, "What did your brother give you?"
And I said, "Two pieces of candy. And I laid them on the other... that table."
And He said, "Eat them." Well, I reached over and got those pieces of candy, and I put one in my mouth, begin to chew it. I was intending to eat it that night, and I just hadn't done it, just laid it down, and walked over there to praise the Lord. And I started chewing that piece of candy, tasted good, swallowed it. And when I swallowed it, that Easter flower that was laying flat towards the north, went "Swish-h-h. [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]," stood right up like that. And I looked at it. I didn't understand it.

E-27 I looked back at Him. He said, "Eat the other piece." And I put it in my mouth, and oh, it was horrible, and yet the same kind of candy, like little blocks of chocolate. And I put it in my mouth. It tasted just like, I imagine starch should taste. Just... I took it out like that, and I noticed this other Easter flower was hanging about half-way down, and it started going down, down, down, down. I took her right on out. He said, "Fail to eat that and the other boy will die too." I put it back in my mouth, and I started chewing real fast and swallowed it real quick. And when I did, this one leaning towards the south went "Swish-h-h. [Brother Branham illustrates.--Ed.]"

E-28 Now, that's just the way the boys fell when they got hit by the car. The one fell to the north, the other one to the south. And there they both was standing. And I looked at Him; I said, "My Lord, I don't understand. What does this mean?"
He said, "Go, call the woman and say 'THUS SAITH THE LORD, your son shall live and not die.'"
Oh, my. He left me. I stood there. I was numb all over, as I was this morning, setting on my bed. I started biting my fingers and feeling my hands. I thought, "Oh, if I can just get to talking I--that I can get talking." And I thought... My lips felt real thick, and I--I looked at my Bible, and I run out to the hall there, let out a big scream. You all know Brother Moore and them; you can ask them. I let out a big scream; first things you know doors being opened, people looking out.

E-29 I said, "Come, Brother Moore, all of you, and Sister Isaacson." All of them come out. I said, "Sister Isaacson, go call that little mother, and tell her,'THUS SAITH THE LORD, her son will live and not die.'"
So she got down at that little old phone there where the lift was, or elevator, what we call it here. They call it lift, thing that takes you up. And she rang this little phone. She rang the home of the mother, and they got news the boy was dying.
So the mother let the baby setter with her little tiny baby, and had went up to the hospital. The hospital is just a house up there, just an ordinary house where they had to put the sick in. So she rang the hospital, and they got her to the phone; they said the boy was dying. Got her to the phone, Sister Isaacson said, "Brother Branham has just seen a vision," and said, "to tell you, 'THUS SAITH THE LORD...'" The little mother was screaming. Said, "Don't fear the boy ain't going to die."

E-30 And when the little mother could get to a place where she could, she said, "How well I know it. We were standing over him just a few minutes ago, and he raised up in the bed. We done washed him; he has got--got a drink of water; we're going to take him home in the morning."
God had done answered her prayer. Friends, I never touched the boy, neither one of them, never touched any of them. It was God in answer to their prayer, that had done it. He only showed me, and said, "Go tell this. Go say this." See there? So that don't make me a Divine healer. I have nothing at all to do with it.

E-31 If I tell Brother Reed here, "You go tell a certain man a certain thing," that would be me sending a message, and some of us are born, friends, to be preachers, Brother Reed, many others. Some of us are born to be musicians. I noticed that young lady tonight, beating on those things there, xylophone, playing the organ, piano. Why, I don't know nothing about that. Why, I wouldn't know if it was in tune or out of tune. I couldn't tell it. God never sent me to play music. But I was born a seer.
Now, they play the music for the glory of God. That's the way of preaching the Gospel. The man preaches It by the Word. And my way is by vision. Won't you believe all the witnesses that God has sent to you? Can't you know that God's in them songs when you sing, that something blesses your soul? Isn't there someone, the preacher's preaching it just confirms everything to you? Isn't that right?
Now, He has other gifts. There is first apostles; secondarily, prophets, gifts of healing, workings of miracles, teachers, so forth. Is that right? All for the perfecting of the Church. Is that true?
Now, don't disbelieve. Have faith in God. God shall bring it to pass. You believe it? Let's bow our heads. Sister Reed...

