The Darkest Hour, Then Jesus Comes Along

Date: 55-1114 | Duration: 1 hour and 38 minutes
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Tent Meeting in San Fernando, California, U.S.A.
E-1 My, I know how you feel: just like I do. Let's just say, "Praise the Lord," everybody, "Praise the Lord." That'd make you feel like if you were dying you could go right on through all right, wouldn't it? It just... Seem like it'd just be fine. God bless our brethren.
I--I can just drink a lot of that in and still not be full. That's really, really wonderful, old fashion Gospel singing. When I hear Waermo, and Einar, and Sankey, and all those singing over there, I'm telling you it's going to be wonderful, isn't it? When--when... Yes, sir. It sure will be.
Just think, we have an opportunity to hear them forever when we get there. Won't that be wonderful? I just love singing. I think good old fashion singing like that is the--is the backbone of a meeting. I just love it.

E-2 Now, we're happy to be out again tonight in the Gospel tent, to--to preach again, and pray for the... God's sick children. And we are trusting God for a--a great service tonight. You're... You're having some Indiana weather down here right now. I'm sure that hinders a whole lot. And we're going to try each night if I possibly can, by the help of God, to have you out just as quick as I possibly can from the meeting. And within a hour, time I come in, if I can.
I just love to talk so much about the Lord, till I just don't know my stopping time. And then I'm--I'm a great eater of spiritual things in my... I don't fill up very easy. So I just love to talk to you because you're such a nice people.

E-3 And I sometimes overshoot my mark, as we call it. So I don't mean to do that. And I noticed that laying here in the cots and stretchers around tonight, people is begin to come in, in their wheelchairs and cots. I like--don't like to see people all bound up like that. But I--I do like to see them coming to God's remedy, that they can be made well.
And our heavenly Father is more than willing. And to my dear people laying here bound up tonight, I trust that this will be the last hour that you'll have to set in that manner, that Jesus will make you well. If there was anything that I could do about it, I'd be glad to do it. I can't. I'm just--I'm just your brother. But I'm here to help you. And by the help of the Lord Jesus, then if you'll just believe Him, the faith lays within you.

E-4 'Course, my faith will help you, sure. I'm using every bit I can to help you. And then all--all of us together, and all these other people are too, not only me. But the rest of them here are all interested in you. And they--they want you to get well. And isn't that right, audience? Sure we do. And that's what we're here for. That's the way I come all the way from Indiana to--to pray with you, and help you, and talk about the Lord.
Now, I can only do as He tells me. I can only say what He says. 'Cause if I told you anything different it would... You'd see it was wrong. So it must come from God. And that's the way you want it, right straight from God. And you just believe now with all your heart.

E-5 And now, go straight to our text, right quick. As the weather gets just a little bit better, we'll linger later on in the week. So let us bow our heads just a moment, while we talk to the King, if you will.
Our heavenly Father, what a privilege it is for we mortals to have this great avenue to speak to the King of kings. And by His only begotten Son that was here on earth, Who died to make this road clean for us, to cut all the ground wires off and to make it so that we could talk. Said, "Whatever you ask the Father in My Name, that I'll do." Oh, what a privilege.

E-6 Then, Father, we ask first that You'll hear us in Jesus' Name, knowing now, that You will for we've asked in His Name. And His Words cannot fail. Then I know You're here listening. And Thou knowest the need of this little audience tonight. You know what need I have. You know what need they have. And together, Father, our needs... May it be Your will, and Your desire to give it to us tonight.
And my desire tonight is to see every sinner saved, every backslider reclaimed, every unfilled person be filled with Thy Holy Spirit, everyone without love be baptized in love, every sick person made well, see these cots and--and wheelchairs empty and the people walking around praising God; that's my desire, Lord. That's the desire of all of us. So will You give it to us tonight.
Now, will You just open up Your Word and speak to us for a few moments to give us a little basic ground for what we're here to receive tonight. For we ask it in Jesus' Name, as He has bid us. Amen.

E-7 Now, in the--the Gospel of Saint Luke, the 11th chapter, I wish to read just a portion of Scripture here. Oh, one verse will be enough just for a little background. And then we'll go right straight to the speaking and won't take long. I'll try to watch and you kind of help me if you will back there, brother. And don't let me speak too long, so I can have the people out early.
And now, in the 28th verse of the 11th chapter of Saint John, we read this.
And when she had so said, she went her way, and called Mary her sister secretly, saying, The Master is come, and calleth for thee.
Now, may the Lord add His blessings to the reading of His Word. Now, my subject tonight, for a few moments, will be, "The Darkest Hour, Then Jesus Comes Along."

E-8 And no doubt at all tonight but what in this little group of people, you may be facing your darkest hour. You may be setting here not knowing it. You may be setting here unsaved with a blood clot slipping right up to your heart. And the first thing you know, maybe before the service ends, or before day breaks in the morning, you may be face-to-face with our Maker.
You may feel like you are in perfect health and that blood clot laying right close to your heart. You don't know. Sometimes real healthy, strong people just topple right over.
And you may be setting here with heart trouble. You don't know what minute it's going to call you. You may be with cancer. The doctor said there's not a chance. And I don't know your conditions. But there's one thing that I'm sure; God knows.

E-9 And He's made a remedy for it, and if we can accept it. So let's just believe now that Jesus will come our way. Now, in our lesson tonight it's at--about our Lord Jesus at the beginning of His ministry.
We were taking last night, speaking on to take up some more of the supernatural in the form of vision. Jesus said last night, "I do nothing except My Father first shows Me. Then what He shows Me to do, then what He tells Me, I go do it." in so many words.
But here is the quotation of the Scripture in Saint John 5:19. He said, "Verily, verily, I say unto you, The Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He seeth the Father doing. What the Father doeth, He showeth the Son."
Now, He said, "The Father worketh and I worketh hitherto." In other words, He said, "I don't do anything except Father shows Me first what to do."

E-10 Some time ago I was in a--a city. It's been a number of years now, about three or four years ago, very famous, fine man, and a--a scholar and a student. And there was a newspaper that had just criticized me and said that I was... Oh, I don't... Everything but a Christian, I guess... But... And the brother, when I rode home, said, "Brother Branham, you know what I'd do? If I had favor with God like that, I'd curse that newspaper and have God to burn it down."
I said, "Aw, you wouldn't do that." I said, "I don't believe that's even in your heart." I said, "I don't believe you..."
"Oh," he said, "yes, sir."
I said, "Now, brother, the first place, we wouldn't want to do that, because that wouldn't be just like Jesus would want to do. You see, He wouldn't want us to do that."
He said, "Well, Brother Branham, the prophets has changed in these days." Said, "We need some prophets like Elijah, who went up there, and proved God, and called their own fire down out of heaven."
I said, "He only done it after he saw a vision."
"Oh, no," he said, "he just challenged them and said..."
I said, "After he saw the vision, brother."
He said, "No."
I said, "Now, watch when he laid all of his stuff in order. He said, 'Lord, I have did all of this at Thy Word.'" That's right. After he'd... all at His Word...

E-11 So no man, no time, ever does anything like that, unless first it's showed by God. Now, I mean just acts of faith to go do certain things. But I mean something definitely that you know is going to take place.
Now, may I... Would you bear with me an extra five minutes, so I could kinda tell you a little bit about vision, would you do that? What visions are, and what gifts are is nothing but... It's God making Hisself known in this age to people, similar as He did in the old age.

E-12 Now, everyone knows that the prophets of old just as Joseph... We know that he was borned a seer, hated of his brethren, loved of his father, and--and he portrayed Jesus Christ in every manner. Don't you believe that?
Just think. He was sold for almost thirty pieces of silver, taken up out of the pit, like he was--was supposed to have been dead in the pit and was put in prison. And one was lost and one was saved like the--on the cross.
And when Christ was prisoned as a earthly man, with His nails in His hands and then was put at the right hand of the greatest city in the world, right hand of Pharaoh. And everyone bowed the knee. And no man could come to Pharaoh except by Joseph, and Jesus sets at the right hand of God. No man can come to the Father except by Christ.

E-13 Portrayed it when Joseph died, and he left a sign in Egypt or an old casket. I was supposed to put my hands on it in a museum not long ago, an old lead beaten casket where they laid his bones. And said, "Don't you take my bones out of here, or don't you let me be buried here. But someday God's going to--to take you out of here, and take my bones before you to the promised land."
And he left. Every old back-beaten Israelite coming by, looking at those bones, could look over there and say, "Someday we're going out. Someday we're going out. 'Cause there is the prophet. And he said that his bones would be taken before the congregation, so someday we're going out. There's the sign."

E-14 And today when we go to the grave with our loved ones and hear the minister say, "Ashes to ashes, and dust to dust, and earth to earth," and hear the clods dropping in upon the casket... But we could look at that, and by eyes of faith, we can look across the sea yonder and see an empty tomb. "If--if I go, I'll come again and receive you." We're going out someday.
Jesus was the Antetype of Joseph. David... many others. When David, dethroned in--at his h--in Jerusalem, and by his own people was chased out of the city, and as he went up the mount looking back crying... Eight hundred years from then, the Son of David, rejected in the city, set on the same mountain weeping over the city.

