The Junction Of Time

Date: 56-0115 | Duration: 2 hours
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Jeffersonville, Indiana, U.S.A.
E-1 I want the recorders to hold this just a moment before you record, if you will. And good morning, friends. I trust that everybody is feeling real…[Blank spot on tape—Ed.]
E-2 Sing our regular dedication, Bring Them In, everybody together now, “Bring the little ones.”
Bring them in, bring them in,
Bring them in from the fields of sin;
Bring them in, bring them in,
Bring the little ones to Jesus.
E-3 Amen. Don’t you think there is something real sweet about a little old baby? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] A little fellow, them little, bright eyes looking at me. And there is something about them that’s real, real sweet. And they’re just innocent little fellows, know nothing about the things of the world. God has given.
E-4 And, you know, there is something about a child, in a home, that binds a home together. There is a binding, about a child. Now, I wish we had more time to speak on—on those things, about the little ones, and about different things. But we, our time, we’re pressing hard for time.
E-5 And we must go straight to the Word now. All right, to the recorders, if they wish to record the message this morning. And may God richly bless each and every one.
E-6 Now, today, I think there is nothing like the Word, the reading of God’s Word. Wish it was in every home, where God’s Word would be read. And I want each one of you, this morning, if you possibly can, even when the little ones come from their Sunday school rooms, to be just as reverent as possible. Sit quiet, and listen as I try, by the help of God, to deliver a Message that was given me in the late hours last night, for the church today.
E-7 Now, our Scripture reading is found in Joel 2, and Acts 2, Joel 2:28. In Acts, we begin at 2:15. Isn’t it strange, that how this prophet, speaking, the 2nd chapter of Joel, and the 2nd chapter of Acts, “former and latter rain,” Joel spoke of it in this same chapter! For speaking from the Acts, the 2nd chapter, the 15th verse, and down a portion of the Scripture, we read this.
For these are not drunken, as ye suppose, seeing it’s but the third hour of the day.
But this is that which was spoken by the prophet Joel;
And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh:…your sons and your daughters shall prophesy,…your young men shall see visions, and on…the old men shall dream dreams:
And on my servants and on my handsmaids will I pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:
And I will show wonders in the heavens above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke;
The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before that great and notable day of the Lord come:
And it shall come to pass, that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.
Shall we bow our heads just a moment for prayer.
E-8 Our kind, Heavenly Father, as like a great sheet across this building this morning, every head going down to the dust of the earth. In humility we bow our heads and our hearts, in Thy Presence. And we pray, Heavenly Father, that the Holy Spirit will come now, get into the Word, and present It to every heart just as It has place, and lodging place. May It bring forth a hundredfold. God, we pray that unbelievers, today, may become believers. And that the Christians will take a new hold, those who are weary in the road. May the saints be encouraged, and may the sick be healed. Speak, Father. And may we fellowship around Thy Word just now, for we ask it in the Name of the beloved Son of God, Jesus Christ. Amen.
E-9 My subject, this morning, if we should call it such, will be the message to the church, is: The Junction Of Time.
E-10 And always, in the days gone by, the dispensations has always come to their end, and we hit a—a junction. There is junctions on the highway. There is junctions on the roads that we travel in this world. There is junction on this grand old highway that we travel to Glory.
E-11 And, always, it takes the miraculous to speak of omnipotence. Omnipotence is the all-powerful, and it takes the miraculous to vindicate the omnipotence. And only the miraculous can do that. Teaching of the Word is a very fine thing, and we…it comes, “Faith comes by hearing, and hearing the Word,” but it always takes the miraculous to vindicate that the omnipotent still lives and reigns. We must have the miraculous. And I believe that the Church is now standing on a threshold of the greatest vindication of omnipotence that the world has ever known. There has been…
E-12 In my searching of the Scripture, for quite a while, I have found seven great junctions in God’s Word. And seven is God’s complete number. We…He—He completes in seven. He worked six days, and, the seventh, rested. The world exists in its reign over the earth here, the Church labors for six thousands years, the seventh is the Millennium. And all these mathematics (and) of the Bible are perfect.
E-13 And God always is on time. Sometimes that we are a little bit late, or (a little) thinking a little different, but that’s always done for a purpose. But God is always on time with His Message.
E-14 And so, today, I believe that we are facing a great something that the Church should know and understand, that we ought to know what all this is about, and find it in God’s Word. For I believe, that, if—if it isn’t in the Word, I’m just a little doubtful of it. But if God’s Word speaks of it, then God, no matter how indifferent it might seem to our custom of teaching, it’s God working out His Word. Many times, it’s contrary to our way of thinking, or maybe the way we have been taught to think, but we have to recognize the omnipotence of God when it’s performed before us.
E-15 Now let’s go back for a little while, in our minds, and study, just a few minutes, for the past few years what’s been taking place. I believe, as a minister of the Gospel, that we are living just at the near appearing, of the second time, of the Coming of the Lord Jesus; the second return…or the Second Coming. The first time, He came as a baby. This time, He is coming as King of Glory, to take vengeance upon all who obey not the Word of God.
E-16 And we are believing, with all this great turmoil that we’re living in, today, as we look around on every hand, and pick up the newspapers, and just stand still, and drop our every day hustle-and-bustle of this neurotic age, and look out and face facts, we see, beyond any shadow of doubt, that something just about to happen.
E-17 And I believe that God, never, at any time, nothing miraculous, or nothing ever taken place, unless God foreshowed it by His Word. Revealed it, placed it, so that men who fail to walk in it, could…would have to stand before Him, and he would have to be stand without an excuse, because God makes it so plain. That, if a man is concerned enough about it, he’ll find it, if you’re concerned.
E-18 You wouldn’t eat soup with a fly in it. No, sir. You—you wouldn’t. You wouldn’t be…You’d be afraid to eat food that didn’t look just right, and was contaminated. Because, you know, it might give you ptomaine poison or something, and would kill you in a little bit. And you watch about this body. But, that soul, you let it feast on things of the world, which you know is contaminated and can only do one thing, take you to destruction. No matter how well you treat this body, and how good of food, or how it lives, it’s got to go to the dust of the earth. But that soul will live forever, somewhere. I’d rather eat contaminated soup than contaminate my soul with the things of the world, at any time.
E-19 The junction! God, always, before these great junctions comes, or ending off time, where He starts something new, junctions with the old, to the new, with one dispensation to another, He always shows forth His Power. Man, through the ages, always breaks down, and teaches away, and explains away, and gets away from the real living God. But, just before He junctions and enters a new dispensation, He appears on the scene, with great miraculous signs and wonders. He has always done it.
E-20 Look at the first destruction of the world, the first junction. After the world was formed, and God placed man on earth, the Bible said that they begin to build cities, great building programs went on in the world.
E-21 Look at it today. Jesus plainly said, “As it was in the days of Noah, so will it be in the Coming of the Son of man.” Same thing.
E-22 You notice, they had found a way to work with copper. They had found a way to work with brass, and with iron, just before the antediluvian destruction.
E-23 Look at the day we’re living in now, how the building! They said, “People multiplied upon the face of the earth.” Look around our… even our little city, and compare this little city, a few years ago, of fourteen thousand, now around twenty-seven thousand or more. Even you can’t find a place hardly big enough to hunt rabbits on, anymore. It’s all housing project. That’s right. Building! Increasing! Multiplying!
E-24 And He said, “When they begin to multiply, then sin and wickedness set in.” That’s one of the great sign posts, that we’re at the end of the road; one of the great signs.
E-25 Notice, during that time, there was a man by the name of Nimrod, who went out and built the big city of Babylon, and confederated all the rounding cities, that they would all confederate together. And there would be one big city, and that would be Babylon. And how that God despised that federation of world order!
E-26 Look at it today, the same thing. Confederations of labor, man binding themselves together by unions and by—by different fetters, and by church denomination. It winds them all together, breaks down the barrier, breaks down the—the fellowship between different brethren. Confederation, one of the great signs that God give in the first destruction, we see it appearing here in the last destruction. You see it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Notice.
E-27 And another thing that he did back there, we notice it during the time of this great turmoil, when men’s heart begin to wax cold and away from God, women became such an idol. “When the sons of God seen the daughters of men, that they were fair—fair,” become a sexual order.
E-28 Look at it today, what we’re living in. (Not speaking against honorable women. No, sir. They’re God’s instruments.) But those who cares not for themself; how there is so many on the opposite side, going about, “marrying, giving in marriage.” God said so, in the Bible. Jesus said, “Before Noah’s time,” at the end, “they were marrying and giving in marriage. How the great turmoil is in the world today! And we realize that. And one thing that caused that, the Bible said that the spirits (great spirits) came down, evil spirits, and got into these people and done these things. And we see the same evil spirits working in our day.
E-29 And now notice again, that, not only that. When all hell turns loose, all Heaven turns loose, also. When the enemy comes in like a flood, the Spirit of God raises up a standard against it. And these two forces is always showed at the junction.
E-30 Now, as we see that the time that Nimrod had brought all the confederation together, and made all people come to Babylon and come into this great confederation, and the time of all the evil going on between the women, sexually, and so forth; at the same time, God had a witness on the earth: Enoch, who walked with God, blameless. And at the same time that evil was appearing, angels appeared on the earth. Angelic beings moved in to man.