E-32 I'm thankful there hasn't been a one that's come in in wheelchairs, cots, or stretchers, but what has went out as far as I know. There's one lady sitting here tonight, looks like has a broken limp, something. The Holy Spirit may reveal to her what it's all about. He's the Healer of all our diseases, afflictions.
O Lord, as my mind drifts back now, down across the time of these few years, of hundreds of thousands of people. Well, we're just one day nearer home now. This day is fixing to turn the page. It'll be another day for history, a day that we'll have face yonder at the judgment someday. One more part of the service, prayer for the sick, the altar call...

E-33 Bless Your servants everywhere tonight, the gallant ministers of faith who are standing in the platform proclaiming the Gospel without fear. Bless them through around the world, Lord, throughout all the nations. Send Jesus Thy Son. This old world soaked in Christian blood, the altars are bathed with tear crying, "Come, Lord Jesus." Someday He shall come. We'll see Him.
And now, Father tonight it's my lot to pray for the sick. As this little group has gathered out through this stormy weather, loving You, they've drove many miles some of them. No doubt some are setting here who are very sick. Some are setting here who are wondering. God, may everybody go home tonight happy rejoicing and healed. May the sinners converted, the backsliders reclaimed. May it be a glorious night. Get glory out of the service.

E-34 And now, Almighty God, brought again our Lord Jesus Christ from the dead, sent down His Angel to be a ministering spirit to direct Your servant through this life, may He stand by my side tonight here and manifest Jesus Christ to this audience; for I ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
[Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]... for I was weak, all over the world. The other day I got a letter back from Germany. The lady had been crippled in a chair with arthritis for years. She'd read my little book: "Man Sent From God," was translated in German, Finnish, Swedish, Afrikaans, oh, I don't know.
So she got the little handkerchief; she took the instructions, and pinned it on her underneath garment, put her hand over there. She said, "Now, devil, you get out of here." Jumped right up out the chair and went walking across the house alone.

E-35 [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.] And the baby had a sunstroke, I guess, 'cause about eleven in the day; he was out in the harvest field with his daddy, begin to cry, "My head." They sent him in and he laid on his mothers lap, and died about dinner time.
Elijah had a little room. She'd built Elijah a little room on the side where he could pass by: had a bed in there and a stool, a water pitcher. She took him and put him on the prophet's bed. Good place to put him, wasn't it? That's right.
Her husband come. He said, "Saddle a mule. Go forward now. Don't you stop."
He said, "Don't go over to Mount Carmel, 'cause it's neither sabbath nor new moon. The prophet will not be there in the mountain." He had a cave out there he was staying in.
Said, "That's all right."

E-36 He said, "Saddle this mule and go forward," to the servant, and "don't you stop, 'less I bid you." I like that. "Go forward; don't stop." She an alternative.
So when the prophet came out, seen her coming, he said to Gehazi, his servant. He said, "Here comes that Shunammite." Said, "She's grieved in her heart. I don't know what's wrong with her." Said, "God's never revealed it to me."
See, God don't tell His prophets everything. Said, "God's kept it secret from me." He said, "Is all well with thee? Is all well with thy husband? Is all well with the child?"

E-37 She said, "All is well with me. All is well with my husband. And all is well with the child." I love that. Her baby laying a corpse, but, "All is well."
She knew that was God's prophet, and she knew that that was God's man of the hour. And she knew that God was with in prophet. She knew that. And if she could only get to that prophet, she'd find out why God taken her baby.
I like that. I think Martha used the same thing when she met Jesus.
So the prophet looked at her, and so he... She fell down at his feet. Gehazi jerked her up, around his master like that. Then she begin to reveal to him what had happened.
Now, watch, he said, "Gehazi, you take my staff and go forward. Don't you salute anybody; don't speak to anybody. If anybody speaks to you, don't you even speak to them. And go lay this staff upon the baby."