E-15 See how Christ in David, weeping out? Oh, the whole Old Testament is just--it's just the lives portraying Jesus. Now, today after Jesus was here and represented Himself on earth as God... He was God's manifestation to humanity to come and take its place and to--to bring humanity back to Him.
Now, in the... Now, in His Church in the last days, He's portraying His Divine will through the operation of spiritual gifts, and so forth, in His Church, by the gift of preaching, teaching, and so forth, prophecy, and other Divine gifts that He has.

E-16 Now, dear beloved friends, we have to admit that many of those gifts are impersonated. Why, we--we know that they are just pretended. But yet there is a real gift. There's many preacher that enters the pulpit, just for what money he gets out of it. I hate to say that. But that's true. They admit it. That's right.
"Why, I wouldn't go over there. Well, look at the money I'm making here." See? Why, they wouldn't do it. Sure. And it's for money. But there's a real genuine minister of the Lord Jesus, who would lay on his stomach and drink branch water, and eat soda crackers, in preference of fried chicken everyday, to preach the Gospel and to stay in the will of God. That's right. A real minister...
Well, where you see the--the--the negative, there's bound to be a positive somewhere.

E-17 And now, if you'll notice, and humbly saying this... Now, gifts and callings are placed in the Church by God, God alone. No seminary never made a preacher. God had to call His preacher. Don't you believe that? Why, sure.
He might learn... Oh, he might get a--a Bachelor of Art, or he might be a Doctor of Divinity, but that don't make him any more of a preacher than when God spoke to his heart. That's right. That's true. And so I believe that.
But God sets in the Church, first apostles, and then prophets, and so forth. God places in the Church... Now, those Divine gifts in the Church are for the Church and the perfecting of the Church, to call the Church to one big Body. And any true minister will never draw lines: "Just because you don't believe with me, you're not in it." We will all recognize one another as brothers because Jesus died for all of us. And God loves us all. Don't you think so? That's right.

E-18 Now, groups of men draws barrier lines. Now, it's all right to have denominations, but recognize the next man too. He's your brother. See, that's the way. Is get love in your heart and you'll do it.
Now, notice. In this... Now, if I might illustrate something to you... I know it's going to question in your mind, so when others question after it's gone... Visions is not no great outstanding phenomenal; it's just something God has done.
Now, we're going to give a little illustration here just for a moment. For instance, we were all little boys and girls and we were standing tonight, and there was a great circus in the city. And it just happened to be that--that some of you brethren were stronger, bigger shoulders and could lift a bigger weight than I could. Well now, if there is a weight to be lifted, you better lift it.

E-19 But perhaps, God made me just a little taller than you. That don't make me any more human than you, don't make me any more a child of God than you. It just makes something... "Who taking thought can add one cubit to his stature?" See? Not what you do, what God has done...
See, I'm not much of a legalist. I--I believe that it's sovereign grace of God. That God does...
Well, now perhaps there's a carnival coming by or a circus, and we all want to see that circus. Well, we haven't got the money to go in. We can't see it. So maybe on my tiptoes, I can look through a little knothole up here and tell you all what's going on. Now, remember I'm drawing a illustration.

E-20 "Well," you say, "Brother Branham, what is it out there? What'd you see now?" Well, I get my fingers up as high as I can, stand on my tiptoes just as high up as I can. I say, "I--I see an elephant." Come down, I'm just give out. You say, "What else you see, Brother Branham?" Well, I get up high again. Just reach up.
"I--I--I--I see a giraffe." It's just making me weak.
Now, that's a illustration of what a gift is. Now, a gift of a seer, or to give visions, that comes from God alone.
Visions, the first thing I remember as a little baby boy was a vision. I wasn't eighteen months old when I told my mother where we'd live at, and everything else. See? That's right. And spent my life near New Albany. And we was hundreds of miles from there; that's where I've lived for about forty years. See?

E-21 See, it just comes just as natural to that, as it is for you to do what you do. Well now, I'll give you an illustration. When Jesus was here on earth, all the power that was in God was in Him, for He was God manifested in flesh, God made human in the body of His Son, Christ Jesus, tabernacled here. For the Bible said God was in Christ. The Father was in His Son representing His love to the people here on earth. See?
Now, very simple. Now, notice. Now, that gift that was in Jesus was like the whole ocean out here, all the waters in the world, in comparison, with this little gift, just a spoonful out of that ocean.

E-22 Now, God gave Him the Spirit without measure. He gives it to you and I by measure. He measured me out a spoonful. But when He measured it out to His Son, He measured the whole oceans. See what I mean?
But notice, the same chemicals that's in this spoon is in the whole ocean. And all the chemicals in the ocean is in the--or--or a measure of them is in this spoon. It's the same kind. See, it'll do the same thing. It'll do the same works. It'll produce the same Life. Don't you believe that? That's what makes us Christians.
Now, when Jesus was here on earth, He said, "I can do nothing except the Father shows Me." First it had to be a vision. And the vision Jesus saw, then He went and done it. Look at the blind man following Him that day. They come along hollering, "Have mercy on us." He never even paid a bit of attention to them, went on in.

E-23 And they went around somehow and come in behind or--you got into the house. They--and they brought him to Him. And He said, "What would... What's you want?" or other words, "What would you have Me do?"
Said, "Lord, that we might receive our sight."
He said, "If you can believe."
They said, "We believe."
Then He touched their eyes. Now, watch. He never said, "You have received your sight." He said, "According to your faith be it unto you." See?
Now, the woman that touched His garment that I spoke on last night, the woman, Jesus never knew the woman. Now, because He asked the question, "Who touched Me?"
Why, everybody said, "Why," Peter said, "everybody's touching You."
He said, "But I perceive that I have," What? "Virtue has gone out." And what is virtue? Strength. "I've gotten weak." What made Him get weak? That woman touched His garment because she believed Him to be the Son of God, and she pulled from Him the virtue.

E-24 Just like the Angel on the water. The first one stepping in, all the virtue of the Angel went to that person. The first faithful one, stepped in. All the virtue went to that person and they were healed. And then the Angel went away to come back again. But all the virtue on the water went to that person and returned again. First one stepping in... Is that what the Bible says? All right. See?
Now, the Scripture is just as plain. Maybe a little different from what the schools, but remember when Jesus come, it was a lot different than what the schools taught. See? So you have to just... He was absolutely Scriptural, though they didn't think He was, but He was.

E-25 Now, notice. Then when the... This woman, what did she do? What was it she did? She pulled from Jesus. That's the reason He got weak. She pulled from Him, virtue through that human body of His. 'Cause He was just a man, borned of a woman, but His Father was God. But in His body He was a man. In His Spirit He was God.
So God was in Christ, and the woman pulling that virtue, believing it, through Him, then He turned and by her faith in Him, pulled the virtue from Him, till He looked around and said, "Who touched Me? Who touched Me?" All of them denied.
Said, "N-n-not me. Nobody."
Peter said, "Well, everybody's been touching You."
He said, "Yes, but I got weak."

E-26 He looked around. He seen the woman. How He did it? That's a secret. But He found her. He said, "The little woman with the blood issue," said, "your faith has saved you. Thy faith has saved thee."
Now, watch that same word there is the Greek word "sozo." "Sozo" means applying to salvation of the soul or body. Faith... "Thy faith has saved thee," physically, just the same as thy faith saves thee, spiritually, the same Greek word, "sozo." Is that right? All right. See the--the same word. "Thy faith has saved thee," physically.
Now, what was she doing? She was pulling from Him. Now, when the Father give Him a vision it was different.

E-27 Now, here's what happens. Now, at home, here, wherever it may be... My wife, I suppose, is setting present now, and she knows this, at home, out, the people who knows me, walks around with me, visions come all the time. Not here... My. Sometimes I even know what's going to happen 'fore we get here. Now, that's true. And many... You've heard of it. Predicted, foretold, two years or more. And I asked, that no one never did hear anything told from that, but what was absolutely come to pass word by word.
Now, that doesn't make me weak. Now, here's what happens. The visions that happen here, mostly, is your own faith. It's you, not for anything in me. Now, remember, I'm nothing that... I'm the least among you. I was borned out of season and you Pentecostal people. See? So I'm thankful that God give me a favor that you'd come listen.

E-28 Why, when I told my Baptist clergyman about this, he said... Told him about that Angel coming to me that night and speaking. He said, "What did you have for supper, Billy?"
And I said, "I don't appreciate that, Dr. Davis." I said, "Here's my fellowship card."
He said, "Oh, don't feel that way." But he said, "Who do you think would ever listen to that?"
I said, "If God's a sending me, God will have someone to listen to it." That's right. See? So He did.
He said, "You're going to pray for kings and potentates with a seventh grade education?"
I said, "I don't know how I'm going to do it, but God's going to do it because He said so." And so He did. So then He always will do it.

