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Date: 56-1001 | Duration: 1 hour and 26 minutes
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Lane Tech High School in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.
E-1 Shall we pray. Our heavenly Father, we thank Thee tonight for the privilege that we have of coming to Thee in the Name of the Lord Jesus, as He has bid us to do so. And He said, "Ask the Father anything in My Name, I'll do it." We believe that, Lord, with all of our heart. And we pray that You'll forgive us for all of our mistakes, our shortcomings, and will sanctify this little gathering tonight to the honor and glory of Thy Name. We ask it in the Name of Thy Child, the Lord Jesus. Amen. Be seated.
Just coming in the door just now and meeting many good friends of mine that I have met before, and some of them have just returned from overseas, Brother duPlessis, and this Brother Rasmusson, another bosom friend, and Clar Hutchinson, many of the others that was greeting me at the door in their way coming in. It just makes me feel real good to see them all back again.

E-2 I just wonder what it'll be, Brother Joseph, when we cross over the line and see them all in glory. And when we're... Have that great Wedding Supper set where all the redeemed of all ages will be gathered there. And we'll reach across the table and shake each other's hands. Won't that be a wonderful time? We're looking with great anticipation for that time.
Now, yesterday I had two sermons preached to you yesterday, and you were very patient with them. So I'm thankful to you that you had grace enough to come back on a Monday night.
And so I thought tonight it would be good that if we give all of our time tonight to gifts, and the working of the miracles and Divine healing. Just a little talk before we have our prayer line...

E-3 And then Brother Joseph called me up today and told me he wanted me to preach for you, or teach, rather, tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock. And if the Lord doesn't change my mind, I want to teach on the signs of the time we're living, if the Lord willing, tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock. Is that in this auditorium or...? The church auditorium, tomorrow afternoon at two o'clock, the Philadelphian church.
And tomorrow night I thought it good. You know, you just... Been so hard to me to teach the American people from understanding that you don't have to lay hands on people. They just been taught that all their life, so they just believe that.
And after I leave Thursday night, Mr. Osborn's coming in, T. L. Osborn, a marvelous brother who has a wonderful ministry. And perhaps, others who will be here and... that I seen advertised in the paper. And I'm trying to think of that little fellow's name now... Hicks, Tommy Hicks, and Ogilvie is to be in the meeting. [Brother Joseph says, "Brother Hicks and Brother Ogilvie."--Ed.] Thank you, Brother Joseph. Brother... I could remember Brother Hick's coming but Ogilvie... And so they're to be here. And they are--are men who pray and lay hands on the sick.

E-4 But you know, being its home here in the home church and my home school and--and the Lane Tech here in Chicago, I think tomorrow night, God willing, we'll just have a line of laying on hands and praying for the sick.
I've heard so many of them say, "Brother Branham, if you'd just touch me, I'd get well." Well, you know that is what faith is... Is what you believe.
And Jairus said, "You come, lay Your hands on my daughter and she will be well."
But the Roman said, "You don't have to come under my roof. Just speak the Word and my servant will live."
So it's according to your faith.

E-5 So I haven't had one for a long time, and being to preach twice tomorrow, I thought tonight I'd take it just a little easy, and preach twice tomorrow, and have one of those lines for Tuesday night, then continue on as usual on Wednesday.
I hope that pleases the Holy Spirit, and pleases the people. It's my desire always is to please God first, and then try to make burdens just as light for my fellow men as I possibly can.
Since the Lord has give me His love and grace in my heart, and told me that He saved me, and I have had such a feeling for His people and especially the sick ones, it seems to be the Lord has blessed it marvelously praying for the people. And some--some of the most outstanding things that--that I--I've ever read of, I have seen our Lord do it.

E-6 Now, friends, they said about a fourth of the congregation tonight is strangers, maybe our first time meeting. And I don't claim that I am a healer. I--I know I'm not. I claim that Jesus is a Healer, that has already purchased your healing, and by His stripes you were healed already. See? By His--by His death you was saved. If you're a sinner, you're already saved in the sight of God, and you will not be condemned as long as the Blood of the Lord Jesus is atoning for you.
That's the reason that God doesn't slay you right now, but if you die without mercy, without accepting His mercy, then you stand as a sinner in the front of God. You're already condemned. But now, if you... God... The sin question was settled. When Jesus died at Calvary, He taken away the sin of the world.

E-7 Now, and if you receive the benefits of that by accepting it as your own personal... As He... as your own personal Saviour now. And if you accept It, then you're free because Christ has made you free. But if you reject It you have judged yourself, and you've judged Him not worthy to--and not able to save you.
And the same thing by healing, for He was wounded for our transgressions, with His stripes we were healed.
Now, God has set in the Church gifts. And those gifts God set in the Church. And I know there's probably Presbyterian, Lutheran, myself a Baptist. And so then, you wonder then why we all gather together under one fellowship like this.
Now, I don't miserably despise Baptists, Methodists, Presbyterians, or whoever that doesn't agree with me on Scripture. I just think maybe that God hasn't revealed it to you, or maybe you just don't understand it.

E-8 But, friend, to tell me that it doesn't happen, you'd be just a little too late. I done seen it happen. See? I--I know that it's true, and I know that He is and a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him. And I believe that God hasn't lost any of His power. I believe that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever in every way.
Now, I can show you in the Bible where God gave His Church the authority by using His Name by faith to cast out evil spirits, to heal the sick and to do great signs and wonders. I can show you where it was given to the Church, but there's no record in Bible nowhere, where He ever took that power away from the Church or said He would take it away from the Church. But this Gospel of this same deliverance was to be preached to all nations beginning at Jerusalem. And we was to be witnesses of Him in Jerusalem, Judaea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth. That this Gospel, and these signs was to follow the believer until He comes again: "Go ye into all the world." Mark 16.

E-9 Just only one third of it knows about Jesus now after nine--nineteen hundred years. "Into all the world and preach the Gospel." Now, the Gospel's not the Word only, but making the Word manifest. Paul said so. "Gospel came not in Word only, but through the power and manifestation of the Holy Spirit is the Gospel must be preached to every nation, and these signs shall follow them that believe."
Now, we just can't cut that out. We've got to face it. That's right. We've got to face it.
And now, many times today I know, Christian friends, that there's been many mockeries made out of those things. We can expect that. If there wasn't any mockery, why, there wouldn't be any...?...

E-10 But we have... As long as you see there's a bogus dollar, remember that dollar was made off of a real dollar. When you see somebody impersonating a Christian, just remember there's a real Christian that he's patterned off of somewhere.
Down in India, you get when you go down to the... There in Bombay and different places, you find just religious clowns; I call them. They lay out on spikes; they'll walk through fire; they'll cut themselves and do all kinds of enchantments and so forth to get some money. They're only clowning.
Way back in the interior there, there's a man true, honest at heart that's cutting himself, walking through fire, trying to appease the gods that he serves See? But this out on the side is a hypocrite to that--to that heathen worshipper, but he's only trying to make money out of it.

