Personal Experience With God

Date: 54-0724 | Duration: 1 hour and 13 minutes
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Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
E-1 Thank you very much. Shall we bow our heads for a word of prayer.
Our kind, heavenly Father, we are grateful to Thee for this, a time of fellowship together, here in Chicago, with Your beloved children. Many of them are from different parts of the world, and we're so grateful as we assemble together time after time, knowing that someday we will assemble on the other side in Thy Kingdom, where we will never part no more. And while it is called day, here on earth, may we work together with all unity and--and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, for the upbuilding of His Kingdom.
Forgive us of our sins, trespasses against Thee, and may the Holy Spirit take the service now, into His control and get glory. For it is written, by our Lord, that, "Whatever you ask the Father in My Name, that will I do." I pray, that tonight, that we will see His Presence, His glory, overshadowing us all. We ask it in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. May be seated.

E-2 Good evening, my Christian friends, and citizens of the Kingdom of God. We are grateful, indeed, to be here tonight to minister to you in the Name of our resurrected Lord Jesus. My heart was kinda--been kinda pumping high in the last few moments. I have met some people from across the sea over in Switzerland, just as I came in, and they were telling me that the Holy Spirit, the other night, told them all about their conditions, their life, and--and how the--they were healed, and then coming right in and immediately hearing that wonderful song, "Down from His Glory." If there's a song that thrills my soul, is that song, "Down from His Glory." How that God condescending, coming down, revealing Himself in a body of flesh to take my place at Calvary as a sinner, and die in my stead to give me the right to the Tree of Life, that I might eat and live forever. How could I turn it down? How could you turn it down, such a wonderful invitation?

E-3 Then coming in and meeting our brother, here from--from overseas, from Sweden. And I just wonder what it will be when we all get to glory and see the wonderful people that we have met here time after time in the services?
Brother Joseph here, of course, when he--he introduces me, I--I... He has a great love for me, so he just says a whole lot. [Brother Branham laughs, and the Brother Boze speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.]
Thank you, brother. Thank you, brother. Thank you, my brother. I hope I never mar that feeling in my brother or anyone else. That our Lord Jesus will always keep me into a place to where I'll have fellowship and love with my brethren, for I certainly love them. It's a mutual feeling, and we, together, are co-workers, together, for the Kingdom of God, and Christ Jesus, the Lord.

E-4 And now, tomorrow afternoon service, I think, begins around two o'clock, or something like that. And I think our brother from Sweden is going to speak for us, and then tomorrow night is the closing of these services, this series. 'Cause I have to hurry right home, start tomorrow night, perhaps, and Monday at two o'clock, I have to be down to Fort Knox, Kentucky, to take some more of those shots to go overseas. I try to tell them I don't need them, but they won't listen to me. And I just... My arms gets so sore, and they... I don't need those things, I--but the--the law says I must have them. So the Bible said, "Give Caesar, what's Caesar's; God's what's God's." So if--I'll have to take the shots, and then preach the Gospel to them, won't I? So that'll be getting, God what's God's. Caesar, what's Caesar's.

E-5 Now, I trust that the Lord will bless each one of you. I just have a few moments left, for a few words. And now, I am trying, if the Lord willing, upon return, so that the ears of Chicago, that is here tonight, might know a surely, that it has been said in my ministry, that, "The only flaw that anyone seems to find, that I can't minister to enough people at a time." Well, I just certainly wish that I could. I--If I could, I'd be more than happy to do it. But in the manner that I minister, I can't do it. The ministry wasn't given for that purpose.
It has been said that Mister Roberts, our brother, would pray for five hundred people while I was getting two prayed for. Well, that's true, but Brother Roberts does what God tells him to do, and I have to do what the Lord tells me to do. So that's what--that's difference. There's different ministering works of the Holy Spirit for the church. And Brother Roberts is certainly a fine man of faith, a wonderful character, loving brother, and there's many of them out on the field today. Frankly, I want to think that every one is just on the top. You see? Just wonderful. I pray for them all the time.

E-6 And this great evangelist, that's on the field today, perhaps, wouldn't agree with me on Divine healing, our lovely brother, Billy Graham. But the other day, when I was listening to a radio program coming across the nation, I heard that he was in Germany in the hospital, or something, sick with a kidney block. I could not help but stop right there, knowing--feeling the sympathetic feeling for our brother, and had prayer for God to deliver him. And day... All as the days went on to his service, I heard he was better, and back in the service again. God is using our brother in a great and mighty way of getting people saved. And we sure appreciate him, and I would ask all Christians to pray for our brother, as we see the hand of God with him, hea--or saving the lost.
And now, I pray that God will deliver him completely. I hear that he's still feeling pretty bad, so I--I pray that God will completely deliver our brother, so that he can preach the gospel. He reaches a type of people that perhaps wouldn't even come to listen to me. Such as diplomats, and so forth. The only way they'd come to listen to me, maybe, if they get sick enough they might. But that would be about the only way.

E-7 And I have had the privilege of praying for kings, and monarchs, and potentates, and I have never seen the Lord turn one down yet, but what He healed them. Congressman Upshaw, for one out of our United States government, here, had been an invalid in a wheelchair for sixty-six years, and was instantly healed. And I never heard of the man in my life; he was setting way back in the audience in a wheelchair, when the Lord Jesus showed the vision of what happened and what was taking place, and he was made completely whole. And we are thankful for that.
Perhaps, I just... How many ever heard of his case, of how he was healed? Not too many. I believe I'm going to read just a little Scripture here, and just give that for a testimony, 'cause I only have about ten minutes to speak and I will speak tomorrow night, maybe come early. In the--the 2nd or 3rd chapter of the Acts of the Apostles, the--the beginning with the 1st verse:
Now Peter and John went up together at the temple at the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour.
And a certain man lame from his mother's womb whom they carried daily, laid at the gate of the temple which is called Beautiful, to ask alms of them that entered into the temple;
Who seeing Peter and John about to enter into the... asked... the temple asked... alms.
And Peter, fastened his eye on him with John, said, Look on us.
And he gave heed unto them, expecting to receive something of them.
Then Peter said, Silver and gold have I none; but such as I have give I thee; In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth rise up and walk.
And he took him by the right hand, and lifted him up; and immediately his feet and ankle bones received strength.
And he leaping up stood... and walking and leaping and praising God.

E-8 May the Lord add His blessing to the reading of the Word. This was a--a great time in the--in the temple in that day, is the apostles, their heart was all filled with joy and pleasure. They had just had received a new experience of the Lord Jesus Christ. Their hearts were full of joy. They thought, "My, that some new something had happened."
They were elated to know that the Holy Spirit had--had come, the long promise of the Father. In Luke 24:49, Jesus told his disciples, "You shall..." Or said, "Tarry ye in the city of Jerusalem until you're are endued with power from on high." Acts 1:8, He said, "You shall receive power after this the Holy Spirit is come upon you. You'll be witnesses of Me in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth." To know that this same blessing that was upon them, was go to the uttermost parts of the earth, even today, the same. It's never reached over about one-third of the earth till this time. After two thousand years, and we got two-thirds of the earth yet to go over with this same Gospel. For this demonstration of power must be to the uttermost parts of the earth.

