Show Us The Father

Date: 54-0811 | Duration: 1 hour
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Los Angeles, California, U.S.A.
E-1 ... henceforth you know him, and have seen him.
Philip saith unto him, Lord, shew us the Father,... that'll satisfy...
Shall we bow our heads again.
Lord, this is Your Word, and we pray that You'll be with us according to Thy great grace, and forgive us of our sins. We are unworthy, and we pray now that You won't look to us, but look to Thy only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, and see that He stood in our place, was made flesh, to hold the stinger of death to take it away from us. And in there He bore our sickness, and those things that His flesh bore, we have redemption and access to the eternal things of God tonight, and I pray that You'll manifest Him to us tonight in a great measure. We ask in His Name. Amen

E-2 Now, I'm really pressed for time, as you know, but I want to ask you one thing. Philip's great desire was to see God, and is that your desire tonight to see God? He said, "Show us the Father, and it'll satisfy us, if You'll just show us Who the Father is."
Now, Philip's desire is my desire, and Philip's desire is your desire. Is that right? Let's see God. Well, if--if by the grace of God and the help of God, I can bring God right in this auditorium here, and let you see Him, will you accept all things of the Bible then? and say, "We are going to tighten up tonight." And when the Holy Ghost fires over the piston tonight, let's believe God for everything. Will you do it?

E-3 If God can come in this room, right here now, and manifest Hisself to us right here in this room... Can any man see God? See? Can any man see God? Now, let's look at God in four different ways. I want to take God in His universe, and God in His Word, God in His Son, and God in His people. Let's look at it just for a few minutes.
Let's take God in His universe. How could this universe stand and revolve around as it does, leaning sideways to bring us the rain and so forth to the north up there and the--the ice, and cold, and frigid, and to the south and so forth, the hot to bring forth the vapor to water the earth. How could it turn so perfect? Stand--you throw a ball up in the air or spin it as hard as you can, it wouldn't stand in the same orbit one split second. It would be turning different, and it would be moving different.

E-4 But this world, for the last six thousand years has never failed to turn exactly twenty-four hours, go around the equator, the--and all around the whole circle, and come back every season. And God promised it would never fail. So how could that be done without some great ruling, controlling power doing it? Is that right? It's God, God in His universe.
Sometime ago I was talking--in the mountains where I was going on a hunting trip with a fellow, and I was eating at his table. He said he was an infidel. I said, "I don't believe there is such a thing." I said, "I've seen people that wanted to act smart and say those things just to be different, but I've watched them when they come to die, they change their mind."
Bob Ingersoll and many of the others did, and so will you if you're trying to be an infidel tonight. You wait till it comes down close enough and then you will find out.
Some of you here don't believe in Divine healing, but wait till sickness strikes your house hard enough. It'll shake you out of it. Yes, sir.
Jairus was a believer too, a secret believer. Sickness struck his room one night with his little daughter. He become a open believer and a confessor right quick, for his daughter was laying at the point of death.

E-5 God working in His universe, moving... There's no one with the right--with the... If a fellow could--any person look right in the--the face of a great big beautiful calla lily and say there's no God, the man--the man is mentally disturbed. That's right. Anyone who could look in the face of a big pretty rose and say there's no God, there's something wrong with the person's mind that would do that. I say that reverently, but I say it, for it is the truth.
And God in His beauty, did you ever see Him in the sunset, see Him in the sunrise? How beautiful it is to see Him in the sunset.

E-6 I was speaking here sometime ago. I was up in the mountains. And I was--been on a hunting trip, and I was way up high, because the--that fall the elk was high. And so I was up there hunting, just about two days back with a horse and a pack horse, and I was camping out. There come a storm that day, and--and I got in behind a tree and was standing there behind the tree, and the winds a blowing and howling. And after the storm let up, why, then of course, the cold winds caused the evergreens to freeze. The sun begin to set through the rocks here in the western horizon here, and peeping through the mountain like that, the shadows of the sun sweeping across the valley, a rainbow came out. Oh, my. You know, David said, "When the deep calleth to the deep."
If the deep is calling, there's got to be a deep to respond to it. If there's a desire in your heart tonight to have more of God, there's more of God for to you receive. If there's a desire in your heart tonight to be healed by God, there's a fountain open somewhere or you'd never have that desire.

E-7 Before there can be a creation, there has to be a Creator to create the creation. Is that right? And if--if you're hungering for God, to be healed, there's a Creator somewhere creating that desire in your heart. That's right. And as long as you believe there's a God that'll heal you, there's a God somewhere that'll heal you. That's right.
David said, "As the noise of Thy waterspout." You see? The deep calling to the deep.

E-8 And I just love nature. I like to look at God in His nature. And standing there... I love the nature. Nature was my first bible. That's how when I was a little boy, I used to take my old--old, twenty-two rifle; It was old, all broke up. I really like them. I've still got it today.
Somebody here in California (if that man is here) he give me a rifle here, the last time I was here. I still got it, brother. I'll have it till I die, 'less somebody steals it from me. If he does, I'll hunt him down. Ha-ha. And I--I just love guns, and fishing rods, and things, 'cause it's--it's out in the open.

E-9 And I remember as a kiddie, I used to get out at nighttime. The boys would be going to parties and things, but I'd get out and lay under the stars, and look at the sunsets, and the sunrises, and hear God speak in the wind as it roared through the trees and so forth. God's in His universe, if you'll just look around for Him. Don't you believe that?
And then I noticed up here that day on the mountain, this beautiful rainbow come out. I come out behind the tree; I begin weeping. I just cried like a baby. I happened to listen to the elk herd then; the storm had scattered them. The great males were bugling one to another, while the storm broke them up. Old gray wolf got to howling up here on the hill, the mates are--mate answering down on the bottom. I tell you. I... The deep was calling to the deep for me. I felt like Peter said, "It's good to be here. Let's build three tabernacles, and stay here." How up there among the wilds, why would I ever have to come out? And--but there's sickness down below the hill, of course.

