Date: 54-0303 | Duration: 1 hour and 22 minutes
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Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.A.
E-1 Good evening, friends. I'm very happy to be here this evening to minister again in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ, and for His glory. And I'm so happy of this privilege to be out, trusting that it'll be a great time, for His glory. We all like to see Him magnified. That's in the heart of every believer, to see Jesus Christ exalted above everything on earth. And I'm sure that's what our alternative, the only alternative I have in life is to see that.

E-2 And now, as our... Tonight I think that is our last night here in this building. Is that right, brother? And tomorrow night we're to be in the (Madison Square Gardens?) the Madison Square Gardens, in the city. And you have a... It'll be a little more seating capacity, I believe.
And we trust that it'll just continue the meeting, and God will get praise, many souls coming to Christ. This is the--one of the most essential things of any man's life, no matter how much a success he is in business, or whatever he might be, the greatest thing that ever happened to a human being is when he had the privilege of giving his heart to Jesus Christ, becoming borned again and live.
It was in the Old Testament, they had the brass serpent; they looked and lived. And that's what we do tonight, is look and live, look to Jesus and live.

E-3 Now, to keep from taking much time I'm doing something in this meeting and the last two meetings before this, that I have never did since the beginning of my ministry: that's try to speak a little, at night, before the healing service. It does take some of the value off of it, I know, because it's hard coming back from one anointing to another. One of them is under Divine direction of an Angelic Being, by a gift. And the other one is the inspiration of the Holy Spirit in speaking the Words of the written Word of God.
So I just have a little sermonette each night. For I know that my words can fail; I'm a man. But God's Words can't fail, Him being God. And I like to read some of It each night, or at least a portion, which I know that the people in the audience will receive some eternal truth, as long as God's Word is read. The meeting then is bound to have a blessing on it, if no more than reading of the Word.

E-4 And I trust tonight, that maybe just--maybe myself... But it seems to me that--that God will come in our meetings and our, not meet--midst, and manifest Hisself in great power. Last evening, I hardly could get out of the--remember leaving the building, such an anointing. I--I want to--to thank God for your wonderful faith.

E-5 I always know in cities of this type, like Florida, California, Phoenix, there's always a confusion or a--or a something or another. There's so many different people comes in to those kind of places, those summer resorts or winter resorts, rather, with different ideas. And they... No matter what kind of idea they got, they got somebody that'll believe with them. And it breaks up different groups of people and denominations. And in there, usually it starts a prejudice, a feeling of indifference. And that exists in all big cities.
And I know that Phoenix is not immune from those things. But to see this group of people together like this with one heart and one accord, I trust that it'll always be that way, that you'll always... If you'll remember these words that I--I leave you, as my beloved brothers and sisters and co-workers in Christ: You will have to love one another before you can love God. See?

E-6 I was going to leave Sunday afternoon. I left my last meeting to go up to, maybe stop by the Reservation, and I'm wondering if the missionary from the Reservation, couldn't get the people (the Indian friends up there) together. We could have them here for a night in the meeting, giving them a night.

E-7 I remember the last meeting I had at the Apache Reservation. What a marvelous time we had. My heart bleeds for the people. I say this with all love and respect. I don't think there's but one or two Indians sitting in here, as I see. Perhaps they don't understand one word of English. But I believe, if there ever was one time that we--or one thing that's done, that put the disgrace on our flag, would be the treatment the Indian gets. That's right. After all, this is his land. God gave him this. We're the ones that's aliens, not them. Come in by force and took it away from them. The only reason we done it was because they was unorganized.
That's what the devil's doing to the Church, because they're not unity and one together. That's the reason he breaks us apart the way he does.

E-8 My heart goes out to the Indian. I remember, very well, the nights at the Apache Reservation, some six, seven years ago when the Almighty God moved in. And the Indians was wet, plumb around their waists, packing their loved ones across the river, coming daylight in the morning. Being healed... They didn't have to be prayed for; they just wanted to cross the platform.

E-9 I remember an Indian woman, old, coming to the platform. A little Indian boy tried to get around her. They couldn't make him understand he had to keep his place. And Brother Moore just picked him up and set him back in his place. The old Indian woman when she come, with two broomsticks for crutches, pads under the arms. She moved up to me and looked up, deep wrinkles in her face, tears streaking from her eyes, making it way down through the crevices of her face, leaned over--bent over with arthritis on her crutches. Thought, "Poor old thing, that's somebody's mother." I just looked at her as she come up, slowly trying to get to me. And when she got right up close to me, she looked up at me and her lips quivered. She just took those crutches and handed it to me, straightened up and went walking on off the platform, never ask...?...

E-10 I remember real early in the morning, almost daylight. I was still standing, praying. I seen a big fellow standing there, fine, big, warrior type Indian. He was shivering. His lips was blue, wet plumb to his waist. I said, "Can you speak English?"
He said, "A leetle."
I said, "Aren't you afraid you'll take pneumonia?"
"No." Said, "Jesus Christ is take care of me. I brought my dad." He had a board and an old man laying on it, shaking with palsy.
I said, "Do you believe if I'll ask God, that God will heal your dad?"
I said, "Pass him by." Just laid hands on him, went on, called for the next one. In a few moments, happened to look, going out through the crowd, the old Indian brother had the board laying on his own shoulder, waving at everybody, going on, like that. He was healed.

E-11 But you know, a lot of times, we people--the people who are smart and educated, they stop and try to figure all that out. That's the reason they miss it. You can't figure it out. I don't care how smart you are. God's not known by education; He's known by faith. You just look at Him and believe. If you can't see, believe anyhow. That's the way we receive Christ.
May the Lord bless you. You're a very fine audience of people. I wish now, watching the clock, trying to get just as much time in as I can for the praying for the sick. I want you to do something for me tonight. I want you to accept it tonight. Just accept it, regardless of how you feel. Just believe it in your heart and settle it tonight; say, "This is it. This is all of it. I'm now accepting it." Usually they wait till the last night of the meeting to do it; weeks later here come their testimonies in. "Well, you know I hadn't walked for years, but I--I was setting in my room and I... All at once I got up and walked." Well, don't wait till after the meeting's over. Do it now. After you go over, you realize that last night, it's a crucial time. You've got to press hard. That's when it happens. You've got to get desperate about it. You really got to mean it.

E-12 A minister was telling me not long ago, said (he was leaving the city in his car), and they was poor people, like really Holy Ghost preachers usually are. So he had his stuff packed up in the back of the car, and he was moving out, and said... His wife said... His name was Vance, Levi Vance. He'd been healed of a cancer. He was setting on a curb; the hospital had turned him out to die. And a kind woman come along and told him, if he'd come up and be prayed for, he'd be healed."
He said, "I'm a Jew." Said, "I don't care what you are, Jesus was too." And 'course she told him a little error. She said, "Jesus didn't... The blood of a Jew that saved us." It wasn't the blood of a Jew. It was the Blood of God that saved us, not the blood of a Jew. He wasn't no man's Blood. He was the creative Blood of Jehovah God, Who created the Blood cell. He wasn't neither Jew not Gentile by Blood. He was God. God's Blood saved us.

