Show Us The Father And It'll Satisfy

Date: 56-0422 | Duration: 1 hour and 57 minutes
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Spindale House Recreation Center in Spindale, Nort
E-1 God Bless you. Good evening, friends. I feel very humble and small to have a person like Brother Parton here to tell, say such a--an honorable introduction. And I certainly can repay that compliment and say it's mutually felt. I met some mighty fine men, but I don't believe I ever met a nicer, humbler, better brother than our Brother Parton. I'm so glad to know that this fine host of people here in this city and around about, has a--a pastor here like Brother Parton. He's a very fine brother.
And I'm sure the other day when we suggested to have this closing service on Sunday afternoon so that every pastor could have his--his own service that night. And Brother Parton so humbly said, "That's just--that's just fine." I'm sure that's appreciated by every pastor and--and every member of every other church...?... That's a real gentleman besides a Christian, isn't it? That's--that's right, to do that. I'm sure all the pastors appreciate that. Hoping someday that, God willing, we can get back up in this country with the tent, so we can stay longer and have a good long service.

E-2 I have come to you, brother, with difficulty, because I come to you real tired. This is the longest I've went for the last six or seven years without a break of rest. This is four months, constantly, from one service to another. And then it's made it awfully hard. My throat is weak and tired. And I've got two more services yet before I have any--any rest. I haven't been able to speak very much, or preach much on the Word. Just merely a little testimony or something and go ahead. You've rallied around it wonderfully and I do appreciate it. You don't know how I appreciate each and every one of you.
And I realize in audience of this size, if I should come back a year from now, there's some of you won't be here. If I'm here, some of you won't be. Somebody will go, maybe some of you young folk might be in an accident, go meet the Lord. And maybe it'd be some of you elderly people that's about lived your life up, some sick person, I don't know. Maybe I'll go; I don't know. That all lays in the hand of God.

E-3 But if I would come back, of this many people, I'm sure somebody will be gone, this will be our last time to see each other on earth. And I'm so happy to know that our last meeting like this, that you have come and have rallied around the Word of God that I have preached to you from the Bible. And I'm so glad to know that Brother Parton, here has... Am I saying that name right? Parton, Parton. That he was... brother... And the introduction he gave me the other night over at the church and saying when he read the book, he wondered sometime if I would come.

E-4 Well, I was to come to his church, not to an auditorium, to the church. And that's something I've seldom held a meeting in, in a church, because of the congestion. But I've always thought this, friends, we know one another, talk heart to heart with each other a while, don't we? Just for the closing this afternoon. I always try to do this...?... Usually, when a man just gets a little blessing from God, the first thing you know, he will go to thinking he's a little bigger than somebody else. And when you do that, you're on your road down. That's right. No matter how little the place is, I go to little churches sometime that won't even seat over a dozen people, little missions, preach just as hard as I would in a big auditorium. Well, what difference does it make? The Church is where we're gathered together. Jesus said, "Wherever two or three are gathered together in My Name, I'll be there in their midst."

E-5 And we come, who knows... You remember the conversion of Dwight Moody, I believe it was, and the old wash woman had washed all week and passed out her tracts in the early Methodist days. And no one would receive them, throw them on the ground and walk by and thought they were holy-rollers and so forth. And she'd rented an old livery stable, cleaned it out, put her old wash bench down there. Little old boy come by with his daddy's suspenders on, hair hanging down his face, said, "Woman, what are you passing out?"
Said, "Tracts, sonny." Give it to him.

E-6 When the preacher come to preach that night, you know who was there? The old woman and the little boy. The preacher was a gallant old man, in glory today. He preached that sermon just practically burning on his heart, made his altar call for one pupil, the little boy. I don't think it was Moody; I'm sorry, I think that it was either, it might've been Smith. Or ever who it was sent nearly a million souls to Christ when he knelt at the altar that night. He didn't know who it... You don't know what you're doing. Sometimes it's the little places, you're doing something for God; we're working for one big cause, the Kingdom of God. And that's for all people to work for that end.

E-7 I've noticed to... When I first started, and I knew there'd be a lot hooked up with this, and there's nobody on the field in them days. And me being a Baptist and coming out amongst Full Gospel people, I realized what it was going to be. And there was three things that I noticed in the Bible that always...?... a minister. And one of them was money, and the other one was popularity, and women. So I know that Saul fell because of popularity, Balaam because of money, and Samson because of women. So then I know those three things was a hindrance that we must always keep covered up. And money of course, would be the--the greatest. And... or trying to think you're just a little better than somebody else.

E-8 I--I tried, Christian friends, tried my best; by God's grace I can say with His grace, all of its been in the background. You pray that I can keep it that way. I never took money. I suppose that... Billy told me a few minutes ago, said, "Daddy, I think they took you up a love offering." That wasn't necessary, didn't have to do that. I never come for that purpose; God knows that. No, sir. I'm a poor man, could have been a multi-millionaire. Many of you knows that I was give at one time one million five hundred thousand dollars at one time. When the agents brought it to me, I refused to look at their order; I said, "No, sir, I wouldn't put my hand on it."

E-9 They said, "Oh, my," said, "but this man's worth twenty-eight million dollars. He owns a big Mission Bell Winery and all."
I said, "I don't care what he owns, sir; my Father owns the cattle of every hill and He... I--I don't have any need of the money."
And he said, "Well, I was just seeing your mother's home and yours here, the parsonage," and said, "you could use it."
I said, "Yes, when I need it, Father will send it to me. But I--I don't need it now."
And I refused to look at it: A million five hundred thousand dollars in one offering. I'd rather take fifty cents or a dime from so-and-so, and so-and-so, and let everybody have a part in it, then to take a big lot of money. Heartaches, troubles, and then you think, "Well..." It's just too much, the curse of the love of it. And I--I was born poor, raised poor; my people are poor; I want to die poor. The only thing I want to have when I die is favor with God; that's all I want. I brought nothing into this world, it's certain we take nothing out. That's true. So what we get from the line of God, is only thing we can take with us. So if you ever want to pray for me, it's not to have money, not to have big homes, or be popular, but just pray that I can stay in the hands of Christ, mold, clay, that He can mold me, and use me, in any way that He sees fit to do it. I'll pray the same thing for you, that you'll be the same way.

E-10 Now, perhaps, pretty soon, I'll be brazing the fronts of Africa, different parts of the world again. I always ask this at my meeting. Things are going hard... You can imagine how they go sometime. You'll never know, Christian friends, no, you'll never know what it is, a life of this type. Some of you think it's all flowers; you don't have the least idea, my dear brother, or sister. I wished I could swap my position today, if it be pleasing to God, for some minister who come just preach the Gospel and walk out and make his altar call, instead of having... going through this. Well, you don't know what it is. But that was my life; that's what I have to do.

E-11 A few years ago when I left on my first trip, my little girl Rebekah was remarking one of my going out. I was gone six months before returning. I'd just go from place to place. I stayed eight days and nights and never left the platform; I said, "I'll pray for all of them or die here trying." Well you, no need of trying, there's more at the end than there was when I started. The prayer line constantly going all the time, thousands and thousands coming through the prayer line. They'd bring orange juice; I'd sleep, put my head up against the pulpit, and sleep, and start the prayer line again. Stay right there with them. They'd stay right standing in the rain and everything, waiting.

E-12 When I got home, my little girl didn't know me. I was a stranger. She said... Her mother had been showing her my picture. But when I come home I'd lost my hair; my face was wrinkled, drawed up; I'd lost about twenty-five pounds of weight. That wasn't her daddy. That like to killed me when I know my own child wouldn't know me. Well, that's the way it's been...?... with Billy. But I know Him. I want Him to say on that day, "You done the best you could, so it'll be all right," as long as that's all right.

E-13 Some woman said to me not long ago; she had followed several meetings and tried to get in at different places to be prayed for, poor thing. Finally she got in; she was prayed for. When she started to leave, she just broke down, started weeping, said, "Brother Branham, can I ask a question?"
I said, "Sure, sister."
She said, "When do you ever get any rest?" This is about four o'clock in the morning. Said, "When do you ever get any rest? Look at that group of people that are still waiting."
I said, "Sister, when I cross over on the other side, that's when I want to get rest."

E-14 Here we can't rest here. The sun's a setting; souls must be saved; something's to be done. If it's to ever be done, it's got to be done right now. I believe that. And I--I want you to pray for me, that God will keep me so that He can use me. I want Him to say whenever He wants something done, say, "I got a servant I can put My trust in; he will do what I tell him to do." That's what I want to be.

E-15 And you don't know, I look around, think of the sick folks, look around see these gray headed men setting here, and women. Wished I had time to give you my view on what's going to happen to me someday, out of the Bible. I can prove it to you; you're going back to young men and women again. But when I see the way you are, and see some of you get sick...?... bad sick, heart trouble. And that's number one killer.

E-16 A crippled person, I've noticed, I'm so glad for cots and things has emptied up at night. But you see a crippled person, they might live an ordinary life like that; it's awfully hard, sure it is. But a man with heart trouble's got to have something done right away or he's going to die. See? The man may have a good heart and good lungs that's crippled; he will live. But this other fellow's got to have something done immediately or he's going to die. Tubercular, cancer, that's the thing; that's the killers. Crippled doesn't kill you, but them things is what kill you. When I think, "What could I do for the person? What's my best approach? What--what can I do?" Then that gets me. The only thing I can do is--is to, by a gift...

E-17 If I knowed that coming down, getting each one of you in my arms, and hugging you, and--and praying with you, and getting down on the floor, or take a quarter and lay it on the floor and push it with my nose all the way over these cities and back, I'd try; I sure would. But that wouldn't do you any good. The main thing is for you to get faith up here in Christ. See? And the little humble gift that He has given me, is to bring your faith up to meet that. I hope you always understand that. And maybe if you don't understand, just pray and I'm sure He will let you know it.

E-18 Thanks to you for the offering. Is that... That was right, wasn't it? Thank you Brother Par--Parton, I sure appreciate it. To you and all your members, all you people, the members of the Body of Christ. I do. I'm not worthy of your offering, that's right. But I have an awful expense. My office and home runs a hundred dollars a day right there whether I'm preaching or not (See?), a hundred dollars a day. I have no income at all, no sponsors of any denominations, nothing at all, no underwriters, nothing, just the free will offerings the people sends and give me. And sometimes I go hundreds of dollars in the red. And then maybe I get a good big love offering somewhere of four, five, six hundred dollars, maybe a thousand, two thousand. I have gotten as much as five thousand in an offering. What I do, I go to my secretary and say, "How much do we need?"
Say, "Well, Billy, we're about fifteen hundred in the red."
I say, "Well, go pay it off. Now, how much it going to take to run till we get this other?"

E-19 "And it'll take another five hundred to run till you go to the next meeting." Well then the rest of it, put it in foreign missions so that I know... Then when it's got enough built up there, enough momentum built up, I can go overseas and preach to them poor little naked, starving, heathens, and things, and see them led to Christ. Then I know I'm just a steward of God's money and I got to give an account for what I do with it. And I know then it isn't given out to some--something to be rode around and taken on safari trips and things like that. I know it's done gone to the Kingdom of God. That's right. And then where--when I answer it'll be the best that I know how to do. Because I take the money and preach the Gospel with it to the heathens.