E-9 A few days later when Jesus was received up into the glory, the last words He said to His disciples, "Go into all the world and preach the Gospel. (That's the whole world now.) These signs shall follow them that believe. In My Name they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, or drink deadly things, it would not harm them. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." It is written in the Scripture, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever, Hebrews 13:8.
We cannot deny that; that's God's Word. The only way that I might bypass it to justify my unbelief. But if I have to look and say, "Is it the Word, yes or no. It is the Word." And when Jesus said, when He was here on earth... He didn't claim to be a great person; He claimed to be just--He was a servant. He was the Son of God, and He took--made himself no reputation.

E-10 I was thinking the other day, the man that made the artificial arm, made a reputation for himself, but the Man Who made the real arm--arm made of Himself no reputation. The man who made the artificial eye made a reputation for making it, but the Man Who made the real eye, made of Himself no reputation. He brought Himself down, God Jehovah, inveiled in flesh, come down to sacrifice Himself for our sins and sickness. The love of God could not be thought of, how deep, and how pure, and how rich, and how high to know God would do such for His enemies, not for His lovely ones who love Him, but for His enemies.
I've often thought if God was willing to die for His enemies, to save His enemies from hell, surely He'd be willing to heal His children's sickness. Don't you think so? If He's so mindful of His enemies.

E-11 Now, in this great hustle of the early apostle's times, how that they were gloriously happy, because they had had an experience. They had something. That's what's they need today, is an experience.
If we were going to take a trip to California and go--someone was going to drive you, you sure wouldn't want a--a driver that had never drove a car before. You'd hunt somebody who had an experience. If you were going--had to have surgery, or dental work, you certainly wouldn't get somebody who didn't know what they were talking about. You would get somebody who had an experience.
And that's the way it is when we go to talk about God. Let's get somebody who's got an experience, who knows what their speaking of. And these apostles had had the experience of Pentecost. They were blessed; they had Divine joy, and their hearts were all bubbling over; the whole world belonged to them. And isn't it too bad, we have lost that joy tonight, that Divine joy, and what they once had? And then I think of how that the world needs the experience that they had at that time.

E-12 Now, we think of Moses, when Moses in a burning bush, this sheepherder, one morning walking along the old path where he'd walked many times, and there he was attracted by a burning bush. Come to find out, the Angel of the Lord was in this bush. And now, He speaks to Moses. Moses had been a bitter failure, for yet knowing that God was going to deliver the children of Israel by him, yet trying to do it within himself forty years before that, become a failure and had lost all the vision of victory and of freedom for the people enslaved.
And I just wonder, sometimes, if we, the church, knowing that God is promised to deliver the church from it's sin, and from it's sickness, and to make us a people, a salty people that the earth will hunger and thirst after, I wonder, in our human efforts, in our theologies, and so forth, and our great fine buildings, and so forth, that as we tried to present to the people many years ago, and we found that it had failed, because we took it in ourselves to do so. We took it upon ourselves to have new schools, to educate our ministers, and so forth. We left off the real principle, the real thing that God told us to receive, was let the Holy Spirit lead the church. We've left that off, and as--we've lost our Divine joy. We have--the vision is dull now.
People are not looking for the coming of the Lord, and yet atomic bombs hanging in hangars everywhere, and things that would destroy the world at once. But people has lost their vision of the Lord, because they have set times, that the Lord would come at a certain time. And they've done all these things, trying to do it within themselves. We must turn loose and let God do these things. How can we do those things without the Holy Spirit?
And now, Moses had been a bitter failure, but out there now, we see his attention attracted to a burning bush. And he looks to the burning bush to find out what the trouble was. And walking close to it... Fire usually brings an attraction. Usually the Holy Spirit when It comes in a manner of fire, attracts the attention of people. And when Moses turned aside to consider this burning tree that would not burn up, God spoke to him a fresh vision by an Angel.

E-13 Now, watch faith take a hold, right quick. The old things are passed away, but Moses now has a new vision. He has a revelation. He has an experience. He had met God. He had talked to God. Before that, he had not met God, he'd only read and knowed what his mother had told him by--by hearing what his mother had said or hearing what the pastor had said. But now, Moses has a personal experience.
That's what the church needs tonight, is just stop studying so much theology, and get down to the altar, and pray until a personal experience burns down into the human heart, and burns out all the dullness, and gives a new vision.

E-14 Moses, now, was experienced. He had witnessed the power of the Lord God. He had witnessed it in both in Divine healing; his hand was smitten with leprosy. He put it into his bosom, and pulled it out, and it was healed. He knew that God was the Healer, and God was with him, and had personally revealed Himself to him.
That's the way that the Holy Spirit would come on this apostle who said, "Such as I have." That's what we need tonight, an experience, personal God.
Moses got the personal experience; now, watch faith jump in. Watch the difference in Moses now. Away he goes to Egypt, a one man invasion, going down to take over, nothing in his hand but a dry stick, but he went down to do it and accomplished what God told him to, because he had a fresh vision from God.
If anything the Church needs tonight, and what we're trying to do, friends, is to bring a fresh vision from the Presence of God to let the people see, that God still lives and reign and moving with His church, and He will until Jesus comes to receive it. A vision, a experience...

E-15 Once a little fellow by the name of David, such a... He went up to the army, where his brothers was to take up cakes and raisins for them. And we find out, that a great bully by the name of Goliath stood across the creek on the other side of the hill, and making a brag and a mock to Israel. Finding out that they'd lost their faith, they'd lost their experience with God, and they were all quietened down. No one said a thing; they were afraid of that big bully.
But he come out and made his brag in the ears of somebody who believed God. That was little David, a little sheepskin coat on, perhaps just a ruddy little lad. He runs up and said, "Let me go fight that enemy. Do you mean to tell me, that you, the armies of the living God will stand and let that uncircumcised Philistine defy the armies of the living God?" Why, he put his brethren to shame. What we need tonight is somebody with an experience like David, who'll stand up and say, "That you mean to tell me, that you'll let man and people rise up and tell you the days of miracles is past, and that Jesus' Blood dried up nineteen hundred years ago, and all we need today is to join the church?"

E-16 What we need today is a good old fashion Saint Paul's revival and the baptism of the Holy Ghost like fell on the day of Pentecost, to bring a people back to a living faith in God again. That's exactly. I believe in confessions to raise up and accept Jesus Christ; that's good. I believe in all that, but friends, we need something more than that.
Abraham believed God by faith, and He give him the seal of circumcision as a confirmation of his faith. And when you say, "You've got faith in God." God's under obligation, if your faith is right, to give you the baptism of the Holy Ghost right there to confirm that He has accepted your faith. Amen. That's right.