E-29 Now, it's just as perfect; don't be alarmed? Just be solid. Come to God just as if there wasn't a speck of doubt nowhere, and don't--don't try to bluff it. You can't bluff it. The Devil don't take your bluff. But he knows whether it's really faith or not. See? If it's emotion, he will--he will laugh in your face. But if it's real, he will scat from your presence.
Now, that's... He understands it. He knows it. Remember, he's a spirit also.
And look. Now, what happened to Jesus, the woman drawed from Him. Now, that's what takes place and makes... Some people will be questioning after while, "Why is it, Brother Branham, that when you go out of the building, you almost pass out?" It isn't while the visions are going on. No. It isn't like now. No. It's coming between the two. See? And I don't realize it till I leave the platform. That's what... It just looks like stepping off the world.
Later on, we'll take it up all down through the Scripture and show you, just get a little each night on account of time.

E-30 Now, if you will notice. See? Now, He got weak from one. That woman walked before Him and touched Him and went away. Now, the... That's the same thing as if I was standing on my tiptoes. I'm before... for hours before I come to this meeting, it's fasting and praying. During the time of this, that's the reason I hide myself away from people, don't let no one know where I am. I'm hid away right now in a room.
I been staying with Brother Arganbright, back there. But I'm not even... My wife's not even with me, at all. I stay by myself. I pray constantly and know that He's near. Sometimes in the room, I see that Light come down and stand there. He will tell me, "Watch a certain thing. It's fixing to happen." And God knows that many times, just thousands of...

E-31 Now, when He tells me anything like that, it doesn't bother me. But when I come to the platform, and the--the your own faith pulls that vision... Or setting out there in the audience, you look and you say, "You know there's something, I believe that man's telling the truth." I and... Well, you might just be saying it in your head. But if you're... Really gets down one time, on the heart, you'll see something pull. I'll say maybe some little something, try to explain it. Which I oughtn't to try to do it, because I don't know it myself and don't understand it. Then I know I couldn't explain it 'cause I don't understand it. But 'cause I love you, I try to say something about it.

E-32 And your faith will pull. And I'll look and I'll see maybe someone coming from a hospital or doing something, and I'll speak it. What did it? Then, there I get weak, drop down. What is it? That's you pulling, not from me, but from God, through a earthly channel, God's blessings to you. Do you understand it now? That's what makes me weak.
But now, that's what--reason I stand on my toe. See? "Well, Lord, help me tonight. I'm here. I... Help me now. I--I pray. Bless the people, and there--there's what it, oh... Maybe here's someone standing before me. Never seen him in my life. What about it? What if He walks away from me? I'll walk off the platform. But what if He speaks? Something's got to be said.

E-33 There's critics in every meeting. You can feel it. When the anointing speaks, you can feel that cold indifference. And you know that it's wrong. You know they're doubting. But when it's, you feel that warm welcome, then it flows smoothly. But then when you...
A person is standing there. What is it? I go up on my toes now, like the parable. What... Here's a woman. Oh, if one thing. Lord, if You'll just tell her like You did the woman at the well, one thing that's wrong with her, maybe that'll help. Here goes up. She's standing. I say, "Are you believing?"
"Oh, praise God, Brother Branham. I've got all faith." Yeah. I know it. If you would, you wouldn't be up here. You see? But it's a... Here you are, you're supposed to be up here. And here you are down here because you got hope instead of faith. Faith's positive. See? Faith is the substance of things hoped for (See?), the evidence of things not seen.
Now, when you're up here, I'm down here with you when that's not on me. But then when that's there, He's just using me then. Then I'm--I'm anointed. And here's a Spirit on here that's trying to work through to you to get your spirit to accept what this Spirit's a saying, to elevate your faith to a place to accept Jesus as your Healer (That's right.), not accept it from your mind, accept it from your heart.

E-34 And then when I come down, like on my toes, well, "You have cancer."
"Yes, that's right." But here you are still down here. See? Never bothered you a bit. Turn to the audience. Never affected them a bit. See? Well, I'll try again. Way it goes again. Maybe again. "Well, you have... You had TB and you were..." It's way back down twenty years, down the lifetime near. You see something happen. You don't know--you--you don't know where you're at. You know you're--you're speaking somewhere, but you're years back in somebody's life, looking at a vision right here on the platform. You recognize that you're somewhere, but let that happen so many times, you wonder which is and which isn't vision, when... See? And then... And you just...

E-35 See, it's you, yourself operating that. That's what makes the weakness. Then when God wants to... Now, we're go back to the parable. That's when I'm standing on my toes.
Now, for instance, now that's what you're wanting to see. But what if the boss of the circus wants me to see something. You know what he does? He just reach down, pick me up by the back of the neck and hold me up and say, "Now you see, there's going to be a woman coming. She'll be dressed this a way, and she'll be over here. And you'll go into a gate this way and you'll see this baby will be setting here, and this will take place here. This fellow will take place over here, and all like this." And tell you the whole thing of it and set you back down, and you feel like shouting the praises of God. See?
That's God's using His gifts, or people using God's gifts. Do you understand now? Now, that's the same thing it was with our Lord, reason He got weak in virtue.

E-36 Now, we have to hurry 'cause we just about eight minutes now, and we'll have to go into the prayer line.
Notice, quickly. Jesus had gone away from the home of Lazarus, Martha and Mary. And now, when Jesus went away, sickness came in. And when Jesus goes away from your home, trouble will come in. Just remember when Jesus leaves your home, look out for trouble.
You better treat Him right, and pray, and love Him, and keep Him there, 'cause He's the best companion and friend you ever had, or ever will. So you keep Him there. Make Him welcome. Live the kind of life that He would like to associate with you.

E-37 And then, but in this case, it wasn't something they had done. But God had given His Son a vision that Lazarus was going to die and He was going to raise Him again. "Oh," you say, "Brother Branham." All right. Just look through it just a few minutes and find out.
See, the Bible is written on Words, but the Bible is a love story to the Church. When I preached here, not long ago, a few years ago, on Abraham and Sarah turning back to be a young boy and girl again from when they was a hundred years old, a preacher laughed at me and sent word, and that same preacher wrote a book on it not long ago, and passed it out across the country. God did turn Abraham and Sarah back to a young boy and girl. I can prove that by the Bible.

E-38 But you see, the Bible, you'll never learn it in a seminary. I don't care... That might sound awful flat, but the Bible said, God said, "He has hid it from the eyes of the wise and prudent and will reveal it to babes such as will learn." Is that right? He will reveal it to babes. You don't have to be smart to understand the Bible. You have to have a humble heart.
The Bible is God's love story to His Church, that's hid from all the scholarships in the world. It's only knowed by one scholarship; that's through kneeinology. If you ever had any of it... You know what I mean? Down on your knees.
Now, the--the Bible here is the... You have to read between the lines to make it right. Now, my wife setting back there, when she--when she writes me a letter, you... See, I'm really in love with my wife, and so when she writes me a letter, I'll be away overseas or something, she'll say, "Dear Billy, here I sit tonight; I've just got the children to bed, and the phone has been ringing on average about every five minutes. I'm very tired. But so..." See?

E-39 Now, what she's saying in the letter is one thing. But I'm in love with her, so I know what she really means. You see? So that's because I'm in love with her. I understand her.
Now, the Bible says one thing, but if you're really in love with the Author, you understand what He means. You see, He reveals it to His sweetheart. Don't you love to be His sweetheart? Sure. You just... You loved Him and He just... The Holy Spirit's right there, say, "Now, the--the wise and prudent would think it this way but just read right on, I'll show you what I mean." See? And the first thing you know, there's the whole picture. You just read it awhile and then set down and cry, and get up and walk around the floor, and cry. That's where you're really getting something from God. Amen.

E-40 Now, when Jesus had made the quotation that He didn't do one thing except the Father showed Him, now, watch in the vision. Now, Lazarus, He knew, was going to be sick. And now, He went away from Lazarus' house.
Well, after He was gone a day or two, the first thing you know, Lazarus took sick. Right quick, they sent for Jesus. And Jesus, the lovely Lord, instead of returning back, you know what He did? He went on farther, just ignored it. They sent again. Still He wouldn't go. And He waited till the appropriate time that He knowed the Father had told Him what was going to happen.

E-41 So then He turned to His disciples one day and said, "Our friend, Lazarus, sleepeth." And everybody said, "If he sleeps, he does well." Then He told them in their own way of knowing, said, "He's dead and for your sake I'm glad I wasn't there, but I go wake him." Amen. You see it?
Look at Him at the grave. He said, "Father, I thank Thee that Thou hearest Me always. But I said it for those who stands around." You get it now? He already knew what was going to happen, so He knew that He'd be away, and Lazarus would have to die. 'Cause if He'd have been there, they'd been pleading to Him and everything to heal Lazarus and so forth.

E-42 Now, He never healed everybody that died. He never raised them up. He only raised three. Three is the Jewish confirmation. He raised three, and each one of them, if you will notice what He done. Lazarus, He went away for that to happen. Jairus' daughter, He... Look what He done, went across a stormy sea, all night long, fighting the waves and so forth, to get over there to resurrect Jairus' daughter.
Look at the woman, the widow's son. How He journeyed all day and His feet was tired, and set out there on that culvert, waiting for the funeral procession to come by. Sure. Easy.
Now, that's what the Father does. And it was the darkest hour that this little family had ever seen. Jesus, seemed like, had forsaken them and had gone away. Lazarus was dead, and was buried, and four days had passed. And all at once there was a--a messenger come and said that Jesus was entering the city.