E-20 And I know you're right there. Every missionary is always right. "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature," that's general orders. So you're always right. And I'll assure you this, friends, every penny... Some of you mothers and dads got little kiddies and things, I hope you didn't hurt yourself in doing that. I hope you didn't. And I pray that it'll return to you a hundredfold. And then, I'll assure you that every penny will put to, best of my knowledge, to the Kingdom of God.
I got children to feed; I got a home to be taken care of and things to do. But everything outside of that, I'll put it right to the Kingdom of God to the best of my knowledge. Thank you for your confidence to believe that I'd do it. The Lord bless you.

E-21 Some more handkerchiefs are here to be prayed over. Just remember, write me any time. The night never gets too dark, or the rain never falls to hard, but what I'm ready to do for you what I can do. So you just write me at any time; ask for a cloth or--or contact by telephone somewhere where I could get to it and pray for you. I couldn't come to your home 'cause... 'Less an...?... the Holy Spirit would give a vision, I'm constantly on the move with that all the time. But just say, I'd come to your home, you can imagine how many... We was estimated the other day that we come in personal contact with over ten million, so you can imagine of what that would be. See, you couldn't hardly make a statement and be just. I would like to do it, but just can't. And I'm sure you--you good people understand that. Hope to be back with you again sometime. Now, thank you again if I...
And I want to comment the ushers, the musicians, the lady that plays the piano here, and all, for all you--all you've done; you've just been real nice. Thank you.

E-22 And to you pastors, you cooperating pastors, God bless you. All of you get your hearts together now and let's come back again and all be together and have a great big meeting. All you Methodists, Baptists, Pentecostals, Full Gospel, Foursquare, all of you, let's be together. We're going to be together up there, so let's get together down here and work for the Lord together. Don't you think that's right? Yes. Let us speak to Him now while we pray for the handkerchiefs.

E-23 Dear heavenly Father, God is a looking here and even our little automobile, little toy of some child... O God, poor little fellow, maybe he didn't have a handkerchief, because I prayed over his little toy, while he was playing with it, it'd be healed. Will You grant it, Lord? From the depths of my soul I ask Thee to hear my prayer.
Here's little handkerchiefs and parcels; they're going to those who are needy. O God, look down, please God, grant that every one of them will be touched by Your power Divine, they'll get just what their asking for. Maybe some of them is for homes that are fixing to break up, Satan separating mother and dad. O God, come to them quickly; put Your arms around them, Father, and let them know that in the garden of Eden You made a helpmate for a man, husband and wife become one. Don't let it happen. Bless all these things. Grant it. Get glory out of it all, Father. We ask it in Jesus' Name, Thy Son. Amen.

E-24 Gypsy Smith once said, they took up a love offering for him one time and he said... It--it was a lovely big offering; it was in London, England, I think, maybe down at the Royal George Hall, somewhere he's holding his meeting. And he said after it was all over and when he started to leave that night, there was a little ragged girl standing on the back of the step. Said, "Mr. Smith, I didn't get to give you my love offering with the rest of them 'cause I couldn't get in. But I thought maybe I'd just give you my love offering here."
And he said, "Thank you, honey."
When he was coming in he opened it up, it was a little paper, had a little note on it: "Pappy give me this lollipop about two weeks ago, and my daddy was saved in a meeting from being a drunkard, and this is my offering."
He said, "Of all the money the people give him didn't mean anything like that, that poor little ragged child."

E-25 That's all she had. She thought maybe he could enjoy the lollipop or had a child somewhere. The simplicity of children teaches us a lot of things, doesn't it, just how simple? You seldom see God turn one down; He just can't. They come so simple like. That's the way we should be.
You're so nice, I could talk to you all evening, but I got six hundred and something miles to drive right now, soon as this is over, to get back to Charlotte to begin next Wednesday night. Pray. And the brother, I believe it's the Fox Theater up there. Come up and see us, we'll be glad to have you come up. I want to try to bring my wife and little Joseph back. We never get a... My two little children, three I have... Billy was from another mother that's gone on to glory many, many, years ago when I was a young Baptist minister. And I been both mother and daddy to him, and we been chums together, and he sticks with me, goes around, helps me, and been a lot to me. And pray for him too. And years I was single, and I remarried again. I have three children: two little girls, little Rebekah, Sarah, and Joseph.

E-26 If there's any--if there's any credit to be given to the Branham family, give it to Mrs. Branham. Thirty-seven years old, completely gray headed, she stood between me and the public for these years, the buffer at the door, everywhere. Where a lot of even fanatic and things which has come up with, they trying to curse and say if they don't do so-and-so... Poor little fellow's so nervous she can hardly get along. I'm going to try to bring her out because you're such a lovely people here in Carolina; I want her to meet you, and you to meet her. We take the little girl out of school next week, God willing, to bring her along for the time.

E-27 Now, to speak to you just a little from the Word, if you'll pardon it; we'll pray for the sick. Always remember, friends, that I say this, and I take it on record, you see these recorders are going on. Watch Him what He says. See? A vision does not heal you. A vision is what God is showing to build your faith to a place to accept the finished work of Christ at Calvary. How many knows that? Now, how many thoroughly understands it? See? There's nothing I have to heal you or the vision won't heal you.

E-28 Now, a vision will come to build a person, a lot of times I see you're going to die; I never say nothing, maybe just "The Lord bless you, go on." I say it that way so that, you know, even if death has been pronounced upon a human being, sometimes prayer can change death. Did you know that? The Bible said so. Well, it did happen. Hezekiah was laying sick, and the prophet Isaiah, he was a prophet of God, went up and told him he was going to die, he wasn't coming off the bed.

E-29 So Hezekiah turned his face to the wall and wept bitterly. Listen to his prayer. "Lord, I beseech Thee to consider me; I've walked before You with a perfect heart." That's the way to pray. "I've walked before You with a perfect heart." God spared him. How embarrassed that prophet was to go back, taken back all he said. He went back and said, "God's heard your prayer."
Now, listen, who is the biggest man in the nation? The king. Well, why didn't He speak to the king then if the king was speaking face-to-face with Jehovah? The conversation was between the king, or the king was speaking to Jehovah. Why didn't Jehovah speak right back to the king? 'Cause he's the highest man in the nation, and the king of the greatest nation in the world. And there the greatest King of heaven, the King of kings was speaking back to the king, or the king of the earth was talking to the King of heaven. And then He goes back and sends His prophet back around. Strange, isn't it? See?

E-30 I... You probably won't forgive me for holding you like this...?... Just--just showing you something, friends. Excuse me for saying that: explain something to you. God has certain ways to work. How many understands that say, "Amen." [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] All right. God has certain ways to work. And you got to work according to His way of working. See? You can't go in your way and your thoughts, and--and you got to go His way.

E-31 Now, listen at this, let me give you a little illustration. Here's a--a crop over on this hill, and it's just burning up for water. Can you hear me? A crop on this hill a burning up for water, and over on this hill (you own both hills), and over here's a artesian well just spurting up water and going to waste. Now, what if you stand out there and say, "I want this water to come over on my crops. Water, I command you to go over there on my crops. Water, I command you to go over there on my crops." It'll never go over. Certainly not.

E-32 But there is a law of gravitation. Now, you can get that water over here if you'll work it the right way. If you'll work according to the laws of gravitation you can bring that water round that mountain and throw it right on this side and irrigate that whole crop. Is that right? You stand out there screaming, "Water, come over here, water, come over here," it won't do it. But if you work according to the laws of gravitation, you get your water over there. But you've got to work according to the laws of gravitation.
Now, Benjamin Franklin once said that there's enough electricity in a room to blow it up, if the--the heat and so forth was separated. And the heat from the cold, making the lightning, or the electric...

E-33 Now, what if you stood out in the middle of one of these great big woods some night out here on the mountain, and you were saying, "Oh, electricity, I'm lost out here; I can't see a thing; they're--you're here electricity; I know you're here. So all you electricity, come on, and light up the way, and make me a way out."
The electricity's there; that's true. But you don't get it that way. You have to work according to the laws of electricity. Is that right? If that electricity is brought down, run through a generator out to a light, it'll light the way to show you out. But you got to work according to the laws of electricity.

E-34 The same way it is by God. Here's a sick man dying; the doctor can do no more for him. But he can't just holler, "Hey, Jesus, I want You to come and heal me," say, "I'm going to do this." That won't work. You got to work according to the laws of the Spirit. That's right. See, you got to work according to God's laws.
Now, I'm going to read some out of His Word and then we're going to speak on the Word for a few minutes and have prayer service for the sick. In Saint John 14, and beginning with the 5th verse...
Thomas saith unto Him, Lord, we know not where Thou goest; and how can we know the way?
Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto Me but by--or to the Father, but by Me.
If you had known Me, ye should have known My Father also: and from henceforth you know Him, and have seen Him.
Philip saith unto Him, Lord, show us the Father, it'll suffice us.
Jesus said unto Him, Have I been so long time with you, and yet hast thou not known Me, Philip? he that hath seen Me has seen the Father: and how sayest thou... Shew us the Father?
Believest thou not that I am in the Father, and the Father in Me? the words that I speak unto you I speak not of Myself: but of the Father that dwelleth in Me, He doeth the works.
May the Lord add His blessings to the Word. I'm going to speak this afternoon for the next twenty minutes, or so forth on "Show Us The Father, and It'll Satisfy."

E-35 Now, if God is such a great person, why can't we see Him? That all... That right? Now, we're going to see if I can make God, bring God, rather, to your--so you'll be sure to see Him right here this afternoon. Would you rejoice in it? Now, if God's such a great person, why can't we see Him? If He's the Maker of the human being, why can't we see Him? And Philip said, you know, "Show us the Father and it'll satisfy."
Now, I'm going to take four ways of seeing God. Wish we could take a hundred, but I'm just going to take four ways, and hurry right through them, and see if we can't see God. Now, we're going to speak of God in His universe, God in His Word, God in His Son, God in His people. And now, let's see if we can see God.

E-36 Now, it's many times it's been said that no man can see God at anytime, the Bible said so. But the only begotten of the Father has declared Him. Philip, here was very inquisitive; he wanted to see the Father. Says here He said, "I've been so long with you, Philip, and you don't know Me?" Said, "When you see Me you see My Father."
In other words, you see the Father express Hisself through the Son. Him and the Father were one in the sense that His Father was dwelling in Him, not Him doing the works; He was a Son, Himself, the immortal, virgin born, Son of God. And then in Him was dwelling the God the Father, expressing Hisself to the world, His attitude towards the people. See? Well, that's how Christ and God were one. God was in Christ reconciling the world to Himself. Now, He said, "When you see Me, you see the Father, and why do you say, 'Show us the Father?'"

E-37 Now, let's look at God in His universe. We take the great cycle of the world. Did you know, no man up to this day, or no science can prove what makes this world turn the way it's turning? Did you ever try it? They have many times to swing a ball into the air and make it whirl, and it won't stay in the same category. It'll be slowing up or speeding up; it'll never stand the same one split second, on the same turning, because it's whirled by a certain motion.
But this world is turning so perfectly that even they can tell you when the moon and star and sun will go into eclipse twenty years away. That's perfect. There isn't a piece of machinery in your automobile, or no other piece of machinery anywhere, will operate that perfectly. They can tell you the very minute, twenty and thirty years away when the sun will go into the eclipse, timing it by the revolution of its turning. How wonderful, how it sets there. And I said, "What is gravitation?"