E-10 And there in that moment, rejoicing, I raised up my hands, and I said, "Great Jehovah God, how marvelous You are, the Great Creator of heavens and earth. I see You in Revelations 1, Jesus setting there with a rainbow over His head. He's to look upon jasper and sardine stone; that's Benjamin and Reuben's stone, First and the Last, He that was, which is, and shall come, Root and Offspring of David, the Morning Star, the Rose of Sharon, the Lily of the Valley; standing with His covenant with the Church can't fail. The seven colors in the rainbow, the Seven Church Ages all blended together make one great resurrection of the body of Christ." Oh, my! Something begin to breathe out in me.
And you know what? If somebody would've come up in that hillside, they'd have thought they'd had either a maniac or the Salvation Army up there. I was running around and around the tree, screaming to the top of my voice. It's a good thing I was about thirty-five or forty miles from civilization. I didn't care what people thought. I was worshipping the Lord. And if the elks wanted to look in, the bears, they could look on; that was all right. But I was just having a good time.

E-11 And I looked back to that rainbow and hear that wolf hollering again, and around and around the tree I'd go just as hard as I could, hollering, "Glory to God, praise the Lord," just as hard as I could scream. Yes, they'd have thought I was a maniac, shaking my hands and a screaming the top of my voice. And I stopped. I was just having a great time rejoicing.
I heard a little old pine squirrel begin to chirping. I looked over to that little old fellow, and he come out on the stump there where there'd been blow-down, some trees blowed down. And I thought he was getting at me.
Those are the noisiest little fellows in the woods. And he was just a carrying on, you know, and he certainly is a policeman. All the game runs when he goes to hollering, 'cause they know that something's near. And I thought he was barking at me because I was carrying on like that. I thought, "Surely he wasn't amening me." So I looked at him, and he kept...?... chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. And I looked at him awhile, and after while I found out what he was barking at.

E-12 There's a big eagle had been forced down in there. The big fellow lifted himself up on a limb, great big gray eyes begin to look back and forth. And I thought, "Well now, why did God stop me to look at that eagle? Nothing good about him; he's just a scavenger. So why did I have to look at that eagle and not this rainbow now?" And I thought, "Well, Lord, what'd You do that for?" And I said, "Now, what's about the eagle? I don't see nothing of him that looks beautiful. He's just a big old eagle setting there." Frankly, I--you kill a deer and he will eat it up for you, if you don't hide it." So I thought, "Well, what's that fellow sitting there for?"
I looked at him, and after while I thought, "Here's the reason the Lord wanted me to see that. Look how brave he is. My he's brave." I said, "Say, you know I could shoot you?" He looked around at me like that, roll those big eyes around, and looked back at that little old pine squirrel. And I thought, "I know you're not afraid of him, but you surely afraid of me." And so I said, "I'll see how a scared he is." I reached like I was going to grab my rifle, like that. And when I did he--he moved; he looked at me. I seen him. I said, "Well, why is he so brave? What makes him so brave? And I happen to notice, he was moving his feathers in his wings all the time. I said "I see it." God gave him two wings; he's got confidence in it. And I tell you, he knows that he could be in the timber before I could get that rifle off the ground. Ha, that's right.

E-13 And I said, "If--if a eagle could put faith in his wings, how much more ought the church put faith in the Holy Ghost that God give them to take them from danger." That's right. How much faith ought you to have?
I kept looking at him that why, till he got tired listening at the pine squirrel. I was admiring him. And I noticed he just give one big jump, got just a little above the timber like that, flopped his wings about twice; he never flopped no more. He just set his wings. And every time the wind would come in, he'd just ride up on it. If wind would come in again, he'd just ride up on it, leaving that little old earth bound chatter, chatter setting there. I said, "I see it, Lord."

E-14 Oh, if we only knew: It isn't jump here, and join this church, and leave the Assemblies, and join the Foursquare, and run to this, and there place to place. It is, just know how to set your wings, and when the Holy Ghost rides in, ride up with it, on out, on out, on, on, on, on. I stood and watched him till he become just a little spot, plumb out of sight. I begin crying again. I thought, That's it." He just never flopped. It never bothered him a bit. He just set his wings and rode out on the tidal wave like that, as he went out leaving that little old earthbound, chatter, chatter here. I thought, "That's it. If the church would just set their wings in the love of God, and ride away from this little old thing that says the days of miracles is past, little old earthbound chatter, chatter." We are not earthbound people; we are heaven bound people. Set our wings in the Holy Ghost, that'll pack you out of here into spheres that the world knows nothing about.

E-15 God is in His nature. If you'll watch Him, you'll see Him in animal life. You'll see Him everywhere.
I remember a little old spring I used to drink at up there. Even in that spring I could see God. I go down there, and that was the happiest spring I ever seen. Every year when I go up there it's bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, bubble, just as hard as it can bubble. I looked at it one day, I said, "Say, don't you never get tired? What you so happy about? What you bubbling about?" If he could... I said, "Maybe you're--you're happy because deers drink out of you. Nope. Maybe you are happy because bears drink out of you. Nope. Maybe you are happy because I drink from you. Nope." I said, "What you so happy about? "
If he could speak, he'd say, "Brother Branham, it ain't me bubbling. It's something behind me pushing me, making me bubble."
That's what I think about an old time Holy Ghost meeting. It's not the people excited; it's the Holy Ghost coming into them and making them excited, bubbling them up, giving them power, giving them joy. That's right. Like that... It's the Holy Ghost a bubbling.

E-16 If I could look out tonight and look at that great morning star, evening star hanging yonder, I'd say, "What makes you shine, evening star? "
If he could look back he'd say, "It isn't me shining, Brother Branham. It's the sun shining on me. That's what's a doing it."
We have an old fashion meeting more testimonies and powers of God. It isn't the people that's shining; it is the Holy Ghost from heaven shining on the people, giving light to this dark world in the absence of the Son of God. []
Hallelujah. Brother, that's right. That's what we need tonight is an old fashion, bubbling up meeting.