E-11 And we have men today that goes through the land, and now not only evangelists who pray for the sick, but all around. And we have people in our churches who impersonate each other, try to say, "Now, because she did it, I will too. Because he did it, I will too." That's hypocrisy. You are what you are by the grace of God. And just be yourself. God will love you better, and the people will love you better too, if you'll just be yourself. Be honest and sincere in what you do, and God will bless your efforts.
And now, here a few days ago, a man... I was reading a book, where a man wrote a terrible article against me. I believe I mentioned it yesterday or sometime. And about how that he knowed a man that I'd prayed for, or had called out in the audience, and he was healed of a trouble for two years. It come back on him and he said that showed that Divine healing's wrong, said, or the man would have stayed healed.

E-12 Well, the doctor will different with him there even so... But I think that a--a person trying to introduce to a nation, and to a world that's almost atheiotic now... A man that'll breathe the Name of the Lord Jesus and claim to be His servant... I believe if a man would represent me, and I was a sinner, would represent me to the public like some people represents the Lord Jesus, I'd be willing to have him arrested and put in jail. That's right.
Why, they try to say that He's a weakling. "Why, He--He--He--He was a God Who lived many years ago, but He doesn't live today. It is just some little book, or something other, we keep a few creeds of His life for." No, sir. I do not believe that. I believe that He's just as live, and real today as He was when He opened the Red Sea and the children of Israel marched through, just as real today as He went into the fiery furnace with the Hebrew children, to the lion's den with Daniel, or stood on the banks of the Galilee, and restored the leper to his normal condition, or touched--the woman touched Him, with the blood issue. I believe He's just the same Lord Jesus today, just as real and just as alive as He ever was. I think there's no fault with Him. The fault's in us. I think there's where the fault is. Now, let's get the fault out.

E-13 Now, it's like I said, if a doctor, a good doctor, though he'd have to cut you... If you got a cancer, let's cut the thing out, get rid of it. If you got a tumor, let's operate and get the thing out. If it's a bad appendix going to burst, take it out if it does hurt. Let's get rid of it.
And if old unbelief, and selfishness, and denominations are--are absolutely binding us, and separating us, and separating brotherhood, and the fellowship of Christ, let's get rid of the thing and get right with God, and get out into the harnessing and serve the Lord.
Now, in the Book it's taught over there that God has placed in the Church five ministering gifts. First is apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists, and pastors; those gifts God places in the Church sovereignly. Now, those gifts God places in the Church.

E-14 Then when you become in the Body of Christ, then there's nine spiritual gifts that goes in ever local church body. And those are gifts that you're to pray for, to pray for the gift of speaking with tongues, or the gift of interpretation of tongues, or these other gifts that goes into the church. Pray for the gifts of healing, and pray for the gifts of miracles, and so forth. That's the ones that you pray for, and the Spirit comes on and works in each local assembly to--in the perfecting of the Church.
Now, many times we've misjudged that, went over the mark and so forth; and that's what's caused it. But we expected... I... If it wasn't that way, I--I'd think there was something wrong with the program, 'cause it's Satan trying to upset it. You see?

E-15 So, look, we believe that. And I believe, to you Methodists and Presbyterians here tonight... I've seen many things since I've been on the Pentecostal realms that I didn't agree with. That's right. I've seen plenty of it. But what of it.
I think one of the most gallant men that I spoke to in a long time was Lewi Pethrus of Stockholm, Sweden. One day we were riding out in a car, and he said, "Brother Branham, Billy Graham sat and rode in there." It was when Billy had first started in evangelistic service, and we were talking. And he said, "How long have you been Pentecostal?"
I said, "Ever since I received the Holy Ghost."
And he said, "Wasn't you Baptist first?"
I said, "Yes, sir."

E-16 He said, "So was I." And he said, "I seen them tearing up the furniture and kicking over the chairs." He said, "But I knowed they had something, and I went with them so I could bring them back."
Oh, I love that. I said, "Brother Pethrus, just a moment. Let me write that down. I want to keep that remark. 'I went with them so I could bring them back.'"
Now, when I come into Pentecost, the Pentecostal people, I found one was a Oneness, and one was a Twoness, and one was a Threeness, and one's baptized this a way and that way, and one was this, and one was that; they were broke up in one Assembly, and one United, and one this. And you know what I did? I didn't join with any of them. I stayed free from their denominations and stayed between them so I could love them all the same time and bring them together. That's right. See?

E-17 Because they're all brethren, and they're all good men, good women. They're brothers and sisters in Christ. So therefore, I've never drawed a line no matter what the man was, what he believed. That didn't make... It's Who He believes is what I'm thinking about; is the Lord Jesus.
Now, if it's true that Jesus Christ... The Bible said in Hebrews 13:8, that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Now, the Bible says He is. Then if He is, then you can only interpret it that one way and that... You might try to place something different, but the Bible said, "Jesus Christ, the same," Just partially the same, He's the same (See?) yesterday, today, and forever." He has to be the same in principle, the same in power, the same in attitude, everything just like He was or the Bible's wrong (Is that right?), the Bible's wrong.

E-18 Well, then we'll find out if He is the same today. Now, this little talk 'fore I read my Scripture, and for a few moments then we're going to go right into the praying for the sick, and just make this a great night of praying for the sick, and then tomorrow afternoon, the preaching.
Now, I want to ask to the newcomers something. If He is the same yesterday, today, and forever, well, what was He yesterday? That's what I want to know. What was He yesterday? And if we can find out what He was yesterday, He will have to be the same thing today, or the Scripture's wrong (Is that right?), the Scripture is wrong.

E-19 Now, Methodist, and Presbyterian, all of you, let's just lay it down and look at it, and see if it's right. If He was yesterday something, and He isn't the same today, then the Scripture's wrong, and truly He died, and the Mohammedans is right, and the rest of them, He's dead and buried, and His disciples stole Him away and--and that settled it, He's gone forever.
Now, that if--if He isn't the same... If this book... If one Word in It is wrong, to me It's all wrong. It's either every bit right, or it's all wrong. If--if one Scripture is not inspired, then to me there's none of them inspired.
A person is--is either a good man, or he's not a good man. True. And that's the way God is... He's--He's still God, or He's not God. And this is His Word and He's duty-bound to His Word, or either This is not His Word, and we're all wrong in the Bible.

E-20 But I am so happy tonight to know this, as a poor illiterate man, but yet I am so thankful to know this, that beyond one shadow of doubt, I know that this is His Word; and He's just the same; and He's alive tonight, and all other gods are--are failures. And there's no other God outside of Almighty God and the Lord Jesus Christ which is His Son was God made manifest in flesh.
They... And it is true, and by God's grace through His Divine gift we can prove that beyond one shadow of doubt.
And then what kind of people should we be when we see that proved to us. When Jesus promised, when He was here on earth. Now, we'll watch Him as He goes in His ministry, just for a few moments. This is for the newcomers.
As He moved in His ministry, we found out He wasn't born a king, or He was a King when He was born, but not a--a earthly king. He was a heavenly King. And He wasn't received when He was born, by the earth.

E-21 No true messenger... Listen now. No real true messenger, to this day, or no day at any time, has ever been received by the world. No messenger of God has never been received by the world.
And may I say this a little stout now? Never did the ecclesiastic system of this world ever receive God's messenger. Think of that. Through all ages when men makes their ecclesiastical systems, and God sends His messengers, they've condemned him.
Jesus said, "Which one of the prophets has your fathers not stoned?" Which one of them? See? Sure, they're always condemned when they have the message of God, 'cause it is contrary to man's thoughts of God. Man tries to make his own theory. See? And he can't do it.