E-38 No one knows. It's something a turning it, they don't know why it's a turning? But it's perfectly turning. If it would move just a little bit towards the world, it would burn up. If it went a little bit away from the world, it'd freeze up. But it stays just perfectly. And the summer and the winter and the seasons comes perfectly. That's shows there's a mastermind behind it. There has to be.
Here sometime ago, I was talking to an infidel. I was in Colorado. We were going back across the mountain. And I was walking along, trailing along an elk. And he rode up, and--on his horse, and he said, "Hello."
And I said, "How do you do, sir?"
And he said, "Where you going?"
I said, "I'm going back to see... The ranger sends me back to a--a camp back here, the cow camp."
"That's top of the hill," he said, "follow this--this trail." Said, "What are you doing?"
I said, "Trailing an elk."
He said, "I don't want to lie, tell you you're a liar, but you're trailing a cow."
And I said, "I've hunted enough to know the difference between an elk and a cow." See? And he said... "Elk don't have a foot like that, or a cow don't have a foot like that; it's an elk track."
He got down and looked at it again, said, "Well, maybe you're right." He said, "You hunted before?"
I said, "A little bit."
He said, "Where you from?"
I said, "Indiana."
He said, "What's your occupation?"
I said, "A game warden."
He said, "You're not even welcome in the country," real rough, hardboiled.

E-39 I said, "Well, I'm here anyhow." I said, "Bob Steel sent me back here which is the Interstate Game Commission. I'm back here to hunt a grizzly bear."
He said, "There's no grizzlies back here."
I said, "He said there was. I'll take his word for it."
So, he said, "Can you ride?"
Now, you have to be careful when saying that. And I said, "Oh," I said, "I rode a little bit." And I said, "I'm no rider though."
Said, "Think you can ride this horse?"
Said, "Yes, sir."
"Well, jump on." He said, "And you're a game warden?"
I said, "Not of this country." 'Cause I knowed if I'd been, he was a violator. So I said, "Not of this country, of Indiana."
And he said, "Well..."
I said, "I have got nothing to do with your laws here. I'm just back here as a courtesy; I'm hunting this bear."
And he said, "Well, I don't believe the bear's back there."
And I said, "Well, we'll know more about that when I hunt him."
And he said, "Get a pretty good wage?"

E-40 And I said, "No, not much." I said, "See, the reason I'm a game warden," I said, "I do that for my occupation, for a living, but I am minister."
He said, "A what?"
I said, "A preacher."
He said, "You look too intelligent for that."
And I said, "Well now, sir, that's the most intelligent thing that I know of."
And he said, "Now, you believe that virgin birth?"
And I said, "Yes, sir."
He said, "I want you to tell you the first place; I'm an infidel."
And I said, "Well, that's nothing to brag about."
And he said, "Well," he said...

E-41 A... I said, "I don't mean to get back at you; I'm riding your horse." But I said, "I just want you to know, tell you this thing, that you're a fallen brother, and you're--you should be straightened out."
Said, "You straighten me then. You straighten me on the virgin birth, I'll accept it." He said, "I don't believe there's one word of it true."
I said, "You don't?"
He said, "No, sir, it's against all scientific proof."
I said, "What books have you read?" He'd read Darwin, the "Ethics of Darwin" and so forth. I said, "Yeah, but you haven't read the right Book."
"Oh, I've read the Bible too."
I said, "Well, you don't believe It?"
He said, "Look, preacher,..." After about a hour's discussion, he said, "There's not a possible way in the world for that to be." He said, "It's against all scientific..."
I said, "You'll never know God by science. You know God by faith."

E-42 And he said, "It's against all scientific rules." He said, "Look, there has to be actual a contact between male and female even to a corn, and to fruit, and everything else, the bees packing the pollen, everything." Said, "It has to be." Said, "It has to be." Said, "It just simply can't be."
I said, "Well, you were telling me how the world got here, how the sun and moon slicked off of the piece of one another, just spilling out here. Where the--and how the first man was a sponge, and he become a monkey and so forth, all that." I said, "Now, all those things, there's... You have to believe that by book. And I just--I--I got faith enough to believe that. I just believe what God's said is the truth."
And he said... I said, "And you don't believe that that could be a virgin birth?"
He said, "No. The first place I don't even believe there's anything to make it a virgin birth."
I said, "Almighty God, the Creator."
Said, "I don't even believe in one."

E-43 I said, "Well, then you're in awful shape, sure enough." I said, "I want to ask you something." You know mama always told me, an old saying, "Give the cow enough rope and she'll hang herself." And that's right.
"I want to ask you something. Will you admit now that He had a mother, according to the Scriptures?"
"Yes, Mary was His mother. But it's impossible for be a Creator Being (See?), that created Him, He had to have a actual contact with a earthly father, which you claim was Joseph or some other man."
Said, "That's exactly right."
I said, "No man could come here by a mother without having an actual earthly father."
He said, "That's correct."

E-44 I said, "Then how did the first man get here, let it be monkey, tadpole, or whatever it might be; he had to have a papa and a mama both according to your sensation?" He's never answered me to this day. That's right. See, you have to believe that He is. I said, "Brother, your ideas are thinner than the broth made out of a shadow of a chicken that starved to death." I said, "You--you just haven't got nothing to stand on, 'cause that's wrong."
And now, the man is a staunch Christian, loves the Lord Jesus. I led him to Christ about two or three days after that. The man only camped back one night, about one o'clock when he looked at the stars hanging right above him.
Now, you see, you have to know God. God's in His nature working. How could that flower there, what would make that flower yellow, and the next one white, and the next one blue? How do they die and come up again? How did God move this great...?...

E-45 Did you ever stand and watch the sun go down and something come over you and just cry? I did that a many time. Here some time ago, I was speaking somewhere. Few days ago I was telling about it. I hope it wasn't here. But anyhow. I was hunting elk one fall, way up on top of a mountain. And it was cold up there. And in the fall of the year the rains come, and then the sun comes, and then the--the snow comes and melts it off. It's just stormy like. The elk herd was way high.

E-46 I love the mountains. My--my mother's mother was full blooded Cherokee Indian out of the valleys here, and my conversion never taken that away from me; I love nature. Because I see God in nature. How can a tree shed forth its leaves and--and all of its life run right down into the other house, and live down here till winter's a passed, then come back up and produce leaves and apples and things again? God has to do it. Certainly, anybody that's mentally right would know that. God's in His trees. God's in the sunset. God's in the little bees. How did you get air condition? Found it from the bee. How he packs the pollen, goes in there... He only lives six weeks. His little wings flops back and forth all night long where he totes water, some of them brings water, and he works himself to death. His little wings gets brittle, he drops off, and the birds pick him up. Six weeks is--is his normal life for a bee. And how that God moves through His nature, and watches it, how He does it.

E-47 Up there this year I was walking around, and there was a... If you'll just look anywhere, you'll see God, if you'll just believe it. And up there on the mountain I was going along, not so much to hunt the elk and things, my, no. Just to get to myself, out of the meeting, here alone, get the rifle in your hand, a pair of moccasins on, take off, hike thirty-five, forty miles a day, through the snow cliffs and around just everywhere, be by yourself, be alone, where you could stop and look around and see Him. Set up on top the mountain.
Florida, I hope I don't hurt your feelings, you from Florida. When I took my first visit to Florida and crossed the line, I signed my part of it over at the Seminole Indians. All that there artificial makeup puts me to the mind of a woman trying to be pretty with a lot of Max Factor on her. That's a shame. Yes, sir, she's artificial. Get her on a wash stand; she won't look that way. And that's what I think about Florida, all made up, and that's--that's not nature. I like to look at it the way God made it, way He had it in the beginning, the great hills, beautiful. That's the way God made it. And you look at God in the nature there, and you can see it.

E-48 So one day, walking along, there come up a storm, and I got behind a tree in and a old blow down way up high, because the elk herd never come down yet. The storm hadn't been severe enough to run them down; it's dry down the bottom; it has to take stormy weather to run them down. So I got behind the tree and was standing right like, this behind the tree till the storm blowed over.
After the storm blowed over... It turned cold during the time of the storm, when the twister went through. And I looked, and where the--it all froze, where the water froze and icicles hanging on the evergreens, you know; they was all froze over like chunks of ice. Way back over into the western country, between the crevices of the rock, the sun was setting. And I looked, and there formed a rainbow across the big valley there, where it way high. I was probably forty, fifty miles from a living human being. And there, that great beautiful rainbow, and I said, "O great Jehovah, how great You are. There's the sign that You'll never destroy the world with water." Rainbow means a promise. I looked at that and I thought, "O God, surely You're up here in the mountains. How wonderful it is."

E-49 Just then I heard something. I stopped as any hunter would, listened, it was a bugle. What was it? Was a bull elk; he was lost from the tribe. They begin to bugle over here; the storm had separated them, and they were bugling one to another. And oh, my, as David said, "The deep goes to calling to the deep."
Way back over on this side of the mountain the old gray wolf got to hollering. The mate answered it down in the bottom. Now, you talk about a man crying; it'll make you. There's something about it; you love it. There's something that moves. I was standing there, saying, "O Jesus, Son of God, how great You are." That's a great awesome God that we have everywhere you look. I could hear Him in the elk herd. I could hear Him in the timber wolf. I could see Him in the rainbow. Everywhere you look you can see Him. How beautifully it is to watch Him. You have to get it in here first.

E-50 A little boy in our country was, used to, he went to the church; and he'd got to hear about what a great Fellow God was. So he said, "Mama, can any man see God, He's so great?"
She said, "Ask the pastor, honey; how would you expect me to know?"
Well, she went--he went to the pastor, said, "Pastor," said, "could any man see God?"
Said, "No, son, no. No man can see God and live."
He went to his Sunday school teacher; she said, "No, no one can see God and live."

E-51 He loved nature. There's a island just above us called a Six Mile Island. And old man fished up there, just gone to glory recently, old white beard and white hair. One day the little boy had been with him up the river. Coming back down the river it come a rain, and the sun was going down in the west and causing a--a rainbow in the east. As the old fisherman tipping along with his oars, tipping the water as only a boatman can appreciate nature. And when he begin to tip them like that, the first thing you know, making a noise as he tipped along like that, he looked up, all the leaves was washed off from the dust in the midsummer, and seen the rainbow. He set pulling again, he'd stop his oars, and let them tip as the boat sailed along.

E-52 After while, the little boy, setting in the stern of the boat, noticed on the old fisherman's face, tears rolling down his white beard. The little boy got all excited; he run up to the middle of the boat, fell down at the old fisherman's lap, and said, "Sir, I'm going to ask you a question my father could not answer, my pastor could not answer, my Sunday school could not answer, my mother could not answer."
Said, "What's that, sonny?"
Said, "If God's so great, why can't we see Him?"
He just pulled the oars in his lap and commenced crying, put his arm around the little lad, he said, "Sonny, all I've seen for the past forty years has been God." See?
So much God in the old man's heart, that he could see Him everywhere he looked. If you get Him in here, you can see Him out there. That's right. He will use your eyes to look through. You'll not see harms, and dangers, and faults, and things, you'll only see God, wherever it is.