E-38 Now, Elijah knew that everything he touched was blessed. But now, if he could get the woman to believe it. I think that's where Paul got his handkerchiefs. See? He knowed God was in Him. And Elijah knew what he blessed, what he put his hands on was blessed. That's why we have the order of laying hands on the sick, what you touch is blessed. That's the reason from Paul's body they taken handkerchiefs and aprons. That's the reason the shadow of Peter passed over the public, and they recognized It.
Let's get that Shunammite woman just a little further. I love that case. Look. But she didn't have no faith in the--in the--in the stick. She said, "As the Lord lives, and your souls lives, I'll not leave you." Determined, I like that. Don't you? She said, "I'm going to stay right with you."

E-39 So he girded up his loins and started off. Got over to the home, and everybody weeping and screaming and carrying. Poor Elijah didn't know what to do. Now, watch. He went into the room where the dead baby was laying. And Elijah walked up-and-down the floor, to-and-fro, to-and-fro, not prayer now, walking up-and-down the floor. Then he went and laid his body on the baby's body, his lips against the baby's lips, his nose against the baby's nose, his head against the baby's head. And he laid there.

E-40 God in him... The baby's flesh got warm. He got up, walked back and forth, up-and-down the floor again; come back, laid down across the baby again, his lips against the baby's lips, his nose against the baby's nose, his hands against the baby's hands; and the baby sneezed seven times (Wished I had time to go into that number seven there, but we haven't.), sneezed seven times, and come to life.
God was in that prophet. And that woman knowed if she could ever get that prophet in... God was in His prophet, and if she would ever get in contact with His prophet, she would find out about her baby. And her baby was restored back to her alive again; because she respected God in His servant. Is that right?

E-41 That's why the people got healed from the handkerchiefs Paul sent; they knowed God was in that apostle. They knowed he was not only an apostle, he was a prophet. And they took from his body, handkerchiefs and aprons and laid unto the sick, and evil spirits went out of them, and they were healed. Is that right?
Let's bow our heads. Lord Jesus, here lays before me here, handkerchiefs. Some dear old, maybe, blind daddy, setting out here in a little cabin some where behind a cotton patch, behind a little old cooking stove tonight, waiting for this handkerchief to come... Maybe, some mother out yonder wondering just when the handkerchief will return, with a little afflicted baby laying on the bed as she's bathing it now to put it to sleep; waiting for this handkerchief to return. God look down on the scene's.

E-42 We're taught by one of the writers, that when Israel come out of Egypt, following the command of God, got up to the Red Sea, the mountains on one side, deserts on the other, Pharaoh's army coming and the Red Sea had them trapped. Said, "God looked down through that Pillar of Fire with angered eyes. And the sea got scared and rolled back, and Israel crossed over."
God grant tonight, as I lay hands upon these handkerchiefs, when they touch them sick people, may God look down through that Pillar of Fire again, with angered eyes, and may the sickness leave the people, and they cross over into the promise land of good health and strength. Grant it, Lord. I bless these handkerchiefs in the Name of Thy Son Jesus for that purpose. Amen.

E-43 All right, Billy. Where from? Fifty to a hundred? What was that...?... first part of it? One to fifty? Let's call the second part, last part of that. Let's call that. let's call prayer cards, T, they give out this afternoon. Call from eighty-five to a hundred. We usually get about--about fifteen is about as many as we've been able to get on the platform. And then we get the audience.
Who has got T-85? Oh, 85, 90, 95, that's right. Pardon me. All right. 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, on to a 100, line up first. The rest of you look this way, at me just a minute. How many in here wants to be healed tonight? Raise up your hand say, "I want to be healed, Brother Branham."
How many here say, "I haven't got a prayer card, but I want to be healed anyhow, Brother Branham"? Raise up your hand. Just look a solid mass all up-and-down these lines, everywhere.