E-17 I used to go, when I used to pastor the Milltown Baptist Church. I stayed with some friends called Wrights. I used to go in of a night way out in the hills; and when I go in there is an old nightingale or mocking bird, we called them there, used to set in a little old cedar bush, where it turned in, down below the barn go about a half mile up on the hill, through the woods to the place. This little old nightingale would set there, and he would just, once in a while on a cloudy night he'd wait awhile, then he would just sing to the top of his voice.
And I begin to study what made him do that? I studied up on the nightingale. He sets up and looks towards the heavens through the night. And whenever he can see one star shining, he starts singing, because he knows the suns a shining somewhere. Ha-ha, Amen.

E-18 I think when you can see a power of God sweep through a meeting, it means this: that Jesus Christ is a living somewhere. Hallelujah. It's the same Holy Ghost power that raised them up on the day of Pentecost and give them the blessing of God. That Power is still in existence somewhere, when you can see a church that's together with God. What a marvelous thing, God in His universe.

E-19 Sometimes I go up into the north woods there, watching Him in His great universe. There are little old ducks are borned up there on the marsh, they--on the pond. The male and female comes from Louisiana, and Texas, and down near Brother Jack's home. And they go on up there in the--in the springtime, and make a nest, and lay their eggs. And then along in the summertime these little old ducks are hatched out and they feather out. They're a whole group of them on the pond.
The first thing you know, there come a night, and snow will come across the top of the mountains way up high, them cold breeze will sweep down through that mountain. And as soon as that first cold breeze sweeps across that little puddle of water; there's a little old drake there somewhere, a little old duck that's a leader. Every duck on the pond knows he's the leader. He will run right out there in the middle of that pond, stick that little honker up in the air, and holler "Honk-honk, honk-honk." Every duck on the pond will come right to him. He will raise... He's...

E-20 Remember he was borned on that pond. He never was off of that pond; He will... He has no compass, but he will raise right up from that pond and go just as straight to Louisiana as he can go. We call it instinct. Well, if we... If a duck's got enough instinct, enough gumption to know how to escape the cold weather, what ought a man that's got the Baptism of the Holy Ghost do then? That's right. We ought to have as much sense as a duck's got. Don't you think so? That's right.
When that Holy Spirit of God moves upon a man, he sees something coming, he moves into somewhere, goes somewhere else, glorifying God. He goes right straight to Louisiana.

E-21 Look, I'll tell you another thing. You go out here and turn on your radio, says, "Tomorrow it's going to be pretty weather." Pick up the paper, the news commentator, "Tomorrow it'll be fair and pretty weather." Watch that old sow hog take them shucks off the north side of the hill, and come back over here on the south side of the hill, and make her bed. Don't you pay no attention to what that news commentator said. That hog knows more about it than he does. Yes, sir. Coming cold weather, watch the rabbits when they get down under the brush, it's cold weather, what is it? God gave them instinct. That's exactly right.
God gave an animal instinct to take care of himself, and He give the man the Holy Ghost to take care of him. But a animal believes his instinct, and a man's scared to trust the Holy Ghost. Hallelujah! That's exactly right. What we need tonight...?... our arms and say, "Lord God, I believe every word You wrote is the truth. I will stand by It, live or die. It's Your Holy Spirit that's leading." Then we're going to get somewhere. Amen.

E-22 God in His universe, moving in His great powers. One time I was herding some cattle, and I had pair of binoculars, and I got up on top the hill, and I was looking off. It was a beautiful sight, seeing God in His nature, how He was moving. And there was an old eagle had built some nest way up in some big thickets, way up in the rocks is where she usually makes her nest. And I seen her. She was trying to get her little ones out of this nest. She'd throw out her wings like that and coo, coo.
And I had a pair of ten power binoculars; I was watching for cattle on the range, so I could pick up where that old eagle was. I watched her. She was cooing to those little ones, and oh, if you ever was around an eagle's nest, how it smells. And all those little eagles come out and got on her wings. She lifted them up out of there, brought them way down through the crevices, and down into the meadows, and set them out.

E-23 Now, them poor little eagles have never been on grass before. The only thing they know was the old nest, stinking, and stickers, and everything: how they make their nests out of poles and stickers and things. When them little eagles dropped off her wings, begin to get out there and pick a little piece of grass here and there, why, they was the happiest little fellows you ever seen. She turned around and went plumb just as high as she could go to the highest spot on a mountain. She set down there and moved her big feathers. I throwed my glasses up to look at her. And there she was. I was setting over in the top of a bush watching her, my horse tied over the hill, watching her. I thought, "Oh, God, hallelujah."

E-24 I looked at her again; I seen her up there, that big head up, looking around like that watching those eagles. I seen those little eagles just look up to see where mammy was, you know, and they was just as carefree as they could be. They'd tumble over one another, and grab... That new grass felt so good on their feet. And I thought, "Oh, brother, if that isn't a Holy Ghost meeting, I never seen one in my life. That's right. Been in the old pukey nest, excuse me, good old vomity nest of the world, out here fooling around with things, and God comes down in His mercy, picks you up on His everlasting wings, moves you over and sets you down in a big fashion Holy Ghost meeting, where you're just carefree. And the Lord Jesus Christ climbed the ramparts of glory, sets at the right hand of His majesty tonight; His eye is on the sparrow, and He--I know He watches me. He's watching every move (Yes, sir.) to see what takes place. I'm telling you, let a coyote come up if he wants to get the biggest flogging he ever had. She'd dive off of that rock there and give him a thrashing like he never had. That's right.
You let the devil go to fooling around in a Christian meeting one time and watch what a flogging he gets. That's right. 'Cause our Great Master of Life is climbed up higher and setting in His Majesty looking down. His eyes like on the sparrow and He watches every one of His children. He knows where they're at and what they're doing. Don't fear; just be as free as you can be.