E-53 I remember standing there by the side of this tree, to finish the story of that 'fore we go to another subject. Standing there beside the tree, I was just a praising God. I lifted up my hands and started crying. You're--you'll probably call me a holy-roller anyhow, so you might as well get used to it now. I ran around that tree just as hard as I could go, screaming at the top of my voice. Why, if somebody come there, they'd thought somebody was there out of the insane institution, or the Salvation Army was out there in the woods. I was screaming, and a running, and a hollering as hard as I could. I had to give vent to my feelings. God was all around me. There He was in the rainbow. There He was in the wolves. There He was in the elk herd. There He was everywhere. I said, "O Jehovah, oh, I love You." And around, and around, and around that tree I went again just as hard as I could.

E-54 I looked out; I seen the sun setting; I said, "Oh, Your all-seeing eye, You watch over me. There You are hollering up yonder in the wolf? There You are bugling in the elk. Oh, You're everywhere, Jehovah." And around and around that tree I went again. I couldn't help it. There was something in me called out to worship. I was in His Presence in the greatest cathedral I ever set in in my life, God's great cathedral. Hearing them pines come together, that whisper in the pines singing, "There's a land beyond the river, that they call the sweet forever." As it was singing like that, them pines a whispering, oh, I thought, "That's right, Lord. Hallelujah." I said. That great land somewhere. And I was a worshipping. And I stopped. I was just having a great big old fashion jubilee by myself. But I didn't care who heard me. I was worshipping God. So I stopped a few minutes. I thought, "Oh, how wonderful."

E-55 I begin to hear something. I looked over to my side, and there set a little old pine squirrel. I don't know whether you have them here or not. That's the noisiest thing in the woods. And there it was setting up there with that little tail throwed up going chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter; chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, like he was going to tear me to pieces. I thought, "Did I excite you, little fellow? Didn't aim to." But I said, "Oh, you're...?... like I did. Hallelujah. Hallelujah." And I said, "Oh, how wonderful."
And he kept chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. His cotton blue eyes looked down like that. I thought, "You're not watching me." And all at once I noticed a great big old eagle had been forced down in the storm, under this blow down; and he jumped up there, looked at me with them big gray eyes, looked back at that little pine squirrel. I thought, "Now, God, You're in the wolf. You're in the elk. You're in the sunset. You're in the wind. You're in the tree. You're in the rainbow. What did You break this up for? Now, what--what--what--what's in that eagle? What--what's that pine squirrel got to do with it? Me here worshipping You, and something like that happens."

E-56 I looked at this big eagle; I thought, "Well, what makes him so brave?" I thought, "Say, fellow, are you scared?" He just... I seen he wasn't scared. I thought, "There's God right there." God's not a coward. And He can't use cowards that's afraid to testify of your healing or your salvation; He can't use you; you're no good. See? He's got somebody that's got a backbone in them that'll stand up and say right's right and wrong's wrong. That's the kind of people He can use. That's admired by anybody. That's admired among men by women. No matter how ugly she is, or what she might be, he will admire her if she holds her place, don't care what she is. That's right. It's admired among many, among soldiers, everywhere. It's among--in God's army, how that God admires, like David after His own heart.

E-57 I seen this old eagle setting there. I thought, "I admire you, but really, are you scared?" I thought, "You know, here sets my rifle; I could shoot you?" I wouldn't do it for nothing. So I said, "You know, I could shoot you?" That didn't bother him. I thought, "I believe I'll just find out how if--if he will jump if he knows what that rifle is." I grabbed that rifle. When I grabbed the rifle, he looked at me like that, snapped them big eyes, looked at me. But he wasn't worried about me. Look like that little chipmunk was getting on his nerves, that little pine squirrel, get that little tail throwed up, going chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter. And I thought, "My, my, you're a noisy little fellow." And I thought, "Why ain't you scared? What makes you not scared?"

E-58 Well, I happened to notice, he kept doing like this, you know, with his wings. "Aw," I said, "I see it." See? God give him two wings; that's God's provided way for him. He knowed before I could get that rifle to my shoulders, he'd be in that brush. See? He knowed where he was standing, so he wasn't scared.
And if God will give an eagle that much courage with two wings to go to safety, what would He do to a man that's filled with the Holy Ghost? What ought that to do, as long as He's present?" I thought, "That's right."
So after while he got tired of looking at that little old pine squirrel, or listening to him, so he just made one big jump, flopped his wings a couple of times, and he was out of the bushes out into the midair. And then I cried. He never flopped any more; he never tried to flop his wings and get away; he just set his wings. And every time that air would come in, he just knowed how to set his wings out in that air, just lift him up. I watched him. The air come in it lifted him up, lifted him up, until he went plumb out of sight, leaving that little old pine squirrel setting there cursing and going on the way he was. I thought, "That's it, Lord, not a jump, jump, here, run, run, here, join the Methodist, join the Baptist, come back to this and be baptized this way, that way; that isn't it. It's just setting your wings of faith, in the humble...?... of the Holy Ghost comes in rise from it, on and on, on and on, plumb out of sight, leaving this old earthbound doctrine here, "Chatter, chatter, chatter: Days of miracles is past. Chatter, chatter, chatter...?... Chatter, chatter, chatter, Don't get the Holy Ghost." Leave it, soar away, go on and set your wings, ride away. God sends the winds down, ride up on it. That's right. Get away from this earthbound chatter, chatter, "This can't happen and that can't happen." I said, "Lord, that's it."

E-59 That's it, friends. God in His universe. He speaks out to His people. You believe that? Now, we have to hurry; we can stay on that for hours. God is in His Word. Do you believe that? Every Word of God is a Seed. Jesus said so. The Word is a Seed. And what the seed is, it'll produce just exactly what the seed is. If you...
In the Bible He was called Jehovah-jireh, Jehovah-rapha, and Jehovah our banner, Jehovah-manasses, all those redemptive names, all that was promises, Who Jehovah was. Every Divine promise of God will come to pass if it fall in the right ground.
Here's what happens, here. Many times people, I notice in the meeting, watching these tapes as they come back through the lines of discernment. The people will be setting there, look like they're a million miles away. They don't even be... They don't think of something... They're even thinking about healing. But it's not their intellect here working; it's their subconscious a working. Your subconscious is your soul.

E-60 Now, not long ago, to show you how perfect God's Word is, the Bible said, "As a man thinketh in his heart (Is that right?), so is he." The old, old time infidel used to say, "Now, isn't that crazy? Why, there's no mental faculties in a man's heart. It's a little pump that pumps blood. He can't think in his heart. He thinks in his head. So the Bible is wrong according to that."
Last year, along about January of last year (two years ago it is now), I was in Chicago, and a great big headlines in the paper said, "Science has found..." listen to this, "Science has found in the human heart there's a little compartment that doesn't even have a blood cell in it. It isn't in the animal; it's only in the human." And they say, "It's the occupant of the soul." So then a man does think from his heart; God was right. Has it been... Now here. See, in--in here you say, "Now, let me see. Yes, that says that, but I wonder if that was for me. Hum! I just don't know whether that was or not." That's reasoning. You can reason with this.

E-61 That's the reason with preachers today that they don't believe in Divine healing...?... Salvation has never come down in their heart; it's only in their head. They've went through seminary, where they had all the theology. They ought to forget it all and follow Christ. How can you believe when there's nothing in you to believe with? It's only a mental theology.
Just recently we had a woman in Louisville, Kentucky, and she was a--she was around our church there, a pretty good girl. But a--a big fine church, a Methodist church. I always thought that the girl didn't have it, wasn't right. But she married some old boy that was really a good Christian boy full of the Holy Ghost. They went off, and after they'd got married. And her father was a deacon in that church, a fine man, Spirit-filled man.

E-62 And so she wandered around out in the country; and first thing you know, they, something arose, and his--his job called him to go to another city. When he went to another city, then he took a job there, and she, she's a pianist, so she become the pianist in that church. And come to find out, that Methodist church wasn't very spiritual. And noticed that all, nearly all the women smoke cigarettes. Shame on them. Biggest fifth column move the world's ever had. Wished I had time to dwell on it. Preachers will do that though.
Look, I've got my opinion of women that smoke cigarettes. And I sure have. I had it when I was a boy, and I never changed it. Oh, that's the littlest thing you ever done. That was the greatest harm to this nation and to motherhood that's ever been done. Statistics shows that eight, that, I believe about eighty or ninety percent of the children that's born, if a mother nurses them and don't give them a... 'less she gives them cow milk, she'll take nicotine poisoning, the baby will, and never live eighteen months. Talk about a fifth columnist, don't you worry about Russia coming over here and getting us. Russia ain't going to get us; it's our own rottenness that's getting us. That's what it is. It ain't the robin that pecks on the apple that hurts it; it's the worm at the core. That's exactly right. So that's--that's the other side, these preachers will tell you about that.
But now, that's what you need today, is a good old fashion house cleaning in the church (That's right.), get back to good old Saint Paul's revival and the Bible Holy Ghost again. No wonder we're in the corruption that we are. Certainly, it is. Just feel the Holy Spirit make you push it out anyhow.

E-63 Notice, and then all...?... this, this girl, she started smoking too. She begin to reason. "Why, if the other women could do it; they're well thought of, why can't I do it?" And begin to notice her neighbors, all of her sisters in the neighborhood, wear these little old scandalous clothes. And of course, you know, you have to wear them out when the man's coming in from the, you know, from the factories and things. You just have to get out the yard. You have... You don't appear before men like that; you don't appear before God like that; you're doing it to appear before man. And you mothers that let your kids do that, you ought to have a good old fashion time of posterior protoplasm stimulation added to you. That's exactly right.

E-64 What we need today is some good old fashion mammy's that would... I said I got two girls; they may lay stretched out, one of them one time too to get a suntan. They'll get a son-tan. But it won't be from that sun out there; it'll be with Mr. Branham's son with a barrel slat just as hard that I could reach them. They'll have a son-tanning all right. That's right. Be my father's, son doing it too. Yes, sir, it's a shame how you let down the bars. You Methodists, Baptists, and Pentecostal too... Certainly. Used to be wrong in the church, but now, oh, the devil might've went out of fashion, but he didn't run out of business, I'll tell you that now. Hallelujah. I feel religious.
Let me tell you, brothers, what we need today is a good old fashion taking the fire out of furnace and putting it on the altar again, get it right back out to the hearts of the people and--and the revival started. It was wrong then, it's now. That's right.

E-65 Notice, there, she begin to wear those little clothes. Her husband said, "Dear, I don't believe..."
"Now," she said, "Look, if Susie, and Ella, and all of them can wear them, why can't I?"
See, right down in her soul, it said, "That's wrong." Conscience will tell you that. But what did she do? She went to her intellect, to reasoning. "Well now, if the others can do it, why can't I do it? They're well thought of; they're all Christians; they go church. Why can't I do it if they do it?"