E-13 He went home and he begin to pray over it, think about what to do. And he was studying about it and he heard about the meeting. And he looked around towards the bathroom, there hung a light, hanging there, and a voice spoke, said, "This is my beloved Son, hear ye Him."
He was prayed for that night in the city where he went--he was... He went home. They thought they had the Salvation Army on the back of the streetcar. He had his hat on his cane, going up and down the aisles, just a screaming at the top of his voice. And, my, he was--really was a minister. He said that when he was leaving the city, his wife said, "Levi, I want a drink."
Said, "Well," said, "all right. You want me to stop here."
Said, "No, wait till you get to the next hydrant."
Said, "Honey, here's a hydrant."
Said, "Well, wait. We'll find another one." Come on, till after awhile they got out of town. She got so thirsty, she couldn't hardly stand it. Happened to look way back out in a field, where there was a bunch of cows, there was a--a pump. Said, "You've got to stop." So he stopped and grabbed the cup. And 'fore he could get the car stopped hardly, nearly, she was out and across the fence. She was really wanting a drink then, got to pressing.
Whenever you really get to pressing, that's when God comes on the scene, the desperate hour.

E-14 Now, tonight, I want to read some out of the Word: 1st chapter of the Acts, the 8th verse.
But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you:... you shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem,... Judaea,... Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth.
May the Lord, add His blessings to the reading. Shall we bow our heads while we talk to the Author.

E-15 Heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight, the great Creator of heavens and earth, the Author of Everlasting Life, the Giver of every good gift, for sending Jesus Christ, Thy Son, to this earth to die in our stead, the lovely for the unlovely, the guiltless for the guilty. How we thank Thee, to know that You loved us while we were sinners, and gave us Eternal Life, and now we are His children, and we thank Thee for this. "And it does not yet appeared just what we'll be in the final end of it all, but we know we'll have a body like His. For we shall see Him as He is." Lord, that's the longing of every heart here, I know, is to see Him as He is--the lovely One, to look upon Him. When we can adore Him, and then crown Him our King, and tell Him of how we appreciate Him through the ages that is to come. While He sets on the throne of David, His Father, reigns upon this earth for a thousand years in that millennium... How that we would love to stand somewhere (just give me a place, by the side of a tree), where I can set down and watch Him, and look at Him. That'd satisfy me.
And I pray, God, tonight, that His Presence will be so close to every one here. If there be any unbelievers, may they become truly surrendered children to God tonight. Some are backslid and gone away from the well beaten path. We pray that You will bring them back into the way. Heal all the sick and the afflicted, Lord. May there be no feeble among us tonight. Because that that was included in Thy suffering, Lord. You bore our infirmities. "You was wounded for our transgressions. With Your stripes we were healed." Help us, Lord, tonight to say as David of old, "And forget not all of His benefits. He forgiveth all of thine iniquity. He heals all of our diseases."
Anoint the lips that will speak, Lord, and the ears that will hear. And may the Holy Spirit take the Word of God and give it into every heart just as it's needed, for it is written that man shall not live by bread alone, but by every Word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God. These blessings we ask in the Name of Thy dear Son, Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-16 Just for a--a few moments by the clock, to speak to you about "Witnesses." A witness... Jesus said here, "You shall receive power, after the Holy Spirit's come upon you and then you shall be witnesses unto me." Not when you join the church, you'll be a witness; not when you become a deacon, you'll be a witness; not when you're ordained a minister, you shall become a witness; but when the Holy Ghost is come upon you, then you'll be a witness.

E-17 A witness must be someone with an experience, must know something. In the courts of our land you can't come up and say, "Miss So-and-so told me so-and-so about so-and-so." They'll throw the case out right then. You've got to be either an eye or an ear witness. You've got to know something before you can be a witness. And you've got to know something before you can be a witness of God. And all God-called witnesses are people with experience of knowing what they're speaking about.
And we have an experience of the witnesses of God in Phoenix, tonight and all over the world are those who have experience the resurrection of Jesus Christ. And you can only experience it by the witness of the Holy Spirit.
Say, "How long was it to last?" In Acts 2:38, Peter tells us that this experience was for you and to your children and to them that's far off and even as many as the Lord our God shall call. That's how far the witness should be. And as long as God calls, God-called witnesses must have the experience.

E-18 Now, He didn't say, "I want you to go now and be my witnesses." He said, "You shall receive power, after the Holy Ghost is come upon you, and then you shall be witnesses." See, you must be... You must have a first-hand experience. If I go down here to the--the worst roadhouse or whiskey place that there is in Phoenix tonight (a gambling devicities), and every person in there that would be drinking, I'd walk up to him and say, "What do you think of Jesus Christ?" Say, "The Son of God." That doesn't make him saved.
Then I'd say this, "How do you know He's the Son of God?"
"Well, my mother said so."
"Well, maybe mother was right, but what about you?" See?
If I went out here to a church member, and I said, "What do you think of Jesus Christ? Who was He?"
"Why, He was the Son of God."
"Well, how do you know?"
"My pastor said so."
"Your pastor's right, but what do you know about it?" See, see? Mother's right and the pastor's right. But before you know He is the Son of God... The Bible said no man can say Jesus is the Christ, only by the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost has to witness it to you: must be a personal experience. I hope you see that.

E-19 No matter how much you go to church, how well your name is engraved on its stained windows, or whatmore, or on its book, it'll never mean nothing to you, until you are a witness of the resurrection of Jesus Christ by the infilling of the power of the Holy Spirit. You are taking somebody else's word. Why, I'd say...
"Well, Brother Branham, I know that Jesus is the Christ, 'cause the Bible said so." The Bible is right, but what do you know about it? See? It's an individual affair with every individual. It must be a personal witness that every person must have in order to know that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, is when His Spirit bears record with your spirit, in the Spirit of the new birth, borned again and you cry, "Abba, Father."

E-20 Oh, my. If we had a world like that tonight, the millennium would be on, wouldn't it? That's right. When your spirit bears record with His Spirit that you're sons and daughters of God, then you are witnesses of God.
Someone said the other day, said, "Brother Branham, you believe God by faith. Abraham believed God by faith and that's all that you can do. There is no experience with it."
I said, "Oh, yes, my brother."
He said, "How... What more can you do than believe God?"
I said, "That's all you can do."
Said, "That's what I thought."
I said, "But Abraham believed God. By faith he believed God and God gave him the confirmation of his faith by the sign of circumcision. And we believe God by faith, and God gave us the baptism of the Holy Ghost as a sign of the seal of the promise of our faith." See, see? Ephesians 4:30 says, "Grieve not the Holy Spirit of God whereby you're sealed until the day of your redemption." That's the seal of the covenant now, is the baptism of the Holy Spirit.

E-21 You believe God and say you believe God, and haven't received the Holy Spirit, there's something wrong with your faith. 'Cause God's under obligation to give every believer that repents and is baptized, is under obligation to give you the baptism of the Holy Spirit. And He's more willing to give it to you, than you are to receive it. That's right. So there's something wrong somewhere. You just got a mental faith and instead of a heart faith. For God's under obligation to keep His Word.
He said, "Repent, every one of you, and be baptized in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins, and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. For the promise is unto you, and your children, to them that's far off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call." That's true. And God's got to keep that promise. Yes, sir.

