Proof Of His Resurrection

Date: 55-0410M | Duration: 2 hours
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Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 Thank you, Brother Neville. Good morning, friends. Good to be here in the tabernacle again this morning, to worship the Lord Jesus. This is our second service for many of us, today. We were here early, this morning, and the Lord met with us in a marvelous way. And I was come down just to speak to the folks a few minutes, and didn’t even expect to have a text. And, the first thing you know, I got to preaching. And there we had a—a very good time, and we’re thankful to the Lord for this.
E-2 Now, we’re sorry, in this little tabernacle here we don’t have seating room for the people that just have to stand up like that. I hate this, very bad, but it’s all that we can do at this time. So we’ll try not to hold you too long; just a little Easter greetings to you all. And we’re going to pray for the sick people, this morning, as was given out. And may the Lord add His blessings to everything that we do, because it’s that purpose that we’re here for, that God will meet with us and bless us.
E-3 Now, tonight’s service is baptismal service. And you that has not yet been baptized by immersing, and so desires to do so, why, we would invite you here tonight. Come, prepared, and bring your baptismal garments, for we expect a great service here tonight, in the way of baptism.
E-4 And now, today, as it being Easter, and many of you has already been, perhaps, to your own services, or here to the sunrise service. We are happy to have you in for this part of the…of our service today.
E-5 But to continue on for a little Easter talk, this morning, we’d call your attention over in the Gospel of Saint John, the 21st chapter, and the 3rd and 4th verses. And then over in Saint Mark the…or Saint Luke, rather, the twenti-…or the 49th chapter. Wish to read just for a few moments. First, Saint John 21.
Simon Peter said unto them, I go a fishing. They said unto him, We also go with thee. They went forth, and entered into a ship immediately; and that night they caught nothing.
But when the morning was…come, Jesus stood on the shore: but the disciples knew not that it was Jesus.
E-6 May the Lord add His blessings to that portion of the Word. Then, in Luke the 49th…chapter, and beginning with the 27th verse.
And beginning at Moses and all the prophets, he expounded unto them…all the scriptures the things concerning himself.
And they drew nigh unto the village, where they went: and he made as though he would go a little further.
But they constrained him, saying, Abide with us: for it is towards evening, and the day is far spent. And he went in to tarry with them.
And it came to pass, as they sat at meat with them, he took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to them.
And their eyes were opened, and they knew him;…
E-7 What a contrast! One place, they did not know Him. And this place, they did know Him, by something He done.
…and he vanished out of their sight.
And they came and said to one another, Did not our hearts burn within us, while he talked with us by the way, and…has opened to us the scriptures?
E-8 Now shall we bow our heads, just for a moment of prayer.
E-9 Our kind Heavenly Father, we thank Thee, this morning, for this great occasion that we have, to gather together in the Presence of Christ, at the resurrection; to have this full assurance of Divine fellowship, partakers of His crucifixion, crucified with Him to the things of the world, and raised anew again unto Eternal Life. And this hope lies within us now.
E-10 And as the prophet of old, we say, “We know our Redeemer liveth.” “Ever living, seated at the right hand of the Majesty on High; a right High Priest, One Who has tasted of suffering and can make intercessions upon our confession.” How we thank Thee for this! Our hearts burn within us when we think that we have One representing us, today, in the Presence of the great and Almighty God. He’s not dead, but is alive, and sitting in His Presence. And He’s all-present, everywhere, knows all things, omnipotent in power, can do all things, knows all things, and is ever present. How we thank Thee for this grand and glorious Truth that we hold in our bosoms today, cherish It so dearly!
E-11 And, in There, He can be touched by the feeling of our infirmities, for He suffered for us, bearing our sickness at Calvary. We’re so happy for that, to know it today, and to know the direct assurance that we have now. He’s alive, talking for us, loving us. Won’t You let His Presence continue with us today, make it a real Easter!
E-12 And, God, to those who doesn’t know You this morning, who are aliens, doesn’t know Christ in the resurrection, we pray that He’ll come in full magnificent power, taking the sins of their lives away and giving unto them the good things of God, instead. Grant it, Lord. May this day produce that for every unbeliever that’s in Divine Presence.
E-13 Bless all the services throughout the lands, that’s being held today in commemoration of this great memorial.
E-14 Now help Your unprofitable servant, Lord, as we commit ourselves to Thee. Bless every one that’s here. And may, when the service is over, may we say like those at Emmaus that day, “Did not our hearts burn within us, as He talked with us along the way?” Grant it, Lord, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.
E-15 In the providence of God’s great Eternal plan of salvation, how that in times past, when God made man to be a worshiper of Himself, He made him that way, that he could. He would have a desire to worship. And all down through the ages, man has longed to look a past the curtain that hangs between him and where he is going.
E-16 In a.d. 603, when the king of England was baptized in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, by Saint Augustine. Sitting at a great fireplace one night, while he was talking to him about Christ, a little sparrow flew into the light, fluttered around a little bit, flew out. And Saint Augustine said to the king, he said, “Where did he come from, and where did he go to?” He said, “That’s the way that every man that comes into this world. He comes in here, walks in a little conscience of senses, not knowing exactly where he come from. And there is only one Book that can tell him where he’s going to, and that’s the Bible.” And, by that, the king was converted and gave his life to the Lord. And, the next morning, he and all of his household was baptized in the Name of the Lord.
E-17 Man in his natural state, he cannot—he cannot understand spiritual things. They are spiritually discerned.
E-18 And now I want you to listen close as you can. I know it’s hard, you standing, and congested the way the audience is. But try to listen to the Word, for the sakes of those who are sick and those who are sin sick; mainly for those who are sin sick, this morning, and wanting to find peace.
E-19 The emancipation of the proclamation has been signed. You’re free, and you just don’t know it. But, faith must have a Divine resting place, before. If you have faith in God, you’ve got to have some Divine resting place to place it. And there’s no better place, and no other Divine way, only through God’s holy Word. And we want to let our faith rest directly upon the written Word of God.
E-20 Now, man, in his carnal condition and his mental conceptions, he always pulls hisself away from God. It’s been, since the beginning, that man longs to see the other side, but he’s been bound in a prison house. Sometimes tradition of man puts him there, that they teach traditions of different forms and motives of how to worship. And he puts men under bondage, under, in his tradition. And that has been since the world began. It’s been that way. And he is shut up in the—in the prison houses.
E-21 But man always has longed to see the other side. And any little thing that looks a little supernatural, the human being will run for it, because it’s some sort of a promise across the border, just across the lane. And what makes Him do that is because he is created in the image of His Maker, Almighty God. He is created to be a worshiper of God, and he must find some place to give an outlet to that feeling.
E-22 And that’s our purpose here today, on this Easter morning, is to present to you the real Gospel Truth. Nothing in nobody, upon any organization, upon any foundation; only upon the Gospel, simple Truths of the Bible. I believe that It is the written Word of God. I believe It with all my soul, heart, mind, and being. And that’s what I want to present to this, our little city here today, in this great marvelous thing that I have seen taking place around the world for the past ten years.
E-23 We tried, many times, to have services, the healing services, in the city; not because I think I haven’t got friends here. Because, I have friends. And you’re my friends, and I love you. But it’s the idea that this is home, where I was brought up. It’s my place, where everybody knows me here, and therefore it makes it kind of hard. Cause, the Scripture said the same thing, that, “In your own town, or among your own people,” and so forth, it’s harder to present the Gospel. It has been, in all ages, and this would be no exception now.
E-24 But, I believe, with all my heart, that God is going to let us have the service this morning as we have asked Him to do. Now, I believe that He will do it. Therefore, if He will, by His great Presence and His omnipotence, that means then that He is in our presence. And what a wonderful time, on an Easter morning, to find the resurrected Lord Jesus walking among men, walking here, as an infallible, indelible proof that He did raise from the dead.
E-25 And that’s my contentions, is what I been contending for, that Jesus is not dead. He is alive, very much alive, and will be, forevermore. And if God will just let us, by His grace, I believe, this morning, that we can prove to you, beyond any shadow of doubt, by the help of the Holy Ghost, that Jesus did actually raise from the dead, and is living right here today, living right here in the building, with us. “Unto the end of the world.” He promised it.
E-26 Now, man, in his carnal way, he has built first…We’ll notice that people, with good intentions, try to bring the Gospel down to a creed, try to say, “Well, we’ll go to church.” That’s good. And with good intentions, say, “We’ll have this form of a—a declaration of creed. We’ll say these prayers. We’ll do a certain thing.” But the resurrection of Christ consists of more than creeds, more than a denomination. Although, as good as they may be, and intentions are good, but that isn’t the resurrected Christ.
E-27 And that’s the main thing that we’re after, this morning, is the infallible proof that Jesus raised from the dead.
E-28 Now, as our text says, “They did not know Him,” and it’s the same thing today.
E-29 But man has longed to know Him. Down through the age, they’ve longed to know Him. And our text this morning, our…My Redeemer Liveth, in the early Sunday service, we find out there that Job, as old as he was, and way back in the first, beginning, he longed to know His Creator. In other words, he said, “If I could go and knock on His door and talk to Him!” How the human heart has longed for such things! And today, after four thousand, nearly five thousand years more, how much more the human heart today longs to go to His door, knock at His door, get acquainted with Him!
E-30 And then, people, through traditions, has blinded men from the great fundamental Truths of the Scripture.
E-31 Now, Jesus spoke the same thing when He was here on earth. He said, “Ye are blind leaders of the blind.” He said, “If the blind leads the blind, won’t they all fall in the ditch?”
E-32 Now, pronouncing Christian or religious teachers “blind.” See? God has a way of revealing Himself to the people, and making Himself known to the people. But, many times, tradition shuts off the people before God can get a chance to get into them, to reveal Himself. See? You get it? See? Traditions! Oh, what that is today!
E-33 Now, those teachers that the Lord Jesus was speaking to, were very orthodox. They were real scholars. They kept the letter of the Word, the law, to the very letter; not one tot or jit’, or anything, would pass from it. And they must have it perfect.
E-34 So, we can be so perfect with our education and with our theory until we leave Christ plumb out of the picture. We get plumb away from the real facts.
E-35 Now, so, in order to get the Truth to man, to God, “God sent His Own Son, made in likeness of sinful flesh,” and He was born here on earth. And was a—a propitiation for our sins, offered up at the day of Cal-…at Calvary, to take away our sins; and to give us liberty, and to set us free from the prison houses that we been in.