E-44 My Christian friend, surely, God has testified enough to you to let you know I'm telling you the truth. If you'll look this way and pray, and believe this story that I'm telling you to be the truth, just accept it. Say, "It's the truth." With all... By the merits of the Bible, by the vindication of science, by what you see yourself.
The Bible said, "In the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established." Is that right? How many says the Bible says that, say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.]

E-45 The Bible said Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right?
He said, "He didn't do nothing but what the Father showed Him." Is that right?
He said, "What I do you shall do also." Is that right? That makes the Bible right.
All right. Here's the scientific proof of it, of this day, same Pillar of Fire. Got a right, you have a perfect right to ask George J. Lacy. You have a perfect right to look into it. I ask you to. Here it is in this book, addresses, everything. Any of those testimonies any thing of them things, they're every one bona fide. Ask them and see. Call them up. If you're a little skeptic, I'll pay for the call.
All right. Then, here the Holy Spirit every night is doing the same things that Jesus Christ did when He was here on earth. Is that right? So there's three witnesses. The Bible, science, and the Holy Spirit here present now to do it. Is that right?

E-46 It would be a sin for you to disbelieve. 'Course, unbelief is sin. It's the only sin there is. See? I don't believe I'll get to that this week, while my boy is lining up the line there. But some of the ushers want to help him? Or do... You got all fifteen of them? All right. I want to look at cards, so they see somebody might be deaf and couldn't stand up (You see?), somebody not with them to point them out.
Now, I want you to be in prayer. I want you to believe with all your heart. Here's one thing that's--that kinda makes me wonder, friend. For a minute, let's just think of how that... Is that the first patient? Just bring them here.
What--what alarms me, is amongst the Holy Ghost people, who's taught to believe in the supernatural, and then when you see God in His actual power, proved beyond a shadow of doubt, it looks to me like everybody ought to fly home to heaven almost.

E-47 But you know what? We set sometime, "Well, that was very nice. Yes, Lord. We appreciate that, Father." go home, as if it was just one of the regular routines of the day. Why? Brother, sister, if it was in Africa, and the Holy Spirit would move out through that audience there, and call somebody, and tell them what was wrong with them, out there, some sin in their life, or something they done, brother, you'd hear screams for four hours; you couldn't quieten them. Everything would fall to their knees and give their hearts to Christ, right there. What's... No--no, not hard to call people to God there, just--just let them see something in the supernatural; that's all they want to know. They've read it in the Bible, and when they see it, then they believe it. But, today, we explain it all away, you know, it's something else. That's the reason we're not getting anywhere. That's the reason we haven't got any revival in America.
I heard Billy Graham make that statement a few days ago. Said, "I went all around over the country, everywhere, but we didn't have no revival."

E-48 I thought, "Yes, Billy, that's right." Next time I get to talk to him, I'm going to tell him why. That's right. If he'd have done what George Jefferies told him over there in London, England, "Teach the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and stay put." He'd stay there. That's right.
When he stood by Lewi Pethrus, and sit right by my side, he said, "I'm going down to England and receive the baptism of the Holy Ghost myself." All right. If he'd get that started, 'fore those people freeze him to death out there. I feel sorry for him. That big bunch of ministers try to keep him squeezed down; I believe the boy would really get out, but he's tied down. He knows what's the truth. So far, God... Pray for them boys. Pray for all.
There's one of the boys, Hyman Appleman; I want you to be sure to pray for him, I'm to meet him in a few days. God gave me a vision about him. All right, already.

E-49 All right, lady. Now, won't you come here, just a minute, my sister? Now, when you people come, I don't want you to come like you're coming to touch a totem pole or something. That won't work. No. There's nothing here. I'm just your brother. No more in the sight of God than any thing, or that microph... Well, I'm more than a microphone, of course, 'cause we're human beings, son and daughter of God. But when you come, I want you to believe that you're coming into His Presence. And I want you to come with a reverent true heart, believing with all your heart, that God is going to do something for you. Then ask God and you'll receive what you've asked for. Come reverent. Come like Martha did, when she fell before Jesus. She said, "Lord, if You'd have been here, my brother would not died, but even whatever you ask God, God will do it."
There you are. There's what you are.