E-22 And He did it all through the Bible age, and He will do it all through this age. For this is the Bible age: the same Bible, the same God, the same signs, the same wonders, the same Holy Ghost, everything the same: "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever." The Author of the Bible, the Leader of the Church, the King of the saints, the Healer of the sickness, He's the same yesterday, today, and forever.

E-23 "You shall be My witnesses," an experience. One time God had give a promise. And God has never been in this world without a witness. He's come down sometime to just one man. But He's always had somebody that had an experience. Somebody knew what they were talking about.

E-24 One time God made a promise to Abraham that his seed would sojourn in a strange land, and be evil entreated, but He'd bring them forth with a mighty hand. And when the day, the time of the promise drew nigh, a Pharaoh rose up who knew not Joseph. (Notice. This is so lovely.) And a man that'd been running from God, by the name of Moses, an old man eighty years old, was living back in the Midianite desert, herding his father-in-law's sheep, Jethro's sheep one morning, and God attracted his attention by a burning bush. Moses turned aside.
Anything that looks phenomenal, to a believer will usually turn aside and take a look at it. The ordinary man would pass by and say, "Nonsense, got a optical illusion." But Moses turned aside to see why the bush didn't burn. And when he drew nigh unto the bush, the Holy Spirit was in the bush, said, "Take off your shoes, Moses, you're on holy ground." He said, "I'm going to send you down to Egypt to deliver My people. For I've heard the groans... and of their taskmasters, and so forth. And I've come down to deliver them." Now, look. "I have come down to deliver them, but I'm sending you."

E-25 Jesus Christ is in the building tonight to perform miracles, but he does it through His Church, His people. "They shall lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover. In My Name they shall cast out evil spirits." Is that right? The commission's given to the Church. That's what's the matter with the Church today. It--it doesn't know its position.
If you knowed positionally who you was and what you are tonight, there wouldn't be a feeble person in here in the next five minutes. That's right. The thing of it is, you're looking off into a millennium for something to happen, when it's already here. "Now we are the Sons of God." Not we will be, we are right now. When? This night. Right now, this minute we're seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus, now. Oh, if you'd only recognize that. And the supreme authority that Jesus Christ has given to every believer. Anything you have desire of, need of, only thing you have to do is ask and receive it. "Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe you receive it, it'll be given unto you," St. Mark 11:24. And that's true. Whatsoever things you desire, when you pray, believe that you receive it. And you shall have it.

E-26 Moses, when he turned aside, looked at the bush, God was going to send him, but before Moses knew, he said, "Show me Your glory." You know, sometimes when God does things, He does it in such a funny way, an odd way, peculiar way to the people of this world, it seems foolish to the carnal mind. How that God does things so--so simple, it just confuses the carnal mind.
For instance, the virgin birth, and many things that's yet got the carnal mind all broke up. They don't know what to think about it. But God does it.
Just like when John the Baptist came. Why, the Scripture said, when the inauguration of Jesus down there, at the river that day, that the... "All the high places would be made low and the low places brought high. And the--the leaves all clapped their hands, and the mountains skipped like little lambs." Just think of it. And what was it? An old woodsman type of a preacher, with the beard out over his face, like a fuzzy worm, and a big piece of sheepskin wrapped around him, standing on the muddy banks of Jordan, preaching repentance. Amen. (No fine, dressed lace, silks, and satins and whatever it was.)

E-27 And there's where God spoke from the heaven, and he saw the Spirit of God coming like a dove, falling upon a Man Who'd been born in a manger. See, what the world call great, God calls foolish. And what the world calls foolish, God calls great. That's right. So don't mind to be called foolish.
'Cause remember. You can't have the mind of Christ and the mind of the world at the same time. You can't be in your way and God's way at the same time. You have to get out of your own way to let God have His way. That's the only way you're ever going to do anything. You got to get away from your own thoughts, your own reasons. Don't try to reason; just believe.

E-28 What if Mary tried to reason about the new birth, or, not the new birth, but the virgin birth. Pardon me. What if she tried to say, "Now, wait a minute. Now, look. I don't know no man. There's never been anyone like that. How would I ever have a child? Oh, you can't tell me that." She never waited for anything. She just took God at His Word and started thanking God for the baby. Before she felt any life, before she felt anything, before one sign was given to her, she just took the Angel's Word and went rejoicing and praising God, telling everybody she was going to have a baby, knowing no man. God give us some more Marys around Phoenix here, that can take God at His Word and start rejoicing before anything happens. That's what you need. That's all. For she was overshadowed by the Holy Ghost. And when the Holy Ghost truly overshadows a person, they take God at His Word. That settles it, what the Holy Ghost said.

E-29 Notice, how was Moses going down into Egypt? Why, he had killed a man down there and he'd been... He'd run out there and been away from it for forty years. And he was wanted down there for murder. How could this man go down there? He said, "Show me Your glory, Lord." And the Lord told him, "Put your hands in your bosom; pull it out." It had leprosy. Said "Put it back." Pulled it out and it was healed; done a sign by a stick.
When God showed Moses His glory, Moses was a witness of God's glory; he was ready to go. And when God shows... Watch what His glory was. His glory--one of His glories was Divine healing. And the other one was performing a miracle with a stick. And when any person that sees and knows and is a witness of God's glory, takes God at His Word.
Moses said, "I'm ready to go." Could you imagine this old man, eighty years old now, white beard down like this, and eighty years old, over on a staff, run back to the house and say to Zipporah, "Wash the kids face right quick, we're heading down for Egypt." Why, I see Zipporah get the two kiddies and wash them, and set straddle of a mule and put a kiddie on each hip, like this. Moses, with an old stick in his hand, and the mule by the halter, like this, the wife setting on the mule with a kid on each hip, on his road to Egypt to take over. My.
"Where you going, Moses?"
"I'm going down to Egypt to take over."

E-30 My, the best military nation in the world, conquered the whole world at the time. Be as in comparison like some little fellow here in Phoenix going over to take over Russia. Be that much comparison, worse! That old man was eighty years old, a white beard a flowing, pulling a mule with his wife, a stick in his hands, tripping along down to Egypt to take over.
"How do you know you'll going to take over?"
"God said so! I'm a witness." His eyes sparkling, he had it. "I know His glory; I seen it. I'm His witness. And I know He can do it. He told me so. So I'm going down to take over." And the beauty part of it, he done it. Amen. He did do it, because he was God's witness (That's right.), the witness of His glory.
And he went down there, looked ridiculous. What the carnal man, I would've thought... I'd imagine seeing some of them Midianites back there, and, "Look at the old fellow. He's a little cracked in the head." But be had seen God's glory. He knowed what he was talking about. And every man that's a witness of God tonight, seen God's glory, takes God at His Word. Going down to take over, yes, sir, and he did it.

E-31 God always gives witness. When Elijah was being taken up, and Elisha come back and felt that garment on his shoulders, and knowed that that was Elijah's garment that rested on him, he walked down to a river there, and pulled it up and smote the river, and said, "Where is the God of Elijah?" He was a witness that that river could open, because he'd seen it done before. Amen.

