God Hath A Provided Way

Date: 56-0108 | Duration: 2 hours and 14 minutes
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Branham Tabernacle in Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 Morning, friends. We're happy to be here this morning in the Tabernacle again in the Name of the Lord Jesus to minister to His people through the written Word and through prayer for the sick. And just a little late myself to--to appear and...

E-2 So happy to be here and see this beautiful day, and all you people out to serve the Lord. I'm... Aren't you happy you've got enough strength to be in the church this morning? See? There's many people who couldn't come. They get on the phone up there at home, through the run of a day, and just listen to people. Tell them, say, "Well, Sunday morning we pray for the sick down at the Tabernacle." The people who come in, why, they haven't moved for years. Just think, then you are able to be here today. What a blessed thing it is to be able to be out.
You know, there was an old saying I read once, said, "I complained about having no shoes, until I seen a man who had no feet." So that's it. If you look around, there's always someone who is worse off than you. So that's...
But to think this morning, above all things that we have a loving Saviour, Who loves us and cares for us, and know that this great tremendous task that we're going through, and the times and the strains that we are, is just the negative part of this journey. And that someday we're going to receive a body that'll never be sick or never be old. It'll never be... And we'll never have to separate from each other; we'll always be together.

E-3 I like fellowship. Everyone, I believe, especially Christians love fellowship. And to think of our wonderful fellowship, and then someday we're going to be together to never have to leave, just never have to leave. Never have to worry whether the children are going to get hurt or nothing, it'll... There won't not such a thing; it'll just be... Never have to worry about where our meals are coming from; they're always prepared and ready for us. And just... Isn't that wonderful? In that great age that's to come... And that's why we have churches, and--and the Holy Spirit is here today, a--a wooing people to the heart of God to prepare them for that time. It's those who make their decision now for that side, is the one's who'll enjoy those blessings eternally.
And I trust that if there's anyone here today that has never made that type of decision to serve the Lord Jesus, that this will be the day that when you will do it, and from today on, you'll join with this great host of believers and march on towards the victory. Someday it'll be over.
Brother Fleeman, I believe there's a--a--a bench right here, if you'd like to take that now, maybe you could set it. Here's a one chair here. We... Our tabernacle is so small here. We don't have adequate room for people. But yet, all from Friday nights on we usually try to bring in, and bring them to a--where we can pray for them here at the Tabernacle on--on Sunday mornings.
And the world, we're certainly got a sick world, a lot of people, sickness, troubles, distress. But as we say, there's one time where it won't be no more. Won't it be wonderful when we never pray for the sick no more, never pray for a sinner? It's all over, all vanished away in the great forgottens of the age, and then we'll live with Him.
Now, we know that it's a little bit congested in here. And we--we wish we could make you more comfortable, but we can't. So we just pray that our kind heavenly Father will make you so thrilled in your heart of His Presence, that you won't notice the cramped up condition you have to set in while the services are going on. May you be so comfortable in Him...

E-4 And now, today we're going to study from the Word for a few moments, and then pray for the sick and the needy. Mainly, my ministry... I'm not very much of a--of a teacher from the Word of God. And I probably don't know too much about His Book, but as I've often said, "I know the Author real well." And that's the main thing. I--I want to know Him. To know Him is Life. And I--I have Life through knowing Him: Eternal Everlasting Life that cannot perish. It's forever. God gives His gift of Eternal Life and It's forever good. It never perishes and never will get old and dwindle away. Your body will get old someday, if you live. But your soul, your spirit will never get old.
I met an old person once that was well passed a hundred years old, and said they'd been a Christian since they were seven years old. And I said, "Brother, how--how is it with you today?"
"Oh," he said, "Brother Branham, He gets sweeter as the years go by."
About a hundred and four or five years old, and I thought, "Still sweeter as the years go by, around ninety-seven, ninety-eight years serving the Lord, and He still got sweeter." I imagine when the ages rolls on, He will just still be better all the time, when we look back and see what God has brought us through, and brought us out of, and brought us into.
Christian life is a--a journey; this is a pilgrimage here, and we're just passing through this land. And we're--we're not going to stay here; you know it. Many times we build a house; we say, "Well, the family and I will anchor down here?" But how, for how long? See? You don't know. And we always would like to get a place where we could just say, "This is ours for good." But it isn't here on earth. We don't have such a place here on earth. But there's something in you that calls out for that place. And before there could be anything in you calling out for that place, that place has to be in existence, or there'd be nothing in here calling out for it. The deep can't call to the deep, unless there's a deep to respond to it. So there has to be something inside calling to a place before... There has to be a place first, rather, to make this deep call out to it. And then, when there's something in here that desires...

E-5 Now, I see some of my friends that I've growed up together too, we have together here. And I think a few years ago of little boys playing marble out here on the street, spinning tops, riding horses. And today we're coming into middle-age men. And then I notice their fathers, two or three setting here this morning, that's, oh, when they were young, black-headed men, and today they're setting here shaky and old. And we got to meet that shaky and old experience. But just one by one we're revolving down, just pilgrims and strangers, traveling through.
Now, the blessed thing in here that... Was talking to a young lady just a few moment ago that was suffering from a nervous condition. And the nervous condition, I... She said how she had tried to overcome it. Now, I'm not much of a Christian Science or a Unitarian. I--I don't believe there's anything like mind over matter. I believe God is a Healer. Now, I... The lady was born in that nervous condition. Her mother and father died when she was a child, baby, and raised up just tossed about everywhere, and never had the proper love and care that a baby has.
You know, mother, I want to tell you something. I know I got a little boy back there, and he's really rankly spoiled. But I would rather have him that way; I believe it'll make a better man out of him, if God lets him live, then to let him scream and cry and upset his little self.
Listen. A few years ago some normal modern witch doctors said that, "Let that baby cry. Don't pick it up. That all... All things like that. Don't let grandma touch it." And you know what they hatched out? You see what it is? A juvenile delinquency, a bunch of neurotics. God made a baby to be loved. That's why He made a mother to love a baby. That's why we are--we're--we're supposed to be this a way. God made it that way. And any time that you upset God's program, you must remember, you're wrong and will be wrong, as long as, you're upsetting God's program. Follow God's program. Do it the way God said do it.
Now, the only way that that can be, just like you were born a sinner. And the only way that you can ever become anything else but a sinner; it's got to be another birth. You got to be born a Christian. If you were born a sinner, then you got to be born to be a Christian. And it's got to be something that takes place inside of you. And that's the same thing, has to take place in Divine healing. It has to be something take place, not just a work up or emotion; it's got to be something that actually happens, and you know it happens. See? It's not just, "Oh, well, I'll just think it this way and study it that way." That's doesn't do it. It's got to be something actually take place.

E-6 Now, today... And we're expecting a couple ambulance loads of people to pushed in in a few moments, that's coming by plane. And we want to get into a lesson this morning for those who are here, that's so sick and needy, upon the subject of Divine healing, so that your faith can be built up on Divine healing, to know what it really is, and know what to do, how to make arrangements to--to prepare yourself for your healing.
How many read "Christian Life" this month? Did you get to read it, "The Christian Life" magazine? I believe, no, I beg your pardon. I got it this month, but it was sent to me. Of a famous doctor in Illinois, was ask a question, "What about Divine healing?" Wished I would have brought it along this morning. And he said, "Is there such..." They asked him, "Is there such a thing as Divine healing."
He said, "Certainly." And if that doctor didn't explain it exactly the way I've explained it about my hand being cut, that it don't build tissue, medicine... We--we think medicine's wonderful. And we would not say don't use it, because it's something... Just like I wouldn't say, "Don't use soap to wash your hands." It's a chemical, but after all, medicine doesn't heal. Medicine just keeps clean, while God does the healing. You can't set your arm, and... Doctor can't come in and set your arm and say, "Now, it's healed." He just sets your arm, and go away and let God heal it for you. That's the only way it can be done.
Well, now, that's the same way it is by taking medicine. But medicine's all right. It's all right to get your arm set if you break it. But God has to do the healing.
Well, now, this is... This healing, you must have faith. It's called faith healing. And this doctor said, "Well, there's such a thing as miracles." He said, "And I've seen it many times." He was noted surgeon. He said, "Many times," he said, "now when you come to bloodless cults who say that some man does it or--or something like Unitarians, and so forth," said, "I simply wouldn't put my hands on that." But said, "I do believe and know, that the Blood of Jesus Christ is all-sufficient to heal any sickness." See?

E-7 Now, it comes through Christ. Healing comes from Christ alone. And it all comes... If your conversion... Now, I've seen people who pretended, say, "Well, I'm going to turn a new page over. It's new year; I'm going to try to do a little better this year than I did last year." But you find out it don't work. And so is people who take their healing haphazardly like that. It doesn't work; it doesn't last. But when a man or a woman comes to Christ with a full surrendered heart and believes, until they're absolutely something changes inside of them, that person has Life Eternal.
And the same way it is by Divine healing. When a man comes to Christ upon the basis of believing the shed Blood of Christ was for his healing, "By His stripes we are healed," and accepts it, until something happens in his heart, that says, "It's so. I'm going to be well."...
I'm telling you, there's no way at all to keep them from getting well. They're going to be well. That's right. You don't have to tell a person to quit sinning after he's been born again. It just absolutely stops itself. Well, the same thing it is. You don't tell the people, "Now, keep on holding on," that... After they're healed, they just... Something happens inside of them. And it's not an outside in; it's an inside out. It happens in here first. You absolutely believe it. And then from there out, it goes to work. And then I've seen it happen so spontaneously that it caused outstanding miracles.

E-8 Now, before we approach God's Word on the subject, let's bow our heads just a moment for prayer. And everyone in your own way now, let's meet the Lord.
Our kind heavenly Father, we come to Thee, most humbly in the Name of the Lord Jesus, Thy beloved Son. We come in His Name, because He has bid us to do so, saying, "Whatever You ask the Father in My Name, I'll do it." Then if we place His Name, we know that we're bound to have a talk with God. And this prayer shall be carried straight to Him.
And, Father, we're most desperately in need today of the answer of this prayer. And we come after a night of prayer and consideration, studying the Word, asking just what You'd have us to say this morning to the dying sick people, knowing that it's a most solemn obligation; and we are to answer someday for the loyalty of our stewardship over the heritage of God.
Then we come humbly, believing and bowed hearts to Thee, saying, "God, be merciful to us here today. Forgive us of every sin, Lord." May this heart of these people here today be so thoroughly purged, that the Holy Spirit will move in a marvelous way, taking His Word and delivering It to every heart. And may every unbeliever today become a real child of God, borned again. And may every sick person become healed today. May the--the Holy Ghost give us that reach-up faith that'll climb beyond every shadow and every cloud, take a hold of God and bring Him into our presence, or either bring us into His Presence. Lift us up above the shadows. May it not be a shadow left. May we all bring our souls into contact with God now.
Come to Your Word, Lord. You promised that You'd bless Your Word wherever It was spoken. And You said, "It would not return to You void, but It would accomplish that which It was purposed for." And, Father, Thou Who sent the Word...
Now, may the Holy Spirit take the Word now, go right straight into the hearts of the people, and establish an unmovable faith, Lord, that'll heal the sick and the afflicted. Save the lost. Give an experience to those who are without it. Hide us now in behind Christ, Lord. And let us, all of our speaking, and preaching, and testifying, whatever may take place, may it all be through Christ, for we ask it in His Name. Amen.
When I think of His goodness...