E-17 Now notice, and little David, and when he got ready to go out to fight the giant, why, the--the king, he admired his courage, I guess. He said, "Now, son, I certainly admire your courage, but you'll remember, we're not living in the days of Moses any more; we're living in the days when these things are past." He said, "Come over here; nevertheless, I'll equip you up." So he took his own armor off and put it on the little boy, David. And he put his--his shield in his hand, and the great big armor that he had almost weighted little David down.
And he said, "Why, here take this thing off me; I've never tried it yet. I've never proved it. I don't know what it is." But there's one thing he did have; he had a personal experience with a slingshot, that he knowed God was with him in that slingshot. That's what he needs.

E-18 Saul found out that the ecclesiastical vest of Saul didn't fit a man of God. And so it weighted him down. That's what the trouble with a lot of men today, as I meet, as I cross the land, men of great standing in high churches and things. They believe this message of deliverance; they believe the message of the Lord Jesus and His power, but they're so shackled down with church denominations till they can't see no farther than the church, and they won't let them any farther. What we need today is somebody to step out with some experience with a slingshot like David had.
David said, "I don't know nothing about your theology, and about these swords, and so forth, but your servant, with this slingshot I had an experience out there, that God let me kill a lion with it and kill a bear with it. And if He will let me kill a lion with it, surely that uncircumcised Philistine belongs to me this afternoon." God give us some more ruddy boys with that kind of ruddy experience, that'll take God at His Word, and believe Him for everything He says is the truth. Amen. That's what we need tonight, my dear Christian friends.
And now, I want you to notice, He went out and proved exactly that God was with him, because he had an experience that God could deliver the enemy into his hand by his slingshot.

E-19 A little old fellow, one time, by the name of Samson, a little curly headed fellow about like that. I see the artist paint his picture sometimes with doors would hardly go across this auditorium here. Why, it wouldn't be no mystery to me to see a man like that pick up the city gates and walk away with it, a man of that size. It wouldn't be no mystery or to slay a lion with his hands, a man of that size. But they got the wrong slant. Samson was a little bitty fellow, a little curly headed fellow, seven little curls hanging down like a little sissy, and he looked he was anything else but what would be a man. But when the Spirit of God came upon him, he could slay a lion or anything. But it taken the Spirit of God.
And one day, when he was all backed up by the side of a hill, and a thousand Philistines was upon him, and he knowed nothing to do, but he picked up an old dry jawbone of a mule, and felt back to see if them seven locks was still there, he waded in with all he had, and slayed that thousand Philistines, with nothing else he had to give them. But he said, "I haven't got nothing but a jaw bone to give you, so I'll give it to you." And he slayed a thousand Philistines. What we need today is some people to get right down to real business with God.

E-20 I was going into a football stadium one time, where I was to have a service. And the sign up over the door, I'll never forget it, says, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight. It's the size of the fight in the dog." And that's what we need tonight, is somebody's got enough courage and backbone. No matter if he don't belong to a denomination, if you got a D.D., or what you got, you've got Jesus Christ on your side as long as you preach the uncompromising Word of the living God and stand on the same. God promised that He would back it up and would... That's exactly true.
I remember a little fellow name Shamgar, down there in--in the time of the judges. He didn't have nothing; he wasn't a warrior. He didn't know nothing about fighting. The Philistines would come over and steal everything they got. As soon as they a little bit build up, some supplies, then the Philistines would come in and rob them, take it away.
That just about the way we do in revival meetings today. We'll go in and get a revival started, and as soon as the evangelist leaves, or the people get scattered out, then in comes the Philistines, and saying, "Now, the days of miracles is past. There's no such a thing as that. It's only theo... It's only psychology. It's--it's mental telepathy, or something in that order."

E-21 Oh, my, I can see little old Shamgar standing there and looking down the street, and here come them Philistines marching up. He wasn't a warrior; he knowed nothing about fighting. But one thing he did know, that he was a Jew, and he had a right; he was circumcised and God was with him. So he grabbed this little old ox goad there. That's all he had; he sure give it to six hundred Philistines, and killed every one of them armored man with this ox goad in his hand, because he stepped out on what was right and believed God.
What we need tonight is some more Shamgars. Isn't that right? Somebody who'll step out on the Word of God, and say that it's the truth, [] and don't be afraid. God will back up His Word; He's under obligation to.

E-22 Oh, and I think of the great heroes of the Bible. It just reminded me of here sometime ago, I was up in the mountains here, and I was noticing the--the--the ducks, when they're all around on the water, puddling around. But the very first time a cold wind blows down, those little old ducks get out there, honk two or three times, and take off to Louisiana just as hard as they can go to the rice fields. What's the matter? They don't have to have any theology. He was absolutely borned a duck, and when he's duck, he's got instinct. And he knows, if he's a duck, and instinct tells him to move out, that there's cold weathers ahead; go to where's it's warmer and better ground. Well, if--if a duck can do that by being a duck, what ought a man to do by the baptism of the Holy Ghost when he's borned again of the Spirit of God? He ought to be able to know that when trouble is ahead, he can step out on God and wave away with his wings of faith, and move out from the thing, move out from your sickness, move out from your shackled down conditions, and all those things. It's time for God to move, and do those things, and grant the Presence of the Lord Jesus to bless, and to give power, and great things for the church in any day. God has promised that He would do it.

E-23 God said, "In the last days, that His Spirit would be poured out from on high, and He'd show visions, and signs, and wonders in the earth." And all these different things, God promised to do it. And if God promised to do it, He's obligated to take care of it. Don't you believe that? Yes, sir. He certainly is. And then when this...
I've noticed again, one time, a little old nightingale, that I used to--when I pastored the Baptist church. I used to come in at night time, and that little fellow would set there, and he'd look all around at night time. And when he could see a--a star somewhere, the clouds would blow back a little piece, and he could see a star, he'd let out to singing just as loud as his little heart would let him sing. Why? He knowed that the sun was shining somewhere, for he seen the evidence of it; a star was shining, proved the sun was shining somewhere, that there was still a sun in existence.

E-24 And I think, my brother, tonight, that we, as the day when the Holy Ghost comes down like a rushing mighty wind, It blows the clouds of blackness back, and we have an old fashion revival where the Holy Ghost is being poured. It ought to make any Christian rise and shine, for I know God still lives, and reigns, and pours out His Spirit upon the people (Yes, indeedy.) in the days that we're living in.
If I could walk out in the morning, and look up to the big morning star, and say, "Morning star, what makes you shine?
If he could speak back to me, he'd say, "Brother Branham, it's not me shining; it's the sun shining on me."

E-25 A doctor said to me, not long ago I was talking to him; he said, "Brother Branham, what's the matter with those people," said, "they're just worked up. That's what makes them act like that, crying and running to the altar." Said, "It's emotion."
I said, "Doctor, you ought to know enough; it takes something to excite the nerves before that a person could be emotional."
Certainly, it is. It's something present. And it is true, that when the Holy Ghost comes down, It stirs the crowd to emotion. They're setting there anointed with the Spirit of God, and the Holy Ghost sweeps across them, it stirs emotion. It's got to.
Jesus said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will immediately cry out." And what could we do? My, when I think of that.
"It ain't the people," he said. It ain't the people shining; it's the Holy Ghost shining on them that's a doing these things. That's what's doing it. It's not the people; it's the Spirit of God on them that makes them believe. It's the Spirit of God on them, that gives them liberty. It's the Spirit of God on them, that makes them feel free.