E-32 We are a witness tonight that God makes the lame to walk, the blind to see, the deaf to hear, cancers to vanish, the power of His resurrection made manifest. Ye are His witnesses. Amen. His witnesses...

E-33 One time the Philistine armies had backed the Israelites up on the bank. They thought... Kinda got away from God. They got a king in there, was backslidden. They begin to teach and get formal, and out in sin and things. Then the Church cools off. The days of miracles was past for them. There wasn't no one... The... All the army backed up, and a big old giant standing over there, by the name of Goliath, saying, "Some of you fellows come out and fight me." He knowed they was all cooled off, wasn't no revival going on, no witness about Him. But God never did leave Hisself without a witness.
Way back on the backside of the desert, He had a little, old ruddy-looking boy, back there. Wasn't very much to look at, I imagine. Here he come walking up to the camp one day, packing a raisin cake in each hand to give to his brothers. That old Goliath made his boast once too often. Yes, sir. He come out and made a boast. And David said, "Do you mean to tell me that you let that uncircumcised Philistine stand there and defy the armies of the living God?" Why? They were scholars and educated, but they didn't have a--there wasn't a witness. David said, "I'm His witness."

E-34 He goes up there to Saul, and he takes him up and said... Saul said, "I'll tell what to do." He dresses him all up in his big, heavy armor, like that, puts a D.D.L.D. (Lat--doctor--Latin), backwards degree and all on him. Come to find out... David said, "Take it off of me. I--I--I don't know nothing about this thing." Come to find out that his ecclesiastical vest didn't fit a man of God. And it don't yet. That's right. That's right. It never fits a man of God, that's got an experience. He don't care about your D.D.'s and L.D.'s. What does that make any difference?
Said, "The thing didn't fit. Take it off. I've never proved it, don't know nothing about it." Don't know about your L.D.'s and D.D.'s and all the other D.'s and whatever you want to call it, don't know nothing about it. He said, "Let me go with what I know about." Amen. That's we know tonight. You don't have to have a great big education to know a whole lot of things. The only thing you have to know is the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Let me go with that. That saved me from sin; it'll heal my sickness. That's all you have to know: know Him in the power of His resurrection. Be His witness. Yes, sir.
Said, "Let me go." And he pulled that old D.D.'s off and handed it back over to the seminary, and picked up his slingshot--what he had proved from God, walked out there and crossed a little branch and picked up five stones in one hand. Wrapped his little, old sling around these five fingers here and dropped the stone into it, here he come. Goliath made a mock at him, and said, "Am I a dog?"
He said, "You meet me as a Philistine, with an armor and spear. But I meet you in the Name of the Lord God of Israel." He knowed where he was standing. He knowed how to meet him.

E-35 Every man, today, knows that he can take the Name of Jesus Christ and meet any foe at any place, any time, and he will be defeated. I've met witch-doctors. I've met demons of all sorts and never seen a time but what they'd bow to the Name of Jesus Christ. Tell you, friends, when the Church lost the Name and the power of the Name of Jesus Christ, they lost it. When they went down... When Moses went down to Egypt, if they could ever got that stick out of his hand, they had him whipped. But in that stick was where the power laid. If they ever got the stick out of his hand, they had him whipped. Remember, it was the stick that smote the rock. It was the stick that they held to the air. It was the stick that held over the waters. It was God's judgment rod. And what--what the stick was in Moses' hand, the Name of Jesus Christ is to the borned again Church. Amen. Get it away from there, and it's gone. Yes, sir.
Oh, that Name, take the Name of Jesus with you, child of sorrow and of woe. When temptations around you, breathe that Holy Name in prayer. Watch demons scatter. Yes, sir. The Name of Jesus Christ...
David said, "You meet me as a Philistine, with an armor and spear but I meet you in the Name of the Lord God of Israel." Watch. He had five stones. He had five fingers, the sling wrapped in: J-E-S-U-S, F-A-I-T-H, faith in Jesus. Here he comes. Something has to happen. I tell you, when he turned that stone loose, the Spirit of God caught into that stone and slew Goliath. Cut his head off, and all the others weakened down. And the armies of Israel took courage and they cut Philistines plumb to the walls. That's what it means tonight: somebody who's got an experience to stand up and to prove the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The rest of them will take courage and here they'll come. Some of you on cots, wheelchairs, try it once and watch the group follow you. Take courage. Go on.

E-36 Little, old fellow, one time, didn't have much of an experience, yet, he just knowed he was an Israelite. His name was Shamgar. He was found over in Judges. Very little is knowed about him, a little--little, bitty verse like that. And the Philistines... Was a time when every man done the way he wanted to, that's just about the way the churches is today: every man do the way they want to. And the Philistines would come in and take out what they had and go back.
Little Shamgar had perhaps raised a good crop that year. and the year before the Philistines come right in and get it.
I can imagine seeing now, with all of his harvest over. And he's got it all fixed in his barn. He's standing out in the barn one day looking around. He says, "Well, I suppose, maybe now we've got our crop in; we've worked hard all summer." And his wife and kiddies standing around; said, "Well, maybe we can eat this winter. What's that coming?" Listens, coming up the road. "What is it?" Tromp, tromp, tromp, tromp, six hundred Philistines, armed men coming. "My, my. Here it is again. Only thing we can do is set back and let them take it again."

E-37 That's the way the devil will do. He let's you build up a little bit of something, then come and knock the props out from under you. The reason, you let him do it. That's all. He's just a bluff. He has no legal right. That's right.
If you've got an experience of God, of the resurrection Jesus Christ, He stripped Satan of every privilege he had, and robbed him of everything he had, took it away from him. Yes, sir. He robbed him and stripped him and give the power to the Church. "Now, go do the same things that I did." That's right. He took the sword out of Satan's hand and put it in your hand. Amen.

E-38 Oh, my. I feel religious right now. I really do. Look. You know the thing... Shamgar looked down there and he seen it. And he thought, "Oh, if I was a soldier now, perhaps, maybe I could fight. But I'm not a soldier; I'm a farmer. I can't... And I haven't got no sword. So what could I do?" He looked around and said, "Well, honey..." His poor, little wife, holding her hands up like this to cry and her elbows all out, and he looked at his little, pale-faced children crying, starve again, that winter.
That's the way it is. Every time get a good meeting started somewhere, here some old hypocrite will come in, and say, "Days of miracles is past; might as well stop this." For... That's the devil. That's right. About time you get the Church going good, somebody slip in, and say, "Now, that's just all enthusiasm. That's just worked up. That's fanaticism." That--that's the way they do it, same old robbers, old Philistines, coming right back. That's exactly right.
Little Shamgar looked. And you know what? I say this to you holiness people: His righteous indignation got up. You know what I mean, yes.
You know, I seen a little sign one time. I was walking into a football stadium to have a meeting. There's a little sign up over the door, said, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight; it's the size of the fight in the dog." That's right. Brother, if you let the devil run over you, he will just show you what size he is. But you get a little grit yourself, claim your God-given privileges in Jesus Christ, and you'll rejoice. That's right. Yes, sir.