E-31 Very beautiful type of today, also. As the evil is appearing, so is good appearing.
E-32 And notice back there in that evil day, just before the destruction, when God had a man out preaching the Gospel, a poor man, humble man, not very much of the world, but a man who had a heart to listen to God; Noah. There was Noah and Enoch, preaching, at the same time.
E-33 And if you notice, over in Revelation 11, it said, “I’ll give power unto My two witnesses in the last day,” two witnesses again in the last day, Revelation 11, “and they would perform signs and wonders among the people.”
E-34 Look back there then, as Noah and Enoch was preaching. And Noah was preaching a message that seemed so crazy to the world. And Noah…Here it is now. Noah was preparing an ark, making a place of safety. And that was a miracle in its own. How that a man, upon dry land, where water had never come, was preparing an ark to float on a mighty sea that would be there. And saying, “It was coming down out of the skies,” and where was it at? “But by faith,” which is a miracle itself, “Noah, warned of God, prepared an ark.” You see it? No matter how foolish it seemed, how fanatically it seemed, to the people; it was a miracle, in itself, to see a man hammering away. That something seemed fanatically.
E-35 It’s repeated again today. When man pounding away at the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, preaching the baptism of the Holy Spirit, getting a people ready for the coming judgments, or a shield from it. And a modern church people laughing and making fun, and saying, “There is nothing of It. And the days of miracles is passed.” It’s a miracle, a sign post at the junction.
E-36 Noah, working away, not only was he had…performing a miracle, or look…He was looking, also, for a miracle.
E-37 And the church today, as it’s laboring away under the task of preaching the Gospel, with signs and wonders a following, they are preparing for a miracle: the Rapture of the Church, and the going Home. Preparing people, getting them light, unburdened from the things of the world, and getting their souls set in the Presence of God, that when Jesus does appear the second time, in glory, those who are ready will Rapture and be caught up together, to meet Him in the air and be with Him.
E-38 “As it was in Noah’s time, so will it be in the Coming of the Son of man; eating, drinking, marrying, giving in marriage,” all those things that you see going on. Open up…God grant, today, that you open…God opens your understanding, that you can see these are sign posts. And supernatural miracles hanging right before us today, of the Second Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ, and we’re at the junction. Notice.
E-39 And as Noah begin to warn the people, and preach, many of them laughed at him, scoffed at him, because his message seemed entirely out of reason.
E-40 And today, how could people today…when they say, “We got the best doctors in the world. We got the best clinics we ever had. We got all this, that, and the other. Why would we need…”
E-41 Listen. Today, we need Divine healing worse than we ever needed it. And as the days go on, on, and on, so will it be more and more needed. And it’ll come to pass, after a while, that unless a man is sealed with the Holy Ghost, it’s hard to tell, he’s laid hisself open to all kinds of things. “Come not nigh any of those who has the Seal of God in their forehead, when them tremendous plagues begin to fall. We’re at the junction, the crossroad now.
E-42 And as we notice, and see Noah, how he went about, warning the people, saying there was coming a rain. The people didn’t even know what the rain meant. It had never rained.
E-43 And there is people in the world, today, after two thousand years of Gospel preaching, don’t know what it means to be born again of the Spirit of God. They don’t know what omnipotence means. What? God in His great omnipotent power that can transform a soul from a—a street sinner, to an angelic position in God’s Kingdom, as a son and daughter of God. They don’t understand it. They’re too taken up, infatuated with the things of the world. Glaring, flirting with the world, and don’t realize that that’s an evil spirit, and a great marking sign post for the people of this day, to watch and be ready. Jesus said, “When these things begin to come to pass, lift up your head, your redemption is drawing night.”
E-44 Not only that, but God showed signs through Enoch, He showed signs through Noah, and the world laughed at it. But, one day, there come a thunder and lightning. There come fire out of heaven. A lightning and thunders begin to roar. That was a miracle, in itself. And rain begin to fall.
E-45 But here is the great miracle. The miracle was that how God had His believing child tucked away in the ark of safety. All the time the thunder was going on, the rain was falling, Noah was resting in the ark with God, predestinated, foreordained, to walk into that ark. When the plagues was falling, Noah was at rest, in safety; who had been laughed at, had been entered into the rest.
E-46 Those who they laugh and make fun of, today, because you desire to live a full surrendered life to the Lord Jesus, they don’t realize that you’re tucked away under His everlasting arms. Don’t realize that you’re resting just as safely as you can be, in the Omnipotence, and nothing can harm you.
E-47 The ark begin…the water begin to come, and the people begin to scream and cry, and holler and carry on. And instead of the ark setting there, it floated right above, all the time, packing Noah and cradling him along in the waves. Sure. It was a sign post. God swept the world clean, of sin. He was going to start a new one. The signs and wonders appearing before He did it.
E-48 Notice, at the coming out, when God liberated Israel, who was in bondage, down in Egypt. Before God turned one finger to Israel, the first thing He done was perform a supernatural sign, to show that He was Omnipotent, that He still lived. The priests and the rabbi, and so forth, of that day, thought that God had went out of existence, just like they do today. But God still is Omnipotent, and He still performs the miraculous. And they thought that He had gone out of existence. But right in that midst of the time, God came down to a lowly, humble family of Levi, and brought forth a son, which was the deliverer.
E-49 And how that little Moses was tucked away in this ark. Wish we had time to go into it and explain it, how they took him out on the river there. And there, in the midst of the crocodiles, and everything else, performed the miraculous.
E-50 How He preserved Moses, right in the time, how that when they thought all the days of miracles was passed. But they were at the junction. They had the Word. They had Joseph’s bones. Them was all right. They were signs, yes, that God still lived and reigned, and was in one day. But not only that, but still, besides the Word, they had the omnipotent God Who cannot fail, Who is the same yesterday, today and forever, Who stood in the midst of them all.
E-51 And at the age of forty, when Moses was standing by the river side…or the desert side, God came down in a form of an Angel. And God, before He destroyed Egypt, and pulled His children out and changed the whole dispensation, He appeared on the earth and sent Angels to the poor and the needy. He performed signs and wonders. And He showed Moses His Glory. How that he could take a stick and perform a miracle. How he could put his hands in his bosom and heal it, with leprosy.
E-52 What was it? We got the changing time. We got the junction roads. And the great unchanging God Who was in—in…it’s unchangeable, Who performed those things at the junctions of time, the past, how much more will He do now when all hell is set at rage and the end time is here! He is the same. He doesn’t fail. Omnipotent meets the miraculous. Certainly. The unsearchable… The unreasonable thinking of man can never comprehend the miraculous. You have to come in contact with Omnipotence. And then when you do that, you’re in contact with the Supernatural. Your life change, your thinking change, your mind change. You are made different. Your sicknesses vanish. God’s great Power moves in.
E-53 Moses, at the bush. He saw and heard the Omnipotent, and he seen the miraculous. God wasn’t satisfied with giving Moses just a message, to go down and preach, alone, to the Egyptians, and to preach to the Israelites. God, the Omnipotent and the miraculous God, wasn’t a—a God to just reveal it to one man. But He said, “Take these signs!” Hallelujah! “Take these signs and show them down there. I’ll be with you.”
E-54 Change! The junction had come; time for something to take place. But before that thing takes place, God gives His warning. “I’m still Jehovah. I still live. And I’m omnipotent. And I’m the miraculous God.”
E-55 And as he goes down into Egypt, he took his stick and cast it down, and healed his hand with leprosy, and done those things.
E-56 Then I want you to notice, every time the miraculous was done, Satan is always there to counterfeit it. And as he was counterfeiting in that day, he is still the same counterfeiter today. Even his counterfeits only point to the end time at the junction.
E-57 They had some old soothsayers, and down there, by the name of Jannes and Jambres, who stood up. And they could throw their rods down and turn them to serpents, and so forth, and do just like he, they did. But God vindicated who was God. They could bring plagues, but they could not perform Divine healing, ’cause God alone can heal. And they could bring a boil, but they couldn’t take it away. God stood in His Power there, to show that real Divine healing was His miraculous, to prove the Omnipotence at the junction road.
E-58 The Egyptians called the boils, but they broke out themselves. But God’s servant could take them away. Why? They can counterfeit.
E-59 We are taught, in this last days, that there would be the same thing. “As Jannes and Jambres withstood Moses, so will these resist the Truth; men of reprobate mind, concerning the faith.” How that they would do! “Heady, high-minded; lovers of pleasure more than God; trucebreakers, incontinent. Having a form of godliness.”
E-60 Oh, how the day we’re living, the junction road; at the end of the road, the end of the age! God is proving it. What a marvelous day to be living.
E-61 God proved to them, and vindicated Himself, and got glory. How that He went down there in Egypt and smote the nation! How that He brought Israel out on the eagle wings, and performed signs and wonders, because He is our Omnipotent. And He does the miraculous.
E-62 Before He sunk Pharaoh’s chariots, He give every kind of a sign. He give signs of Divine healing. He give signs and all vindications of His power. How He could save an elder son, or take an elder son. How He could destroy, or how He could save life. How He could perform miracles. He could do the miraculous. And how the sun and moon turned dark! How the hail swept the ground. How the lightning swept over the country and killed the cattle, and so forth, just like it did in the days of Noah.