E-36 Now, man is a prisoner. God said that a man was a prisoner, so, until something has happened to the man. I want you to get this now. That, before this certain thing, called the new Birth, ever happens to the man, he cannot (no way, at all) understand, or ever understand God, or have any knowledge of God. Though the Word speaks It, his mind can’t comprehend It, because it’s a human mind. He’s got to have the mind of God in him, to understand godly things. See? So, all the reading, all the schools, all the teachings, as good as they may be, yet that’s not the real principle yet.
E-37 God sent His Son, preaching the Gospel. That’s right. The Gospel is the good news. In Isaiah 61, to you who are taking down the Scriptures, God said there, speaking…Isaiah, rather, of Christ’s coming. He said, “God has anointed Me to preach the Gospel, to bring good tidings; and to set the captives free, and to open the prison doors, and let the captives go free.” God sent Christ to open the prison doors of men who are sitting in darkness. And if you notice the—the type that He spoke to, “setting them free,” it wasn’t the illiterate. It was the scholars, the educated one, Christ come to set them free.
E-38 Now to make it so the little kiddies would understand. When Christ came…Say, for instance, today, that each one of you were sentenced to death. And you were sitting in a prison, knowing that, sunrise tomorrow morning, you had to die.
E-39 And many that is sinful, and away from God, is sitting in that place this morning. Many people, who are real good people, are sitting in that condition this morning.
E-40 Many of you, sitting here with cancer, with tumor, and blindness. Some of you, sitting in all kinds of conditions. Yet, God sent Christ to open the prison doors, to set you free. You say, “Is sickness a bondage?” Yes.
E-41 Jesus plainly explained it, when He said to the woman that had been stooped over. He healed her; laid His hands upon her, and she raised up. And they begin to find fault, the teachers did. He said, “Ought not this daughter of Abraham be loosed, set free from this bondage that she’s been in, of Satan?”
E-42 So, Christ our great Redeemer has come to set men and women free from sin, and free from sickness. He, when He died at Calvary, “He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes we were healed.”
E-43 Now, that’s the good news. That’s the Gospel. The Gospel is, that, Christ died in the sinner’s place, that Christ taken the sick man’s place. Christ taken the sinner’s place. Christ taken the worried man’s place. Christ taken the maniac’s place. Christ took every place, and freed us from every affliction and every sin that the devil put us in the prison house by. Christ come to pardon us, freely. Everything goes free.
E-44 In the days when the slaves, when they were in bondage, and they were slaves here in the states. When Abraham Lincoln died, to free the colored man, to give him rights not to be a slave any longer, they was freed at sunrise, too. They were so happy about it, knowing that they were going to be free as soon as the sun rose. Some of them that was healthier, better physical fit, they climbed way up the mountain. Some could go all the way to the top; and some half way up; and some all the way down. And as soon as the sun begin to peep up, the great strong ones was up on top.
E-45 I’d liken that today to great strong Christians who rise up into the sphere of the Holy Spirit; those who just come along the road under justification; those who are way down in the valley of confusion.
E-46 They raised up. And as soon as the ones, was high, could see it, first, way off. And when they seen the sun rising, they screamed to the top of their voice, to the ones below them, said, “We are free!”
E-47 And then those got it, and let out a shout and screamed down to the others, “We are free!”
E-48 And the others, down below that, explained it to the others, “We are free!”
E-49 Now look. Those up on the hill could see the sun, so they were free. But as soon as the news come to that fellow in the valley, he was just as free as he would ever be, whether the sun was up or not. You see it?
E-50 Christ come to set the captive free. You don’t have to be bound down with habits, halfway Christian life. God don’t want you to be that way. He wants you to be free. God anointed Christ to preach freedom, to open the prison doors. And every time you…
E-51 Say you’re setting in there, and your death sentence is on you. And the first thing you know, they’re fixing to take you out to hang you, or to execute you in some way. And the first thing, you hear somebody coming down the street, saying, “Hold it! I got the pardon. You don’t have to die.” Now, you don’t have to wait till you’re out of the prison. You’re just as free right then as you will be when you’re out. So the man can just be as happy, sitting in prison, as he would be out of prison, as long as he knows his pardon is signed.
E-52 That’s the way it is this morning. Here it is! To every man and woman that has a hungry heart, to come out of the prison cells this morning, the good news of the Gospel is preached. And no matter, if you’re still sitting sick, if you’re still sitting bound, you can be just as free because the news has come, “You are pardoned!” Christ rose, some nineteen hundred years ago, this morning, to set every prisoner free, opened the prison doors and let them come out. Oh, what a marvelous thing!
E-53 No wonder the poet thrilled when he heard that! Inspiration struck him. He said:
Living, He love me; dying, He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away;
[Blank spot on tape—Ed.]…freely forever;
Someday He’s coming, O glorious day!
E-54 The hope of the believer is watching for the second Coming, this great Prince Who opened the prison doors and set us free. The debt has been settled. It’s all been paid. God and sinners was reconciled together at Calvary, when Jesus died. And God rose Him up on the third day, for our justification. That, as we look upon that and believe it, and accept it with all of our heart, we are justified in the sight of the living God. Sure it makes you emotional! Certainly it makes you happy! How could you hold your peace? How could a man restrain, that knows that death is hanging down there in front of him, and here comes a pardon? That’s right.
E-55 How do you think old Barabbas felt that morning, when he heard the Roman coming and the big…from the galleries? As the big iron shoes stomping along, the chains rattling, the spear a dragging on the street; to know that he was going to be killed, and the…when he opened up the door! And Barabbas, a trembling and crying, ready to run out, saying, “Oh, this is the end of me!”
Said, “Barabbas, I read, ‘You’re pardoned, free.’”
“Why,” he said, “ain’t I going to die?”
Said, “No. You don’t have to die.”
“Well, what did I have to do for it?”
“Well, how does this come?”
E-56 Then the centurion would have raised him around, say, “See that Man hanging yonder on the cross? See that mockery spit from His face? See the wounds in His hand? Them was yours, but He took your place.”
E-57 He opened the prison door for you, that you, who were condemned to die, He has took your place. And on Easter morning, God raised Him up for our justification. Why, we are justified. As we believe the story and accept it, peace of justification sweeps into our heart, like fathomless billow rolls, how the waves of His Being.
E-58 God didn’t leave us comfortless. He knew that It would be all tangled up, in the days to come; through teachers, and so forth, of the Word, how they would mix It up. But He sent a direct Messenger with It, the Holy Spirit, which is the vindication of the resurrection.
E-59 If there is no Holy Spirit to vindicate It, then I couldn’t believe the resurrection; I wouldn’t have nothing but theology; or I wouldn’t have nothing but mental conception. But, today, we don’t have to…Mental conception is alright; theology is alright. But we have a direct witness. The Holy Spirit is a witness of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus. So misunderstood by people today, in our day! So misunderstood, but it’s the hope!
E-60 When He give the last commission there, when He said, “Go into all the world, and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; and he that believeth not shall be damned. These signs shall follow them that believe: In My Name they shall cast out evil spirits; they shall speak with new tongues; if they take up serpents or deadly things, it wouldn’t harm them; they’ll lay their hands on the sick, and they shall recover.” “The very things that I do shall you do also, even greater than this, for I go unto My Father.”
E-61 Someone says, “Brother Branham, was that great commission reached down to this day?”
E-62 Certainly. How long? “To all the world.” How many? “To every creature.” There you are. To believe It, is Eternal Life, to accept It.
“Why should I believe It?” you would say.
E-63 Because, it’s the Word of God. That’s right. God can’t take back His Own Word. God once speaks a Word, He’s got to stay with it. I can say a word, and take it back; you can do the same. But God can’t. When He speaks a Word, He’s got to stay with It. And He said those Words, so God honors His Word.
E-64 And the resurrection is just as vital today, and just as real to every human heart that believes it, as it was to Mary Magdalene and them that stood at the grave that morning, who seen Him. Here He is, and there her name called, “Mary.” And she looked around and said, “Rabboni,” or, “Master!” That’s just as real to every heart this morning, that’s born again of the Spirit of God, by the resurrection power, as it was to that woman standing at the grave that morning.
E-65 Now, you can’t do it in your own mind. You can’t do it. You’re like trying to put paper on a building, or paint it up, when the conditions are too bad, when the foundation is condemned.
E-66 If the government condemns a house, the foundations is rotten, how can you build upon that house? You’re only building for a fall. No matter how much you paint the inside, how good a paper you put on it, how many shingles you put over the top of it, how many shrines you raise up, how many crucifix you put in it, it’s got to fall, for the foundation is wrong. The foundation is rotten.
E-67 And man, in his own mental way of thinking, is wrong to begin with. He is an alien from God. He is cut off, without hope, without God, without mercy.
E-68 And the only thing that he can do is to come and accept Christ. And then the Holy Spirit comes in, and the mind that was in Christ is in you.
E-69 Jesus said, “The Father, that sent Me, is with Me.” Oh, my! What a declaration! What a word! “The Father, that sent Me, come with Me.”
E-70 Listen! “And as the Father sent Me, so do I send you.” He don’t only send you, but He goes with you. “I’ll be with you, even in you, unto the end of the world.” All that was in God was poured out in Christ; and all that was in Christ was emptied out into the believer, the Church. God is with you. “Lo, I am with thee always, even to the end of the world.” That’s the declaration of God’s Word. That’s what the Bible says. That’s what I believe.
E-71 And if we had to stand it alone, stand it, for it’s God’s Word. Every man that ever got anywhere, had to stand, alone, on his convictions only. That’s not in the partnership. There’s only One Who will walk it with you, and that’s Him Who made the statement. The Lord Jesus, He’s the One that’ll trod the valley with you. He’ll go through every briar patch and climb every mountain, by your side.
E-72 Yoke yourself up with Him. “For My yoke is light, and My burdens are easy.” Don’t be yoked up with the things of the world. Don’t be yoked up in different societies and organizations. Yoke yourself singly with the Lord Jesus Christ, is order that you can do it. Believe, and see the resurrection.
E-73 Now, these apostles, being yet men who had walked with Jesus, who had had fellowship with Him, walked along in the natural, as men today. But they failed to recognize Who He was.
E-74 Jesus said, “The Blind Pharisees.” He said, “Oh, you do take the commandments of God,” notice, “and make them of none effect, by your traditions.” See?
E-75 There they was, teachers, scholars, seminary students! And the Scripture plainly said that Jesus would come in the matter that He come, but their traditions didn’t teach It that way. They tried to rub It all out, and say, “That was some other time. And This will be some other time.” But God come just the same.
E-76 And, today, as it was then, so is it now. They set this part, aside, and this part aside, and say, “God did then; He won’t do now. That’s not for this day.”