E-22 And we have to have people who will go after such 'cause, as my father used to say, "It takes all kinds of people to make up the world." And we've got them.
Now, when He was here on earth... Let's follow Him just in one Book, and that Book of Saint John. Let's follow Him just for a few moments and see what He was yesterday. And then we can--we can kind of settle our minds what He is today then. Is that true enough? If we can follow Him...

E-23 Now, to save time, you mark it in your Bible, Saint John the 1st chapter. Let's just go to it now. Just... I'll take a few instance mentally. You, of course... Each one of the writers wrote the same thing. And maybe if they never wrote it... They had wrote the same instant, but maybe if you stood here and seen something, and someone stood over here, it might be just a little different, but it is the same instance.
Now, in Saint John 1, when Jesus was born, and then... We know the story. And when He ended His ministry, after His temptation, immediately when He entered His ministry, He entered it preaching the Gospel to the poor, 'cause the rich had refused Him.

E-24 And another thing, He begin healing the sick. Did you notice that? Well then, if God's program (as some people put it) God wants man to suffer for His glory, then Jesus come down to do the will of the Father. He said He did. Did He? And why did He heal those sick and afflicted then? If He come to do the will of God, Who makes them sick... "The will of God, says man today, that God makes people sick so that He can show His--His glory in their patience," and then Jesus comes down and takes all that sickness off of them. Then He defeated the purpose that the Father sent Him for. He ought to come down and made everybody sick. See? That would've been the purpose of the Father then. But you see how different men make it from what God has it. Huh? Now, does that sound reasonable? Is that Bible?

E-25 Now, this is a small group tonight. We're talking heart to heart. When Jesus met... His disciples all begin to follow Him. And we find there was a man by the name of Peter got saved. And the strange thing when he came to Jesus, Jesus knew who that man was. Now, that was a strange thing, wasn't it?
When He come, He said, "Why, you're Simon, the son of Bar-jona," said, "but from hereafter, you'll be called Peter. You are Simon. Your father was Jonas. So I'm going to call you Peter." Which "Peter" means "little stone." And said, "I'm going to call you 'little stone' from this on." That was a strange thing for a Man Who had never seen him, yet knowed his name, and knowed who his daddy was, and all about him. That was kind of a str... But that was Jesus yesterday. If that's Jesus yesterday, that's got to be Jesus today if He's the same. Is that right?
Then we find out that they... Another fellow got converted by the name of Philip. And he had a good friend out of the orthodox church. So he went around a mountain, a few miles, and found his friend under a tree, praying. So he said, "Come, see Who we found, Jesus of Nazareth, the Son of Joseph."

E-26 And this fellow, very staunch, and had been taught in the orthodox Jewish religion, he raised up and said, "Now, looky here, Philip, could there be any good thing come out of a city like Nazareth?"
And I think Philip give him the best answer that anybody can: "Come and see."
You hear people criticize this and criticize that. Go find out for yourself. That's the way. I'm going to speak on that in a few moments.
"Come find out for yourself."
So he said, "All right. I'll go with you."
And around the hill they come, and they walked up, Jesus praying for the sick. And the Jews all standing there condemning Him, finding fault with Him and... You know if you go to a meeting to find fault with it, the Devil will sure anoint you. You can sure find fault. If you go to get the good out of it, God will anoint you. You'll get the good out of it.

E-27 So there they was all standing there anointed with the Devil. The Bible said they was. Jesus said they was. They were anointed with the Ho--with the--the Devil, and the believers were anointed with God.
And so Philip come up and brought up Nathanael, coming with him like somebody bring him to the meeting. And when Jesus looked over and seen him, He said, "Behold an Israelite, in whom there is no guile."
Now, if I'd say that and break it down, it would be, "There is a--is a real Christian believer, a real truthful man," something of that order.

E-28 "Why," the man said, "now, wait a minute. I've never seen that Man, never heard of him. Just a... Yesterday since Philip told me, and here we arrived here on the grounds. And that man as soon as I walked up in this line tells me, that I am a believer. How does He know that I am a believer and how does He know I'm honest."
He said, "Rabbi, whence knowest thou me? When did You know me?"
Jesus looked at him a moment and He said, "Before Philip called you, when you were under the tree praying, when Philip come up, I saw you."
"Why," he said, "Rabbi, You're the Son of God; You're the King of Israel."

E-29 That was the... That was the true orthodox believer. Jesus said, "Because I told you this, that I saw you under the tree over yonder, and knowed you was a good man, and never seen you in My life because I told you that, do you believe Me?"
"Yes, Lord."
He said, "You'll see greater things than this then. Come, follow Me now."
And what did the Jews say? The Jews said, "Do you know what that Guy is? He's Beelzebub. Now, He's a fortuneteller, and He's got mental telepathy, and the Devil inspires Him to do that."
See they can't find a loop hole so they just make up their own word, and say, "He is inspired of the Devil. The Devil does that. He is Beelzebub."

E-30 Jesus turned around to them... Now, watch. That was Jesus yesterday, is that right? Well, if He's the same, He will have to do the same today, or He's not the same. Is that true? He has to be the same today.
And then those leaders, they... Jesus turned to those leaders... Now, listen... Watch Jesus now, what He said. Listen close. He said, "Whosoever speaketh a word against the Son of man, it shall be forgiven him, but when the Holy Ghost is come, and you speak a word against That..." Now, in other words, the only way that would keep... Jesus was speaking of today then. See? Because Jesus was in a corporal body then. The corporal body has been lifted for a sin offering at the Throne of God, and the Holy Spirit, which is Christ, the Spirit of Christ, is here today.

E-31 He said, "Now, you, while I am here on earth, you speak against this and call Me Beelzebub," 'cause the Scripture went on, said, because they said that He had an unclean spirit, calling the Spirit of God in the Man an unclean spirit, a Devil. He said, "You speak against It now to Me, I'll forgive you, but when the Holy Ghost is come, and you speak against It, it'll never be forgiven you in this world, or the world to come."
What a stern warning for this day then in His resurrection power, when He's here.
Now, that's what He said. That's His remarks. Now, let's go just a little farther.

E-32 A few days lady--later. He's going down to Jericho...?... and on His... He goes right straight from Jerusalem to Jericho... If you've ever visit Palestine... But He goes up around Samaria. He had need to go to Samaria. Wonder why? Now, we'll find out in a few minutes why He went up there.
The Father had told Him to go up there. That's all the way up around the mountain this way instead of going down. But He went up to Jericho... From... Not to Jericho, but to Samaria, pardon me, and He set down by a wall and sent His disciples away.
When He sent them away, out come a woman of Samaria and said... Jesus looked at her. He was a young man of about thirty years old, thirty-two. And He said, "Woman, bring Me a drink."

E-33 And she said, "It's not customary for you Jews to ask we Samaritans such. We have no dealings with one another. And You're a young man."
Now, the woman was of ill-fame. Said, "You're a young man, ask me such a question?"
Jesus said, "But if you knew Who you were talking to, you'd ask Me to give you a drink."
"Why," she said, "where... What are you going to draw it with? You haven't got no bucket, no rope. The well's deep. How could You give me any water?"
He said, "But the water that I give is waters of Life, springing up into the soul."
"Why," she said, "now... She seen He was religious then.