E-39 Old Shamgar stood there and his righteous indignation got up, and here they was, tromp, tromp, big, heavy armor. What did he do? He said, "I am a--I am an Israelite. I'm--been circumcised. (In other words, received the Holy Ghost) I'm not a warrior. I'm not a fighter. And there's nothing I can do. Only I know one thing, that God's with me. That's all I know." And he reached up on the mantel and got an old ox goad, a little old stick with a piece of brass on the end of it, you punch the--the dirt off the plow or beat a ox to the gate with it. He jumped out there under the power of the Holy Ghost, knowing that he knowed he had the right, and slew six hundred Philistines. Hallelujah.
That's right, brother. He was God's witness. If God had led Moses, if God had led the rest of them, he was an Israelite just the same as they were. That's right. And mister, you setting in the wheelchair, you on the cot, you here, or back yonder wherever you are, if you're borned of the Spirit of God, you got just as much right to rise from that chair and wheel cart tonight, as any other man has. You're borned again. Get a little grit about you. Stand up. And Jesus Christ standing here in His Word, proving what He is, showing signs, wonders, miracles of His resurrection, what more do we want? Amen.
Oh, I love Him. Don't think I'm excited; I'm not. I know right where I am. Yes, sir. I just feel good. Notice, here he was and he slew those Philistines. Sure, he knew where he was standing. He knew all about it. He knowed what he--knowed what he could do. He knowed what God had promised. And so he wasn't afraid.

E-40 Little did Joshua scare, when he crossed the river there, and seen God open up the river. He was a witness that God could open up the river. And God said, "March around that wall now on the seventh day, let out a big shout and blow the trumpets and the gates are going to fall over." Why, just... Joshua didn't--wasn't scared, for he was God's witness. He'd seen the river open up before, and he knowed what God could do. So he just marched around and... No walls ever fell like that before. Don't make any difference whether they fell or not. He was a witness that God could keep His Word. Amen.

E-41 How... All of you that's got the Holy Ghost say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen"--Ed.] All right. You're a witness God will keep His Word. Is that right? Well, if He will keep His Word there, why don't He keep His Word in healing? He will heal if you'll believe it. Amen. Take it, believe it. Be His witness. That's what He wants. A God-called witness, must have an experience, Word experience. Yes, sir.

E-42 How many times... I was thinking, of Lazarus, after he was raised--risen from the dead. They went to a banquet. And they said the biggest part of the people wasn't looking for Jesus, they wanted to talk to Lazarus; because he was a witness that You could raise from the dead, that Jesus raised from the dead.
And I say in this building tonight, there's at least thousand people setting here, or more, that's a witness that Jesus Christ raised from the dead. Hallelujah. Yes, sir. They wanted to see him, because he was God's witness that Jesus Christ could raise from the dead. And I'm a witness tonight and you're a witness. And God's showing signs and wonders that He did raise up Jesus Christ from the dead. Amen. How do I know? He lives in my heart. How do I know? He showed signs and wonders before the people. How do I know? He's taken me from a life of sin and give me the Life of Christ within me. And I know that He raised from the dead. I am a witness.

E-43 How about the blind man that time, that'd been born blind. Jesus walked up and give him his sight. Why, he was a witness to those Pharisees. They said, "Give God glory. We know this man's a sinner." He said "Whether He's a sinner or not, I don't know. But this one thing I do know. Wherein I was once blind, I now see." Amen. He was a witness that Jesus could give sight to the blinded eyes. And his mother and father were rebuked in the subject, because why? They'd had no experience. That man had experience, the witness of new sight. And every man that's borned of the Spirit of God can witness new sight, new Life, new power. Hallelujah. And those who don't know nothing about it set like a wart on a pickle, because they know nothing about it. They're perfectly...?... Hallelujah. Yes, sir.
He raised from the dead. He lives tonight. He reigns tonight supremely in every heart in every place. Hallelujah. "Now, we are the Sons of God, seated together in heavenly places in Christ Jesus."

E-44 Oh, I want to see Him, look upon His face,
There to live--sing forever of His saving grace;
On the streets of glory let me lift my voice;
Cares all past, home at last, ever to rejoice. (Amen. That's right.)
Amazing grace! how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me!
I once was lost, but now I'm found,
I was blind, but now I see.
Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
It was grace that brought me safe thus far,
'Tis grace that'll take me on.
Amen. Oh, how I love Him. How you love Him. How His blessings is here, soothing over the people. Moving His great Spirit, winding Its way through the hearts of the people, mellowing them together, and say, "Now, have faith and you shall see the glory of God." He said, "If I be lifted up from the earth, I'll draw all men unto me."

E-45 Here, sometime ago, standing in Anderson, Indiana, watching those great plates. A fellow had take me out to see those big steel mills up there above Hammond. And I was watching. And they was doing their millwork and they was working like that; and along, the little whistle blew and every man stopped, and laid his apron up like that, and swept the shavings out into the middle of the aisle. The man said, "Watch, I'll show you something."
I said, "All right." In a few moments, after the whistle blew again, they all went out. He pressed a button, and I heard something going. I said, "Why are they sweeping all those shavings out?"
He said, "Watch, I'll show you." (The shavings off of metal) And so he pressed the button. I heard something coming way in the distance, making a roar.
I said, "What is that?"
He said, "Just wait."

E-46 And there was a track come down or went down through that aisle. And just then out come a great, big magnet, and went down. And it was hanging about that high over those shavings. And they just jumped right up against the shavings, and on they went, over into the cupola where they was demagnetized, and they was dropped off into the cupola again to be melted and made over. He said, "You see how we do it?"
I said, "Praise the Lord."
He said, "Say, what's the matter with you, brother?"
I said, "Something happened."
He said, "It must."
I said, "It did." I said, "I'm thinking today, as I stand here, of a great magnet yonder in the heavens." That's right. Oh, my. I said, "What makes some of them shavings go and the others didn't?"
He said, "Some of them are aluminum. They're not magnetized."
I said, "Hallelujah." I said, "What's the matter with that piece of iron didn't go?"
He said, "You notice, it's bolted down."
I said, "Hallelujah."
He said, "What's the matter with you?"
I said, "Just those who are magnetized by His birth and power of His resurrection, will go to meet Him in the air. And some of these days be magnetized as His witnesses of the power of the resurrection, when these old, mortal bodies will be taken into the cupola of God's Word and molded from mortal to immortality, then we'll have a body like His own glorious body and shall see Him as He is. Why? As a witness magnetized with the resurrection. When Jesus Christ, the resurrected Son of God puts resurrection Life in a man, he's a witness of the resurrection. Shall we pray.