E-25 My, first thing you know, I seen this old eagle lift her head and sniff the air a few times. There was a northerner coming, and it comes quick. And before hardly a minute or two, the lightning was flashing, a black cloud was coming. She let out a scream and come off that rock; right down into that field she went, soared like a bullet, throwed them big wings out like that and begin to go screaming, chirping, and going on. Every one of those little eagles come just as fast as they could go, reached over and took a hold of feather with their mouth, caught on like that, caught their little paws in her wings. And she just lifted up that whole wing full of eagles, away she went in that storm meeting her right in the face. She pressed right on in and went into the hole in the rock.
I said, "Hallelujah, hallelujah." Someday this great happy life we're living in... The storms will be coming, but our Saviour will come, spread forth His wings; I'll take a hold of Calvary, and fly away yonder into the rock, unto our heavenly home (Hallelujah.), where we'll be there forever in His Presence and His glory, safe from all. Let them drop atomic bomb, hydrogen bombs, what do I care about that? I got someone Who's watching over tonight. Why does the Church worry about that? Why the smoke won't be dried up, till we'll be in glory shouting the praises of God with the saints that's gone on. Why, what do we care about the atomic bombs, and the hydrogen bombs, and the Z-bombs, and all the other bombs? Brother, we've done got a bomb that bursted all the devil out, and the sin out, and has a bomb of the power of Jesus Christ, and made us light enough to fly up to heaven with Him. Amen.

E-26 Yes, sir, God is in His universe. God is moving in His universe. Watch. Wish we had time to go into that real good and deep one time.
Here some time ago an infidel... He crossed the country. And he was making converts, going to people and telling them that there was no such a thing as God. He went to England. No preacher was--seemed to want to tackle him. He was a powerful man. And when he come back, his health was broke down, so he goes out in the west. He thought, "I'll go out and take a--a little trip and rest awhile." While he was up there on a rest period, one day he took a walk down through the woods. The winds begin to sway through those pines. Brother, that's music. A going through there and he looked at those great rocks hanging in the mountains, conviction come on him. The Bible said, "If they hold their peace, the rocks will immediately cry out."
He fell down on his knees and said, "Oh, great creation, have I been wrong? Have I been wrong? Did You come there according to the way I thought it or is the Bible right? " And there that big, bully, infidel, that preachers was afraid to attack, God pushed out nature yonder, and converted that man. He's a preacher in the field today, preaching the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

E-27 Why? If they hold their peace the rocks will immediately cry out. God speaks out of His nature. You believe that? God is in His nature. Watch how everything takes place. Millions of things we could speak of, if time would just permit it, how God is in His nature. Do you believe God's in nature? in His universe?
Now, God in His Word. God's promised to bless His Word. He will watch over His Word to perform, take care of It. You believe that? The Word of God, Jesus said, was a Seed, and It's the Seed of God. Every Word is a Seed. "The sower went forth sowing seeds," Jesus said. And when--the Seed was the Word of God.
Now every Word of God is the Seed of God, and It'll produce just exactly what the Bible says it is. If you need salvation, take the Seed of God: "Come unto Me all ye that labor and are heavy laden." If you need healing, "I'm the Lord that healeth thee." Anything you have need of, it's a promise in this Bible, God will take care of every promise. And listen to this. I say this reverently, quietly, so you can remember what God will do: The right mental attitude towards any Divine promise of God will bring it to pass. If you'll take the right mental attitude towards any Divine promise it will bring it to pass.

E-28 Look at the seed, you California people here, look at your little, out here and see your orange groves. You take your little orange tree when it's no higher than that there. It's come from a little seed just sticking up about like that. It's a little bitty, bubble like. Every orange that'll ever be on that tree's in it right then. That's right.
Just think a little tree that big, with hundreds of bushels of oranges in it. Why, you say, "Brother Branham, what do you mean?" It's right there in the tree right then. If it doesn't, where does it come from? The tree, only thing it does is just suck the water from the earth. And it has to draw more than its' portion. 'Cause it has to draw so much into it, till it pushes out. It'll push out branches, then it'll draw. It'll push out limbs, and then it'll draw, push out blossoms, and push out oranges. It just constantly drawing and pushing out, drawing and pushing out.

E-29 That's the way the man is that's borned of the Spirit of God. When he takes God's promise into his heart... And look, the only thing that God does is plant you in Jesus Christ by the Holy Ghost, and everything you have need of in this earth's journey is in you when you receive the Holy Ghost. Amen. The only thing you have to do is draw and push out.
I tell you what's the matter with the Christian tonight: you're not drawing dividends on your baptism of the Holy Ghost. Draw in and drink, and drink, and drink, and drink till you push out salvation, push out Divine healing, push out the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Just drink, drink, drink. And you're planted by the inexhaustible fountain of Life, which is Jesus Christ. He that's thirsty let him drink, him that heareth, say, "Come. Whosoever will let him come and drink from the fountains of the water of Life freely. Amen. What a beautiful thought of Him there. God in His Word. God's got to keep His Word.

E-30 We just have time... I'm pushing now; I'm hurrying. Looky here, just quickly, one more thought. When God told Moses... Now, "Behold I send an Angel before you to keep you in the way. Beware of Him, provoke him not, My Name's in him. He won't pardon your transgressions. He said, "I have give you Palestine." Give it to him... Yes, sir.
Now, the trouble with people, when you become a Christian you don't look around in the Bible and see... You say, "Well, I accepted Jesus as my personal Saviour." That's good. There's nothing wrong with that. That's what you should do. But after you become a Christian, go in the Bible, look around and see what's yours. Amen.

E-31 When you buy a house, you look around to see what's yours, don't you? Why, it's just like putting in a big arcade. I'll go around in a big arcade. That's what it is. I'll go around; I look at this. It's mine.
Now, if you want to stand back and say, "Y--y--yes, I believe it, but I--I'm scared. I'm scared I can't do it." Well, just go ahead that's all the farther you'll ever get. But me, I like to look around like Abraham did, walk up-and-down the land, see what you got. Amen. I like to see whether His promise is what He said. I'll believe it. It's in His Word.

E-32 This great big arcade of Christ, by one Spirit we're all baptized into this arcade. If something looks a little odd for me, I'll just get a ladder, and get up, and examine it, and see what it looks like. That's the way to do it. Climb up by faith into the realms where man can't touch. It's hanging there; God promised it to you. There's a step ladder; just keep climbing. You'll get it; reach up for it. Amen.
I'll... Sometimes I'm ashamed to think our little petty faith, when God's eternal Word lays here, which is God Himself manifested in the Word.