E-66 Now, you see, the Bible commands us to cast down reasoning. See? Like some preachers don't believe in Divine healing. like some people don't believe in the supernatural. Only thing they got is intellectual reasoning. Listen, this soul in here is God. And God will agree with His Word every time. He will not reason It; He will believe It. And when you believe it from your heart, the Bible said you'll have it. That's what it is, you're trying to make reason take it, when it's your heart that has to take it.
First thing you know, she begin to... A little slicker moved in the neighborhood with a barrel of grease on his hair nearly, and He begin to kiss her good night at the back fence in a little love affair. And the first thing you know, she left poor John, run off and married this little slicker. Didn't live together a little while, till he found one a little prettier than she was, so... See, she ought to have had sense enough to know that. He run off and left her. And she married another one. Then he run off and left her; then she had a common law wi... husband.

E-67 But you know, the Bible said, "The soul that sinneth, that soul shall die." "Death" means "separate." She just kept getting away from it farther, and farther, farther, just getting away from her. See? The first time that she started smoking, she ought to know. The soul says, "That's wrong." Reasoning said, "But the rest of them can do it, why can't I?" When she put on those little ungodly clothes, nature itself would tell her that's wrong. But she said, "If the rest of them do it, why can't I?" See where our American women's got to?

E-68 Now, it's got so bad that out there in San Angelo...?... here not long ago in Rome, and they had a sign up, "American women, please put on some clothes before you come, to respect the dead." In a place like Rome, shame on you. I maybe burning you up, but my mama used to tell me when I'd take castor oil... I can't stand it yet today.
Every Saturday night, a bath in an old cedar tub and then have to take a dose of castor oil. We didn't have the right kind of food to eat and things, so she'd... I'd--I'd say, "Mama, I can't stand it." I'd hold my nose and gag. I said, "It just makes me so sick."
Says, "It don't make you right good and sick, it don't do you no good." So maybe I'll apply the same thing here. See? It get you right good and sick, then maybe it'll stir up your spiritual organs, gastronomics, so you can digest a good Holy Ghost dinner once in a while.

E-69 Notice, let me tell you, then this woman, when after a while she got to a place to where she was a... she got sick. She put it off a little while, finally she went to the doctor. Well, brother, it'll catch up with you as sure as anything. They found out that she had an advanced malignancy, nothing to do but die.
The pastor of our church, Reverend Orman Neville, the Methodist church, he goes to see the woman. He said, "Now, I'll go and see her, 'cause I know Brother Branham knows her daddy and I think he knows her. And I know she's living over in that kind of a life." Said, "I--I'm going to see her and get her straighten up, 'cause that's what he'd tell her soon as he got there. And ask her if she wants me to come over."
She walks over and he said, "Being that we belong to the same church, lady, I come to speak to you."
She said, "All right, what is it, mister."

E-70 And he told her who he was, said, "Your father and I are very good friends; we both up there, and the pastor, we went to Asbury College together." He said, "We're very good friends." Said, "I just want to ask you something." Said, "Don't you want to straighten up your life and come back to Christ?"
She said, "What?"
Said, "Straighten up your life and come back to Christ?"
"Why," she said, "I'm just as good as you are."
He said, "That's not the sub... That's not the question. Don't you want to straighten up your life?"

E-71 She said, "I belong to the church, and I have since a child. I was on the cradle roll. And I'm a Christian; I've been a Christian, and I, when I die I'll go to heaven." She actually believed that, reasoning. And she said, "I'm just as good as you are."
He said, "You know Brother Branham?"
She said, "I've heard of him."
Said, "I want him to come over and see you." And said, "I know as soon as he come, he was going to call this thing to your hand."
Said, "What thing?"
Said, "Lady, this it's this thing laying in this package of cigarettes. What about that?"
She said, "Why, you fanatic, I guess you think that's wrong."
He said, "I know it's wrong."
She said, "I never sent for you to come."
He said, "Just a minute, lady." Said, "What about that common law husband?"

E-72 She said, "The door that you come in at, is ready for you to go out at. If I wanted somebody that had some sense to talk to me, I'd send for somebody and not you."
So he said, "All right, lady, just remember."
He come back and told me when I come in. He said, "I wanted you to go there."
I said, "Just watch her at the end."
When she come to die, her backslidden pastor standing out there let her get by with such as that without telling her the truth, they was all in the room. And the first thing you know, her intellectuals begin to fail, begin to break up. She couldn't think.

E-73 "Now, the soul that sinneth, it shall die," is that right? That means to separate. "Death" means "separation." "He that heareth My Word, believeth on Him who sent Me, has Everlasting Life," can't die. See? But when you grieve that soul, it goes away from you. It was done far from her, didn't talk to her no more. But when her intellects begin to break up, she said... Then nothing left here, but the soul had to come back. Well, what was--what condition was it in. See? When it walked up, it begin to rebuke her for the life she'd lived. She said, "My, God, I'm lost."
So the--the pastor said, "Oh, now, here, don't get hysterically."
She said, "I'm not hysterically." She said, "Go get Brother Neville right quick."
Said, "Here, here, here, here now, here, I'll call the intern." And the doctor come in, give her shot.
And she said, "I'm--I'm lost."
"Give her another, doctor."
"I'm--I'm lost; I'm lost. I'm lost. I'm..." And the hypo stopped the confession. But that soul that she grieved, she'll have to be tormented with it as long as there's an eternity to last. See? Be careful. You take God's Word. God is in His Word, not in some man's theology, but in His Word. Do you believe it?

E-74 God is in His Son. You [] that? You believe God's in His universe? You believe God's in His Word? Now, God is in His Son. Now, quickly we'll go. God's in His Son. Now, God is in Christ reconciling the world to Himself.

E-75 Here recently, a woman belonging to a certain church... I'm not making no light remarks; it's Christian Science. But I don't mean to harm you; I don't talk about anybody's religion. But look, that woman said to me; she said, "Reverend Branham, there's one fault you have you ought not to do."
And I said, "What?"
She said, "You brag too much on Jesus."
I said, "I couldn't brag half enough for Him."
She said, "You put too much emphasis on Him on being Deity."
I said, "He was Deity. He was God."
She said, "Oh, Reverend Branham," said, "surely, a man of your caliber ought to know better."
I said, "No, Ma'am, I don't know any better. And I hope I never know any different. If I do, I'm out of my mind."
She said, "Do you mean to tell me that He was Divine?"
I said, "He was Divine."
She said, "He couldn't be Divine."
I said, "He was Divine."
She said, "Oh, He was a great teacher. He was a prophet."

E-76 I said, "If He was a prophet and a great teacher, I'm lost and everybody's lost. That Blood was nothing but the Blood--Blood of Almighty God. He was Divine."
She said, "If I prove to you by the Bible that He was not Divine, will you accept it?"
I said, "If God's Word said He wasn't Divine, then I'll take back everything I said."
Said, "I'll prove it to you."
I said, "All right."
She said, "In Saint John the 11th chapter..."
Said, "When He was going down to the grave of Lazarus..."
I said, "Yes."
"The Bible said He wept."
"Why," I said, "what's that got to do with it?"
"Said, "That proved He wasn't Divine. How could a Divine man weep?" Said, "He could not be Divine for He wept."
I said, "You fail to see it, lady. God was in Christ reconciling the Word. He was a God Man. He was Emmanuel. See, God was in Him."
Said, "No, He couldn't be and weep."

E-77 I said, "Lady, I want to ask you something." I said, "He was a Man when He walked to that grave a weeping. But when He stood there and straightened up them little stooped over shoulders, a Man thirty, looking fifty they--they said, no beauty we should desire Him... When He throwed those little shoulders back and said, 'I am the Resurrection and Life,' saith God. 'He that believeth in Me, thou he were dead, yet shall live.' What do you mean? He did weep like a Man, but when He picked those little shoulders up, and spoke to a man that been dead four days, corruption in his body, corruption knew its Master, the soul knew its Creator, and a man had been dead four days stood on the ground and lived again. That's more than a Man. That was more than a Man. That was God in His Son."

E-78 When He come down off the hill that night, hungry, looking around over that tree for some fruit and couldn't find any, He was hungry like a man. That's right. He was a Man then. But when He took five biscuits and two little fishes and fed five thousand, that was more than a Man. That was God in His Son. Sure.
He was a Man when He laid out on one of those ship that night, just like a bottle stopper tossed about, and Him so tired, virtue gone out of Him, till the waves didn't wake Him up. Ten thousand devils of the sea swore they'd drown Him, Him laying back there in the back of that boat just pitching every way, and Him laying on a pillow. That was a Man laying there asleep, sure. But when He woke up, put His foot up on the brail of the boat, and looked up and said, "Peace be still," and the winds and waves obeyed Him, that was more than a Man. That was a Divine form of Jehovah God speaking from His Son, Christ Jesus. That's right.

E-79 When He cried yonder on the cross, cried out for mercy, that was a Man. That was a Man when He died. But when He broke the seal on Easter morning and rose up, He proved He was God when came out of the grave. Oh, even the poets said.
Living, He loved me; dying, He saved me;
Buried, He carried my sins far away;
Rising, He justified freely forever:
Some day He's coming--oh, glorious day!
God was in His Son; you believe it? Sure, He was. God is in His universe. God is in His Word. God is in His Son. Now, God's in His people too. Amen. You believe it?

E-80 A cowardly little bunch sneaking around the corner, locked themselves in an upper room; they'd been with Him for three years and six months. When they walked up there they were scared of the Jews. Jesus had told them, said, "A little while, the world won't see Me no more; yet I'll be with you to the end of the world."

E-81 And when they locked theirself up and waiting for the promise, they were a bunch of cowards. They had God on the outside; they knowed all the creeds and the formulas and everything. But all of a sudden God came down like a rushing mighty wind, filled all the house where they was setting. Something took place. Out...?... the doors and windows they went into the city, staggering under the mighty power of the Holy Ghost. They went around the country healing the sick, and raising the dead, casting out devils. And signs and wonders begin to fall...?... God's in His people. Amen.

E-82 God is in His people showing Himself alive. God's here this afternoon. God's in His people. Do you believe it? Sure is. Is He in His universe? Is He in His Word? Is He in His Son? And He's in His people. Do you know what? The Bible said you're gods because you're a part of God; you're sons and daughters of God. When your theology is left, all of your mental things here is not looking at anything else but the Word of God, and the Holy Ghost comes down here to bear witness, you are a part of God.
I'm a part of Charles Branham, because I'm his son. You're a part of God because you're His son, borned of His Spirit, washed in His Blood. Hallelujah. Yes, you are; you're a part of Him. And you become a creator. Do you know that? Did you know...

E-83 Let me give you a little speck of light just in a minute now. Just a few minutes now 'fore we start the prayer line. You are a creator yourself, a miniature creator. Listen. Did you ever see people that was nice people, though you just couldn't be around them hardly, something about them you just couldn't stand? Did you ever see people that you just love to be around? Did you ever see them kind of people? That's the atmosphere that they create themself.
And let me tell you today, my dear friends, the greatest thing there is this side of heaven is l-o-v-e, Divine love. God is Love. You read in the book when a maniac run out to kill me on the platform that night. I didn't hate the man; I loved him, sure, felt sorry for him. That's what slew him on the platform. That's what slew those witch-doctors standing there that day...?... human beings that God died for, standing there trying to throw spells on me, witches like that. Standing there before Him, and you see them fall to the ground, throw their head down like this, and give their hearts to Christ. It was love that did it. Love is the mightest force there is. Even phileo love will make a mother jump through a fire to grab her burning baby. She won't think of herself.