E-47 Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for Thy magnificent grace that's been bestowed upon us--to us unworthy shavings of the earth, cut out of the human family. But, O God, I'm so thankful that the time of the first whistle has done blowed; we're gathering together now for the rapture. Some of these glorious days we'll see Him Who has give us this blessing and magnetized our souls to Him. We thank Thee for being a witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, Who Thou has raised up from the dead, and was seen for forty days and nights and ascended up into the heavens. And with Him went many of the saints, to be with Him in glory, and some glorious day will return again, bringing with Him the redeemed of all ages. Oh, for that day, Lord. Help us to be ready.
And while the night is getting darker, gross darkness over the earth, may we let our light shine. And I pray, Father, that You'll light every soul anew here tonight. And may the glorious power of the resurrection now shine forth in this audience tonight. How that You humbled Yourself, come down, humiliated Yourself, taking upon Yourself the form of a sinful man, and was made flesh and dwelt among us, and they beheld You, the only begotten of the Father. To think how He loved us in that He gave His life for us, and humiliated Himself, that in His humiliation we were brought nigh to God. Through His poverty we've been made rich.
And we are thankful that He said, "The things that I do shall you also; even greater, for I go to My Father." And, O Lord, I pray tonight that You'll manifest Your power, not that You have to, but that Your Word might be fulfilled. For it is written, that You've come that did these things, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of the prophets.
Now, Lord, may the signs of the Messiah appear here tonight, that it might be fulfilled which was spoken of Jesus the Lord, "The things that I do, shall you also." For we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-48 All right. I trust that God would bless you and help you, and let you know that down deep in the human heart there's a desire to be--to be close to God. Mine is too. And now, if there was anything that I could do to help you, Christian friends, oh, I'd love to do it. The only thing I can declare to you is this now (just before we call the people to the platform for prayer): I stand firmly to say that Jesus Christ is not dead. He's alive forevermore.
If He laid in the grave and they stoled His body away, then the Jewish version of it is right. If He doesn't keep His Word, the Jewish version is right; the Mohammedan religion is as good as ours; so is the Buddha and any of the rest of them, as good as ours. But thanks be to God, that in this dark hour we have the proof of His resurrection.

E-49 Jesus, when He was here on earth, He said... We watched what type of Person He was. He wasn't a man of... He was a marvelous speaker. But not a educated man. He spoke with a common language. He dressed like a ordinary man. He didn't dress like the priest or some of the religious people of that day. He just dressed like an ordinary man. People couldn't tell Him from anyone else. He just walked through the crowd. He had a beard and so forth, just perhaps like the rest had, as far as we know. And no--no Scripture saying that He was dressed any different...
Two young ladies, I think, made Him a robe one time, throughout, wove it without a seam. He lived in it, slept in it, and died with it. Now, we'll... And the soldiers gambled for it at the cross. But when He was here on earth, He was a man of sorrow, acquainted with grief. He had so much persons--different characters in Him, till they was no one could ever paint His picture right, I suppose.

E-50 I think... I'm saying this with, humbly with grace in my heart towards you. In visions I've seen Him twice. Hope I see Him again before I die. And twice, two years apart... There's no artist could paint His picture, character, looked like a man that when He would speak, the world would break in two, and yet, so humble, when you look at Him, you could cry to look at Him. See? So I don't think the artist could catch that. But anyhow, we love Him. And He loves us. And the whole--His whole being is love. And when He was here on earth, He was a perfect, obedient Servant. He was obedient even to death because of His love. He was the Father of mankind, and how could He do anything else but love them and die for them, being the Father of mankind?

E-51 So we seen Him. When He was here on earth, He said, "It's not me that doeth the work. It's My Father that dwelt in Me, He doeth the work. I do nothing of Myself." St. John 9--5:19, He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father doing. Whatever the Father is--shows Me, that I go do. The Father worketh, I worketh hitherto." Therefore, He did not heal anyone Himself. He said He only did as God showed Him a vision on what to do. And He said... Now, another thing. He was a great mind reader, not the mind reader out here on the street, as I said before. That's the devil's work.
And by the way, there happens to be one of them setting present tonight. But by the way, a mind reader... As Jesus, He perceived their thoughts. And He knew what the audience was. A woman touched Him one time by faith. He never felt it. But He turned and said, "Who touched Me?" That right? He looked over His audience till He seen who touched Him. He said, "Thy faith has made thee whole." See? Is that right? Now, all these things that He did, He said, "You shall do also." Said, "A little while, and the world will see Me no more; yet, you'll see Me..." Who's you? "You shall see Me, for I will be with you, even in you, to the end of the world: Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever." If that isn't plain Gospel preaching, I don't know what is.
Now, if He raised from the dead and living in us tonight, the same works that a vindicated Him, will a vindicate His Church. These signs shall follow them that believe (Is that right?) to vindicate His Church.

E-52 May He come tonight in His great blessings and Presence and bless you all. And may the Angel of God, Whose picture is taken here on this, may He come. To my opinion, that's just my opinion, it could be wrong. He's never told me; but that same Light come over the crib, my mother told me, when I was about three minutes old. And the first thing that I could ever remember in life, was a vision. It's been all my life. And It's never one time, has It ever told me one thing but what was perfectly the truth. And that's... It's God. You see, It isn't me; it's Him. And that, just because that picture's there, where I was at. And because, that... See, you and I are brothers and sisters. It's with all of us. It's right here tonight. I see It over all of you many times. See? That's right. And It's there to bless you and to help you.
To my opinion, the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, for any Bible reader in here knows that that was the Angel of the Covenant, which was Christ. That's right. And He was made flesh and dwelt among us, said, "I came from God; I return back to God." Is that right? "I return back to God."

E-53 Watch the New Testament Christian, how he lived, Paul: visions. He was started one way, got between straits, a vision, "Come over to Macedonia." Out on the sea fourteen days and nights, no moon, the stars, all hopes of ever being saved was gone, and the Angel of the Lord come to him, said, "Don't fear, Paul. You must be brought before Caesar." How little Paul, and the ship still rocking, water-logged and everything; shake his little hands like that, and screaming, "Be of a good courage. For the Angel of God stood by me this night and told me. Wherefore, I believe God, sirs. It'll be just as it was showed me." See? The same Jesus Christ today.
While Paul, looking upon someone, preaching, "I perceive that you have faith to be healed." Peter... Ananias and Sapphira come in with a big lie all fixed up. Peter, being the Spirit of the Holy Ghost on him, he rebuked their sins and told them what they'd done. You see this practically the same thing night by night, the Holy Spirit revealing, showing.

E-54 Oh, aren't you happy? Why we should be the most happiest people in the world, that we are Christians, living in this day, friend. Don't look for anything greater. You can't have no greater than the Holy Spirit. You got it right now. Just love it and embrace it. And--and let it--let it move for you and help you. Now, each one, what little faith you got tonight, turn it loose. Let God have His way with you. And God will grant it.
Now, if I have testified the truth of the resurrection Jesus Christ, He will testify of me if I--that I have told truth. Then, if He testifies that I have told the truth, then every one of you ought to believe on Him. Now, remember. Here's my words to you: that every person--every sinner in here is already saved, been saved for nineteen hundred years. But it'll never do you no good unless you accept it. And every sick and afflicted person in here, the Blood of Jesus Christ is in Calvary, right now. You were healed nineteen hundred years ago. It'll never do you no good until you accept it. You just accept it and believe it and you'll get well. May the Lord bless you.
[Brother Branham speaks to someone about the prayer cards--Ed.] What's the...?...