E-34 He said, "Well, now look," said, "our fathers worshipped in this mountain, but you say it's Jerusalem, and you're greater than this well that our father's dug and they... And so forth. And Jesus went on with the conversation.
Now, here's my interpretation. He was contacting her spirit. The Father sent Him up there, but there was the woman. Now, just a minute, and I'll prove that by the Scripture.
After He found what her trouble was, He said, "Go, get your husband and come here."
She said, "I don't have any husband."
He said, "That's right. You got five."

E-35 She turned and looked at Him. "Who is this young Fellow in the middle age here, this Jew setting here?" She said, "Rabb"... She said, "Sir, I perceive, or I understand, by this what You've told me, that You're a prophet."
Now, she never said, "He's Beelzebub." She said, "He was a prophet." She said, "I perceive that You're a prophet."
Now, listen what the Samaritans thought. Now, you see what the Jews thought. When the Jew come, and see Him do His sign... It's... He said, "Rabbi, Thou art the Son of God, the King of Israel."
Now, what's the Samaritans going to say? The Samaritan said, "I perceive that You're a prophet, and we know that when the Messiah cometh, He will tell us these things."

E-36 But she couldn't understand who He was. Said, "You must be a prophet, but we know that... We're looking for the coming of the Messiah. And when the Messiah comes, He's going to do this sign."
Jesus said, "I am He that speaks to you."
Oh, my. If that was the sign of the Messiah yesterday, it's the Messiahic sign today if He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Is that right?

E-37 A woman, a few days after that He was passing through a crowd going to heal a little sick girl, and a woman touched His garment. She said in herself, "If I can touch Him, I'll be well. He's a holy Man, and I believe Him to be just what He says He is." She touched His garment, and--and she ran back and hid herself in the crowd.
Jesus said, "Who touched Me? Who touched Me?"
And everybody... She and all of them... Nobody... "No, I never touched You."
And Peter, always, you know, with his boldness he stood out and said, "Lord, how could anybody tell? Everybody's touching You and why saith Thou, 'Who touched Me?' Why stop the--the procession as we're going on, standing here saying, 'Who touched Me, who touched Me?' when everybody's just a loving around You and every thing."
He said, "Yes, but I got weak. Somebody touched Me with faith."

E-38 That's the way today. We are lolling around the church and calling ourselves Christians, but I wonder where the faith is that brings the virtue. See, see? Calling ourselves Reverend, and Doctor, and Bishop, and... My, I just wonder where the faith touches that. "Holy Father" and so forth. Oh, my. We love great names and titles, don't we? Jesus said, "Your brethren."
But anyhow we--we don't we sing our anthems like we were the angelic choir and...?... an over-trained voice with their--that hold a note till you're blue in the face. That's not singing. I like this real good singing like I heard sung on the platform tonight, our Brother from Sweden and them singing "Down From His Glory." It's my favorite song. And to see people...

E-39 "Who touched Me?"
Everybody denied. But Jesus looked around over the crowd until He found where that was flowing from, that strength was coming. He found the little woman and He told her, "Your faith has made you whole." And she come and fell down at His feet and worshipped Him.
Now, if that was Jesus yesterday, that's got to be Jesus today. Is that right? If He's the same yesterday, today... Going down... In Saint John 5 now...
Going down to the pool of Bethesda, He come to a great multitude of people: thousands, laying there, lame, halt, blind, withered, waiting for the moving of the water. And Jesus, a few days after that woman touched Him, went right down through that bunch of people. And people say He was full of compassion. He was, but godly compassion, not human sympathy, but godly compassion. What a difference. Certainly is. Like the two kinds of love: one's affectionate, and the other is Divine.
And so He passed down through that pool like this would be in this hole here, this pit, and there laid thousands of people laying there: lame, halt, blind and withered.

E-40 Many historians have told us the great pathetic sight who stabbed one another trying to get in when the Angel come on the water. And Jesus passed through that, and went by the afflicted, and blind, and every... And found a man laying on a little pallet laying there that had probably prostate trouble or something. He had it for thirty-eight years. It was retarded. He had that trouble when I was a baby. See? So you can just think of that difference in the age.
Now, here he is laying on a pallet, and Jesus walked up to him, leaving the blind, the afflicted, and twisted, and halt, and maim, and said, "Wilt thou be made whole?" Isn't that strange? Emmanuel? What? Was that Jesus yesterday? That was. According to the Word, and I'm daresn't to doubt one Word of it.

E-41 But the Bible said, "He walked by them: lame, halt, blind and withered." Scripture said so. And He found this man that wasn't too bad. He could walk. He couldn't race very good, 'cause, "Someone beats me to the pool," so he said. Now, he could walk; he could get around. He wasn't blind, lame, halt, but he had some kind of a retarded disease, had it thirty-eight years. And Jesus said, "Take up your bed and go into your house."
Jesus walked away and left that crowd. What? That's what the Scriptures said. That's right. The man was found packing his bed 'cause it was the Sabbath. And Jesus was questioned. And Jesus gave him the answer, in my closing, The Jews... Do you think He'd be questioned today?

E-42 Do you think today if Chicago would say, "Mr. Branham, we understand you pray for the sick, so we're going to empty every hospital, and put them out here in Soldier's Field, or whatever the place is out here from these big stadium places, and we're going to lay all the hospital cases all around here, everywhere, every doctor's going to be there and everything. And we sure invite you to Chicago. Come on up."
"Thank you. The Lord willing, I'll be there." And I went walking down through there.
"Mr. Branham, could you heal one?"
"No, it isn't me that doeth the works; it's the Father." Is that what Jesus said?

E-43 He walked down through the crowd, walked away, and said, "Well, the Father never showed Me anything," walk away. What do you think the doctors would say? What do you think the mayor would say? What do you think the preachers would say?
They'd be the first one to kick. "I told you there wasn't nothing to it." But Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. Does the Bible say that? He's the same.
Now, the Jews questioned Jesus. Now, listen. Here's His Word: Saint John 5:19. "Verily, verily, I say unto you, the Son can do nothing in Himself, but what He sees the Father doing: that doeth the Son likewise."

E-44 That was Jesus yesterday. That's Jesus today. What promise did He give? "The works that I do shall you also." Is that right? "I'll be... Little while, and the world won't see Me no more." That's the unbeliever. They wouldn't believe Him no matter what happened. They didn't believe Him then. They didn't believe that God was in Christ. They certainly didn't believe it. People don't believe it today.
They say He was just a prophet, a good man. He was God. Certainly He was God. They didn't believe God was in Christ.
And now, He said, "As the Father has sent Me to do His will (listen close), so send I you. And the things that I do shall you also, more than this shall you do." 'Cause to be... He could spread more... He was in one person God was there. God's in thousands now. "More than this shall you do, for I go to My Father." See?

E-45 Now, watch this. That was Jesus yesterday. That's Jesus today. Now, the true servant of God never takes credit for anything. He gives credit to God. And the truth of God's Word, that at Calvary, the emancipation of the proclamation was signed by the Blood of the Lord Jesus, and everything that Satan ever did to you, he was stripped of every power he had at Calvary.
And we tonight as His servants, stand to serve the public in the Name of the Lord Jesus, claiming to the people that the work has been finished, and will be granted to whosoever will according to your faith.
Now, do you understand it? That's Jesus the same. Now, He put it in the Word, writing that He sent prophets. He sent gifts; He placed it all in the Church for the perfecting of the Church.