E-63 And He said, “In the last days, the moon shall fail to give her light, and the sun won’t shine. And she’ll turn black as sackcloth; drip like blood,” when she hides her face and weeps, herself, and sweats out bloody drops of grief. God will be on the earth, Omnipotent, doing the miraculous. Certainly. He can. He is omnipotent. Think of it.
E-64 There, down there in Egypt, how He performed those signs and wonders, and the things that He had done! He is God. None can take His place.
E-65 Notice, God performed His miracle, and He give Pharaoh a chance. And Pharaoh failed and refused to take his chance. There was nothing left.
E-66 When a man spurns the mercy of God, there is only one thing left, that’s judgment. And, my dear friend, today, God helping us, when you see the end of this text come, and if you spurn the mercy that’s offered you by Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, there will be nothing left but Divine judgment. There can’t be nothing left.
E-67 Pharaoh finally sinned away his day of grace and there wasn’t nothing left, ’cause the junction was at hand. And God junctioned the time.
E-68 When Lot and Abraham, another time, when Abraham was to be the ruler of the world, his seed was to scatter over the earth. He had Lot his nephew with him, which was a relative.
E-69 And what a beautiful picture today of the cold, formal indifferent church; to the Spirit-born, elected, called-out, separated Church of the living God. They dwell together on the same plain.
E-70 But it finally come to a time to where Lot took his great group and went down into Sodom and Gomorrah, where they’d be popular, where they would take the choice of the land. And Abraham stayed in the will of God and took the poor of the land. Sarah, his beautiful wife, and Abraham, stayed on the poor of the ground, in order that they could serve the Lord.
E-71 God doesn’t promise a flower bed of ease. Don’t falsify a Christian. And don’t falsify the Message, by telling them, that, “Everything is going to be all right. There nothing going to harm you. There’s nothing going to. Ain’t no trials or nothing.” That’s wrong.
E-72 As the poet said, “Must I be carried on to Heaven on a flower bed of ease, while others fought to win the prize and sailed through bloody seas?” No, sir.
E-73 God doesn’t promise ease and prosperity. But He promises grace, to endure in every time. It’s the grace that we look to.
E-74 Abraham chose the way of God. He stayed on the mountain top, through there wasn’t much grass for his cattle. But, Lot, a type of the backslidden world, the church who doesn’t believe in the miraculous. Then it finally come till those things wound around unto God, until there had to come a junction. There had to be a time. For, Abraham was the heir of the land.
E-75 O God, why can’t Christians see? “Blessed are the pure in heart; they shall see God. Blessed are the meek; they shall inherit the earth.” The junction time is at hand; our Father to show that we’re at the end time. See? The miraculous, the supernatural, the Omnipotent doing the miraculous. Look at Him.
E-76 As during the time of Abraham, just before the end time, look what taken place in the world, down in Sodom, in the big city.
E-77 Abraham lived in a tent, who was heir of all things, lived in a tent. So no wonder the poet could say, “A tent or a cottage, why should I care?” You’re an heir of all things, if you’re in Christ. God has give Him the earth, and He’s the King. And we’re in Him, an heir of all things, the omnipotence, the miraculous, and at the junction time.
E-78 Notice closely now, as we move on into this. Watch how God did just before the end time.
E-79 Lot, down in Sodom. Perversion was on the increase. Man become homosexuals, perverted, changing the natural course of human nature into perverted ways.
E-80 Look at the world today. The whole thing is becoming a perverted dispensation. And great places, where men go to study religion, in great schools. And I’ve talked it and knowed it, where men are not allowed to marry women, but it’s so horrible. And how that in schools today, in these modern churches out there, how this great thing! Men has drank and smoked, and stimulated the passion, and run down young girls and so forth, and started in their infancy, till their real course of life is perverted. God has give them over to destructions. And their lives has been mingled until they’re not natural men and women no more. Devil has so caught them.
E-81 Look at the junction there with Sodom and Gomorrah. Look at the junction in the days of Noah, marrying and giving in marriage. You see the sign post? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] What happened? At the same time, God had a prophet on the earth. [Brother Branham knocked on the pulpit four times.] Before the end time…
E-82 Here it is. Listen! Always, before the end time, when Satan turns loose his impersonators, God sends His prophets. And we are told in the Bible, that, “In the last day your young men shall see visions, and upon My handsmaids and maidservants.”
Prophets will appear again on the earth. Vision-seers will appear on the earth, at the end time. We’re here. We’re at the junction. It’s been prophesied by all the holy prophets, down through the age, and foretold by God’s sacred Word. The end time: how the Lord would do, how His blessings would be, and what the devil would do in those days, what would take place, the end time.
E-83 God’s holiness cannot stand the wickedness of the world. But before He brings it to the junction, He sends out the red flashes of warning. Not only that, but before God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah, He also sent Angels to the earth, that mingled themselves among men.
E-84 And before the end time, God promised He would send Angels. And we are seeing them. They are coming with the Messages of almighty God. The junction time! No more than three weeks ago, to see that mighty One standing there, Who stood since I was a little boy, and talked. I’m not a fanatic; you know that. But it’s to fulfill the Scriptures.
E-85 I think this church ought to know Truth, and the sign where we’re at; that you won’t be slothful; that you’ll be up and doing; that the differences will be settled, and you’ll walk like real godly men and women, your heart set on Christ. And don’t look into these falsely things of the earth, ’cause it’s of the devil; all these quarrels and wars, and strifes and different. Look away from them. We’re at the end. And, remember, you may not have another week to do it in. I don’t know. Only God knows. We’re here at the end.
There was Noah, in his time.
Here is Israel, in their time.
E-86 Here is Abraham, at the next junction, between (the—the world) the natural and the supernatural. Angels came down. They looked like men. Glory! And stood by Abraham, the prophet, and told him, “Abraham, God will perform the supernatural. About this time, next year, according to life, I’ll visit you. Your wife, a hundred years old, and you’ll bring forth a child. I’ll show you My power, Divine healing. I’ll change you, and turn you back to a young man again. And I’ll change Sarah, and make her a different person.” He’ll make her a young woman. “I’m the miraculous. I’m omnipotent. I do the miraculous. Amen. I’ll show you My power. Abraham, we’re at the junction time. The evil spirits are down yonder in Sodom. Yes. They’re working among the world down there.”
E-87 They’re working here today. Gaiety, and glamour, and crack wild jokes, and all this dirty things on radio, television, not even censored or nothing else. And perverting, sometimes, the Gospel, to a social affair. The whole world has become perverted. But the same time the world has become perverted, the believers become converted, to the Lord and the Power of God, by the working and the appearing of Omnipotence. How that God, in His mercy, is showing forth these things!
E-88 Said, “Abraham,” while this prophet set under his tent, an old man, up in a barren land. What did he care? A tent, or a cottage, what, didn’t make any difference to him. He was heir of all of it. Everything belonged to him, and he knew it.
E-89 So does the believer know today. What do we care about these earthly things? That’s why I quit the meetings, not long ago, because I would not pinch the people for offerings. I don’t care what people say, I believe that God is big enough to supply everything He has need of. Yes, sir. I’d rather eat soda crackers and drink branch water, and preach the Gospel, than to have the fine things of the world. No matter, if we get them to commit ourselves into His hands, and look for the Omnipotence. That’s right.
E-90 Watch where it’s at. And we see Him as He follows on, as Abraham sitting under his tent, and these Angels appeared to him.
E-91 They’ve went on down in Sodom and Gomorrah. And we find out that God, in that day, performed miracles. He brought fire out of the skies and sweep away the city, and cleaned off the land, and give it all to Abraham. And Lot’s wife turned to a pillar of salt, because she looked back, as a memorial of disgrace; who was a great lady amongst the societies of the city, of Gomorrah and Sodom. And all the valleys was swept out, when God performed the miraculous with fire and brimstone from heaven.
E-92 What a marvelous time! What a great time to live! God, in His omnipotence! There come a junction again. (I’m thinking I’m pressed for time, will have to hurry.) There come an Omnipotence, the Presence again.
E-93 There was a fellow named Ahab, married a girl named Jezebel. Who, was a believer at the beginning, Ahab, born a Jew, circumcised the eighth day, according to the law. And was brought up in a religious home, to believe on Jehovah, but fell in love with some little flappe-eyed thing of an idolater. That’s right.
E-94 And, today, fine Christian men are fell under the sway of such nonsense and glamour, because that heart hasn’t been stable in Christ Jesus. Yes. What a day we’re living in, what a time, the sign posts looking here in the face.
E-95 But, then, just before that God brought the showdown, to show who was God, there come a time that there was a prophet came into the land, by the name of Elijah, who was anointed with the message of God. And he performed the miraculous and proved that Omnipotence still was miraculous. The prophet stood out there and closed the heavens, that it didn’t rain in the days of his ministry. And he brought the rains down out of the heavens and give the earth. And Angels appeared on the scene, hallelujah, baked him some corn bread that kept him forty days, alive, while he was out there in the wilderness with God.
E-96 Angels appear in the end time. All the prophets and the sign posts point to, in this day, that angels will appear, prophets will arise, signs and wonders. And if God did that for those little junctions back there, what will He do now when all hell is turned loose? All Heaven will turn loose, angels appearing, signs and wonders on the earth. The counterfeits are rising. God proving which is right and wrong. Amen.
E-97 Oh, I love Him! I’m sure you do, too. I don’t mean to yell at you, but it’s burning in my soul, thinking, how that in this day.