E-55 Prayer card N was give out. Let's take the last fifteen of them, 85 to 100. Where is the... See if we can get to fifteen of them tonight, if we can. Who has 85, prayer card N-85? N-85, this lady here? All right. Come over here. N-85. 86, N-86, who has that prayer card, raise up your hand? Somebody look at the other fellow's card. It may be it's deaf or dumb or can't get up out of the chair or something or another. N-86, would you raise up your hand ever who has that prayer card? Look at your neighbor's card, would you, friends. It's a little blue card. Just turn it right over, and it's got a--it's got your name on one side, and on the next side it's got a--a number, a letter N. N-86? That's right. Come down and look, some of these people setting in the wheelchairs. See, they may--may have it. N-86? 85 is already in line. 86? 87, who has N-87? You have 87, sister? Come over here. 88? Who has N-88? 89? Now, is that 89? 90? 91? N-91? Is that it? 92, 92, who has 92? N-92? 93? All right. Who has 93? 93? 94? N-94? 95? 96? N-96, anyone? 97? All right. 98? 99? 100. All right, fine.

E-56 Now, we'll try those and see when... All right. I believe there was one missing in there. Check and see which one was missing; let's see which one. We usually try to get as... You see, sometimes people say, write me a card and say, "Brother Branham, you called it, and I was trying to get somebody to get me there and nobody got me there." And then they feel real bad about it. Maybe they was deaf and setting there, and couldn't hear so they just passed by. And they feel real bad about it when their prayer card's called. That's the reason when I... We call misses, we call them, we'd like to get as much response to it as we possibly could.
Now, you don't have to have a prayer card to be healed. A prayer card has nothing to do with your healing. The prayer card is just merely to keep you lined up here.

E-57 Now, if you will, sister, while we're quieting now, let's all in reverence... How many believes that Jesus raised from the dead? He's a living God tonight. Thank you. Amen. That's right.

E-58 Sure everything... Hoping to see you tomorrow, at the other building, God willing. Now, pray for me. And I have to, of course, wait a few moments to see if the Holy Spirit will come. I'm just like other men. And it has to be a Divine gift. And I have to wait on it. You know I'm stalling for something. And that's what it is. Just honest, I might as well be now, 'cause it'll be then, you'll know it. So I just have to wait for Him till His blessings anoints me, and then I can know. But now, may He grant this, my sincere prayer, not for my glory. Remember, He is listening to every word that's said. And not for my glory, or for no other glory, but the glory of God, that His people might know that He has risen from the dead and lives among us tonight in His resurrection.

E-59 Have a glorious vision that came to me a few mornings ago I want to tell you before I close the services. That same thing...
And now, in the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I take every spirit in here under my control for the glory and the a vindication of the resurrected Jesus Christ.

E-60 [Brother Branham speaks to Brother Moore--Ed.] Brother Moore, you bring the people here now. Now, He Who you see on this picture (At the day of judgment when the secrets of all hearts shall be disclosed, you'll see this to be truth.), He's not standing two feet from where I am right now. I wish you could feel or know once the sense, that sixth sense, when you're breaking from one into another: from one dimension, one category, into another and know the feeling of the assurance of His resurrection and His power. Everything becomes little to you then. His glorious, wonderful, magnificent, lovely Lord Jesus Christ, praise be unto Him now and forever. The Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley, the Morning Star, the Fairest of ten thousand; He is the one.
All other religions are bogus. All other religions are false. Only Jesus Christ has the right. And He is the Son of the living God.

E-61 How do you do? Well now, if you'll step that up. I don't... Some of them said the other night I wasn't talking very loud when the Anointing come... I don't know. I suppose, sister, you and I are strangers to each other, are we? We don't know each other. Far as I know, I never seen you in all my life. So therefore, we just a man and woman that's met here in this--this journey. And someday we're going to have to meet again (if never again on earth). We're going to have to stand in His Presence and give an account for everything. God have mercy on us is my prayer.

E-62 When our Lord Jesus was here, manifested in the flesh, He walked about as an ordinary man. He eat, drink, slept, got tired, like other men. But when He come from that, in His Divinity He was more than a man. God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself. And God gave Christ the Spirit without measure, but He gives us the Spirit by measure. Then I--I believe that He rose from the dead.

E-63 And when he stood here on earth, He talked to a woman one time. And He, perhaps I don't know why He did it, but I have my idea. She come to get water out at the well. And He said, "Bring me a drink." I think He seen the woman had a need of something or just felt sorry for her. He thought if He could contact her spirit, He might find where her trouble was. Or maybe God had showed Him a vision that she was coming there. I don't know. But anyhow, when He contacted her, He went to talking with her, and after while, He seen where her trouble was, said, "Go, get your husband."
And She said, "I have none."
He said, "You had five."
She said, "You're a prophet." And she went into the city and said "Come, see a Man Who told me these things."
Now, if He rose from the dead, promised that the things that He did, we would also. Now, that was absolutely a miracle, wasn't it? Perfectly, a miracle, just as great a miracle as He ever did, as even raising the dead. Yet, being a stranger to the woman, and yet, proved His Divine Being, because He knew what she was, and that she'd been married five times, or had five husbands.

E-64 It was just as much a miracle when Nathanael came to Him. And He said, "Behold, an Israelite (or a Christian, truthful)."
He said, "How did You know me?"
He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree I saw you." That proved a miracle.

E-65 Then if He is the same miracle working Lord Jesus, He could tell me, what's your trouble, and go right straight to it. Is that right? Would you believe it? Would the audience believe it? May He grant it.
You've got a heart full of sorrow for somebody else. And that somebody else is unsaved. There's a black spot hanging around a--a boy. It's your own son. And he's got both of his legs broke. Is that the truth? It's true. Our Lord Jesus lives, doesn't He? God bless you. Yet there's somebody else that you're concerned about. It's the--someone... I see it coming up from a little girl. Oh, it's--it's your sister. And she's got something wrong with her eyes. And you've got another sister, and she's got something wrong with heart. Go, Jesus Christ is going to make her well. May the Lord God grant it in the Name of Jesus Christ.

E-66 How many out there wants to be healed, that hasn't got prayer cards now? you haven't got prayer cards and want to be healed? Now, just have faith. All I ask you to do, just believe with all your heart.

E-67 How do you do? You give Mr. Moore your prayer card, didn't you? Now, just every one don't be in any hurry. Just take your time and be just reverent. Just keep Christ on your mind, as imagine Him standing right here in the air, looking down this way and directing what I--the thoughts, and what we're saying.

E-68 All right. We're strangers too, I suppose, are we, lady? [The Sister says something to Brother Branham--Ed.] Oh. And so I wouldn't know you no more then just... If you seen me six and a half years ago, I wouldn't know who you were or nothing about you. It'd just be--have to come from God, would be all.
But you're--you're sick now. And I see somewhere, at a--at a doctor's place or something... It's--it's... Oh, it's the... Your trouble is something about the stomach or adhesions. Foods won't go down. I see it coming back. Is that true? Then there's something wrong in the liver. I see it through an X-ray, that he's pointing to it (Kind of a short doctor with a stick, on the side). And you're up for an operation. Well, may God bless you. Come here.
Father, Thou hast said in Thy Word, "Whatever you bind on earth, I'll bind in heaven. What you loose on earth, I'll loose in heaven." And may this woman, Lord, undergoing an operation, God, may the--the operating knife of the Almighty God, the Holy Spirit, come down and perform this miracle. I pray, heavenly Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ, that You'll grant it. Amen. God bless you.