E-43 Now, Martha had been dilatory about spiritual things, but bless her heart, she sure got on fire now. Away she went. Seemed like that she could've upbraided the Lord. But when she met Him, look what she done. Watch her approach now. Look at this woman's approach.
That's the way you get things from God is the way you approach it. You have to approach it.
Watch what the Angel said, "If you can get the people to believe you and be sincere when you pray, then nothing will stand before the prayer. Get the people to believe."
"How can I do it, Lord?"
Said, "By these things, but then people would believe." See? That would be..
I said, "They'd never believe that I--You told me to go pray for sick people."
But He said, "By this, they will." See? "If you can get the people to believe." It's only a sign to get you believe that Jesus Christ died for your sickness and your sins. And accepting on basis of His shed Blood, you can draw the attributes from it tonight. Anything you have need of, God will give it you, if you can only believe it.

E-44 Now, notice. Now, when she come out there, she said, "Lord..." that's what He was, Lord. He... yet He'd...
Why, a lot of them, if it had been the people of today and a minister had been through the congregation of the people and performed a few miracles and went away, and then some people was close friends didn't come, He didn't--wouldn't come. Why, they'd have said, "Say, you hypocrite, I know I oughtn't to left the church in the first place. Why didn't you come?" See, it would've been different.
But she walked to Him and she said, "Lord, if Thou would've been here, my brother would not have died. But even now, whatever You ask God, God will give it to You." Oh, my. Something's got to happen. She went and got Martha, or Mary, 'cause He knowed... Said, "The Master has come and calleth for thee."

E-45 The darkest hour that little family had ever seen, then Jesus come by. Maybe you went to every doctor in the city. This may be your darkest hour. But Jesus has come by. Maybe it's the darkest hour you ever seen, or you ever seen, you, or you. Maybe the doctor's given you up. But Jesus comes along just in the darkest of hour.
It was the darkest hour the Hebrew children, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego had ever seen. They walked right into a fiery furnace. And right in the darkest of hour, then Jesus came along. That's just like Him, isn't it? In the darkest of hour...
It was the darkest hour that little woman had ever seen, that had the blood issue... No way for her to get in the prayer line or nothing, She'd spent all of her money for doctors and none of them could help her. And she had a blood issue for years and years, weakly. Probably sold all the farm tools and everything, poor little thing, setting up there maybe knitting for a living, or something. The darkest hour she ever seen, then Jesus come along.

E-46 One day, yonder in a hospital, when a noted specialist looked in my face as a sinner boy, and told my daddy, standing by me, said, "He's got three minutes to live, Mr. Branham." It was the darkest hour I ever seen. Then Jesus came along. He saved me.
I was wearing big glasses, practically a blind man, had to lead me around by the arms. Then Jesus came along.
He's still Jesus tonight. Just a little story, I'll hurry... Way years ago, way before this ministry was ever made known to me, I went into my mother's house one night to have a prayer. My heart was burdened. And I went into the house to pray. And I said, "Mama, can I go in the front room?" We're very poor people and--and so, we just... I shut the door.
She said, "Yes."
And I said, "Don't let no one disturb me; I want to pray."

E-47 And I went in and begin to pray. I'd been praying about two hours. And when I did, mama was one of those old fashion women that'd wash and take her clothes and lay it on a chair. I don't whether you ever do it or not, stand the next day barefooted, ironing them you know.
And so she had her clothes laying in the bedroom there. And so I was praying, and I opened up my eyes, and I thought that was a--a chair of clothes setting there. But It was something white. And It was coming towards me. And I found out It was that Light. And when It come to me, I... enclosed around, I was going down through a wilderness pulling sticks out of the way and brush.

E-48 And I could hear... I was after a little lamb that was a bleating, going, "Baa, baa." And I was trying, I said, "Poor little fellow." And I was pulling real hard. It was a vision (See?), trying to get to the little lamb. And I kept pulling, pulling. And I listened again, and I'd hear bleating, and oh, I was so tired and I--I'd pull again. I said, "Poor little fellow, I'll get to him after while."
And as I got closer, it become a human voice. And instead of going, "Baa." It was saying, "Milltown, Milltown, Milltown." And just then I said, "Milltown? Where's that?" And I come to, and I was standing right on the edge of the bed with my hands up, screaming, "Where is Milltown?"

E-49 And when the vision left me, I thought, "What's this mean?" I announced that there'd been two other visions of a little boy at Utica, that was dying. The doctor give him up. And he was healed. A Methodist girl... That's was fif... oh, twenty years ago, nearly, fifteen to eighteen years ago, anyhow. And a crippled girl, Methodist, arms and legs drawed up, she just unfolded like that. And a Methodist revival swept the country through there when this girl did...
I didn't even know what it was. And preachers was telling me, "That's the Devil. Don't you fool with it." And I partly believed it. And so I didn't know, because it wasn't... he said it... "Why, that--that don't happen; that's of the Devil." I didn't know what to do until the Lord made it known to me.

E-50 And then I asked in my church; I told them the vision. I said, (I didn't know what it was) I said, "One of them something or other I seen, and something was hollering, 'Milltown.'"
Well, there's an old fellow comes to my church there, drives about thirty-five miles every time we'd have church. He come up there. He, and his wife and children had been for long time. He said... His name is George Wright, he lives at De Pauw Indiana. And he said, "Well, Brother Billy," he said, "Milltown's right down about thirty-five miles down the Southern." Just a little bit below where Brother Arganbright here, lives. He knows the place and all about it.

E-51 So I said, "The Lord wants me to go to Milltown." 'Course I was working. I worked all the time. I never taken offerings in my church. So I just worked for a living. So I... Saturday, I went down to see Brother Wright, and he took me over to Milltown. It's a little bitty place, about eight hundred or a thousand people, setting right on Blue River.
So I went down there. And he said, "What you going to do?"
I said, "I don't know. He just said come down to Milltown, I guess. I just heard that little lamb calling Milltown."
And he said, "Well, I'm going to do a little shopping."
And I said, "All right." And I went in and give a guy a dime for a little old box there. And I thought, "When all the country folks drives their wagons around, I'll stand on this little box and preach to them. Maybe the Lord's got a lamb hooked up down here somewhere that He wants to get out of the tangle."

E-52 So I got my box and went out there and set down on the box. And Brother Wright come back down from another people he was visiting. He said, "Say, I got to do a little shopping up on the hill here."
I said, "Well, while we're waiting for the crowd, I'll just leave my box up here, and I'll run up on the hill with you." Well, we went up, and as we passed by, we passed by a great big old beautiful church setting there. I said...
Something just told me, "Stop at that church."
I thought, "Well, all right." I said, "Brother George, you coming back this a way?"
Said, "Yes."
I said, "Well, I'll just wait here for you."
And he said, "All right."
I said, "What is this church?"

E-53 Said, "It's a Baptist church." And said, "But the pastor got in some trouble here long ago and started a big shooting scrape. And they've been gone for... Baptist people just closed up and most of them go over at the Methodist church, or down here at the Nazarenes, or so forth."
I said, "Uh-huh." I said, "Well," I went over and I took hold of the door knob, and it was closed, locked. Now, everybody was... Nobody around. I knelt down, and I said, "Heavenly Father, do You want me in this church to hold a meeting here? If it is, unlock this door for me."

E-54 I set down there. And I hadn't been setting there no more than about five minutes, until I heard somebody walking around the building. Come round, said, "Oh, hello."
I said, "How do you do, sir?"
He said, "You want in the church?"
I said, "Why?"
He said, "I have the key."
And I said, "Thank you." He opened the door. I said, "Thank you, sir." And he said... I looked around.
He said, "It's a Ba... It belongs to the Baptist people. It did." But said, "They just went away" and said, "it's went back now to the city."
I said, "Uh-huh. Well, do have any services here?"
Said, "No. Just funeral services, County funerals and things."
I said, "Uh-huh." I said, "Thank you." I said, "Who's got the say so over it?"
Said, "The quarry over there."
I said, "Thank you."

E-55 Brother George come down. I said, "Would you run me over at the quarry?"
He said, "Yes." And I went over there.
And the fellow said, "Why, sure, if you're a Baptist preacher, go on up there." Said, "Put you in a meter." Well, I was working for the utilities, so that was easy. So I put me in a meter. Started out... Announced in the papers down there, I was going to have a service.
And so then, I went around and I asked somebody, when I got in that afternoon, there was nobody there. And so, I got up there, and climbed up, and somebody must've wanted to lead a cow home or something, took the bell part out. So I got me a cord and fixed it up and begin to ring the old bell like that. And nobody there yet but me.

E-56 And so, I seen a fellow going along side of the hill, so I went over there. I said, "Say, brother, I'm starting a revival down here." I said, "I'm a Baptist minister; I'd--I'd like for you to come down."
He said, "Listen fellow. Get next to yourself." He said, "We don't have time for religion around here. We raise chickens."
I said, "All right. It's okay."
But you know what? About five days from then, you know, they had to take time out to bury the man. He died. And about five days from that time. And so you must have time for Jesus. You must remember that. Regardless of how busy you are, what kind of life that you're living, you better take time for Christ.
And then we started the meeting, and I remember that night, oh, I had a sermon in my heart just a burning. You know how it is, brother, when you got one you think, "Oh, my. Everybody's going to get saved."