E-9 Now, this is a familiar text. All night, I just seemed like even after I'd gone to bed, I couldn't get this text off my mind. It... I just had to--to keep it on my mind; yet I've approached it in many times, and I just kept in on my mind. And today, by God's help, I want to speak a little bit, not knowing what, or not one word prepared or nothing. We don't preach from any notes, just what the Lord says do. Start and stop, and trying to, when--at His command.
Over in the Book of Genesis, the 22nd chapter and the 7th verse, we read this, the 7th and 8th verse, just for by way of text.
And Isaac spake unto Abraham his father, and said, My father: and he said, Here am I, my son. And he said, Behold the fire and the wood: but where is the lamb for the burnt-offering?
And Abraham said, My son, God will provide himself a lamb for the burnt-offering: so they went both of them together.
Now, in reading the Word, a very familiar text, but I want to take for a subject, if God willing, for a little while on "God Hath A Provided Way."
Now, highways, the highway department has a provided highway for you come to Jeffersonville, wherever you come from for the service this morning. You had... He has a highway provided. You just follow the highway, get a map, follow the highway. It's very easy to go anywhere in the United Stated just by getting a highway map.
God has a Map marked for our healing, for salvation, and a Map marked for glory, it all leads that way. And while we're traveling this grand old highway, if we need a--a place for healing, you'll notice on the map, there's a little stations all along the side of the road, where the Lord has provided for us a healing place. He has ministers all down along the road that has--believes in Divine healing and they pray for the sick and the needy.

E-10 Like the traveler that fell coming from Jericho, from Jerusalem to Jericho, and they took him to the inn, the little provided place, and they poured some oil in, and give some money, and he got well. And the lord said, or the man said, rather, "If there's anything more than this, when I come by, I'll--I'll make it right, when I come by again on my next journey." So we know that God has a provided way.
In the character of Abraham, this morning speaking or taking him as a basic thought, he, to my opinion, is one of the most outstanding of all the characters of the Bible, and one of my favorite characters to bring to the people for an example.
Now, in Hebrews the 11th chapter, or 12th chapter, the 1st verse, it said:
... seeing we... are compassed about with such a great cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside every sin, and the--the... weight, and the sin that... so easily beset us,...
Now, we realize that sin only one thing; that's unbelief. Sin is in the singular. Sins... You are a sinner because you are an unbeliever. You are a Christian because you are a believer. It doesn't mean now one time, or... Many times I've said that smoking, drinking, gambling, and committing adultery, lying, that isn't sin; that's the attributes of unbelief. That's what unbelief produces. That's the reason you do it is because you're an unbeliever. But when you become a believer, then all of these things shed off, and it's a new life of belief; and it produces righteousness, peace, joy, love, longsuffering, goodness, patience, gentleness. That's the attributes, because you are a believer. Now, God...
Did you ever stop to think... Now, just for a little bit, let's just look straight to the Scripture. And I love It, because It's God's pathway. It's God's righteousness. And all these things that happened back in the Old Testament was an example of what we can be if we take the same thing, or the road that they did.

E-11 The Bible said they escaped the edge of the sword; they done all these different things; their dead was raised up. And you said, "But that was in the Bible time." That's happening right today. This is Bible time. Since the Holy Spirit's come, it's constantly Bible time. We never go out of it. But we know we have persecutions on these matters, and people who doesn't believe and will make fun, ridicule. They had it back there also. But someday when life is all over, the story will be told up yonder in glory, when the song of redemption is sung.
Oh, I can almost see the time when Jesus comes to earth and the redeemed stands in His Presence with uplifted hands, the same story, redeemed by grace. When Angels will stand a circle around the earth with bowed heads not knowing what we're talking about... They never had to be redeemed. It's you and I that need redeeming. It was you and I that Christ died for. That's the reason we can sing redeeming grace. The Angel knows nothing about it; He never fell. What a time that'll be. Oh, my.
When I think of all the old wrinkles of this body will be ironed out, all the gray hairs vanish, the stooped shoulders straight, say, "Looky what He done for me." Talk about redeeming grace, you'll hear my voice; I know you will. Not only mine, but everyone, you'll hear their voice when they sing the story redeeming grace, how He redeemed us. And now, we only have the attributes of it. We're only got the down payment, the earnest of it. Someday we'll have it in full payment.

E-12 Jesus never come to the earth and died just in vain. Jesus never taken a chance to come to earth. Jesus wouldn't have did that. God don't run His office business in heaven like that, loosely. Jesus came to the earth to die for a purpose, and not just to see if it'd be somebody. God, before the foundation of the world, set the--foresaw the whole thing. You believe it? Foresaw it, by foreknowledge He foreknew it.
Therefore, He knew that there was going to be a Church called out without spot or wrinkle. And there had to be preparations made to save that Church, so He sent Jesus, not just perhaps somebody might be saved, but He knew who was going to do it. He'd have a people called out, and you are they. He'd have a people that would believe in Divine healing, would accept the stripes for their healing, and you are they. God knew it. He knew there'd be unbelievers. There was then. He knew they would be. He foreknew it. So therefore, He could foresay it would be that way. And He foreknew that there'd be somebody who'd believe it. So He sent Jesus for those who would believe it. And here they are today, gathered here at one spot to accept what God foreknew would take place. God made a preparation for those who would believe. And you're part of that preparation. God foreknew before the world ever was formed, that these days would be here. That's the reason He could foretell it; He foreknew it. And He made a preparation for those who would accept it.
And you are the people this morning, that's come here to be prayed for that the preparation was made for. God foreknew it. Oh, my. That rouses the emotions of our souls. As you notice, the Holy Spirit when He takes the Word, and sets It across the congregation, watch the emotions of the audience. You know what I do then? I know that God's Presence is in the building. When you see the way, the effect, It's a moving the people, when you see, just the Word. God making preparations and providing...

E-13 The very thing that you come to this tabernacle for this morning, God foreknew it and set in order, that you could receive the very thing that you come to receive this morning. Amen. You see it? See, everything's already set in order. The only thing that we have to do is to receive it now. God's already sent it. It's here. Now, the only thing we have to do is raise up and receive it.
Now, you have to be showed how to receive it, how to reach up and get a hold of it. And then when you get it, then you know it's there; nothing's going to rub it out; it's indelible. It can't never be changed.
Notice, God giving us an example here, Abraham and his little boy Isaac. I was thinking of back yonder when Abraham was just an ordinary man. He wasn't any more than any other man. He... Perhaps, his father was an idol worshipper, come down to the land of Chaldees, the city of Ur, coming out of Babylon, where they had worshipped roots of trees. And they had some woman up there, and she was supposed to be some goddess, and everything built by--by Nimrod. And there's where idol worship first was established in Babylon. And the people were scattered. And Babylon brought them all into one group, like one great head or one great organization.
But Abraham come out of the group that pulled away. His father, he had married his half-sister and come down but--and lived in the--the valleys in Shinar, valleys. And there God spoke to him at the age of sixty--or seventy-five years old and promised him a case of Divine healing. And his wife, Sarah, was sixty-five years old. And promised that through his faith in Him, that He would perform Divine healing for Sarah... Amen.
What a beautiful picture. How outstanding, how that--that if you notice, it was always Abraham's faith. Even Sarah doubted and even laughed and disputed with God Himself, that something that laughed at Him. But, God, through His sovereignty could not back up on His promise.
Oh, if you can see that, sick folks, that's when something's going to take place; it just has to. It's based upon your faith in God.

E-14 Now, God told Abraham, He was going to do and provide some way for this to happen. Anyone here a passed, or anywhere in their teen age would know that that would--had to be an outstanding... Something had to take place. But before God did it or promised it, He made a preparation for it before He made the promise. And it'll have to be.
To people setting here this morning with cancer, heart trouble, blind, it'll have to be, some moving of a supernatural that would do it. It had to be the moving of the supernatural Sunday morning, last Sunday morning, to take that lady from the stretcher laying here, broken ankles and sclerosis, till she couldn't even get her robe around here; and fifteen minutes she could lap it around her. Preparations was made. You see it?
Oh, what a glorious thing. Preparations was made. God foreknew that He would send Abraham, and He just let him go right on down till he got seventy-five years old, to show it would be a miracle, and let Sarah travel right on. And He could've spoke to them when they were eighteen or twenty years old. But He just let it get to a place where it would be a miracle.
God likes to show His power, not that He has to, but He loves to do it. It pleases Him in His omnipotence to let His subjects know Who He is. I'm so happy of it, because He showed me His power. Usually when God shows His power, regardless of what people think about it, people will clatter to it every time. It prepares their hearts. It makes them ready. It makes them brace up and ready to take a new hold.
The people who doesn't believe in Divine healing, and the performing of miracles, how... No wonder our churches are dying. No wonder they're withering up to a bloodless cults. No wonder the social Gospel is so predominating today, is because in our seminaries and everything we're taking all the phenomenal away from God. And God Himself is a phenomenal. He's the creator Being; He's Jehovah. He's the great Reality, He's the great Substance of everything that was made on the earth was made by Him. And He displays His power by raising the sun every morning, and by sending forth His rains, by setting His rainbows, comes down to His subjects, and healing their sickness, and saving their sins. Amen.

E-15 The very word, God, Himself, the word "God" means "an object of worship." And we worship Him because that in His majesty that He set these things before us. And we see them visible before our eyes. How glorious it is to serve Him. How that He foreknows these things and sets them in order.
Maybe today you say, "Brother Branham, I'm a Christian, how did this thing come to me? Why did I get in this kind of a state?" Well, maybe, God did it just like He did to Abraham and Sarah. Why, Sarah was married probably to Abraham when she was just a teen age girl, Abraham probably a young man in his twenties. There's ten years difference in their age, maybe, her sixteen and him twenty-six.
Why, He could've spoke to them, said, "Now, you're going to have a child now in your youth. You could love your baby now while you're young, and you can enjoy it lots, and you're going to raise it up, and it's going to be a type of the Saviour that's coming, and so forth. He could've did it then. But God likes to do miracles. Oh, excuse me. But to know that what He's done...
Looking over the face of the people, I see a woman setting here who was dying with cancer, and wasn't nothing but a shadow of a woman, and she was just at the point of going over. Here she sets this morning, healthy, strong, rosy-cheeked.
Here sets a young lady on the front seat, I was just talking to awhile ago, one of the worst stages of an alcoholic. And here she is not a neurotic look about her, sweetly, and humbly.
I look out yonder and see a woman back yonder who was blind, and here she is this morning, not even glasses over her eyes. Oh, it's God making a way. And He made it at Calvary. In there, our hopes is built on nothing less than Jesus' Blood with righteousness. Oh, how He does it, it's beyond finding out. But He does it. And He does it for His glory, and He's made preparations for it.
If you were going to take your child to a party of some sort, would not you prepare it, and get its dress ready, and so forth, or its little suit, whatever the child might be, boy or girl? You'd make arrangements for that.
If you were going to entertain company, would not, for dinner, would not you first get your dinner made ready? For you make ready for these things. You make ready for these great blessings that comes, that you can give to people.
Don't you like to entertain people? Do not you like to go out and take people to your home and entertain them? You clean up everything; you fix everything, you--you put a little flower over here. This is just the way they would like it. And you fix a little thing here now. I see they are... They like this. And so you fix it, just making arrangements. And I know that they like this kind of a meat, so you prepare that meat real spicy and nice, because... And if you can't feel that you do it, you get somebody else come do it who can do it better. You're making arrangements, preparations for something, because you want your guest to be highly entertained.