E-33 Look what He said. Here's a good thought. He told Joshua, or not Joshua, but Moses, "I have given you Palestine; it's yours." And it was all walled up and fortified with Philistines and big walls around it, but I've give it to you. It's yours; now go take it. There's the idea. Go take it.
Divine healing's yours; go take it. It's fortified up with Doctors' belief, and agnostics' belief, and everything else, but go take it. God said it's yours. Amen. The Holy Ghost is yours; go take it. Your pastor don't believe it, but the Bible said it was so. Go take it. It's God's Word.
You know how them ten that come back, said, "Oh, we look like grasshoppers; we can't do it."
Joshua said, "Yes we can. God said so; that's the promise. I believe it."
Peter said, "The promise is unto you, and your children, and to them that's afar, off even as many as the Lord our God shall call." Amen.

E-34 I believe the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and all the fullness of God is raining down on the church today. It's for whosoever will. God promised it in His Word. It's ours; let's take it. Let's go over and possess the ground. Now they...
God didn't go over there and kill all the Philistines, and the Amorites, and so forth, and sweep it out, and say, "Now, come on in folks." That ain't God's way of doing it. He gives you the promise, and say, "Go get her." That's right.
Divine healings yours tonight; go get it. God promised you could walk, and you could walk, and you could walk, and you could walk, and you can see, and whatever is, God promised it to you; let's go get it. God said so. He's as... If He ain't as good as His Word, then He's not God. Let's go possess it; it's ours. God is in His Word, do you believe it?

E-35 God is in His Son, do you believe that? The Bible said that, "God was in Christ, reconciling the world to Himself." You believe it? Yes, sir. When He was here on earth, He said He was God. He looked like God; He acted like God; He preached like God. He healed like God; He died like a prince, and rose like God. He was God. He proved He was God. Hallelujah.
Every man and women that's ever amounted to a hill a beans has believed Him. No wonder he said, Mid rendering rocks and darkening skies, my Saviour bowed His head and died. The opening veil revealed the way to heaven's joy and endless day."
No wonder Eddie Perronett said, "All hail the power of Jesus Name! Let angels prostrate fall; bring forth the royal diadem, and crown Him Lord of all." That's right.

E-36 Another one said, "Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me; buried, He carried my sins far away; rising He justified freely forever: someday He's coming--oh glorious day!"
Poor old blind Fanny Crosby said, "Pass me not, O gentle Saviour, hear my humble cry; while on others Thou art calling, do not pass me by. Thou the Stream of all my comfort, more than life to me, whom have I on earth beside Thee? Whom in heaven but Thee?" That's right. She knew who He was.

E-37 God was in His Son reconciling the world to Himself. God's manifestation--God Almighty emptied Himself into Jesus Christ. That's right. And Jesus Christ emptied Himself into the Church. Hallelujah.
God is in His universe. You believe it? God is in His Word; believe it? God's in His Son; believe it? God's in His people, believe it? Hallelujah. God is in His people tonight, performing, working miracles, just like He did. "The things that I do shall you also." You believe that? Oh, my. Amen.

E-38 Let's pray. Heavenly Father, thank Thee for Thy goodness and Thy mercy. Oh, when I think of You standing there under Your universe, looking down upon the earth... I think of You, when You walked here in Galilee. Upon the mountains at nighttime, watching the great plantations and so forth, great planets of the heavens and the solar system, knowing that You made them, spun them out there with Your hands, blowed Your breath in the palm of Your hands and every star come into existence. Hallelujah.
Made sin here on earth in order to take the stinger out of death to put it in Your Own body, to put sickness in Your own body, to bear it for us... Give it to us in the Word, confirmed by the Holy Ghost... You in Your Word in Your Son, now in Your people. How could we doubt anymore "Show us the Father and it suffices us."?

E-39 Lord, we believe tonight, that You're the same God that walked on Galilee. We believe that You're the same One back yonder before there was a star in the heavens, that said, "Let there be light." And the sun come into existence. God be merciful to us. And I pray tonight that You'll sweep a revival across this city here, and all these great walls of differences will be tore down, and that the Holy Ghost may have pre-eminence in every heart. Grant tonight, that the lame walk, the blind see, the deaf hear, and the dumb speak. May great signs and wonders be done for Thy glory, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.

E-40 You believe God is here? You believe God is in His creation? God is in His Word? God was in His Son? Now, God's in His people. Everything that God was, was put into Jesus Christ. He was coequal with the Father. Is that right? Think it not robbery, but He was equal with the Father.
I used to think that God was mad at me, but Jesus loved me. But I come to find out that Jesus was the very heart of God. Through Jesus here, manifesting His Father's love to the people. Then I seen God was in His Son. And now, He said, "A little while and the world seeth Me no more, yet you'll see Me, for I'll be with you even in you." Then God is in His people tonight, showing the same signs and wonders that He did when He was in Galilee, same signs and wonders He did when He come through the wilderness in the Pillar of Fire. He's the same Jehovah God today as back yonder in Eden when He come down in nature. Amen.

E-41 Oh, my. When I look out and think how petty and how little... And we people who confess that we have kissed the rims of the cup of the blessings of His power, and can set still, and look upon this sinful world, and hold our peace, I wonder sometime if we don't need another dip from God. Amen. That's right. Where's your faith? Rise, you morning stars, and shout the praises of God. That's right.
Don't let the devil put one thing over you. He's nothing but a bluff. He hasn't got one legal power. When Jesus Christ died at Calvary, He stripped him of everything he had. The only thing tonight he's got is a bluff. That's right.

E-42 We have legal possessions by Jesus Christ. Every believer in here has a bankbook. []... from a deposit that was made at Calvary in the Blood of Jesus. Hallelujah. There's where He beat Satan to pieces. That's where He robbed him, stripped him down. I can see Jesus when He died there as Emmanuel on the cross. His soul, David said (no wonder he said), "He'd not leave His soul in hell, neither suffer the holy One to see corruption."
Jesus said, "You destroy this body, and I'll raise it up in...?... three days." He was in the grave. He knowed He come out within seventy-two hours. He knowed He'd be out there, for David said so, one promise, but He believed the Word of God. That's right.
Look, six hundred and something promises of Divine healing, and we set slumbering. Oh, my. Claimed to be His children, rise, believe Him. That's right.