E-57 And so I got up there, and you know what my congregation was? Mr. Wright, Mrs. Wright and their daughter. "Well," I said, "that's good enough." So I passed each one of them a song book and we got to singing, "Down At The Cross, where Jesus died." And I heard something going [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit--Ed.]. I looked outside the door, and one of the horriblest looking fellows walked up there; He had a big old corn cob pipe in his hand, beating it out on the side of the house, one tooth out in front, and the gray hair hanging down in his face, looked in the door and said, "Where is that little Billy Sunday?" Begin to look around like that.

E-58 And so, Brother Wright went back, told him to come in. And he walked up, said, "That's the roughest guy in the country." Mmmm, my! It's Will Hall. He's the pastor of the Baptist church there now. He got saved that night.
So I thought, "Well, Lord, that's it." Well, the next night, there wasn't nobody there but Bill Hall, Mr. Wright, and his--his family. So well, it went on for about five nights. But the end of the week, God healed a woman, a little girl over there, that had TB. That started in the city. "That's... I thought, "Well, that's all of it."
So Mr. Hall come to me and he said, "Now," he said, "Brother Billy, there's a little girl lives over the hill here, named Georgie Carter. She's laid there nine years and eight months." (I want you to get her address and write to her, each one of you, personally, a letter. Let her write to you.)

E-59 Said, "She's laid there nine years and eight months." Said, "She approximately weighs thirty-five pounds of human bones." And said, "She's about five-foot tall. She's about twenty-two or twenty-six years old, something on that order." Said, "She's been laying there now for nine years and eight months 'caused by a foul thing that was done for her."
But said, "Her people belongs to this church down here. There's a certain church (I won't call the denomination), but they don't believe that--that Jesus heals, and they don't even believe in the Spirit nor nothing else. But they--they said, to their members, 'If any person goes to hear that idiotic Baptist preacher praying for sick people, you'll get your members here--your letter, from the church when you come back.'"

E-60 So her daddy was a deacon in the church. So he couldn't come. So he asked me, Brother Hall did, if I'd go over there. I said, "Sure." And her mother and father said, "If that... To satisfy her, all right. But I wouldn't even stay in the house where that hypocrite was."
So I went down there, and I looked in the house. If you're ever passing through, look at the bed. Her little bed there, little iron bed, and the paint's all wore off (She kept--keeps it there.), where through years of holding with her hands and crying.
Now, she... Her little arm... her legs up here, were approximately about that big around. And her arms, she couldn't raise the sputamin cup when she was coughing. She'd go, [Brother Branham makes a noise to imitate the sound of coughing--Ed.] And they'd raise up the sputamin cup, and she'd go, [Brother Branham makes a noise to imitate again--Ed.] And you could, have to get down real close to hear a little pink sunken lips, eyes way back. She couldn't raise her hands up no more...

E-61 And I noticed my little book laying on the bed: "Jesus Christ The Same Yesterday, Today and Forever." I said, "Little sister," I said, "I wished I could help you in some way, but are you a Christian?"
She said, "I--I am." And then I... Her mother wasn't there. And they couldn't even... They couldn't even put a bedpan under her. They had to put a draw sheet. She couldn't even raise her up like that. She was just--just laying there, just bones.
She hadn't even seen the outdoors for years and years. And so, a nice family of people. And her mother, young woman practically yet, was gray-headed and shaking with palsy from setting day and night with that child, setting there until she died.

E-62 And they give her up years and years. She had TB to come into the female organs and it went all through her body. She was just in a horrible shape. So I--I said, "I will pray for you." So I knelt down and prayed, got up. And she wanted to know if something... Why didn't something happen?
And she had read in the paper about the Nail girl that had been crippled. The papers packed it all over the country. And I said, "Well now, look sister, dear, that was a vision. See?" I said, "I--I can only do that. I can--I can pray for you, but that was a vision and I didn't even know the girl." And the tears... Where she got enough moisture to get tears, I don't know. But tears come running down her side of... Her face looks just like a... You know how all the meat's gone off the face, just a jaw sunk in. And poor little fellow...
And I said, "I will continue to pray for you, 'cause I know your father and mother don't want me to be here."

E-63 [] But she started crying and whisper. She said, "But I do." And I went on up. And then at the end of the week, I had a big baptizing over there when the... And... At a place called Totton's Ford, if any of you's ever around there.
And Brother Arganbright, I know he's enjoying this because he knows every stitch of the land.
So then when I was... As I went over to baptize, there'd been a certain minister over there that told his congregation that--that baptism by immersing was so ignorant that only people who didn't have education would immerse. So it happened to be when I was baptizing that afternoon, he had a great big tent there. And he had a... oh, thirty or forty converts that week.

E-64 And when I come down... 'Course, they all walked out, it was late in the afternoon, about four o'clock. They was... Evening service was over--the afternoon, rather. They all walked out and standing around the banks of the creek, several hundred people. I walked out there and begin to render Christian baptism.
And I said, "You know something," I said, "it just seems like the whole heavens is standing around here, Angel on every limb in these trees." And his whole entire congregation with clothes, beautiful dresses, and everything walked out in that muddy water and was baptized that afternoon, every one of them. The man, it got him so bad, he even backslid and went out of the ministry.

E-65 And so, I went up with Brother George Wright to eat supper. And he said, now, he kind of talks country, he said, "Now, Brother Bill," he said, "when mammy rings the bell, you come on." And I said, "All right." And I got over in the woods, and I started to kneel down and the green-briars was sticking me.
You know when a blessing is right ahead of you, how the Devil tempts you. And I tried to kneel this way, and the briars would stick me. And I got up and went over here, sun was shining on me. And I'd go different places. Directly, I just got so wore out, I just fell down and started screaming out to the Lord with all my voice and praying.

E-66 Well, seem like in the distance, I could hear that bell, but I was just... You know, was you ever carried away in prayer like that? And I just didn't pay any attention to it. And after while, I kind of got to myself, and it was getting dusky, and the sun setting over the hill, getting down into the valley. Where I was out on the side of the hill, this a way...
And I was under some dogwood bushes. And I looked up. I thought a strange feeling was there. And looked up, and that Light that you see in the picture, was shining right down through like that, and that Light circling in the top of that dogwood bush. And He said, "Go by the way of Carter's." That's the girl's name, Georgie Carter.

E-67 Well, I got up and started and then hunt and search parties trying to find me. And down the hill I went running real fast and jumped right in the arms of Brother Wright. He said, "Mammy's had them biscuits ready for two hours, Brother Billy."
I said, "But, Brother George, something's going to happen." I said, "You know that Light that appeared down there where I was baptizing?"
Said, "Yeah."
I said, "It was over there in the woods and told me to go by the way of Carter's. I believe that little girl's going to get well."

E-68 And so there was some people there from Texas, and they wanted to see it happen. And down we went. And while... You know, God works on both ends of the line. And that woman, she went in to pray, and her little girl got to crying because she wanted... She had wanted... She seen the baptismal service advertised in the paper, or announced. And she wanted to go to it. 'Course she couldn't move, hadn't moved for nine years and eight months.
So she--she was laying there crying. And oh, it got her mother so bad. Now, here's her mother's story. You ask and see if her mother tells it the same way.

E-69 So she went into the room (They lived in a lovely big home, and her married daughter lived close to them.), and she knelt down and she said, "Dear heavenly Father, we have served You in Your church for years. And there my poor little dying daughter, laying in there. And that--and that impostor William Branham has come through here and got the people all stirred up. And the poor little thing laying in there." Said, "God reward that hypocrite of his iniquity," and just going on praying like that. And she raised up, and she seen a--a shadow on the wall. And she thought it was her daughter coming.
Now, here's her story. I can only quote her. See? She said it was--it was a shadow of the Lord Jesus. She seen His beard. He said, "Why are you weeping? Who's that coming?" And she looked over, and she seen me with this Bible over my heart a coming in with two men following me.

E-70 And she said, "Oh, I... How... I--I been asleep." She'd never seen a vision before. So she said, "I--I--I been asleep. Oh, something's wrong." She said. "What happened? Have I--have I lost my mind?" And she went into the room. She said, "Georgie, you know I..." And just then she heard a door slam. And here I was, come a walking in, me and two men, just like she'd seen. She said, "Oh..." And she fainted.
When I got to the door, I don't know what--what--who opened the door, but I got in. And it seemed to me like... I know this sounds juvenile, but it seemed like I was standing up in the corner of the room, like that. And I was watching myself go over to that girl. And there she was laying there, her little pale looking face.

E-71 And I said, "Sister Georgie, Jesus Christ Who you love and has trusted, has met me over yonder under a dogwood bush." Oh, I can still think of it and something happens. I said, "He met me. And He sent me that you might be healed. So in the Name of Jesus Christ rise up from the bed." How's she going to do it? She hasn't moved for eight--or for nine years and eight months. Her legs wasn't much bigger than a broomstick. Where's she going to even get strength to raise sputamin box, how's she going to stand?
How? I don't know. But God Who created the heavens and the earth, and this is His Word, and me, His minister standing here, the girl sprang to the floor under the power of the Holy Ghost, with her hands up in the air.