E-69 Just be reverent now, every one. Just--just love the Lord Jesus and say, "Lord, I'm just so grateful that You're with us tonight." God will be with you and will help you, I'm sure, if you'll just have faith. How do you do, sir?

E-70 Bless you, sister. If you keep believing... I know you're troubled, but just keep having faith. I can't say it, until He lets me say it. Tell him to have faith.

E-71 This is the patient. How do you do? All right. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, has raised from the dead. And He lives in His Church tonight, moving with His people. And He loves His people. And He loves every one, even sinners He loves. And He loves us. He loves you. He loves me. We're strange to each other, yet God knows both of us, and has fed us all of our lives and brought us to this spot in life. Only He can help us and do us good. And if I, your brother, and could help you or do anything for you, well, and wouldn't do it, I would be an un--I'd be unhuman. Just... A animal would almost help another. But if I could help you, sir, I'd do it. But I... There's nothing for me to do, only just do as... I can only say what I see. You understand that, do you?
But you--you got some trouble with... There's something about your speech, or... It's in your tongue, some way. You don't talk plain. Sir, I hate to tell you, 'cause it's a strange thing to you. But you're not a hopeless case. But you're a very sick man. And you don't know this, but that's a pressure that's doing that, which is a tumor on the brain, that's a doing that. And you're not aware of that. But that's the truth. And you're a... Say, I see a dark headed woman standing near you. She's a... She's been a nurse or something. Yes. You've got a child that's sick with leukemia or something. I see it being examined by a...
Say, I've been to your... Something that you... You've been healed before. I... It was me. I see when I prayed for you; I had on a gray striped suit. And you were healed with a cancer. And the cancer was in the stomach. And I prayed, and you receive the Holy Ghost. And you're teaching or trying to preach now, or something. Is that right? Come here.
Merciful, heavenly Father, I pray for the--God's grace, mercy and grace to be showed to the man. And I condemn the enemy that's taking his life. May it leave him and come out of him. I adjure thee, Satan, by the living God, who we take charge over thee tonight through the Name of Jesus Christ, that you depart from this man. And may he go and be made whole. Amen.
God bless you, brother. Go, rejoicing, happy, thanking and praising the Lord Jesus for His good, kind mercies to you.

E-72 Just only believe is all you have to do. Just have faith in God. You believe that, lady, setting there with the arthritis? That little lady setting there, yes, you believe that God has made you well? Put your hand over on your little friend there too. She has tumor on the breast, and God will make her well.
Heavenly Father, I pray that You'll rebuke those spirits. They thought they were hiding, but they can't hide from You. Come out. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I adjure thee to leave the woman. Amen.
God bless you. All right. Go home now and get well in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God.

E-73 It's rheumatism that's got you crippled up like that, isn't it? Sitting there on the end of the seat, rheumatism, you got stomach trouble too. You believe with all your heart, Jesus Christ make you well. But you'll have to believe. See? It's the only thing I could do. God be with you.

E-74 Is this the patient? How do you do? Just have faith. Excuse me, sir. I suppose we're strangers, are we, mister? I never seen you in my life, as I know of. But God knows you, and He knows me. And Jesus, His Son, raised from the dead. You believe that, don't you?
You can quit praying, mother. The high blood pressure you've been having, it's going to drop down now. You see? God bless you.

E-75 Just have faith. Now, you setting there in the chair, don't think your case is too bad. Just keep believing, looking this way and believing with all your heart.
You love Him with all your heart?

E-76 Well, excuse me. Now, say, we're strangers to each other, are we? I've been several weeks in meetings, and I just... But the love of God... God knows you. He knows me. He knows everything about us, doesn't He? And He can reveal to me what your trouble is, if I have told the truth. Do you believe I have? You're a very sick man. Your trouble's in the lungs. I see you somewhere at a doctor's office, and I see him making a mark across the X-ray picture. I believe it's black (one of them); half of it's black. And then the other one is... He said it has pus, I believe, in it. Is that right? You've--you've been away to a doctor or something. It's a place where there's a... I see some hardwood rolling, like that. There's a big lake at the end, that you rose up, to a great big... It's Rochester. It was Mayo Brothers. Is that right? That's right. I could see the big clinic, as it moved. Come here. Although they have failed, God cannot fail, my brother.
Our heavenly Father, grant the blessings of the Holy Ghost upon this poor, little, frail brother. And may the Spirit of Almighty God make him every whit whole. Through Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I ask it. Amen. God bless you, brother.

E-77 Think the Lord will heal you of that lung trouble, the same time there, brother? You believe that He makes you well? Think that God would heal you? If you do, and believe it with all your heart, you can be made well. Do you accept it? Say, "Praise the Lord." Just raise up your hand, say, "Praise the Lord." That's right. That's right. God bless you. It was in him and you, the same time. So, I knew that's what it was. You see? And He's there. God be with you and help you.

E-78 How do you do, lady? My, are you aware of what's wrong? Stomach cancer. That's right. Mother, you may think you're old and maybe not much good. But Abraham was older than you when God gave him a promise. Come here. You believe with all your heart? If the power of Almighty God is here, that knows your life. While the Anointing is here, not me but Him (it's not the bulb that's giving the light; it's the current in the bulb), lay hands and ask, "Will He do it?"
Kind, heavenly Father, I rebuke this enemy. And may it leave from her in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. May it come out of her. Amen. God bless you, sister. Go, and may the Lord be with you and help you.

E-79 Had a real funny feeling when she was being prayed for, didn't you? Same thing. Both of them left you at the same time. Just go right ahead rejoicing and thanking God. Amen.

E-80 You believe the Son of God is here to make you whole? With all your heart, you believe it? You have a hard coughing, don't you, especially when you get up? It's asthmatic. So just thank God for your healing, move along just rejoicing, saying, "Thanks, praise be to God."

E-81 Come, lady. If Almighty God is here, that will know exactly where your trouble is, and will point you to it, will you accept Him? I'm getting awfully weak (You see?), is the reason I don't look--just to see what's wrong if I can. All right. You'll accept it, will you?

E-82 Praise be to God. You believe God healed you of that tumor, setting there, lady? Yes. Do you? Amen.

E-83 You believe He healed you of the stomach trouble? Go, eat your supper.

E-84 God bless you. Somebody lay your hand on that baby for kidney trouble, setting there by you. The little fellow with kidney trouble, lay your hand over on him; he's healed.

E-85 Believe with all your heart. You believe that God's here to heal? Why don't you accept it then? Stand up to your feet now, everybody. Step out of your wheelchairs, everybody wants the...?...

E-86 Almighty God, in Jesus Christ Name, heal every sick person here and may the power of God move in this audience. I condemn every devil. Come out of the people, thou unclean spirit.