E-84 Think of the woman one time, standing, a young girl had been away to college and she come back. And when she did, she was standing out in the train station; the train pulled in and everybody was hollering, "Hurrah." And she brought her little snicklefritz girl with her from school. And her mother was standing out here, and the little snicklefritz girl said, "Hey, who is that horrible looking wretch there; look at the way she looks."

E-85 And the mother... The girl, being a little smart aleck, what she learned in school, she was ashamed of her mother. And when she got off the platform, her mother said, "Darling, I'm so glad to see you." She turned her back and walked away because her little friend had--had done that. It happened to be, the conductor knowed the story; he said, "Come here, girl," he grabbed her by the shoulder, said, "ain't you ashamed of yourself, denying your own mother."
She said, "I don't know her." Calls her little...
She said, "Martha, is this your mama?"
Said, "No, I don't even know her."

E-86 Conductor said, "Be ashamed of you." Said, "Look here, girl, I want to tell you something." And the crowd begin to listen. Said, "When... You're a beautiful woman today; that's right," Said, "you are." But said, "Your mother was a lot more beautiful woman than you were, or ever will be." And said, "One day when she was out in the back yard hanging up the clothes..." Said, "I lived on the same block." And said, "The house caught fire; you was a little baby upstairs in your crib. And when the fire engine came, the mother seen it stop in front of her house where the neighbors had called, away she went, but the stairs was just about ready to fall in." She said, "That mother, not thinking for her, jumped through those blazes and the fireman grabbing after her. She went through the blazes anyhow. And she run in there and grabbed you on the--off the bed. Jerked the clothes she had on her body and rolled them around your face and things. And she braved that fire blaze right out back out too." Said, "It burned her and scorched her; it...?... her down. And today because you're pretty, she was made ugly. And you mean to tell me, you'd deny that woman that saved your life and your beauty, that you're ashamed about now because of your mother, that you'd do that?"

E-87 When that story was told to me, I thought, "O God, how could I, though the old rugged cross so despised by the world, I see that Christ became sin that I by His righteousness might become a part of Him." How much do I care they call me a holy-roller. How much do I care they call me a divine healer. Whatever they want to, He came down and was made ugly and sinful, that by that...?... I might have a home in heaven and a right to be the son of the living God, and to believe on Him. How it is, He became me that I by His grace, might become Him. He taken my place as a sinner, as me as a sinner might take His place as righteousness. How could we deny Him? Sure.

E-88 Create around you love... Who could deny this great love? Listen just a moment what a great love is. Love will conquer, where hate and malice, and creed, debate, and fuss will drive away. Love will conquer. I'll tell you something now. It's just on my heart, the inside life, just a minute or two, and then we're going to--we're going to start the prayer line. We got just about maybe six or eight minutes. Look just a minute.
Here a few days ago I was showing someone, the house had been full all the day, people everywhere. The babies couldn't even eat, nothing. Finally when the house got emptied up, and somebody come in and just had the people to go, coming from, not one place, all over the world. Signs on the gate everywhere else, "Don't come in," they come anyhow. You can't blame them; they're human beings wanting help. If I'm not there, but just a few hours at a time; my family's a strange to me almost.

E-89 I went in, and there stood my dear beloved wife in a corner crying. There stood Sarah and Rebekah fighting over some blocks in the next room, little Joseph screaming at the top of his voice, the last one had left. Billy and them had come up and got them all out, Brother Wood and my neighbors and them. So I set there; I thought, "Why, they was all nervous and upset." I thought, "Heavenly Father, we got to make this situation here different."
So I walked over; she said, "Billy, honey, what am I going to do," said, "I'm losing my mind, all day long, that pounding, and everybody in here, people saying, 'If you don't come to this, Billy, they done got you advertised, and you're going to be cursed by God if you don't.'"
I said, "Honey, that's fanatics. If God wants me to go anywhere He will tell me." And I said, "I'm on speaking terms with Him." And I said, "If He wants to go... Don't pay no attention to them things." I said, "We have fanaticism in everything and saying this, that, and the other."

E-90 And she was crying, and I got talking to her; I said, "But you know, honey, I seen the prettiest little dress in a certain city, you know." And the first thing you know she was peeling potatoes, she was all quietened down. When she quietened the children quietened, Joseph quietened, all right. See, you have to change the situation. You can do it.
Let me tell you something. This is a little inside, you--you may judge me wrong after this. When I was game warden... I've had this to happen many times. You heard me speak about being in the mountains (See?), out in the mountains with wild life. Now, there's something about it. See, you have to know the Creator.

E-91 Now, wild animals will hurt you if you're afraid of them. But if you're not afraid of them, and you love them, they won't hurt you. You can't bluff it now, you can't... you got to really mean it. I've walked face to face with grizzly bears, African lions, and everything else. See? That's right. They won't hurt you if you're not afraid. But there's something about you, your body puts out a... Your nerves puts out an odor. Did you ever see a dog? He will... [Brother Branham imitates sniffing--Ed.] Don't try to bluff him; he knows whether you're afraid or not. He does. If you're afraid he will bite you. You're not afraid; I've never seen one yet, what I walk and pet him, walk on through the yard. See? If you're not afraid of them, they know it.

E-92 Here, one day I was down at the bottom of the hill, turning some fish loose; I was in the conservation. We're supposed to wear a pistol, but I didn't want no pistol. I talked to the man; I believe I make a better guy out of him, than I could arrest him anyhow.
So then, went down there to turn loose some fish. And I remembered, across the hill, I had an old friend over there that was dying, or very sick. I thought, "I'll walk over and see him." I just closed up the truck door and started walking across the field, walked up over it. It ain't like here; there's just some little shrubs out in the field. And when I walked right out there and got in the middle of the field, behind those shrubs I didn't notice, but there...

E-93 About six weeks before then a great big Durham bull had killed a colored man, now he's a killer, long horn...?... down at the Burk's farm, he'd killed him. So this was up at another farm; they'd sold him 'cause he was a fine breed of bull. But when he was... That bull raised right up in the field; I forgot about him being in there. And there he was not over twenty spaces from me. And he raised up and looked at me; he let out a roar and throwed them horns in the ground like that. I looked back to the fence; I couldn't outrun him. There was no tree to get into. What could I do? I was in the same spot like I was with that maniac you was reading in the book. What could I do?

E-94 Now, listen, you can't make it; it has to happen. Now, listen close. But somehow or another something happened in my heart, instead of being scared, I loved him. That sounds juvenile, but that's true. I thought, "Poor fellow, he was just a sleeping; I disturbed him."
And here he come, throwing his horns down like that, and he hit on his knees and throwed his horns again, twisting his tail, and here he come. Well, instead of being afraid, I wasn't no more afraid of that bull than I am of my brethren setting here on the platform. He come right to... If you could ever get that... Wish I could live in that all the time.

E-95 Well, here he come; he come right to--to me, and I said, "Now, I'm sorry I disturbed you; you are a creation of God. I am a servant of the Creator, Jesus. I'm on my road over to see His servant that's sick. I must go pray for him. I'm sorry I disturbed you. Now, in the Name of Jesus Christ, go back and lay down; I won't bother you; we will go on by."
And that bull, with his head down, here he come making a charge. Well, we'll have to meet... I don't know--know what you think about it, but I can only state fact. That bull got within about five foot of me, just as... and I was no more scared; I thought, "Poor fellow, I'm sorry I disturbed you." I was on his ground. And he run right straight to me, and he stopped, and he looked so depleted; he looked this a way, looked that way, turned around, walked over, and laid down. I stood there, walked by him, within five foot of him like that. He looked up at me, walked over and got through the fence, and I begin shaking.
What was it? God. He'd have killed me. The same God that could stop a lion, had that Angel of Fire, that Light standing between Daniel; the animal's scared of light. There the Angel stand there, sure, what happened? The lion went over and laid down.
The same God that lived in Daniel's day is the same God today. He could stop a lion, could stop the bull.

E-96 My grass was growing up in the yard last summer. I was mowing out there, and I had to make a couple of rounds and then change my overalls, come in pray for the sick, and go back out. It grow up in the front yard 'fore I get to the back. Now, listen.
I got back to the back yard; I took off my shirt, nobody back there; it's way back behind the place. And I was just a pushing as hard as I could, and this little old power mower and it bang, bang, bang. I forgot about a big nest of hornets hanging in the corner. And I ran this lawn mower into that, and in a minute I was covered over with great... You know what hornets are, great big fellows, they'll knock... They'll kill you.

E-97 And here I was with no shirt on, and covered over with hornets, about like that. Now, instead something happened again. Instead of being afraid, I wasn't afraid. And I thought, "Now, I disturbed them, isn't that a shame?" And I said, "Now, little creatures of God, I am the servant of God; I am mowing this grass. I've got to hurry, 'cause God's sick children is coming in to be prayed for, and I got to hurry. I'm sorry I disturbed you. I'm sorry. Now, in Jesus' Name you go back to your nest; I won't bother you."
And God Who's my solemn Judge, this Bible in here, them hornets whirled around me. I just stood there, they made one single file like that, and went right straight back into the nest, and that was all of it. I asked... I seen it happen many times.

E-98 Here's Leo and Gene; they're setting right here behind me now; they're kind of student ministers. They were setting on the porch last summer. Then we're closing. About ten o'clock in the morning, was it, boys? Around ten o'clock in the morning, setting there, I was talking to them about a colored girl; her picture was in the paper. She took her baby, a little lovely looking woman, and took her baby, and smothered it in a blanket, and took it out on the bridge in a taxi cab and dropped it off in the water. They caught her. And I said, "That was not a mother; that's a female, not a mother. A mother wouldn't do that."
And while... Here come the milkman up bringing the milk. Mr. Wood, he will be with me the next meeting. His wife's a veterinary, so they... Their boy had been cripple with a drawed up leg. He was a Jehovah Witness; she was a Methodist. They brought him to the meeting, was setting way back. Hundreds of... thousands of people in there at... What was that name, Paul? Where? No? The one that David Wood was healed? No, it--it's up here, where that big race is. Oh, I'll--I'll get it in a few minutes. Anyhow it's up here on the Great Lakes.
And he was setting way back in the meeting. And the Holy Spirit come over and said, "You're a contractor; you're a Jehovah Witness. Your wife now is a Methodist; she has a tumor sticking out. You got a boy with you that's got a drawed up leg from polio, but THUS SAITH THE LORD, you're healed." See?

E-99 And she set there a little bit; they begin to look. She said, "Banks," to her husband... If you're at the next meeting you can hear her testify. Said, "Looky here." Mrs. Wood, said, "David, stand up." There he was just as normal; he's my boy's buddy here now. So they just... He just quit contracting; she quit the veterinarian. They moved over and next door neighbors to me.
They were standing in the yard and Gene and Leo. And down the road come a opossum. You have opossums up here, don't you? Opossums? Now, anyone knows that knows conservation, a opossum is blind in the daytime; he's a night prowler. Here he come down the road, come a past three or four houses that didn't have no fences, turned right in mine with a fence, a rock wall, and come right up to meet me. I said, "There comes a opossum; he's got rabies." I said, "I'd better go out and stop him."