E-43 I can see Him when He died. His soul went down into the regions of the lost. I can see Him knock at the door [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit ten times--Ed.] of the lost. Somebody said, "Who is it? " Open the doors and there the mingling souls there in prison waiting for the day of judgment.
He said, "You ought to believed Enoch. You ought to have believed the prophets. I am the virgin born Son of God, that Enoch said He'd come with ten thousands of His saints. I am He. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit four times--Ed.] I'm the One. And everything was written of Me in My Father's Word, I have confirmed it yonder on the cross. It's finished. Close the doors." That's all of it they ever recognized.

E-44 The earth knew it was Him. It shook with a great earthquake when He died. The moon and sun hid their face. The very Creator of them was dying on Calvary. The sun went out in the middle of the day. I seen Him go right on down to the doors of hell. Oh, I feel religious tonight. Look brother... I seen... I know what I'm talking about. I'm not lost in the fog. No, sir. I know right where I'm standing. Yes, sir. And He descended right on down into the lower regions of hell, knocked on the door. [Brother Branham knocks--Ed.] Satan comes, said, "Who's there? "
Said, "Open up."
"Who are you?
"Open up."
Satan opens up says, "Oh, so you finally arrived, did you? " Said, "I thought I had you when I killed Abel. When I throwed Daniel in the lions den, I thought I got you. I thought I got you when I put the Hebrew children in the fiery furnace. When I beheaded John the Baptist, I thought I had you, but now, I got you. You're here. You arrived, did you?
"Satan," said Jesus, "give Me the key of death and hell. You don't possess them."
"Oh, yes I do. I possess them, because back yonder in the garden of Eden, Adam sinned.
But He said, "I'm the virgin born Son of God." I come down from the Father's bosom. I've just died yonder on Calvary, and My Blood's still dripping from the cross. I come down to take over." That's right. You ain't scaring nobody from this on. You was a bluff one time. You had Him, but you haven't got Him anymore. I'm the possessor. That's right. I'll give My church the keys to the Kingdom. Reached over on his side, pulled the keys off of him, smacked him in the face, and sent him back, and shut the door so hard it shook the pegs of hell in his eyes. Hallelujah.

E-45 He's the Conqueror since He rent the veil in two. You ain't bluffing Him. He knows where He's at.
I can see Him coming back up. It's coming towards daylight. There's some more people up there, the Old Testament saints. They couldn't go to heaven. They had to stay in Paradise, 'cause the blood of bulls and goats won't take away sin. It just covers sin. But Jesus has shed His blood that divorces sin, puts her away, wipes her out.
I can see Him. There's another place up there called Paradise. I can hear the door [Brother Branham knocks six times--Ed.] Somebody says, "Who's there?" Open the door Abraham. Said, "Sarah come here; come here, Sarah. That's the Man that I entertained that day under the oak tree." Hallelujah. There He is. That's Him.
Daniel said, "What'd you say? Well, well, that's the Rock that I saw hewed out of the mountain without hands."

E-46 There come Ezekiel say, "I seen Him, and He was in the heavens, and the clouds looked like dust under His feet."
He said, "Boys, you all have believed under the shedding of the sacrifices of blood of bulls and goats, but sin is divorced now." We're going up. Don't you remember what David said in the Psalms? 'He let captive captives and give gifts to man.'?"
"Yes, I remember what David said. I believed it too. I know you did, come on.
I hear Abraham say, "Lord, the God of Abraham." Oh, my, I can hear him say, "Can we make a little whistle-stop in Jerusalem?
"Yes, I got forty days. I want to instruct My disciples. They got to go in the world and cast out devils and things. I better talk to them a little while before the going up. So you fellows can just walk around a little while. Hurry up now. It's coming towards daylight, be Easter morning pretty soon."

E-47 My, I can see the big morning star a looking around over the skies, comes down like a whirlwind, hits on the grave, and open comes the grave. And angels stood there... He rose up and so did the Old Testament saints. The Bible said so. Matthew 27 says, "Many of those who slept in the dust of the earth, rose and come with Him, after His resurrection. Abraham, Isaac, Jacob (Hallelujah.) went in with Him after the resurrection.
My, I can see Him stand over there as they come from Emmaus and was talking. He walked along with them and beat them back over there, walked right in the room and said, "Touch My hand, see... Give Me something to eat. Give Me a piece of bread and fish. Does a spirit eat like I eat? "

E-48 I can see Abraham and Sarah with their arms around one another coming down the street, said, "Sarah, the old place don't look like it used to. Nope. It feels good to be back here again doesn't it, Sarah?"
"Yes, sir, it sure does."
Caiaphas, I can see him standing there, a high priest saying, "This racket about that resur... Say, who is that--that young couple--couple going there?"
Abraham says, "Sarah, we're recognized." Vanished out of there with that same kind of a body just like His own glorious body. We're going to have one, one of these days. Hallelujah. Just like He went through the wall without seeing... He vanished out of their sight.
And Caiaphas said, "I will tell you, things are strange here."

E-49 After forty days He give His disciples to go unto all the world and preach the Gospel. "These signs shall follow them that believe. In My Name they'll cast out devils, speak with new tongues, take up serpents, drink deadly things it'll not harm them, lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." While He was saying that, the last address to His Church, He was taken up, up, up. There went the Old Testament saints with Him. Oh, what a jubilee time.