E-16 God, hid in sundry times. He wanted His children to have the best, so He made the preparations. He foreshowed it through the prophets. He revealed it in Christ. And the table's set today and every man, woman, that's invited has a welcome to come to this table, "For He was wounded for our transgressions, and with His stripes we were healed. It's all foreseen. It's provided and prepared. The meal's ready. The call is given. He foresaw it. He made preparations. It's God's provided way for you when your souls are hungry.
A lady said to me just this morning, said, "I walked into one of the meetings. I seen the people so happy." Said, "I wasn't happy." And then I looked at them, and I said, "Surely, they had something. I wished I had that." Sure, the table was set for that poor hungry soul. And before the service was over, she was eating from the same table. Oh, why? [A lady from the audience says, "Brother Branham, that was me."--Ed.] That's it. Right. [The same lady says, "And now, I'm happy today."--Ed.] Amen.
Drunken, walleyed drunk, alcoholic to the limits, the doctors had give her up, here she is happy and rejoicing. And that's been about two years ago, I guess, three years ago; and look, it's still holding out.
If you ever come to that table once, and set your feet under it, you'll never leave again. It's so great. The world has nothing to compare with it. It's so wonderful to know His love for you. God making preparations...
Now, He said, "I'll let Abraham, instead of call him now at twenty-six and Sarah at sixteen, I'll wait till they're old. I'll let it get past menopause for Sarah. Oh, it usually happens about forty, and then, forty, fifty, sixty, about twenty-five years past, then I'll call her. And then I'll let Abraham get seventy-five, then I'll call him." Now, He said, "Abraham, I am going to do something for you." That's good enough as long as God said He was going to do it.

E-17 Abraham said, "Well, Lord, I'm sure glad to get it." And he went along acting like he already had it. Amen. That's the way it is. If God has... He wouldn't--He wouldn't say it lest He'd prepared it. If He's prepared it, you've as good as got it.
If I told you I'd give you an oak tree, and you said, "All right, Brother Branham." Here I come around with a little acorn give it to you. You've got the oak tree; sure it is; it's in seed form; but just let it alone. Plant it in the ground; it'll produce an acorn tree. Certainly.
That's the way it is by the Word. the Word is the Seed. The Word came to Abraham; the Word of God came to Him, and said, "Abraham, I have chosen thee." You get it? Oh, I just love that, not, "You chose Me, but I chose you."
Now, why are you here this morning, that's sick? God chose you. Today's your day for healing. "I chose you. I made my supper ready. I've called you in. Now, each one of you is a guest, and you've come in. And I've got everything prepared and all the dainties setting on the table, and everyone of you can have it now." What an invitation.
Now, God says, now sometimes, Abraham--Abraham would've no doubt said, "Thank You, Lord. I am so happy to get this--this promise that You give me, because here I am, I'm old and I've always wanted children. So I'm--I'm old and I--I would like to have that promise."
Well, Abraham went along as if to believe that the baby was going to born in that same year. But you know, day by day there was no change. And then it went day by day, then week by week, and year by year and no change. But the Bible said... Now, if that would be you and I, well, maybe... I don't say you and I, but some people, they would say, "Oh, my. God--God let me down, He didn't keep His promise." But He did keep His promise.
And Abraham, the Bible said, grew strong in God. All the time it got greater. Now, he's seventy-five; now ten years has past, he's eight-five: ten years. Just think, that's when I started preaching this meetings. And ten years passed and still nothing happened. The first person I ever prayed for... But would still be giving God praise because it was going to happen. Why? God prepared it. God will never give you a promise unless first there is a deposit for it.

E-18 A good man wouldn't give you a check with no money in the bank; an honest man wouldn't. Well, God wouldn't give you His check for your salvation or healing, 'less there was a deposit for it. God has prepared it. He told Abraham that he was going to have the child. That settled it.
He told Noah; He said, "Noah, I want you to build Me an ark. Build to the saving of your house, an ark." And Noah... Isn't it good in God? Before these great disasters happen, God always gives a warning and makes a way of escape. He prepares it. He said, "Now... Noah, look at it. I want you to build an ark." Why, they'd had no water on the earth, just little springs. It never did rain. There was no rain up in the skies. And how foolish sometimes it seems to the carnal mind, when God gives a person a promise, how the world can't understand it.
There's no doubt, but what when you receive God's blessing and was born again, you... The people thought you were crazy. They said, "That person's just a little bit off." You see, you're moving by faith. Oh. You're making preparations for something that the world knows nothing about. They only live just as far as they can see. But we live by things we don't see, that we believe that God said was true. Faith doesn't look at a thing that you can see. Faith looks at things you don't see.

E-19 How happy we should be this morning then, every person in here getting ready for your healing. Sure. "How am I going to do it? I don't know, but God prepared it for me. I'm coming to get it. That's all. I'm going to be just exactly what He said to do, and I'm going to receive it." See? For it's God's provided way of doing it. He makes the preparation.
Now, Noah went out there and begin to build a way on an ark: God's goodness to him. He said, "I know there's fixing to come some trouble. And all that's not in this ark is going to drown, so you get ready, and get in this ark, and get your family in there. Tell everybody. Everybody's welcome to come, but I'm sure they won't do it. But you just--you just make--make preparation for them anyhow. Here's the ark. Now, you make this ark, and everybody that wants to come in can come in and be saved."

E-20 So Noah went away building away, like you are today, building away on your testimony. You're building a spiritual ark for the saving of your own soul, for your testimony, and for God's glory.
Now, they're building away on the ark, and people come by and laugh and made fun of him. And they say, "Hey, did you hear about that fellow saying there's going to be some water come down? Where's it going to come from? Why, there can't be no water up there. Look. Can you see any water; it's just a blue as it can be. Oh, we've lived here all these years; there's never been no water. How could it come; there's no water up there. And this fellow says the whole earth's going to be covered with water. Well, that man must be just a little bit funny up here. There's something wrong in his head."
But why did he do it? Why did he make preparations to meet God's preparations? God was going to prepare to destroy the enemies of the world, and Noah had to build a way to prepare something to ride through it.
And that's the way it is today. God has made a way to destroy that cancer. God's made a way to take the blindness out of them eyes. God has made a way. And what are we trying to do with this Word this morning? Is build something for you to ride through on to your victory. God's Word, THUS SAITH THE LORD... See? Ride through on His Word. God said so.
After a while, when God got ready for it to happen, the rain was up there. And when God gets ready for it to happen, it'll always be there. See? God makes His way after He has made a preparation.

E-21 All right. He did this same thing... He was going to glorify Himself in the Hebrew children. He made a preparation. When did He make it? The Hebrew children didn't have any promise. They couldn't get back here and read in the Bible, and say, "Lord, You promised in Your Word that any of Your children ever went into a fiery furnace, You would deliver them. All right, Lord, we're coming right there upon that."
Well, that wouldn't have been so hard to do, just their faith, because God had already promised it. But God hadn't promised them no such a thing. But here's the words they had. God was so real to them, they said, "Our God is able." How about that, the fellow that don't believe in Divine healing?

E-22 "God is able to deliver us, come these fiery furnace, but we'll not bow down to your images." And when they walked into the fiery furnace, upon bare, sheer faith that God was able, not promised, but He was able, God sent Christ in the fiery furnace and fanned the fire away from them, and protected them, and brought them out. Sure. But I'm saying God is able.
Now, you don't come saying, "God is able." You don't have to come that, "God, You promised. Amen. You prepared it at Calvary. And I've come to receive it. It's Your preparation; You provided it. And You promised it. And I see others receiving it, so I come too, Lord, to get my part of it."
You'll go away a different person. You'll go away with such an anchor inside in your soul, that nothing can upset you. You know that you're healed. You know that God has taken care of this matter for you, because He has promised.
He gives testings and trails with these promises. He, many times... If He'd have let the Hebrew children to feel all the weight of the fire coming on to them...

E-23 He let Daniel hear the roar of the lion, and maybe, his hot breath right against him. That lions with their mouths open, hungry down in this pit. And the lions rushed right to him, and with a great roaring blast, till they was ready to seize onto Daniel. All at once he was covered with an Angel. Amen. Light swirled around Daniel. No doubt but it was the Pillar of Fire that led the children of Israel. Animals are scared of fire. You know that; they're scared of light. You can shine a light in any animals face, and it'll run. And maybe God shined forth, 'cause God lives in brightness. God is a consuming Fire. Maybe, all of a sudden, not knowing, he said, what would happen, but they threw him into the lion's den, and then the Holy Spirit was there, and the lions backed off and laid down. How was that?

E-24 No wonder, Saint Agnabus when he was dying, when he come to the cross and they was going to kill him, and he run to them and embraced the cross and kissed it, that they were going to tar and feather him. And he said, "Oh, cross of Christ, I'm only sorry that I had just one life that I can give for Thee. Just sorry that I only had one life I can give for You...?..."
They said, "Are you afraid?"
He said, "Afraid." And they strapped his hands to the cross; they drenched him in tar, and throwed feathers over him, put a barrel of pitch at the bottom and rode by in a chariot and throwed a lighted torch into the flame. And it went up around him. And after the people made their rejoicing and passed their stones one to another, that they'd got rid of this pest, a preacher of righteousness, what happened? The fire burnt down and the saint was hanging on the cross, praising and blessing God. God had prepared a way of escape for him right in the midst of the fire. He'd prepared a way. Why, he come bravely, boldly. That's the way we come to God's promises. We come boldly to accept them. We don't come shuddering, saying, "Maybe, I will. Maybe I... Next Sunday, maybe, this will be that..."
No, we come with the assurance in our heart. "God through Christ has prepared a way and I come to accept it." It's an easy thing when you look and see what the promise was made by, if you see that it was God made the promise. If God made the promise, God's able to keep His promise.