E-26 Not long ago, I was passed--I... In hunting I like to go to the mountains. There's an old spring that I like to drink from. And that spring constantly bubbles. It's the happiest spring I ever seen in my life: bubble, bubble, bubble all the time. And I stopped by it one day, and I said, "What makes you so happy? Is it because the deers drink from you, what makes you bubble?"
And if he could've spoke, the spring, he'd said, "No."
I said, "Well, because bears drink from you?"
He'd said, "No."
"Well, maybe because I drink from you, what makes you bubble?"
If he could've talked, he'd said, "Brother Branham, it isn't me that's a bubbling; it's something behind me pushing me and making me bubble."
And that's the way that's every man that born of the Spirit of God there's living waters springing up in him. It's not him bubbling; it's the Holy Ghost behind him making him bubble, and making him believe, and leading him up into higher heights, and deeper depths, and experiences with Lord Jesus Christ. That's what we need, today, is a gusher, take off the caps and let the waters flow. Is what we need today.

E-27 You notice of a morning when the--the dew... I've watched it many times, when I see the dew fall at night time. Look out there, see the dew fall. And every time when the sun comes up, did you ever notice how happy a little dew drop was? He just sparkles and shines, and sparkles and shines. I was asking one, one morning, talking to nature, which is--was my first Bible. I said, "What makes you sparkle, little dew drop?"
And it seemed like that something in a way spoke back to me, said, "You know last night, I was up there. And I'm--I know I'm going up again, for I belong up there, way beyond this old hot earth, up there where the--the moisture stays. And I was once up there, and I'm happy because the suns a shining on me, and when the sun shines on me, it's making--it'll draw me right up to where I was."
And I think that's right. The reason you can do that, because-- and sparkle, because you've got an experience. You was up there once.
And I think about that, that a man's ever been borned again, and took out of this life into another realm of blessings and glory, one of these days, the Son of righteousness will shine across the earth, and those with them kind of an experience will be caught to meet Him in the air, up there where they have been in realms of glory, and lost themselves. And all that's around them, they don't care who's around them, they once been up. And when they get into them kind of conditions with anointing of the Spirit, that Master Spirit, Jesus Christ will come someday to claim His church.

E-28 I was reading, not long ago, or Brother Moore was to me, my brother. I believe it was some great writer of days gone by, said, "He'd seen one of the most horrible sights he'd ever seen when he seen a eagle, a heaven bird, in a cage. And he had beat his head against the bars, and he'd beat his wings against the bars until all the feathers had come off his wings. The feathers was off of his head and neck. And he'd flop hisself, trying to free himself, till he'd come exhausted, and fall down, and his weary eyes look around, look up to the skies, where he really belonged, but a cage has held him down, he can't get through those bars, his weary eyes looking."

E-29 Yeah, that's true, that's an awful sight. But there's another more weariful sight than that: to see men and women, borned in the image of Almighty God, that's supposed to be sons and daughters of God, with shackles of denomination holding them in, that... Holding them back from the blessings that Almighty God wants them to enter into, to the power of His Presence of deliverance, and the power of His Presence of the blessing of the Holy Spirit to fall like it did on the Day of Pentecost to give them a blessing, that they could say to the world, "Such as I have, give I thee."
That's what we need, tonight, is that type of a blessing, that type of a Lord Jesus Christ. He's risen from the dead tonight. He's here in our midst tonight; He's here to do anything that we would ask of Him, rightly to the Father. He promised He would do it. "Whatever you ask in My Name, that will I do."

E-30 Second... Mr. Upshaw, when he was healed, as I told you, I'd give you his testimony for a second or two, few moments. I was in Los Angeles, California. I never heard of the man in my life. The deacons or ushers and them, had just got me up to the platform, walking to the platform. I started to call the prayer line, because Mr. Baxter had just preached a mighty sermon, and--and it wasn't no need of me saying anything. So I walked to the platform, and I started to call for the prayer line. And as I started to call for the prayer line, I seen a little boy playing on haystack. And he fell, broke his back. I seen a doctor with a white mustache, and glasses low, worked on his back. I seen him become a great man, an author of books and so forth, and I was just telling what I seen.

E-31 And I went ahead and called the prayer line, started to call it, and then I heard someone raise up there, and say something. Mr. Baxter come to me in a few moments and said, "The man that you was describing, out there, and setting out there in that chair, that's Congressman Upshaw."
And I said, "Well, I never knowed nothing of him."
And so he got to another microphone, and he said, "My son, will I..." said, "That's exactly the truth. How did you ever know those things?"
I said, "I seen it by vision."
And he said, "The man that ordained you, Dr. Davis, in the Baptist church, told me to come here. And that's why I'm here." Said, "I've been going to healing services since I was a little boy trying to get healed. But," said, "I've been crippled for sixty-six years." And he's eighty-six years old then.
And I said, "Well now, sir, I wished I could do something for you. I can only say what I see."

E-32 And then the meeting started on, and when they started to bring someone to the platform, I seen a doctor standing in front of me with a tortoise shell glasses, one of the little round collars, and coats on, little medical coats, and he had his arms folded like this, shaking his head, standing right out in the mid-air. And I looked below him, and he had operated on a little colored girl, and had taken the tonsils out, and it'd paralyzed her. Well, when I said that, a way down from him, a--an old colored mother there, let out a scream, and here she come with the--the cart in her hand, saying, "Lord, have mercy; that was my baby and that's exactly the kind of doctor that operated on her."
And the ushers just had to keep her off the platform, because we have to have cards to line up. That's legitimate, and the best way we know how to do.

E-33 And the old mother drug her baby down like that, and she was just pushing ushers every way. And she wanted to get to the platform.
I said--looked at the baby, I said. "Yes, auntie. That's the little girl." And I--I said, "Well, he's a young fellow, had black slick hair."
She said, "Yes, that's right."
I said, "Well, I..."
Said, "Will my baby ever get well?"
I said, "Auntie, I don't know. I just can't tell you. Only thing I can do is just say what I see. That's all. That's the way our Lord Jesus said. He said, 'I can do nothing till the Father shows me.'" I said, "Surely, you have faith to believe the baby's going to get well, or this other gentlemen here was going to get well, if God could move out there and speak his--who he--about him in the audience."

E-34 I said, "Well," to one of my--the ushers, I said, "Bring the prayer line." And they started bringing a lady, and It called me this a way again, and I looked. Looked like a black streak moving right over the audience. Well, I thought, maybe it was something evil. But it turned out, when it materialized, it was a street or a road, and this little colored girl was going down this road with a doll on her arm rocking it, like that. Brother, that's it.
Satan couldn't send enough devils out of hell to stop it. God's already said so. That's exactly right.
And about that time, I said, "Auntie, your prayers has been heard, and Jesus Christ has healed your baby. Stand up on it's feet."
And she said, "Will my baby get well?"
I said, "It's well now."
And while she had--was talking to me, the baby raised and said, "Mother," threw it's arms out like that. It had been paralyzed from the shoulders down for two years. And there--and that mother and daughter with their arms around one another screaming, and crying, and people fainting and everything else, standing around.