E-50 After He got out of sight of these earthbound people, I can see Him turn His back then to the earth, start marching on, the Old Testament saints coming with Him. Oh, my, they passed the moon. They passed the sun. They passed the highest star. Hallelujah. I can see them coming in sight of the great pearly white City. I can hear the Old Testament saints saying, "Lift up, ye everlasting gates, and be ye lifted up, and let the Prince of glory come in." Hallelujah, glory.
I can hear the angels on the inside of the wall say, "Who is this Prince of glory? "
I can hear the Old Testament saints, "The Lord of Hosts, mighty in battle." And they press the button for the gates to swing open. Here comes Jesus right down the street, the Conqueror with all of His tribes. Hallelujah. Victor, He led captive captive and give gifts to men. Right down the streets of the Old Test--of the New Jerusalem, walked right up in the Presence of the Father, said, "Father, here they are. They died in good faith, waiting for My blood."
He said, "Climb up here, Son, set on My right hand, until I make all Your foes Your footstool."
You think I'm crazy, don't you? If I'm crazy, let me alone; I'm happy this a way. I tell you, brother, it's something that'll make the saints of the living God... Make my foes a footstool.

E-51 Kind heavenly Father, bless every man and every woman in here tonight, get glory out of the service, baptize freshly with the Holy Ghost. I pray that You'll heal every sick person in the building tonight. May Your Spirit come upon them, great signs and wonders be done. If I did wrong by preaching, excuse me. Send the Angel of God, anoint Your servant, and send a great prayer line through here, Lord, that they'll know that God is in His people. I ask it in Jesus' Name. Amen. Amen.

E-52 What prayer cards you give out? H? H, what? 1-100? Give me H. Who's got H, prayer card H-1? Let's see your hand real quick now. Let's see who's got H-1 to 25 right here. H-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, on up like that. Play for us if you will, sister. Give us that song...?... all right. Amen. I feel like there's a storm coming. Amen. All right, go right ahead, sister...?... sister. Go ahead, anything...?... Go ahead; that's fine. Keep playing...?...
[] No, sir, said, "What makes them get emotional?"
I said, "There's something making them emotional, that's right." It's the power the unseen power of the Holy Ghost baptizing every person.

E-53 Here not long ago up at Gary, Indiana, I was up there in a meeting; and a fellow took me over to show me their big mill. And I was looking down there how pretty it was; we were standing way up on a big cupola like this; you're up on a big place you're looking, and a little old whistle blowed five minutes before quitting time. Every man throwed his blanket up like that or his little thing he wore around him, little apron, and he went to sweeping shavings out in the middle of the aisle. Every man swept his swept his shavings out. He said, "Wait a minute Reverend, I will show you something peculiar."
I said, "All right, sir." And after every--another whistle blowed, all of them went out.
He said, "Now, watch this." He touched the button, and I heard something coming, making a roar noise, roar noise.
I said, "What is that? "
Said, "Just watch." It come from way from somewhere way back, way back in the back, come right down over a trestle, a little wall, run down, and as it run through there, all those shavings jumped right up and met it, went right on out. And he took the magnetism out of it, went into the cupola, was made over again. He said, "That's the way we pick up all the scraps."

E-54 I said, "Yes sir." I said, "What I want to know, why didn't all of them go? There's some more shavings there."
He said, "Well, you see, sir, they're aluminum. They're not magnetized to it." Hallelujah.
And he said, "Say, what's the matter with you?"
I said, "Don't get excited. I haven't hurt anyone yet." And I said, "Why didn't that piece of metal go there? "
Why, he said, "Sir, it's bolted down."
I said, "Glory."
He said, "What's the matter with you? "
I said, "I'm thinking about a great big magnet, setting yonder in the sky. That's a dynamo of the Holy Ghost." And there's people down here being magnetized. If you want to be aluminum or shackled down with some creed, go ahead. But there's some people magnetized to it. And someday God's going to press the button. That magnet's coming down, and she's going yonder over to be made. Hallelujah. Amen. They'll go to the cupola of God's refinery and be made creatures in Christ Jesus that'll never die again. Hallelujah. Amen. Yes, sir.

E-55 They'll be molded and made like unto His own glorious body. We'll never have another prayer meeting for the sick, or another one for the sinners, 'cause there'll be none. Amen. (Okay, thank you.) Amen. Excuse me. No, don't excuse me. I don't mean that. No, sir, I feel good, and I'm just rejoicing in the God of power, Who I know stands here. I know He's the same yesterday and forever.
Now, the Lord Jesus bless you, help you. I love you. And God loves you. God wants you to get well. God is in His creation, you believe it? God is in His Word, you believe it? God was in His Son, you believe it? God emptied Himself in Jesus Christ, you believe it? Jesus Christ emptied Himself into the Church, is that right? Then God's in His Word, God's in His creation, God's in His Son, and God's in His people, you believe it? Then Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever, is that right? What He did then He can do now, is that right? We love Him. We believe Him. We're got out souls magnetized with power tonight that'll take us up in the rapture.

E-56 Oh, my, I think of that beautiful Rebekah that afternoon, watering the camels, watering the very thing was going to take her to her... bride. That's what it is. Water, and the camel represents power. And the Church of the living God today is rejoicing and watering the power of the Holy Ghost, that'll pick her up someday and take her yonder to meet the Isaac in the air, for the wedding supper. Hallelujah. Amen. You believe it? Oh, sister, sing something for us somebody will you. Oh, I just can't cut off somehow. That's right. All right. Excuse me, friend, or I mean I love you, friends. Amen.
All right let's sing "Only Believe," everybody now. Sister, you will... Everybody.
[Congregation sings--Ed.]
Let's sing it like this:
Lord, I believe, oh, Lord, I believe
All things are possible, Lord, I believe;
Lord, I can believe, Lord, I can believe,
All things are possible, Lord, I believe.

E-57 Now real reverently while we stand, just real slow now--now wait. Yes, I believe. When?
Now I believe, (right now) now I believe,
All things are possible, now I believe;
Now I believe, now I believe,
All things are possible, now I believe.
Father, help us now. We pray that Thy Spirit will manifest the Presence of the living God, for we as it in the Name of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Be seated now. Be reverent; believe with all your heart.

E-58 Do you believe, lady, setting there as your hands are folded on your pocketbook, looking at me? You're having allergies aren't you? Isn't that right? You don't have them no more now; they've left you. Jesus Christ has healed you. Believe with all your heart; don't doubt. Have faith in God. God will grant these things.
Jesus said, "If thou canst believe." Just believe with all your heart; that's all I ask you to do; have faith in God. God will grant it to you. Don't you believe that? All right, friend. Excuse me...?... look, catching the... see the Spirit going out, moving out. Pray for me.