E-46 Now, it's practically time right now to start, and I'm just going to make one little quotation from the Scripture here for just about five to ten minutes. We're going to start and put all the rest of the time in prayer for the sick.
It's found in Saint Matthew the 7th chapter and the 42nd verse. And I want you to listen real closely. Now, that was for the newcomers. This is for all.
Now, listen what Jesus said. He is speaking to His disciples and to the Pharisees and Sadducees and so forth.
The queen of the south shall rise up in the judgment with this generation, and shall condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, behold, a greater than Solomon is here.
May God add His blessings to the Word.

E-47 David, one day setting in the presence of Nathan, the prophet, and he said, "Is it nice for me to live in a house of cedar and the ark of my God be under tent?" And Nathanael, or Nathan being a real prophet of God... But you know, prophets are just men that's anointed time after time by the Spirit. They're eagles who go up and foresee things. They can't go up on their own power.
A eagle can't go up on his own power; the wind has to pick him up. And it takes the Holy Spirit wind to pick the prophet up. It take him away in yonder to see things, see things back this away, or things back that way. But he takes this by his own power. He has wings and he is...
Now, the pigeon could never lift that far. Neither could the robin, or no other bird could lift like the eagle, because he's just... His--his part... He's made up to lift up. He's a heavenly bird that soars above all other birds. He's an eagle.

E-48 And now, when he's down he is just a bird, but when he's... He was setting with David. He said, "David, do all that's in your heart, for God is with you." I love that.
And that night the Lord appeared to His prophet and said, "Go, tell My servant, David, 'You was a little fellow, and I took you from the sheep cote from feeding your father's flock to give you a great name, among men. And I've been with you, and I have caused those who's contraried you and so forth, but I can't let you build this temple. But every since through the judges I've never spoke to one, but I've went from tent to tent and from tabernacle to tabernacle.'" Chronicles, I believe, about the 7th chapter, or 12th chapter of I Chronicles... And said, "I have went from tent to tent, and I have not dwelt in a house. But your son I'll raise up, and he will build Me a house. And I'll establish his throne forever and forever."
Now, all Israel looked for the time of the coming the Son of David that was promised in the lineage of David, and they knowed that that would be the Messiah.

E-49 If we had time now to base this down and give the point, but I'll just hurry...
So when Solomon, which was the successor of David, when he came, God anointed Solomon and gave him a gift. God always has give gifts to lead His people. Search the Scriptures. Gifted human beings has led God's people, and so he... Solomon prayed for a gift of wisdom, and God gave him the gift of wisdom to lead the people.
And Solomon's age was called the golden age of Israel. It was a type, or a foreshadow of the coming of the Lord Jesus in the great millennium, when the whole world will live in a golden age.
And Solomon foreshadowed Jesus, and when with one gift... And when Jesus came, He had all the gifts. God gave Him the Spirit without measure. And He came, and when He was greater...
He just said the prophet preached at Nineveh because there was a miracle done. And a gifted, spirited prophet went in, in the belly of a whale, where all the Nineveh people got on the coast, so they fished. And all the fisherman out there, wicked as they were, the whale run in, and opened up his mouth, and the prophet stepped out.

E-50 And it was a sign, and with the anointing, he preached to people who didn't know which was right and left hand until the city the size of St. Louis, Missouri, repented and put sack cloths and--on their animals, and repented, at the preaching of Jonas. Jesus said so. He said they'll raise up in the day of judgment and condemn this generation. They had one sign, anointed prophet preached one message, and the whole city repented.
And He said, "Yet, I say to you there's one greater than Jonas here." And they wouldn't repent. The world gets darker and darker, farther away all the time. Knowledge increases and wisdom and so forth, worldly speaking, and the Kingdom of God suffers on down.

E-51 Notice, He said, "And the queen of the south (which was the queen of Sheba) she'll raise in this generation and condemn it: for she came from the uttermost parts of the earth to hear the wisdom of Solomon; and, yet, I say unto you that a greater than Solomon is here."
Notice, he was condemning them because they hadn't recognized the--the anointed Spirit that was on Him of God. They tried to class Him as a madman. They tried to class Him as a--a devil-possessed man, doing miracles by the Devil.
He said, "Those people, and you great ecclesiastics (in other words) who sets over here with your fancy buttons, and your robe to be called "Doctor" and "Rabbi." And the people in Nineveh who didn't even know which was right and left hand, repented when they saw the sign of the anointed prophet, Jonas, come out of the belly of a whale after being there three days, and give a message. A ignorant, illiterate people will raise up in the day of judgment and condemn you, ecclesiastics. You see it?

E-52 And He said, "The queen of Sheba, a heathen country, pagan, come and heard the wisdom of Solomon, yet being a pagan, and she will rise in the judgment, and condemn you bunch of preachers, because she come from the uttermost parts of civilization to hear the wisdom of Solomon. See?
He was upbraiding them because many signs had been done of the Messiahic sign, and they still refused to hear it: hard hearted. Oh, they were indocumated. Oh, my, my. They had B.A. and B.D. and all kinds of degrees, but they failed to see that He was the Messiah. They failed to recognize it, though the Scriptures said that those things would be.

E-53 And may I stop here a minute and say... My manager said a few weeks ago, "If God doesn't send judgment upon this United States soon, to be a just God He will have to resurrect Sodom and Gomorrah and apologize to them." That's right.
It's become one great, big, vulgar house of prostitution, the worst in the world. Divorce rates are higher here than anywhere else in the world, and naked, half-dressed woman on the streets, and drinking, and carousing, and every one of them church members nearly.
Oh, you pastor, that'll stand and let your congregation get by with such as that. More damnation will be heaped upon you, and God will require their blood at your hands. Then make fun of Divine healing and the power and the resurrected Lord Jesus proving that He's alive... You hear?

E-54 Now, look what a price that queen of Sheba had to pay. You know how long it taken her to travel? Three months.
When Solomon's gift was recognized among the people that he was a gifted man, that God was with Solomon, everybody come from everywhere to see Solomon, because he had a Divine gift that was in operation, and it proved itself. The Bible said, "God will testify of His gifts." He always has. He always will.
Now, might be a lot of things said that wasn't right, but God will testify of His gifts. You don't believe the Holy Spirit is a gift of God, let It come on you one time. God will testify of His gifts.

E-55 Now, everybody would come down into this country several hundred miles from Palestine across the desert. Everyone would come by... The queen of Sheba kept hearing, "Oh, the great God of the Israelites has anointed a man and give him a gift. His names's Solomon; he's the king up there. Everyone must pass by." And all at once...
Jesus said this when He was here on earth, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him." He said, "You got eyes and you can't see; you got ears and you can't hear to fulfill the Scriptures." God had did that.
Now, He said, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him first." But somehow down in the heart of that queen of Sheba there was a desire to see this great gift of God. She wouldn't... She'd take the other man's words, but she wanted to see it for herself.

E-56 That's just exactly what Philip told Nathanael. Said, "Come and see for yourself." One will criticize it. Don't take what somebody else says. Come, see yourself. The--the Scripture says, "Taste and see the Lord is good." Try it once.
A boy one time eating an apple where an infidel was debating that there was no God... The boy peeled the apple, quartered it and put it in his mouth and started eating. He said, "What do you want?"
He said, "I want to ask you a question."
He said, "What is it?"
He said, "Is this apple sweet or sour?"
He said, "I don't know. I've not eaten it yet."
He said, "That's just what I thought." And went back and set down.