E-98 Just before He delivered them, He done all kinds of signs and wonders. They sent a bunch of people up there, to take this prophet by force. He said, “If I be a man of God, let fire come from heaven.”
E-99 Watch how the fire comes each time. Watch how prophets come each time. Watch how the miraculous is done each time. Watch how God vindicates Himself in healing and powers each time, just at the crossroads, never before; right at the cross roads, at the junction, change in dispensation, change in time.
E-100 Now, for a few closing texts, watch a minute. We’ll go now unto the—the fifth great junction, one of the main junctions, ’cause fifth is five, J-e-s-u-s. Amen. There’s coming the time when the sin question had to be settled. There’s coming a time where the miraculous must make Hisself fully understood. There’s coming a time when men’s hearts had to be changed, ’cause laws and judges, and so forth, cannot do it. The blood of bulls and goats could not take it away.
E-101 And just before that great junction come, there come the devil out amongst the preachers, said, “The days of miracles is passed. There is no such a thing.”
E-102 And, that same time, God sent Angels to the earth. There was an old man down there who had a house in order, by the name of Zacharias. He was praying. One day while he was at the altar, waving his incense, making intercessions for the people, there appeared over on his right side, a great Angel, proving that the junction time was at hand. He told him that he would bring forth a boy, from his wife, which was old and stricken in age. And his name would be John.
E-103 John came forth, claiming the miraculous. John was a prophet. The Bible said, Jesus said, Himself, “There never was a man born on the earth like him,” till that time. Hallelujah! Why? He was a prophet, the greatest there was till that time. Because, this was the greatest junction that God ever made with the devil, when their paths crossed, and there He would strip him and rob him of everything he had. Hallelujah! John was a prophet.
E-104 Gabriel was the Angel there, appearing at junction time. Glory to God! About thirty-three years before it happened, God started in plenty of time, to forewarn them that the junction time was at hand. The unbelievers waxed worse, and downed it, and fussed at it, and tried to get away with it. And, finally, killed every one they had sent, and things. But God moved on in the miraculous, just the same, for He’s omnipotent. He has to. He is God.
E-105 Look what taken place now, as we move up into this—this episode here. As we come up, we see John coming on the river, preaching. He’s telling about One that was coming, is mightier than he; begin to preach. After a while, there appeared none less than Omnipotent Himself, wrapped up in a little bundle of flesh. Great Jehovah God revealed Himself in His Son, Christ Jesus. The Omnipotence was made flesh and dwelt among us, walked among us. Hallelujah!
E-106 As He walked on the Sea of Galilee, one night, laying yonder, the little old boat tossed about, He acted like He didn’t even pay any attention. He was tired. But it come a junction time; something had to happen. Put His foot on the brail of the boat, and looked up and said, “Peace. Be still.” I tell you, the very Creator of heavens and earth laid in that boat, and the nature had to obey it. When Omnipotent speaks, miraculous takes place. Amen.
E-107 A leper full of leprosy, went to Him one day, said, “Lord, Thou can if Thou will, can make me clean.”
E-108 He touched him, said, “I will. Be thou clean.” And when Omnipotence speaks, miraculous takes place. Hallelujah! His leprosy vanished, like a sun flying from behind a cloud. Sure. Omnipotent speaks.
E-109 He promised, in this last days, that He’d speak again. When Omnipotent speaks, the miraculous happens. Yes, sir.
E-110 Notice. He healed the sick. He raised the dead. He opened the eyes of the blind. What was it? Proving to the people that the junction was there. “I have Power to lay My life down. I have Power to take It up again. No man take it away from Me.”
E-111 One day, in John 17, He looked up and said, “Father, the hour is come.” Hallelujah! “The junction is here. All things are finished now. All things are getting ready. The crossroads has come. The world is warned. I’ve anointed these apostles, and they’ve done signs and wonders. We’ve passed through the land. We’ve combed back and forth. The time is here. The time has come.”
E-112 Brother, as a Gospel preacher this morning, I believe that the Holy Ghost, speaking through mortal lips today, of anointed ministers, are speaking, “The time has come.” Time is here, and Omnipotence is answering. The miraculous is taking place; has to; we’re at the junction.
E-113 And, there, when He done all the miraculous, while Omnipotence, God manifested in flesh.
E-114 “Speak the word, Lord, and my servant will heal. My servant will be…Will live.” He knew. That Roman centurion knowed. He was a man under authority, that he knowed that whatever was under him had…Whatever he said, they had to do it. He said, “I say to this man, ‘Come,’ and he comes. And that man, ‘Go,’ he goes.” Said, “I’m a man under authority. And everything under my authority obeys me. And, Lord, I’m not worthy that You come in my house. Just speak the word.” Hallelujah! He knowed, that was Omnipotence. He knowed when Omnipotence spoke, miraculous would take place. Oh, my!
E-115 There He stood at the grave of Lazarus, crying, like a man in his flesh. Martha said, “Lord, if You only had been here, my brother not died. But even now, Omnipotent, speak! Whatever You ask God, God will do it. Whatever You say, He’ll do it.” There, He walked to the grave.
E-116 Omnipotence, manifested here among us, living with us. “God, in Christ, reconciled the world to Himself.” Here He lived with us, God proving Hisself through His Son, Christ Jesus. He was omnipotent and miraculous.
E-117 And if He’s the same yesterday, today, and forever; and He said, “I’ll never leave you. I’ll never forsake you. I’ll be with you to the end of the world.” How can we look for anything else but, when He speaks, for the miraculous to happen? How can we expect anything else?
E-118 So here He goes, down to the grave, a weeping. And then Omnipotence gathered Itself together, and He spoke. “Lazarus, come forth!” And a man that was already rottening; his nose had fell from his face, in four days. The skin worms had done set in. Corruption knew its Master. Hallelujah! He give back the life of this dead man. And a man that was once dead, stood on his feet and lived again. The miraculous!
E-119 “I am the resurrection and Life,” saith God. “He that believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. And whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die.”
E-120 Speak, Omnipotence! Miraculous will take place. And He always do it at the junction. And we’re at the junction. Be alarmed when you see these things happening. We’re at the end time.
E-121 Omnipotent speaks, and a dead man, dead, lived again; stood on his feet, and went to a banquet and eat supper with Him. Oh, my! What happened?
E-122 Some glorious day! All we who were once dead in sin and trespasses; Omnipotence spoke. We were going to hell, and Omnipotence spoke. We’ve raised from hell, to Glory, and someday we’ll eat the banquet Supper at the last day. Omnipotence speaks. God’s Word is omnipotent. We believe It, and raised from death unto Life.
E-123 “He that heareth My Words and believeth in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live. Whosoever liveth and believeth in Me shall never die.” Omnipotence!
E-124 We’re like Noah, building away on the ark. The miraculous will take place someday when the Rapture comes and Jesus comes. We’re at the junction now. When you see these things happen, raise up your head, your redemption is drawing nigh. Omnipotent speaks and miraculous is done.
E-125 Said, “We’re at the junction, Father. I must prove Who You are.” And He raised the dead. He healed the sick.
E-126 When the hour finally come for Him to go, He walked humbly to the cross and was nailed there, spanned. He wasn’t of Heaven; He was rejected of Heaven. He was rejected on earth. After the people seeing the signs and wonders He done, they mocked at Him and scoffed at Him; this sinful ungodly world of sin. But as the judgment lifted him, lifted up the ark, the judgment of water; so did Jesus, with God’s judgment poured out upon Him. He died in our stead, and was lifted up.
E-127 And the believer rests in Him, like Noah in the ark. Let the judgment sweep, what difference does it make? Sure. What? What? Even death itself has no barriers, has no pains. “O death, where is thy sting? Grave, where is thy victory?” Never scares me to pass a graveyard. I can shout the praises of God, for I know, and be alive in Him forevermore. Certainly.
E-128 Omnipotence has spoke. It spoke to my heart. It spoke to your heart, the miraculous was done. Once a little cowardly sinner, maybe a…like you did, a drunkard, or a cigarette smoker, or a runner to dances and carrying on like that. Omnipotent spoke, and you received it, and the miraculous was done; and you changed from death unto Life, and forsaken your sins!…?…Omnipotence spoke, and the miraculous was done. Certainly.
E-129 There is people sitting in this church, this morning, a few years ago was bound with cancer, dying. There is those who is sitting here, that was crippled and lame, and halt and withered. And Omnipotence spoke, and the miraculous was done. Certainly. Sure. What is the sign? We’re at the junction. We’re at the crossroads now. We’re fixing to enter a Millennium.
E-130 Now watch, we moved up. And when they did, when they spanned Him between the heavens and earth, Heaven could not receive Him, the sin of the world was laying upon Him. And the world rejected Him, as their King. There was no place left for Him to die. He couldn’t come to Heaven, for He had the sins of the world on Him. He was hated and despised, and spit on, and rejected and refused of the earth. But He stood between heavens and earth, and bridged the way. And every man or woman that desires to, may come through that Blood stream from His side, to Glory. Omnipotence!
E-131 What happened? Signs and wonders took place. What happened? The moon begin to cry. The sun closed its eyes and begin to weep. And it went in such distress, till it had convulsions, and turned like dripping blood. Sure, it did. When they seen the Creator of heavens and earth, refused by the earth. And, so much sin, He couldn’t get into Heaven; and dying as a mediator between God and man, stand between heavens and earth.