E-77 “He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” That’s the Scripture. That’s what we believe to be the truth. That’s what we accept to be the Truth. He is same in principle. He is same in power. He’s the same in love. He’s the same in every way that He was then. Now He has come with the Church, as God sent Him and went with Him. So…
E-78 And God raised Him up. If God hadn’t a been with Him, He’d have never raised Him up on the third day. So, the Father that sent Him, is always with Him, went with Him to the grave, and raised Him up on the third day.
E-79 Now, “As God sent Me,” He said, “so do I send you. I’ll be with you, in you, always, to the end of the world.” At the resurrection, when our Easter comes, He’ll be there just the same as God was on that Easter morning, raised Him up from the dead!
E-80 Now, in a symbol of that, He has brought this. Before there can be a resurrection, there has to be a death. For, it has to be one thing, then go away and then come back, to be a resurrection. It means to be “brought back.”
E-81 And before man can be raised up in the resurrection with Christ, he has to die out, to himself; die out, to all of his worldly associates; die out, to all of his worldly habits; die out, to everything that’s ungodly; and be resurrected, anew.
E-82 Then, the emptying up of the Holy Spirit, the emptying out of Himself; and the coming in, rather, of the Holy Spirit, fills that place. Then he’s a subject to believe God. Then he sees as God sees. He doesn’t see as teachers see. He doesn’t see as church members see. He sees as God sees. Then he sees that Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Then he sees that the power of God is just as great today as It was then.
E-83 And in his old carnal condition, you might educate him, polish him, give him scholarships. It might put him in the best of churches, give him the finest of pews, the best of members. He’ll never be any different until first he dies, then is raised anew again. And the Holy Spirit that called him, and sent him, is with him, even to the end of the age. Amen. Oh, I know that’s shocking, but it’s the Truth.
E-84 Then, if Christ was in us today, He would do the same things He did when he was here on earth. If the Lord Jesus is arisen from the dead today, and lives among us, and said, “The same things that I do, you’ll do also, for I’ll be with you to the end of the world.” Then, there’s only one way to prove whether He has raised from the dead. That is, when, the Church that believes that, Christ will make Hisself known to that Church by His same power of His resurrection. It’s got to be, friends.
E-85 This is either the Word of God or It’s a deceiving Book. That’s right. It’s either right or It’s wrong. And It’s either all right or all wrong. Every Word is inspired or none of Them is inspired. I want to believe It.
E-86 Paul said, “I never come to you preaching with enticing words and wisdom of men; for, if I did, then your Faith would be built upon wisdom of men. But I come to you, preaching the Gospel of the Power of God, the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, that your faith would be stedfast.” Paul never come with some seminary experience, to polish around, and take out and add to.
E-87 He said, “I come knowing only one thing; Christ crucified. I only come knowing one thing, preaching to you the Power of the resurrection, that Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.” And in Galatians 1:8, he said, “If an angel preached anything else, let him be accursed, unto you.” That’s right.
E-88 Now, did He raise? We’re here this morning to ask the question. Did He raise? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-89 Now, today, ceremonies is said, all over the world. And they go around with great…some of them with prayer beads, a saying them. That’s up to them. Others go around, bragging on the great denomination they belong to. That’s up to them. Others put great crosses up, and pianos and organs, and fine church buildings, and say, “Look what we’ve got! The best of the city comes to our church.” That’s all right. That’s up to them.
E-90 But I know nothing but the resurrection of the Lord Jesus; whether it’s in a barn, or it’s in the stable, wherever it may be. Nothing do I want to know among you but the resurrection. I don’t want to hear how good you are; ’cause you’re not good, to begin with. We’re not good, to begin with. Only one thing I want to know, is the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, that’s been in the human heart. Then, if Christ be dead, yea, not dead, but risen again, then He’s with us. Then, the same things that He done when He was here on earth, He is obligated to produce them again, according to His Word. He is. And when that thing is produced again upon the earth, the same thing…
E-91 Now, when He was here, He did not claim to be a great healer. Did He? He said He wasn’t a healer. He said, “I do nothing in Myself. I do nothing unless I see the Father doing it; and that doeth the Son likewise.”
E-92 He passed through the Pool of Bethsaida, where great multitudes of people laid, crippled, blind, lame, halt, twisted, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. And here comes Emmanuel, here comes Jesus, garments full of virtue.
E-93 A woman touched His garment, a few days before that, and was made every whit whole. She touched Him, and run off out in the crowd and sit down, or whatever it was. Jesus stopped, and looked around. Said, “Who touched Me?”
E-94 “Why,” said, “look at the multitude, Master! Everybody is touching You.”
E-95 He said, “Yes, but I—I got weak.” He said, “Something happened.”
E-96 And He looked around, over the audience, till He found the woman. He said, “Now your faith has healed you of that blood issue.” See? Her faith touched Him.
E-97 That was Jesus yesterday. That’s Jesus today. That’ll be Jesus forever. As long as there’s a need of healing, there will be a Jesus to heal. As long as there’s a sinner to save, there will be a Jesus to save Him. That’s Him.
E-98 When He passed through that great multitude, went over there and healed a man laying on a pallet, walked away and left him. Why, the disciples, of the Jews, they said, “Why, look at there, look at that crowd! Why didn’t He go over there and heal this one? I’d believe it.” And so forth like that, they questioned Him. They seen this man packing his bed, on the sabbath.
E-99 He said, “Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself.”
E-100 See where He give all praise? Any true Spirit of God will do the same thing. It’ll give praise to God, every time.
E-101 Said, “The Son can do nothing in Himself. But what I see the Father doing, that’s the things that I do. The Father does something, and He shows Me, and I go do it.”
E-102 If that was Jesus then, it’s got to be Jesus today. That’s right.
E-103 He stood in the audience of people, and He could perceive their thoughts. He knew what was wrong with them. He looked out over His audience, many times, and say, “Why reason you in your heart and say different things?”
E-104 A woman come up to Him at the well, one time, He said, “Bring Me a drink.”
E-105 She said, “Why, it’s not customary for you Jews to ask Samaritans such.” Said, “We have no dealings.”
E-106 Said, “But if you knew Who you were talking to, you’d ask Me for a drink.”
“Oh, now,” she said, “how that—how that could be?”
And he said, “Go get your husband.”
She said, “I have no husband.”
E-107 Said, “That’s right. You got five.” And said, “The one you’re living with now is not your husband.”
E-108 She said, “Sir, I perceive that You’re a prophet.” She said, “Now, I know that’s going to be the sign of the Messiah.” She said, “I know that when Messiah cometh, He’ll tell us these things, but Who are You?”
He said, “I am He, that speaks to you.”
E-109 There you are. What was that? A sign of the Messiah. Amen. Notice. And, in there, they misunderstood it. They didn’t understand what that meant. It blinded their eyes. His miracles and things blinded their eyes.
E-110 And so is it today. The same things will blind the eyes of the carnal mind, because it can’t understand the things of God. It’s against God. It’s the enemy of God’s. The human mind is the enemy to God. You’ve got to get out of your own human mind, and be born anew, by the Holy Spirit, and get the mind of God in you. Then you can believe those things. Then it becomes a reality. Amen.
E-111 Now notice then, when He was here, the things that He did. When He going away, He said to His Church, after His resurrection, He said, “Lo, I am with thee always, even to the end of the world.” Their eyes were opened. They understood it.
E-112 Peter and them, before that; after being a bosom friend with Him, walked with Him, talked with Him. And Peter said, “Oh, I’m so discouraged! After this death up there, and they buried Him. I’m—I’m so discouraged. I believe I’ll just go fishing.”
E-113 So the disciples were standing around, and they said, “We’ll just go with you.” So, away, they get their net. Discouraged! Believers, once, mental theology. They believed, once, in the natural. But, when a little trial come up, it all went to pieces.
E-114 Now, here, I don’t aim to hurt you, but I want to correct you. See? That just shows when a man only has intellectual faith, by saying, “Yes, that’s the Word of God. Yeah, I believe God rose up Jesus on today.” Then, that, that’s all you got. The first little discouragement comes up in your church, away you go, go on out. See? You might be a friend to Him, but you don’t know Him in the Power of His resurrection.
E-115 Never one time, after Pentecost, did that preacher, Peter, ever say such a thing as that. When they got ready to kill him, they was going to hang him on a cross. He said, “I’m not even worthy to die like that. Turn my feet up; my head down. Because, my Lord died in that position, with His head up.” Yes, never, never. See? He was with Christ then, but then Christ was in Peter. Peter was doing the leading then, and, after the Holy Spirit come, then the Holy Spirit was doing the leading. Peter was in the backgrounds, then the Holy Spirit led on.
E-116 Now if you’ve just got…If you’ve got good reasonings, you’ll sit down and try to reason out the Bible, reason, “How could He raise from the dead? How could these miracles and things take place today, in this great realm of civilization, science that we live in?” You try to reason that out, you’re just getting farther away from God, all the time. You’ll never know Him by reasoning. God is not known by reason.
E-117 God is known by faith. You accept it. You believe it. You can’t do it until something happens in you, then the Holy Spirit comes in and you have the mind of Christ.
E-118 Notice. They, all night they fished, and caught no fish. Very discouraging! The next morning, early, at the sunrise service, they looked across the bank, and there stood Jesus. But they didn’t know Him. That’s the sad part. They didn’t know Him.
E-119 One night, the little old boat was just about to sink, out on the sea, in the storm. And here come the lovely Lord walking towards them. They said, “Oh, go away. It’s a ghost. It’s spooky. We don’t want nothing to do with It.” The only Thing that could help them, was near them, and they was afraid of It.
E-120 And may I say this to you people, today, who has never received the Holy Spirit. I realize, in the church realms, we’ve got a lot of mockery. We got a lot that pretend to have the Holy Spirit, when they don’t have It. That’s right. So have you got in your realms over there, too, claim to be church members, and they’re not. That’s right. So, where there’s a pro, there’s a con. Remember that. Where there is a negative, there is a positive. Where there’s a bogus dollar, there’s a real one. And where there is somebody mocking and pretending to have the Holy Spirit, there is a genuine Holy Spirit. Remember that.
E-121 And the very Thing that’ll help you; the very Thing that will deliver you; the Thing that will take you out of your prison house of habit, take you out of your prison houses of fear and upset; Thing that’ll take you away from the cancer and make you a living creature again; the Thing that’ll raise you up in the last days; stands right near you, and you’re scared of It. Don’t be afraid. It’s Him.
E-122 “It’s I,” He said. “Be not afraid. It’s I.” But they was a scared of It; afraid to take His Word for it. He said, “It’s…Don’t be afraid. It’s I.”
E-123 Jesus asked them if they had any fish. They said, “No.” Said, “We’ve toiled all night.” And they come to the shore and found fish, cooked and laying ready for them. Knowed, by that miracle, it was Him.