E-57 How do you know? Taste and see. Give God a chance. See if He will take it, and give you glory for your misery; see if He will give you happiness for your gloom; see if He will give you health for your sickness; see if He will give you the Holy Ghost for your theology. Try it and see. Taste and see the Lord is good. Let's give Him a chance.
And the queen said, "I'll go see for myself." Now, I want you to notice what a sacrifice. When you come to see God, you don't just come on a flower bed of ease; you have to make a sacrifice. It's a sacrificial way. It's a way of death. You have to die out to come to Him.
You have to forget all you ever knowed in order to learn of Him. Empty out that He can fill us. You don't mix it now. You have to empty out.

E-58 So look what she did. She got a caravan of camels. Not only that, but she come with gifts. She said, "If it's true, I'm going to bring gifts." And she loaded it with gold, and spices, and cinnamon, and costly array. And she set out, a three month's journey through a hot, burning desert. Would you pull that kind of a sacrifice to see a gift of God in operation? Just wondered tonight how--if she's going to condemn us.
Some won't walk across the street. But she went three months with slow camels, a lady. And look at the perils was in the way. Them deserts was full of robbers. With all that treasure on, how that the robbers could have surrounded her and a took her life, but she was willing. There was nothing going to stand in her way. She laid aside all of her theology. She come with an open heart and she come the rough, hard way. She come to see if the gift of God really operated. And she came. And when she finally arrived, she walked up to the palace; Solomon greeted her.

E-59 Now, she didn't come just to stay one night. She come to stay till she was convinced. But we'll go one night and say, "Oh, I heard that guy speak. I've seen this preacher. Oh, I know about our...?... Oh, his own idea." See? You don't even give him a chance. God ought to work on that hard heart and all that stuff that's been piled into you, He's got to get that out first; get you emptied out before He can ever get to you.
She unpacked the camels, and so forth, and fixed the beds, and got ready. She was going to camp awhile. She was going to stay at the meetings. She was going to be convinced that it was neither right or wrong. If she ever seen it in operation, she said, "I'll believe it."

E-60 So after she had been there for a while, and she had seen the gift of God in Solomon, she said to Solomon; she said, "I have heard many things, and I..." In otherwise like this. "I've heard many things of you, I could hardly believe."
But God did miracles with Solomon there with his gifts, till the Bible said there was no more spirit left in her. And if you'll notice how that's spelt there in Second Kings, it's spelt with a little "s." That's carnal spirit, not capital "Spirit," carnal "spirit" little. "No more spirit left in her."

E-61 All the doubts was gone. Yeah. All over. She's saying she made her confession. She said, "I have heard that the Lord God of Israel was with you, and I've come to see. And now I am convinced above any shadow of doubt that your God is the real God. And God has anointed you to lead His people, and I even see more than what I heard about.
Jesus said, "She'll raise up with these generations and condemn it. And I say unto you," He said, "that greater than Solomon is here."
And I say to the audience tonight, that the queen of Sheba will raise in the judgment with the people of Chicago, and because you've listened to criticism, and not tried to find out for yourself, and will condemn this people.
You don't have to...?... on a street car or automobile, come right to the door, and see the Lord Jesus moving among His people.

E-62 But because some self-styled, smart, educated theologian told you that the days of miracles was past, and Jesus didn't put power in His Church no more; you've listened to that person. And who you listen to: that's whose servant you are.
I'm glad to listen to the Holy Ghost and be His servant. For Christ has raised from the dead, and is here tonight in all of His magnificent power. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, or I'm found a false witness, and the Bible untrue. Amen. Shall we pray.

E-63 Our heavenly Father, we do thank Thee tonight for the Lord Jesus, and for the resurrection, and for the Holy Spirit. And knowing that we're laying on the brink of a total annihilation in this nation tonight of ours, and You showed signs of back and forth and across the world, and still they won't repent.
We don't expect them to, Father. We're just combing out those who will. And we know that the time is at hand. Thou has said, "If they have called the Master of the house, Beelzebub, how much more will they call they of His disciples."
But let it be that. His disciples returned rejoicing and was happy to bear the reproach of the Name of the Lord Jesus. And we join with that rank tonight, Lord, that we're happy that Jesus, the Son of God, has so blessed us.

E-64 We're unworthy of His blessings, but tonight to have the sternness and boldness of the Holy Spirit to claim to a knowledge in the people even unto the thousands, and tens of thousands around the world, that Jesus still lives, and His Word is Truth.
And when He was here on earth, He said, "I have come that it might be fulfilled which was spoken by the prophet." And tonight, Father, these things I speak and do that the Scripture might be fulfilled that Jesus said, "I'll be with you to the end of the world, and the things that I do shall you also."
Grant it, Lord, that many will see and believe tonight. There's many sick people. Thou has them all in Thy hands; ordain and choose, Lord, tonight, and work in a marvelous way. We ask it in Christ's Name. Amen.

E-65 [] Because my father wasn't able to send me to school and get an education and many things, maybe God just gave me this gift that I might help His people in another way.
But now, I want to ask you something sincere. Now, I've taught to you at length tonight about Jesus: What He is, Who He is, what He does, what He did do.
Now, if He will come to this platform and show every sign that I've spoke of tonight right here at this platform that He did, would you, everyone, you newcomers, and all, now your first time is here; would you with all your heart believe that He still lives and reigns? Will you do it? Raise your hand now...?... Thank you.

E-66 Now, I trust that He will. Now, remember, friends, there's... I'm all... I'm saying and making a statement is all by grace, this that... Really the way to God... Out... How many is been with me at different places, and away from church, and at my home, and other places, where they have seen the Spirit of God come upon me and tell things just exactly what was going to happen and see it take place that way? Raise your hands, anywhere in the meeting. That's... Look at them. Not in church, that's out away from the different places... See?
Oh, this is just minor here. I'll be walking down the street; He will tell me, "Now, go to the next corner. There's to be a lady coming this way; she will be in a wheelchair. She's got a Bible in her hand. And I'll tell you what...?... You watch when you...?... there the Lord is going to heal that person." And right there it'll happen.

E-67 "Now, they're going to ask you to come over here on this street. Don't you go, because I want you to go down here. There'll be a sick baby. They'll call for you day after tomorrow. You'll pray for it by phone. Don't leave. The baby... You tell the mother the way it's dressed and the way it's laying here on the bed." I see it just exactly. "And you tell her that. It'll be healed." I'll stay right there and wait for her. See?
Now, how many knows of those things, and knows that that's true, been with me other places? Raise your hands again like that and see it. See it? Now, see what I mean. See? See it just never fails. It can't fail. God cannot fail.

E-68 And now, friends, could you stop a minute, and could you just reach up and get all the doubts and all the little things that's in your mind, spiritually speaking now, and will put them under your feet and hold them there a few minutes. And to think that if these things be the... If this be the true Bible, which It is, and Jesus be the resurrected Son of God, the very One that hung at Calvary, the very One, the God of eternity, that's standing right here now, right in this building and right by you... Think of that, friends.
Aren't you happy for that? How marvelous. Now, you don't have to be up here now to be prayed for. I asked you out there just to pray yourself. Say, "God, I'm in need, and I--I want you to heal me." And if Jesus is the same now... You say, "Well, what about Jesus?"