E-132 The sun couldn’t stand it, said, “I’ll not shine no more,” so went on back. The stars said, “I can’t look at this.” Yeah. The earth said, “I can’t stand it,” and it had a nervous prostration, and belched forth rocks out of the earth. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit four times—Ed.] The miraculous took place!…?…It was the end of the road. Sin had reigned, until the cross, but sin was paid for there. Oh, my! And earth shook so hard till it throwed rocks out of its ground, or hung into the hills. Even shook so hard till the dead rose out of the grave. Talk about a nervous prostration! [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit two times.] And the sun begin to have convulsions, and went out. Miraculous took place! Hallelujah! Always does at the junctions.
E-133 Look what taken place at that, and that was only preparing for this. They went out into dark ages, fifteen hundred years. (Wish we had time, but we’re pressed. I want to get out at twelve.) And notice, that, coming through there and the dark ages. Wish we had time to go into the time, what happened in the time of Wesley and Luther, that sixth time, that there was a change come, when the church was liberated from darkness and was brought into the marvelous light of the Gospel again. Signs and wonders! O God, how no man stood, and Divine healing and signs and wonders took place. And it was between the sacrifice and the second Coming, and look what taken place then. When John Wesley preached the Gospel, he was kicked out of churches and things, until people fell in the floor, and they poured water in their face. Didn’t know what was the matter with them, fainting under the Power of the Holy Ghost. Signs, and wonders, and miracles, and healings, took place.
E-134 Now, brother, sister, listen. What’s taking place now? We’re at the end time. We are going into the Millennium; every hand pointing that way. The old clock is ticking away, about two minutes till midnight. Omnipotence is speaking. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit four times—Ed.] Angels are appearing. Prophets are coming. Prophets are prophesying. Visions are being poured out upon them people of this day. The Gospel is being preached. The sick is being raised up. The blind see. The deaf hear. The devils are raging. Impersonators, Jannes and Jambres, are here. But, Omnipotence speaks. Hallelujah! We’re in the last day. We’re at the junction.
E-135 “Men’s hearts are failing for fear; perplexed of time; distress between the nations.” The earth getting so nervous till it’s bursting forth earthquakes everywhere. Jesus said it would be that way. There will be earthquakes in divers places. What’s the matter? The earth knows she is doomed. [Brother Branham knocks on the pulpit three times—Ed.] She is nervous. The world is nervous.
E-136 But the Church is riding in the Gospel. That’s the way with security. “He that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out.” Hallelujah! “Except a man be born of water and spirit, he won’t enter the Kingdom.” In the Kingdom, you got God’s seal of approval, the Holy Spirit in your heart. Let the waves ride wherever they want to. The times are getting worse. Omnipotence is arising. The impersonators are trying to act like it. And all kinds of things, they’re trying to do this.
E-137 And the Bible said, that great final impersonator would rise up yonder and sit on seven hills. He would wear a triple crown. And he would give power, and had power, insomuch as to make fire come down out of heaven, in the presence of the people. He would do all of that, all of that in the last day.
E-138 And how that they would stand and impersonating people, bowing at shrines of dead people, and everything, and rubbing bones and everything. But, while they’re rubbing bones and bowing at shrines, Omnipotence speaks and the miraculous takes place. They say, “It’s a bunch of nonsense.”
E-139 But the Church is growing, great healing revivals are all over the country. Signs and wonders are going everywhere. Angels are appearing to people. Signs and wonders are here. What is it, friend? We’re at the end time. We’re at the junction. “Lift up your head,” He said, “your redemption is drawing nigh.” You see what I mean? It’s a junction time.
E-140 “And it shall come to pass,” saith God, “in the last days, I’ll pour our My Spirit. Your sons and daughters shall prophesy,” prophets promised. “Your young men shall see visions. And I’ll show wonders in the heavens above,” flying saucers and everything. “Great distress; the earth will be shaken with divers…” Big earthquakes will be coming, and great volcanics will take place, and great trouble, distress between the world. The nations will be trying to find peace, with a knife behind their back. There will be trouble in everywhere, all these things. And men shall grow worse and worse.
E-141 “And when the enemy comes in like a flood, I’ll raise up a standard against it,” the Spirit of God. The junction time! The end of the road. Africa is a roaring with a big healing meeting. And signs and wonders appearing, all around the world, everywhere. What is it? The junction time. The end time.
E-142 Horseless carriages are “jostling through the broad way.” All these different things He said. “The daughters of Zion, how they dress and walk.” How that homosexuals and different things would appear; how, perversion, “men would be given over to strong delusions,” and all such things as that. How they would be “heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God; trucebreakers, false accusers.”
E-143 And some of these days, my dear brother, Jesus will come. And those who are hammering away, in what they call “fanaticism” today, to believe in the old-fashion Gospel of Christ, and the Omnipotent speaking, the miraculous taking place!
E-144 He said, “These signs shall follow them that believe. In My Name they’ll cast out devils, speak with new tongues; or take up serpents, or drink deadly things, it wouldn’t harm them; if they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover.” “These things that I did, so will you. I’ll be with you always, even to the end.” “When these things begin to appear, lift up your head, your redemption is drawing nigh.”
E-145 You see, friends, just as it was in the days of Noah, in the coming of the Son of man. So is it in the days of the delivering of Israel. So is it the Son of man at the cross. So are we at the junction. God always shows the miraculous, does great signs and wonders, heals the sick, raises the dead, cast out devils, great revival spirit; signs in the heaven, and on earth; distress between nations. We’re at the junction.
E-146 What’s the next thing? Jesus Christ shall come again the second time, in glory, to receive all those who are dead in Christ and alive in God. God will bring every one with Him. And the meek shall inherit the earth, and the great Millennium will set in. And there will be no more wars. They’ll stack their arms, and mold their…put their spears into pruning hooks and plow sheers, and so forth. And nations shall not raise up sword against nation any more. Neither will there be any more sickness, will there be any more trouble, will there be any more heartache. But There we’ll live, in His Presence here, forever and forever.
E-147 And, all these signs and things, we’re at the junction. We’re at the end road.
E-148 I’m so happy today to know that, in Christ Jesus, I have anchored my soul in a haven of rest. I’m so glad to see God, in His holy Word, performing and giving signs and wonders. And to know that, today, before my little church here, that I’m able to say this, as I did before when I went forth the other time. You shall see the great, noble Power of almighty God in the omnipotent, miraculous Power that will do the exceedingly abundantly, above all that we’ve ever thought or believed. And right at the door now. And you see it vindicated, right to your own church door here.
E-149 So, my dear little friends, don’t you never let down on Christ. You live for Him, through the cross. Lift up your hearts, and hold holy hands to God. And if the church, anything, starts this way, that way, or people talk or say this, don’t pay any attention to it. Keep your hearts single on the cross and Christ, and live for Him. God grant it to you. We’re at the junctions, the crossroad.
E-150 Shall we bow our heads just a moment, for a word of prayer. I want the sister to play this grand old song, My Faith Looks Up To Thee, 189…-84, while we’re in prayer. I wonder…with your heads bowed.
E-151 We’re at the junction, friend. We are there. All these things, this perversion amongst women and men, this great distress that you see, what is it? I’ve proved it by the Bible. It’s been, every time, the junction. Never before the junction; always at the junction. Just before… See, men has got away now. They got off on theology. “And the days of miracles is passed.” See? You see they did it in every other age.
E-152 But just before the change time, God came down in omnipotence and done the miraculous. That’s why people talk about me and say the things they do. That’s why they talk about all Christians that believe that.
E-153 But you see what happened to them back there, who believed? They was secured. Abraham was just as safe as he could be. Amen. So was Moses; no plagues bothered him or Israel. Neither did it bother Noah. Enoch was taken up before it ever happened, stand up on the banisters of Glory, watching it go on.
E-154 If you’re here this morning, without Christ, know that your soul is not right, while you have your heads bowed. I wish you would, to God. I don’t know when I’ll ever speak to you again. But we’re at the junction. If you want to be remembered in prayer, to God, would you just raise your hand to Him now? God bless you, sir. God bless you, sir. You, you. Yes, God bless you. Many of you, dozens of hands.
E-155 Now while you keep your head bowed, we want the church to softly hum this. If you desire, we got an open altar here, come and offer just a word of prayer with me, to God, for your soul. I’ll be glad to do it, pray with you.
My faith looks up to Thee, (nothing else but Thee)
Thou Lamb of Calvary,
Saviour Divine;
Now hear me while I pray,
Take all my sin away,
O let me from this day
Be wholly Thine!
May Thy rich grace…
E-156 Are you praying? Are you asking Him to be merciful to you? Repent, sinner friend. Right now give Him your life.
My zeal inspire;
As Thou hast died for me,
O may my love to Thee,
Pure, warm, and changeless be,
A living fire!
While she cords another verse, let’s be in prayer now.
E-157 Heavenly Father, well, we’re not much, to begin with, Lord. We just come here because You spoke us into existence. You fed us and kept us. We who have accepted You, are very thankful, Lord, to know this; that someday that we’re going to be changed, this old vile body of humiliation that we live in, will be changed and fashioned and made like unto Your body. We rest safely in this ark.