E-50 Now, lady, you being the first patient tonight, perhaps, let's take a drama, you and I, and talk a few minutes. If I... If we were living back in Bible times, and now, you've walked down the street, and you'd seen Jesus of Nazareth, He was wearing this suit of clothes, this shirt and tie, you'd walk up to Him, and you'd say, "Lord, have mercy on me."
Now, I don't know what's wrong with you, there might not be nothing wrong. If there isn't, be assured, He will tell you about it. See? If you're just here to deceive, you'll find out what takes place in a few minutes. All right.

E-51 So if you're deeply sincere, which I believe you are, if you would walk to Him, He would go to talking to you, like I am. He'd say, "Why, woman," something another, He'd carry a little conversation with you like He did the woman at the well. Then He'd go right straight to where your trouble was and tell you. He'd say, "Well, you--you're living in sin," or you... you've did a certain thing, or you got tumor, or you got TB, or--or whatever it might be. He'd tell you what was wrong with you. Then He'd say...
You'd say, "Lord, wilt Thou help me?"
He'd say, "I can, if you believe."
You'd say, "Lord, I believe."
He'd say, "Now, according to your faith, be it unto you." Is that right? That's--that's the way He done. That's right.

E-52 So if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, He just moves on His servants and does the same thing. It's the same Jesus. Come just a little bit if you will, just a little louder on that now. That's right.
There's something about that song that the Angel of the Lord loves. I've looked at the woman three or four times; there's no response nowhere. So He just isn't here yet so for the anointing. Now, let's you and I talk just a minute. And then, maybe, He will speak to us.

E-53 Do you--do you believe that--that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever? And you believe that God could make me know your life? You believe that? Now, you know I don't know it. 'Cause I don't guess I ever met you in my life. We're strangers to one another. But if God could let me know it, and if He would, would it make you happy? Make... Then would that confirm... If I've told... Now, look here. I want the audience to get this. This woman a stranger, I a stranger, now, if you could just get it, this one woman right here ought to settle it for the whole night, if God will do it. He might not speak to a one. I don't know. That's up to him. But if He and this woman... Turn this way. Lady, I don't know nothing about you do I? I'm a perfect stranger to her. And I'm a stranger to you all out there. I don't know nothing about you. But if the Holy Spirit would reveal even one thing, it ought to make this audience say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus, I believe You."

E-54 Now, this... The person don't have to be on the platform here. You people out there, you all without prayer cards now, look this way and just believe with all heart, and just start praying and asking God to help you, to give you faith.
The Angel of the Lord will come even before we start to the platform. Friends, I've told you the Bible truth. I know there's faith in the audience. Just have to wait till I see something break forth over the... We're all home folks, 'cause the church is not even filled up tonight (You see?), we're just setting here waiting.

E-55 Now I want somebody without a prayer card to pray, so that you'll see that it ain't a prayer card you have to have for the Lord to speak to you.
What do you think about it, lady? You, you believe? Well, the lady next to you is praying then; I'll talk to her. You're praying aren't you, lady, the little lady in the blue dress there. Yes. I was trying to get to this lady there, but I... Have you a prayer card? You haven't a prayer card. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? You do. There's really nothing wrong with you, but you're thinking about somebody that's away from here. Is that the truth? Raise your hand. Isn't it a woman that's got complications, just a whole lot, she's nervous and upset and broke? Isn't that right? If that's the truth, raise your hand. About a middle-aged woman... All right. Stand up to your feet. If that's the truth, wave your hand to the people. Now, you go home and lay that same hand on the woman, and she's going to get well.