E-100 Mr. Wood had been raking in the yard, so I took the rake and laid over it. I called Gene and Leo out there, and they all come out and was looking at the opossum. I said, "Look at him." And I happened to notice; he didn't have rabies, but his left shoulder here was all chewed up. The dog's had got a hold of it. Now, this is bad to say, but gangrene had set in, and maggots had bloat it and that leg was broke to pieces, and a dragging it like this. I said, "Look at that poor thing." I said, "That's what's caused it to be that way."
And usually they'll play opossum when you touch them, but she was just a fighting to get up from there. And as I noticed, she... Now there's only two animals that has pockets; that's a kangaroo and a opossum, where they pack their little ones. And her nerves let down, and that little pocket come open, and she had nine little naked babies about that long, little opossums. And I said, "Look at there boys," I said, "come here. That opossum is more of a mother than that colored girl was." I said, "That colored girl with a healthy baby, so she could keep running around, she drowned her baby. And this old mother opossums got about twenty minutes longer, or half hour, at the most, to live, and she'll spend that twenty minutes fighting for her babies." Yes, sir. I said, "God will... God's with that opossum." And I said, "You look at there. Ain't that something?"

E-101 So I raised up, and all of them come out there and looked at her. And as soon as I raised up she started right straight towards my door. And when she got right in front of my door, there in the hot sun, in July, she exhausted and fell over. Mr. Wood said, "That's all of it."
I said, "Yeah, I guess she died." I said, "What a shame."
Went up there, she was just un--relaxed like that, and the little babies were sucking that from her. And I kept punching her with the stick; I said, "Wonder if she is dead?" And I punched her. Said, "Yeah, look at that leg turn all the way back like that." I said, "Isn't that a pity, that poor old mother, how she wanted to live for them babies."

E-102 And I looked at the little babies just a pulling and a nursing, Little bitty naked fellows about like that. And I--I said, "Isn't that too bad?" And I punched her, I said, "She's alive; look at her, comes a little grin like on her chin like that." I said, "I believe she's alive."

E-103 And Mrs. Wood said, "Well, Brother Branham," said, "now the only thing to do," said, "just take a... just--just go ahead and kill her, and take those little fellows and kill them," said, "because you can't raise them they got little round mouths, they had to... and they're just... that old milk from the mother, and her dead," said, "they'll die a horrible death."
I said, "But I--I can't do it."
And they said, "Well, my, let Banks do it then."
I said, "No, I--I just can't do it." I said, "Think, that's one mother fighting for her babies, wanting to live."
And she said, "Well," said--said, "you're a hunter, go and get one of your guns and shoot them. If you don't want..."
She wanted me to throw them on he ground and kill them. And I said, "I'm a hunter, but I'm not a killer." I said, "I can't kill them."
She said, "Well, you don't mean to tell me your going to let them lay there and die like that?" The woman was right, of course.
And I said, "Sister Wood, I--I think a lot of you as my Christian sister, but I--I can't kill it and I don't want no one else killing it."
She said, "Well, Brother Branham, you're doing wrong, sonny." She said, "That--that opossum," said, "them poor little things will die laying there. And what a death they'll die."
I said, "That may be right, but I just can't kill it."

E-104 So I went on. That afternoon, late come, she laid there. We poured water on her; we done everything. She never did come to, just laid there. Mr. Wood come up and got me, and so we went riding, said, "Now, you've been going all day, Brother Branham, you got to get out tonight." So we were riding around awhile. We come in about eleven o'clock, and there the old opossum was laying there still stretched out, dew all over her, them poor little babies still nursing at her. And he said, "If she'd ever moved, when that sun went down she'd have left." You know that too, you hunters. And said, "She would've left when that sun went down," 'cause that's when they start. Said, "She'll never move, Brother Branham." Said, "Why don't you kill her now?"
And I said, "No."

E-105 Billy come in from a fishing about twelve-thirty, the old opossum was still there. I thought about her all night. Now, listen. The next morning I got up real early, went out there, and when I got out there, there laid the old opossum still laying there. I thought, "Oh, my, what am I going to do with her?"
And little Rebekah... (She seen her first vision not long ago.) There's coming my little girl, not cause she's mine, but God is with her. So, she go to a meeting and get somebody on her--her--her heart and start praying for them, it isn't five minutes till the Holy Ghost calls it. That's right. See?
And she--she was there; she was looking down at this old... She said, "Daddy, what are you going to do with that poor old mother opossum?"
I said, "I don't know, honey."
Her pajamas on. Mother and them hadn't got up yet; there's nobody out there, on--on the runway yet. And I said, "Honey, I don't know what."
She said, "You going to kill her, daddy?"
And I said, "No, honey, I just can't kill her somehow."

E-106 I said, "What you doing up at this time? You better get back in bed with mommy; you better run on in there now."
And she said, "Well, daddy, I feel so sorry for that poor old mother."
I said, "I do to, honey, but she's dead." And He said--and I said, "Them little opossums, I don't know what to do?"
Said, "Are you... Why don't you let Brother Wood kill her?"
I said, "No, I don't feel like doing it, sweetheart." I said, "You run on back and get in bed."

E-107 I went in to the side door of my den room. I was sitting around with my hands right like this. I thought "What will I do with that opossum today? I don't know."
Now, I don't know how you're going to judge this, but Somebody said to me, said, "What are you leaving her lay there for?"
I said, "Well, I--I don't know." I said...
Said, "Well," said, "I--I sent her here. You preached a sermon on her yesterday and said what a mother she was."
I said, "Yes, that's right."
Said, "I sent her here to be prayed for, and she's laid at your door waiting her turn for twenty-four hours; you've never said a word to Me about it."

E-108 I said, "Well, I didn't..." Said, "Who am I talking to? Have I gone crazy?" I said, "What's the matter? What? 'I sent her here.'" I thought, "God, sure, You know the animals. You know the sparrows; one can't fall without You." I said, "Well...?... forgive me, Father, if You had a mother opossum... I seen You do human beings that way, but never a opossum. Would You send her here?"
And I went out there, and Becky was looking through the window. And I went out to where the old opossum was; I looked at her. Becky come out. I said, "Heavenly Father..." I got to meet this at the judgment. I said, "Heavenly Father, has Your servant been stupid enough not to know that You're in nature, that You're in animals, that You're everywhere? And how would...?... You knowing that You sent me to pray for people and You sent this opossum up here. Well, this opossum knows more about Divine healing than a lot of preachers does." I said, "Here sets this dumb animal; she ain't got a soul; she couldn't be led by no spirit; she hasn't got any soul. But You had to guide her by instinct, and You Who made her. And she wants to live to raise her babies. And You put her at my steps here, and she's laid here for twenty-four hours. Forgive me, God." I said, "Then, Lord Jesus, if You put that opossum here, then I pray that You'll heal her, in the Name of the Lord Jesus."

E-109 You have to take my word. When I said that, that opossum turned its head and looked at me, raised up from there, that leg just as normal as any other leg, picked her babies in her bosom, strutted down that road like that, got to the gate, that tail sticking up like that, turned around as if to say, "Thank you, sir." Right down the road she went to the woods.
O God, He's everywhere. Surely, if by instinct God can lead a opossum to a place to be prayed for, how much more can He a man and woman? Oh, God is in His universe; God's in...?... God's in His birds. God's in His people. God's in His Word. God's in His Son. God's in His creation, everywhere. And God is here today. God is in this building. Do you believe it? Let us pray.
Heavenly Father, oh, someday when it's all over, we can set down on the other side, then we'll know as we're known. What stories we hear the patriarchs rise, hear Daniel and the prophets and hear all of them rise with their--the great things that You've done. Why, we'll shake each other's hands, and rejoice, and look upon a throne and Him Who sets there, and know that through His goodness all things remain.

E-110 My mind goes back today to many things, to poor illiterate people, how that You've moved with great compassion and done great signs and wonders, and with the animals and everywhere looking around, seeing You. O God, move back that little veil from off of people's hearts today. Move back that intellectual thing that makes them want to hold on to some creed, and let them open up their soul and heart and see Jesus standing near with outstretched arms. "Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man will open, I'll come in, and sup with him. Ask the Father what you will in My Name (anything you desire), I'll give it to you. Ye abide in Me, and My Words in you, ask what you will, it'll be done." Show us the Father, and it sufficeth us.
O God, just look at You; You're everywhere. You're right here moving in among these people. Set and cry awhile, then raise your hands and shout awhile, then set and drink in awhile, the great fountain is open today. I pray that each sinner will plunge. And You Who could lead a opossum, You know the story, Lord; You know how that same little story swept the world.

E-111 And, Father, I pray today, maybe that poor old opossums still over there with her babies, happy, because she was led by the Holy Spirit, laid and waited like a lady; You healed her, saved her life so she could raise her babies. God, You do that for a mother opossum, what about a daughter of Israel? What about a daughter of Christ, son of Christ, a child of Christ? Let them, Lord, open their understanding. May You speak in a special way just now, while we ask it in Christ's Name. Amen.

E-112 You're so lovely to talk to; I'm sorry I talked that long. I didn't know I did; forgive me. No, don't forgive me; I didn't mean that. I have no apology for the Word of God, or testimony of Jesus Christ, not a bit. I love you, and you love me; that's what's makes us one. Jesus is here with His people. You believe that? Now, we're going to... Did you give out prayer cards? You did. What was it? G...?... One to a hundred?
Boys give out prayer cards. Where did we call last? We didn't call any... We didn't call... We didn't have prayer cards last night, did we? Night before last, what? We called, I believe about fifteen, wasn't it? 85 to 100. Well, let's go back then, let's call from 1 today then. Who has G-number-1, raise up your hand. []
And don't doubt, and you'll see the glory of God, if you can believe. But you must believe.

E-113 Is this the lady? Excuse me, come here just a minute. Someone wrote me a little note the other night and said, "Brother Branham, what makes you rub your face so?" Sometimes it feels like your lips are that thick. Then you--you just subconsciously do it. But I want you to believe now with all your heart. I'm your brother, and I declare that Jesus Christ is in His universe, in His Word, in His nature, in His animals, in His people, and He's here now. What more could He do?
He's proved that He's here in the Word, proved that He's here in the universe. He proves that He's here in His people. How it would certainly be sinful for you not to believe. You don't have one thing to stand on at the day of judgment, but just have to walk up there and know that you're condemned and gone.
Now, the lady standing here to me is a stranger to me. Is that right, lady? We're totally strange to one another. I don't know the woman. Now, isn't this a picture again, of the well where our Lord Jesus stood and talked to a woman? Now, I want you to answer me so I can hear the respond, because I can't see too far back at this time. See?

E-114 Jesus stood and talked to a woman one time to find out what her trouble was. How many believes that in Saint John 4, say, "Amen"? [Congregation says, "Amen."--Ed.] And He talked to her long enough until He found where her trouble was, and He told her what her trouble was. And she said, "Sir, You must be a prophet." How many knows that's so, say, "Amen." She said, "We know that when Messiah cometh (the Christ), He will do these things, tell us all things. But Who are You?"
He said, "I am He that speaks to you."
She knew that was the sign of the Messiah. And if Messiah is the same yesterday, today, and forever, raised from the dead, wouldn't that be the sign of the Messiah this afternoon? If it is, say, "Amen."
Now, now, if you--if you believe me... Now, He's just... His attitude to this woman will be just His attitude to you. Only the human part becomes so weaken. It--it's a heavenly operation in the human part till it just can't stand it; that's all.