E-158 And by Thy Word, this morning, by the Holy Spirit, He has brought to the people the sign post. We’re at the end, the change. Signs and wonders are appearing, great things taking place. We know, Lord, that we’re at the end. That’s why these things are here. Most any time, we shall see the Lord coming.
E-159 And, God, I pray, You knowing the hearts of the people. I give unto them this offer, this invitation. They can come, Lord, accept Him now. You said, “He that cometh to Me, I will in no wise cast out. He that heareth My Words, and believeth on Him that sent Me, has everlasting Life, and shall not come into judgment; already passed to everlasting Life.”
E-160 I pray, Father, You’d deal with the hearts of the people today. Not giving them persuading; I believe the day of that is passed. Just what few You got left, Lord, must come soberly, sanely, upon their confession, believing, accepting Christ, and claiming that God has come to their heart and spoke. I pray, God, if You’ve knocked at hearts before, that this will be the knock again today. If it’s the final, give it, Father. Thy Word is Truth. We present It to Thee, now, Lord, that the Holy Spirit will now deal with every heart, while we sing the last verse.
E-161 With your heads bowed. If you desire to come to the altar to pray, sinner friend, come on now, as you accept Christ. Or you that’s backslid, come right now and stand at the altar. We’ll pray right with you. All right.
Life’s dark maze I tread, (that’s what you’re doing)
And griefs around me spread, (death, sickness)
Lord, be Thou my Guide; (O God!)
Bid darkness turn to day,
Wipe sorrow’s tears away,
Nor let me ever stray
From Thee aside.
E-162 With your heads bowed. Brother Wood, I want you to raise your head a minute. Brother Cox, you in the building, and Brother Fleeman? I want you to raise your head, just you men. You see what I told you? “Verily, verily I say unto you, that, a prophet within his own country, among his own.”
E-163 Now, our kind, Heavenly Father, we present this Message unto Thee, Lord, that seeds was sown deep into the hearts of the people; that some glorious day, Jesus shall come, and will find all the saints. Which, He will, and everyone shall be raptured and taken to Glory. And what a day of rejoicing that will be, when Jesus our Lord returns! We realize that we’re so thankful to be living in this day.
E-164 And, God, I repent of everything, and knowing that we could not live in ourselves, Lord, but we’re—we’re sinners, to begin with. And daily, I trust in Thee, knowing that daily I sin, knowing that daily things happen to me and in my life, that You would not be pleased with. And I confess my wrong and accept Thee, My Lord, as my own soul lays at the altar, this morning, at this little tabernacle, prostrate here, Lord.
E-165 O God, I failed You back yonder, with those Divine gifts, as You showed so miraculously yonder, the other night. And I’m sorry. I repented to You, in the vision. And now in my right…In this dimension that I live in now, I repent unto Thee, my Lord, and ask You that You’ll forgive me, and will help me. And by Your grace, that You have already told me that these things was going to take place in the future now. Knowing that they will, therefore, Lord, I ask that You sanctify my soul and my heart, as I give it to You.
E-166 O God, shake not only the earth, but the heavens again. Lord, let us go into the fields yonder, where the millions are waiting, Lord, and hungering and thirsting, and crying and begging, and heathens are dying in darkness.
E-167 O God, shake this great, adulterated nation of America, who has fell in folly, and a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. “O thou son of the morning, how come that you fell?” “You did run well; what happened to you?” But, O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, how oft would He have hovered you! And so is it with America today, as the Holy Ghost cries in my heart, “How oft would I have made you a flaming torch to the nation and to the world! But, you accepted Hollywood, you accepted the fashions of the world. And now you’ve been given over to a Jannes and Jambres. And how your—how your day has come! How that mighty men has swept the nation, how they have combed through for what they could get, and now You’re pulling away and leaving to other nations.” O God, she is set in the ashes of her own ruins. She is set upon her own barrel of glamour. And some glorious day, the Son of God, in His holy righteousness, will be revealed from Heaven, then where will we stand?
E-168 O God, grant today that our hearts be established in Thee. Forgive us of our many sins. And, Father, bless these ministers who are here this morning, Gospel preachers. O God, may they go out today with this Message on their heart, and say, “I see now the end time, the post sign. And I know we’re at the junction, and that’s what all this is about. I wondered why my heart was so, been so stirred for these last few years. Yes, Lord. Yes, Lord.” May they see it.
E-169 May their eyes be opened, they look around here and say, “Yes, here it is, I see all these evil things are signs. They’re supernatural signs from the enemy. Why, he’s doing great wonders. He’s doing great things, insomuch as to make fire fall from heaven. Yes, they’re having satellites all around the earth. And—and they’re natural things, the enemy bringing fire signs; and everything else, the false moons and false suns, and all their other things.
E-170 But, God, You said there would be signs up there, too, that they wouldn’t understand, and we’re living to see it. I’m so thankful, Lord, so thankful for Christ. And I pray that You’ll, by Your humble servant…Penitent tears on my cheeks, God, I give my life to Thee, afresh today. And will You help me, dear God, to stay humble, and keep around me humble men that will serve You, dear God, and will do the work of God until, Jesus, You let death set me free from this tabernacle of humiliation. And then, Father, I want to be with You.
E-171 Bless this dear little church. God, bless our beloved pastor here, our Brother Neville, our dear beloved friend who stands here whether it’s cold or hot, whether it’s going easy or strong, and still claims this unadulterated Gospel of the Lord Jesus. God, bless him and his little wife and children. O God, may he burn the Gospel into the hearts of the people, until Jesus comes. Bless him. God give him great strength. We love him and know he’s a humble man and works for You. And I’m thankful for him, Lord, to leave him with this little—this little sheepfold here, that I once had in here. And, God, I just pray that You’ll help him to bring in many other sheep to the fold. Grant it.
E-172 Do that for every minister that’s present. And not only here, Lord, but throughout the world, for we know the day is needy. The signs are here. The devil is gone about, like a roaring lion, falsely accusing, and impersonations, and, but, God, You’re raising up a standard against it, by the Holy Ghost, and we’re thankful. Now bless us, together.
E-173 And today, Father, as we go to pray for the sick, may You anoint every minister in here, afresh. Grant it, Lord. And may every believer in here be anointed, and every sick person anointed. And may, when we go out of here, may every person be made solid well, and the glory of God over our souls, as we pray in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
My faith looks up to Thee,
Thou Lamb of Calvary,
O Sa-…(Let’s raise our hands as we sing.)… Divine;
Now hear me while I pray,
Take all my sins away,
O let me from this day
Be wholly Thine!
Slowly now, Abide With Me.
E-174 With our heads bowed, we commit all things unto Thee; ourselves, our lives, our service. Use us all, Lord. May every one go inspired, today. May this be a day that we’ll long remember, because of the Holy Spirit being with us and blessing us.
E-175 Now give to the sick, Lord, their needs today. Grant it, Lord. Be merciful, Father. Do this for Jesus’ sake, we pray.
E-176 And now, great Teacher, You taught us all, one day. You taught Your disciples, as an example for all of us. You said, “After this manner pray ye.” [Brother Branham and congregation pray in unison, as in Matthew 6:9-13—Ed.]
…Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come. Thy will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us of our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil: For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen.
E-177 Only Believe, if you will, sister.
E-178 How many is to be prayed for? Could we see your hands, that wants to be prayed for? I wonder if you’d line up, over on the right side here, as many as can. And those on this side, line to the middle aisle here, if you can. Those on this aisle, line over on this side. And the ones in the middle aisle, here. All right. Let’s sing now.
Only believe, only believe.
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only believe.
E-179 How many has ever been in the meeting before, a healing service. Let’s see your hand. All of you has. Oh, my! Omnipotent, the miraculous!
E-180 I wonder. Now just something comes to me, that changes my mind about something right now. I see this prayer line will probably take us till three o’clock again, to get out of it.
E-181 Where is Brother Tom Merrideth? Is he still here? Brother Junior Jackson? Both of them, ministers. You ministers, Gospel preachers, that believe in Divine healing, come here just a minute.
…only believe.
Only believe, only believe.
All things are possible, only believe;
Only believe, only believe,
All things are possible, only…
E-182 Just a moment, I want to ask you something. For, Brother Cox, and many of you here knows that this part of the week, I told you I didn’t want a healing service, this morning, here. But I had some friends to call me, in honor of what? Brother Hall was holding a revival, a healing service, over at Brother Durban’s. And Brother Hall was over there. I made an announcement last week, of his services. That’s the reason I—I made that announcement, because he is our brother, and holding service. And…
E-183 [Some brothers in the congregation begin speaking.—Ed.] Why, why, Brother Hall, is that you, Brother Hall, there? Brother Hall is with us. All right. Brother Hall, are you closing, tonight, brother? I see. Brother Durban is across the river. They’re having healing service. I know Brother Hall, a fine brother, anointed servant of the Lord.
E-184 I wonder, Brother Hall, well, if it would not be asking too much, would you stand with us, this morning, for prayer, for the sick, with us? I hate to put a minister, that’s been praying like that; if you’ll just stand here, and your presence with us, to—to pray for the sick.