E-25 When that godly old mother, last Sunday, laying there, and I said, "Mother, do you believe that God will keep His promise?"
She said, "With all my heart." Oh, my. That was it. That's what did it.
That's what did it here not long ago, standing in Karlsruhe, Germany, when my boy and some man was sending people up to the prayer line. There come a little blind German girl. She was totally blind. I didn't know what was the matter with the child. They just sent her up. And the little thing just walked off the platform; someone grabbed her. And she had little curls, strings of hair hanging down, platted, just typical little German girl: never seen in all her life. And when they brought her over there, she was--just didn't know where to go. And she put her arms around me (by the way it was this same suit on I have), put her little arms around me. She mumbled off something in German, and I didn't know what it was. The interpreter said... I said, "What's she saying?"
Said, she said, "Are you the brother that's going to pray for me?" Oh, my. Little thing about like this, about like my little Rebekah.
And I said, "Yes, sweetheart. I come all the way from United States to pray for you." She put her arm, wrapped her little arms around me, laid her little head over on my shoulder, just the assurance, child simplicity, that God of heaven was going to move some way.
A few moments she opened her little eyes; she said, "Is... What do you call them things?"
Her mother jumped and screamed and run out of her shoes, run to the platform. She said, "Darling."
She said, "Mother, oh, you're so beautiful."
Why? Calvary prepared, made a preparation for the healing of her eyes. Certainly. She come to accept what God had provided. God has provided for each one. God gives the assurance.
Maybe your sickness has been a lingering one. Maybe you've had it for years, and you've tried and tried. You tried. Abraham tried. When he was up a hundred years old nearly, God appeared to him one day, and He said, "Abraham, I am Almighty God. Walk before Me and be perfect." A hundred years old, right on a hundred... "Walk before Me and be perfect; I'm Almighty God."

E-26 And if you'd break those words down, sometime, maybe, I'd like to have a revival at the tabernacle here in Jeffersonville, when we get our tent and things set up somewhere, where we could take those words and break them down, and see what they mean, just the meanings of those words.
"The Almighty," in the Hebrew is "El Shaddai," which means "the breast like a woman." "Abraham, I'm coming to you in the Name of the breasted One, the Nurse, the--the Life-giver."
Like a little baby when it's sick, you know, the mother holds it to her breast, then she nurses it. And the little baby is fretting and crying, and skinny, but it just lays there and nurses, and gets strong. Where is it nursing its life from? From the mother. And God appears to us today as El Shaddai, the Breasted One, both of them, the New and Old Testament, just as full of promises as They can be, not a breast, but breasted, two. Why? He died for a compound purpose. He was wounded for our transgressions; with His stripes God provided a way for our healing. See, one for our salvation, one for our healing. "I am the breasted One. I have two witnesses. In the mouth of two witnesses let every word be established."

E-27 In the Old Testament He was Jehovah-jireh, the Lord's provided Sacrifice. He was Jehovah-rapha, the Lord that healeth thee. In the Old Testament in His compound names He was the Healer of Jehovah-rapha. In the New Testament He's Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever, the preparation.
We could take it from both the Old and New Testament, pat them together. That's the reason, mostly, I got to the Old Testament to pick out a text, because I bring it over to the New Testament, and pull it together, and show you, it's the same Breasted God. The same One that escaped Daniel from death by sending an Angel is the same God that's in here this morning. Is the same God that gave blind Bartimaeus his sight, that healed that little German girl. He never fails. He's God Jehovah. He can't. He makes a preparation. And He's provided a way for everyone of us. He's provided an escape.
And He told Abraham, "I am the Breasted One. Now, Abraham, the only thing you have to do is just keep nursing, nursing."

E-28 And you notice, a little baby, if he's sick, no matter how sick he is... Now to... Mothers know this. No matter how sick the little one is, as long as he's nursing, he's satisfied. And you, sometimes you fix his little milk if he's by a--a bottle. And you fix his little milk and put the vitamins in it. Oh, how lovely. You know, maybe we're all God's bottle-babies, maybe, we'd say. And God had just provided the two bottles, the New and Old Testament. And He's just dropped vitamins all...?... in them. And while we get a hold of Him, go to nursing, we're not only satisfied, but we're being healed all the same time. We got spiritual vitamins. It just keeps building us up, making us stronger, stronger. It's good for... It's got calcium for the bones. It's got vitamin B complex for the nerves. Oh, it's got everything in it. God's whole medicine cabinet was dropped into it. It was all in a bottle, put in a bottle. And He opened it at Calvary. So through Calvary, we can nourish back any redeemed blessings that Jesus died for.
A spear, representing sin for our place, speared His side, His feet, His hands, His head. And through the bleeding forth of His Life, we nourish back to Life again. All that we lost in the fall back yonder, God has provided a way for us. God's provided a way of an escape.

E-29 Now, here little Isaac was when he was born, after Abraham was a hundred, and Sarah was nearly a hundred, about ninety years old... And God brought little Isaac into existence. And little Isaac was born. And when he was born, well, how happy the family was. They made a feast the day he was weaned. Abraham circumcised him after eight days. And here he becomes a young man now of about sixteen.
God said, "Now, Abraham, I want to see just how much faith you really got. I'm going to give a back-set in your Divine healing, see how far you'll trust Me." You know sometimes you have back-sets, did you ever know that? I've had a lot of them. Yes, been preaching the Gospel for years, turn right around I get so sick I don't know what to do sometimes. But my anchor holds. Amen. Just anchor it around Calvary, and say, "God, oh, I can't see Calvary. The waves is so heavy. My people are saying all this. The doctor says I can't live. But Something in here, the Lifeline is still holding, holding."

E-30 Did you ever see a ship with a drag net, sea, the sea net, rather? It'll go through the waves. Sometimes we're under the waves; you can't see around you nowhere. But just let your anchor hold there. It'll keep you. And as the anchor begin to hold in the sickness and things, God then brings it all out all right. The skies finally clear up. Everything gets all right. It's holding within the veil.
He said, "Now, I'm going to give you a trial, Abraham." He said, "I want you to take this sixteen year old lad of yours; I want you to take him out here, and I want you to kill him now."
"How am I going to be a father of nations? How from this boy is going to spring Christ? And how's it going to be if I kill him?" Well now, he thinks, "If God made the promise, it's up to God to take care of the rest of it."
So he takes the little boy, wouldn't tell the mother, and goes up three day's journey back into the desert. Now, a man can walk about twenty-five, thirty miles a day, so he must've been a hundred miles from civilization. And then he saw the mountain far off. He said to the two--the ones that was holding the mules; he said, "You stay here." I want you to notice this, you people that's sick. Said, "You stay here while the lad and I go yonder to that mountain and worship, and we will return. We will return."

E-31 "How are... How is he going to return? If you're going to take him up there and kill him, and God told you to kill him, the flat words, of take his life, and you're going to take his life, how are you going to return?" That's up to God. Oh, my. Can you see it? Maybe it's just me, emotionally this morning. See? How's he going to get back?"
But God said to Abraham, "You go do it."
Abraham said, "I received him as one from the dead. And if I kill him, God's able to raise him up again. God gave the promise, that He, through him the Saviour would come, and somehow God will do it."

E-32 Moses, the father and mother of Moses had to do something similar to that. How's Moses going to be deliverer of the people when they seen he was a fair child, if they shoved him out there in a mess of a bunch of crocodiles? How was he going to be a--a deliverer? How's he going to do it?
Well, they received him in that manner, so they pushed him back out into the crocodiles, knowing that God could take care of it. And God did take care of it.
God's got His hand on His Church. God's got His hand on His man, on His woman. God's able to take care of the situation. So Abraham said, "We will return."
When you left home this morning, did you tell husband, "When I come back, I'll be feeling different." Yes, sir.
"How you going to do it?"
"I don't know, but I--I will." Oh, amen.
"I'll be different when I come back; you just watch and see."
"How are you going to do it?"
"God will provide."
There when the great crucial hour come, and they went up to the top of the mountain, and Abraham took his knife out, and took the little boy. And he said this question to him; he said, "Father, here's the--the wood, and here's the altar, but where is the burnt offering?"
He said, "God will provide an offering."
Isn't that a lesson to us? God will provide. There's no need of us getting all upset about anything. God will provide it.

E-33 I'm staring out on something right now, that it could wreck and ruin me. Now, you heard me come in out of the services, went to work with Brother Wood, back there. But God came down a few nights ago in a vision, and told me, and showed me what to do. If you just trust Him, He's marvelous. He knows all. He's going to give you the best there is.
I looked at my old Pontiac the other day; it was all getting beat up now. The hydromatic's going out on it. And I got two little girls that bounces around a whole lot on the seats, and they about broke the seats down out of it. And I went and had it prepared. And the man said, "Billy, I'll tell you what I'll do," said, "I'll give you a good swap for that."
I said, "How can I swap that?" I said, "I can't do it."
He said, "Well, are you... Oh, your credit is good around here, as long as you want. I'll hold your note."
I said, "That's mighty nice, but I can't do it."
Said, "I'll give you a real good deal on it." Said, "Being a preacher, I'll give it to you wholesale." I said, "That's nice, but see, I--I can't do it." See?
And he said, "Well, if you ever take a notion to swap, let me know."
And I said, "All right." So then, I thought, "Well, God, I... This old thing's all right for me. It's just fine and dandy, that and my old truck." I said, "We can beat around over the country with it. It's okay. I've been doing it for all these years. I can continue on."
And the other night a phone call came from California. And a man called me up, a man that's a multi-millionaire. He said, "Brother Branham, what kind of a car have you got?"
And I said, "I got a four year old Pontiac."
He said, "On the thirty-first of this month, there will be one of the biggest Cadillacs that's made will be brought and set at your door for service to you."

E-34 I said, "No, don't, brother, please." I said, "Don't do it." I said, "If...?... don't..." I said, "My neighbors wouldn't understand that, and people... I don't need no Cadillac." I said, "Take the difference and give it to somebody. And if you want to help me, get me a Ford, all right, or a Chevy." I said...
He said, "No, this is already bought, and it's setting here."
I don't know what I'll do with it. But you see what it is, it's God, God in His mercy providing. Sometimes a thing gets real low, where we wonder, "How is it going be?" But God has already provided. He just holds it up here and drawing interest on it (You see?) to give it to you.
And by a vision, now I'm staggering out yonder. Here come a letter, coming in from over there, through a man. The other day it was sent--sent unto me now of the king of a nation, over the--overseas. And said, "Oh, the miracles and things that's happened down in Germany." The king of Denmark, he said, "Come over, Brother Branham, and minister to my people in the Name of the Lord Jesus." And right at the time where I thought God had washed me up and I was all over. He's setting anew. Hallelujah.
Then when I used to have to take the people by discernments, by one by one, He's placed in my heart now, something that I would be daresn't to speak of at this time. And I am not a fanatic, and you know that; you surely know me well enough. But watch what takes place now. Oh, my. It'll be far beyond. See? Sometimes just at the darkest of the moment, then God comes riding in. Hallelujah. That's the way God does it.