E-124 Two more, as they run on the road to Emmaus. Listen closely now as we’re closing. On the road to Emmaus one day, after the resurrection, there was two; one, Cleopas, and his friend. A beautiful sabbath morning like this, the first beautiful Easter.
Closely now, observe the Word. Get ready.
E-125 And as they was observing the first Easter, down-hearted, discouraged because a disappointment had come.
E-126 There may be men and women here, today, that’s observing this Easter because of some disappointment, something take place. But, just remember, the Lord Jesus is up from the grave today. He is living among people.
E-127 Many times, when I was in school, we studied botany. I’ve always studied botany. Botany, to me, is not plant life, so much; to look at how the plant is raised up, and how the sun comes, and so forth. Botany, to me, is the One Who created it, is the Maker Who made the plant to grow. Oh, how beautiful those Easter flowers! Look at them. Oh, my! The pretty flowers that sets around, no one could look in the face of one and say there is no God, and be mentally right.
E-128 And here they are, discouraged now, going back home. “Well, we started out. We thought it would be all right, but we have to go back home now, then, on the road back over to Emmaus,” And as they walked along, discouraged, they…
E-129 Conversation was right. They were talking about Him. That’s when He appeared.
E-130 And that’s the reason He doesn’t appear to the so many of us today, our conversations is talking about everything else but Christ. We’re always talking about when we’re going to get the work done, or what we’re going to do here. Let your conversations be on Christ. That’s when He appears, is when you talk about Him. Be speaking about Him.
E-131 And they were going along, speaking about Him. Yet, they loved Him, they didn’t know that He had raised from the dead.
E-132 And many people, today, who really love the Lord Jesus, out in these great churches throughout the world, they love the Lord, but they don’t really know that He has risen from the dead.
E-133 Notice. As he went along, a Stranger stepped out of the bushes and greeted them, “Good morning,” perhaps. And them, all sad, broken up, saying, “Oh, I loved Him. I seen Him stand by the grave of Lazarus, when a man had been dead four days, and said, ‘Lazarus, come forth.’ Oh, how could that Man ever fail? How could He ever let us down like this? And now we stand in shame and disgrace? We are going back home to start up our fishing and carpentering again.” See?
E-134 Isn’t that just the modern Christian today? Oh, let the healing take place, and they’re shouting the victory. Let the Power of the Holy Spirit fall, and they’re shouting the victory. And those who are really filled with the Holy Ghost, remains that way down through life’s journey.
E-135 But the man that’s still walking with the carnal mind, let a little discouragement come up, something go wrong, and they go away, saying, “Well, I thought it was all right, but, oh, my, look at it now. I thought that little church would never fail. I thought this person…” You got your mind on the wrong thing. See? Put your mind on Him that can’t fail. Let your conversation not be about your church, but about your Lord. That’s the One. Not about your neighbor, but about your Lord. Let your conversations be of Him.
E-136 Then, as they journeyed along, talking; all of a sudden, a Man, just an ordinary Man…
E-137 He wasn’t a great scribe. He wasn’t educated. He had no education. As far as we know, He never went to school a day in His life, but He had wisdom beyond any man that ever lived. When the Pharisees saw His wisdom, they said, “What school did He go to? Where’d He come from? Where do you find these Words? How does He do this? We…never come through our seminaries. He doesn’t talk like one of our people. Where does these Words come from?” And there were offended because He didn’t belong to their groups. He didn’t associate Hisself with them. He stood out, conspicuous, for He was God.
E-138 There He stood, and made Hisself known. He said, “If you can’t believe Me, believe the works that I do. They testify the Father sent Me.” He said, “And My education…” In other words, like this, “If My education doesn’t satisfy your longings, if My degree…Which, I have none. But, My degree, My diploma, is not from your seminaries. My diploma is the works that I do, that the Father sent Me. They are My diploma.” That’s the best diploma I know of. God, give us more of those diplomas! “The works that I do are a vindication that the Father sent Me. If that isn’t sufficient, believe them then instead of Me.”
E-139 Now notice Him. Oh, I love Him! As I see Him walking along there, and He said, “Why are you so sad? What makes you feel this a way? What a beautiful day! Look how everything looks!”
E-140 He said, “Yeah,” said, “I know, but we trusted…” Said, “Are You just a stranger around here? Why,” said, “don’t You know that, Jesus of Nazareth, a Man that was approved of God, by great signs and so forth? We followed Him for three and a half years. And—and Pilate crucified Him. And they buried Him, put Him in the grave. Why,” they said, “we was in hopes that He would be a king, a great leader. And now He lays there, is in the grave, embalmed, and laying in the grave.”
“Why,” He said, “don’t you know the Scriptures?”
E-141 Oh, I like that! What did He do? Went right straight to the Scriptures, to prove His points. And any true Spirit of God will go straight to the Scripture.
E-142 What did He do? Went back in the Old Testament, the Books of Moses, and begin to speak about Moses and about the different ones, how that they said that Jesus would come, how He would suffer and what He would do. He said, “Don’t you know this, the Scripture, the Word?” Said, “Don’t you know that that Word that was back there has been made alive? Don’t you know that Christ should have raised from the dead? And there…”
E-143 “No, we didn’t know that.” Good people, loving Him, but didn’t know that He was risen from the dead.
E-144 So is it today, same thing today, exactly, brother, sister. Oh, may God wake your innermost being! People doesn’t understand that He has raised from the dead. He’s not dead. He’s alive.
E-145 And He walked out, under disguisement. He appeared to them in the form of a Man.
E-146 He might appear to you in the form of your neighbor. He might appear to you in the form of a—a minister, or your mother. Christ appears to you in people. Then, treat everybody right, be kindly, be neighborly, be loving. Christ is in the person. “Christ in you, the hope of Glory.” And as you go along, and people appears to you, a kind person begins to speak to you, listen to them. You don’t know, it might be Jesus speaking to you. See, He appears. “I’ll be with you, even in you. And as you do unto these, You do unto Me.”
E-147 Oh, when you get to looking at it that way, the old tradition falls away. See? It doesn’t become a form of words, and a declaration of so many words puts together. It becomes a living reality that Christ is in us now. The Holy Spirit moving back and forth, through every human being, surging through the hearts, searching, condemning the ruins life in there. And as you confess it, He holds it before God, and the Blood cleanses it. Amen.
E-148 Then, as they went along, now look, it was getting towards evening time. Oh, I just love this!
E-149 Wish we had a little more…Oh, my! I didn’t know I was that long.
E-150 Look. It was getting towards evening. I’ll close. Did you notice? Now listen close. It was getting towards evening. And He made out like He was going to go on by and leave them, but they persuaded Him to come in.
E-151 I wonder how much persuading we would do today? Wonder how much you are doing right now? “O Lord, the resurrected One, let me persuade You to come to my heart. Come in with me. I want to believe You. I’ve lived a halfway Christian life, so I…just by believing in a knowledge faith, and so forth, intellectual faith. But I want to know You in the Power of Your resurrection, for this is the only time I’ll have to make preparation. I want to know You when I lay my head down to rise up no more. I want to know You in the Power of Your resurrection. I don’t want no just guessing about it. I want to know You. Will You just come in and abide with Me? The day is far spent.”
E-152 Notice, when they got inside, closed the doors, He could talk to them then. What a difference He made out of these people! Them standing on the bank didn’t know Him; they had been with Him a long time. But when, Christ, once on the inside…
E-153 Not Christ on the outside, reading It, saying, “Yes, that’s right.” But Christ on the inside, saying, “That’s right.” You get the difference? Christ on the inside! And He said…
E-154 Once inside, the door is closed. Then He made Hisself known to them, by the way He done something. He took the bread and He broke it.
E-155 And they looked, and said, “There is only one Man on earth could ever could do that, and that’s Him.” Just the way He done something! Not the way He formed His sermon; ’cause they had plenty of theologians doing that. Not the way He dressed; in the Hollywood style, it would be today. Not that. But, the way he done something, they knew that that was His way of doing it. And their eyes were opened. They knew Him then.
E-156 They didn’t know Him a few days…or the disciples that didn’t see Him that way. They never was closed in with Him. They didn’t know Him when they seen Him. But those who once was closed in, they knew it was their Lord.
E-157 And I want you to notice something. Closely now before closing, close. On the very early morning, when Mary Magdalene and Martha was at the grave, first. Listen. First, early that morning, Christ showed Himself visible among the early risers. And He never showed it any more, through the span of day, until the evening time. Then He made Hisself known again, for He was Alpha and Omega.
It’ll be Light in the evening time,
The path of Glory you will surely find.
E-158 When, Christ made Himself known in the early day with the apostles, at the resurrection, with signs and wonders that Peter, James, John, and them did. He made Hisself known to the people (how?) in the Power of His resurrection, (listen) by signs and wonders and miracles which He did. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] He made Hisself known.
E-159 Now we’ve come through a great day. The day is gone by; through great teachers, Saint Augustine; come on down to Martin Luther, John Wesley, Calvin, Knox, all of those; down through the age of the—of the Methodist, the age of the Baptist, the age of the Nazarene, the age of the Pilgrim Holiness, the age of Pentecostal. All these ages has passed away. The sun is going down.
E-160 He said, “It’ll be Light in the evening time. There’ll be a day,” said the prophet, “that’ll not be day, neither will it be night. It’ll be just kind of like a mist.”
E-161 And, today, that’s the way the world has traveled, since the first morning of the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and that first church age back there, in the—in the Ephesian Church Age. The very first age there, God made Himself known through signs and wonders and miracles. It faded out in the early fathers. Come down through the Catholic church, to the reformation, down through here. They’ve had enough Light to believe that He was the Son of God. They’ve had enough Light to accept Him as a personal Saviour, and it’s gone on down. But the clouds, the clouds of darkness, teachers having people bound, saying, “The days of miracles is passed. All these things has been gone, long years ago.” It’s been a dark day. Not altogether dark; they could see how to get along, but not very good.
E-162 But, brother, God promised when the sun was setting on the western world, that it would be Light again, just as sure as the world.
E-163 This Bible is an oriental Book. It’s wrote in oriental customs. It’s wrote in oriental mann-…language, in the east. The sun rises in the east, it sets in the west. And in the eastern people, had their day of visitation at the first resurrection. And the sun has come across through the age. And civilization started from the east, going to the west. And just before the sun sets here on this western horizon, it’ll be Light again. The same resurrected Lord Jesus will come in His same Power. [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit five times—Ed.] As He made Hisself knowed to Mary Magdalene and them, at the beginning, He is making Hisself known in the Power of His resurrection, at the end age. Where at? In the end time.