E-59 I've been speaking to you on Jesus Christ: God in His universe, and God in His Word, in His Son; God's in His people also. You believe that don't you? God is in His people. His power is here. When He was here on earth, the things that He did then He can do today. He will be the same God forever. Nothing--nothing at no time shall ever stand in His way. May His omnipotence, may His Presence ever be with you all is my prayer.
The Holy Spirit hasn't come to the platform yet. It's moving over people.

E-60 The little lady standing there, little checkered, little hat kind of pushed up like this, you got high blood pressure. You want... You believe God will heal you setting right there? If you do it, you can have it, and God will make you well. God bless you. Go on your road now and rejoice. Our heavenly Father has all power.
Some lady there is crying. She's praying. You--you've had a--a sickness, and the sickness has been a--a pneumonia, and it's developed a heart trouble. Jesus healed you then. You was praying, saying, "God, let Him speak to me." Isn't that right? If that isn't right... Wave your h'nd back and forth like this if that's right. That's right. See, I'm not reading your mind, but I heard God speak in your prayer. Jesus Christ can say prayer and hear prayer at the same time, not me, but He can. He can tell me. You're healed sister. God bless you. Had a bad case of pneumonia, didn't you? Liked to died, and it developed a heart trouble. It's gone from you now. He's made you well. God bless you.

E-61 Believe with all your heart. Be reverent. Howdy do, sir? Excuse me, is this the patient? Just have faith, brother. The only thing that I know to do is to pray for you. That's all I know to do. Do you believe me to be the servant of the Lord? just a minister, just--just like any other preacher, just a--a sinner saved by grace, but Jesus Christ is--is in the creation. He's in the Word. He's in the flesh, and He's in His Church. And He promised that the things that He did we'd do also. And the things that He did, He knowed the secrets of the people's heart. He told them their conditions. He said, "I can do nothing 'less the Father shows Me." Isn't that right?
You are bothered with a throat trouble, the esophagus of the throat. Same thing... You have trouble swallowing and things; it's awful bad. You also have a trouble with your liver. It's giving you trouble. You're not from this city. You're from a place that's called P-h-i Philadelphia, not Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 'cause it's a small city. It's in the south. It's Philadelphia, Mississippi, I believe. Isn't that right? You're healed. Go back to your home and be made well. Jesus Christ has healed...?... Go to...?... All things are possible to them that believe. Have faith in God.

E-62 How do you do, lady? Suppose we are strangers to each other. We do not know each other, but the Lord Jesus knows us both, doesn't He? We've never met before, no way at all of connection, just here we stand. That is true. Your... You've had a lot of trouble; it's--looks been black, or you've had a nervous breakdown. You been very sick. And say, "Don't they call--ain't your name Mary." They call you Mary, and you live at a number; it's 1505 South Sierra Vista, something like that street, yes, street. It's A-l-b-a--lbraham, California. You are healed. Go, return to your home a well, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
How do you do? You believe me to be the servant of God? You believe that God is with His people, in His people? You believe it with... You're packing a handkerchief in your hand for me to pray over, and that goes to a loved one. And the loved one is your husband; and he has sugar diabetes; and he's not a Christian. Let me have that. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, I ask that the devil leave the man for his soul and body, in Jesus Christ's Name. Go, rejoicing, lay it on him, sister.
Have faith in God. God in His people magnifying...

E-63 Do you want to get over of the high blood pressure, setting right back there, lady, behind the post that's looking at me? If you believe that God will make you... That's right. Yes, you. Raise right up. Jesus Christ healed you. Stand upon your feet. That's right. God bless you. Go home now you're well. Your faith has healed you, the Lord Jesus.
Howdy do, lady? Do you believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, raised from the dead? Do you believe that that strange feeling that you're feeling now, a glorious satisfied feeling, comes from Him? You believe the Angel of the Lord, Whose picture I hold here in my hand--do you believe that's what's moving on you at this time? Then God bless you. Do you know that you're at the point of death? Every... The doctors has given you up. You have sclerosis of the liver and also of the heart. The doctor says you can't live, but God's Word says you can. Do you believe it? In the Name of Jesus Christ, I condemn death and ask for life in this woman, through Jesus Christ the Son of the living God. Amen.

E-64 Stand close now; have faith. Come, be reverent. You believe with all your heart? You believe the things that comes from God's Word is the truth? I never seen you in my life. You, perhaps, never seen me, 'less you was setting out in an audience or something. We're strangers to each other. This audience here: I told you Jesus Christ was in His people. You believe that?
Now, friends, I'm just about to drop here. It's just... But I--I want you to believe. This woman... I don't know you. I've seen you. God knows what you're here for, I don't, but He does. And someday you and I have got to stand in His judgment to be judged. But if God will let me know what your trouble is, will you accept Jesus Christ as your Healer and whatever you have need for? You will? Will the rest of the audience do the same? Will you do it?

E-65 Now, look on me. I mean by that, like Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, said, "Look on us." That's just to attract your attention. You're not here for yourself; you're here for a loved one, a sister, some one, a woman. And that woman has been seriously ill. She is just returned from a--an institution. It's a mental condition. She's returned... And she's either lived or has been in a city where there's a whole lot of orange groves around it. And there's a panoramic mountain right in behind the city like, like this towards the north; and there's a hotel there that's got deer head a antler, San Bernardino or something. There it is. God bless you. Go home and find her well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ make it...
Have faith, believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, you should be healed. You believe it? You believe it right now? Stand up to your feet just a minute. Believe with all your heart.

E-66 Oh, Lord, the Creator of heavens and earth, send Thy blessings upon this people. And may the Holy Ghost now sweep over this audience in the power of the resurrection of Jesus Christ Who is among His people tonight. And may every person in here be healed. Satan, I claim that you're defeated. You can't hold this people any longer. You're exposed; come out of here in the Name of Jesus Christ. Go from...