E-35 That's the way God did it for the woman with the blood issue. Her darkest hour, and then along came Jesus. It was the Hebrew children's darkest hour, then God rode in on the winds of time, and fanned the fire away from the Hebrew children. It was in Abraham's darkest hour, when he drew back the knife and laid his own little boy back, and pulled his head back, and his heart in his mouth, as it was. His own son, and he pulled the knife to cut his throat, because God had said so. It was the darkest moment when God, Jehovah, appeared on the scene, said, "Abraham, stay your hand. I have provided already."
"You done what?"
"I've provided already a sacrifice."
Abraham said, "I'll call this place Jehovah-jireh, for the Lord has provided." And about that time, a ram begin to bleat in the wilderness, hooked up with his horns all wound up in some vines. Where did that ram come from? He's a hundred miles from civilization. The animals, the lions, and the wolves, and things, and the hyenas, a roving the prairies there would've killed it. And besides that, he's plumb up on top of a mountain where there's no water, no springs, nothing for it to eat. And the spare of a moment, here was this ram hooked in the wilderness by his horns.

E-36 What was it? Jehovah God spoke that ram into existence. Sure He did. It wasn't a vision. He killed the ram; blood came out of it. It was a real ram. Sure it was. And the blood poured out of it. And the--the ram come into existence one minute and went out in the next minute. It was God's provided way to give a blessing to His child that had trusted Him to the end of the road.
God is able at this minute to speak every cancer out of this building, open up every blinded eye, to set everybody in the freedom and liberty. God has provided a way. He's made a way. He sent His Son Christ Jesus. And the Holy Ghost is brooding over us today. The Holy Ghost is all over us. It's blessing us. It brings an atmosphere.
Why is it you can take a hen egg and put it in a brooder house? The mother hen don't have to be over the egg to hatch it. Just so it has got some warmth over it, it'll hatch.

E-37 Oh, God, He sent His Word. And that's what I'm trying to give you: His Word, His promise. He prepared it at Calvary. He prepared the Sacrifice for your healing this morning. He's got it here and He watches over it. And you're getting it in your heart, and the Holy Ghost is brooding over it. It'll take Life and produce just exactly what God said it would produce. Every word will produce just exactly what it promised, 'cause God has provided it.
Look at the preparation. When a person's getting ready to put their--to set their chickens and things, how they select their eggs, and put them under the brooder, and put them in the brooder house, and how the heat is regulated. That heat is kept over that egg until it's hatched.
And God is so set in order, that one day, through all the types, back through Adam, through Eve, on down through the prophets, down through Abraham He set in order; He put it all in the Old Testament, showing what He was going to do. And He finished it at Calvary when He sent Jesus, Who was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity, the chastisement of our peace upon Him, with His stripes we were healed. He finished it at Calvary.

E-38 Then He anointed preachers and set It out now to bring the Word, to put the eggs in the right position, place. Then He sent this same Word and anchors It out there, and then comes and hovers over It by the Holy Ghost, until that Word becomes Life in the human heart; and all devils out of hell couldn't keep Life out of it. Yes, sir.
No, no, whatever the egg is, if it's a duck egg, it'll bring a duck. If it's a chicken, it'll bring a chicken. If it's a bird, it'll bring a bird. If God promised salvation, take It into your heart. The Holy Ghost will brood over It till It comes to Life. If He promised healing, take It in your heart; It's God's provided way.

E-39 He sent signs and wonders. He said, "In the last days it shall come to pass, saith God. Oh, I'll send My Holy Spirit into the world, and I'll send ministers forth, and great signs and wonders will take place. In My Name they shall cast out evil spirits. They'll speak with new tongues, take up serpents or drink deadly things, it wouldn't harm them. If they lay their hands on the sick they shall recover."
And the Bible said in this last day there come a former and latter rain together. And today across the nations, from one--east to the west, from north to south, is one constant great revival of Divine healing, the powers of God. And the men who's cast down, some man who's picked up... God tried to get into these big churches, and couldn't find room. They rejected it, and said it couldn't be done, when it was thought of here a few years ago.
But God reached down in the lowly walk of life, to humble peasant people, raised them up, uneducated. Why did God do it? Oh, if it'd have come through big churches, and things, they'd have had something to glorify about. "Oh, our groups met together. We decided this." But God got down to men and women who can't read their own name sometime. God takes nothing and He makes something out of it. When they yielded, and God taken men of that type and has raised them up in the world. And today, a roar of blessing, even till the doctors are putting it in papers that Divine healing is true. They have to recognize it's before their face. Hallelujah.

E-40 We're living in the day of the coming of the Lord. The night is fastly falling. Ministers are sweating it out, praying out, God showing signs and wonders. But there's a storm coming. Oh, He--He's coming. There's a storm on and a great revival time, a time that this world's never seen, a time like it's going through right now. There's never been a time in the history of the world, at any age or any time, where the Gospel of the power of God has ever been demonstrated like it is right now. Through radio, through television, through faithful ministers into the mission fields, to the Hottentots, to the Africans, to--into China, into different places, great healing revivals, and powers and works and signs and wonders are coming everywhere. Never was in all the world like it...

E-41 Friends, God has provided it. God has spoke it. God is performing it. God is here this morning. He's provided this morning for you. This day is your day. This time is your time if you're willing and are ready this morning. If you believe it with all your heart, if you'll promise God, "God, I--I will never tinker with it no more. I'm coming solely... Something is happening in my heart. Some little something happened here this morning. While we are preaching and bringing the Word, this part of it meant me. When I see the... He called those things which were not as though they were."
Abraham went about saying, "We're going to be this way. It's going to be this way. We're going to have the baby."
"How you going to have it?"
"My wife's too old. The doctor says it's impossible. Well, I'm... We're going to have it, 'cause God had said so." And when he met the last crucial moment of it up there, he called the place Jehovah-jireh, the Lord will provide for Himself this sacrifice.

E-42 Some of you has come from a long distance, come in here dying. Your phone calls are wrote up there on a little pad, little book at the house. Some of them with cancer, some blind, some deaf, some dumb, some fathers with little babies and mothers and so forth with little children, that's in all kinds of conditions. What's happened? What caused you to do it? What makes the emotions of a human being like that? How did you ever do such a thing?
"Oh, we had him to the hospital; we had him everywhere."
"But why did you bring them here this time?" Because something in your heart begin to move. What is it? God making a way, God preparing, God's preparations. God will provide a way.
Many of you heard the little opossum story was in the books here not long ago. If God was mindful enough to a poor ignorant opossum... Not only that, but other times was animals, that I know of... You say, "Would you take time to pray for an animal?" If God sends it, yes, sure. God's Jehovah. He just works through His own way. And we just serve Him. We're His servants.
And now, my brother, sister, God has provided a perfect way for your healing this morning. Did you know I was almost blind once? I had to be led around by my arms. I wore great big thick glasses over my eyes, and my head shook like this, and I couldn't even get a hair cut 'less somebody would hold my head.

E-43 Fred McGummery, down here on Sixth Street, to you people that's have... Many of you used to know a Fred McGummery, the barber down here. How many times that I've laid my glasses down, Fred hold my head with one hand and try to cut my hair with the other one, and it shaking like that. I couldn't see to get around. I come down through the streets of Louisville. Sometimes I'd get so blind, I'd just have to follow my way along the side of a fence, like this. I'd stand and wait for a while for my eyes to clear up, a nervous wreck. Oh, amazing grace. Today, how glorious He is to me.

E-44 I know when Mayo Brothers up there, said, "Why, Mr. Branham, you can't live." Said, "Why, there's impossible for you to get--ever to get over that." Said, "You just can't." Said, "That's--that's deals into your soul." And he said, "No man can find the operation of the energy that flows through the nerve, which is your soul, and creates in your mind." Said, "It's impossible." Said, "We have thousands of those cases come here." Said, "There ain't a thing we can do for them." Said, "You're hopeless, sir. I hate to tell you that."
Oh, my. When I walked out, I said, "My ministry's finished."
And then Jesus came with a vision, said, "Don't you worry. I'm with you. I'm with you."
He said, "If you live, you'd only be a little spindly thing of about a hundred and ten, fifteen pounds, about like you are now, maybe, twenty. And here I am this morning, a hundred and seventy, feel fine. What is it? Jesus Christ the Son of the living God Who made a preparation yonder at Calvary, and I accepted it. Why did He do it? Not because of me, but because I could tell you this morning, and you can accept the same thing and tell somebody else about it. And it just keeps on, and that's the way He has of preparing a way to spread His Gospel.
Do you believe it today? God has provided. Shall we pray just a moment now with our heads bowed. And if sister, pianist, if she'll come here just a moment. I want you to chord slowly.
The great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks the dropping hearts to cheer,
No other name but Jesus.
And now, you that's here that's outside of Christ and don't know Him as personal Saviour, never have accepted Him, there's something another this morning, there's been Something around your heart. While every head bowed... Something a moving around your heart, saying, "You know, Something just tells me, I--I better get ready. That great day's a coming pretty soon and I--I've got to stand. And now, Lord, not to Brother Branham, but to You, I'm going to raise up my hand, and say, but... If You'll help me from this day, I--I'm going to... I--I'm going to serve You from this day."
Is there a person would do that, raise your hand say, "By God's grace, from this day I'll serve God"? Someone in the building, I don't know. God bless you. God bless you. That's right. That's good. "From today on I want to make my life count for the Lord."
"I am a Christian, I've already accepted Christ, but I feel like I want to be a better Christian now. I want to raise my hand and say, 'God, by this I want...'"
God bless you. Oh, that's wonderful. That's wonderful. God be with you.

E-45 Now, how many with your heads bowed, that's sick, say, "Dear God, now I'm going to accept You right now. I--I have--I have a tumor. I have cancer. I have a sick child here. I have..." or whatever it is. No matter what's wrong. "I have something wrong; You know it. And right now I'm accepting This Word, Your Word. Just like I was coming by faith to be saved. I believe in my heart; I really believe, God, that right now, Your Word's anchored in my heart, and I'm going to get well. I don't know. I didn't think it awhile ago, but I--I just--I just believe it right now. I'm going to get well right now. I'm going to raise up my hand, and let You know that I believe it with all heart. I'm going to get well."
Would you raise your hand, you that's sick? Oh, my. Just look at the hands, dear heavenly Father. You see their hand. It's just like being converted. Now, if they was converted, Lord, and had raised their hands for salvation, we'd bring them up here to the pool and baptize them; that's our next thing.
Peter said, "Repent and be baptized everyone of you in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins. You shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost." Now, that's what we would do, Lord.
Now, these all raised their hands, and say they believe that You have planted in their heart. They seen that You prepared for their healing already. And they're ready to receive it, and they accept it in their heart. And, Father, there's one thing left for us to do. That's bring them up and pray the prayer of faith for them, lay hands upon them. You said, "They shall recover." Nothing can keep it from it.
And, Father, we believe that by the grace of God, that You'll send us a healing meeting now, that will just be glorious. They've already accepted it. We'll be thankful. We'll give You the praise. And we'll give all the glory to Thee. We'll tell others. We'll go to our homes testifying. Some here dying with cancer, some here that can't see to get around, others can't walk, oh, they're in all kinds of conditions, Lord. But Thou art here to make every crooked path straight. You're here to take all the disaster out and put glory in.