E-164 He said, “Come in. It’s getting late. The day is well spent. It’s towards evening. Won’t You come in?” And they brought Him in.
E-165 And when once inside, He opened their eyes. He performed something. They said, “Only He could do it.”
Look how they was. They was a whole day coming over.
E-166 That’s where the missionaries has failed. We have washed over washboards, to support missionary that went over there, to pass out tracts. We’ve sent over there to teach theology. And there’s Muddha, Buddha, Mohammed, the Sikhs, the…All the different religions of the world is in there with their same theology that can produce the same thing Christianity can, in a way of psychology. That’s right.
E-167 And the world, only one-third of them, on this Easter morning, knows or ever heard about Jesus. Two-thirds of the world is in communism and in darkness. Two-thirds of the world never heard about Jesus or the resurrection.
E-168 [Brother Branham claps his hands together two times—Ed.] But, brother, when Emmaus experience come to Cleopas, when their eyes were opened, and they recognized who they were! And, a few minutes time, they traveled down the corridors of time, back to Jerusalem, light-footed, light-hearted, telling the people. “We know our Lord is risen from the dead, for we have seen Him and we know that He’s real.”
E-169 What it is, is the last days. God is going to raise men with messages, with power, with deliverance, with the power of the Gospel, to prove that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. [Blank spot on tape—Ed.]
E-170 I know it sounds excitable. No wonder! We’re living in an exciting time. Yes, it is. We’re living in the last days. When, God, through every holy prophet, through all the Old Testament, through the New Testament, has prophesied, that in the end time, the same things that took place in the beginning would happen in the end time, and as the darkness would fleet away, and the Gospel Light would shine across the corridors of the earth, once more, before the Coming of the Lord Jesus.
E-171 He has risen from the dead. He is the same yesterday, today, and will be forever. Jesus Christ raised from the dead and is living among us. I’m so happy for that. My heart is thrilled beyond words. When, we don’t have to guess about it. It’s the Truth.
E-172 God bless you, friend. If you don’t know that…Don’t pay no attention to who is bringing this Message, but pay attention to what the Message means. See? It’s to you that’s outside of Christ. If you don’t know Him in the Power of His resurrection, if you just…Don’t take mental conceptions of it. Don’t talk about your theology or your intellectual faith; if something hasn’t witnessed in your heart, and your heart has been dumped out and become an empty tomb (hallelujah) to the old dead things of the world, and Christ has raised anew in your heart.
E-173 O God, this morning, roll away the stone of doubt. Take it away.
E-174 And may He rise today in your heart, and make you a new creature. And I believe that He’ll come on the scene, in a few minutes, and will do the same things that He did when He was here on earth.
Shall we pray, while we bow our heads.
E-175 Our Heavenly Father, it’s getting late. The hour is far spent. But, it was at the spending of the hour when You appeared. We thank Thee for Thy Divine Words. We thank Thee for this Gospel which we preach and believe. We thank Thee for this Gospel which Thou has vindicated to be the Truth.
E-176 And now, Lord Jesus, speak to lost souls. Many people here, Lord, who love You, but they really have never accepted You. You walk with them daily. It’s You that kept them from being killed that time in the accident. It was You that kept the storm from blowing the house away that day, in that night. It was You that come to them in the time of trouble. It was You that give them the job when they didn’t have any. It was You that comforted their hearts when their loved ones went to the grave. You’ve walked with them, but, yet, they don’t know You.
E-177 God, grant today that every person here, that’s outside of Christ, will do like Cleopas and his friend did, “Come and abide with us. The day of my life is well spent. Come in now and make Your way.”
E-178 And while we have our heads bowed, anywhere inside or out, is there a person here would say, by an up-lifted hand to God, not to your brother, but to God, “Oh, something is happening in my heart, this morning. I—I know that there is something taking place in my heart. I—I’ll never be the same. I believe something has happened since I’ve come in this building this morning. I now accept Christ in my heart, as my Saviour. I want to raise up my hands to God, and say, ‘God, here I am. This is all I can do is raise my hand, to tell You I believe You.’”
E-179 Will you raise your hand? God bless you, sir. That’s right. Anyone else, would raise your hand, say, “I now accept Him”? God bless you, lady. That’s fine. Someone else?
E-180 As you raise your hand, God promised to give you everlasting Life. “He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath everlasting Life. Shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death to Life.”
E-181 Will you raise your hand now, say, “Lord, I believe”? No one looking; just the Lord Jesus and I, if you please. Just raise your hand, say, “I now accept Him as my Saviour.” Would you raise…God bless you, you, you, you. Oh, that’s fine, just scores of hands. God bless you. That’s fine.
E-182 What does it do to you? Gives you Life. You raised your hand to the Master, said, “I believe it.”
E-183 Jesus said, “He that believeth shall never be condemned; passed from death unto Life.” Right now you have everlasting Life. Aren’t you happy about it?
E-184 Is there another one before we pray, one more would say, “Brother Branham, on this Easter morning, I now, before I even see the visible signs of Christ’s appearing, if He shall so do so, I now accept Him before I see anything. I’m not going to be like Thomas, wait till I see Him and feel Him, and so forth, and then say. I’m going to accept Him right now.”
E-185 He said, “How much greater is their reward, who has not yet seen, or felt, or anything, but has believed!”
E-186 Is there another would put your hand up, inside or out? God bless you, and you, and you. You, sister, God bless you. You, sister, God bless you.
All right, with our heads bowed.
E-187 Our Heavenly Father, Thou has said, “Preach the Word. Be instant in season, out of season. Reprove, rebuke with all longsuffering and doctrine.” Preaching no other Gospel but that which is committed unto us. Christ died, rose again the third day, according to the Scriptures; is now seated in Heavenly places, in the Presence of the Majesty of God, making intercessions upon our confession. And This is His Word, “He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, hath everlasting Life.”
E-188 And, today, in this hurried up, scattered message, many has raised their hands. You seen them. How could even You fail to see them, when You know every sparrow that falls on the street! You know it. The great omnipotent God, You see everything, You know everything, and can do everything. Now, according to Your Word, You have saved these from sin, and we thank You for it, Father. May their lives be long, happy. May they serve Thee all the days of their life.
E-189 Coming, tonight, if they’ve never been immersed, may they come and be baptized, calling on the Name of the Lord, and be filled with the Holy Spirit this very night. Grant it, dear God. We ask it in Christ’s Name.
E-190 Now, Father, we’re entering the service. I know Your Word cannot fail. It said, that, in our own town, “Servant, in his town among the people.” But, twice, Lord, You’ve let it happen, in these ten years. Won’t You grant it again today? It’s Easter, and our minds are all fresh upon Easter thoughts, upon resurrection. It’s fresh, anew, upon the Gospel, this morning, from hearing It preached here twice. And we want to see You, Lord. And I’ve told the people that You’re here. You said You was. You was omnipresent, always. Won’t You come now and take the instruments, poor as they are, Lord, of Your poor servant? Work through us, today, that the men and woman sitting here, and those who have just accepted You, will see what they have did; that It’s not something false; It’s the Lord Jesus. O God, grant it. For we ask it in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
E-191 Oh, my! Do you feel good? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] I just feel like that, even though tired and scoured out. Just how glorious the Word is!
Now, friends, all the preaching that I could do…
E-192 I—I kind of…Today, been preaching twice. Got to hurry, tomorrow, to drive. I got to leave early in the morning for Tacoma, Washington, on into Canada. And they wanted me to fly up, to be for services tomorrow, but I may drive.
E-193 So now notice, now, all the preaching I could do; one thing Christ could do, and be worth all the things that I could say in a thousand years, to you, if you should live to see it.
E-194 Now I want to ask you something, and I want you to be just as reverent. Now, many of you are standing. I know you’re tired, but just give us a few minutes. Now, I’m taking this…
E-195 Understand, I don’t say it will. I’m, by faith, that I’ve asked God to do so. And I’m asking Him now that He would produce a meeting here, just like He does on the field, that the people here at Jeffersonville would know that Jesus raised from the dead. Now, we’ve had it twice.
E-196 I don’t know when I’ll get to be back after today, to the tabernacle, again. I love this little, old church. It’s not very much, to the strangers in it. Right here is my fingerprints, yet, on this pulpit, for twelve years of preaching here. I’m twenty-three years in the Gospel now.
E-197 Oh, I’ve done come too far to even look back! Oh, I’ve done seen too much! I don’t care what the people say. I—I know. I know. Yes, sir. No matter, if the whole world says different. “I—I know Who I have believed, and I’m persuaded He is able to keep that which I’ve committed to Him against the day.”
E-198 The many of the friends sitting in here, and so forth, some of them on the outside. I have a couple doctor friends of mine to be present today, too.
E-199 I am not a fanatic. I just…if it takes…If you call it fanaticism, to believe the resurrection of Jesus, then I am a fanatic. That’s right. I believe it, with all my heart.
E-200 Now, here is my contention, that Jesus raised from the dead. I believe, if He raised from the dead…He said, “The very same things that I do shall you do also. Even more than this shall you do, for I go to My Father.”
E-201 And I believe, here on this resurrection morning, if God will just appear again here on the scene, in a form that you can know that it’s Him! Would you like to see Him? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Would you like to be like Cleopas and them, coming? Then, if God will do that, I have told you the Gospel Truth, then.
E-202 Now, what would He do if He’d appear here this morning? Could He say…Would you come, say, “Would You save me, Lord?”
E-203 What would He say? “I did that when I died for you at Calvary.” Cause, that’s His Gospel.
Say, “Will you heal me, Lord?”
He’d say, “I did that when I died for You on Calvary.”
E-204 Now, the only thing that He could do, will be show signs and wonders among you, that would make you believe and accept it. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-205 Now, I think the boys give out some prayer cards this morning. Billy told me, a few minutes ago, said, “They run out, just in a little bit.” But they didn’t have enough to go around. He come up after more, and lost his time of coming up. When he started to go out, to get some cards, then Brother Neville started singing Only Believe.
E-206 And here they come, running up there. And Brother Wood and them said it, “Why, the songs had already been sung, and so forth,” so I had to rush right down. And didn’t get too many cards, maybe fifty or a hundred, something like that, out, probably. We can get through as many as we possibly can.
E-207 Now I want you to get out your little prayer cards. It’s a little square card. It’s got my picture on it, and on the back of it is a number. And we want to line the people up, over here, and pray for them, just in groups as they come along. And pray for them as we can.
E-208 Now, while you’re getting your cards out, and getting ready, now I want you to notice. There is many in here who does not have prayer cards. There is maybe a hundred people in here that does not have prayer cards. The prayer card don’t mean nothing, not a thing. The only thing it means is for you to have faith in God.