E-185 Let’s say, “Thank the Lord for Brother Hall.” [Congregation says, “Thank the Lord for Brother Hall. Amen.”—Ed.] He is having a service over at Brother Durban’s, this week. Many of you has attended it, no doubt. And I learned to love Brother Hall when he was here the other time. And then having so much success, the Lord has given him great success in praying for the sick. And I believe he has been around quite a bit, praying for the sick. And, Brother Hall, would you want to say a word to the folks, anything on your mind? All right, sir. Had a good meeting this week, Brother Hall? We’re so happy for you to be here.
E-186 And now you sick people…Not only that, these ministers here, we’re all lined together as a fortress, believing in Omnipotence. We believe that God almighty, in this last days, of performing miracles, and healing the sick and afflicted, and we see His omnipresence doing just exactly what He said He would do. We’re here to pray for you this morning. And I believe that God will do it.
E-187 And just a moment. [Someone speaks to Brother Branham—Ed.] Brother Jack Oakey, here from the Revival Center? Why, we’d be glad to have you, Brother Jack Oakey, wherever you’re at. And my brother just come told me of a Brother Jack Oakey. Are you in the building? Then, why, you—you come right on up with us, Brother Oakey, wherever you are.
E-188 And other ministers, why, we just happy to have you. If you believe in healing, come here. This is our mission to do these things, and pray for the sick and the afflicted. That’s mighty fine.
E-189 Brother Oakey, where…Is that Brother Oakey standing here with you? No. Oakey, Oakey, I’m so…Huh? What say? [Someone speaks to Brother Branham—Ed.] All right, the evangelist. Whoever you are, come on, minister brother, right on up here, fellowship. Oh, my! That’s wonderful. Come right on. What’s your name, brother? [The brother says, “Brother Jack Arkly.”] Brother Jack Arkly, We’re glad to have you, Brother Jack, with us.
E-190 Now, that’s just fine and dandy. You all can shake one another’s hands, as you come along there, and get acquainted.
E-191 And now here is what the Lord has sent in for us, this morning, to pray for these people, and some of them in dying condition. The lady standing right back there, with the white hat on, got cancer. There is a man standing here in front of me, got cancer. And there’s many—many different thing. Here lays a lady here with a broken ankle that doesn’t heal. We got, oh, many—many things here. A lady sitting here with arthritis, in a wheel chair. She believes that God is going to let her be well. We believe that, too.
E-192 Now, brethren, the only thing we can do is pray. Is that right? [The brethren say, “Amen.”—Ed.] Just pray. I’m just a little too weak today to go into that…?…You see, I’m just…I preached hard.
So, now let’s bow our heads.
E-193 I’m going to ask brothers, if each one will come. And make us a place right down here in front, here, so we can pray for these sick. I’ll come right down with you. And we’re going to pray for the sick, and pass the others through, and pray for each one. And every one of us lay hands on the sick and believe that God is going to make them well. You believe it, brethren? [Brethren say, “Amen.”—Ed.] What about it, Brother Hall, you believe that with all of your heart? All right. It’s going to happen.
E-194 Let us now, if you will, slip out, down the side, the steps there, my brethren, if you will. And make you a little line right along there now. I’ll start—start down here, and we’ll pray.
E-195 And we want all the church to join with us. Will you do it, friends, while we pray for these sick?
E-196 Now, you people, there is fine evangelists here, and ministers of healing campaigns, that’s here to pray with you this morning. And we’re happy to turn the service now to praying for the sick.
Let us pray once more.
E-197 Father, in Jesus’ Name, receive us now. We ask the Holy Ghost to come upon us and to bless us, and to give us that which we are asking for today. May the great omnipotent power of God move in on us just now. And may the Shekinah Glory, O God, that dwelt under the interlocked wings of the Cheribum, may It come under the interlocked arms of the cross, and come upon us, today, Lord, as we come expecting the Power of God. We pray this blessing to the people. May not one, not one, fail, but may every one be healed. In Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
E-198 Now, Brother Neville, if you’ll get the oil and stand at the foot the place here now, while we start. Let’s pray for the lady on the cot, first, then down like that, then we step right back and let the others come through. All right. The Lord bless now.
Everyone in prayer now. Be prayerfully now.
All right, brethren, here. Let’s pray for her healing.
E-199 Our Heavenly Father, our sister who is laying here, she’ll be on this cot the rest of her life. But, we believe, Father, today, as she’s come here to be prayed for. And we, Your brethren, who believe that you will do this for us. We humbly pray and ask in Jesus’ Name, that You will take take this—this condition away from her. Supply the calcium for that foot, her leg, or what is broken. And I pray, be made well, and will be able to walk around, glorify God. With hands upon her, we ask this blessing in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
E-200 Father, God, as we stand here at the altar this morning; and this, our colored sister. Knowing that one day, while Jesus was bearing the cross, up Calvary, at Golgotha, He fell under the load of the cross. And there was a colored man came along, and bear it up; pick it up, helped Him carry it on, walking in the bloody footprints of the cross. Here is one of his daughters sitting here today, Lord, that’s stricken, sick, setting in this chair today. And she would have been all of her life, if Thou would not have mercy, Lord, beyond the doctor. But she never…?…And we pray…?…In Jesus’ Name, that your leg be healed. And may she walk and be made completely whole, in Jesus Christ’s Name. Amen.
E-201 Now, you, do you feel different…?…or not? Come here. Just start. Raise up your feet, or whatever you want to. Then you want to be…?…say, “I got up and went walking through the building.”…?…
E-202 Our Heavenly Father, my brother, my friend, my partner that I’ve knowed so long, called me on the phone, the other night, “Finding, the doctors tell me there is no hope.” The power of cancer, that will take his life.
E-203 Dear God, You know the man’s heart. If there is any contrary thing to Your will, today, anything, may it now be forgiven. May, this morning, this very hour, my Brother Carl comes to Thee, and gives completely, a surrendered life…?…
E-204 God, if Thou…The doctors can’t do nothing for these things. But Thou art the only One Who can move that life out of there, make that malignancy…?…
E-205 And You Who dwells in holiness, You Who dwells in…You are the Shekinah Glory. You are omnipotent. We pray that You’ll perform it tonight, for a testimony for Your Word, of the power of the resurrected Jesus. We condemn the cancer, upon…?…
E-206 Father, God, we now ask for our sister, asking that she be delivered from…?…affections, and so forth. And now, Lord, praying sincerely, but thou will, the same Christ…?…I’m laying hands upon her, Lord!…?…
E-207 Dear God, we lay hands upon this, our brother, who stands before me daily, his prayer crossed it, his spirit crossed it, and he is looking towards—towards the setting of the sun. O God, so did Abraham, a hundred years old; spoke to him and said, “I am the El-Shaddai.” O God, You’re the omnipotent. And we pray, God, that You’ll perform the miraculous and heal this, our brother, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. Amen. Father…?…
E-208 Our Heavenly Father, as anointed ministers of the Gospel, stand today…?…As a congregation met in the days gone by, and after Pentecost they come together and prayed. And, Father, we congregate together, as believing brothers, and all the people. And we asked that the people meet; they have. We ask that he goes away from this young man, today. May be never bother you no more. He knows…?…
E-209 Father, we lay hands upon our sister, and ask that, in Jesus’ Name, that You’ll condemn this sickness of her body, and make her completely whole. When she passes down this line of men, consecrate her life to thee, Lord, believing; called-out, separated life, from the things of the world, and the cold, formal churches, to come into the real Gospel. We ask in Jesus’ Name, Who gives according to what we’ve asked Him. Amen.
E-210 In Jesus’ Name, we lay this handkerchief, Lord, to Thee, and ask for her daughter’s deliverance.
E-211 Father, we lay hands upon our sister, as she goes through this prayer line, asking that You’ll deliver her from this sickness in her body. As we pass her through here, laying hands upon her, Lord, sanctify both gift and…?…Lord. Grant it. In Jesus’ Name, we ask for her healing. Amen.
E-212 Father, God, we lay hands upon our sister, ask it in Jesus’ Name. As she passes through this line of men…?…
E-213 Father, God, we lay hands upon our little brother, and ask it in Jesus’ Name, that You will heal any…?…
E-214 Father, God, we lay hands upon our sister, and ask it, in Jesus’ Name, that You heal her body and make her completely whole. Grant it.
E-215 Father, God, we lay hands upon our brother, and ask it in Jesus’ Name, that You will heal this body. And as he passes down this line of ministers, I pray, God, that the Shekinah Glory will…?…
E-216 I can lay hands upon our dear, beloved brother, and ask, as he passes through here, that he’ll go through that refining Oil, that he’s in prayer for.
E-217 Father, I lay hands upon sister, and asking, through Jesus Christ’s Name, that You’ll heal her and make her whole.
E-218 Father, God, we lay hands upon our sister…?…as we lay hands upon her, in Jesus’ Name, Thy son. Amen.
E-219 Father, God, we lay hands upon our brother…?…diseases, Lord.
E-220 Have faith now, as they passing by. They’re anointed with oil, as the Word taught.
In Jesus’ Name…?…
E-221 Father, God, we lay hands on our sister, Lord, as she goes down this line. At…?…her heart desire…?…
E-222 Father, God, we lay hands on our brother, and ask for his healing.
E-223 [Brother Branham’s words here are heard only in part, and are insufficient to print the complete thought expressed. Prayer line continues here for three minutes and fifteen seconds—Ed.]
E-224 Did you happen to notice, strange? I preached this morning, on “the roads of junction.” Look at the junction here…?…this row of men.