E-46 Lord, they're emptying themselves, and I'm emptying myself. Fill us, Lord, with the Holy Ghost. Fill us with Your blessings, that this will be a new day. May You step into the fiery furnace just at this time, fan all the waves away from Your children, and deliver them safely. Grant it, Lord, through Your preparation of Jesus Christ at Calvary we ask it in His Name. Amen.
The great Physician now is near,
The sympathizing Jesus,
He speaks the drooping heart to cheer,
Oh, hear the voice of Jesus.
Friends, while there's playing and this music's going out... Now, this is a great moment of my life. This is a great time for me. I just feel just confidence and as assured in my heart, that God's going to heal people this morning, as I'm standing right here at this platform. I just believe it. See? And it just makes me feel... Really, I tell you. I think it's already done. The only thing, I just go lay hands on them, 'cause He said do so just like water baptism or anything else.

E-47 Now, here's what gives me confidence. I come with this type of confidence for you. See? I know that He sent me to do this. I--I... With my Bible over my heart, and if I would never live to go out the door there, I know He sent me to pray for His people. I know that. I can't heal His people, for He's already done that; that's provided. But He sent me to pray for His people and encourage them to believe that.
Now, let me show you whether it's right or not. See? Let's first take God's way of it. Let's look across the world, how many tens of thousands of crippled, blind, lame, halt, cancer-ridden's, and everything that's been healed. Now, that's first. After His Word said He would do it, then here He comes and proves it.
Next thing, there's people setting right here that's been healed of it. See? That's next. And then let's look again. Right at the time of years ago, there's a few left here in the tabernacle, maybe, this morning. Some of them don't come when we're going to have healing service because of the crowds pressing in like this. But look, right here, right here in Jeffersonville, to you outsiders, is where that Light, that Morning Star appeared first. Right here it's happened at this platform many times. Right here... Of course, the people thought it was fanatic. But the scientific world has took the picture of It, and says it's the truth. Then I have told you the Truth. Is that right? And now, it's all over...

E-48 Now, they took It in Germany, here recently. You all seen the pictures of that. The big German camera wanted to see if they could take It. So they come, set up the picture. When It come down, they begin to roll this big thing there and take that picture. And there it showed It coming down from heaven. When the inspiration come on, showed who the man was standing there, told him about what he was, and what had happened, how he was leading a bunch of communists and so forth. Said, "You're not a German anyhow; you're an Italian." Told him that. And they... That German there, taken this picture like this, and snapping, and turning this roller camera, snapped it like that. And here it come out, showing It coming down, showing when It was on anointing, and showing It moving away and going out of the building. That's right. Proof? It's the Truth. See? What's it for? It's for you, for you.

E-49 And to think, down in the animal world, how God will do, and the simplicity. Could you imag... Someone... A lot of people laugh at that. Christians don't. But do you know God knows every little sparrow there is? Do you know He's got every feather in their wing numbered. He knows all about it? He said, "Not one of them could fall to the earth without Father knowing about it." He knows where every little animal is. He knows every little part about you. He knows all about it. And by doing that (You see?), and insuring me... And it--the cap of it all come the other night, when He showed Me, standing there by the side of this lake. I'll never forget it. You'll see it in the papers. I'll get them here for you. You'll see it out in "The Voice of Healing," the other magazines.
How I seen that, from that once pull, and He said, "That's when you knew the diseases of the people, when they--by their hands." And then this second pull, said, "Why did you pull it so hard? Why'd you try to explain all of that? They'd see you just caught a fish, but it was small." He said, "Now, cast your lure in for this time." Said, "Set your hook."

E-50 I seen that Light going, moving out like that, said, "I'll meet you." Oh, my. I know it. I just know it. When I... More than I know I'm--I know that I'm alive, standing in this pulpit this morning; I know it.
Just get your faith away from up here now, and put it down here. Say, "Dear God, I come knowing it too. I come knowing it. I'm coming to You, and I'm going to be healed this morning."
As a man I can pray for you. You say, "Does prayer do any...? Will--will prayer help?" Certainly, that's what we're supposed to do. The prayer... Prayer changes things. Prayer of faith saves the sick. Is that right? Some that's set in the church to pray for the sick. Some are set in the church to prophesy. Some are set in the church to preach, some to teach. Is that right? Certainly, we're set for these things.

E-51 Therefore, I knew that I was brought into the world to pray for sick. I couldn't pray for all God's sick children when I started out back there when everything was dead and--a few years ago. But God raised from the ministry, Oral Roberts, and oh, the hundreds of others, all around; went into Africa, there they're having a big revival; went into the other countries, there they're having a big revival. God's men, everywhere, working together, not against one another, all together for one big unit, for the glory of God, trying to make His children well, and to show them the glory of the Lord Jesus Christ, according to His Word. He's promised It.
They used to try to attack us and debate with us, the preachers that didn't believe in Divine healing. You don't hear much about it no more, do you? That's right. It just exposed them and showed how much they knowed about the Scripture. And then, God just come around, confirmed the work with signs following, and that just settles it.
Now, how many is here today, out-of-town people, that's out of the state somewhere, and wants to be prayed for? Would you raise your hand? Let's let them come first, the folks out of the state; then the folks that's out-of-town, and then the--the folks, next that's from here at home.

E-52 Now, the out-of-state folks, come first to the altar. We haven't got much room here. But I believe if you'd just kind of like this brother here, kind of line up, right like that, the out-of-state. And then we'll try to get those, and then we'll... Next we'll--we'll get the out of--out of town, and then the next is the folks in the city. Just line up for prayer.
Now... [Brother Branham speaks to the sister playing the piano--Ed.] Now, "Only Believe."
Now, there's many standing. Some of you, of course, are coming, perhaps maybe, to see what our Lord will do. Watch and see what He does. We don't fear Him; we know what He's going to do. He's going to make that Word real as It can be. Yes, sir. You'll see what He will do. He will heal the sick and the afflicted. He will make them well through His power and through His glory.

E-53 Now, I'm going to ask you if you'll do something for me. The first thing, I want everyone of you with full assurance of faith, that believes that God will heal these sick people along this line... Now, they're out-of-state. They don't belong in Indiana. They're from some other state. We're happy to have them here, this morning, their faith in God.
Now, how many of you believes that God's going to make them, you people in state now, believe that God's going to make them well? Raise up your hand, say, "I believe it." Believe it with all of our heart.
Now, we're here to help you, dear friends. [Someone speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] All right, I'll pray for them. I'll go pray for them. All right. I want you dear people here that's from out of--from out-of-state to believe this now. I want you to believe with all your heart, that I--that Jesus Christ is God's preparation for your healing, that God brought Jesus to the world for your healing.
Now, remember, there's nothing within me that I could do to heal you. The only thing I'm doing, I'm following the command that God gave me to do it. And know... You've heard the meetings of how just everything's taken place. Of course, He will do that. He will do it this morning for you, and you can go back to your own beloved state, just rejoicing and telling people what good things God has done.
Now, the lame walks, the blind see, the deaf hear, the dumb speak; them things are just in God's power to do it. Now, I want you to believe with all your heart. Now, the only thing I'm to do; I'm to pray and lay hands on you, praying the prayer of faith. And you must accept it on them basis of the shed Blood of Jesus Christ. And God will do the rest of it for you. You believe it now with all of your heart? You're ready to receive it? Believe it down in your heart; the Word first, is in your heart to do it. All right.

E-54 Now, I want everybody to be real quiet, or just kindly hum, whatever you want to, while we pray congregationally, then one by one, and Brother Neville will anoint them with oil as they come to the me to be prayed for. All right.
Now, let's bow our heads, everywhere, and every few minutes we'll have you raise your heads.
Now, heavenly Father, we thank Thee this morning for Jesus. And here stands in this line here, this morning, different ailments, Thou knowest what they are; I don't. But the best of my knowledge, Lord, I tried to tell them that Thou has provided their healing already. Some of them maybe just a few days from death. But, Father, prayer changes things.
Hezekiah prayed, after God, You sent Your prophet up there and told him he was going to die. But he prayed, and You spared his life.

E-55 Now, Lord, I'm praying with all my heart for these people, that You'll spare their life for one purpose, Lord, for Your glory, that they'll tell others, and others might tell others. The day of the Lord is at hand and we must hurry. And we know this Gospel must be preached everywhere. And help us today now, and anoint Your servants here. Anoint this building freshly and deeply now. May that great Angel of God move in now with great power, move down along the lines, unseen, yet, know that He's here. And I pray that You'll heal everyone, through Jesus Christ's Name.
Now, with your heads bowed, everyone slowly now. "Only Believe," real slowly, while we--Brother Neville anoints the sick and they bring them to me.
Only... [Congregation sings: Only Believe--Ed.]

E-56 Every one be reverent now. Here's a man that stammers, stutters, and he wants to preach God's Word. He wants to be delivered so he can preach the Word of God. I want you to be reverent and believe that God will take this stammering spirit away from this man for the glory of God.
Now, our heavenly Father, stand near in this little, old, crude built tabernacle, yet, knowing that the Shekinah Glory of God, Who dwelt under the interlocked wings of the Cherubims is standing present now. And as our souls can let loose of the filthy things of the world and moves into His Presence, and we can feel and know that He's standing here... We come boldly, knowing that we would--knowing this, that we would die if it wasn't for Christ's glory now, but His shed Blood makes a way. We could come then boldly up to Your throne under the interlocked wings of the cross.

E-57 And, God, this man here, fine-looking, big, stout-looking man, standing here wanting to preach the Gospel, what a glorious thing. And yet, Satan has give him a stammering, stuttering voice. But he wants it to move today so that he can preach the Gospel. O eternal God, we know that Thou has used in times passed stammers and stutters. But this man wants to be free, for he feels embarrassed with it. So today, by the merits of the Lord Jesus, by God's provided program and way, by the witness of the Holy Ghost, and the Presence of God... And as His servant, I lay hands upon Him, and I condemn this spirit. In the Name of the Jesus Christ, may it leave my brother. And may this evil thing leave that would hinder the Gospel. And may he go forth and be able to preach the Gospel with a true ringing, sounding voice for God's glory.
Lord, I lay these, my hands, upon him, because it's Your commission. It's Your bidding to do so. Through Jesus Christ that You grant it for God's glory.
I want every head bowed and no one to raise your heads until you hear me say so, please.
Holy Spirit, heal...?... Lord for this...?... I condemn you, thou evil one. Leave, in Jesus Name...?... Turn around...?... that you're going to be...?... God's blessing...?...[Brother Branham continues to speak inaudibly sometimes. He asks the man to repeat after him--Ed.] Praise the Lord. Hallelujah. I love the Lord. I give Him praise. It's different, isn't it?...?... You feel better now, feel different. Certainly, because the Lord has...?... Say, "I love Him." Praise be to God. I don't believe it'll ever come again.