E-72 The two men was with me seen that skeleton standing there. Her legs up here where her little short gown was on like that, her little legs about that big around, her little arms like that and them up in the air. It scared them, they started screaming.
Her mother raised up and just getting out of her fainting spell and fainted again. And they... She let out a great big scream. And I turned around, and then her--her daughter come running over. People all over Milltown come running.
And her father thought Georgie had died. So sh--he was crossing the bridge with a little bucket of milk in his hand, coming from his barn, way across. And he was also superintendent of the big quarry there. And he come running up the road, thought his daughter had died.

E-73 And she went out in the yard, set down on the grass and blessed the grass and blessed the leaves on the tree. And when her father got there, the house packed full of people... About twenty minutes later, she was setting at an old fashion country organ playing "Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross," there's the precious fount, free for all a healing stream, that flows from Calvary's mountain.
She's been the pianist at the Milltown Baptist church from that day--night till this night now, and has never went to bed with anything less then we go to bed and go to sleep, since. Miss Georgie Carter, Milltown, Indiana.
It was her darkest hour. Then Jesus came along. O God, have mercy. It's the darkest hour that this world's ever seen, communism on every side, all kinds of isms everywhere. But thank God, Jesus has come along with His Bible, with His Truth, with His Holy Spirit. And He's here tonight to do the exceedingly, abundantly above all that we could do or think. Amen.

E-74 Shall we pray. Our heavenly Father, all... I know it seems like I get excited, Lord, but I can't stop and tell it right, perhaps. But oh how that my heart thunders in my bosom, when I think of little Georgie setting there that afternoon at that piano. Those little bony skeleton fingers, and them little spindly legs, only the anointing power of God could hold her up.
And there she was pumping that old organ: "Jesus Keep Me Near The Cross.' God, from that day henceforth, as far as I know, she's lived right by the cross. Just a few days ago, talking to her, enjoying perfect health. How we thank Thee, Lord, for Jesus who comes along in the darkest of hours.

E-75 Maybe there's some here in a valley, that's done everything they can to get well and seem like they just constantly grow worse. Father, will You let Jesus come along tonight and do just like He did when He was here on earth? Do something a little different from what it is in a ordinary meeting.
That's how the--Cleopas and his friends recognized You. The day from there... First morning of the resurrection, You done things. Something there when You got them in the room, You done something just different from what other man do. And they recognized it was You.
Now, Father, tonight do something a little different. And they'll recognize that You're here, risen from the dead, the God of heaven, the Creator of heavens and earth, in the Person of the Lord Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

E-76 Now, I pray, God, that He will make Your way into every heart and heal all that's sick and needy and save those who are unsaved. Grant it, Lord. It may be dark hours for some people here, that they don't even know. But if they are groping in darkness, and have wearied Your Spirit away from them, hour after hour, down their life, may this be the moment that You've touched somewhere down in the heart. May You come along and forgive every sin. Call them back to a real spiritual life. Won't You do it, Lord Jesus?
While we have our heads bowed... Is this a dark hour for you, knowing that you're setting in the presence of the church, of the Holy Spirit, the Lord Jesus, and yet you're not a Christian? Is this your dark hour? Wouldn't you like for your eyes to be opened, you'd be resurrected to a new life?

E-77 If there's a sinner man or woman here that would say, "Brother Branham, I know it don't make any difference what you say or what you do, but I'm going to raise my hands to the Lord Jesus Christ just now, and ask Him to be merciful to me a sinner. I'm going to raise my hands." God bless you, brother. Is there another? Say, "Lord Jesus, I now accept You as my Saviour. I've been a doubter. I didn't believe in Divine healing." God bless you, sir. God bless you, my boy. That's good.
"I've doubted a long time. But I see Your Spirit working now. Yes, Lord. Won't You have mercy?" Somebody who's wandered away from God and say, "Now Father, tonight I'm going to raise my hand to You and ask You to be merciful to me, that I'll come back home. My eyes will be opened again to a real warm Christian experience." Will you raise your hand, say, "God remember me"?

E-78 Somewhere else? God bless you, lady. That's right. Don't be ashamed. No. If you're a sinner, I expect you to be honest. Raise your hand. Over to my right, anybody in this a way? Four or five's put up their hands now. And God bless you, sir, my colored brother setting there. It's a gallant thing for you to do, my brother.
Someone else? God bless you, my brother. That... God bless you, my sister. God bless you over there, my brother. That's right. Be honest. We just have to face it that way. God wants us to be honest.

E-79 Now, I wonder if, everybody with your head bowed, that those who want to be included for salvation, would you stand to your feet just a moment while I have prayer with you? We have not no other way. Would you just stand up? You don't have to leave your seat; just stand up, saying, "And I accept it right now." God bless you, both you ladies. You... yeah. That's fine. God bless you. Just remain standing just a moment, if you will.
Over here to my right, anyone stand up and say, "God be merciful to me. I'm standing now. You look at me."? God bless you, lady, with your baby. God bless you. Now, shall we pray.

E-80 Heavenly Father, the blessed heavenly Father has passed this way, for Jesus said, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first." These people are standing, Lord. Look at them. And as Your humble servant, I present them to You.
Save them Lord, from a life of sin. Forgive every sin. And You said that, "He that will come, I will in no wise cast out." Now, You will not cast them out. Because they have come. They raised to their feet. Standing there, in the presence of this audience, in the sight of Your seeing, they're saying that because they are--they're wanting to live a better life.
Won't You sanctify those people tonight to Your side, Lord? And let them live a sweet humble Christian life from this night, henceforth. I ask in Jesus Christ' Name. Amen.

E-81 God bless you, my friends. That's them standing now, you audience. See? Pray for them. How many will pledge to pray for them, that they'll go on with God? Let's see your hands like that.
Now, go to some good church; be baptized by Christian baptism, and seek God to give you the baptism of the Holy Ghost. God bless you. You may be seated now. The Lord bless you.
Now... [Brother Branham speaks to someone--Ed.] Certainly. Immediately after the healing service is closed, we want you that accepted Christ to come forward after the healing lines are over. And maybe some of the rest of you who didn't stand up, you come. 'Cause after the service is over, I--I--I hardly know then. I can't make an altar call after that. But you come, won't you, after the service.

E-82 I want to ask you something. Is there anybody here that was never in one of my meetings before? Let's see your hand. Let's see, you were never in a meeting. God bless you. Thank you.
Now, if Jesus will come tonight and do the same thing now that He did, like the woman at the well, like Nathanael, when he went over and got his friend, or Philip, rather, when he went and got Nathanael. Jesus told him what he'd been doing before he come, where he come from, and so forth. Jesus said, "I only do this as the Father shows Me."

E-83 If God will do that again tonight, will each one of you accept Him? Will you do it and believe it with all your heart? And accept your healing right out there where you are. Right down around in here, accept your healing.
Now, 'less we got... I think we're still calling prayer card A. Is it still A? Still A's. All right. How many? One to a hundred? One to a hundred. Well, let's see. How many nights we been here? One, two, three, four, five, this is six nights. Let's start six... I believe we got first last night. One's... we... That's a one last night, didn't it, One, last night. Well, let's start one to twenty? Well, we got...

E-84 Let's--let's take the last part of them then. Let's take--let's take it six, eight, eighty six then. Who has prayer card 86? Raise up your hand. Somebody with prayer card 86? Would you raise up your hand? That's got an A and a 6. Eighty... A and 6. Would you raise your hand, ever who has eighty... You have it, lady? All right, come right here. Eighty... 87? 86 and 87? Who has 87? Would you raise up your hand? Maybe they can't raise up their hand. 87?
Look, it's a little bitty card. I haven't one here. It's got my picture on one side and on the back of it, it's got a--a--a number and a--a A. It's got a A and a number. And it will be 87. Have you... Anybody got it? Prayer card 87? 88? All right. 89? 90? 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 96, 97, 98, 99, and 100? Raise... So line them up, right here first. We'll try that group there and see then if we could get just a few. Doesn't matter. Just get someone up here that we can start praying for. And we just do that by...

E-85 Every night... Nobody--nobody... We just give the prayer cards out, and somewhere along there we just pull up someone. Maybe sometimes, don't even start at all, just start... Just something to get the Holy Spirit moving among the people... Sometimes where you have great numbers and so forth... Just, that was last night...?...
It was... Now, all right. Now, it was... Something was... Tell him, sir. It was the last night's card. I... Maybe he can't speak English, I don't know if he... It was last night's card. It was... Probably somebody had it, was in 13. From last night and I think we prayed for that per... Listen, these cards are inter--inexchangeable. You have to be here and hear the service. You see? You have to keep them. You see? All right. Keep your own cards. Don't...

E-86 Now, all right, as they line them up... How many people here who doesn't have a prayer card, raise up your hand, and you want God to heal you. Raise up your hand, way up high now, who doesn't have prayer cards that wants to be healed so I can get a general idea of where you are. All right. That's fine.
Now, be in prayer. Have faith. Now, shall we bow our heads just a moment.
Our heavenly Father, now the crucial moment has come where something... I have spoke of You, Father. Now, it's--it is Thy time, Lord. And I pray Thee that in Jesus' Name, that You'll speak, Lord, tonight. Grant it.
Let Thy mercy come. And now, as I have testified of Thee, testify, Lord, to the audience that I have told them the truth. I pray Thee to do this secretly now, in Jesus' Name. Amen.