E-69 Now, how many knows that His body is setting at the right hand of the throne of God? Let's see. That He's setting there... That body is in there making an atonement; His Life's Blood is on that san--on that mercy seat, and someday He will raise from there and come to the earth in a corporal body. Is that right?
But now He's here in the form of the Holy Ghost. How many believes that the Holy Ghost is Jesus Christ, instead of Jesus Christ? The "I" personal pronoun that, "That will be with you, in you to the end of the world."
Now, He's here in the Spirit form. See? And He sets in the Church, Himself: prophets, teachers, evangelists, pastors, gives gifts in the Church. He's lovely, isn't He?

E-70 Now, if that's what He does... And the only thing you can do is... Only thing I can do is yield myself, just yield, just get myself out of the way and just let Him say it.
Is, Billy... Is this... Is this... Brother Wood, if you will... Come here, lady...?... Now, this lady who is standing before me; I suppose we're strangers to each other, are we, lady? We have never met in our lives. I want you just to watch now so you can draw the... Ask the lady; she's here as a--as--as a eternity-bound person, and I've got to stand with this woman, 'cause we both live in the same generation. I've got to stand there at the day of Judgment, and you've got to stand with me. You all will be a witness. You better receive It tonight.

E-71 Now, we know not one another. I have no way of knowing you. We're two different people, and we are... I'm a white man; you're a colored woman. And it's a very beautiful picture again of the same thing that happened... Somehow or another tonight, I was going to call from number 1, but Something kept telling me, "Say 45; say 45." And I started to say, "One," and Something said, "Forty-five." And I said, "Forty-five," and a colored woman raised up for first.
There you are. Now, what is it? It's a picture. The Holy Spirit's right here now. See? It's a picture to show you people that Jesus the same yesterday, today, and forever. Here... He was a Jew; the woman at the well was a Samaritan, a different race, and there was a racial segregation; and here's the same thing tonight: white man, colored woman.
And then the Jew said to the woman, said, "Bring Me a drink.

E-72 She said, "Oh, this segregation laws," in other words, "cause us... How do you Jews have any dealings with us? It's not custom for you to ask such a thing as that." See? Oh, it was awful. But Jesus let her know right quick there's no different. We're all creatures of God regardless of our colors. But here it is...
And Jesus talked to her a few minutes until He carried the conversation, till He found what her trouble was. Then He told her. And what did she say? "Why, we know the Messiah will do this when He comes. But Who are You? Are You a prophet?"
He said, "I'm the Messiah." Now, if that was His sign then, it'd be a sign tonight.

E-73 You believe that, lady? Now, as an Eternity-bound person, being I've preached at length, and a--a person that got to meet you at the judgment... And the audience here, there's nothing under cover. That's right. God doesn't do things under cover. He does things out in public. And by the grace of God, I don't say He will do it. I may have to say, "Well, lady, I'll pray for--for whatever is wrong with you," and let--let you go on. I may have to do that, if He doesn't anoint me.
But if He would anoint me with His Spirit, then if His Spirit that lived in the body of Jesus would happen to come upon this body, by grace, not worthy, but His Blood sanctifies and makes worthy. Then if He would anoint me for the purpose of the salvation of these people, and reveal to you, just what's wrong with you like He did what was wrong with the woman, would you believe with all your heart that He's raised from the dead, and He's the same yesterday, today, and forever?
Will the audience believe the same thing? [Congregation says, "Amen"--Ed.] All right. May the Lord grant it is my prayer.

E-74 Now, if I could help you, lady, and wouldn't do it I'd be a terrible person. But I--I can't help you no more than I can yield myself to the Spirit of God.
But seeing now, as the Holy Spirit gives the anointing and you're conscious that something's going on... That--that--that's the Holy Spirit. That... You are a Christian. You're a believer. Yes. You just... Your life couldn't be hid now. See that that you feel at this time, actually feel it working in you... And standing between me and you is the Light. It's the Angel of the Lord. The same Spirit that (See?) met Paul on the road down to Damascus: a Light. They got the picture of It. Did you ever see the picture of It? You see It in my books and where it had it in Washington, D. C. That's just exactly what's moving on you right now.

E-75 You are a nervous woman. That is right. You're bothered with a nervous trouble. You got a lot of sorrow. You got something on your heart that's real bad, and it's concerning someone: a son. That's right, isn't it? That son is a mental condition. Isn't that right? Does Jesus still live today? Amen. Certainly. That's Him standing here now that knows you, not your brother, It's Him. Will you believe Him now? Will you believe Him, audience?
Our heavenly Father, feeling the Dove come sailing down from heaven, standing here to anoint and to help we poor unworthy creatures... And here stands this, our sister, in Christ tonight, being the first one to walk up here to display her faith in Thee. She has come one who is suffering. Just now, Lord, Thou knowest all about it, and she, herself, is suffering. And the--the humility of my heart, and with all my strength and soul, I pray that You will give to her the desire of her heart, and in confirmation of Thy Word which You said, "These signs shall follow them that believe. If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover," and this I do in Jesus' Name. Amen.
Now, report to us, sister, you--their condition. Find it even as you have believed, and may the Lord grant it.

E-76 You love Him? Now, just a few moments to get a few of these people up here. How do you do, lady? Now, let's everybody be real quiet, be real reverent, and we don't know just what He will do.
A... Someone in the audience touched Him just then. That's right. There was a woman, she had a thing around her arm, one of these things that the doctor squeezes and blows up. Just a moment. She's here, just the same as the woman who touched His garment. That was on the end of the row: high blood pressure. That's right, isn't it, lady? If that's right, stand on your feet, the colored lady here with the little tie on. Uh-huh. Is He still Jesus today? The lady with no card, no nothing, just setting here and she touched Him.

E-77 Now, sister, the Lord bless you and give to you the desire of your heart. And as Jesus said to the woman, "Go in peace." May God reign with you. Amen.
It's just simple believing, having faith. "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."
Now, sister, you. Now... You're--you're a white woman, and me a white man. You know we come... God's no respect of persons. Did you see what He did to the colored lady just a few moments ago? Now, He can do the same for you. And now, I can't do nothing for you because I'm just a man; but I can yield myself to the Holy Spirit, and by a gift that was chosen before the world ever begin... You believe that? Yes, gifts and callings are without repentance. God told the prophet, Jeremiah, "Before he was even formed in your mother's womb I ordained you a prophet over the nations."

E-78 Now, you're conscious that something's going on right now. Isn't that right? Just since I looked to you, and you looked to me, there's been a strange feeling, like a real sweet, lovely feeling. If that's right, raise your hands to the people. See? Because between she and I there stands that Light of God, standing by.
Now, I see a darkness of shadow of black behind her. The woman is extremely nervous because she's shadowed by death. That's a tumor that's malignant. That's right. But between you and I stands Life and Light. You can't doubt but what Something's here that knows you. Is that right?

E-79 Now, walk up into Light and accept the Light, the Lord Jesus, and accept healing, and the tumor, or cancer, life will go from it and you'll live. Can you believe? Do you now believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, lives and is here to help you now? Would you come forward just a moment that I might lay my hands on yours?
And Father God, Who loves the creatures of this earth, I ask now that in Jesus' Name that You condemn this shadow of death over the woman, and may the Light of God break forth and may she live. And we charge this unclean devil, death spirit, to leave her in Jesus Christ's Name.
Lord, it was written by Your Own disciples that You said, "In My Name they shall cast out devils," and this I do in Jesus' Name. Amen. Go, and God's peace be with you.