E-209 Jesus prayed for people, that’s right, and many times He would tell them what was wrong. But He said…never did say, “I have healed you.” He said, “Thy faith has saved thee.” People who come by…
E-210 There was that blind Bartimaeus, on the road, sitting there, begging. Jesus walking, maybe to that gate, that road from—from where Bartimaeus was sitting, was from here almost to the next corner. And here come Jesus down. And there that blind beggar sitting against the wall over there, screaming.
E-211 People hollering, “Away with that fanatic! Come on, babbler, why don’t do some miracle and show us!”
E-212 Others saying, “Hosanna! Hosanna! He is the King, of—of David, the Son of David.”
And all of them, different, mixed.
E-213 And Jesus, going towards Calvary, with His face…He’s moving towards that. I see Him walking. And His young life, only thirty something years old, He looked old. They said He was about “fifty,” but He was only thirty-three. And there He had His face set, with the sins of the world on Him, and every sickness that ever was, hanging to Him. And He was going towards Calvary, to be crucified.
E-214 And that old blind beggar over there, ragged sleeves and everything, saying, “Thou Son of David, have mercy on me! Have mercy on me!”
The people said, “Sit down!”
E-215 But Jesus stopped; turned around, looked way back yonder there, and said, “Thy faith has made thee whole.” “Thy faith!”
E-216 Poor little woman, not much to look at. She squeezed through the crowd and under their feet, and went over there and touched His garment, run back out there in the crowd somewhere and set down.
E-217 Jesus stopped, said, “Who touched Me?” He looked around. He said, “Thy faith has made thee whole.”
“Why reason you in your heart?” Said…
The woman at the well.
He thought it was like a me-…they said then…
E-218 When Philip come to Him, when He…first of His ministry. Jesus was standing in a prayer line, praying for the sick.
E-219 Here is Jesus, yesterday. This will be Jesus, today, for He’s the same. When that Light was there in the morning, It’s here in the evening, the same Jesus; yesterday and today, see, just the same.
E-220 And when Jesus was standing there, there was a man got saved. He run off and got his friend, called Nathanael. And so he went and got Nathanael. And Philip went and got Nathanael. And he found Nathanael under a tree, praying.
E-221 And when he brought him back…Jesus had come up. Stood out in the audience, wherever he was. Jesus was there, praying for the people.
E-222 He looked out, said, “Behold an Israelite in whom there’s no guile.”
E-223 “Why,” he said, “how did You know me, Rabbi?” Or, “teacher, reverend,” a title.
E-224 He said, “Why, before Philip called you, I saw you under the tree.”
E-225 “Why,” the Pharisees said, “you see, He’s a fortuneteller. He’s a devil. He’s Beelzebub.”
E-226 But what did Philip say? What did Nathanael say? He run up and fell down, and said, “Thou art the Son of God. You’re the King of Israel.”
E-227 He said, “Because I told you this, you believe? You’ll see greater than this, because you’re a believer. See? You’ll see greater than this.” See?
E-228 Now, that’s the same Jesus today. Now let’s line the sick people up, and start praying for them.
E-229 Now you out there in the audience, without prayer cards, I want you to just believe with all your heart. God will make you well, sitting right in your seats. He can turn His servants around and say the same thing that He said then. Don’t you believe that? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All right.
E-230 Now I’ll tell you what I want you to do. Who has prayer card number one? Let’s see. Raise up your hand. Prayer card number one, number one. Number two…
E-231 Line up over here. Now, I just have to take them one at a time, ’cause we don’t…we—we haven’t got any room to stand.
E-232 Number two, who has prayer card number two, would you just raise up your hand? Prayer card…This lady here. Number three…Come over here, to this side, lady. Number four, who has prayer card…
E-233 Who has prayer card number three? I don’t believe I got that one. Prayer card three.
Prayer card four.
E-234 Prayer card five. Who has prayer card five? A lady back there. All right.
Prayer card number six.
Number seven.
E-235 Would you come over to this side, right here. Now let, four, five, six, seven. I don’t know how…You bring them across this a way, around the…over the platform, perhaps, maybe. All right. Just quickly as you can. The pianist will play Only Believe, if you will.
I have no way of knowing who, where, how, when, who.
E-236 Now let’s see how many we can stand up. Would you come right along now? That’s prayer card number one, two, three, four, five, six, seven.
Who has eight, prayer card eight? Right over there, son.
E-237 Prayer card nine. Raise up your hand, ever who has prayer card nine.
E-238 Maybe somebody deaf, and can’t hear. Look at somebody’s card sitting next to you.
Prayer card nine, would you raise up your hand, nine?
E-239 Is there somebody can’t get up? If you’re crippled, can’t get up, they’ll pack you up.
Prayer card nine, maybe they stepped out.
Prayer card ten. All right, lady, over here.
Prayer card eleven. Over on that side, sir.
Prayer card twelve. Over here, sir.
Prayer card thirteen. All right, lady, over here.
Prayer card fourteen. There, you have fourteen?
Fifteen. Over here, lady, if you will.
E-240 That’s fine, just come. I guess you’d go, maybe go right around, if you can, down there, that aisle, you, if you will. Come right in there, Bill. At least, stand right here in the middle of that aisle. That’s right. That’s right. Line them up there. Right down here, lady. Lady, right down there, sister dear. And go right through the line.
E-241 Let’s see how many we’re getting lined up. Let’s wait just a minute, on these now, just for a minute. [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.]
E-242 Now just be real reverent. Keep seated, keep calm, quietly. Now, this is a house of God. All right. Take that prayer…
E-243 [Someone speaks to Brother Branham—Ed.] What say? What say? All right, can we put a few more? All right. Prayer card…
E-244 Where’d I leave off at? Yes. What’s your payer card, sir? [The brother says, “Fourteen. “—Ed.] Fourteen. All right.
E-245 Prayer card fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, eighteen, nineteen, twenty.
E-246 This way, lady. Up that way, that way, go that way. All right. That’ll make just about as many as we can stand. Go that way, lady. They’ll take care of you, if you will. All right.
E-247 [Someone speaks to Brother Branham—Ed.] What say? Well, that’s all right. That’ll be enough as we can stand right now, just like that.
E-248 What? Is the little girl’s nose a bleeding, sister? Let’s just stop, a few minutes. Would you bow your heads just a moment. [Brother Branham leaves the pulpit microphone and goes to the child—Ed.]
E-249 Father, in the Name of Thy beloved Child, the Lord Jesus, we pray that You will touch this child, God. Stop the blood. May it quit now. May Your Name be glorified. For, we rebuke this blood flow, in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
E-250 [Brother Branham speaks softly to someone and then returns to the pulpit—Ed.]
All right, let’s keep our heads bowed now, a minute.
E-251 Lord Jesus, standing in the audience, today, are many who are waiting. We thank Thee for Thy healing power. Now we ask, with all of our heart, Lord, that You will grant the things that we have asked. Do it for the glory of God. We pray through Jesus’ Name. Amen.
E-252 All right, now, let’s just be as reverent as we can. Remember, I do not know. This is all just moving out in God.
E-253 Now, there—there is people in the prayer line that I know. Brother Wood standing there, I know him. I know the second, third person behind that one. I know them. I know this lady sitting here, the first lady. I don’t know what’s wrong with her, but I know she is there. I guess that’s about the limit of who I know in the prayer line.
E-254 There is many out here who—who I do not know. And you yourselves are witnesses of these things, that I do not know you. But Jesus Christ knows you, doesn’t He? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-255 Now how many out there doesn’t have prayer cards, and you want to be healed, anyhow? Raise your hands up, way up, way up. That’s fine. God bless you, all right, without prayer cards. Now I ask you to do this. If the Holy Spirit comes and anoints, you look this way and believe with all your heart. You just look, and say, “Lord, I truly believe with all my heart.” If you’ll do that, God will grant to you your healing. “I believe it with all my heart.” Now, don’t move around. Be real reverent. Just be as reverent as you can be.
Now let’s pray again.
E-256 Now I want to ask you, with your heads bowed. If Jesus has risen from the dead…Now, this is not to heal you. This is only a vindication that He has risen from the dead. If Jesus Christ has raised from the dead, as far as salvation and healing, He has already purchased that at Calvary. Is that right? Say, “Amen.” [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] There is nothing He could do; only, do something, a way of a sign or a wonder, that would make you know that He has raised from the dead. If He would do that one time, the same things that He did when He was here on earth, you ought to accept Him. Is that right? [“Amen.”] Will you do it? If you will, raise your hands. If He’ll perform one thing like He did when He was here on earth, will you accept it? God bless you. A hundred percent.
E-257 Now, Father, I pray that You’ll be merciful. And now, for Your glory, Lord, I pray that You’ll grant it right here, today, in the tabernacle, to settle it forever, that You have rose from the dead. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, I ask this blessing for God’s glory. Amen.
E-258 Now, for the glory of God, and for the Power of His resurrection, for the omnipotence of God, I now take every spirit in here under my control, in the Name of Jesus Christ. So, do as you are told.
E-259 And now I want that lady, here, to just stand right here by the microphone. I know the lady. I—I think her name is Sutton, I’m not mistake-…[The sister says, “No. Cobb, now.”—Ed.] Oh, Cobb, I’m sorry. And I’ve seen the woman before, so she comes here to the tabernacle once in a while. And now, but, I know nothing of what’s wrong with her. But now the only way that I would have of knowing that, would be some way that God would have telling me. Isn’t that right, Mrs…[“Yes, it is.”] Cobb? [“That’s right.”] Cobb? All right. Cobb, would be, is your name now? [“Yes.”] All right. All right.
E-260 Mrs. Cobb, the only way that I would know what was wrong with you, would be God would have to reveal it to me. [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] And, then, if He would do that, that would have to come through a supernatural Power that doesn’t belong to human being. It would have to come from Divine Power. Isn’t that right? [“That’s right.”] And then, in doing so, would that make you believe that I told you the Truth about His resurrection? [“Yes.”] See?
E-261 Will it make you believe it, friend? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-262 Now, what—what if Jesus was standing here with this suit on that He gave me? [The sister says, “Praise the Lord!”—Ed.] See? And He—and He was standing here, if it’s…
E-263 Now, the woman may have financial trouble. She may have domestic trouble. She may have sick troubles. I don’t know. God knows that. I don’t know. I can’t tell you. It may be that she has done something in her life, that has caused ever what her trouble is to come upon her. I don’t know. God does. I don’t.
E-264 But, He can tell me. Well, that’s what it is. Jesus said, “I do nothing except the Father shows Me.” It has to come through that.