E-87 Now, let everyone remain right in your seats. Be seated. Be reverent. Don't move around. I'm sorry; I was fifteen minutes late on the line to begin with. But we'll pray. Now, if they're not there...
Is everybody, the whole line's there? All right. Sometimes people can't get up, and sometimes they're deaf and dumb and they can't speak or hear. You watch your neighbor's card so that when it's called, it'll--it'll come.

E-88 Now, I'm going to ask you to do me a real good favor. Will you do it? Now, look. They won't let me stay too long here. Because got other nights, and other nights coming. Then after this meeting, I leave here and go right straight to another one, then right to another one, then overseas. And see, I just have to watch... they do. 'Cause just... If it--if God would do it one time, it ought to settle it.
Now, see, there's nothing I... Remember, I told you there's nothing in me or in no other man, that can help you, not one thing. And if anyone tells you there is, he's certainly out of Scripture. That's right. Jesus has already done it. Your healing... He was wounded for your transgressions; with His stripes you were healed already. And anything that He's already done, there's only one thing left for you to do: By faith accept it. Is that right?

E-89 So there isn't any virtue in any man. It all lays in Calvary. And any true minister of the Gospel will witness the same thing. See? It's not a hocus-pocus. No, sir. It's pure unadulterated, the Holy Spirit of God making manifest Jesus Christ.
Now, I want to ask you something. If Jesus has risen from the dead, won't He do the same things if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever? Will He do the same things? He said He would.
Now, what did He say when He was here on earth? He did nothing of Himself but what the Father showed Him. Is that true? Well then, everything that He did was by vision, is that right? He touched people and told them according to their faith. Their faith touched Him, and He told them back, what was wrong with them, and like the woman at the well.

E-90 See how the Father sent Him up there to the well? Instead of going down to Jericho, He went up around to Samaria, and just sit there and waited for the woman to come. Then the woman come. That's the one He'd seen. He got to talking to her. Then He found out what her trouble was.
She was not living right. She had five husbands. He said, "Go, get your husband." She said, "I have none." Just listen to this, while they're making ready.

E-91 Said, "Go, get your husband," after He'd talked to her, carried a conversation, like I will with this woman or anybody else. Carried a conversation while He was catching that human spirit... He said, "Go, get your husband."
She said, "I have none."
He said, "That's right. You got five."
Well, listen what she said. Now, listen closely. Said, "Sir, I perceive that You are a prophet. We know that when the Messiah cometh..." That's Jesus. She didn't know it was Jesus, the Messiah, didn't know He was the Messiah. Said, "When Messiah cometh, He will tell us all things, be able to tell us like You did there."

E-92 See the conversation's on: how did He know what was wrong with her? Now, she said, "You must be a prophet. For I know that when Messiah cometh (we know that), that when Messiah cometh, He will tell us things like that. But Who are You?"
He said, "I'm He, that speaks to you."
And she run into the city and said, "Come, see a Man that told me what I'd done." Said, "Isn't this the very Christ?" That's Scripture, isn't it?
Now, if that was Jesus then, and He has raised from the dead, won't He do the same tonight? Then if He does, isn't that positive, supernatural proof, and not only supernatural, but natural proof, right here among us that He's raised from the dead? And if He is raised from the dead, His attitude towards you as just like it was then. And you ought to accept it.

E-93 Now, every... Are you ready, brethren? Now, just once slowly, "Only Believe." Or let's sing it like this: Now, I Believe. Let's just sing it, Now, I Believe.
Now, I believe, now, I believe,
All things are possible, now, I believe;
Now, I believe, now, I believe,
All things are possible, now, I...
What is it we believe now? That Jesus has risen from the dead, living here among us, fulfilling the Words that He said, "These things that I do shall you also, and more than this shall you do, for I will go to My Father. Yet a little while, and the world (unbelievers), the world will see Me no more. Yet ye shall see Me."

E-94 Now, there's going to be some of the world, no matter what you... whatever took place, they will never see it again. They say, "I don't believe it. I don't believe it."
"But ye shall see Me," there's still ye's, "for I will be with you, even to the end of the world." Is that right?
The... "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel." How far? All the world, to the end of the age. "These signs shall follow them that believe." How long? To the end of the world. Wherever the Gospel has been preached... And two thirds of it's never heard of it yet. See what I mean? Not us as healers, but us as Christians, and Jesus working with them, confirming the Word, with signs following.
Now, if He's raised from the dead, He will do as He said.

E-95 Now, the lady will come, if she will. Now, these people in this audience tonight, so far as I know, are strangers to me. I just looked, just for a moment. There's no one right present that I see now that I know. 'Course, I know this brother standing here, he's one of the ministers. I don't know the brother's name, but I know his face setting at the organ; my son's setting there.
Brother Arganbright's setting back in the back. I seen him and I'm not sure, but if that's Brother Wilson, I'm not sure, setting way back. I'm not positive. Brother Art Wilson, I believe it is, setting way back in the back. Just happened to recognize him walking by a few moments ago. Outside of that, it's as far as I know anyone.

E-96 What about these stretchers? Did any of you all have cards or anything that was called? No. No. Well, you don't have to have cards. See? You just look this way and believe. You just believe. Did it... It's--it's your faith in God. Just believe it with all your heart, see if God don't answer your prayer.
Be in prayer. Don't be... Just--just--just set quietly and say, "Now Lord, I believe the man has told the truth." He said, "If you get people to believe you, then be sincere when you pray, nothing will stand before the prayer."
I said, "They wouldn't believe me, Lord."
Said, "As Moses was given signs, so this will be. And when this is done, they will believe you."
It's been so far, this has been about nine years. I still think they believe. May the Lord bless.

E-97 Now, the little lady standing here is a perfect stranger to me, as far as I know. I never seen her in my life, as far as I know. And, but God does know her. I don't. But Jesus Christ knows you. That's... You know that. You're here for some cause. I don't know. But Jesus does know, doesn't He? He knows what you're here for.
And you know that I don't know what you're here for. But if Jesus will reveal to me through His Spirit, like He talked to the woman at the well... And you and I are just as He was then. See? He was talk... a man talking to a woman.
Now see, you're a woman. And--and you're... And I--and I'm man. Now, we're both--both natural human beings. But yet there's a spirit in you, and there's a spirit in me. And you are a Christian, 'cause there's--your spirit's welcome. You see?

E-98 But now, there may be something wrong with you. If there is something wrong you... Now, there's anointing of the Spirit. Me as your brother, I don't know. But there's a Spirit that comes down, and I just yield myself to It. And It tells through my lips, not me knowing, but It tells through me by a vision, what's the matter and your... whatever's about you.
Then you know it wouldn't be your brother. Then that's the Holy Spirit of God trying to get you to believe. See what I mean? Now, audience, do you understand that? And now, if the Holy Spirit will reveal to this woman, will you believe with all your heart now, that it's like the same, like the woman at the well?

E-99 Now, I can't make you believe, understand. You're the sick person. It's you're the patient. But it'll... I say this with reverence: it'll be your attitude towards what I'm telling you, will determine what will happen. That's right. So just remember that and pray.
And be in prayer. Don't move around. Just set reverent. Be real reverent and believe with all your heart. God will do the rest of it.
Now, I have to talk to you a minute, because in preaching, usually in the big campaigns, where the manager and them is around, the speaker, I--I just come right in under the anointing and go ahead and start with a prayer line. This way's speaking and making altar calls, it kinda throws it away from me a little, from one side to the other. Both the same Spirit, but it's... by the same... just another gift, you see what I mean?

E-100 But now, you standing there, and I here, as your brother, speaking to you, as strangers to one another... But there seems to be something strange about you, very strange. It--it is strange. You--you--you've just been healed. You--you've been healed. Yes. You've been healed. You--you were healed last night. That's right. But you're standing here for somebody else. And that is a--a person that's taking some kind of--something like shots or, it's insulin. And it's--it's diabetes. And that man's a preacher. And he's been taking these diabetes shots for a long, long time. Insulin is what it is. I see it as he gives it, insulin to himself, and then tests his own urine afterwards. You're standing for him, aren't you?

E-101 You being healed, you come because that's a friend of yours. Is that true? I'm not reading your mind, but that's the truth, isn't it? Now, the handkerchief that you got in your hand, that's of God. Go send it to him. And may the Lord heal him in Jesus Christ' Name. Amen.
In the Name of the Lord Jesus, may it leave him. Thank Him. Thank Him. Don't fear. Have faith.
Do you believe now? Have faith. Just believe with all your heart. God will grant it to you if thou canst believe. But first, you have to believe. Isn't that right? You have to believe.