E-35 I looked over across the audience, right across the top of the people's heads and here went the old Congressman with a brown pin-striped suit on, bowing his head to everybody, right across the audience. Well then, I said, "Congressman, have you got a brown pin-striped suit?" He had then a black suit on, or a blue suit with a red tie.
He said, "Yes, sir, I have. I just got it a few days ago."
I said, "The Lord Jesus Christ has made you well. You can stand up and heal for THUS SAITH THE LORD GOD, He has had respect unto you and you are healed."
After being a invalid for sixty-six years, rolled in beds and wheelchairs, a that old Congressman jumped to his feet, ran to the platform without crutches, without anything, touched his toes like this, and he could almost do a handspring, and was perfectly normal and well.

E-36 It's the power of the Lord Jesus Christ tonight, that's raised from the dead, to do the same here in this building tonight, that He did then and has across the world. Back over into the other countries, you'd have guessed, you'd imagine how I would get along, without... And there's people here, that for instance, the brother here from Sweden. There's those here from different places, from up in the--Finland, and--and perhaps Africa, where I don't even know one word of their language or nothing. But the Holy Spirit will point to a certain person, and--and speak to them, and tell them, where it has to come through an interpretation, that they'll understand the things that they do, and the sin of their life. And not one time does it ever fail, because it's the Lord Jesus Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. I love Him.

E-37 I'm sorry to keep you this long. A few moments now, we'll call the prayer line and go to praying for the sick.
God be with you, my dear friends. Many of you be at your post of duty at your churches, tomorrow, greet your pastors for me. I'm not--I'm perfectly interdenominational. I believe that all Christians are brothers and sisters, and we should worship together. It's too bad that the barriers break us down and so forth. And I have never, at one time, in my life ever knowingly to be guilty of proselyting of telling a person what church they're supposed to belong to. I believe that a man's got a liberty to make up his mind on what church that he desires to go to. And I pray that God will bless you. I--maybe you're--you don't need a new church, you might need a good old fashion revival in your church, you might need that. I think we all need that. And to you pastors, here, God bless you. You might disagree with me on Jesus Christ's resurrection from the dead, proving that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. If you do, you're my brother just the same. I pray that God will bless you, forgive you for that, and if the great day comes, that we'll set down at the Kingdom of--and Jesus feet, and there see the many thousands that we preached to, all saved and safe at that side. God be with you now, while we pray.

E-38 Father, we thank Thee for Thy Word. Thy Word is Life. You said, "Faith cometh by hearing; hearing of the Word of God." And I pray that You'll bless this audience tonight. Keep them ever before Thee, Lord, and write their names upon the palms of Thy hand. Put them upon the heart of the--the Lord Jesus, and may each one remain a Christian till death shall set him free to the other side.
The backslider, tonight, may he feeled ashamed and come home to the heavenly Father. The sinner, may he repent and come home. And we pray that You'll heal all the sick and afflicted. Get glory out of the service, for we commit ourselves to you now, for the healing of the sick. In the Name of Jesus Christ, Thy Son. Amen.

E-39 Now, for the services, I... Find out what--what cards he give out today. And we will... All right.
We could stand here and speak for hours. Coming back, after coming back from overseas, I'm going to change the position of having prayer lines and so forth. And now, but at this time, tomorrow night will be the closing services of this, for Chicago at this time. We go to the west coast then, and then from there back to New York City, and then overseas.
I love you very much, and I know you love me, from the way you act, and the way you do. It's mutually felt.

E-40 And now, the only way that we can pray for the sick, the only way that I know how is... Now here, so that you'll be sure to understand it, I claim that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and they crucified Him, and buried Him, and on the third day, God raised Him up. And for forty days and nights, He was with His disciples here on earth. And He went up at the fortieth day, and told His disciples that He was going away, and the world wouldn't see Him no more. But yet, they would see Him, and He'd be with them, His disciples, through every generation to the end of the world. "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world." Do you believe that? [Congregation says, Amen--Ed.]

E-41 I believe that on the day of Pentecost, the Comforter, which is the Holy Spirit was given, which is the Spirit of Jesus Christ given to the church. And Jesus lives in His church, His people, tonight, just as He lived with them in a body of flesh. The flesh had to die in order to make a sacrifice to redeem us back to God, to pay the penalty of death that we committed.
And now, I believe that He will come physically in a body form someday, the same Jesus, went away. The Spirit will be taken from the church back to the body of Christ, and He will return again in physical form, just as He went away, the same Jesus eating, and drinking with--and talking with His disciples. I believe that He will come, and believe that's the only answer to the world's problems today. Is... That's right.

E-42 And then, I believe that Jesus said this: He said, "The things that I do, you shall do also to the end of the world."
I believe that these things was to accompany the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Then if the Scripture teaches He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, we find out what He did that day, He's duty bound to His Word, to my humble opinion, to keep His Word before His people. If I promise you to be here, and deliberately... Now, God don't make a promise, 'less He can back it up. I can make a promise, and I may have to back up, but God doesn't have to do that. And if He promised that He was the same yesterday, today, and forever, the things that He did the church would do always, even to the end of the world, He's duty bound to His Word to do that thing that He promised. Now, the only thing will keep it from happening is our unbelief. That's all. It's the only thing. Our...

E-43 This loving Him... Oh, we say, "We have faith. We have love." But if we had love, we'd have faith, for that is... "Perfect love casteth out all fear." And when fear is gone, faith is perfect. You're scared He won't keep His Word, but I believe that He does. And now, we'll find what He did.
When He was here, He didn't say, "Bring Me this one, let Me heal it." Very much contrary. I believe He can raise the dead. Do you believe that? [Congregation says, Amen--Ed.] But He didn't raise all the dead. He only raised three dead people, as the Scripture quotes in all of His ministry. Three is a confirmation.

E-44 Perhaps, people come said, "Now, looky here, look at that Fellow. Why, if He raised Lazarus, let Him come down here and let Him raise my uncle. We'll see whether He can or not." Sure those same critical things went on, the Jews hating Him the way they did. They said that.
Look when He past through the pool of Bethesda, where all those crippled, lame, and blind people was. He wandered His way right through those thousands of people, of crippled, lame, halt, blind, little babies with waterheads, and so forth, until He got to a man laying on a pallet, and He made that man well, and walked away, and left the rest of them laying there.
And the Jews, in questioning him, in the same chapter, He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father doing, that doeth the Son likewise."

E-45 Now, if He's raised from the dead, and He's the same Jesus today, isn't He?
When He met the woman at the well, He--He talked to her long enough to find out what was wrong with her. When He talked to people, He perceived their thoughts. Their faith touched Him.
The people in the audience tonight, could touch Him with faith, till it would make Him turn if He was on this platform and say, "Your sins are forgiven, or your cancer is healed." or whatever was wrong with you, and tell you about it. Do you believe that? Well then, He--He has no hands but ours now. He's here in Spirit form, no eyes but ours, no ears but ours, no tongue but ours. So let's let Him have everything. The secret of this is submitting yourself with godly love into the hands of a loving Father and letting Him take you over. That's all.