E-265 Now, what I’m doing to this woman here, will be not reading her mind. No, sir. God forbid. God knows that that’s wrong. It won’t be. God in Heaven, as my judge, knows that that’s not. That’s wrong, see. Not reading her mind.
E-266 But, it’ll be through the Power of the resurrection, Jesus Christ in His Church. Look at Peter and them, when they stood there and looked upon the people. How Paul and different ones looked upon the people, and they perceived that there were certain things that were wrong.
E-267 Jesus, talking to the woman at the well, He carried a conversation with her. Now, we all know that, Saint John the—the 4th chapter. He talked to the woman at the well. And while talking to the woman at the well, He was merely catching her spirit.
E-268 The Father had told Him to go up by the way of Samaria. Jericho is where He was going. It was right straight down like this, from Jerusalem. But He went way around, Samaria, because the Lord told Him to go up there.
E-269 And He sit there on the well; sent His disciples away. He knew the woman was coming. When she come with her water pot, He said, “Bring Me a drink.”
She said, “Not customary for You to ask me such.”
E-270 He said, “But if you knew Who you were talking to, you’d ask Me for a drink. I’d give you waters you didn’t come here to draw.”
E-271 Is that right? [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] Then, after the conversation went on a little while, He finally found just exactly where her trouble was. [“Yes.”] Said, “Go get your husband.” [“Yes.”]
She said, “I have none.”
E-272 Said, “That’s right. That’s right.” Said, “You have five and the one you have now is not your husband.”
E-273 She said, “I perceive that You’re a Prophet. I know when the Messiah cometh He’ll do this, for He’ll tell us things.” [The sister says, “Thank God.”—Ed.] “But who are You?”
Said, “I am He, that speaks to you.”
E-274 [The sister says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Now, that was Jesus yesterday. [“Thank the Lord.”] That’s Jesus today. [“Praise His Name.”] Now, in order…
E-275 To you, lady, the only way that I have of knowing, would be have to be some kind of a contact between you and I, with God, that would make it known. [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.]
E-276 Have you ever seen that picture they taken of the Angel of the Lord standing by me, that Light, you know? [The sister says, “Yes, I have.”—Ed.] You, you have seen one of those? [“I’ve seen it. I have.”]
E-277 Has the church ever…Oh, you’ve seen It, here in the church, of course. [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-278 Now, That is what I’m trying to get close to us now. Now, that Light is the same Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel, which was Jesus Christ, that’s right, the Angel of the covenant. He was the supernatural form then, of Light.
E-279 He came down, was flesh. He said, “I came from God, and I go back to God.”
E-280 “A little while and the world won’t see Me no more, yet you’ll see Me.” The world is the “unbeliever.” “You’ll see Me, for I’ll be with you, to the end of the world.”
E-281 [The sister says, “Oh, praise God. Yes, praise the Lord.”—Ed.] Now, the Lord be blessed! And you know that I’m…I…something is taking place.
E-282 Now, to the audience, I want you to be reverent. But, now, that same Light, thanks be to God, is coming in here to my right side. It’s moving between me and the woman. Now her life could not be hid.
E-283 Now, my sister, That what is on you now is nothing to hurt you. [The sister cries out—Ed.] It’s to help you. It’s the only way of salvation. [“Yes. Praise the Lord.”] You, you are here…
E-284 No, you don’t live here in the town. You live in New Albany. [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] You live in New Albany. [“Praise God.”] And you’re under—you’re under a doctor’s care. And the doctor has told you that it’s some kind of a thing, something in the throat. Some…It’s a bronchial condition in your throat. [Sister cries out.] And he told you, and advised you, to leave this country [sister cries out], to get away from here, that that’s the only way you could get well. [“Yes. That’s right.”] Do you believe that the Lord Jesus can heal this? [“Yes. Glory to God.”]
Let us bow our heads.
E-285 Our Heavenly Father, laying hands upon the woman, while being in the anointing of the Holy Spirit, I condemn this trouble, that You have healed for her at Calvary, and ask that she go to be free. In Jesus Christ’s Name I pray. Amen.
E-286 [The sister cries out, throughout Brother Branham’s prayer, then says, “Thank the Lord.”—Ed.]
E-287 Go in peace, my sister, and God bless you and be with you, is my prayer. [The sister continues to cry out as she returns to her seat—Ed.]
E-288 Now, may the Lord be blessed! Be reverent now. Watch. Have faith in God. Don’t doubt.
E-289 I want you to look this way, lady. Now, the One Who is… we’re in His Presence, knows all things, and knows you from the very beginning. He has fed you every bit of the food you’ve ever eaten. He knows all about you. I may not know you, but God knows you. He knows who you are, where you’re from, all about you, what you’ve done in your life. And He is the only One that can heal you, or do for you what you’re desiring to be done. You know that I don’t know it. God alone would have to reveal it to me. [The sister says, “That’s right.”—Ed.] Is that the truth? Raise up your hand if that’s the truth. [“It’s the truth.”] All right, you look this a way just a moment.
E-290 [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.] Just a moment. Now, everyone reverent.
E-291 Here is the Angel of the Lord standing right here, just…It’s over a little…It’s over this little girl sitting right here. The little girl is there with her loved ones. The child suffers with some kind of a condition in her throat. It’s a throat condition, tonsil condition. That’s right, isn’t it, sir? Put your hand over on her.
Lord God, in the Name of Jesus Christ, Satan is exposed.
E-292 And I rebuke that demon that’s holding the girl. Come out of her, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
E-293 Brother, you’ve come a long ways, to bring the child. But don’t worry, you’re taking her home now to be well. Your faith has saved you.
Have faith in God. [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.]
E-294 You’re not from Jeffersonville, either. You’re from away from Jeffersonville. [The sister says, “That’s right.”—Ed.] You’ve come from the east, coming west, when you come here. [“I come from Edinburg.”] And you come from…come down a road, a—a concreted road. And you’re from a town that sets kind of to the right of the road. It’s some kind of a government affair around there. It’s Edinburg, Indiana. [“That’s right.”] You’re from Edinburg, Indiana. [“That’s right.”] And your name, I see on that, is Denton. [“That’s right.”] And your name, is Denton. [“Praise the Lord.”] And you’re suffering with heart trouble. [“Yes.”] Go back home well. Your faith heals you and makes you well, in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. May you go and be made well. Amen. God bless you. [“Praise the Lord!”]
E-295 Have faith in God. Believe with all your heart. Now, to the people, have faith! Don’t doubt. Just believe now. You believe Him? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Oh, my! This, not me; Him, He is the resurrected Jesus. He is the One that’s here, and doing. This is the same things He did, that’s right, the very same things that He did.
E-296 Now, lady, you and are I are meeting here this morning. God knows both of us. I know nothing about you. You’re aware of that. But God knows you. He knows me. And His Spirit is here between us.
E-297 I want to ask you something so that this tabernacle would know. All your life, you’ve never felt like you’re feeling right now, that’s right, because you’re in Presence of His omnipotent Being. Did you ever see that picture of the Light? That’s just exactly what’s making you feel that way. I’m living in another world at the time. I can see you, just make out there is someone standing before me. And you know it’s a loving, sweet, humble feeling. That’s the Lord Jesus that raised from the dead. He returned to Spirit Life, God. And now He’s here with us. To the end of the world, He’ll be with us.
E-298 You are a Christian. You’re a believer. [The sister says, “That’s right.”—Ed.] And you’re not standing here for yourself. You’re standing here for a man, and that man is your husband. And that man has a rupture. And another thing, I see him, he is drinking at a bar. He’s an alcoholic. He, he drinks. And you’ve come for deliverance from the man. Is that right? Now you know, lady, them things are beyond any human mind. Isn’t that right? [“That’s right.”] That has to be revealed by God. You believe for it now? [“I do.”]
E-299 Almighty God, Who raised up Jesus from the dead, and we’re here today enjoying the resurrection blessing. I bless this, Thy handsmaid, and may she receive that which she has asked for. I pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
E-300 God bless you, my sister. Go, receive whatever you have asked for. God grant it.
You believe? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-301 All right, sir, look on me. I mean, not look…I mean, like Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful, they said, “Look on us.” I guess we’re strangers to one another. We don’t know each other; perhaps our first time of ever seeing each other. Is this our first visit, ever, time to see one another? [The brother says, “Yes.”—Ed.] All right. Then, we’re perfect, total strangers. [“That’s right.”] I never seen you, and you’ve never seen me. And here we are, two men met here in life. God knows us both, doesn’t He, sir? [“He does.”] He certainly does. And now if there is anything concerning you…
E-302 [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.] There is something happened. Now be reverent, everyone. [Brother Branham pauses.]
E-303 It’s a lady sitting here, praying, right back here. She is bothered with constipation. Stand up, just a minute, lady. That is the truth, isn’t it? [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] And you have a fluttering around your heart. It’s nothing but constipation, because you’re nervous and upset. But you’re going home to get well. [“Thank You, Jesus.”] I see it turning light around you, where it was dark. [“Thank You, Jesus.”] Don’t fear. Just…
E-304 See, you don’t need a prayer card. The only thing you need is faith. Just have faith in God.
E-305 [The sister says, “Jesus, thank You, Lord.”—Ed.] God bless you, lady. [“Thank You, Jesus.”] Believe with all your heart. [“Thank You, Jesus.”]
E-306 Now, as the evil spirit begins to move across this section here. There is someone calling. Prayer is being made. I see a dark streak moving from a woman to a man. It’s an evil thing, and it’s right under the rib. I see an examination. Oh, it’s the little man sitting here, praying, wiping his eyes. God bless you, brother. Have faith! You believe me to be God’s prophet? You accept me the same way? Now, the same thing is wrong with you is wrong with that woman sitting over yonder looking right at me on the end of the row, right out there with the little round hat on. There’s a dark string. The lady looking across this lady’s head, looking at me right here, with her hand up. That’s it, lady. That’s right. Here it is, coming from one to the other. It’s evil powers, pulling; a dark streak. You got trouble, it’s right under your side here. It’s a gall bladder condition. That lady over there has it. You are both healed. Jesus Christ makes you well. That evil powers will leave, and you’re going to be made free. Amen.
E-307 [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.] Have faith! [Brother Branham pauses again. Congregation is praying aloud.] Now, just a moment. The Holy Spirit is in the audience, working with people out there.
E-308 That lady with her hands up, there’s a lady sitting right next to her, that I see her examination. She has got something wrong in the intestinal tract. That is right, lady. Do you believe that God will make you well? You have intestinal trouble. That’s right. You raise up your hand. Do you accept Jesus now as your healer? In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, Who is here to make known, receive your healing in the Name of Jesus Christ.