E-102 Now, I believe this lady is Spanish. You speak English? She doesn't even speak my language. Is there someone here can interpret Spanish, that would come and knows Spanish language, that could interpret, just...? Can you interpret? Some. All right. If a Spanish interpreter... All right, here comes someone who can interpret.
How do you do, sir? Would you now, sir, just quote my voice to the lady? Would you do it? And so that she can understand and... See now, here I can't even talk the woman's language. Now, that's the way it is overseas when visions come. See?
Now, do you believe on the Lord Jesus Christ? She does. Do you believe me to be His servant? You know I... with all your heart... You--you know that I do not know you. But Jesus does know you. If He will tell me what's wrong, or what you want, or what your trouble is, will you believe that He raised from the dead and you'll accept Him as giving you what you have need of? She will? Does "si" mean "yes"? (Si, yeah, I see.)

E-103 You are here for someone else. And that person isn't even in--here. That person is east from here. And you cross California; you cross Arizona; you go into New Mexico. And it's a daughter. And that daughter is suffering... lungs with TB, having TB. Give me your handkerchief.
Lord Jesus, may her life be spared. I pray and bless this handkerchief, in Jesus Christ's Name, for her healing. Amen. Amen.
Send it to her. Send the handkerchief to her. Have no doubts. She'll get well.
Let us say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Have faith in God. Don't doubt. Believe all things are possible to them that believe. Do you believe it? All right.

E-104 Lady, I believe you're Spanish too. You speak English? Well, fine. Then walk just a little closer, please. All right. We are strangers to each other. And we have never met in life. But maybe born many miles apart, many years apart, but yet Jesus knows both of us. Is that right?
Now, you know that I never seen you in my life. And... But I am saying that Jesus has knowed you before you were born. He knowed you before the world began. In His great knowledge He knew that you would be on this earth before the earth was made. So He knows all about us.
Now, He loves you. And He... You're here for some cause. I do not know. But I declare that He has risen from the dead. Now, if He was standing here, wearing this suit, well, He couldn't... If you're sick, He couldn't heal you, because He's already did it. But He--He might do something that'll cause you to believe it (You see?) and accept what He already done.

E-105 Now, if He will speak through me, like He did through His Son, at the... The promise, the same things that He did through His Son would be done through His Church. And if He will do the same thing here, then you will accept His Sacrifice as--and the atonement, for whatever you have need of. Will you do that?
Will the rest of the people... Every Spanish person in here ought to do it if--if God will do it.
Now, it's--it's difficult, but the Lord knows. Now, the woman is much probably older than I. And she's--she's a believer. I see that. She's a welcome spirit.
Now, if the audience can still hear my voice, the woman seems to be moving away. And I see her; she's in some kind of a condition, they're... It's something over her. No, they're operating on her. And she goes out and she comes back again. She had two operations and it's in the stomach.

E-106 And they had an ulcerate in the stomach. And the doctor's taking out the ulcerate, but it didn't do no good. The ulcer of the stomach still bothers the woman. And this is THUS SAITH THE LORD; she has a--a nervous condition that's causing it. The woman when she was younger, I see her as a young woman or a middle-aged woman, goes into a time of life, like ladies go through, the change of life and she become nervous. And she's been bothered ever since. That is THUS SAITH THE HOLY SPIRIT. That was true. Whatever it was, was true. Is that right?
Now, He who... You know that there's something here anointing me as your brother, a knowing your life. Is that right? Do you believe it's what the Bible said, the Holy Spirit returned to do this? Do you accept Him now? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, I condemn the disease of this woman's body and pass her on for a healthy life, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Go rejoicing, happy. Now, look sister. I--I seldom say this to people, but as I prayed... before I prayed, it turned. It was real dark around you. Something that was on you, was going to kill you. I don't know what it was. But now it's gone. It's real light around you. And you know something's happened, hasn't it? Now, go on your road rejoicing and being happy.

E-107 Let's say, "Praise be to God."
And do you believe that while you were setting right there, that the Lord Jesus made you well? I... It was done while you were setting right there. You don't have to be prayed for. Your faith has already healed you. Go on your road rejoicing and saying, "Praise be to God."
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." Real faith...

E-108 My sister, you setting right there, right behind this lady with a pink coat on, raise your hands, because Something struck you. And that's right. You've been suffering with a heart trouble. It's been bothering you, isn't that right?
Now, wave your hand back and forth like this, so... That's right. But the reason it's been bothering you is because you've had a real nervous condition. And the reason that is, your heart trouble is worse on you, especially after you eat and lay down, because that gas gets into your stomach and goes up against your heart. It's really not a heart trouble; it's a nervous trouble. And you drop things and so forth.
Now, your faith has made you whole. Jesus Christ heals you. Now, you can go home and be happy. God bless you. Amen.

E-109 If our Lord Jesus can take TB, anything, is just as easy for Him. Isn't that right? You were healed while you were setting in the chair, the TB left you. So you go on your road rejoicing and saying, "Thanks be to God." Amen.
Amen. You believe?
Now, here's two spirits calling one to another. I--I only wish that my lovely audience could only be in this dimension and see this. This woman standing here is suffering with the same thing that woman setting there with her hands crossed, right like that. Here's a dark line. Because the spirit that's on this woman is calling to this spirit for help. And it's both the same disease: arthritis to both. And now, you can go on your road. Stand up on your feet, lady, you with your handkerchief. There you are. It's gone from you. Now, go on your road rejoicing and being happy.

E-110 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." There He is. See, you don't need prayer cards. You're being healed without it. Thanks be to God.
All right. Come, lady. When you're trying to get around and your back's bad like that, and (See?) makes it kind of hard, doesn't it? And stepping down off the street, turning sideways like this sometimes to get down. You won't have to do that now. Your faith made you whole, while you were standing way back there in the prayer line. Go on your road rejoicing and staying happy. Thanks be to God.

E-111 Sister, do you believe with all your heart? And you--you believe that He'd heal you and make you well of the heart trouble and everything, just make you get well? He has. Now, just go happy and rejoicing. Your faith has made you well. All right.
Now, lady setting there with that--with that eczema, and you believe that Jesus will make you well? If you want to believe with all your heart, okay. God will heal you if thou canst only believe. Thanks be to God.
How do you do, sir? You believe with all your heart?
What do you think, sister? You believe Him?
Do you believe? Do you sir? With all your heart? Yes, sir. I believe that. What if I told you, you was healed while you was setting in that chair, would you believe it? You would. Let me tell you, just so that you know that I'm telling you the truth.
You have a habit you'd like to give up (That's right.), smoking cigarettes. Will you give them up? That you might know this too. You got a mother here tonight wants to be healed, haven't you? If I tell you what's wrong with her, setting out there in the audience, will you believe me? Gall bladder trouble. Is that right? Now, go on. You'll both be well. In the Name of the Lord Jesus, go.

E-112 Let's say, "Praise be to God, Who gives us the victory."
You're trying hard, lady. It's for that woman there, isn't it? I never seen you and you know that. But the Holy Spirit is here. He knows all things. You're not far from the Kingdom, lady, 'cause you're sick and I know that.
Now, here's something strange, audience. Don't think I'm beside myself. I'm not. But here comes, from this woman here, scoots over to that man setting out yonder, second person back in that seat there. Man setting back there, you got troubles of the liver, haven't you, sir? And that's your wife setting next to you. She has something wrong with her neck, doesn't she?

E-113 This lady is bothered with liver trouble too. That's right. See there. That demon calling, but he--he's going to lose the battle. Jesus Christ is here. That's right. This woman's dying with the liver trouble. Sir, it's over. Your faith did it, sir. And the Devil trying to play a trick, but he lost the game.
Look, lady. You got liver trouble too. You believe me? I want to talk to you just a minute. You're going to die laying there; you know that. You can't live laying there, 'cause you're very sick.
And I see where there's an examination; you got water on the inside of you, up there that won't come down. You're sicker than what they tell you. That's right. You're very sick. Sure. You got complications of everything, setting there. You believe me? That's right, isn't it?

E-114 That's your daughter setting with you. Isn't that right? You believe me to be God's prophet? You do? What do you think about this? You believe it's the Lord Jesus? You do? You got your pocketbook in your lap, haven't you? But you got a letter in that pocketbook that come from my office. That's right. Don't they call you, "Thell," or something like that? That's right.
Now, put your hand over on your mother. Heavenly Father, this is the hour of her faith. She lays there, she'll die. Give her strength, Lord. Give her believing power. And now, as Your servant, I condemn that Devil. Satan, you're trying to hold her but you've been exposed. Jesus Christ has risen from the dead. And you are nothing but a bluff. I adjure thee by the living God, come out of the woman.

E-115 Lady, do you believe with all your heart? Then if you believe... All right, you believe Jesus is near you now? That's the truth, what's been told, is that right? You believe me as His prophet? Then in the Name of Jesus Christ, rise up, take your bed, go home. Come out. Don't fear. Raise out of the bed and come up in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ. You can do it. God will give you strength as He did Georgie Carter and the rest of them. He'll grant it to you.
She's a rising up. Her daughter's a raising her. And here she comes out of the bed to be made whole. Let us bless God.
Anybody else in here wants to be healed? Raise your hands up to the Lord Jesus while we pray.

E-116 Heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, we come to Thee just now, and ask that You heal every person in Divine Presence. Satan, you are defeated. Come out of the people. Thou art an impostor. You're wrong. You're a deceiver. And Jesus Christ has raised from the dead and He's here. Leave the people in Jesus Christ's Name. Come out.
Every one of you raise your hands and give God praise and go home and be made well.