E-80 Would you come, lady? Have faith in God. Now, believe, just a moment. Don't doubt. Are you believing in the audience? Everybody believing? Jesus said, "If thou canst believe."
Now, I see standing before me a white woman. She's touching the Master, and she is in this audience, and she sets right down here with a red sweater on suffering with a trouble in her chest. Frightened you when it left you, didn't it, sister? The lady setting there with kind of short-bobbed hair, would you stand up a minute with the red sweater on? Isn't it wonderful to be free of that spirit? You touched Him now. Go in peace and God be with you. Amen.

E-81 I seen someone with a red sweater and seen this lady with a red dress, the red coat. I looked, and it was... I seen that the way the woman had a red sweater. And I looked and here she was down here. I seen it was her trouble.
Now, I am a stranger to you, lady. I don't know you as far as I'm capable of knowing now. We're strangers to each other, but God knows us both. Is that right? You went to see me in Canada. You just saw many miracles in Canada that God performed as I prayed for the sick.

E-82 'Course, I wouldn't know you. You know what I mean to know you personally. I wouldn't have no way of knowing you that way. You was in a meeting maybe where... Was that this last meeting in Saskatchewan? Oh, in 1946. That's when I first started. That's perhaps that was up in Winnipeg, somewhere like that. I believe I was in Winnipeg. [The lady speak about a vision. "Well, it was in...?... In '38 I begin to see glorious visions.] Yeah. [And the Lord stretched forth His hand and said, 'Go and strengthen this man, and...?... in your meeting.' And I saw a huge beautiful star which calls himself the star of Bethlehem, and he seemed to throw its radiance out over all the sick in your meeting."--Ed.] You heard that. It's a lady, a vision she had when she come to my meeting in Canada in '46.
Now, you're here for some purpose, lady. Now, the Lord knows. Now, the Lord has not lost His strength since He appeared in that meeting as the Morning Star and showed His radiance over the audience.
There was a Mexican man setting here last night; he saw the Dove of God come down in that Light over this audience.

E-83 Now--now, the Lord Jesus bless you, and you being a lady just standing there, I just want to see if the Lord will reveal to me what--what you're here for, and--and then if the Lord will, then I'll pray. And then the Lord probably will give you your desires. I trust that He will. I pray that... [The sister speaks to Brother Branham again--Ed.] She said she... from Pine Bluff, somewhere here. She come here with a... And 'fore she got here, the... she seen me in a--a vision walk before her, and the Holy Spirit said, "This is Brother Branham." Yes. She heard that I had an appointment here. She had a desire to come and heard I had the appointment. All right.

E-84 Now, there's something the Lord wants you here for then. The Lord Jesus is wonderful. Now, He's good and He's full of mercy. You're here tonight to see me, is because I see you've been in another meeting too... Someone else. I see a man coming to you, and he was try... Telling you... An evangelist, that there was something wrong with your heart. Said, "It was about three times its normal size." That's right.
That's... I didn't want to call his name before the public. Is Mr. Hayes is who it was. And he told you you had a tumor, malignant tumor, a cancer in your stomach, and you... The Lord has sent you here.

E-85 I don't mean to condemn Brother Hayes, but that's wrong. And that's why the Lord has sent you here, that you'd know the truth. [The sister speaks again--Ed.] Sure, come here and... That's why the Lord sent you and give you the vision. See? He wants you to know the truth, and that's why I passed by you in your vision, or whatever it was the other night; that God sent you here to know truth.
I hate to condemn the man's words, but it's wrong. It's not so. No, ma'am, it isn't so. Go and the Lord Jesus bless you.

E-86 Heavenly Father in the Name of the Lord Jesus straighten this woman... Said she's almost become a nervous break on account of this. And I pray God that You'll make her to understand and know now that it's Your grace that's been imparted to her that she could come here tonight, and these things would be told. I pray that she'll return to her home happy, rejoicing, and not be bothered anymore, and give glory to Thee, throughout the country, and around about in Jesus' Name. Amen. [The sister speaks to Brother Branham again--Ed.] Now, you just go on now rejoicing. See how wrong he was? Now, you go on rejoicing and be happy. Now, how could you doubt God being in our midst now? See? How wonderful.

E-87 Would you come, lady? Now, just--just a few moments more and let's... This young lady standing here, and may the Lord answer prayer. Now, young lady, as far as I know, I--I--I don't know you.
I must tell this lady this. It can't let it get by. Lady, was up here, quit. See? Don't fool with that. That's pure spiritualism. Stay away from that. See? I rebuke that thing in the Name of Jesus Christ. Yes, that evil thing that's telling you that lie. You stay away from that. All right. The Holy Spirit here just wouldn't... I--I didn't want to say something right out. There's many things could be said, but just in that way.
Now, young lady the... Do you believe with all your heart? All right. Are we strangers to each other? Perfect strangers.
A lady setting right back there is bothered with breathing, aren't you, lady, setting there with the little black tie on? I see you trying to, stand before me trying to... In your chest, your trouble is. It's left you, sister dear. Amen.

E-88 There's a lady setting there, no way at all of knowing, just setting there praying, and the Holy Spirit spoke and here she stood here in front me. I looked around and seen where it was coming from. It was right there. Isn't the Lord wonderful? "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."
I see a young lady standing before me. Oh, how wonderful. My, just a moment. She's setting right on the end of the row. She suffers with headaches. You believe that the Lord Jesus will make you well? You accept it? You can wipe the tear from your eye, you believe with all your heart? Raise up your hand to Christ and accept it. All right. God bless you. Your faith touches Him.
Now, look at that man setting there praying, kinda black hair, thinning in front. He's got a great burden. I see a dark shadow hanging over him; wearing a brown suit, and a red tie, I believe. He is praying for someone. Isn't that right, sir? That is right. It's a woman, isn't it? Cancer. Have faith, believe. Your mother-in-law will get well and you'll be... And she'll be all right, if you'll just believe. Amen.
You believe?

E-89 It's your chest. That's right, isn't it? And it's some kind of a crush, mash in your chest, and there is a bone, they say, laying close to the heart which causes you to smother. You can't sleep either, can you? I see you getting up and walking around. Isn't that right? Just been a terrible thing, but the Lord is here to make you well. You believe He knows You? Do you believe Jesus is raised from the dead? Well, Irene...?... You believe, you believe. Your last name is Young, isn't it? Your number is 7706 Howard Street from Detroit, Michigan. Now, do you believe it? Go in peace. God bless you, my sister. Lord Jesus heal this, my sister, and make her well in Jesus Christ's Name. Amen. God bless you.

E-90 Go, take that handkerchief and send it to your daughter down in Little Rock, Arkansas, for that mental condition, and may she get well. Do you believe He's here?
Let's stand and praise Him and get healed.
Our heavenly Father, in the Name of the Lord Jesus, we condemn every evil spirit, and heal the sick just now, Lord, and I pray that You'll get great glory. And, Satan, come out of this people and leave this building in Jesus Christ's Name. Give God praise and be healed, every one of you in Jesus Christ's name.