E-56 Now. Do you believe? Now, the Holy Spirit's here. Now, look this way, lady. You believe me to be His prophet? Yes. I know now what's wrong with you. You're suffering with cancer. Isn't that right? That cancer's bad. And that cancer's on the breast. Is that right? It's on the right breast. Is that right? All right. Go, and be made well in the Name of the Lord Jesus...
Have faith. Now, the Angel of the Lord is in your presence. Have faith.
How do you do, lady. Do you believe me to be God's prophet? Do you believe what I told about that Angel is the truth? You're--you're studying about somebody too. That's your boy. And your boy is a minister. Is that right? He's in a hospital, or a sanitarium. Isn't that right? You're worried about him. God bless you.
Our heavenly Father, we pray that You'll bless the boy. Bring him out. Make him well, Lord. Bless this dear old mother...?...
Have faith in God.

E-57 All right, lady, do you believe? You believe in God? You believe Christ was the Son of God? You believe me to be His prophet? You--you have a tumor. Is that right? And isn't that tumor located on your ear, behind your left ear. Is that right? It don't show from here, but it's right behind... There you are. All right. Now, go and be made...?...
Have faith. Don't doubt. Believe.

E-58 What do you think about it, setting there with your sleeves, rolled up, sir? Do you believe me to be God's prophet? You're setting there crying because you're in a bad shape. You got high blood pressure. Is that right? If you don't get healed, you're going to die of a stroke, pretty soon. You know that, don't you? Why don't you stand up and accept your healing then? If God here, pulls you out of the audience, to say... Now, God bless you. God be with you.
All right. And you realize that you're near death too, don't you? You're just about as bad as you can get with your disease. You have diabetes in the worst form. Is that right? Nothing can help you but God. Will you accept God as your Saviour and Healer tonight? I mean your Healer, rather, you have accepted Him otherwise. You believe that He will be your Healer now? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ may you get well. And go...?...
Don't doubt. Have faith. Now, put your faith up there, brother; straighten yourself up and go acting like you're perfectly normal and well. Hallelujah.

E-59 You believe Him? You have a rupture, don't you, sir, setting there at the end of...? Don't fear, sister, I seen you praying for him. I don't know you; I never seen you, but that's the truth. That's right. This little fellow setting right behind you there, has got a lot of fear him; he don't know; he's real nervous and upset. He has got prostate trouble. You know that's truth. You want to accept your healing too? All right, sir, the Lord bless you. God bless you. God bless you.

E-60 Come, sir. You believe, sir? I believe I find a true heart in you. You believe me to be God's prophet? I never seen you or heard of you in my life. But it's not for you, it's for this baby. Is that right? That baby's been under surgery, operation for a tumor. It's got another one. And that tumor is inside of its mouth, in its jaw. Is that right? And haven't you been writing or corresponding to somebody about... Is--is that right? That's right. Yes, sir. And you was advised to come here and find out about the operation for the baby. I'm not reading your mind, brother, but God's Spirit is here.
Lord God, Creator of heavens and earth, bless this baby and this man...?... may the surgery be successful, may the baby be normal in Jesus Christ's Name...?...
Have faith in God. Every one of you ought to believe right now. Have faith in God; don't doubt.

E-61 Have faith and come, lady. You want to get over that stomach trouble? Go eat what you want to then. You believe that? All right, go do it then.
Somewhere right in there, there's a little girl with some... I see--keep seeing a couple little girls standing before me here somewhere, that's got something wrong with their throat, like tonsils or something. It's--it's up here before me, but I can't tell where the children's at. They must be under somebody. There they are. That's right. That's the two children. Go, fear ye, not, mother.
The Holy Ghost is here. Do you want to be made well?...?... Jesus Christ...?...

E-62 That's the way. That's old-time Pentecostal meeting. Rise up there, sir; God heals you of that bladder trouble, setting right back there. You want to get over that bladder trouble, you, setting right back there on the end of the row? If you do, stand up and accept your healing. Jesus Christ make you well.
What about it? How many here wants to be healed now?