E-225 [Prayer line continues here for six minutes—Ed.]
E-226 O God, the Omnipotent! Grant it, Lord, that the Spirit and power will come upon our sister, making her completely well. We pray, in Jesus’ Name, as she passes down these ministers, may she be completely whole tonight. Amen.
E-227 [Prayer line continues here for forty-five seconds—Ed.]
E-228 Father, in the Name of Jesus, we pray over this handkerchief, same as was taken from the body of Paul. And I call…?…Pray, God, that she be made well, this morning, in Jesus’ Name. Amen.
E-229 Dear beloved, friend, in the Name…Wait, here is a lady coming to be prayed for. Yeah, come right up here. You brethren…
E-230 Our dear Heavenly Father, we lay hands upon our sister. And we’re so thankful for her getting better. May her faith not waiver now. And…?…in Jesus Christ’s Name…?…
E-231 Now what have we done? What the Lord said. Is that right? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.]
E-232 We are happy to have our visiting, minister brethren with us, all these friends. Say, “Amen,” all you that…[Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Well, you’re certainly welcome back, my dear brethren, to be with us. And today, we’re just going to about make it, to—to get out on time. We’re glad you were here. And, my brethren, I pray for you constantly. And you pray for me, wherever you go, and pray now as I go out to the field again. And may our roads cross, time after time.
E-233 Remember, Brother Oakey, I may…I happened to remember his loved ones out there in—in California. Is that Dr. Oakey, of the…[Brother Oakey says, “No.”—Ed.] Oh, the other Oakey. Yes, sir. And I—and I know there’s a lot of Oakey’s out there. I just didn’t know which one he was connected with. I know Dr. Oakey, the dentist, you know. And then, and—and so…Are you a relation to him, too? [“He’s my cousin.”] Your cousin. Well, that’s mighty fine. Fine man!
E-234 Now, what have we did to you people here? Here is what it is. We wouldn’t stand here and lay hands on the sick unless we believed it. We have seen the people about us today, sitting in this audience right here; the people has been cancered, blind, crippled. Just let me show you something, if there’s strangers here. How many here has been healed, that way, of God? Let’s see your hands go up. That’s, blind, cancers, and everything, see. See? He’ll do for you the same. See? Now, we do it, as this: we believe our prayer.
E-235 And now to the closing one, before we turn the service to our Brother Neville, remember the services tonight. And tonight, if there’s anyone that—that you know, loved one that didn’t get in this morning to be prayed for, Brother Hall, here, is at Brother Durban’s. And that will be…And what’s the address, brother? [Brother Durban says, “I don’t know the address.”—Ed.] What? [Another brother says, “Seventeenth and Market.”] Seventeenth and Market, in Louisville, where they’re having a healing campaign. And that was the very reason that I was shy about having service. I—I—I hate to go into a place where someone is holding a—a—a healing campaign, and somebody start one. And that’s the reason I said what I did about not…about the services this morning, is in honor of Brother Hall at Brother Durban’s, ’cause they’re both very dear friends of mine.
E-236 And we don’t want a healing campaign going over here, while Brother Hall has got one going over there. I’m sure of that. And, so, we love him.
E-237 And now, Brother Oakey, where you at, brother? [Brother Oakey says, “Forty-thirty West Market—Ed.] Forty-thirty West Market. The other brother with you there, you’re together? All right. Now that’s at thirty…forty…[“Forty-thirty West Market.”] Forty-thirty, forty-thirty West Market, Louisville, another campaign. And so how long you going to be there, Brother Oakey? [“Preaching there all week.”] All this next week. That’s fine. Now, you all that’s got sick, thirty…forty, West Market. [Congregation says, “Forty-thirty West Market.”] Yeah. Forty-first on West Market. All right. That’s fine. Now is there…
E-238 I seen a couple more ministers. A brother here, you got a campaign going somewhere, sir? No. No. Yeah. Well, that’s very good. That’s fine.
E-239 And this brother here is a—a missionary to the Jew, I believe, isn’t he? And a missionary to the Jews. I think he lives in New Albany. And so we’re very happy to have…
E-240 Did I miss one? Is there someone else somewhere? I—I hope I didn’t; I don’t mean to. Course, Brother Junior Jackson, you know where he’s at in New Albany.
E-241 Brother Tom Merrideth has a broadcast. Do you have a church, Brother Merrideth? No church. It’s just a broadcast. He announced it, a few minutes ago.
E-242 And Brother Neville having service here for you people here, around here, for tonight, and for this coming Wednesday, and throughout the week. And his—his services, his broadcast, is on Saturday morning. All right.
E-243 Everybody feel good? Say, “Amen.” [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] All right, friends. Makes you want to join this good, happy bunch of preachers, and go preach the Gospel, and pray for the sick, too. God grant it to you, friends.
E-244 The young man there who was throwed out of a wreck just recently, had a piece of angle iron, went plumb through his side, sweeping through him, and stuck out the other side, like that. A dear, praying mother! God spared him for some purpose. Since she told me, I thought…This morning, I met him as I come in the hall. He shook my hand. I said, “Aren’t you the boy?”
E-245 He said, “Yes, sir.” Said, “Called to the ministry.” God be merciful! Now, my dear brethren…Just a young man, sitting there with a brown coat on. May God grant that he’ll become a flaming light, while we’re at the junction of the road, son. And, preach the Gospel, preach the full Gospel, preach all the Word of God, and don’t compromise for nothing. Stand right there at the post of duty. God will make a great warrior out of you.
Now, let’s pray this one final prayer now for the sick.
E-246 Our Heavenly Father, we thank Thee for this young man, this morning, too, Lord. And as he sit there this morning, listening at the Word, and seeing these ministers with their hearts aflame, as they laid hands on the sick, as they passed through this line. Seeing the testimonies there, of people raise their hands, that’s been healed of a cancer, and blindness, and deaf and dumb, and cripple. It—it’s a challenge. And we look down this blessed old Word, and It said these days would be here, and here we stand. We see the omnipotent God with His arm outstretched, and signs and wonders a coming. We hear the sound of abundance of rain in the air. We know that we’re in the great day of the last rain.
E-247 When, Satan will be bound and cast into the pit, chained by the chain of circumstance, that he cannot come out and deceive the nations no more. And a thousand years, Millennium reign, will take place on the earth while we are glorifying our Lord Jesus, and adorning Him; crown Him, “the King of king, and the Lord of lords.”
E-248 This old sinful earth will burst open, some of these days, when the atomic powers are loosed, and the hydrogens will. And every sea, and the waters, will…The sea will weep till it’s dry. O God! And the sun will fail to shine. And the moon won’t give its light. And the stars of heaven will fall like an untimely fig tree which is shaken of a mighty wind. And men will cry for the rocks and the mountains. And what’s this little life going to amount to then?
E-249 Then the dead in Christ shall rise. Oh, what a paradise! Nations shall not lift up sword against nation, any more. Neither will we ever have a prayer line for the sick.
E-250 Today is the day of salvation. And, Father, we brought these people to You. And we’ve asked You, in Jesus’ Name, Who said this, “Ask the Father anything in My Name, it’ll be done.” Now, we, it’s not our prayer that we have faith in. It’s His bidding, we have faith in. “Ask the Father anything in My Name, I’ll do it.”
E-251 Now, Satan, you who has been so evil, and has bound these people, and put death upon many of them, and crippled them, and blinded them, and done all kinds of evil to them, you’re defeated. You’re defeated, because we have done just what Jesus said do. Therefore, our faith looks now and says to you, “Leave the people. Come out of them, in Jesus’ Name!…?…And may every one be well, through Jesus Christ’s Name.
Praise the Lord! Now believe.
I can, I will, I do believe;
I can, I will, I do believe;
I can, I will, I do believe
That Jesus heals me now.
I take Him at His Word;
I take Him at His Word;
He brings to me deliverance free,
I take Him at His Word.
I can, I will, I do believe;
I can, I will, I do believe;
I can, I will, I do believe
That Jesus heals me now.
E-252 Don’t you believe it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] With all my heart! Brother Saul, you believe it? [Someone says, “Amen.”] You believe that God will do it, Brother Tony? [Someone says, “Amen.”] Amen. Sister Snyder, you believe it? [Someone says, “Amen.”] Sister, do you believe it? Do you believe it, sister?
E-253 “And faith is that substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” By faith we seen the great walls of Jericho fall! Christ leads you by faith. Do you believe it? [Congregation says, “Amen.”—Ed.] Amen. We believe it. Don’t never have a shadow of doubt, ever. God will finish it. Omnipotent! It’s so sure! I just have to follow it. “These signs shall follow them that believe.” Amen. Isn’t He wonderful? [Congregation says, “Amen.”]
E-254 Now, shall we bow our heads just a moment for the dismissing prayer. We’ll ask…Get circling together, for a little time of fellowship. We’ll ask if Brother Neville, if he’ll come up here now, as we all bow our heads in a word of prayer. As we hum first, with our heads bowed:
I can, I will, I do believe;
I can, I will,…
E-255 Just remember, He is right at your side. He is there to make the real. Just feel His Power coming into you now. “I can?” Certainly, you can.
I’ll take Him at His Word;
I’ll take Him at His Word;
He brings to me, deliverance free, (at Calvary)
And I’ll take Him at His Word.
E-256 As we bow our heads now. Brother Neville, with what you want to say.