E-309 I see a lady with something around her head. It seemingly… Oh, it’s the lady sitting right behind her, the second lady sitting in there. She is having some kind of headaches. Constantly, headaches. Looking towards me. Do you believe, lady, sitting there, a little, gray-headed woman, that God will heal you? Do you believe with all your heart? [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] That’s right. God bless you. It’s over. You can go home now. It left you, right then. If that’s right, raise your hand. Wave your hand up, if that’s right. It’s gone from you. You are healed.
E-310 Oh, blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus! Come, believing. The Holy Spirit moving in the line. Oh, how wonderful! Do you believe Him? [Congregation rejoices—Ed.] Look what He’s done! I wish I could explain to my church what this feeling is, how that, in another world, you have to wonder whether you’re really at the tabernacle, or not. Be reverent. Be reverent.
E-311 I see someone coming from away, away. It’s coming in a—in a place. It’s a man. He comes from a country where there’s a lot of trees. It’s Virginia. Suffering with arthritis. You believe God heals you and makes you well? You accept it? You do? You come from Virginia, here, to be healed of arthritis. Isn’t that right? All the way…Yes, sir. You are healed now. You can go back. And your heart trouble has left you. Turn out of the line and go back, you are well. God makes you well. Thy faith has saved thee.
E-312 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ! You believe He has raised from the dead? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] The infallible proofs of His resurrection! [Brother Branham pauses.] Have faith!
E-313 Now, excuse me, sir. I’m sorry to hold you. I—I have no control of this. It controls me; not me It. It controls me. I can tell I’m getting terrible weak. But I know I’m near somebody, a gray-headed man. We’re…I know you’re wearing glasses. Which, that would be something wrong with you, it’d be your eyes. But God knows all about you, sir. That’s right. You are here to be healed of a—a…You’re nervous, really upset. It’s caused by a—a prostate trouble. You have a prostate trouble. If that’s right, raise your hand. And you also have a heart trouble. That’s right. You do. And, look, I see your…I never seen you in my life. But your initials is A. A. Miller. All right, you’re at Mount Valley. You’re on your road home, to be well. God bless you. Go, rejoicing, and believe.
E-314 Mr. Mills, it’s easy for you. Now you ought to go, believing with all your heart. I’m a stranger to you, don’t know you, but God does. Is that right? You feel that everything is gone, all right now? God bless you. Go home and be well.
Every one of you!
E-315 What’s heart dropsy, to God? He can make it well at any time. He can send you back to Campbellsburg, ever where it is, a well woman. You believe it? I don’t know you. Never seen you in my life. I’m a stranger to you. But He knows you, and who you are, and where you’re from. Is that right? He’s revealed it to you. Is that right? Well, you believe this anointing that’s on me now, that knows you and everything about you, (I’ve never seen you before), if I lay my hands on you, will you be well? [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.]
E-316 In the Name of Jesus Christ, I rebuke the devil. Satan, you are exposed. You have pulled these people through the gutters long enough. Come out of the woman, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Amen.
Go on your road, happy.
E-317 The trouble is in your back, but God can make you well. Can’t He? Can heal you! You believe that He done it? If you believe it with all your heart! In the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I rebuke this sickness. May you go and be made well. God bless you. Go, believing with all your heart.
E-318 Come, will you. With all your heart, now, do you believe? [The sister says, “Yes.”—Ed.] I’m a stranger to you. I don’t know you, know nothing about you. Never seen you in my life, as far as I know. But God Almighty knows you. Doesn’t He? He knows all about you. He knows who you are, knows everything. I don’t, have no way of knowing, but He does. But do you believe that you’re standing in the Presence, not of your brother, but of Him that looked upon the woman and told her where her trouble was? [“Yes.”] I see, between you and I comes a table, and you’re moving back from it. You got stomach trouble. That’s caused from a peptic ulcer in the stomach. Now you go eat your dinner. Jesus Christ makes you well. Go, believing with all your heart. [“Praise the Lord! Praise the Lord!”]
E-319 Come, young fellow. Do you believe me to be His prophet? [The brother says, “I do.”—Ed.] With all your soul, you accept it? I’m a stranger to you, but God knows you. Isn’t that right? [“Yes. That’s right.”] You want to get over the heart trouble and be made well? [“I do.”] All right, go on your road, rejoicing. [“Hallelujah!”] Your faith makes you whole, heals you and makes you well.
E-320 Will you come, lady? You had stomach trouble, too. And when that lady was healed just a few minutes ago, with stomach trouble, a real strange feeling come over you, didn’t it? You were healed, the same time. Go on your road, and eat your dinner, and be made well.
E-321 I want to say something, my brother. God knows you. Between you and I stands a dark shadow. It’s a disease that kills more people than anything else. It’s heart trouble. You have a leak in your heart, and they tell you that you can’t get over it. But God knows that you can. Do you believe that God will heal you right now? [The brother says, “Yes.”—Ed.] In the Name of Jesus Christ, receive your healing, and go off this platform a well man. Go, giving praise and glory to God! [“Thank You, my Lord.”]
E-322 The same thing was wrong with you. Caused of a nervous heart, though, your condition. That’s right. Now do you believe that you’re healed? Then return to your home, rejoicing, and be made well for the glory of God.
E-323 Look here, lady. Do you believe? Just a minute. [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.] We’re strangers to each other. We do not know each other.
E-324 But there’s a horrible shock come from the platform…or, the public, when the lady walked up here. Oh, it’s all over the audience.
E-325 Look this a way, just a minute. You know, lady, me never seeing you in my life, I know nothing about you. Only God alone knows you. But, I see you, you’re—you’re all upset. It’s nervousness. You got a mental break, and you—you drop things all the time. I see you dropping dishes and things. And you were praying, just before you come here, in a chair, sitting by near of a floor. And you asked God, if you could get over here and I’d lay hands on you, you’d get well. That’s the truth. Isn’t that right? Raise up your hands. That’s right.
It’s a spirit. That thing is over the audience.
E-326 That little lady sitting right there, a Bible teacher, sitting there suffering with the same thing. The devil is lying to you, lady. You are ready to be delivered.
E-327 Look there, all over the building, here, everywhere. Here sits another one right here. There is one right yonder. Here is one here. Oh!
E-328 Every one you with nervous trouble, stand up on your feet just a minute. If you will, stand to your feet.
Now bow your head, everybody.
E-329 Oh, Satan, you evil spirit! You’re exposed. Come out of these people. I rebuke you, in the Name of Jesus Christ. Leave these people. Come out.
E-330 Look here now, lady. Just a minute. Now you’re free. It’s all gone from you. I want to ask…Every one of you is healed. The whole group of you is healed. The evil has left you. Now you feel real quiet. [The sister says, “Yeah.”—Ed.] You’re alright now. Now go on your road, happy, rejoicing, thanking God for it. All right.
E-331 Come, sir. You and I are strangers to each other. We do not know one another. I’ve never seen you, in my life. God knows you. [Brother Branham pauses—Ed.] Look here, sir. Just look at me just a moment.
E-332 Now, to the audience. Here is a stranger. I’ve never seen the man. I don’t know him, never seen him. God knows that. Far as I know, I never seen him, in my life.
E-333 But I declare that Jesus raised from the dead, that the same things that Jesus did when He was here in a—in a body that you could see, is right here today doing the same thing. He has raised from the dead, and alive forevermore. Blessed are your eyes who see these things and believe on the Lord Jesus!
E-334 This man, a stranger. I’ve never seen him, and perhaps he’s never seen me. If I have…If I’ve ever seen him, God knows I don’t remember it. He said he was a stranger to me. But God knows him. If God will reveal, to that man standing there, a total stranger to me, just exactly what’s wrong with him, all about it; tell about what’s wrong with him, whatever it is, and he knows that I know nothing about it, will you accept Christ as your healer, every one of you? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-335 The building has begin to fade away and come back. If you only realized the reason I’m talking to you, friends! You go into another world. You’re a different place. You’re way down the stream of time, in somebody’s life, seeing them, who they are and where they are. You don’t realize. I realize it doesn’t, isn’t working perfectly in here, because it’s home. That’s right. But you see that He has raised from the dead. You see that I’ve told you the truth.
E-336 Now look on me, sir, just a minute, just in order that you and I could come in contact with the Lord Jesus. If I be His servant, Jesus said, “The things that I do shall you also.”
E-337 “A little while and the world will see Me no more,” that’s the unbeliever. They’re out to ball games and swimmings, and so forth. They’ll never see Him.
E-338 “But ye shall see Me, for I’ll be with you, in you, to the end of the world.”
E-339 Then, if He’s raised from the dead, and He is standing here this morning, and this anointing that I have now isn’t mine, but It’s His. Then you couldn’t hide your life if you had to, because we’re in contact with one another, by Spirit Being. If God can reveal to me what you’re standing there for, will you accept it with all your heart? [The brother says, “Yes, sir.”—Ed.] You will do it? [“Yes, sir.”]
E-340 You are suffering with a stomach trouble. [The brother says, “That’s right.”—Ed.] That’s exactly. And the reason of it, is because that you’re a…It’s caused from a nervous condition. And it’s not a nervous, outward, shaking nervous. I see you’re a deep thinker. You’re always planning something, crossing bridges before you ever get to them. You make things that never does come to pass, and you’ve been told that before. That’s right. But it don’t do them any good to tell you, because…But now it will, because you’re healed. You’re going home a well man. Jesus Christ has made you whole.
E-341 In the Name of Jesus Christ the Son of God, I rebuke every evil spirit that haunted this man. And may he go in peace, through Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
E-342 [The brother says, “Thank you, brother. And I’ll remember you, too.”—Ed.] God bless you.
E-343 Are you believing? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All your heart? [“Amen.”] Do you believe Jesus Christ rose on Easter? [“Amen.”] Do you believe His Presence is here now? [“Amen.”] Will you obey me as His prophet? [“Amen.”] If you will do it, as so, every one of you can be healed right now. Every person in here can be made well. Do you believe it? [“Amen.”]
Then bow your head.
E-344 Almighty God, author of Life, giver of every gift, send Thy Divine blessing upon this audience. And now as Your Spirit moving, and this audience here in this condition, I rebuke every unclean spirit, every demon that’s bound the sick people. Christ is here, Who opened the doors and set the captive free, and every one of them is free because Jesus raised from the dead and proves Hisself here today.
Satan, come out of the people, in the Name of Jesus Christ.
E-345 And let everyone now that believes…I don’t care what condition. You on the crutches there, raise up. Every person raise up, in the Name of Jesus Christ, and be made well and healed.