E-115 But now the lady, I think, look at her gray hair, perhaps, a mother. Only God knows how many hard washings has went over that hand, how many times it wiped the tears from a little baby's cheeks, and held it up to your bosom and rocked it. God only knows that. I don't. But, lady, you're here for something. Could I be far from being a deceiver, for you are a believer, a Christian. And how would I stand here as a brother, professing this office in Christ, but what I--I know, sister, here's what He said when the Angel met me, "If you get the people to believe you..." Now, said, "I was born to pray for sick people."
And I said, "They Sir, I'm uneducated; they won't believe me."
Said, "By this they will." Said, "Now, if you can get them to believe you and be sincere when you pray, nothing will stand before that prayer."

E-116 So that... Now, I'd be the last person to try to do something wrong, sister, if I know my heart. And that's why... Looky here, I got to meet these people all in judgment someday. I got to meet you. And I sure I'd be home with my children this afternoon instead of up here trying to be a deceiver. 'Cause what would happen to me? See? I'm... I can only say. The world's all educated, and they don't believe it. No matter... Jesus said they wouldn't, said, "A little while the world won't see Me no more, yet you'll see Me." There's got to be some "ye's."

E-117 Now, if He will take this poor unworthy body of mine, this voice of mine, it's no good, even everything I am, nothing good... But to fulfill His Word, that He said He would do it. If He now, by your faith, will come and dwell here with me, and will do the same thing here that He done to that woman at the well, and tell you where your trouble is, and what's wrong with you, will you believe on Him with all your heart? Now, that's--that's just your word (You see?), and mine.
You're conscious, mother, that something's going on. See? Between you and I is the Angel of the Lord. Now, if the audience can hear me, the lady's moving, no, she's walking. I see her going somewhere; she's walking... No, she's in a house, moving through the rooms; she's real nervous. She's bothered with a nervous condition; she's wringing her hands, and she's trying to do something, picks up something by a window or something. And she's real nervous a doing it. She has to... I see the sun like it's going down, and she's looking out the window. And she gets real nervous and goes and sets down in a chair with the back towards the window. She gets nervous, especially late of a evening. And I see her at a bathroom, and she's got a lady's trouble, a female trouble, that's causing her a great lot of pain and upset. That's the truth.

E-118 And that you might know that I be God's prophet, or His servant, you're supposed to have a operation not long ago, and that was on a cyst, and that was on the left arm beneath your clothes there. There you are. Now, do you believe me? Do you believe Him? Now, there's Something here knows you, is that right? You believe it's the Lord Jesus doing the same thing...?... Then in Jesus Christ's Name, Satan, you who done the evil, you're not afraid of me; I know that. But I come in a representative Name. I come to represent Him Who stripped you of every authority you had at Calvary, Jesus Christ, the Son of God. He spoiled you; you have no power; you're a bluff. And we're calling your hand. In the Name of Jesus Christ come out of the woman; I adjure thee by the living God that you leave her.
God bless you, lady. Now, go on your road rejoicing and praising God. Amen.
Let's say, "Praise the Lord," everybody. [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] Be reverent. Have faith. Now, don't move around; just be reverent.

E-119 Now, lady, look to me just a minute. Now, what I mean by that, "Look on me," like Peter and John passed through the gate called Beautiful. They said, "Look on us. Look on us," not that they were anything, but that... to see God in them.
Now, I... The lady standing here, I see her at a table. And the table is... No, she's moving away from the table; she's got a stomach trouble. That's right. And she doesn't know what it is. She's kind of upset about it; she thinks it's a growth that's a doing it. That's right. Now, do you believe that He's here? Do you believe if I pray for you... The Angel of God said these things would take place; the Bible said they would take place. Here He is in His people, in His universe. If He's standing here and He promised to do it, wouldn't you believe it? Come here.
Dear God, in the Name of Jesus, the Son of God, I take this curse off of the woman, in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen.
Why, sure, thank Him; that's right. It's gone from you. There's no more growth; it's gone.

E-120 Oh, friends, if you could only... "How did you know that there, Brother Branham?" Examine her, doctors, find out if that's right. She's just waking up to herself; she was so caught in the Spirit. That's what made her feel that way. Why, it's enough to make her shout. I'd shout too; so would you. If you were laying, dying, with a big malignant growth laying in you, dissolve and left out of you, you'd feel happy too.
Now, be reverent. Now, just... What I mean to say, "Be reverent." I don't mean don't praise Him. My, God wants to be praised. He--He--He--He wants to be worshipped. But what I mean, don't stir around; set still. See? You cause a--a an interruption.

E-121 Now, here's a lady, strange to me; I don't know her, never seen her. You're totally stranger to me. Praise be to God. Yes, sister, you were the one praying, wasn't you? That blood condition you got, having set there with a heart trouble, your faith has saved you. Go home.
What happened? Here it come before me right here in a vision, seen the woman praying, the Holy Ghost standing over her, or the Angel of the Lord. I turned; He went that way. I looked, and I seen her being examined. It's gone from you. Her faith made her well. Hallelujah.
"If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Every person in here ought to be healed at this minute. You are as far as God's concerned. It's just your faith keeping you from being healed. We could stop the prayer line right now, and every one of you, if you'd accept it upon those basis... But you got to believe. You got to have faith. Just believe; have faith; that's all I ask you to do.

E-122 He can heal diabetes, you believe it? Setting there praying about it, aren't you? That's right. Brother, you believe me to be His prophet? He can heal high blood pressure too. You believe that? Sister, here with your hand up, what's heart trouble to God, or arthritis, either one?
Oh, my, I wish you could... If you could catch the vision. This is the first that you really believed. This is it. Now, you're believing. Now, you got all the doubts moved back. The Christian spirit is overrode the other unbelievers. You're all...?... inside now. That's the way the Holy Spirit supposed to work. That's it. Said, "If thou canst believe..."

E-123 What about it, sir, with that prostate trouble, setting up there. You believe Jesus make you well? Can you accept it?
You're less...?... at night, nervous, setting up there looking at me. Yes, brother.
See the man lost his healing right there. See? It moved away and turned dark around him again. See, he didn't catch it. You got to answer, when the Holy Ghost is speaking at you, answer. Sure, He wants you to answer Him. It's your faith answering to the respond of the Word. It was turning light around a man; I tried to get his attention; he's somewhere setting in there. It left him again, went away. I called him, pointed right to him; it turned dark around the man and the vision left me, went back to him. See? Got to believe. You can't bluff God. And you can't bluff Satan. You got to know that God has the preeminence; He's God. Maybe I'll try to keep to the platform then.

E-124 Now, believe, lady. Was you just called just now, lady? You were? Was it diabetes? Got diabetes too, don't you, sir, setting the end of the row down there. Right? Something wrong with your ears too, don't you? Quit smoking them cigars; you smoke cigars; you shouldn't do it. So throw them away. Have faith in God.
Oh, hallelujah, something must...?... Don't think I'm beside myself. I know where I am.
Lady, I don't know you. Christ knows you. I don't. I see a young man, and he's walking over... He's staggering. It's your boy. He's a alcoholic. That's THUS SAITH THE SPIRIT. You're here to stand in his stead. That's the truth.
O Jesus, being a parent myself, God, be merciful and grant this woman her request. May her faith not fail; may she see this boy saved, filled with Your Spirit. I ask this for God's glory, in the Name of His Son. Amen.
"If thou canst believe, all things are possible." Do you believe? Have faith. Have faith; don't doubt.

E-125 The Spirit going to that lady... Lady, your trouble's thyroid gland. You're looking at me like that. Sure, someone would say, "Sure, she looks heavy-set, be thyroid. No necessary." Say, how about the lady next to you, lay your hand over on the lady next to you there, no, the heavy-set one, lay your hand on her. Look this way, lady. You got throat trouble, don't you? That's right, raise up your hand if that's right, so you see. All right. See that Spirit moving?
How do you do, sir? You believe with all your heart? Look this way just a moment. You been in a hospital. I see them with you opened up in the front part, this way. And they were taking your stomach and cutting a big portion of it out. That's your trouble. You're extremely nervous. That's right. And you're a preacher of the Gospel. And another thing, you're wanting to be prayed for; you have an impediment of speech. I see your trying to say something; you can't say it. It's caused by a nervous condition; that's what caused your stomach trouble. That's THUS SAITH THE LORD.
Dear God, in the Name of Christ, the Son of God, I pray that You heal the man. Amen.

E-126 Let's say, "Praise the Lord." [Congregation says, "Praise the Lord."--Ed.] You believe? Give Him praise. "If you can believe, all things are possible." Just have faith. God will grant it. The Bible said, "Let everything that has breath praise the Lord."
You ought to feel happy about that, sir, setting out there on end of the row? You do? Feel real happy cause that man was healed? You do? You have poor circulation, don't you, sir? That's right. Wouldn't you like to be that happy? Sure, you can too. Amen. Go on your road rejoicing and praising God.
Hallelujah. Praise be to Jehovah God. Satan's...?... Now, you're believing. Now, you're turning white. This is...?... gone on every night. Amen. Do you believe?

E-127 What about you, lady? Oh, you believe. You believe that I'm your brother. But do you believe that I become your brother plus God's prophet, servant. You believe that? Then I can help you. If you believe that solemnly in your heart, I can help you. You can go back to your own town rejoicing. You come from another. That's right. I see you looking at something, Mrs. Underwood. God can make you well. Do you believe that? That's who you are. That's right. And you got a kidney floating on the right kidney on the right side. That's exactly. Return back home and say, "Praise the Lord."
Does thou believe? Oh, He's wonderful. He knows all things. Believe.

E-128 Look here just a moment, lady. You believe me to be His servant with all your heart? That is right. Have faith...?... You believe...?... You believe? I can't hear you. But I can tell you where your trouble is, just like the woman that touched...?... You believe it? Asthmatic condition. That's right, isn't it? That's right, stand right here just a minute. Have faith.
Nervous condition causes stomach disorder (That's right.), a peptic ulcer... That's right. Heart trouble, asthma, stomach trouble. If you believe, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible." You believe it? Amen.
You believe me to be His prophet? Got arthritis. That's right, isn't it? Stand here just a moment.
Everybody, no...?... of these people been healed as yet. This woman's got heart trouble. Everybody's got heart trouble stand up; I'll show you something. Every person with heart trouble stand up.
What was yours? Stomach trouble. Everybody with stomach trouble stand up. Just remain, every one with stomach trouble.
Look here. Them spirits are calling one to another...?... happy.

E-129 Come here What was your trouble? Do I tell you right to the Spirit? Asthma? Asthma, stand up. What was yours? Arthritis. Arthritis, stand up.
Here you are. Them spirits are pulling one to the other. See?...?... believe it. You believe it? Let's stand and give Him praise. Praise God.
In the Name of Jesus, Son of God, I rebuke every spirit of the devil, and I claim that you can't hold them any longer. Come out of this audience...?...