E-46 Shall we pray for these handkerchiefs: Lord, in Whose Name we trust, the Jesus Christ the Son of God, may Your Spirit come upon all these, to these handkerchiefs represent, and each and every one of them be made healed and well, by the power of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ. We send them for that purpose. Lord God, watch over them, and perform this for Your glory, and the mercy of those poor, sick, suffering people. Some of them, perhaps, the doctor has give up. The only hope they have is this handkerchief to reach them as a token of the Christian church praying. I ask, Father, that it be done. Amen.

E-47 Thank you, brother. What was the...? U's? How many? Hundred? Well, let's see how many we can stand in here tonight. Let's start from number 1. U number 1, number 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, on up to 15, 20. I don't care how many stands, but you just can't stand too many at once. Let's start off with 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and get up to 15. We'll see how many you got left standing there then.
Now, while they are coming, let me ask the church something, just for a few moments. Look at the people. More people's healed out there in the audience, than there is up here, isn't that right? And you remember this, that after I'm gone a long time from here, you'll find people that's been in this meeting, will be normal and well. Last evening, something happened that I have never seen for quite awhile, and that was an evil spirit leave a person, see it physically leaving, and it did. I watched it last night. I--Christian friends, I am not a fanatic. I do not believe in fanaticism. I'm more against it than you are, because it's my duty to be against it. It's my duty to thin it out and to try to keep the church straightened out. I do not believe in fanaticism, but I do know the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ, and I know there is devils.

E-48 Now, here's--here is the power of... Let me, while they're lining up the people, let ask this. How many here, believes that the most essential thing in the Kingdom of God is love? That's right. Now, I'm going to give you a little secret. If you love people, people will know it. Did you know that man is a creator in himself? How many believes that? He's a son of God in his fallen condition.
Today, while we were out looking at the skyline of Chicago, you can see that man's more than an animal. You've never seen an animal building a--cities like this, and making beautiful boat harbors, and so forth. He's a creator.
Was you ever around someone, that you just love to be around? Did you... You've had those people. What is it? It's because of their atmosphere, that they create around them. You've been in nice people, but yet, you couldn't stand to be around them. It's their atmosphere. It's love. Love goes out deep; it does great things. And Jesus Christ is the Love of God.

E-49 I used to think that God was angry with me, but Christ loved me. And I come to find out, that Christ is the very heart of God. He is God's heart. Jesus Christ is God's heart. Now, love overcome. Love hides sin, or gets rid of sin. "God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son. Whosoever believeth in Him shall not perish, but shall have Everlasting Life."
Now, love hides sin, or love heals the sick. Now, you can act like you love people. You say, "Well, I--I, Miss Jones, I--I don't get along with her good, but I love her." Miss Jones knows better than that. Sure she does. You just don't do it. No matter how much you try to act like you do, you don't. And that's the way it is with--with Divine healing, with anything else. You can't impersonate it; you've got to have it. You've got to...

E-50 How many loves me with all your heart? I want to tell you a little story. All right. I hope your confidence is real deep now. This may sound kinda strange to you. Many of you has been down at my house, as I see Brother Wood setting here laughing at me, because I know he knows the experience. Oh, people come and go, and you know how it is.
And last summer, I couldn't even get my yard mowed in the front. And I--about the time I got around the back, the front had growed up again. And I'd start mowing a little while, and people would come in, have to go out and pray for them, and I use come back have to mow a couple of rounds. And I got quite a front yard, so I... Wife would say, "You're not going to have on those overalls and go out there and pray for those sick people. Get in here, and change your clothes."

E-51 So I would go down the yard, praising the Lord, and come back again, with the old mowing machine just in rhythm, you know, and I'd come back. A car would drive in, well maybe, I'd be a couple of hours with them, and then somebody else would get in there, and probably ruin the day. And the next day the grass was coming real high again.
And so I'd got around in the back yard to mowing. And when I got back there, I took off my--my shirt, for I was in the backyard, where no one would see me. And I was mowing; it was hot as could be. And I mowed up against a--a little fence there, and I got a little Martin box that I built out there so the children could watch the Martins going in. But it happened to be that a bunch of hornets inhabited it. And when I hit that bunch of hornets, roused them out, I was covered over with great big hornets, just flying all around me.

E-52 Now, this may seem strange. Do you read the story over there, the--in my book there, called--when the maniac run out there at Portland, Oregon, and was going to slay me. You remember the book? I didn't have dislike for that man. I had pity, and love for that poor fellow. He was in that shape. I felt sorry for him. He--he, perhaps, if that spirit was off of him, he--he'd love me. You've got to love even your enemy. And when this--this... just a little thing, while they're making ready.

E-53 These bees covered me all over. And instead of being scared now, I had love for those hornets. Now, that sounds foolish, but it's true. Something happened. And I thought, "Poor little fellows, probably taking a nap, and there, I went and disturbed them." And I hit that like that, and they were really meaning business. They were all around me, and I stopped my mowing machine. I said, "I am sorry, my little friends, that I disturbed you, and I'm sorry. I am God's servant. And no wonder, you're angry with me, because I disturbed you. But I am God's servant, and I am praying and ministering to His people, so I haven't got time to play with you at this time. So you rush right back, in the Name--in the Name of the Lord Jesus, and go into your box." And my Bible laying here, and as a Christian minister, and God knows my heart, those bees swarmed right around me, about two more circles, and lined up one by one and went right back into the box...?... Uh huh, and that is true. One day, out on a big farm, the... just...

E-54 How have you got it? How many you got lined up now? Want some more? You need some more? All right. Bring me up the last four. Where'd we leave off? Fifteen? All right, give me up to twenty then; let them be lining up, if you wish to, up to twenty. All right.

E-55 Notice, a big male cow, run through the field one day to take my life, and I--there was no way for me to get away from him. And instead of me getting scared, I felt sorry for the animal. And he run within a few feet of me. He'd just killed a colored man, down at the Burke's farm, about two months before that. And I said, "Your Creator, is my loving Saviour. And I am not bothering you, I'm on a mission to go across this field. And now, in the Name of our Creator, the Lord Jesus, you go over there and lay down under that tree." And that fellow run within about five feet of me, and stopped, and he looked so depleted; he looked right and left, turn right around, walked over and laid down under the tree. That's right. I felt sorry for him, I loved him. That's exactly right.

E-56 Now, that sounds crazy, but let me tell you, friend, when Saint Paul, the apostle, when the serpent grabbed him through the hand, now, if he'd said, "Oh, my, get me the iodine quick, or some serum," it might've hurt him. But he was so charged with the Holy Ghost, till he just looked at it, not one bit scared, just shook the thing off in the fire, and went on. That's right.
People get scared. The cancer, when it grabs, you get, "Oh, the doctor said, 'I'm going to die.'" That's the--that what makes you die. Say, "Get out of here. I'm a servant of the Lord Jesus. You have no right a holding me." And mean it from your heart. Watch what happens. You've got--you can't impersonate it. You've got to have it.
As a hunter in the woods, how many times have I walked face to face with vicious animals, just stand and look at them just for a few minutes, they turn off and walk off the side of the road. That's right. You--You, if you're scared, don't you try it. But if you're not scared, go ahead. If you're scared don't you try to trust the Lord tonight, you better get back down and ask the doctor what he can do for you. But if you're not scared and you love Him, just accept Him tonight, and find out what takes place. He will do it. All right.