E-58 Now, just keep your heads bowed; listen to this man. I love Jesus. [The man repeats after Brother Branham: "I love Jesus."--Ed.] Praise be to God. ["Praise be to God."] I'll preach the Gospel. ["I'll preach the Gospel."] No stammering at all. He's healed. God bless you, brother. Go on your road now rejoicing.
Now, let's raise our heads and give God praise, say, "Thank You, Lord Jesus." There goes a man into the ministry to preach the Gospel, that was once a stutterer. What did Moses say, "I'm a man of slow speech. I have stammering with lips and so forth."
God said, "Who made the lips of man?"
Do you believe now? Have faith now. Will you bow your heads again for another person? Everybody in prayer now. Be reverent.
[Brother Branham talks to the sick person in the prayer line--Ed.] Now, your trouble, sister? Where you from, sister? Hamilton, Ohio. You believe you're going home well?
Now, the lady has a trouble in her sides, and she's come from Hamilton, Ohio. And she's extremely nervous. There might not be nothing happen that you could see, but God will do it just the same. Pains will leave her, I believe, if you will with me.

E-59 Our dear heavenly Father, realizing that here somewhere present stands the Lord Jesus... And our sister has come a long ways down here to be prayed for. She's got trouble in her side, nervous. But You, Lord, Who raised up Jesus and made the preparation...
And back years ago as a little old boy standing up here under the tree, You said, "Don't you never smoke or drink, or defile your body. There will be a work for you to do when you get older."
Here it is. You confirmed it by an Angel of Light. You sent animals in to be prayed for. You've sweep around the world with a revival as You promised down here on the river that You'd do it. And here this woman stands today to be delivered.

E-60 And Father, through the precious Blood of Jesus, through the preaching of the Word, I lay hands upon sister, and deliver her according to the God's Word and her faith. I condemn this thing that's bothering her, this old shadow of darkness that's making her nervous. I cast it away from her in the Name of the Lord Jesus, taking the initiative.

E-61 Satan, you can't hold her no longer. She come a long way. She's going back without you...?... through Jesus Christ the Son of God. Prayer of faith shall save the sick. You said so...?... She--she be well. We cast the enemy away now, plead the Blood of the righteous Lord Jesus between her and the enemy, in Jesus' Name.
It can be nothing outward, but just--you feel that you're healed, don't you, sister? The pains are not in your side. It's gone. You feel calm and well. Now, just right here.
Here's a lady (you may raise your head) from Ohio, with that trouble in her side. She says, "All pains are gone. Her nerves are quietened, just the same as the man... Is that right, sister? Now, you're going home to be well. Jesus, the Son of God, Who's here this morning has made you well. Be a gallant servant for Him. God bless you.
Now, let's say, praise the Lord. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] What if that was you suffering like that?" All right.
Now, shall we bow our heads again just in a--for a word of prayer. All right.
Now, and we're... [Brother Branham speaks to a lady in the prayer line--Ed.]...?... what is your request? Oh, it's just...?... Oh, I see, it's...?... Oh, I see it's just...?... Oh, my...?... He can make stammering man...?... Was you ever in one of my services before?...?... my...?... You see what happened there don't you...?... I see that little jerking there...?... this lady's purse...?... her glasses on right behind this man...?...
Now, everyone real reverent, if you will.

E-62 Now, our heavenly Father, this little lady comes helpless from the doctors. They've done all they know how to do. Her face twitching, nerves, something went wrong. The doctor's trying to find, but they can't find why that nerve won't operate right. And in that she's sick all over. Truly, Lord, isn't that the way of the world today. But knowing that she stands here helpless in Your Presence, then as Your servant, I bring her to You with all the faith that I know how. And knowing that it's Satan that's broken that nerve. It's an unseen something that the doctors can't find, causing that nerve to twitch her eye and face. But Thou can make it leave, Lord, for You're Jehovah God. You're the One that provided the sacrifice at Calvary, and we accept it now.
Go, thou spirit, you who twitches her face, you who's tormented her body. We come in the Name of Jesus, fresh from Calvary from the Word, and we condemn thee. We claim that you can't stay any longer. The woman's tried with the doctors, and they've done all they know how to do. But you've hid from the doctors, but you can't hide from God. He knows who you are. So as His servant and His representative, I say for you to leave my sister. Go out of her.

E-63 God's Word said, "If they lay hands on the sick, they'll get well." So you're defeated now in Calvary's atonement. Get away from this woman in Jesus Christ's Name. I liberate her from you, by Jesus Christ's commission, that we should lay hands on the sick and cast out evils spirits. And you're evil, and you have to leave her. May she go home and be well, through Jesus Christ's Name.
Now, with your heads bowed, just a little longer. Now, Mrs. Kinzer, I believe your name was. There would be nothing exactly only just your faith to stop this jerking, since we've prayed there on the side. But I believe with all my heart that you're all right. You're well. I... It was this side, in here, right in along inside of your face.

E-64 Now, would you come here. Where are you from now? Boston, Kentucky. Would you raise your head? The lady, on this side of her face had something from her throat down here, twitching, jumping up-and-down, a nerve. What is that? It's just like the Bible said, "The deaf spirit went out of a man." The doctor couldn't find it, because it was a operation of a nerve. The nerve's still there, but there's something in that nerve, a making it jump and go on. The doctors couldn't find that, of course, because... [The woman says, "Thirteen"--Ed.] She's been to thirteen different doctors. And now, Jesus Christ has stopped it. And there she is before you, and she'll get well. She'll be all right now. God bless you, Sister Kinzer. God bless you.
This happens to be her birthday, and said, "The happiest she ever had." Look at her as she goes down, isn't that marvelous?
Let's say: "Thanks be to God." [Congregation says, "Thanks be to God."] Thanks be to God.
Now, we love our dear Lord Jesus with all of our heart. Here at the Tabernacle, we've learned to love Him, and trust Him for everything that we have need of.
Now, thank you for keeping your head bowed. And now, they'll bring the next patient while you bow your head and be in prayer. It's your prayers too.
You're? [Brother Branham speaks to a lady in the prayer line--Ed.] Uh-huh. And what's... Yes, ma'am, and what is your trouble? Yes, ma'am. Is it in your ear... You deaf or something in your ear? Uh-huh. Yes, ma'am. Something like boils or something? Yes. All right. And you're from what?
This sister comes all the way from Ohio. Her trouble is in her ears; they burst, and run, and it's causing her a lot of trouble. And we believe that Jesus can defeat this, or has already defeated it. And we're coming now to claim her victory in Calvary.

E-65 Now, our kind heavenly Father, we bring to You our beloved sister who's come all the way from Ohio here today to be healed. And with all my heart, and long prayers through the night, I've ask You, Lord, to do these things. And I know it's easy to ask You, when You said You would do it. And I--I'm just so thankful that You've done it.
And now, we bring her to You in the light of Calvary's cross, where Jesus standing there, that made the--the atonement. How You swung between the heavens and earth, reconciling the heavenly to the earthly by the shedding of Your Own Blood. How that You lifted up from the earth. You died in midair. And there the Blood dripped upon the earth to stain the old Calvary's cross. There's where You spoiled principalities. There's where You robbed Satan of everything that he had. You took back and give to the children of God, their rightful belongings. There's where You give us Eternal Life. There's where You give us the promise of the resurrection.

E-66 O heavenly Father, that paid the price. And today, You paid for her healing and I stand as Your servant, along with these other hundreds of servants in this building. And we condemn this devil, that's tormenting our sister. And say through the righteousness of Christ through His command at Calvary, we cast you away from our sister and send her to her home in Ohio, for these never to boil up there and burst out again, that she'll be made completely whole, through Jesus Christ the Son of God, we ask it. Amen.

E-67 Now, sister, if course, just to show anything, you couldn't do it. But you believe it, don't you? You believe it. I want you to walk over here.
Now, to you, you may raise your heads. Our sister here couldn't show anything, because it wasn't running at the time; her ears. But we have, this morning, the assurance in my heart, and in her heart, and I'm sure in your heart, that God has healed our sister. Do you believe it? And it'll be a testimony. And God bless you, sister. Amen.
Thanks be to God. Now, shall we bow our heads again while we pray for someone else?

E-68 Well, sister, I see you on your crutch, so I know that much is that. Now, shall we pray? Bow your heads just moment while I talk with the sister. Now, what is your trouble? [The sister speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Yes, ma'am. And this is that staggering, is that right?...?... high blood, yes, ma'am. And you are a Christian? Yes, ma'am. And you believe now that you've come to the Lord Jesus, sister?
Now, our sister has bad ankles. She's walking on a--a--a crutch support. And she has high blood pressure and--and many things wrong with her. We're taking her to Jesus at this time for her healing. You be in prayer now, that your prayer may go through for her.
Now, our dear heavenly Father, our beloved sister stands here, yet a young woman. But Satan would give her a stroke if he could. He'd lay her up yonder on the bed of affliction. He will put her out of commission if he can. For he don't want her testimony. Why did this happen to this Christian? Why? We would question, or those who would not understand. But, Father, we know that it was for Your glory.
It was said one time, "Who sinned, this boy, or his mother, or his father?"
You said, "Neither, but that the works of God might be made manifest."

E-69 We believe that for our sister this morning. We believe that's the reason her ankles got in that condition. We believe that's the reason the high blood pressure struck her, so that You could show her Your love and kindness to her, that You could prove to her, that You're Jehovah Who heals our diseases.
God, we pray that this blood pressure will drop in such a way, till the doctor will say, "What happened to you?"
And to the doctor she'll say, "Jesus healed me."
We pray, God, that You'll make her to walk on these ankles without this support, that she'll be able to walk and to live and--and to be like she wants to be.

E-70 And, Father, the Word has went forth, yet in Its simplicity and chopped up way, but It sure has taken heart in--a place in the hearts of these Christians. And now, as she stands here; she's waiting for her healing. Thou doest never lose a person. And I pray, heavenly Father, that You'll heal our sister and will make her well. And now, as Your servant, as one who believes in You, along with these other servants of Yours that's bowed in prayer, we bring our sister up to Calvary; yonder hangs the Lord Jesus. Oh, how wonderful. Standing yonder, the earth beneath Him, the heavens above Him, reconciling God and man together... And we come in His Name. And what's keeping this woman from being a complete delivered servant is the devil. And there Jesus, You stripped him, and You took every legal right he had away from him. And today, he's only a bluff, and we won't receive it. We won't receive it, because Jesus Christ the Son of God give us the proof that he told us we could do it. And we believe it. And we take back that which he's trying to rob our sister. We give her her health. We take this weakness from her ankles. We take this blood pressure back to its normal condition and rebuke the Devil that done it, in the Name of Jesus Christ, in the light of Calvary's sacrifice.

E-71 Come out from her, Satan; you're evil and you can't hold her no longer. And Thou, Lord, Who gave the vision the other night, and said, these things would be, Thou art True, and cannot fail. And I ask now for our sisters deliverance through Jesus Christ's Name, Who shall receive all praise and glory.
And your heads bowed every one. Now, sister, really, outwardly, I... Only thing I can said, that your face which was real red and flashy when you come up, has gone down. I don't know whether you feel... feel calm and cool. And now, let's see your crutch here, just a minute. I don't believe you're going to have to have it anymore, just walk around here without it now. Just walk... See, just walk around here. Now, that's fine.