E-57 Everyone reverent now. As the organ plays for just a word of prayer again:
Father, in the Name of Thy Son Jesus, I don't know why I'm so excited-able tonight, meeting those people just 'fore coming to the platform, but Lord, in grace, I ask You that You'll help me just now, and anoint me for this service, Father, for there's hundreds of people here waiting. And maybe, tonight, might be the turning point and a great blessing will follow. I ask this for God's glory, in the Name of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.

E-58 All right, maybe if I can talk to the woman just a little bit here, friends. Usually the Holy Spirit's already near when I start praying. But I was--just been a bit disturbed meeting friends and things 'fore I come to the platform. So I will just talk to you a minute to see what He would...
We are strangers to each other, I suppose, you and I? And the Lord Jesus knows both of us though, doesn't He? He knows us both, and I trust that He will do something for us.
To the audience. Does anyone out there know the woman? You know... Anybody in this audience, knows her? Yes. All right.

E-59 Now, I do not know her; God knows this is the first time I ever seen her in my life. But if Jesus Christ has risen from the dead, now, let's take the Gospel, base it right here on the Bible. Now, what would He do to this woman? As she's sick, why, He would tell her He healed her at Calvary when He died for her. But now, He would know just what was wrong with her. He'd probably talk to her a few minutes, like He did the woman at the well. He'd find out what was wrong. He'd tell her what was wrong with her, or maybe what she wanted, or something like that. That would be Jesus today, that was Jesus, yesterday. Is that right? That's the way the Bible speaks of Him. That would be Jesus today.
Now, we're His servants. Now, if we can submit ourselves, so perfect, that we won't have any thought of our own, the Holy Spirit using us, perhaps He'd do the same thing. If He does, all right. I cannot make Him, you know. But if He comes to anoint, why, He will do it. I'm sure of that.
Now, this a beautiful city, isn't it? Wonderful, great city, but it certainly needs an old fashion revival. Every--every city needs that. That's right. Every city needs that.

E-60 Now, the Holy Spirit's here. And you're aware that something happened just then. You are here to see me about a condition of your body, and that is, pending an operation. It's a tumor that's in your body, and that... It's--it's in the stomach. Your trouble's in your stomach, and it's a tumor that's pushing. That's what it is. That is true.
And now, do you believe me, as I have told the truth about the Bible? If I talk to you just a little while longer, and see what He would say, for the sake of the audience (You see?), just a little while longer. And a do...
Now, you know that I know nothing of you, but He knowed what was wrong with you. Then this that you feel now, is His Presence; isn't that right? And now, you are... Yes, there's something. I see you have left a loved one or something. It's a--it's your husband, and he's a... Something wrong, he's... It's a stroke. The hus--the husband has a stroke, is that right? This is right. Would you like to go home, and lay hands on him, and see him come out of it, and be well? Come here.
Dear God, and Father, may Thy Spirit rest upon the woman. May she be made well, and the desires of her heart given her; through Jesus, Thy Son, I ask this blessing. Amen.

E-61 I want to talk to you again, just a moment, lady. Now, the--the things become a dream to me, afterwards. See? I--I want to ask you this: you know, beyond any shadow of doubt of whatever it was... I don't remember now. But whatever it was, it was the truth. Was that right? Absolutely the truth. And at that same time, something was anointing upon you, when I had the contact of your spirit, that something was... Is that right? Well then... Now, if you believe that that was the Lord Jesus Christ, and His servant being anointed, then when my hand's laid upon you, while that anointing was on me, you have to receive what you ask for. Is that right? If you can believe it. Is that right? You do believe it. Then you shall have what you've ask for. God bless you...?...
May the Lord Jesus be blessed. Now, have faith in God, and--and just don't doubt. Just believe with all your heart and all your mind.
Anyone out there in the audience, how many hasn't a prayer card out there? Raise up your hands, so I can get a general idea of where you are, and you want to be healed. God bless you. That's... Just have faith, and ye shall have what you've ask for.
All right, the--let the man come. Good evening, sir. Do you love the Lord Jesus. He is marvelous, isn't He? He's the Son of the living God. And He's our Redeemer, and our Healer. Now, when He was here on earth, He--He would... If He was here wearing my clothes that He gave me, He would talk to you a little while. He'd know your trouble, and--and He would a...
And now, some people might think I was reading the person's mind. That is absolutely error. Sir, you see... Come up here, and just lay your hands on my shoulder, and just as a point of contact, to contact you, as Jesus said, "They lay hands on the sick."

E-62 Now, if the Lord Jesus shows me a vision out here, and He tells me, and if the vision is speaking, if it takes place, you nod your head if it's right or not, if He should give me the vision. And now, I felt that coming from back there, that you thought I was reading the man's mind. I am not. No, sir. I am not. But what if I told you Jesus Christ was a mind reader? Would you believe it? He sure was. He perceived their thoughts. Is that right?
Now, if you'll tell me the difference between perceiving thoughts or reading a mind... Not like these psychic readers out here of the devil, that's the devil. The devil just patterned that off of Jesus Christ.
This man with his hand on my shoulder, as I see something moving before me now, turning white. I see a young man standing here, a real young man, and the man is doing something wrong. It's evil, and he is repaid for it. The man has contacted a social disease, that has--has ruined his life. And the man is becoming older; it's affecting him. He has a wife. The man has become in a serious condition. He's mentally disturbed at this time; he thinks that he has crossed over the separating line where there is no pardon for his sin. Those things are true, sir. If it is, raise your hand up to the audience, that they'll see that that is true.

E-63 Do you know now, that whatever it was, God knows your life, knows what you've been through your life, and knows what you will be. Is that right, sir? Do you believe that He will now take away... You're standing in His Presence, probably closer than you ever was in your life. Do you believe now, that if I would ask along with the rest of this audience, and lay hands upon you, that Jesus Christ will give you the desire of your heart?
Kind heavenly, Father, as the human mortal lips move and say, "Yes," I believe it comes from the depths of his soul. And I ask now, that the evil sickness will go from his body, and he will be made completely whole, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Amen.
God bless you, my brother. Go, and God's peace be with you. [The man speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] God bless you. Thank you, sir, I trust that He will do the same for you too. God bless you.

E-64 Just a minute, sir. An evil spirit went from the man, and I seen it rise somewhere else, just... O kind heavenly Father, Who knows all things, may He... It's a--it's the... Your faith has saved you, lady. That's you setting right there rubbing your eyes with tears. You have been nervously broken down, and you have been told a lie by Satan. Satan has told you that you have committed the unpardonable sin, and you cannot be forgiven. Your sins are forgiven you, sister. Jesus Christ makes you whole. Stand up on your feet and accept that now, as God's blessings. Raise up your hands, and stand up, and give Him praise.
Was there something like that wrong with this man? There. Satan thought He would get by with that, but he couldn't do it. You're both delivered. God bless you. Go on your road rejoicing. There's the Angel of the Lord standing around them both. God be praised and blessed.

E-65 You're holding her, mother, you yourself, that's so rejoicing over your friend being healed. Do you love her? Do you love the Lord Jesus? You believe me to be His prophet? You got your arms around her. You've had arthritis, haven't you? You haven't got it no more. Your faith has healed you. You can go on your road rejoicing. God bless you. You are made well.
Have faith in God. Don't doubt, believe with all your heart. The Angel of the Lord remains standing there. It's over a little lady setting right behind you there. Been suffering from a sun stroke, got too hot out there and fell. And you been having ill effects. Jesus Christ has healed you. Your faith has touched Him, sister. The same Lord Jesus that said to the woman, "The blood issue had stopped." The sun stroke has left you now, and you're going home to be well. God bless you. Stand up and give Him a praise for it, for His glory. God bless you. Hallelujah.

E-66 Oh, how could you doubt the resurrecting power of our Lord Jesus Christ? To do it would be sin. Someone believe; I challenge your faith, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, to believe, that the testimony that I give concerning the Angel of the Lord. That when I was a baby, He, that Pillar of Fire, hung over the crib, the very minute I was born. The first thing I can remember is a vision. Ten years ago, He stood by me as a man dressed in white, with hair down His long, white robe, and told me I was to pray for sick people, and told me that this was gift that was given for God. I--to go pray for the sick people. I ask you in the Name of the Lord Jesus to believe that and you shall be made well. Yes, sir. That's a bold challenge.

E-67 You, sir, setting there looking at me so honestly, with that white shirt on, your collar open. Yes, sir. You. You believe me, don't you? You know what's wrong with you? You did have a heart trouble, but you don't have it no more, now. Your faith touched Him. You interested in somebody; that is your wife. And that's her setting right behind you. And she's suffering with a nervous condition; she thinks she has heart trouble sometimes, but it's a stomach pressing nervely against it. She's healed too. So both of you can go home and be made well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Praise be to the living God.
You believe me as His servant? His anointing is here. His anointing is with you. You are a believer. You've been healed once before in one my meetings. I don't remember you. God know that. But it was something or other on the breast; it was--it was tumors on the breast, cyst like. And you had something wrong with your throat. You were healed. It's all gone. You've got another cyst has appeared in the stomach or somewhere down like that. And God has healed you of that now, so you can be on your road and rejoice and be made well. God bless you. Praise be to God. Hallelujah.

E-68 How we thank the living God for His mercy and His goodness. Be reverent. Believe with all your heart, and you shall receive what you ask for.
You believe me to be His servant, with all your heart? Listen. I see you trying to move at times, get up out of a chair; you can hardly do it. You got arthritis. Isn't that right. You got a brother, too, that you're interested in, haven't you? And he's got cancer. You're healed, go lay hands on him, and he will be healed. In the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, may you receive the blessings of the Lord Jesus.

E-69 Do you believe me as His servant? You want to be... You was healed setting there, but you're wanting your grandchild healed now. And I tell what's wrong with him. It's something in his mouth. I see the doctor look up, see... He hasn't got no roof in his mouth, isn't that? Go lay your hands on him in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Lady, you want to get over that stomach trouble? You want to eat your supper? Do you accept Jesus as your Healer now? Then go eat your supper, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Come, lady, do you believe with all your heart? You want to get over that kidney trouble, in the back there, and be made well? Do you believe that He will make you well? You believe if I lay my hands on you now, being that His anointing is here, Who know you, and you couldn't hide your life, if you had to. But you believe that He will make you well? He has. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may it be confirmed to our sister. All right.

E-70 You want to get over that stiffness too, and arthritis, and all the diseases of your body? You believe that if we'll ask now, that Jesus will heal you?
Lord, in the Name of Jesus Christ, may the woman be healed, for God's glory. Amen.
Now, go rejoicing, sister, happy, let your faith build way up, and believe with all your heart.

E-71 Do you believe, lady, with all your heart? If God will tell me what's wrong with you, will you accept Jesus as your Healer? You've got a--a some kind of a trouble that you a... You're doing a lot of coughing all the time: asthmatic condition, nervous also. You believe Jesus is going to make you well? In the Name of Jesus Christ receive you healing. Amen. All right.
Come, lady, do you believe with all your heart? You want to get over that anemic condition? You don't look like you are anemic, but you are because the blood's dripping between us white. It's--go to Calvary by faith now, and receive blood transfusion from Jesus Christ, and be made well in the Name of Jesus Christ. May it be so. Hallelujah.

E-72 Sister, do you believe? You've got a nervous condition. And another thing, you got a stomach trouble; it's bothering you. Your nerves is what's upset in your stomach causing an ulcer, peptic condition; you belch up your food, and then you've got a burning feeling down low. Jesus Christ will make your well; just now I lay hands on you and rebuke this devil in the Name of Jesus Christ. Go on your road, rejoicing, thanking God, and you won't have to eat baby food and stuff. You'll be all right. Let's say, "Praise be to God."
You believe God healed you, when you walked up there just then when that...? That's exactly what taken place. Jesus Christ made you well. Do you believe you won't have to be operated on for that tumor? You believe God took it away from you there? Go on your road rejoicing and be made well for God's glory.
At the same time, when I said that to her, a funny feeling struck you; it was the Lord...?... Go on your road and God bless you and be made well. Hallelujah.

E-73 You want to go eat your supper from stomach trouble, you've had for a long time? Go eat your supper, and the stomach trouble has left you, and you've been made well.
Sister, you'll die, if Jesus Christ doesn't take that cancer out of you. But you believe He does it, now? Go on your road rejoicing and be made well. Hallelujah. I know you might think I'm crazy, but I'm not. The lady rejoicing, going there, happy...

E-74 What do you think, sir. You want to get over that rupture, setting there, right back there. Yes, sir. God healed you, If you believe it, stand up on your feet and accept it just now. God bless you.
Setting right back there, with that heart trouble, the second person coming in there, you want to over that heart trouble, setting there? You'll believe it. God will make you well.
One, setting next to you, that lady? Yes, she has arthritis. Lay your hands over on her, and let her get well, and God will bless it.
What do you think of it, the lady there, with the high blood pressure? Setting right there. You, I'm talking to. With the high blood pressure, you--you--you're mixed language. You speak German. You speak German, also. Believe with all your heart, and be raised up, and be made well in Jesus Christ?

E-75 You want to get over the stomach trouble and go eat your supper? God eat your supper, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ.
Does every one of you want to be made well at this time? If you do, stand to your feet and accept my Lord Jesus Christ as your personal Healer, and He will heal you.
O God, have mercy upon this audience of people. May the Holy Ghost fill this place now with a burning fire and the smoke of the Holy Spirit that come in the temple when Solomon dedicated it, and may the power of God surge through this people. May the sick be made well, at this very hour through Jesus Christ.