E-72 Now, I want you all to look. The lady who was all flushed up in her face, she feels calm. Look how it looks now. You seen her face how red she looked. And here she... And she feels normally, that God has healed her and made her well. And her crutch, she won't need that no more, don't matter where she's at. Go ahead on down, sister, just--just take the thing, and pack it along; just get, hang it up in your house for a souvenir. See? I won't have it.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
All right, shall we bow our heads again now for prayer.
All right, would you bring the sister? And what's your trouble, sister? [The lady speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.] Oh. Oh, where you from? Madisonville, Kentucky. Mrs. Jackson. All right.
This sister has arthritis and some inward troubles that's very bad. And I don't know what will ever happen if God doesn't make her well. She'll probably have to have surgery, and that's very dangerous at the time. So we pray that God will be merciful and heal her.
Our kind heavenly Father, we bring to Thee today, our beloved sister, come all the way from Madisonville, Kentucky, down here to be prayed for. And Thou art the Healer Divine. And I bring her into Your omnipotent, and into Your great Presence. Her... Your power and Your Presence to rebuke this old arthritis that would put calcium deposit across these bones of her fingers, that would calcium deposit these ankles and knees. There she'd lay stretched out on the bed, someone feeding her through a tube. Oh, you evil spirit, you would cause her life to be took from this other infirmity; but we bring her today to Jesus Christ.

E-73 And, O God, to boast my own faith for her now, knowing that the prayer of faith is being prayed, I condemn the Devil, cast him away from her through Jesus Christ the Son of God. Free her from arthritis and all these other diseases, that she can go home and be well, and give testimony all through that country of the glory of God.
Satan, you've lost the victory, and Jesus Christ has won, and she can be well through Jesus Christ the Lord.
Sister, dear, there may not be nothing that the people could see, but I believe that you're healed. Raise your feet, just see if you feel better from your arthritis. You feel find now? Now, you all can see how she's moving her feet and everything. Walk right on down, and act just like a little young lady, just that you don't even... you don't... We just praise the Lord Jesus for all His goodness and mercy.

E-74 Now, be reverent, everyone as we pray. And now, just a little bit, we'll... Just as soon as we pray for this baby, then we'll give a little recess, then you can go. Just take us about three minutes now, then we'll have a little recess, and then we'll start with some more people. All right.
Everyone just real reverent now. All right. Is it the baby that wants to be prayed for? And you want to be prayed for too? Brother Wilson, I'm glad to get to shake your hand. And your baby is... [The lady speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.]
Oh, oh, yes, I see, it's the--the one that has something like a convulsions, that falls. I see it smashed its little face up there. Well then, sister, will you believe, and you, Brother Wilson, today, that Jesus will take this away from your baby, and--and let it get well?
Now, the little baby standing here has something wrong. It has convulsions that it falls, and its little face, its little eyes are bruised and black and so forth. And the father wants healing, too.

E-75 Now, we pray that God will take this curse off that little baby. Now, audience, do you believe that our kind heavenly Father in His mercy that will let this little baby get well, not have these convulsions, that they'll leave it? Do you believe that we ask our heavenly Father He will do it? All right. Let us pray.
And Brother Wilson, what was your trouble? I forgot. [The brother speaks to Brother Branham--Ed.]...?... I see. Probably the same thing...?... the baby. All right, now let's all be real reverent.
Now, our kind heavenly Father, we bring to Thee first, as first come in the world, the father of the baby. And evil things has happened to him. The Devil has conquered him in many great times. But today we're bringing him in the Presence of Jesus Christ, by the way of prayer. We're bringing him to Calvary, where--there where Jesus died that He might have fully five senses. And we pray God, that You'll be merciful to him. That we believe that these things that we do is according to Your Word. You said, "In My Name they shall cast out the evil spirit." We believe that. Though times people... [Blank.spot.on.tape--Ed.]

E-76 Told me a certain thing to do and some something to say, and I never could remember what it was He said when I woke up. You remember that. The other night in a vision when He spoke to me, and these things wasn't to be done in public; it's to be done in private. And Brother Cox, which is standing close, we suggested, maybe it'd be best to let the people come around this way, to let me have one individual at a time in the--in a prayer room here for this to be done.

E-77 Last Sunday, when I was here, I was doing this first in the Tabernacle. I got everybody with their head bowed, so I could walk down there to this woman that was crippled up laying on this stretcher. And she was completely delivered.
And this morning, I said, "God, if You'll just help me awhile, till the crowd gets restless, well... Help me, till maybe, if I can keep the people with their heads bowed, so they won't see it done... See, everybody, if when I begin to put my hands on people and everybody begin to get, "Oh, I feel it my hand." See? Like that, and when It come, everybody begins to see how It would come; which was absolutely carnal impersonations. That's exactly right. That's the same Holy Ghost that told me to do it, said it was. So I knowed it was wrong.

E-78 So that's what He told me the other night. Said, "You caused a lot of carnal impersonations to rise. And to do that..." Said, "Now, let no one ever see this." And that's what I've been doing this morning. Just so that you all would know, and you would see now that I told you the truth. And you just watch now what the Lord is going to do in these revivals that's coming. It's going to be exceedingly abundantly above anything that's ever been done yet. You just see now. Remember, I'm not a false prophet. I tell the truth. God wouldn't lie. And see if it isn't going to be greater that it has ever has been at any time.
Now, you dear people, there's many of you lined up here to be prayed for. It's getting late. I... And--and I--I know you want to be prayed for. And I want to pray for each one. The lady's got a little girl standing here, and a mother holding a little baby, and--and all. And we want them prayed for. We want them delivered, don't we? We want them to be made well, each one, these little boys knelt down here. And all back in there are people. And people here with cancer in bad shape and going to die.

E-79 Now, don't we believe that Jesus is here now? Don't we believe that He's here? And we believe with all of our heart that He's going to make every one of us well? Don't you believe that? He loves us all. God's no respect of persons. He's going to heal the little girl, isn't He, sister, there with the... He's going... [A sister says, "He has already started."--Ed.] Already started... Bless your heart. Where are you from, sister? Crestwood, Kent... ["This man here prayed for her one night and she's been recovering ever since, getting better."--Ed.]

E-80 Oh, let's say, "Praise the Lord. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.]
Brother Neville come prayed. This little... Well, my buddy here, Brother Wood's is from Crestwood and his... Do you know them Brother Wood's, do you? Uh-huh. He's a contractor out there. Yes.
And the little baby here, where is it from, sister? Gary, Indiana. You believe it'd go--go back to Gary and get well, don't you? Sure you do. All right.
And where are the little boys from? Austin, Indiana, you believe they're going back and be well today too, don't you? Sure we do.
Is that little baby to be prayed for, sister? Where you from? Indiana. Where? New Albany. You believe the little baby's going to get well? Sure. And you believe all these other people is going to get well around here, everyone?
Now, let's bind ourselves together and say, "Jesus Christ, You live and reign." Oh, think of the supremacy of the Lord Jesus, Who could make that total blind baby eye's be open, Who could make that stammering man stand here and talk boldly and normally, Who could make these other things to happen. God is God, isn't He? That's a minor things to what He's going to do. He's just going to do great, great things, and just keep doing them, until He comes. That's right.

E-81 Now, I tell you the attitude to get into to. Get into the attitude of this, "Jesus, You're here. I'm now accepting the healing. I believe it with all my heart. And now it's finished." And in your heart, just like you come to Him to get saved, you say, "Lord Jesus, I surrender my all. There's nothing more I can do. Here's my heart. Here's my life. I give myself to Thee." That's all that can be done. And say, "I believe, Lord Jesus."
And all at once, something down here say, "Yes, you believe. Yes, you believe."

E-82 How long has your baby been sick, brother? Since it was born. What's its trouble? Retarded? Look. You know the Devil done that. That's right. The Devil did that. God can make that little baby well again. Just think, I have seen dozens of those cases, that's perfectly normal and well now. And I want... I know... I got a little baby too. And I know how you feel. And just be of a good courage.
Both of you Christians? Neither one of you Christians? Will you give your life to Jesus this morning standing there? And promise to live for Him, if God will let your little baby get well and be normal? You will, will you, brother? You will. You will, will you, sister? God bless you. You now become Christians when you accept the Lord Jesus as your Saviour. Now, we accept Him as Healer for the baby.

E-83 Now, heavenly Father, by laying hands upon this blessed little child, that's two newborn children that has just come, father and mother. And had to partake this baby to bring them to Eternal Life. Maybe, if it hadn't have been for the baby being this way, they'd have been lost forever. But the baby has become a temporary, or a minor saviour to them, to bring them to the Lord Jesus for their salvation. We thank Thee, Father. And now bless them. They are Your children. They accept You.
You said in Your Word, "He that heareth My Words and believeth on Him that sent Me, has Everlasting Life and shall never come into condemnation." Looking over this young couple here, and seeing that Light hanging over them, as I started to go to the end of the line, and seeing that Light hanging over this young couple, I thought it good to speak to them, Father, not to the audience here, but You alone.

E-84 And now what was it? It was You pulling at their hearts at that very crucial moment. O God, we're are so thankful they are Christians. We bless their baby in Jesus Christ's Name. We come because God said, or Jesus said in His Word, "Ask the Father whatever you will My Name, I'll do it." And so we ask the Father in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, that He will bless this baby, and may there be such a change in this baby in the next twenty-four hours, till the father and mother will be elated, and know what has happened, to know that their new found Lord Jesus is healing their baby. Grant it, Lord. I rebuke the works of the Devil, Father. The sins are confessed. The father and mother are Christians.

E-85 Now, Satan, you have no more right; it's all over. So we beseech you through the Blood of Jesus Christ Who bid us to do so, and we cast you away from this child. And now, may it start growing, and developing, and--and getting normal and well, and make a fine young child that'll make the father and mother proud of him. In Jesus' Name we do this blessing. Amen.
You are Christians now, both of you, in Christ. Watch the difference of your baby. And where do you live now? Gary, Indiana. Write me or call me in the--in the next four or five days, and see what a difference you see in your baby then...?... Let us thank God for this wonderful work.
I started to go down here to the end of the line, and start praying. I kept noticing, the anointing is here greatly just now. Usually notice the people and so forth. But I'm kind of making that secondarily, casting it to one side till I have to, like on the lady awhile ago. But I seen It hanging over that couple, and I kept wondering where It was at. And I thought, "That's where It was at, right at those people there."

E-86 So now, we're going to pray for every person. Every one of you is going to get prayed for, as long as God will let me live. And we're going to start and pray so we can kind of move out. We're get here to the end of the line.
Brother Fleeman, have you got the--fixed there so we can get through? Now, I'll go down there and pray for each and every one. And I want you to come through rejoicing and thanking God for your healing.
To the people near, watch Brother Neville's broadcast next Saturday, about--about--for this next Sunday's service, if I get back in time for next Sunday. All right.